The Smoking Gun, Proof Of Stolen Valor

A while back I posted a couple articles (here and here) about Tom Retzlaff buying military award certificates online. James McGibney aka Bullyville contacted the owner of the site and verified my claim. 

Retzlaff not only bought his purple heart certificate from the site but also purchased several other military awards for himself and his father.  

Below you’ll find the receipt from 2006 that was so kindly supplied to us by the owner of the site. The owner ended up in prison for a couple of years for using official seals and not making it clear that his certificates were reproductions. The site has since been revamped to make it clear that the certificates aren’t official, however Tommy ordered his certificates in 2006 when they looked like the real thing with official seals.

I’ve included Tommy’s discharge papers below. He left the service as a private, he never saw any action overseas and certainly didn’t earn any military awards.

Below is a closeup of the certificates he ordered