Shoq, Expatina and Trina Cuppett Doxing Conversation

Members of The Cabal, Trina Cuppett, Matt Edelstein (@Shoq), and Susan Munshower (@Expatina) discuss Trina’s doxing…

Trina Cuppett is the only person in the universe who used her real name on Twitter and then screamed victim when she was doxed for being Trina Cuppett. 


.@expatina It’s you, @trinacuppett and others who do the educating about #uniteblue, and deserve the thanks. I just help swat the flies 🙂

ago DoS PostEffect

@Shoq @TrinaCuppett 🙂

ago DoS PostEffect

Ah.. I thought that was just temporary. Thx. MT @expatina: @Shoq [@trinacuppett] is now @keyboardninja13.

ago DoS PostEffect

@Shoq @TrinaCuppett @keyboardninja13 No. And since she was doxed again yesterday…

ago DoS PostEffect

@expatina @Shoq @TrinaCuppett @keyboardninja13 “google info is not a dox”- Trina Cuppett her addy is on 3 sites

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