The Tea On Tea? It Tastes Like #VToo

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People like to argue and fight. They always have, they always will. That’s really obvious when you look at social media, particularly the accounts involved in politics. But if you think the fighting between liberals and conservatives is bad, you should see the interactions between reality show fans. They are, to put it very mildly, a passionate group of people.

But as seems to always be the case, some people go too far. They get too invested in their battles and cross the border between freedom of expression and harassment. For years there’s been a group of people going after reality show celebrities and fans for not liking the right reality star or expressing an opinion they didn’t like. They’ve have taken things way past online trolling and into criminal harassment offline as well as online.

Just to be clear, I’m not pointing fingers or making allegations against anyone in this article but I am waving my arms to flag something that has gone unhandled for far too long. There have been a lot of rumors and threats of lawsuits being filed, Crazy Days And Nights posted a Blind Gossip Item the other day that seems to be about Thomas Ravenel. 

I don’t know what truth there is to all this. I’m just posting screen captures of things I found on the internet, just a few pieces of what seems to be a large puzzle. 

For instance, I know that back in 2012, there was a popular blog called Unfortunately it was allegedly hijacked and some of its articles stolen. There have been allegations that was behind this. I don’t know if that’s true but I have noticed several posts on TVfishbowl are exactly the same as the first posts on, except the authors names were removed and titles were changed.

The really odd thing is that these duplicated posts, even the ones with different titles, have the same url addresses. When you publish a post on WordPress, the title and date of the article is used to create the URL address of that post automatically. Duplicate posts with duplicate urls could not be created on except through using a backup of TVfishbowl to create them. It’s interesting that the first blog on is dated December of 2013 but wasn’t created until February of 2014.

In 2017, became the property of Blastoff Media Group LLC. The company was created in Delaware through a registered agent. People often use Delaware to create their business and keep the ownership a secret.

After became the property of Blastoff Media, some people said they noticed that AllAboutTheTea seemed to have changed their attitudes toward some reality stars and became nastier towards others in its articles.

In May of this year a new domain was created called

The website uses WordPress for content media management, but so far there’s nothing posted on the site except contact information. It’s no surprise that the domain has the same IP address as

Two websites created four years apart, couldn’t possibly be at the same IP,, and be the only 2 websites hosted at that IP, unless they were registered through the same hosting account.

So again, one might reasonably assume that the website,, refers to the company, Blastoff Media Group that owns and that the creator of is the owner or administrator of That’s a logical assumption.

archived copy can be found here

If you go to and put your mouse over the Contact email link, an email address pops up in the lower left hand corner. It’s

So Blastoff Media Group is connected to ClayEdwardsPR. That person most likely has access to the hosting account for Blastoff and AllAboutTheTea. One might assume he registered one or both domains.

ClayEdwardsPR is a public relations business that belongs to Clay Scott Edwards, a 35 year old man from Kentucky, who now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s operated a few businesses in publicity and entertainment. Odesia Entertainment from his college days, Outloud Talent Agency, All Access Entertainment and Clay Edwards PR.

Clay Edwards may sound familiar to some of you who are fans of Real Housewives of Orange County. He was a publicist for Vicki Gunvalson of Real Housewives Of Orange County from 2015 until 2017. Clay handled her Twitter account and had an email account at her website. He was also publicist for Kelly Dodd up until the summer of 2017. 

Did Gunvalson and Dodds know about Clay’s connection with All About The Tea? I have no idea, but it is odd that they’d hire a very young publicist in Nashville, Tennessee. But I don’t know, I’m just saying…  

It looks like Clay may have been living a double life; publicist for reality stars by day, operator of a reality TV gossip site by night. I guess one way to publicize your client is to write about her on your own gossip site. At the very least, it’s a little shady.

There have been allegations and rumors that AllAboutTheTea is connected to a troll factory, soliciting reality stars and offering to write nice things about them on AATT and “protect” them by attacking reality TV bloggers and fans who say anything negative about them.

Whether it was because his Blastoff website was outed or some other unknown reason, Clay hasn’t done anything with the site. But he did register another domain just a month ago on June 5th., appears to be a business more geared towards handling social media ( that’s the sm in the domain name) for celebrity clients. Considering the drama around RHONJ and Siggy getting fired, and then Southern Charm where an alleged sexual predator is being defended, starting a social media business for reality celebs doesn’t seem like a wise choice. But then, that’s none of my business. I wonder if there’s a troll department?

For this domain, Clay used WIX to create the website, but when he registered the domain, he didn’t make his identity private.

Clay neglected to verify his email so his new domain is currently locked and suspended. Yeah, that attention to detail is why you want this guy handling your public relations and social media accounts.
So from all this we can assume All About The Tea has been expanding its business into public relations and social media. Why not? They’ve done such a good job with Siggy Flicker and Thomas Ravenel

But take warning from someone who’s been on the receiving end of the troll factory, this is evil and it’s gone on long enough. 

Contact your favorite reality celeb and ask them to refuse any offers of special treatment and protection from any blog. Ask them to insist Bravo TV quit ignoring a very real problem.

People will always fight on social media but it really shouldn’t be hazardous to your health.

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  1. I remember when AATT was briefly owned by Blast Media. More AATT DIRT:AATT was suspended from Twitter two tones so far and instagram once.

  2. Hi. Ed shut down TVFB because of his health problems and then got offers to review and even at one point decided to sell oils after trying to treat his own health issues. Ed did teach Suess how to blog that is true. But Suess had such a hatred for Teresa, his regular readers complained because they appreciated his reporting style where Ed didn’t take sides. Then Suess acted like a victim.People are attracted to AATT because they are gullible. They make up sources such as Theresa’s house having a warrant served by the FBI and “interns” taking Christmas presents. Which that turned out to be 100% false. It is one blogger who mainly blogs at AATT. When she opened up shop she poached TVFB writers with a promise of pay down the line. I could talk about this for hours.

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