Milo’s Friend WhiteBecky1776 Attacks Actress Leslie Jones

Milo Yiannopoulos aka Nero the Troll

This is a scrape of the timeline of @Whitebecky1776. She was part of GamerGate along with Milo. And like Milo, she’s a Trump supporter. She joined in on the attack on Leslie Jones but chose to make her attack racist by comparing Leslie to Harambe the Gorilla.

Becky and Milo were just two of many people who send thousands of crude and racist tweets to Ms Jones.

hey @Lesdoggg you look like a pregnant gorilla

kaitlyn Retweeted Leon ✘
Is this a joke fam???? I was so hyped to see harambe on the big screen 😔 @Lesdoggg
kaitlyn added,
Leon ✘ @LE0N97
I’m so excited to see Harambe star in that new Ghostbusters film!!!!! Oh wait nvm that’s just @Lesdoggg
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Yes👏🏻 it’s @Gunnar_Thor
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Troy Meeker @troymeeker

This guy has been holding his sign all day long. That’s commitment. #SocialismSucks @TPUSA

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Wut the he’ll

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jason @young_cuck_

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Someone banish this man from the worldwide web

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Brighton E. Whytock @brightonus33

@whitebecky1776 @3Lovro @Lesdoggg im glad that  the dumb ape is dead.

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Because lying about racism is wrong! That’s like accusing someone of rape with ZERO evidence

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scarlett holtzmann @Pyrocyniall

@whitebecky1776 @Lesdoggg why should she have to show proof

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I make people cry on the daily Hoes listen UUP

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Brighton E. Whytock @brightonus33

@whitebecky1776 @3Lovro @Lesdoggg no no.

Ugh @Lesdoggg sent me a video saying she was going to kill me because I’m white. I’m not going to provide any evidence. Just believe me fam

kaitlyn Retweeted Heather Reed

Harambe gave birth to @Lesdoggg don’t disrespect harambe.

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Heather Reed @Heatherreed07

@whitebecky1776 @Lesdoggg does this proof work for you? Troll

hello considering that you are WHITE, will you be joining me at the local pub for national “white people mingle” day? @ShaunKing

Wisconsin sheriff: “Donald Trump is the steadfast leader our nation needs”  #GOPConvention

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“whitewashed” is code for “smart and well-mannered”

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$alem @PeacocksFly

David Clarke so whitewashed, he’d choose KFC over Popeyes

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. @Lesdoggg if you’re wondering what caused this maybe you should take a look at yourself first. #JusticeForHarambe

kaitlyn @whitebecky1776

@Pyrocyniall @TheBigDingus @WestLATrump @Lesdoggg how dare you disrespect harambe! This is why all this chaos is happening!

my stomach growled and i thought it was harambes voice :'(

Milo @Nero  she’s gon get me

Y’all bitches attacking me over Leslie when she’s the one DISRESPECTING HARAMBE

i don’t eat hummus because it sounds too much like hamas @Nero