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Munshower Starts Attack on UnitedLiberals May 17, 2013

Occassionally some Twitter accounts go viral and amass a great number of followers. Sometimes they buy followers. Whatever the case, @UnitedLiberals was a partisan Left account with 50,000 followers. The account was not affiliated with UniteBlue other than being a member.Suzanne Munshower is a chronic Twitter Snarkist who joined in the attempt to destroy the liberal organization UniteBlue. She decided

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OsborneInk Uses Noose Imagery To Intimidate; September 2012

A bit of Twitter history, Matt Osborne of OsborneInk shows his Alabama upbringing by tweeting a youtube song entitled The Noose. The Noose – A Perfect Circle (With Lyrics) youtube.com/watch?v=CB3Gv4oZdWo yikesks yikesks RT @OsborneInk: .@vdaze @HoneyBadgerLA @AngryBlackLady Not to pull your halo down… youtu.be/CB3Gv4oZdWo Fatniss Evaaahdeen @meadowgirl @OsborneInk @AngryBlackLady really, dude? really? you don’t get it or you are choosing

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OccupyRebellion May 2013

Tweets by crazy troll OccupyRebellion from May 2013 as she joined in the campaign to destroy UniteBlue. OccupyRebellion ” @OccultUnion Yesterday on 4th St. in Moore. #OpOk http://t.co/X90JflP6w5 “ 5/23/2013 4:38:04 PM UTC OccupyRebellion Copy/paste the tweets or quote them from others. Don’t RT in order to get hashtags trending. Use the Obama hashtags listed in the paste. 5/23/2013 4:36:22 PM UTC OccupyRebellion ” @AnonyOps The new

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All About Zapem

ALL ABOUT Zapem Joanne Joy first appeared prior to the 2008 election when it claimed to be a research group which included students from the University of Connecticut. This “group” claimed discovery of a document written by one of the Founding Fathers defining what was really meant by “Natural Born Citizen” in the Constitution in being eligible for the presidency.

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Trina Cuppett Timeline May 12, 2013

Trina has deleted most of her nasty tweets but I guess the Tweet Deleter she used didn’t go back as far as May 2013 Trina_R_Cuppett @Trina_R_Cuppett Key Lahger 4,846 Following   4,857 Followers   11,816 Tweets Join Twitter 10/5/11 12 MayTrina_R_Cuppett @Trina_R_Cuppett@n3m37y7 Here guys they made another one with over 70 names on it. http://t.co/XLbugwOuBn God they’re dumb. 12 MayTrina_R_Cuppett @Trina_R_Cuppett@candey811 Here

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