SCAM Alert PART 10; Marlena And Harvey

Marlene told so many whoppers on Twitter so it’s hard to know what’s actually true. She claimed to have been raped by a senator, that she was a friend of Ann Richards and knew the Kennedy family. And, of course, she was pals with both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Marlene also hinted that she was secretly famous and after the election of 2016 everyone would find out who she really is…  I think we all know.

Going through her deleted @marlenan21 account it becomes pretty obvious that while running her WE Political Consulting scam Marlene was also having an internet romance with Harvey Edwards. Marlene even signed a lot of tweets “H & M”.

Harvey Edwards is an internationally known photographer and political blogger. Though his name might not be familiar to you, you’ll probably recognize his iconic dance photos. Marlene and Harvey were engaged and she supposedly moved to Connecticut to be with him to live happily ever after. 

Since there are some ticked off people who’d like the money back that Marlene scammed out of them it might be worthwhile looking for her in Connecticut. We haven’t been able to find out if the marriage ever took place, but Harvey must have known about Marlene’s little side business with We Political Consulting. 

Harvey hasn’t responded to any tweets regarding Marlene Nadeau. And deleted any tweets he had to her. Marlene wrote several articles for Harvey’s blog but they’ve been deleted also. 

I’m not saying he had anything to do with the scam. Maybe he deleted traces of Marlene because they broke up. Or out of outrage over her little illegal scheme. Hopefully he’s not protecting her, that would be criminal. 

Below are some tweets involving Harvey and Marlene. You can also see the H & M tweets here


♥♡ simplynonna ♥♡ @simplynonna 16 Apr 2014@marlenan21 @Harvey_Edwards HEY HARVEY-Life’s too short-u never know when time’s up-get all the happy u can now ;)u got a real gem there ♥♡ simplynonna ♥♡ @simplynonna 16 Apr 2014@marlenan21 @Harvey_Edwards I wish u all the best sis. Better to have memories than regrets Harvey-Grab that love when u can-u never know 😉

@cantata21 @Harvey_Edwards Thank you Deborah! Harvey is one of the most important Artist Photographers who also is a great political writer

@MR_PRIME69 @Harvey_Edwards Thank you so much from “Team H&M” Harvey & Marlena do appreciate your FAV & RT’S! (((HUGS!)))