American Hostage 2.0, JoJo Camp Arraigned, Held On $100,000 Bond

JoJo Camp Mime Stalker

JoJo Camp had a pretrial hearing yesterday regarding numerous charges from his arrest on Tuesday. He’s been charged with several felonies including a Second Degree assault charge that is considered a Crime Of Violence and carries a minimum sentencing of 5 years just by itself. And then there’s the strangulation assault…

Mugshot courtesy Bullyville via

 Considering that along with the stalking and harassing charges as well as JoJo’s stalking and hacking history, it looks like JoJo will be gone awhile. 

Bond was set at $100,000, which JoJo certainly doesn’t have, so he’ll be in Jefferson county jail awaiting his two court dates coming up this month on August 16th and the 17th. A couple of the charges against JoJo are being handled by a separate court and judge which could mean separate sentencing. It does not look good for JoJo.

I did not see any charges for being a mime. I hope those will be forthcoming later this month.