Former Senator Makes Declaration In Real Housewives Harassment Scandal UPDATED

Vinnie and her gang started trolling Mr. Harrelson today because of his sworn statement. He’s started blocking them. And yes, disbarred lawyer Vinnie actually had the audacity to tell Harrelson what “Respected lawyers” do on the internet.


Another head shaking revelation from Bullyville in the Real Housewives harassment scandal.

On Sunday, Bullyville posted a sworn statement by former Arkansas State Senator, Steve Harrelson, who stated that Vincenza “Vinnie” Leonelli-Spina and Spina Law Firm employee, Antonella Mollica, are the same person.

Harrelson was unfortunate enough to represent Brandon King, the thug hired by the Spina Law Firm, and allegedly LeAnne Rimes, to harass assorted Real Housewives and their fans.

You’ll see below that Brandon attacked Harrelson on Facebook and, once again, exploits his child by posting the video of the attack on his son, blaming this random incident on his attorney.

I find myself confused when deadbeat dads like Brandon King, who stopped paying child support for 8 years, become militantly protective of the child they refuse to support.

It should be noted that while Steve Harrelson served as a state senator for Arkansas he was the House Majority Leader and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He is currently practicing as a lawyer in his own law firm and is licensed to practice law in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

After the publication of his declaration, expect more attacks on former senator Steve Harrelson from Spina and King. The clock is ticking for Vinnie, today marks 100 days left in court discovery in the law suit filed against her by the New Jersey Lawyer’s Trust to recover money they paid out to clients ripped off by Vinnie.

 This is Harrelson’s declaration:

5 thoughts on “Former Senator Makes Declaration In Real Housewives Harassment Scandal UPDATED

  1. Unlike Brandon, I am not threatening Mr Harrelson's life or defaming him. I'm shedding some more light on Brandon and Vinnie's activities.In any case, Mr Harrelson is a public figure, the 1st Amendment gives me the right to blog about him. And I don't need your permission to do so.

  2. 1. Brandon, Vinnie and her husband are criminals. 2. Cheaterville was not an extortion site. It's intention was as it stated it was. No nudes or foul language was permitted. There was a time when it filled a niche and that time passed.3. The difference in purchasing domains, particularly in the eyes of the law, is INTENTION. Bullyville exposes bullies, criminals, stalkers and criminals and uses the domains it owns to do this. Brandon and Vinnie on the other hand, purchased a domain to intimidate and harass Kjo and then offered to sell the domain to her for $10,000.

  3. On the other handOur child support laws suck and need to be changed for both the mother and the father. Example, if a mother refuses to allow the father to see the child without good reason, in other words, just being a bitch, I don't think the father should have to pay child support. I also don't feel if a women tricks a man in to thinking he is the father, and let's say, Dad notices little Sam does not look like him and gets DNA testing and finds out he is not the father, then the mother doesn't allow him to see little Sam and doesn't pursue little Sam's father for payment, he should not have to pay. That is the only time I would support a \”dead beat\” father. Mothers who pay child support where the father becomes the full time parent is not held to the same standard as the man is. .Back to that transcript. One has to wonder how much Vinnie Spina is using Brandon. When a person can't answer how much money they make in a year and keeps telling them to call the Spina Law Firm, one wonders how much Spina & co. are taking advantage of Brandon. An Independent Contractor should always have control how much they charge they charge for a service. Or is Brandon just stupid? I am willing to bet Brandon really thinks Vinnie is Antonella. What also concerns me is, if Brandon King was indeed hired to work on a Bank website, I want to know if Brandon King actually has the credentials, proper experience, follows proper protocol, proper background checks and clearances to do so. But hey, who am I question? The bank is the victim here. Make no mistake about this, they think they are hiring an ethical law firm, then get Brandon. Speaking of this website, I see you have stat counter and also changed the format where one has to sign in a google account. Why not just go to WordPress? You can have the I.P. address of every commenter. Let me also ask you this.Why are you involving yourself in these cases with Bullyville? Is out loyalty? How can you support someone who had a website like Cheaterville and extorted people? I really would like you to answer this. Innocent people lost jobs. One of their advertisements for their so called arbitration websites where the person had to pay hundreds of dollars to have photos and posts removed boasted their jobs and reputation could be ruined. How can you support someone like James? In the end, James did tell Wired the website was a problem and did shut it down. But when you go to Cheaterville, it redirects you to Bullyville, claiming they are using their resources to pursue Tom Retzlaff. I calm Bullshit. I amaware of what a scary person this Tom guy is, but don't say he is the reason when you have already gone on record and said the opposite on why you shut it down. You mentioned how Brandon & Vinnie purchased domains in Kristen Johnston's name. Well, James from Bullyville does the same thing. He owns over 500 domain names and some of the people never interacted with him. How is this different? Two wrongs don't make a right. The purchases are not done in good faith on either side. I don't have a dog in this fight. I only follow the Vinnie saga because I find her ability to lie and make herself out to be a victim, so fascinating. Make no mistake, Tom, James, Neal, Brandon and Vinnie, Patrick are deplorable people.

  4. I don't know why you changed the commenting options. I really fucking hate google (visit Scroogled,), but I didn't want to be the person who comments and runs like a coward. I commented on the wrong post, my apologies. I am going to leave my comment here on the proper post. My original comment and question still stands, Do you think Brandon King's attorney wants his face photos shopped on a blog called, irontroll? Especially when the subject is concerning Vinnie Spina? You asked me why I was supporting a deadbeat, Brandon King. I am not supporting him. Anyone who read that transcript knows O.J.'S dream team could not defend Brandon. One has to wonder why he would pay money for an attorney in the first place and instead just pay what he could to the balance of his child support. Courts are not stupid. If they see a parent making a good faith effort, they will work with you.

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