VINDICATION! OpUniteBlue Is Back Online

On November 4th, 2014, was suspended by GoDaddy due to a DMCA (copyright infringement) complaint. The complaint was made by Jeffrey Joy, the owner of a private investigation business called Vested Protection Security. Mr Joy is also the husband of Zapem aka Michele aka Joanne Joy.

OpUniteBlue published an article on Mr. Joy and Vested Protection Systems, alleging unethical and illegal activities. We had every right to publish information of public concern as established in Obsidian v Cox regarding Free Speech. Though our hosting contract with GoDaddy was due to expire November 27th, we felt the DMCA complaint was filed in retaliation for our post so we chose challenge Mr. Joy’s copyright claims.

We won. was reinstated by GoDaddy.


Now that our hosting contract has expired, since GoDaddy isn’t First Amendment friendly, we’ve moved to WordPress temporarily until we select a new webhost.

But we’re not done with Vested Protection Services, there are boundaries to what a private investigation business is allowed to do and Vested Protection has been stepping outside those boundaries for years.

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