This Is What Schizophrenia Looks Like; JoJo Camp

I’ve seen a lot of information about Joseph Camp and his strange behavior but what hit the nail on the head for me was found in a letter by one of JoJo’s foster parents (The Bullyville Link is here) stating that Joseph was fine when he took his medication Risperdal.

Risperdal is an antipsychotic used in the treatment of schizophrenia and similar disorders. Joseph stopped taking his meds when he was 16 and since then has been in and out of trouble, in and out of jail. It appears JoJo seeks out individuals to act as parental figures but if they attempt to correct his behavior they become his enemy, he acts out, accuses them of abuse and attacks. He seems to enjoy negative attention.

JoJo Camp sent the email below to Santa Clara Jude Manoukian as well as to God and Country. Unfortunately JoJo has a long track record of childish, vindictive and criminal behavior so it’s unlikely he’ll be taken seriously.

I’m no law expert but I think if you are making a request of a judge it’s probably not a good idea to insult him and accuse him of criminal activity and taking bribes.

 In some U.S. states, such as California, the writ is now called mandate instead of mandamus, and may be issued by any level of the state court system to any lower court or to any government official. It is still common for Californians to bring “taxpayer actions” against public officials for wasting public funds through mismanagement of a government agency, where the relief sought is a writ of mandate compelling the official to stop wasting money and fulfill his duty to protect the public fisc.

The writ of mandate is also used in California for interlocutory appeals. In this context, the party seeking the writ is treated on appeal like a plaintiff, the trial court becomes the defendant, and the opponent is designated as the “real party in interest.” Unlike appeals, which are heard as a matter of right, writ relief is deemed extraordinary, equitable and discretionary. Because of this, appellate courts generally grant writ relief only when the petitioner (1) has no other adequate remedy in the ordinary course of law and (2) will suffer irreparable injury if writ relief is not granted.” “Mandamus, being a discretionary remedy, the application for that must be made in good faith and not for indirect purposes.”

Sorry JoJo, I don’t think your latest attempt at “revenge” is going to work.

(Excerpts from JoJo Camp’s January 29th email posted as per Fair Use Doctrine and 1st amendment as adjudicated in Obsidian v Cox)

“My name is Joseph A. Camp, I am 30 years old…For the reasons herein addressed, and in my attached exhibits, I am also asking that this Honorable Court recuse itself from all future matters concerning this case.”“I am asking that this Court recuse itself for biased as demonstrated below.”

“I also intend to call you as a witness in the matter as you are clearly biased against online internet free speech based on the numerous amounts of content against you online I can only assume that you don’t like the fact that people can post stuff online.”

“As the self professed attorney for “Anonymous” and the individual who actively FUNDS their criminal activities being Plaintiff’s attorney Jason Jay Leiderman, and James McGibney (plaintiff). It may be possible that you are getting some gratuities from this case, that is that you are getting the removal of content from the internet posted by members of this CRIMINAL TERRORISTIC HACKING ORGANIZATION!”

“Now, people don’t go to the lengths that they did with exposing you as actively encourage the sex trafficking of minors, and cover up for crime families, ect. without good reason…I can deduce that you are indeed GUILTY of the accusations made by these other individuals.”

“I am putting you on notice that you are going to be called as a witness, and that each of your alleged victims have been contacted to assist in this matter…I am also preparing a letter signed by all of your alleged victims to the United States Department of Justice asking that they also investigate you for any possible kickbacks that you have received as a result of your rulings. Specifically from Jason Jay Leiderman and James McGibney.”

“The fact is, if Google results are to believed then you are a corrupted Judge and a human trafficker, a man who gets kickbacks from those with deep pockets. You, being a target of “Anonymous” also places you squarely in the realm of biased, and possibly more kickbacks, this time in the form of removing content.”

“You should also note that I am responsible for the email Not Thomas Retzlaff.”

“You should also note that I am responsible for spoofing the e-mail address It’s a simple thing to do… just use Not Thomas Retzlaff.”

“I would also like to point out that Thomas Retzlaff is not the person who runs the Viaviewfiles, or the BVFiles before it. “


“I hope that you have a nice day Mr. Manoukian. Please reply and let me know what you decide with respect to the Feb. 2, 2015 hearing in which you demand the appearance of an innocent man so that he can be further victimized by Jason Leiderman, and James McGibney. I look forward to sharing my story with your other alleged victims. I am BCCing this to 2 other individuals and several of your other alleged victims…as witnesses (I am asking that they not reply).”

__/s/__________________Joseph A. Camp