MissAnonNews OccupyRebellion Unmasked

I would like to tell you a very, very interesting story.

Once upon a time there was a very important person on the internetz named Selene. On Twitter she called herself MissAnonNews.

Selene was the very first member of Anonymous… because she said so.


I fight on my own. I’m not the coward who runs to others for help.Come after me, you deal with the consequences.

no one knows who I am. = check 
master troll = check 
different personas = check 
I was Anonymous before there was an #Anonymous.


Selene wasn’t like other people, somehow she managed to scream in her tweets and she had a bad habit of saying nasty and defamatory things about other people. Because of her nasty mouth, MissAnonNews was suspended. She came back as MissAnonNews_ but was suspended again.  

Selene was named as a defendant in a (imaginary) lawsuit filed by JoJo Camp. JoJo had so many John Doe defendants in his suit that Selene labeled herself as JohnDoe number 10999. Most people didn’t notice that she snuck back on Twitter again as MissAnon10999 (@JohnDoe10999). 

I’m an aspie cunt and if you mention that shit — u are so much more sued

But even in her new account she continued to say nasty things. Some people don’t learn.

You can see all of MissAnon10999 timeline here  but a very interesting tweet had an odd video featuring a dancing woman wearing a horsehead and a bikini.

a message for Bullyville and his retard crew, see you at DefCon


It didn’t take long before somebody on Twitter figured out the video was commissioned from a website called fiverr.com. At fiverr you can commission a whole bunch of different services for just five bucks. A great idea and a great deal, all you need is an account to commission a service.

Another neat thing about fiverr is that commissioned pieces get reviewed and posted as “Real Samples” so everybody can see what finished products. The TeamJoJo was posted as a Sample so it was easy to see the name of the account that commissioned the video was named GoSocialNow.

 MissAnon10999 said she paid for the video so it was pretty obvious she owned the account GoSocialNow on fiverr.com

Well done Elliot ! …now didn’t jojo run a hack on fiverr or sumthing ?  

 MissAnon10999 ordered lots of other goodies commissioned with her Fiverr account GoSocialNow

The screen capture below is a sample and review. The finished product is posted on youtube in an account called MyClassicTVShows. That youtube account is run by Melissa Brewer. You can watch the video HERE

I also liked the festive Happy Holidays greeting from LolWutPolitics. That’s a political blog run by Melissa Brewer

You can see the Christmas greeting on the lolwutpolitics website.

There was a really cute video ordered by the GoSocialNow account that promoted a website called LiveLoveKawaii.com. That site is owned by Melissa Brewer.

I think the Real Sample I liked the most is the Fat Cat picture that says Cats are Important. A similar picture from the same seller using the same sign was the bio background on the Twitter account @Catsrimportant. That Twitter account is run by Melissa Brewer.

Fiverr accounts have a profile area that show a map of the area you live in. This is the map that was on the GoSocial Account. Coincidentally, this is the same street where Melissa Brewer is registered to vote.

Of all the stuff ordered by GoSocialNow I really liked the video called GoSocialNow she had made for her new business called, naturally, Go Social Now

You can watch the GoSocialNow video on vimeo HERE. The vimeo account is owned by Melissa Brewer.

It’s pretty  clear that Melissa Brewer is GoSocialNow from fiverr.com and GoSocialNow is @JohnDoe10999 and @JohnDoe10999 is MissAnonNews.

Supposedly MissAnonNews was the reincarnation of OccupyRebellion. And OccupyRebellion was supposedly Darrah Ford. I don’t know about all that. It’s likely that MissAnonNews was a group account, obviously Melissa was one of the operators and operated @JohnDoe10999 aka MissAnon10999.


The end.
(that’s me!)