Inside Andie Pauly, It’s Not All Black And White

By definition, a racist is someone who believes a particular race is superior to another. In the United States, this is someone Caucasian believing they are superior to minorities (generally Blacks) simply because their skin is white. Though there’s no difference between the races other than the amount of melanin and a bit of bone structure, these people persist in pointing out reasons why Blacks are inferior. 

Andie Pauly has earned herself a reputation for being one of the most vocal racists on Twitter. From looking at her blog, Divine Theater, she gives the impression of someone artsy and pretentious, a White lady with a lot of time for trash to treasure projects. That’s an illusion.

Andrea was raised in the Atgeld Gardens housing project of Chicago. It’s a Black ghetto. Andrea is of mixed racial heritage so technically, she’s not 100% Caucasian. Actually, according to that great Southern tradition that most Whites and Blacks buy into, the One Drop Rule, Andie is Black. 

Andy’s mother was Black, a single parent and not a good one. She was very likely a prostitute at a time when abortion wasn’t legal and “safe sex” not a consideration, so Andie and her siblings were consequences of a lifestyle rather than a stable relationship. Andie’s mother would often leave the kids alone, tying them to their beds to keep them from roaming. Sometimes she’d be gone for days.  And then one day she didn’t come home at all. Andy and her siblings were found by police, hungry, naked and tied to their beds. They were put into the foster system until they were adopted by Robert and Melva Schmidt when Andrea was seven.

Racists are not born, they are created. Andrea Pauly is certainly an example of that. Being abused and abandoned by her mother left deep emotional wounds in Andie’s psyche, the type of wounds that take a professional and time to deal with. It’s obvious Andie hasn’t had that professional help so she projects her rage outwardly at Blacks who are poor, particularly Black mothers. You can see this in her tweets.

andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam Nov 17
@DaRCon72 I am a mother. I cannot forgive her for neglecting him. Neighbors say he was always dirty. It was her JOB to keep him safe     

Andie’s is a sad story but the choice to hate is the choice she has made. 

Her adult life hasn’t been trouble free either. Andrea aka Angela has spent a lot of time in court. Her relationship with her first husband was pretty rocky. In 1994, she filed a restraining order against him, in 1995, he filed one against her, in 1998 she came after him with a gun and was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He dropped the charges but got another restraining order against her.  That’s not normal.

No, Andie isn’t normal. She says hateful things but don’t hate her, she’s not worth that energy. Pity her for being one fucked up chick.  

Atgeld Gardens where Andrea Pauly was raised.

Read Andies story on her blog

December 7, 1974

Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania 

Robert and Melva Schmidt, Lockport, III. received an early Christmas present on Thursday when they took the first steps toward adopting seven foster children. The children, who were members of three separate families and were wards of the state of Illinois, are shown here with their new parents outside Circuit Court, (left to right bottom row) Danny, 7; Brian, 6; Andrea, 7; Dawn, 6. (Middle row left to right) Doreen. 8; Terri, 10, and (back row) Ray, 15; Kim, 13: and Mrs. Schmidt. Kim is Robert’s daughter by a previous marriage and will be formally adopted by Mrs. Schmidt next week. Schmidt, who is a security guard, said it will cost between $120 and S130 a week to feed the children. 

Tamir Rice intentionally committed “suicide by cop” because his home life was so bad. When will his wretched mother be charged?

If why didn’t matter to HIS OWN MOTHER until she sued for MILLIONS? He was raised by the state.

Liberals lied about Tamir Rice shooting. WHEN will his wretched mother be charged with endangerment?
It looks like Tamir chose “suicide by cop”. Poor kid. His mother was abusive and neglectful, his father gone. RIP
If why didn’t matter to HIS OWN MOTHER until she sued for MILLIONS? He was raised by the state.

They need to hang his wretched mother.Not police. SHE is responsible, yet seeks sympathy and cash for her egregious neglect.
Tamir Rice’s mother is responsible for his death. Why isn’t she in jail?
His mother is a gun felon. She knows the dangers. Shame on her.

The gun Tamir Rice carried required buyer to be 18. His mother should be held responsible. Same as if she let him drive a car and died.
Instead of blaming police for shooting Tamir, a 5′ 7″ tall 195lb male with a gun, hang his mother. She allowed him out to a park with it.