SCAM ALERT PART 5: MrMilitantNegro and We Political Consulting

How strange!

I noticed that @MrNegroMilitant, formerly @MrMilitantNegro, had some interactions with the scam site I assumed he’d been recruited and bilked out of money like the other people involved with that site and the We Are America Campaign I thought I’d ask and find out.
My goodness!

Jueseppi’s response was very rude.  Certainly not what one would expect from someone who’d been swindled. It was more like someone who had a guilty conscience. I hope he doesn’t sic his anon family on me.

Now that I think about it, MrMilitantNegro wasn’t retweeting wepoliticalconsulting…he originated the tweet and pasted the link to the site.

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai

Ohai @MrNegroMilitant I’m wondering if you lost any money to or

♛AnonNOTORIOUS™ ‏@MrNegroMilitant

@ZiLeOHai I do not understand the question, please explain.

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai

@MrNegroMilitant Victims purchased $750 tickets to an event that never happened or gave loans to weareamerica that weren’t repaid.


@ZiLeOHai Thats sad but what does that have to do with me & why did you feel a need to tweet me about this I don’t know you nor tweet to you

♛AnonNOTORIOUS™ ‏@MrNegroMilitant

@ZiLeOHai So I’m curious why you’d search out my Twitter account to inquire about this?

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai

@MrNegroMilitant We are filing reports and looking for others who were duped

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai

@MrNegroMilitant You were associated with them. I assumed you were recruited by Marlene Nadeau?

♛AnonNOTORIOUS™ ‏@MrNegroMilitant

@ZiLeOHai U R a liar, I am not associated with anyone collecting money for anything I don’t tweet, and that tweet is a photoshopped hot mess

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai 

@MrNegroMilitant Your blog linked to the website and your tweets are on topsy …

♛AnonNOTORIOUS™ ‏@MrNegroMilitant

@ZiLeOHai Now kindly stay your fake troll ass off my Twitter TL.

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai

My goodness @MrNegroMilitant It appears you either have amnesia or you are lying.

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai

Think hard @MrNegroMilitant Thousands of dollars scammed by . Are you sure you don’t remember anything?

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai

My goodness @MrNegroMilitant you haz blocked me. I guess you are mad now.

12:22 PM – 21 Oct 2015

These are the graphics I posted. They aren’t photoshopped.

TheObamaCrat is Jueseppi’s website, his is the only one that linked to WePoliticalConsulting. Note that WePoliticalConsulting spelled “Sign” as “Sigh”

This is from a FaceBook account Jueseppi has. 

Though the original tweets were deleted they can still be found on Topsy.

Below are links where you can check for yourself. I also archived them in case they disappear.

Original Facebook Post is archived here

Topsy Tweets are here and here 

They’re archived here and here
and archived here