JoJo Camp; Armed And Stupid

Having served time in prison for a felony, Joseph Camp is not allowed to possess firearms. JoJo claims he had his civil rights reinstated but that’s not true.
Along with the prison sentence given him in 2013, Camp was ordered to pay $61,500 in restitution. There’ll be no reinstatement until he’s paid his debt. 

There’s also the matter of JoJo’s “American Hostage” campaign. After confessing and pleading guilty, JoJo later decided he was innocent, forced to confess and then held in solitary confinement “for no reason”.  So that lack of remorse and responsibility would probably prevent his civil rights from being reinstated.

And let’s not forget the restraining orders against him that he violates regularly. Posting threats publicly on the internet isn’t a good way to get your civil rights reinstated either. 

The government doesn’t forbid possession of firearms by felons to be mean, they do it because felons are likely to use them to commit felonies. It’s pretty obvious that the choices made by JoJo since leaving prison are going to land him back there.  


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