Basko Busted Attacking Autism

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive…

Sue Basko made a thoughtless, ignorant and insensitive comment in response to an article in the LA Times about autism. There was a lot of backlash to the story but rather than apologize for causing offence or assert her first amendment right to state her opinion,  Sue claimed somebody else (A STALKER!) posted the comments.

At the LA Times website, all of the Commenter Profiles are connected to that individual’s FaceBook Page so it’s impossible for an imposter to post a comment on LA Times unless they’ve hacked your facebook account.   

If you look at the comment below, it was made by “Sue Basko, Top Commenter”. To achieve the label of Top Commenter takes reading a lot of articles and writing a lot of comments. The idea that a “professional stalker” spent months, if not years, posing as Sue Basko in order to discredit her by offending parents of autistic children is preposterous.

The woman Basko accused of stalking and impersonating actually never heard of Basko before. In the real world, Liz Ditz is a Dyslexia consultant, autism advocate, and blogger so when she read the LA Times comment she left a message on Basko’s facebook page to enlighten Sue on autism.

And on Basko’s Faceook page you see Sue says she wrote the Comment and says her opinion on Autism is “reality”.

There was a major backlash to Basko’s comment so she deleted it and started tweeting god and country that she was being stalked and smeared by Ms Ditz.
Though Basko has been confronted several times and the whole story can be found in several places on the internet, Sue continues to claim she never made the comment on Autism and that she was the victim of a “professional stalker…which is much, much worse than an amateur stalker.

In the conversation below is @greenmitera, a parent of a young autistic child. Basko sauce doesn’t work on her.

 Apr 17
Hey ATTORNEY SUE BASKO, I’ll post EVERY SINGLE EMAIL you send to our Attorneys. You’re a liar & should be disbarred.

so she is basically saying Camp is a harmless idiot savant, and is making demands for him w/out representing him. huhwat?

Check into her involvement with OccupyLA. I think Sue Basko is an alien trying to invade earth all by herself.