Angry Nazis Storm The Internet And Anonymous Responds; August 24, 2017

Watching Andrew Anglin trying to keep his cash cow going by finding a host for his goofy neo-nazi website, Daily Stormer, is like watching a volleyball game. But in really slow motion.

And on one side of the net are a couple of tiny Nazis who are losing and blaming it on the Jews and a very big Azzmador who blames reptilian aliens.

So after being kicked off GoDaddy and Google ten days ago, Daily Stormer moved to the dark web, that region of the internet that lies in unchartered territory. But I’m guessing Stormer patrons couldn’t figure out how to use a Tor browser to find the new site which means poor Andy Anglin couldn’t earn any money. So last night Anglin created a new domain, and got it hosted on Dreamhost.

This upset an Anonymous crew who started a major DDoS (Dedicated denial of Service) attack against Dreamhost knocking 400,000 websites offline.

Around 3 pm Eastern time, Dreamhost kicked Punished Stormer off their hosting server citing the DDoS attack as the reason for the boot. This was very upsetting for both of the tiny Andys/

Andrew Anglin compared it to being raped and managed to be a douchebag while doing so.

Andrew “Weev Aurenjeimer also whined about being suspended from Dreamhost while being antisemitic at the same time.
Anglin then moved his site back to his original host, GoDaddy. GoDaddy dropped Anglin 10 days ago on the grounds that it could incite more violence after the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville.
At this writing news is starting to spread about the resurrection of the Daily Stormer as Punished Stormer. We’ll see if GoDaddy does the right thing again.

As I was finishing this post it appears GoDaddy has suspended Since the domain name was registered through GoDaddy this could be another lost domain name for little Andy.  #NaziProblems