Happy 50th Birthday Andie Pauly! Anus n Andie Reunited

Happy birthday to Andie Pauly! She turns 50 years old December 20th! A half a century! Like many Black women, she doesn’t show her age! 

A birthday so close to Christmas is extra special. Maybe if she wishes real hard the Birthday Fairy and Santa Claus will pitch in together and give her a totally White Christmas.

For her 50th birthday it seems appropriate to do a parody of Amos n Andie, a well known comedy show from 50 years ago featuring two actors in black face portraying Black men. There’s some reverse irony in that.

Below is a bit of her recent timeline where she was chatting with Gary LaFollette, the revenge pornographer also known as Catfish Gary. In this conversation he’s using his sock puppet account called This Is Piss @CumSlutTara. I guess the name didn’t bother Andie. Nor the revenge porn pictures he had posted on the account.

So here’s Andie, wife of a police officer, asking a revenge pornographer who is under investigation by law enforcement for harassment and revenge porn, to provide her with the personal information of two women he’s been harassing online. So she can file a police report… 

Oh silly Andie. People trolling you on Twitter doesn’t actually qualify as harassment in the real world. If that were true I think every Black person in America could file a report against the Pauly family. 

Oops, I should say, every Black person in America except Andie.

andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam Oct 25

@bookishpony is also @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess – Molly Bagen Butler, woman harassing our LEO family. You are no longer anonymous.

This is Piss! ‏@cumsluttara 14h14 hours ago

@andieiamwhoiam @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess Both Tara Dozier and Molly have been harassing you constantly.

andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam 6h6 hours ago

@cumsluttara @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess Yes. Yes, they have.

This is Piss! ‏@cumsluttara 5h5 hours ago

@andieiamwhoiam @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess They do this to many people and won’t stop.

andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam 5h5 hours ago

@cumsluttara I am looking for one particular identity. Do you know them all?

This is Piss!‏@cumsluttara

@andieiamwhoiam which one in particular? Someone might know them.
10:12 AM – 18 Dec 2015


@cumsluttara @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess Yes. That entire group of women truly need mental help.

AnonyMoose ‏@Anony__Moose 5h5 hours ago

This is Piss! ‏@cumsluttara 5h5 hours ago


This is Piss!‏@cumsluttara

@Anony__Moose We need to hunt down Molly’s address! Pull all resources together to do that.

This is Piss! ‏@cumsluttara 6h6 hours ago

@andieiamwhoiam @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess I have their info. What do you need?

andieiam ‏@andieiamwhoiam 6h6 hours ago

@cumsluttara @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess Thanks. Can you please DM what you have for police?

This is Piss!‏@cumsluttara

@andieiamwhoiam @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess go to http://pastebin.com . even tara’s driver’s license is there

This is Piss! ‏@cumsluttara 6h6 hours ago

@andieiamwhoiam @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess certainly

This is Piss! ‏@cumsluttara 6h6 hours ago

@andieiamwhoiam @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess Let us know. We would love to help.

This is Piss! ‏@cumsluttara 6h6 hours ago

@andieiamwhoiam @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess We can give you their personal info to serve them with a summons

This is Piss! ‏@cumsluttara 6h6 hours ago

@andieiamwhoiam @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess Tara ‘s driver’s license is also on pastebin. She’ll be easy to find.

This is Piss! ‏@cumsluttara 6h6 hours ago

@andieiamwhoiam @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess certainly

This is Piss! ‏@cumsluttara 5h5 hours ago

@andieiamwhoiam @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess give us a day or so to dig up molly’s and it will also be up

This is Piss! ‏@cumsluttara 5h5 hours ago

@andieiamwhoiam @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess search for tara Marie dozier.

This is Piss! ‏@cumsluttara 6h6 hours ago

@andieiamwhoiam @ImThatDelta @bookishpony @BookishPhD @WWWVillainess all tara’s info is on http://pastebin.com . Molly’s will be soon.

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