Vinnie and Brandons Super Duper CyberSecurity Consulting Biz

These screen shots, via the Wayback Machine, are from May of 2014 shortly after the site was created, so Brandon King joined forces with the Spina’s a bit earlier than he said in his hearing. 

Note the main office and legal office locations. Brandon lives in Texas and had previously lived in Arkansas. The Spina Law Firm is located in Totowa, New Jersey and Patrick Spina is also licensed in New York. I’m not sure what the Florida and California connection are.

The contact button you see in the “Our Firm” screen goes nowhere, but the contact button on the “Design” page links to

By August of 2015, Wayback shows the domain for sale. Brandon’s hearing wasn’t until two months later in October, so he either lied to the judge or they were still in business but no longer using a website.

But hey, they were on Facebook!

 And gone by August of 2015