Siggy Flickers Secret Marriage

I’m sure there’s an honest, authentic explanation for all of this.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, according to New York records, Siggy Flicker had another marriage before the two she admits to having. Being just as curious as I am pretty, I had to wonder why Siggy’s never mentioned her first marriage.

Maybe she just forgot it happened.

But I can’t help wondering what the fairy tale was behind her first trip to the altar. I know the marriage took place in 1994.

BARUCH, NACHUM married a bride named SIGALIT PALDIEL in the year 1994 on license number 25805 issued in Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.A

That means Siggy would have been around 27 years old that year. That’s a good age to get married.

Records also show that Nachum Baruch was born in 1974. I don’t know the exact date in 1994 when Siggy and Nacum got married but unless it was after his birthday on September 1st, then Nachum was ony 19. That’s not such a good age to get married.

The age gap wouldn’t be worth mentioning except there also seems to be a gap between how Siggy portrays herself and reality.

Nachum BaruchBirth Date: 1 Sep 1974Phone Number: 496-REDACTEDAddress: 1060 5th Ave # 2d, New York, NY, 10128-0104[317 W 88th St Apt 6, New York, NY, 10024-2273 (1996)]

There isn’t a lot of information on Nachum but as you see, he lived on 5th avenue. That was in 1986 when he was 12. That neighborhood is a high end area so he must have had wealthy parents or was staying with wealthy relatives.

According to Siggy’s bio, she went to New York to be an au pair on 5th avenue and sure enough, there’s a record of her living on 5th avenue. At the same address as Nachum.

So naturally one wonders when Siggy went to New York to be an au pair. Was she was working for Nachum’s family? Room and board is part of the package for an au pair and I haven’t seen any other 5th avenue address for Siggy so the mind does buzz with the possibilities!

The other address listed for Nachum on West 88th street in 1996. This is 2 years after the nuptuals and records show Siggy also lived there. Her bio also claims she went to California to be an actress. Records colloborate this, and Nachum seems to have been with her for awhile since his name shows up with hers at the California address, but then they seem to have split up.

Below the break you’ll see an eviction order for Siggy from an apartment in Aventura, Florida. It became official in 1997, but the eviction process actually began in 1996. Siggy had a roommate named Lori and there’s no record that Nachum lived there.

One is left to write one’s own fairy tale on this mystery 2 year marriage since Siggy hasn’t been forthcoming.

Perhaps a very young prince came to visit America from Israel and fell in love with a poor au pair. Then they got married and lived happily ever after until the 2 year marriage requirement for an immigrant to become a permanent resident was met and then the au pair went back to Florida. The end.

This is, of course, all speculation. Maybe in the spirit of being authentic it will be rewritten by Siggy.

If she remembers.