Munshower Starts Attack on UnitedLiberals May 17, 2013

Occassionally some Twitter accounts go viral and amass a great number of followers. Sometimes they buy followers. Whatever the case, @UnitedLiberals was a partisan Left account with 50,000 followers. The account was not affiliated with UniteBlue other than being a member.

Suzanne Munshower is a chronic Twitter Snarkist who joined in the attempt to destroy the liberal organization UniteBlue. She decided that UnitedLiberals was a sock account of UniteBlue so she wrote one of her signature ChirpStories, which are very popular in Indonesia.  
Ironically, the harassment of @UnitedLiberals was started by one of Munshower’s friends, PoliticolNews which was also a “Mystery Man” account. The PoliticolNews website gave false information, saying the editor was Peter Neisman, an individual that doesn’t exist. Investigations proved that PoliticolNews was run by a Canadian Conspiracy Theorist named Teri Salvador.

Also ironic is that Munshower was one of the writers on the UniteThis website under the handle expatessa, then deleted that name to hide her involvement with that blog.

Definitely the pot calling the kettle black.

The Mystery Man of United Liberals

He’s a journalist. Or a blogger. He appears on TV + in print but doesn’t use his own name. Or any name. He “acquired” 50+k followers in less than 8 months on Twitter, before which he doesn’t seem to have existed. Who is this Masked Man? Sock, schemer, sage? And what’s United Liberals really?
by expatina

@expatina Im a policy analyst, freelance journalist, and frequent guest on radio/tv, Im certainly not rolling in dough via twitter followers

    @UnitedLiberals I can’t speak for anyone else but as a journalist myself, I’d like to read your work. And you are…?

      @UnitedLiberals Great. Do you have a bio on your site? I might be ablke to help you get some work 🙂

        @expatina hey sorry I get a lot of tweets missed your others… I dont write much other than my tumblr…

          @UnitedLiberals Yes, your name isn’t on it. I can’t google your journalism pieces as “United Liberals,” can I?

            @UnitedLiberals Or you can just pastebin a copy of your bibliography/bio and we could exchange 🙂

              @expatina I dont write as my real name…

                .@UnitedLiberals You can Google my journalism pieces for CNBC Business, Global Post, and the Guadian by my name. How do I find yours?

                  @expatina I write as United Liberals and pretty much just on my tumblr blog

                    @expatina there are a lot of crazy people out there and I prefer them not to know my real name

                      @UnitedLiberals What names do you write under? Why not your own? I did some schlock romance novels under aliases but never journalism.

                        @expatina its a privacy thing… I think about being public a lot but never do it…

                          @UnitedLiberals But you said you were a journalist. Did you mean a blogger?

                            @expatina mostly for nonprofits… freelance stuff… a lot of leg advocacy, leg research… stuff like that… mostly on state level

                              @UnitedLiberals C’mon, you can tell me what name you write/wrote under. You must be proud of your work prior to 8 months ago 🙂

                                @UnitedLiberals I’ve never read anything in which a journalist covering policy and politics went nameless out of fear. Wow!

                                  @expatina I do not cover policy and politics… my writing is not part of my job… its a side hobby…

                                    @expatina as is this twitter account

                                    What’s missing from Munshowers chirpstory is that her friend PoliticolNews actually began attacking UnitedLiberals on May 3rd by accusing it of being a UniteBlue account because it had the word Unite in the name.

                                    This is funny because PoliticolNews was run be a Canadian woman who had to ask her readers to explain to her the difference between Democrats and Republicans when she first started her political blog.

                                    Unfortunately the harassment for UnitedLiberals became pretty intense and UnitedLiberals had to change their account name.

                                    @UnitedLiberals Sure, move off Twitter would probably save you time and money.

                                    @UnitedLiberals You may sucker in a few people, and have to buy followers for your campaign to look good, but its a wasted effort.

                                    @UnitedLiberals You have many locked accts, eggheads, and Beiber followers. lol

                                    @UnitedLiberals Ya, you’re busted all right. Wide open. #UniteFakery should be your mantle hashtag.

                                    RT @UnitedLiberals: @Politicolnews busted… I guess I will have to move my operation to MySpace now…

                                    @UnitedLiberals Pres. Obama isn’t running now, so you switched to Warren, she’s not running either pal. She won her Senate seat.

                                    @UnitedLiberals Hey, Pres. has 31 million followers, do you need that many to make money? Keep buying followers. 🙂

                                    Well @UnitedLiberals just know, people are all very entertained by your efforts. 🙂 Keep up the Great Fakery. lol

                                    @expatina @TrinaCuppett @UnitedLiberals sure, 53,000 email addresses from fake accounts. LOL. Good luck with the Beiber ones.

                                    @TrinaCuppett @Politicolnews @expatina Why? If I buy followers arent they less likely to RT and engage..

                                    @UnitedLiberals @Salon James O’Keefe pled guilty falsifying a video, paid 100K fine, great hero for the Brainbart crowd.

                                    RT @UnitedLiberals: @TrinaCuppett @Politicolnews @expatina Why? If I buy followers arent they less likely to RT and engage..


                                    @UnitedLiberals funny you should mention James OKeefe, a RW nut job that likes breaking laws. #BrainBartFools


                                    RT @UnitedLiberals: Hey everyone #FF @SenWarren she is great and it would make @Politicolnews happy

                                    @UnitedLiberals Ur initial denial & feigned ignorance were so transparent. Keep backpedaling away… @Politicolnews @TrinaCuppett @expatina

                                    RT @Anon_LosAngeles: @UnitedLiberals Ur initial denial & feigned ignorance were so transparent. Keep backpedaling away… @Politicolnews @T…

                                    @UnitedLiberals never answered questions of email collection goals, who they work for, using Warren’s image, 54K followers. #p2 #OFA #Dems

                                    So #UniteBlue morphed into @UnitedLiberals from coast to coast? Where do we donate to your wallets #UniteBlue?