Are Spina And King Planning More Real Housewives Harassment?

The Cyber Security Consulting business involved in the allegations of celebrity harassment appears to have evolved into a public relations business.

Disbarred attorney, Vincenza Leonelli-Spina, is now operating A Diamond PR and appears to represent Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker.

The screen capture of the Hospital Newspaper below is a PR release by Vinnie’s new company A Diamond PR that appears to represent  Contact information was given in the article with a phone number that she used as a plaintiff when she was sued by former police officer, James Albro, 10 years ago.

The website for which we posted about here in January has been updated. Vinnie has removed the links to her blog and Joanna Krupa’s favored animal adoption site.

Link to the original article is here

This is how Vinnie’s website used to look. The links at the bottom are no longer there.

One thought on “Are Spina And King Planning More Real Housewives Harassment?

  1. See I think this is what she was trying to do from the beginning: start a PR Business (FR Entertainment) put in Patrick's name because she can't have anything in her name since she was disbarred and owes almost $500,000. Her last court descision from Bankruptcy was in 2012, around this time Vinnie came on Twitter as @Gregslosehole (you have to watch RHONJ to understand the screen name), The creepiness started with Joanna K., trying to recruit Penny as a Housewife and anyone who disagreed with her she would torment. Over Housewives. I think we all got carried away when it came to defending which Housewife we liked, but to my knowledge, Vinnie was the only one who wrote to the IRS and went on smear campaigns. I give Vinnie so much credit. I do not have the energy, wherewithal, time or patience to constantly harass people and track all the twitter accounts she has. Kudos to her on that. I think she thought she could get clients by sticking up for them?I know I left twitter because of it right after Queenz exposed her. I recently came back and I'm stunned to see she is still at it. Pardon me for commenting Anonymous, but I don't need this nut case on my ass posting photos of my family and children again.

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