Retzlaff Threatens To Harm His Daughter

The comment below appeared on Tom Retzlaff’s blog, Tom writes all the posts there and many of the comments as well.
Today Tommy posted a threat to his daughter in a comment on his blog.  He’s considered a Vexations Litigant in Texas and unable to file lawsuits in that state so that’s one of the names he uses when he makes comments on the blog. 

Retzlaff’s daughter is currently living in Peru but she’s been aiding ViaView in their lawsuit against her father.

The threat today was in response Bullyville posting a copy of a police report Retzlaff’s daughter filed against Tommy in 2011. You can see that restraining order at, scroll down to article #88 

Retzlaff’s daughter reported her father in 2011 for stalking and online impersonation. Tommy secretly took pictures of her via a hidden camera in her bathroom and then posted the pictures online. He also created assorted pages advertising her services as a masseuse who provided sexual services.

Not coincidentally, 2011 is also the year that Texas passed a law against online impersonation. Also not coincidentally, Tom Retzlaff was the only person in the state who showed up to protest the bill. His statements against the bill appeared in the Texas Observer in a story written by David Mann (Click here for that article entitled Testify on page 3).  

The last paragraph below explains why Tommy does the things he does. He’s a sociopath who feels no shame, no guilt, no empathy and incapable of love. Tommy’s relationships with other people are based on their usefulness to Tommy. His familial relationships are about ownership and control. His family belongs to him and each member must do what he wants or suffer the consequences.