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Court Transcript With RHONJ Publicist, March 22nd 2018

Below is the court transcript from the March 22nd hearing in the harassment cases filed against Shari and myself by Siggy Flicker’s friend and publicist, Vinnie Spina. This hearing addressed the bench warrants that were issued for my arrest. Unfortunately my attorney had to school the judge on what representation means. The “unidentified woman” in the transcript is the complainant, Vinnie

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Court Case Resumes For Iron Troll And Real Housewives Publicist

Court hearings resume for Iron Troll on Thursday, November 29th, in Paterson, New Jersey, after assorted reviews caused postponements. The case is now in it’s 19th month. The case was expected to be dismissed until the disruption at the last hearing, which resulted in a contempt of court charge against the complainant and sent the case into a review.

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The Fat Lady Is About To Sing, Flickers Publicist Under Investigation

While most everyone is aware of the court case involving Vinnie Spina and myself, many of you don’t know there’s also an investigation being conducted into Vincenza Spina and her husband, Patrick Spina, by the Prosecutor’s Office in Bergen County. The investigation also includes Antonella Mollica who isĀ @A1_Buckwheat on Twitter. BullyVille, aka James McGibney, has been working with the Bergen

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Alt Siggy Exposed, Yates Suspended UPDATED Feb 6, 2018

UPDATE: It appears Vinnie Spina had the Periscope account of John Yates taken down. Vinnie hates anyone talking mentioning that she’s a disbarred lawyer who has continued to practice law secretly under another name while harassing Reality TV celebrities and their fans on Twitter. She especially hates people mentioning that her harassment as Siggy Flicker’s publicist got Siggy Flicker fired.

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Siggy Flicker Represented By Shady Spina Law Firm

We obtained a short DM conversation that pretty strongly implies Siggy Flicker is represented by the Spina Law Firm. Or maybe I should say was represented if today’s rumors are true. @A1_Buckwheat claims to be Antonella “Toni” Mollica, the blogger behind the malicious gossip blog, FauxRealityEntertainment.com. Toni has also claimed several times to work for the Spina Law Firm as

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Siggys Publicist Is Mad Online

Siggy Flicker’s publicist has now filed her 5th complaint as she made another visit today to her friends at the Municipal Court of Paterson. That Muni Court really should give Vinnie her own desk. Surprisingly, today’s complaint wasn’t filed against me. I’m complaint numbers 1-3, Shelley Boals is number 4, and today’s lucky winner is Shari Weinick. Vinnie’s complaint alleges

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