Vinnie Finds New Pockets To Pick

There are probably several reasons why disbarred lawyer, Vinnie Spina, stopped posting new articles on her infamous Faux Reality Entertainment blog in June of last year… 

It could have been because she and her husband, Patrick Spina, were running to be their district’s representatives to the New Jersey Republican Committee. They lost the race.

Or maybe it was because she was being sued by the New Jersey Lawyer’s Trust over funds she misappropriated from clients. She lost that suit. 

Or was it because she and her husband, Patrick, were being sued by Patrick’s former law partner over several issues, including misappropriation of funds. They lost that suit.

Or maybe it was because she was going to start a Public Relations business called A Diamond PR. What a brilliant idea! Everybody knows that Vinnie Spina is real good a PR! Just google her name and there are hundreds of entries about Vinnie. Of course, they’re all bad but you know what they say… Any publicity is good publicity. 

But it looks like Vinnie never finished her website. Maybe she changed her mind. Or maybe she changed the name… Or maybe because any asset Vinnie has will be seized to pay off the hundreds of thousands of dollars she owes to her former clients.

Anyway, if you look at her site in google cache, down at the bottom the FRE links to her Faux Reality Entertainment site.

link to original in google cache