3000 Tweets By Neal Rauhauser As RealityForger: Jan-Feb 2015

UPDATE: This post was originally posted February 28th. It’s being reposted in light of the recent developments with GAW Miners, Paycoin and Josh Garza. 

Neal locked his RealityForger timeline on February 25th. Since then he’s deleted his tweets and even his avatar.

The tweets below are from February 24th and go back in time to New Years Eve. They include a wide cast of characters such as  CoinfireBlog, BadBitCoin, GawCeo and HackersList.

RT @angealbertini: this week so far: Equation, Fanny, Desert Falcon, Babar, SuperFish, Gemalto… It’s not a threat list, it’s a dictionary… Thu Feb 19 22:03:39 +0000 2015

RT @jeremyscahill: Ironic: one week ago, Gemalto, the company GCHQ/NSA hacked, issued a report on data breaches, hyped its own products htt… Thu Feb 19 22:03:24 +0000 2015

RT @munin: So yeah, the whole #komodia / #superfish / #LenovoMITM thing? This is what a government “front door” would look like in practice. Thu Feb 19 22:02:30 +0000 2015

OK, Internet, if anything ELSE is broken/stolen can we just hold it for next week, got enough to do already thanks. Thu Feb 19 22:00:48 +0000 2015

NSA & GCHQ owned Gemalto, world’s largest SIM card maker. Will the company survive this intrusion? Thu Feb 19 21:15:24 +0000 2015

@contravenio Well, keep watching, I have been digging into Splunk integration, the next big step. Thu Feb 19 20:53:36 +0000 2015

@contravenio @glennzw there are a handful of instances out there I run, was not aware of anyone else getting it going. Thu Feb 19 20:49:12 +0000 2015

@contravenio @glennzw Snoopy looks like something I would build – sticking together various things, providing glue logic. Thu Feb 19 20:41:25 +0000 2015

@hackerfantastic @dcuthbert @contravenio “How to buy a burner using cash & a mule.” Seems I could do a reality TV show on this stuff. Thu Feb 19 20:34:03 +0000 2015

@dcuthbert @contravenio @hackerfantastic I use Maltego, Gephi, and Sentinel Visualizer. Would be interested to see a new, similar tool. Thu Feb 19 20:33:06 +0000 2015

@dcuthbert @contravenio @hackerfantastic What is Snoopy? I have written some social network analysis software. https://t.co/Eizc8CoDr7 Thu Feb 19 20:32:12 +0000 2015

@contravenio @hackerfantastic @dcuthbert Opaque envelopes & Bakelite rotary phone seem like good investments to me. Thu Feb 19 20:31:14 +0000 2015

@contravenio @hackerfantastic @dcuthbert October of 2010 I talked just over 5,000 minutes – elections stuff. 2015? Maybe an hour so far. Thu Feb 19 20:30:04 +0000 2015

@contravenio @hackerfantastic @dcuthbert I had intrusion in 2013. Intentionally bricked baseband, kids now use it like a small game tablet. Thu Feb 19 20:29:11 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @PMK1_ But the political swatter is @brandondarby. https://t.co/4EE5ZNXjjV Isn’t CJ pretty right wing? Thu Feb 19 20:27:53 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @PMK1_ I chit chat with you guys, if something important happens I get an email, I’m not lingering over it. Thu Feb 19 20:24:00 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @PMK1_ I think there is enough evidence that YAN will have to show up in TX & defend themselves from UFTA claim. Thu Feb 19 20:23:29 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @PMK1_ We know JM bought YourAnonNews domains. So CheaterVille shutdown happens, then YAN immediately gets active? Thu Feb 19 20:22:59 +0000 2015

@hackerfantastic @contravenio @dcuthbert I have a burner. It’s off due to non-payment, not broke, just not expecting anyone to call any more Thu Feb 19 20:22:20 +0000 2015

@contravenio @dcuthbert @hackerfantastic Restated, those paid faults courtesy of NSA are problem for all, China is big enough to respond. Thu Feb 19 20:21:06 +0000 2015

@contravenio @dcuthbert @hackerfantastic The compromised HD firmware, baseband processors, etc, are now a strategic issue for China. Thu Feb 19 20:20:27 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @PMK1_ Who tries to start something new /w unresolved seven digit civil suit hanging over them? Thu Feb 19 20:19:49 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @PMK1_ I’ve been rubbing eyes /w disbelief re: YAN. I really wonder if JM has a hand in that. Thu Feb 19 20:19:18 +0000 2015

@dcuthbert @contravenio @hackerfantastic You want to be safe, you gotta roll your own. Look at @Whonix @Tails_live etc Thu Feb 19 20:18:27 +0000 2015

RT @dcuthbert: @hackerfantastic I’m with you. How do you honestly use any modern tech today without thinking ‘is it owned?’ Thu Feb 19 20:18:01 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ @BattleAxe2015 The derp, it never stops. Thu Feb 19 20:16:39 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 OK, this long run has caught up to me. G’night. Thu Feb 19 08:27:39 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 I could use a little more regularity, but health + market seem to be conspiring against that. Thu Feb 19 08:24:15 +0000 2015

RT @CasparBowden: #Lenovo EMEA lawyer says only “1-in-a-million” want a PC without Windows RT if you’d like to buy (cheaper) #ThinkPad with… Thu Feb 19 08:19:30 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 many years since I’ve had such constraints, and haven’t had such inflexible employment since … 2000? 2001? Thu Feb 19 08:18:06 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 Mine is decidedly not. If I logged chat in/out I’m sure I’d have no idle hour over a given week. Thu Feb 19 08:08:56 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 I should start graphing our wake/sleep cycles. Thu Feb 19 07:53:33 +0000 2015

RT @kaatje36: Goodmorning sheeple 😀 Thu Feb 19 07:53:15 +0000 2015

I could do this, if I had the energy to shovel 10 cubic yards of snow. http://t.co/4Vbjif0BNy Thu Feb 19 07:43:32 +0000 2015

Seriously, does anyone actually USE the factory OS for a Windows box? #PureTerror Thu Feb 19 07:35:49 +0000 2015

RT @thisisdebasish: Never run factory installed OS. http://t.co/wOCj0PIkxY Thu Feb 19 07:35:01 +0000 2015

popup redefined http://t.co/REWirIWRs2 Thu Feb 19 07:22:06 +0000 2015

dachshund mugs cat, steals toy http://t.co/bDzfiLslQm Thu Feb 19 07:21:32 +0000 2015

cat administers chokehold to dog http://t.co/4Y37WQYVmO Thu Feb 19 07:20:29 +0000 2015

Do not get between this little guy and that bottle at feeding time. http://t.co/5MFYHYAhwx Thu Feb 19 07:19:43 +0000 2015

skinny kitten meets donkey http://t.co/YeNridaCfW Thu Feb 19 07:19:20 +0000 2015

kitten /w smoke inhalation gets revived http://t.co/gZ2nc8C7EE Thu Feb 19 07:18:49 +0000 2015

kittens riding on a Roomba http://t.co/KrcI4JdmxW Thu Feb 19 07:17:51 +0000 2015

rejection hurts http://t.co/S3BD7sOGt5 Thu Feb 19 07:17:23 +0000 2015

Kitten attack http://t.co/1Km7Om3sjq Thu Feb 19 07:17:00 +0000 2015

pranking one’s kitten. Nasty. http://t.co/83Vw6DCTar Thu Feb 19 07:16:33 +0000 2015

air harp kitten http://t.co/F1Mmh7S0Vh Thu Feb 19 07:16:09 +0000 2015

Kittens v. Robots. http://t.co/dti2120gwX Thu Feb 19 07:15:50 +0000 2015

Copycat http://t.co/OEDgpa4zwp Thu Feb 19 07:15:04 +0000 2015

This one also reminds me of CattyIdiot http://t.co/cIGSqI67Ye Thu Feb 19 07:14:39 +0000 2015

This reminds me of CattyIdiot http://t.co/rDwwgjARrU Thu Feb 19 07:13:50 +0000 2015

I find really good cat videos on @Imgur, haven’t figured out how to steal them, so I just bookmark. http://t.co/xoltPnW2A3 Thu Feb 19 07:13:30 +0000 2015

RT @cynicalsecurity: .@superfishteam any openings for “Senior Streisand Effect Management Consultant”? Thu Feb 19 07:00:42 +0000 2015

Perhaps it’s time to close this window and go to bed … Thu Feb 19 06:04:48 +0000 2015

And the cat is on to my bait & switch game to get the warm spots he makes … Thu Feb 19 06:04:29 +0000 2015

And the drifts are twice as tall as me … Thu Feb 19 06:04:11 +0000 2015

When the snow is over my head … Thu Feb 19 06:03:57 +0000 2015

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: *watches Superfish news spread around web* *returns to shadows* Thu Feb 19 05:16:09 +0000 2015

I was @CommanderXanax long enough for Cass to run up against me about two years ago. No idea who it is now, but funny. Sorry, Ron. Thu Feb 19 05:13:51 +0000 2015

RT @MyWhiteNinja: @ronbryn lol you held on to that for 2 YEARS!?! Lollllollll You really are off the rails Ron. @CommanderXanon hobo. Thu Feb 19 05:13:16 +0000 2015

Lenovo is pre-installing a banking oriented man in the middle SSL attack certificate. Kill it with fire. #LenovoMITM Thu Feb 19 05:12:57 +0000 2015

RT @dnlongen: Superfish #LenovoMiTM single-handedly destroys trust in a PC maker. No trust for banking, social, email, private browsing, an… Thu Feb 19 05:12:12 +0000 2015

RT @Jordohio: Note to self: Never recommend a Lenovo laptop to anyone ever again. #LenovoMITM Thu Feb 19 05:12:03 +0000 2015

@DericLostutter @PMK1_ So, Deric, the guys coordinating interviews about you outside Ohio are based in Cincinnati. Thu Feb 19 04:53:17 +0000 2015

@DericLostutter @PMK1_ http://t.co/z6pI6oGkZB But Ohio FBI field offices are in Cincinnati, Cleveland. Thu Feb 19 04:52:55 +0000 2015

@DericLostutter @PMK1_ https://t.co/TcHMpQAe90 Southern Ohio USAA *IS* in Columbus. Thu Feb 19 04:52:07 +0000 2015

RT @hoeken: There needs to be an “OH YEAH!!!” At the end of this. “@JJDodders: THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE BEST GIF. http://t.co/Ynp03DF0yw” Thu Feb 19 04:43:50 +0000 2015

@SockieWhodunit @BattleAxe2015 @PMK1_ Gonna tiptoe away from this. Didn’t know KG was in Berks County. I’ve been there for work. Thu Feb 19 04:18:20 +0000 2015

RT @SockieWhodunit: @RealityForger @BattleAxe2015 @PMK1_ http://t.co/QVnOMGhd7G Thu Feb 19 04:17:47 +0000 2015

@SockieWhodunit @BattleAxe2015 @PMK1_ Apparently something was posted, then pulled? I have no idea if it’s real. Thu Feb 19 04:14:59 +0000 2015

RT @thereaIbanksy: Never stop retweeting…. http://t.co/objRwuZq5O Thu Feb 19 04:11:24 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ https://t.co/lcFq5eLkXY Thu Feb 19 04:00:45 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ CT info is tantalizing, but there is another, older trail and some old associates. Someone has better info, they’re not sharing. Thu Feb 19 03:51:49 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I’ve teased that I can tell him anything, because it’ll never be so important they’ll risk exposing his real name. Thu Feb 19 03:43:49 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Well, given the behavior *any* connection is problematic. Thu Feb 19 03:43:23 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ McGibney filed a sworn affidavit he doesn’t have any contact with him. If that proves to be a lie, disaster strikes. Thu Feb 19 03:40:00 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ That’s the confirmation bias at work. Anyone who doesn’t immediately cower must be Retzlaff. Thu Feb 19 03:34:24 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ The source wasn’t clear. I think it’s intentional. Thu Feb 19 03:17:14 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I am told this might be a photo of Catty. http://t.co/aHpgbyuBos Thu Feb 19 03:13:52 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Little point in talking with him, he leaks what he’s gonna leak pretty quickly. We should ignore him for the rest of the week. Thu Feb 19 03:11:01 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Texas is the worst state for that, California is not far behind. I am pleased with how things are turning out. Thu Feb 19 03:07:48 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I will be really surprised if nothing at all comes of all the revenge porn complaints, but nothing to do but wait and see. Thu Feb 19 03:00:35 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ We know one victim in Cali interviewed at behest of Cincinnati field office. That’s about Lostutter. Thu Feb 19 03:00:11 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ It’s funny to watch the junior high SE from him, isn’t it? You’re whatever, I’m whatever, he thinks we’ll listen to him. Thu Feb 19 02:56:04 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ And I think he’ll get really sick of TR and JC long before they get tired of payback for the provocation. Thu Feb 19 02:53:35 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ James McGibney has no idea what to do with an opponent who can afford to fight back. Me, Jon Gosselin, he got nailed. Thu Feb 19 02:53:08 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Only lawsuit I ever cared about was SCOX v IBM way back when. This frivolous crap like McGibney pulls is a huge waste of time. Thu Feb 19 02:33:34 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Klein wasted like $40k trying to get at Gus & Sam a few years ago. Thanks to their blogs, I found Dorrell. Thu Feb 19 02:26:55 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Who I know, where I live, what I do, it’s all none of their business. Thu Feb 19 02:22:43 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ He’s fapped raw the last week over an address for an apartment that a friend of mine vacated in 2005. It’s just sad. Thu Feb 19 02:20:21 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Very, very little of what I expose here is real. Photos get edited, metadata is fabricated, I time shift and/or fake travel. Thu Feb 19 02:19:34 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I have not asked about the details, perhaps it was resolved quickly? I don’t think those two want any more of JD 🙂 Thu Feb 19 02:17:34 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I lie to him all the time, his confirmation bias compels him to treat 50% of it as gospel truth, which leads to major lulz. Thu Feb 19 02:16:46 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ The sealed case documents would PROVE that Nancy T. is the stage name for Tom Retzlaff when he’s in drag queen mode. Thu Feb 19 02:16:06 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ The big issue is how they can ‘connect’ my litigation to this sealed case in Texas. If they could just SEE those court documents … Thu Feb 19 02:14:57 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Oh, I’ve cast Catty aside, like spitting out a piece of gum that’s lost its flavor. He’s got a limited number of talents. Thu Feb 19 02:12:47 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ This will be quoted out of context to ‘prove’ various aspects of whatever conspiracy theory holds sway this week. Thu Feb 19 02:11:54 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ It’s Wednesday and he’s already wheezing like he’s got the mother of all hairballs. Gonna be a loonnggg weekend methinks. Thu Feb 19 02:10:47 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ It’s part of the secret snitch training I got from @Infragard, Catty can tell you all about it. Thu Feb 19 02:09:59 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Catty wants so much for Internet Court to override Texas appellate court. World doesn’t work that way. Thu Feb 19 02:09:14 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Retzlaff don’t Twitter, and it’s Stupid As Fuck(™) to think top notch lawyer would even LOOK at this tripe. Thu Feb 19 02:08:45 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ The ‘good’ one was me in a curl, bruises on my back, pattern of light through my Areca palm on me. Thu Feb 19 02:07:58 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ You’re Esmerelda Emily Emerson, the famous postage stamp forger? Thu Feb 19 02:06:49 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ People waved it around for a couple years, I think it finally sank in that on the left all this did was get me dates. Thu Feb 19 02:04:35 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I was in Hundred Best Male Nudes on Flickr back in 2006. Wingnuts have been dying inside, wanting to be little spoon in that image. Thu Feb 19 02:04:06 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ So Nancy is your drag queen name, Mr. Retzlaff? Twitter is just full of steamy revelations this evening, eh? Thu Feb 19 02:03:19 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I have him muted. This is the analog to the ball gag he fantasizes about in his “Catty on the bottom” daydreams. Thu Feb 19 02:02:34 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Catty has gotten used to being on the bottom after a year of litigation involving me, and found a secret longing for this. Thu Feb 19 02:01:26 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Pretty soon you’ll get faildoxed as various sock accounts of mine. It’s taken on a tone of ritualistic self abuse for them. Thu Feb 19 01:59:53 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ The California civil suit was all inference, innuendo, and things quoted out of context. I’m glad they screwed that up for me 🙂 Thu Feb 19 01:58:38 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I will occasionally talk to him in chat, greeting him with the customary “here kitty kitty kitty”. I don’t engage here. Thu Feb 19 01:57:54 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Nancy, may I call you Nancy, given that this isn’t your name? Catty has a *mancrush* on me, he envies my smooth SE skills. Thu Feb 19 01:56:24 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ If I get the Moore judgment as part of liquidating ViaView, I’ll just write it off. JM’s greatest accomplishment will be gone. Thu Feb 19 01:52:38 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ That’s CattyIdiot, blithering on Twitter is his calling in life. I imagine he smells like seldom changed socks IRL. Thu Feb 19 01:50:48 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Ouch. I caught Lyme in 2007. Have you admitted details of your troubles? Thu Feb 19 01:49:05 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Whispers said they were forced to move in 8/2014. Mildly interesting, as the court will set the direction, not snooping. Thu Feb 19 01:48:35 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ So I’m a source of charge-offs, but both times low five digit numbers, while growing businesses, not six digit consumer debt. Thu Feb 19 01:47:27 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I don’t editorialize on that so much – divorced in 2003, chronically ill since 2007, I am no credit star 🙁 Thu Feb 19 01:45:38 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Oh, out of left field. I thought it would be some failed reality TV shite since TCL/Discovery had Kate G. Thu Feb 19 01:44:57 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Christina WHO? Discover mag or channel, not the same entity. Thu Feb 19 01:41:52 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ It’s like dealing with a mad chihuahua while wearing knee boots. Can’t bite me, but makes a huge racket, slows me down. Thu Feb 19 01:40:52 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I watched BVFiles closely over the summer, but after the October hearing my interest really dropped. I just want it OVER. Thu Feb 19 01:39:57 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Well, http://t.co/GyxPtvLEfI shuts down, and http://t.co/UUMXoVRq8c promptly starts mutating & fund raising? I am … curious. Thu Feb 19 01:39:20 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ You’ve read the ‘Pissboy’ article by David Kushner? They were SURE this was gonna be Rolling Stone front page. http://t.co/AWSacGYlkQ Thu Feb 19 01:37:43 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ $8M libel suit against Klein is sealed – protecting parents /w missing child from being trolled is my understanding of this. Thu Feb 19 01:36:21 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ After Gianni was fired, Dorrell filed $8M libel suit against Philip Klein in Nederland, a frequent accessory to Morgan misadventures Thu Feb 19 01:35:26 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ McGibney’s 2nd lawyer, Paul Gianni, was fired immediately after our hearing in late October, taking JM was part of his discharge. Thu Feb 19 01:33:59 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ McGibney’s 1st lawyer, John S. Morgan of Beaumont, was facing special prosecutor when the case started last year. He took a plea. Thu Feb 19 01:33:11 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Over the weekend http://t.co/GyxPtvLEfI started redirecting to a smear page about me. Statutes call that aggravating behavior 🙂 Thu Feb 19 01:32:26 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ that Mr. Top 1st Amendment guy will be all over it. I think it really is just a deadline. Thu Feb 19 01:30:28 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I am not watching it all that closely, tbh. I have the top 1st Amendment lawyer in the state, I’m sure if something needs doing (1/2) Thu Feb 19 01:29:49 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Trial court will be about how much of $220k in legal fees and $1M in sanction McGibney actually owes me. Thu Feb 19 01:29:06 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ So if I am right tomorrow is the actual final deadline, after which things are truly dead. We then get sent back to trial court. Thu Feb 19 01:28:21 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ If you file late, especially on a precedent setting case, TX supreme court is really slack and will let case proceed. Thu Feb 19 01:27:26 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ There was a deadline to request a TX supreme court review, it passed a few weeks ago. Thu Feb 19 01:26:57 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ There is a procedure to make appeals court review the decision. JM did not have funds or representation to do this. Thu Feb 19 01:26:07 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I won a precedent setting decision in appeals court on 12/11/2014. https://t.co/8mFUogHpB9 Thu Feb 19 01:25:41 +0000 2015

@finndango @PMK1_ Up and killed that quick? I know nothing about this tabloid stuff, is that normal? Thu Feb 19 01:04:53 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I looked and I don’t see anything about KG. I can’t believe that I care enough to look 🙁 Thu Feb 19 01:01:20 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @SockieWhodunit https://t.co/8dpMvLL7H7 Is this at all legit? Thu Feb 19 00:58:49 +0000 2015

@ChildDelinquent @KeybaseIO is an identity aggregator. https://t.co/PbGLhcx8uv Thu Feb 19 00:20:39 +0000 2015

@_TheBunny_ @thesuntiger @AllSquareCat I think you have to apply confirmation bias to a conspiracy theory. Wait, I just made that up. Wed Feb 18 22:44:08 +0000 2015

@exiledsurfer @kaatje36 Needs. Moar. Catz. Wed Feb 18 22:32:17 +0000 2015

@thesuntiger One snowflake with my name attached is all I ask 🙂 Wed Feb 18 22:29:41 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @exiledsurfer @AllSquareCat Long gun, small quarters, too much mass. Take a carbine if you’re gonna do a home invasion. Wed Feb 18 22:21:25 +0000 2015

@thesuntiger @AllSquareCat @_TheBunny_ We presumed you were busy field testing new product. Wed Feb 18 22:16:29 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @exiledsurfer @AllSquareCat is that more or less troublesome than other orifices being in that condition? Wed Feb 18 22:14:49 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 “Far too much has been written about great men, and not nearly enough about morons” – Tyrion Lannister. Apropos, no? Wed Feb 18 22:12:44 +0000 2015

@exiledsurfer @kaatje36 @AllSquareCat I pick psychedelic, but I always pick that. Wed Feb 18 22:08:13 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @exiledsurfer @AllSquareCat Everyone who has turned 30 passed through a decade of their twenties. I’m sure yours were … normal. Wed Feb 18 21:54:58 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @exiledsurfer @AllSquareCat broad heels for the sake of stability, eh Kitty? Wed Feb 18 21:48:02 +0000 2015

@exiledsurfer @kaatje36 @AllSquareCat I’ll just be over here nursing my latex allergy. Wed Feb 18 21:45:10 +0000 2015

Come on @VizSweet, how long are you gonna spend in alpha? I have things that need doing over here. Wed Feb 18 21:42:35 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat And one catdog in on the act. http://t.co/zmkUOhFl4s Wed Feb 18 18:37:06 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat canine sneak attack for fake internet points brewing on Imgur. Send reinforcements! http://t.co/89o7L7Ofkp Wed Feb 18 18:36:50 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat Just fixed that. Wed Feb 18 18:36:09 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat OK, Skittleball production has begun. Can we name Ron as our unofficial mascot/tinfoil dispenser? Wed Feb 18 18:33:15 +0000 2015

#LGBT equivalent of the giants riding mammoths in Game of Thrones. http://t.co/kfZL3w9dwd Wed Feb 18 18:24:07 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat Gimme #AllCatPack members before you fall out for nap. Wed Feb 18 18:17:59 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat And now he is right up by the headboard, so next warm spot is of no use to me 🙁 Wed Feb 18 18:14:59 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat Mr. Kitteh is on to me. I booped him /w pillow, so I could steal the warm spot he made on the bed for my injured shoulder 🙁 Wed Feb 18 18:14:37 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat well, gimme names Wed Feb 18 18:10:17 +0000 2015

Look at my @KeybaseIO profile in other browser, this one starts showing me people from ‘Consider Tracking’. I *am* being tracked. Wed Feb 18 18:01:24 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I mean, it reads like nation state’s central banking policy, only distributed control of decision making. Wed Feb 18 17:49:33 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews http://t.co/anrdM9rU0J This one, but read the white paper, the scheme is a bit complex. Wed Feb 18 17:49:07 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I am not sure it fits what you’re doing, but I found it to be unique among all coins I have examined. Wed Feb 18 17:45:28 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews Coin itself is pegged to USD +/- a few pennies, there is an associated ‘stock’ pool, it pays dividends. Wed Feb 18 17:45:10 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews Does NuBits fit that spec? Interesting coin pegged to USD/shareholder scheme Wed Feb 18 17:42:47 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @contravenio @AllSquareCat That’s more of a tech stabber than hacker. Wed Feb 18 17:39:59 +0000 2015

Verifying myself: I am slavecraton on Keybase.io. sVqB5-pzdAfFQvXOldpl7lUD8MUrkUQz8vLM / https://t.co/DswxKDbZxH Wed Feb 18 17:37:49 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @contravenio I kinda did a double take there. That’s really good, are there more? In gif format, not movies? Wed Feb 18 17:13:33 +0000 2015

@contravenio @lordWatcher85 @albertarabbit @AllSquareCat Kitteh that big should have tufted forest cat ears 🙂 Wed Feb 18 16:59:38 +0000 2015

RT @meursalt: I’m a walking stereotype waiting to happen. Just add Chomsky or perhaps some Cheetohs. http://t.co/3pIuCIxuxR Wed Feb 18 16:50:17 +0000 2015

@contravenio The Democratization of intelligence has lead to scrutiny on things that would never have been examined in the past. Wed Feb 18 16:38:30 +0000 2015

@contravenio @AllSquareCat Is that same as this kitteh? http://t.co/FigvdhTWCP Wed Feb 18 16:36:51 +0000 2015

RT @contravenio: @AllSquareCat @RealityForger http://t.co/VY8wHrq8r5 Wed Feb 18 16:33:32 +0000 2015

@contravenio *eyeroll* We’re all getting profiled by everyone from salesmen to spies, here in this weird virtual kingdom. Wed Feb 18 16:31:16 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 I think that one cat person knows about this, she uses them for some stuff maybe. Wed Feb 18 16:07:17 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 web site provides shop environment, they make the stuff for you, I dunno much about locations for them, etc. Wed Feb 18 16:06:50 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 Zazzle is like the Amazon of make your own swag, would require a LOT of legal moves to extract name from them. Wed Feb 18 15:57:35 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 Nope, Zazzle is a service, anyone can use it to make/sell swag for their cause. This looks like one person using #Anonymous brand. Wed Feb 18 15:48:46 +0000 2015

I would suggest you not block me, @AnonymousUK2015, it just excites me when you struggle. http://t.co/cAL5cdTdEs Wed Feb 18 10:43:41 +0000 2015

@MyWhiteNinja Ahem. Skittleballs are back, complete /w imminent dramastorm. https://t.co/6BVl0SnSCT Wed Feb 18 10:40:39 +0000 2015

#AnonymousProtection’s referral program seems to be Playstation focused. http://t.co/LThBaYnBIk Wed Feb 18 10:39:57 +0000 2015

Looks like #AnonymousProtection might be one marketing weasel based on device usage pattern. http://t.co/NaqKIBvldz Wed Feb 18 10:29:42 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ strung out, cut loose by the ones who funded it? I presume that is what is happening. Wed Feb 18 10:23:48 +0000 2015

#AnonymousProtection referral program? A small follower botnet perhaps. http://t.co/sg3jWuGtYj Wed Feb 18 10:23:20 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ More like Henry Hill right at the end, if that report from court the other day is accurate. Wed Feb 18 10:16:46 +0000 2015

#AnonymousProtection friends created since 1/1/2014. http://t.co/67aMwnEaKw Maybe one little pattern in here? Take a look. Wed Feb 18 10:05:50 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ It’s ridiculous how many people have been victimized and nobody with a badge seems to care at all. Wed Feb 18 10:04:56 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Get an initial notice like that, seems like JM would run for cover. Wed Feb 18 09:57:23 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ It’s too quick for a final, but not too quick for a “Hey, we’re from the FTC and we’re here to help” letter to have come. Wed Feb 18 09:56:50 +0000 2015

Here’s a smaller Maltego file for #AnonymousProtection, just the most connected accounts. http://t.co/Cpcp9lWRQT Wed Feb 18 09:53:44 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Ducking FTC attention seems likely to me, but this only just happened, we’ll hear more this week. Wed Feb 18 09:50:35 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ Not asset hiding, none of it is salable, too much baggage. Wed Feb 18 09:49:46 +0000 2015

Here’s a nice Maltego graph for the #AnonymousProtection branding effort. http://t.co/qiMniojEd4 Wed Feb 18 09:47:23 +0000 2015

Can’t sleep, luckily my new friends @AnonymousUK2015 @AnonymousUK2016 @CHRlSTATUM @AnonInDaHood @EmoWasHerNameO are around. Wed Feb 18 09:46:14 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ I scrambled a couple of eggs, protein generally puts a stop to that feeling, but takes a bit for it to take effect. Wed Feb 18 09:44:04 +0000 2015

@PMK1_ So, I hear we’re forming an insomnia support group? Wed Feb 18 09:37:13 +0000 2015

NSA corruption is pervasive. has been Chirpified. http://t.co/ev11N1xH3D Wed Feb 18 06:59:25 +0000 2015

7) NSA outsources much of what it does, so decisions on which investigations go forward are CORPORATE, not rule of the law. Wed Feb 18 06:52:42 +0000 2015

6) Courts enhance punishment for countermeasures, so any effort to secure my systems from ANY adversary means extra prison time. Wed Feb 18 06:50:26 +0000 2015

5) NSA provides illegal surveillance data to DOJ, who then make up investigation fairy tails – call it parallel construction Wed Feb 18 06:49:32 +0000 2015

4) Software as a service providers of any size are all complicit in surveillance dragnet. Wed Feb 18 06:49:02 +0000 2015

3) service providers are all complicit, dragnet surveillance happens at will. Wed Feb 18 06:47:22 +0000 2015

2) Can’t trust any peripheral that has a built in controller of its own – USB, HD, network, assume it’s all been compromised. Wed Feb 18 06:47:01 +0000 2015

1) Lemme see if I’ve got this right regarding NSA driven corruption. Wed Feb 18 06:46:21 +0000 2015

Like so many other things, a little encryption goes a long way when facing corrupt disk drive firmware. http://t.co/NmXNPfuTBW Wed Feb 18 06:40:01 +0000 2015

RT @Samurai_Lucy: Please retweet this retweet to raise awareness for retweets. Wed Feb 18 06:39:36 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 DOJ hits on Jojo are interesting. I really wonder what’s up with that. Wed Feb 18 06:07:28 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 http://t.co/f96dkE2kJ1 Interesting. Wed Feb 18 05:08:48 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I just can’t figure how someone so … damaged … got $600k of other people’s money to do these things. Wed Feb 18 04:46:28 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 The reality TV angle just baffles me. I stopped watching TV roughly 30 years ago, never wanted anything to do with these nuts Wed Feb 18 04:43:00 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Voice changer I got, gender changing? I am uniquely deaf in this sort of thing. Wed Feb 18 04:40:35 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Never crossed my mind that the caller wasn’t male. I appear to be uniquely deaf to the male/female account swapping. Wed Feb 18 04:36:28 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I got the irrational Jen hate in the call, I still don’t get where it arises. Wed Feb 18 04:34:51 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I am smoother and more plausible than Cap with no prep at all. He totally failed to adapt in that call. Wed Feb 18 04:28:34 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I listened to the first two of the three calls. It was just endless blather. Wed Feb 18 04:18:51 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Hired for what? This is news to me. Did this turn up in court filings somewhere? Wed Feb 18 04:02:19 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I am glad the Klein libel case was sealed by the judge, better for the family. I would like a peek into the proceedings tho. Wed Feb 18 03:59:01 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I *assume* they are looking at the disparate pieces and trying to make a coherent conspiracy theory involving Klein’s suit. Wed Feb 18 03:48:17 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 There is some sort of message mixed in with the crinkling sounds of the tinfoil, I just can’t make out what it is. Wed Feb 18 03:45:11 +0000 2015

@StarOcean2087 @BattleAxe2015 Yup, we’re debating what happened. Best guess seems dodging FTC investigation. Wed Feb 18 03:30:45 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 https://t.co/nwgPUlTZEo What’s this nonsense? Hints of the next big conspiracy theory? Wed Feb 18 03:23:06 +0000 2015

RT @antiwar1984: DEA reveals “parallel construction” techniques “taint team” uses to disguise its reliance on NSA surveillance data http:… Wed Feb 18 02:22:05 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 So just a few of us still left exposed, and Texas process is moving along as well as can be expected. Wed Feb 18 01:50:34 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 All of the privacy victims are now free of that exposure. Just down to those of us who got named in lawsuits. Wed Feb 18 01:38:13 +0000 2015

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: The real skill in InfoSec is not crying every day. Wed Feb 18 01:01:24 +0000 2015

RT @RobertDavidStee: Criminally insane irresponsibility led to modern ‘hacker’s paradise’ — RT Op-Edge http://t.co/a8XITmXI61 Wed Feb 18 01:00:45 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Does that mean anything with your name on it is now gone? Wed Feb 18 00:58:41 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Ah, but I see aggravating behavior on the redirect page. He really doesn’t get what losing in Texas means. Wed Feb 18 00:53:41 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 What happened to http://t.co/GyxPtvLEfI? Wed Feb 18 00:42:41 +0000 2015

I need a dozen good accounts to follow to get back up to 666 – anyone have suggestions? Wed Feb 18 00:32:54 +0000 2015

RT @BlackcoinGritt: So, exco.in, http://t.co/3nHgwvNbOl, Cryptorush.in, http://t.co/WBNz5DeAoJ, CCEDK, HolyTransactions, Huobi, and Shapesh… Tue Feb 17 20:42:11 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Her mental health in 2000, my physical health in 2007. I’d have custody if I wasn’t sick. It is sad. Tue Feb 17 18:01:47 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Nancy got 7 digit inheritance, has trouble holding onto a house we bought for $130k in 1997. She’s nuts. Tue Feb 17 17:58:53 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 So you see, it’s not just that Gosselin woman, James McGibney white knights for women who abuse their children. Tue Feb 17 17:55:12 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Behavior like that is constant from her, has been since her breakdown in 2000. http://t.co/2Xte7PNDz3 Tue Feb 17 17:54:32 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 This is a woman /w a serious mental illness, avoids being a bag lady due to a large inheritance. http://t.co/X47us2Hj31 Tue Feb 17 17:53:40 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 This is a child abusing street drugs WITH his mother. http://t.co/AQLKZYDqHg Tue Feb 17 17:44:03 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 This is a child abusing prescription drugs he acquires from his mother. http://t.co/JXJbbwoxLz Tue Feb 17 17:43:42 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 This is a child naming his abuser. http://t.co/qbSXOoufVs Tue Feb 17 17:43:04 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 This is a child naming his abuser. http://t.co/1g8qF1Ixtl Tue Feb 17 17:42:40 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 This is a child who has been physically abused the last six years. http://t.co/Y6gBXiR73T Tue Feb 17 17:42:09 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Thanks to James McGibney’s invasion of my life, I could not even be there for kids while their mom was committed. Tue Feb 17 17:30:56 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 My ex wife is & has been mentally ill since our divorce. She attempted suicide last fall. http://t.co/hlaNvnWb1c Tue Feb 17 17:30:21 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 He inserted himself into the life of my children, and there have been serious negative effects. Tue Feb 17 17:29:29 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 1st contact /w me, James McGibney engaged in a false report scheme. He is absolute filth. Tue Feb 17 17:25:45 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Yup, so they make tinfoil sculptures of reality, roll ’em flat, turn them into court filings 🙂 So much concentrated stupid. Tue Feb 17 17:24:42 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Luckily, James McGibney has signed up to bear the brunt of our displeasure, eh? Tue Feb 17 17:22:06 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 You’ve got your fake criminal charge, I’ve got mine. Same slime behind it, no civil or criminal recourse. Tue Feb 17 17:21:46 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Worst of all, I have to take back every bad thing I ever said about Texas, thanks to the TX Citizens Participation Act. Tue Feb 17 17:20:28 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I have to put up with that little maggot because someone I once knew WHO HAS SINCE DIED gave him a whopping case of butthurt. Tue Feb 17 17:19:06 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 You have to put up with that little maggot because you had an opinion about a public figure SIX YEARS AGO. Tue Feb 17 17:18:30 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 One day, perhaps soon, we’ll own http://t.co/94vSnhhXha, and a genuine mugshot of James McGibney will be front & center. Tue Feb 17 17:16:29 +0000 2015

Internet service has been just batty tonight all over the place. Screw this, I’m gonna go harass Mr. Kitteh /w laser pointer. Tue Feb 17 04:47:10 +0000 2015

Greenamyer spent 13 years collecting spare parts and he built one of THESE: https://t.co/alp86MpZoW Tue Feb 17 04:44:13 +0000 2015

I had never heard of Darrell Greenamyer but this is amazing – he built an F-104 out of SPARE PARTS. http://t.co/WCGyPuvhNx Tue Feb 17 04:43:00 +0000 2015

RT @Bipartisanism: Fun fact: #BillOReilly lied about serving in the military. When will #FoxNews fire him? #ILoveObama http://t.co/ZaNvtqnY… Tue Feb 17 04:40:58 +0000 2015

RT @Samurai_Lucy: A lot of you are using for cell phones for interacting but you really need to understand the threats and consider the ris… Tue Feb 17 04:33:14 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I don’t see the part that hints at ViaView bankruptcy. http://t.co/QC1Ag50ov1 Tue Feb 17 04:26:41 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 http://t.co/m93CHLv0Sv Tue Feb 17 04:03:52 +0000 2015

RT @LastWeekTonight: Let’s make Jeff the Diseased Lung the new face of #Marlboro by getting #JeffWeCan to trend worldwide! http://t.co/0tfL… Tue Feb 17 03:57:11 +0000 2015

RT this if internet is having convulsions from where you sit. I’ve got stuff at diverse locations, it’s all acting nutty, has been for hours Tue Feb 17 03:53:48 +0000 2015

RT @WCVB: .@MBTA GM: 30 days before full service resumes, provided no more storms. #5Investigates http://t.co/RLcRUDenT5 http://t.co/jZWijJ… Tue Feb 17 03:52:25 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 First thing that needs my specific touch, it’ll get swept under the rug. Tue Feb 17 03:35:36 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Actually, I find it troubling. It’s those country roots, one is not supposed to wander as much as I do. Tue Feb 17 03:29:12 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 We’re down to the “How would you actually know?” So the slut-shaming is imminent 🙁 Tue Feb 17 03:25:57 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Nope, full on “bisexuals are NOT defective” lecture 🙁 Tue Feb 17 03:22:01 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 So now I’ve committed to six months of #LGBT sensitivity training in this latest email thread. I can’t win. Tue Feb 17 03:17:05 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 What is this derp people are mailing me? http://t.co/0yeW9jLLfE Tue Feb 17 03:09:01 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 https://t.co/Z735Y70Cpa The things that show up in my inbox. Tue Feb 17 03:07:23 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 There is no danger of reproduction, obviously, and seems like some of trouble back when was just being 20s, not flexibility Tue Feb 17 02:57:29 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I swore off girlfriends who’d HAD girlfriends about 20 years ago, it was always a warning sign. I’m considering relaxing rule Tue Feb 17 02:55:27 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I’m cultivating a new friend, we’ll see how things are by summer. I’m less interested in solo travel any more. Tue Feb 17 02:52:22 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 My drug of choice is still Tramadol, thank you very much 🙂 Tue Feb 17 02:48:09 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 My ‘friend’ expected that I might change, but I am rather set in my ways. She’ll be missed, obviously. Tue Feb 17 02:45:43 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 So … if you’ll have me again … I wouldn’t mind another layover off the Lakeshore Limited this summer. Tue Feb 17 02:43:30 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 This one is just sad. @naomirwolf & Vince Buglioso, best shot I got of the night. http://t.co/eDjHsI2Ol6 Tue Feb 17 02:35:36 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Nope, my wonderful traveling companion of those years, who Pickens was quite taken with 🙂 Tue Feb 17 02:34:24 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Here’s one of the funnier things in my photo collection. http://t.co/KI7UL8XXXE Tue Feb 17 02:27:16 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I have met all sorts of notable folks in my travels. It’s funny to look back at 2008 – 2012. Tue Feb 17 02:23:36 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I got to talk to him once on a conference call, never actually met the guy. Wish I had. Tue Feb 17 02:21:04 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I did R&D for WG, resulted in a presentation at 2008 Ammonia Fuel Network conference. http://t.co/UJDXXi0TqQ Tue Feb 17 02:19:32 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 These are the kind of pics I brought back from Niagara. http://t.co/4ykeatDt64 Tue Feb 17 02:17:49 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 He’s been dead long enough that I am safe admitting I used to work for Western NY’s most famous inventor, Wilson Greatbatch. Tue Feb 17 02:15:54 +0000 2015

No photo can do Sanderson justice; there’s a 40′ first cascade that’s a scramble to find. http://t.co/Jrg8cOQxqa Tue Feb 17 02:13:08 +0000 2015

Bash Bish is in New York, but just a few miles from the Massachusetts border. http://t.co/dwS5yfvxGw Tue Feb 17 02:13:01 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I have been to Niagara several times, but I have photos of impoundment, generation, transmission stuff, not pretty pics. Tue Feb 17 02:09:26 +0000 2015

Race Brook is not for the faint of heart, it’s remote, rough, and LARGE. http://t.co/3dPTUflm4k Tue Feb 17 02:04:59 +0000 2015

Chapel Falls has a beautiful fan and it’s easily accessible. http://t.co/cnjpQ1dQsY Tue Feb 17 02:04:03 +0000 2015

Race Brook Falls at the height of summer. During melt this is a torrent. http://t.co/JGlWyp74eJ Tue Feb 17 01:59:31 +0000 2015

Lower Pitcher Falls, after the melt. http://t.co/cGYU8qdzxT Tue Feb 17 01:58:42 +0000 2015

Upper Pitcher Falls, during a light snow spring. http://t.co/y56GR3olsb Tue Feb 17 01:56:52 +0000 2015

Right now Boston is groaning under an amazing SEVEN FEET of new snow. But spring will be on us in an instant, and that means WATERFALLS! Tue Feb 17 01:50:17 +0000 2015

There are already open BIOS efforts. Revelations on drive firmware make it more likely this will become a standard? I think so. Tue Feb 17 01:11:38 +0000 2015

RT @konklone: Do intelligence services believe they’re exercising restraint by infecting everyone but only exploiting their targets? Tue Feb 17 01:09:50 +0000 2015

RT @matthew_d_green: Normal malware: check. HDD firmware malware: check. Now we just need to worry about GPU, USB, FireWire, webcam, NIC, b… Tue Feb 17 01:07:21 +0000 2015

Little known Neal trivia. I unblock Ron Brynaert Jan 1 every year, he made it 47 days in 2015 before being reblocked, best result since 2012 Tue Feb 17 01:05:29 +0000 2015

Past two tweets related – compromised firmware known to exist? Just a matter of time before blackhats figure it out. Tue Feb 17 01:03:01 +0000 2015

RT @TripwireInc: Hackers Hit 100 Banks in ‘Unprecedented’ $1 Billion Cyber Heist: @kaspersky Lab http://t.co/48OzcZouam via @SecurityWeek @… Tue Feb 17 01:02:33 +0000 2015

The market is going to demand open, auditable firmware on all storage devices. This is ridiculous. http://t.co/19nvkQVFcO Tue Feb 17 01:01:41 +0000 2015

@Lexialex http://t.co/CmlNOWXNnp Thought of the actress who played Meera Malik first, alas she’s Pakistani. Tue Feb 17 00:53:50 +0000 2015

RT @nathanwaters: So apparently the NSA has hidden spyware in hard drive firmware since 2001. Where is your god now? http://t.co/D0aYEaxsu2 Tue Feb 17 00:42:59 +0000 2015

RT @FreeBarrett_: If relief is granted, BB’s restitution to Stratfor could be reduced from $815,000 to between $10k-$30k or $75,250. https:… Tue Feb 17 00:13:37 +0000 2015

@ChildDelinquent Ron is young enough to still get hard, but too crazy to 1.) get a date or 2.) afford to buy some. Poor lad is REALLY tense. Tue Feb 17 00:06:06 +0000 2015

Muted now, but namaste, @rabite. http://t.co/oGVrwgGX9Z Mon Feb 16 23:20:44 +0000 2015

Marvelous advance, this mute button. *click* *click* *click* And some time wasting morons vanish forever 🙂 Mon Feb 16 23:05:29 +0000 2015

@Captien_007 @ronbryn @videocaddy You should repeat the FACT that @brandondarby is the political swatter. https://t.co/4EE5ZNXjjV Mon Feb 16 22:50:45 +0000 2015

@Captien_007 @ronbryn @videocaddy The political swatter is @brandondarby https://t.co/4EE5ZNXjjV just ask @LulzShack Mon Feb 16 22:32:38 +0000 2015

@V_Kershaw You have a fraction of the dental troubles our grandparents had. Anti-fluoride crew are parents of anti-vax weirdos 🙂 Mon Feb 16 22:23:08 +0000 2015

@Captien_007 @videocaddy All kidding aside, can ANYONE show me a paid @ronbryn byline after 2010? Didn’t think so. #nutter Mon Feb 16 22:18:12 +0000 2015

@Captien_007 @ronbryn @videocaddy https://t.co/xoQGhYmcPL smearing smearing smearing, all the way to Barrett’s heaering. Mon Feb 16 22:16:09 +0000 2015

@tomricks1 US would be further along /w disastrous F-35, neither interceptor nor tank plinker. We’d have no MRAP experience. Mon Feb 16 22:00:16 +0000 2015

@tomricks1 Fires & floods of 2010 would still have triggered Arab Spring in 2011. Carrying capacity issues underpin troubles in the region. Mon Feb 16 21:58:46 +0000 2015

@ronbryn We put fluoride in the water already, you’re the poster child for adding lithium next. Muted. Mon Feb 16 21:53:34 +0000 2015

@johnrobb Bulk of Shia are in Iran, which is becoming uninhabitable. https://t.co/TvMWFUxXKp Very different than Wars of Reformation. Mon Feb 16 21:43:51 +0000 2015

RT @johnrobb: Is #ISIS the start of an Islamic civil war? A war potentially as wrenching as the 30 years war in Europe, but also as transfo… Mon Feb 16 21:42:51 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @finndango @SockieWhodunit @ChildDelinquent @issabailot @AuntieTroll @wisekrax https://t.co/3hr7KrDJi8 Mmmm embossing. Mon Feb 16 21:39:32 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @finndango @SockieWhodunit @ChildDelinquent @issabailot @AuntieTroll @wisekrax I recently mentioned quantum effects on VVF Mon Feb 16 20:58:29 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @finndango @SockieWhodunit @ChildDelinquent @issabailot @AuntieTroll @wisekrax https://t.co/R2zuguiV9I quantum effect! Mon Feb 16 20:57:55 +0000 2015

http://t.co/KkZeZaFyn0 Mon Feb 16 18:58:07 +0000 2015

Israel is trying to collapse Palestinian Authority? Do they WANT to see ISIS take root in West Bank? http://t.co/uawkQtaw12 Mon Feb 16 18:34:25 +0000 2015

@SockieWhodunit @AuntieTroll @wisekrax You should view the psychotronic radiation training video before you begin. https://t.co/7xNquvUVuH Mon Feb 16 18:16:54 +0000 2015

RT @SockieWhodunit: @AuntieTroll @RealityForger @wisekrax I thought I was Neal today? Mon Feb 16 18:16:02 +0000 2015

@SockieWhodunit @AuntieTroll @wisekrax The voices in my head say it *is* Sockie’s turn, so bring out the tinfoil and make it all sparkly. Mon Feb 16 18:13:27 +0000 2015

RT @AuntieTroll: @wisekrax Shut up, Neal. Mon Feb 16 18:01:38 +0000 2015

RT @wisekrax: Besides, to be a really, really good Twitter gangster, you have to be really, really good at catching all the subtweets about… Mon Feb 16 17:55:36 +0000 2015

RT @SaraMorrison: Monday @MBTA commuters! I drew a map for you of which stations are actually open: http://t.co/ZHyjQ6sX8b Mon Feb 16 17:40:26 +0000 2015

@iSayiTrade @simondlr @AntonySguazzin If corn prices are spiking, sub-Saharan Africa will look like North Africa did in 2011. Mon Feb 16 15:31:49 +0000 2015

@A1ouette @HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 OK, you kids play nice, I have early day tomorrow, time for bed. Mon Feb 16 06:08:19 +0000 2015

@A1ouette @HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 I know the backtrail well enough to write it, but who would read it? Mon Feb 16 06:07:46 +0000 2015

@finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette I really want to know why Gianni got fired. Had to be more than just the LOLSUIT. Mon Feb 16 06:07:09 +0000 2015

@finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette Whole thing has just been so comical, client & all three lawyers caught due to poor strategy. Mon Feb 16 06:06:49 +0000 2015

@finndango @BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @A1ouette This has been quite fun, hope I put out some good clues, but it’s bed time. Mon Feb 16 06:04:21 +0000 2015

@A1ouette @HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 When this is all done, total bill will be near $2M, and JM accomplished NOTHING. Mon Feb 16 06:03:05 +0000 2015

@A1ouette @HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 12 months, probably $250k in legal fees, he’s created one $500 fine for one guy. Mon Feb 16 06:01:27 +0000 2015

@finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette http://t.co/CcQ6HVz4YA Here he is, bluffing he paid off someone who knew Occupy Rebellion. NOBODY DOES! Mon Feb 16 05:57:27 +0000 2015

@HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette That is @BullyVille just yelling at kids to get off his internet lawn. Mon Feb 16 05:55:22 +0000 2015

@finndango @BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @A1ouette I don’t think he ever served, let alone became an officer. Mon Feb 16 05:52:17 +0000 2015

@HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette Crap. Now someone sent me a link full of more good stuff. Mon Feb 16 05:50:19 +0000 2015

@finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette http://t.co/Gq0wghwZrb I called JM on his faggotry. It accelerated after that. Mon Feb 16 05:45:54 +0000 2015

@HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette I think @becbecbobec is horrified at what @BullyVille became Mon Feb 16 05:45:11 +0000 2015

@HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette http://t.co/QGmIAeox2E This was right before @BullyVille caught a falling banhammer. Mon Feb 16 05:42:42 +0000 2015

@HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette I bet @becbecbobec regrets this: http://t.co/M5T3DToNN7 Mon Feb 16 05:40:27 +0000 2015

@HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette Yeah, he can pay that $1m sanction & $220k in legal fees. Mon Feb 16 05:39:58 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette http://t.co/vIqvQ6gsVY http://t.co/ERQoPGbNSU JM DMs /w #OpProsecute Mon Feb 16 05:36:14 +0000 2015

@NotJenD @BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette Funny, drop a little real info, everybody gets real quiet. Mon Feb 16 05:33:00 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @NotJenD @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette Here’s ANOTHER paid faildox. http://t.co/HH8rxfwPy9 Mon Feb 16 05:26:48 +0000 2015

@NotJenD @BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette I think someone knows who Catty is in this one. http://t.co/X9Hh2IICnG Mon Feb 16 05:25:11 +0000 2015

@NotJenD @BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette http://t.co/X9Hh2IICnG 47 amazing private DM screen shots involving JM Mon Feb 16 05:24:30 +0000 2015

@NotJenD @BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette Leila Sabra? What the fuck is this shit? http://t.co/TLtCaKBkUk Mon Feb 16 05:21:31 +0000 2015

@NotJenD @BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette Hurr! Durr! Captien HAS EVIDENCE http://t.co/izBjLUT7nW Mon Feb 16 05:20:06 +0000 2015

@NotJenD @BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette Last message, seems lost since he can’t intimidate me. http://t.co/2nApWzEvSd Mon Feb 16 05:17:40 +0000 2015

@HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette I was ignoring him, he kept trying for a reaction. http://t.co/iLLLlGh3Fn Mon Feb 16 05:16:59 +0000 2015

@HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette JM harassment 7/4/2013. Fear me, Neal, I am DOXMAN! http://t.co/S1fbk3jBPt Mon Feb 16 05:16:25 +0000 2015

@NotJenD @BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette https://t.co/baHou0u7R5 Tina Buehner distress hoax. Juvenile, eh? Mon Feb 16 05:14:17 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette http://t.co/DTrtSO5RQR Never did figure out who ‘Tina Buehner’ was. Mon Feb 16 05:10:03 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette http://t.co/qeQGJzeIQH And is this Tracey or Rob using the Captien account? Mon Feb 16 05:08:59 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette http://t.co/OlkgE0gDTG One of nine women he faildoxed as Occupy Rebellion. Dumbass. Mon Feb 16 05:07:53 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette http://t.co/GIPsiddgBR Genius investigators, those BullyVille guys. Mon Feb 16 05:06:00 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @HandToForehead @finndango @A1ouette http://t.co/X9m7UAzPdN Anyone ever figure out who Dr. Doom was? Mon Feb 16 05:04:15 +0000 2015

@HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette http://t.co/GJnty1mYlD And there it is. He tried to turn this into a swatting threat. Mon Feb 16 05:01:32 +0000 2015

@HandToForehead @finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette I’m digging in archives, posting some JM DMs. Mon Feb 16 04:53:52 +0000 2015

@finndango @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette I have messages just like those. Mon Feb 16 04:38:12 +0000 2015

RT @finndango: @BattleAxe2015 @A1ouette pffft! Well I’ll tell you why. He relied on evidence from well, you know… yep, that’s why. #defec… Mon Feb 16 04:38:01 +0000 2015

Zombie scientists have developed a way to microwave your brain. Get your tinfoil hat today! https://t.co/7xNquwcwmf Mon Feb 16 04:36:22 +0000 2015

Defense against psychotronic radiation https://t.co/7xNquvUVuH @AllSquareCat we know many people who need to see this. Mon Feb 16 04:35:29 +0000 2015

@Iteration23 @GenKnoxx @AllSquareCat @wisekrax @SavageAphrodite That’s a pretty classic raccoon move Mon Feb 16 04:31:11 +0000 2015

RT @Iteration23: @GenKnoxx @AllSquareCat @RealityForger @wisekrax a racoon tho… yeah we might have a winner https://t.co/CG7p2f82vZ via @… Mon Feb 16 04:31:00 +0000 2015

@finndango @SockieWhodunit @AllSquareCat @ChildDelinquent @issabailot @AuntieTroll @wisekrax Brains are overrated. Persistence works better. Mon Feb 16 04:23:44 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @ChildDelinquent @issabailot @AuntieTroll @wisekrax Wait, @SockieWhodunit blocked you? How’d THAT happen? Mon Feb 16 04:11:39 +0000 2015

@SockieWhodunit @AllSquareCat @ChildDelinquent @issabailot @AuntieTroll @wisekrax The Neal collective is non-sectarian. Anyone can join. Mon Feb 16 04:10:47 +0000 2015

RT @GenKnoxx: @AllSquareCat @RealityForger Communal property. Yellow T@B – inhabited now by 9000 stray cats. @wisekrax Mon Feb 16 04:05:15 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @GenKnoxx @wisekrax The voices in my head say @benmasel left the RV to us. Is this possibly true? Mon Feb 16 04:02:43 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @GenKnoxx @wisekrax An RV with a basement doesn’t come cheap. We have to share and share alike. Mon Feb 16 04:01:12 +0000 2015

@GenKnoxx @AllSquareCat @wisekrax You have always been me, even when I was living in the basement of your RV. Mon Feb 16 03:43:58 +0000 2015

@GenKnoxx Hey, you’re qualified to be Neal, too. Report to @AllSquareCat so you can be scheduled. cc: @wisekrax Mon Feb 16 03:32:38 +0000 2015

RT @GenKnoxx: @RealityForger what the hell http://t.co/372DkPUAr8 Mon Feb 16 03:32:13 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @ChildDelinquent @issabailot @AuntieTroll @wisekrax Maybe @SockieWhodunit needs to take a turn being Neal? Mon Feb 16 03:30:07 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @ChildDelinquent @issabailot @AuntieTroll @wisekrax Your only duty is improving your kitten photography skills. Mon Feb 16 03:27:21 +0000 2015

@AuntieTroll @ChildDelinquent @AllSquareCat @wisekrax 150% of nothing is still a pretty good price. Consider yourself hired. Mon Feb 16 03:26:28 +0000 2015

@flugennock @GlobalRevLive Appease the right, bully the left? This cartoon sums up Obama’s second term. Mon Feb 16 03:11:20 +0000 2015

RT @flugennock: #ILoveObama http://t.co/jOfAtmMvrH Mon Feb 16 03:10:59 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat Good kittens, they have begun their worl. Mon Feb 16 03:10:21 +0000 2015

@zerohedge “derailed the Spain and Portugal into Europe’s Common Market” – read this paragraph, seems to be missing “entry”. Mon Feb 16 03:04:30 +0000 2015

@zerohedge minor grammar error, boss. http://t.co/95387zGwpC Mon Feb 16 03:03:52 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat Superkitten powers are doubled after sundown, quadrupled after humans fall asleep. Beware. Mon Feb 16 02:56:41 +0000 2015

Flash sucks. Block it everywhere you can. http://t.co/dHH1rZ67Qz Mon Feb 16 02:28:09 +0000 2015

When the truth comes out, Abdulrahman will have been killed for metadata. He was trying to reach his father. http://t.co/3oQvj6tSKA Mon Feb 16 02:19:46 +0000 2015

RT @johnrobb: How to end traditional “jobs” > Job is converted into API > Then it is “turked” > Lastly, a bot replaces turk. http://t.c… Mon Feb 16 01:18:06 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat http://t.co/LpwAaI9jFu Here is a cat picture. You just enjoy and be good over there. Mon Feb 16 01:17:05 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat I really hate arguing with parliamentarians. Mon Feb 16 01:02:53 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat I have way more cat gifs than you, that means I’m in charge. Neener neener neener. http://t.co/Nyl8qYIE7J Mon Feb 16 00:55:47 +0000 2015

@action_earth @PatrickECooley That *does* seem like cruelty, but feral cat population control is a real problem. Sun Feb 15 19:07:12 +0000 2015

@HandToForehead @luvinglife1979 I will if you will. He is the biggest famefag liar ever. Sun Feb 15 18:51:46 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat improperly lit calico, -9001 fake internet points for you. http://t.co/7tznvO6oV3 Sun Feb 15 18:34:22 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat improperly lit calico, -9001 fake internet points for you. http://t.co/Xg23y2YlRj Sun Feb 15 18:30:10 +0000 2015

RT @contravenio: @RealityForger you’ll be ok, people tend to ignore my smart tweets Sun Feb 15 18:13:23 +0000 2015

RT @contravenio: Just remember kids: correlation is not causation Anyone that claims 1 thing specifically caused another is an idiot or a p… Sun Feb 15 18:13:19 +0000 2015

@contravenio Dude you just ruined the last four acres of tinfoil I put down. Stahp. Sun Feb 15 18:06:21 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I’d like to see more of this, where is it poted? Sun Feb 15 17:57:44 +0000 2015

Tottering banking sector, Ukraine burning, this is like 1929 – 1939 all rolled into one year. I am afraid, for real. Sun Feb 15 05:58:08 +0000 2015

Russia experienced a multi-megaton meteor blast in 1908 – the Tunguska event. http://t.co/hGgrmf15fs Sun Feb 15 05:53:06 +0000 2015

Russia experienced a 500 kiloton blast due to a meteor in 2013. http://t.co/H6FJ7yefwa Sun Feb 15 05:52:14 +0000 2015

South Africa & Israel may have air detonated a nuclear weapon near Antarctica in 1979. http://t.co/sru0ZAFArg Sun Feb 15 05:47:21 +0000 2015

South Africa, under pressure from Cuban backed communist regime in Angola, developed, then dismantled nukes. http://t.co/w2qB7MPCqt Sun Feb 15 05:45:38 +0000 2015

What happens to Pakistan’s nukes as Indus river valley dries, destabilizes? There are no good answers to this question. Sun Feb 15 05:41:45 +0000 2015

nuclear weapons are escalation, but also stabilizing. Haven’t heard any talk of regime change in North Korea, have you? Sun Feb 15 05:40:48 +0000 2015

During George Bush’s watch @ValeriePlame was outed, North Korea acquired nukes, Iraq had no intention/capability to do so. Massive fail. Sun Feb 15 05:39:46 +0000 2015

Korean peninsula is always tense. Pakistan/India are the only other nuclear armed adversaries who’ve fought hot wars. Sun Feb 15 05:36:57 +0000 2015

North Korea has an unstable child ruler, not yet 30, and a small, primitive nuclear arsenal. https://t.co/7VbqmYfLLT Sun Feb 15 05:33:51 +0000 2015

This is bullshit. North Korea’s nuclear tests have been underground. https://t.co/NqQSm0GkIi Sun Feb 15 05:32:30 +0000 2015

A Norwegian sounding rocket almost triggered a nuclear war in 1995. https://t.co/i6qYVDmo4G Sun Feb 15 05:28:52 +0000 2015

The Day After was positively cheery compared to UK’s Theads in 1984. https://t.co/gYioAjoHQC Sun Feb 15 05:26:28 +0000 2015

The Day After came out in 1983, US post nuclear attack movie. https://t.co/jFQqWPrXkl Sun Feb 15 05:25:54 +0000 2015

Russian tested a 58 megatons /w Tsar Bomba https://t.co/mEU4CQrZMo 4x the size of US Castle Bravo. Sun Feb 15 05:23:38 +0000 2015

We goofed on Castle Bravo. Wanted 6 megatons, got 14. Scared the crap out of us. https://t.co/1IPrgRJRf9 Sun Feb 15 05:16:42 +0000 2015

US has nuclear missile subs, land silos, and bombers. We used to have nuclear artillery, too. https://t.co/NQ3GBd6sWk Sun Feb 15 05:14:47 +0000 2015

Time lapse of every nuclear test since 1945 https://t.co/nvcg8YJcbn Sun Feb 15 05:06:45 +0000 2015

Minuteman III carries 3x170kt warheads, dramatic reduction from 1.2mt warheads on earlier versions. Sun Feb 15 05:06:00 +0000 2015

We maintain 450 Minuteman ICBMs in the high plains. http://t.co/JIQ1rsxBl1 Each carriers 3 independent warheads – 1350 total Sun Feb 15 05:04:37 +0000 2015

Even a *small* nuclear exchange, Pakistan v. India, would trigger nuclear winter due to fires/soot. http://t.co/G9rNdlXG8H Sun Feb 15 05:02:00 +0000 2015

Despite SDI – Reagan’s Star Wars, we *might* be able to protect carrier strike group from ballistic missile. Protecting all of US? Nope. Sun Feb 15 05:00:23 +0000 2015

Ticonderoga/Arleigh Burke class can carry RIM-161, able to take out ballistic missiles 900 miles up. http://t.co/4cPmEur0ER Sun Feb 15 04:57:05 +0000 2015

Ohio class SSGN compare favorably /w aging Ticonderoga class cruisers in terms of firepower. http://t.co/u7qNV8oeJ7 Sun Feb 15 04:54:26 +0000 2015

First four Ohio class SSBN were converted to SSGN conventional guided missiles due to treaty limits. http://t.co/u7qNV8oeJ7 Sun Feb 15 04:52:46 +0000 2015

US has 14 Ohio class SSBN for 1st/2nd strike. http://t.co/pS1cpp4AJ5 Sun Feb 15 04:51:49 +0000 2015

UK has four Vanguard class SSBN, providing 1st/2nd strike capabilities. http://t.co/nBqyRzOLsz Sun Feb 15 04:51:25 +0000 2015

RussianTU-95 http://t.co/tCOII7bub8 are flying over North Sea, armed /w nuclear tipped anti-sub missiles meant for UK’s Vanguard SSBNs. Sun Feb 15 04:49:42 +0000 2015

I was in my mid-teens from nuclear tensions of the 1980s. This feels like 1983 all over again. http://t.co/vgZMZ9h13r Sun Feb 15 04:48:30 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat http://t.co/Nyl8qYIE7J I am cornering the cat gif market on @Imgur – soon I will have ALL the fake internet points I need. Sun Feb 15 04:43:41 +0000 2015

RT @contravenio: @AllSquareCat found @RealityForger too http://t.co/yMcpFQSz2B Sun Feb 15 04:34:36 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat Goats? I got goats … http://t.co/NtZlYjxYme Sun Feb 15 04:30:54 +0000 2015

RT @contravenio: @AllSquareCat http://t.co/GX3yoqeKpI Sun Feb 15 04:19:46 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat That just makes me miss @GuardKitten 🙁 Sun Feb 15 03:37:04 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat “If you label me, you negate me.” – some weird German dude. Sun Feb 15 03:30:48 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat I think I’m an Anchorite of the @Splunk order, at least until this silly thing does what it’s supposed to do. Sun Feb 15 03:28:29 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat a virtual tinfoil for fake internet points exchange only makes sense. Sun Feb 15 03:12:17 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat Well, we’ve got so darned much tinfoil, seems like we should be able to SOMETHING with all of it. Sun Feb 15 03:11:53 +0000 2015

RT @zerohedge: Nuclear Specter Returns: “Threat of War Is Higher Than In The Cold War” http://t.co/vrrtfnAUGj Sun Feb 15 02:52:50 +0000 2015

#polarities Sun Feb 15 02:43:48 +0000 2015

I’m starting to think my mobile throw rug hails from a bit further east than Norway. http://t.co/IXJkzGZR45 Sun Feb 15 01:59:34 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @B3nRaching3r @kaatje36 @MyWhiteNinja @PriestDeSanko @V_Kershaw yeah only the funny people allowed. I like this. Sun Feb 15 01:21:45 +0000 2015

RT @AllSquareCat: Meowy Valentines Day #AllCatPack @b3nraching3r @kaatje36 @realityforger @mywhiteninja @priestdesanko @v_kershaw http:… Sun Feb 15 01:21:34 +0000 2015

MRW when @zerohedge is the least crazy sounding analyst http://t.co/nf5Lwt69Od http://t.co/FigvdhTWCP Sun Feb 15 01:21:07 +0000 2015

@wisekrax You are relieved, my friend. I think @ChildDelinquent is ready to be Neal for a while. Do heckle him tho, if the urge takes you. Sat Feb 14 21:39:02 +0000 2015

RT @finndango: @PMK1_ now that the lawsuits have failed by any stretch of the stupidest person’s imagination, out come the tired old attack… Sat Feb 14 16:34:05 +0000 2015

RT @finndango: Happy Valentine’s Day you McGibney losers. May you all get laid (by someone other than each other) to distract u from your b… Sat Feb 14 16:33:54 +0000 2015

Wanna-Be, LLP http://t.co/EyCeL1PrTL Fri Feb 13 11:02:00 +0000 2015

Photo: http://t.co/4BJyGa1RN9 Thu Feb 12 16:47:58 +0000 2015

RT @JohnKiriakou: I REALLY need a job. Must be 40 hrs and not from home. I don’t want halfway house to send me back to prison just for un… Thu Feb 12 05:40:15 +0000 2015

@JohnKiriakou Find a brave non-profit, do a fund raiser, then you’ll have a job. Surprised your supporters didn’t have this done for you. Thu Feb 12 05:40:02 +0000 2015

Video: Richey James? http://t.co/spRAR88bcU Tue Feb 10 22:43:57 +0000 2015

An Open Letter to Kristen Johnston @kjothesmartass http://t.co/0lmfkVFUsP Sun Feb 08 02:55:00 +0000 2015

My timeline? Raped & murdered kids in U.K. Blown up people in Syria. Burned pilot from Jordan. Banking sector melting down. I quit. Fri Feb 06 19:48:47 +0000 2015

@SwiftOnSecurity @CelebriCity hat doubles as a parachute, given height of those heels? Fri Feb 06 19:41:06 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 Syria had an economic problem and a water problem. Replacing water with blood hasn’t helped. Fri Feb 06 19:00:53 +0000 2015

@TrollSnatcher Seems more crime than hacktivism, wait for the ID theft reports? Fri Feb 06 18:28:43 +0000 2015

RT @cryptostorm_is: Yep, we suck at marketing: that’s true! 😛 We don’t suck, where it counts. Word’s getting out… https://t.co/8Qxrx72KIM h… Fri Feb 06 18:24:30 +0000 2015

@freebsdgirl NWS says flash floods & wind warnings for SF Bay through Monday. Fri Feb 06 18:23:32 +0000 2015

@freebsdgirl “Atmospheric River Streaming on to West Coast”, says Wunderground. Looks like a long term situation. Fri Feb 06 18:22:18 +0000 2015

RT @canadianglen: Only 44% of U.S. adults are employed for 30 or more hours a week https://t.co/r3y9eeaTMX via @intellihubnews Fri Feb 06 18:20:55 +0000 2015

@TrollSnatcher Not in this form, no. I come and go in some places, mostly watching. I was just agreeing /w your view on Kristiana Fri Feb 06 18:18:57 +0000 2015

Hey @firstlook https://t.co/x6nIwbC4oR <= this is COMPLETELY illegible Fri Feb 06 17:47:26 +0000 2015

@RonDeibert @citizenlab @caparsons @nartv I first heard the keyword GHOSTNET in 2009, in conjunction /w USN online stuff. Fri Feb 06 17:44:58 +0000 2015

RT @RonDeibert: Outrageous find: #CSE used “GhostNet” as a staging post (“ORB”) for their own espionage. https://t.co/5SztdQdaKE ht @capars… Fri Feb 06 17:44:06 +0000 2015

@TrollSnatcher http://t.co/WSFAty5u3M Fri Feb 06 17:36:24 +0000 2015

RT @TrollSnatcher: http://t.co/do3RKmFVy0 Fri Feb 06 17:36:02 +0000 2015

@GenKnoxx I’ve been considering a trip back once the weather breaks, but I want a week & walking distance to a Metro stop. Fri Feb 06 17:31:45 +0000 2015

@GenKnoxx I thought about calling, but I was scheduled for forty minutes. Weather turned that into a circus, was there four hours. Fri Feb 06 17:30:59 +0000 2015

RT @brianglicklick: #TodayILearned that Rusbo was my mommy in a past life, and I was once a cat. One of the catladies worked for animal con… Fri Feb 06 15:05:42 +0000 2015

RT @brianglicklick: Please respect my privacy as I go through these difficult and necessary rituals.#investigation #deadalienghostbabies Fri Feb 06 15:05:39 +0000 2015

RT @brianglicklick: Investigation has yielded many clues into my past lives. There are many things I must confess to. I will be back. Hopef… Fri Feb 06 15:05:36 +0000 2015

@GenKnoxx I wanted to come back for Suits & Spooks, but by the time I knew my schedule fares were ridiculous. Fri Feb 06 15:03:13 +0000 2015

@GenKnoxx I miss all the interesting stuff that was just a train ride away. Small town life is quiet … no matter what 🙁 Fri Feb 06 15:02:12 +0000 2015

@GenKnoxx I’ve been in the area twice in the last year, came in once for work, and then just a layover at BWI. Fri Feb 06 15:01:40 +0000 2015

@GenKnoxx 🙂 I didn’t realize you lived so far out in the sticks, I thought you’d be a train rider like me. Fri Feb 06 14:47:48 +0000 2015

@finndango @Babydoll9186 @HarryTNacious @ninjagangsterjo MI politics are so warped by big money it’s ridiculous. Fri Feb 06 13:59:44 +0000 2015

@Babydoll9186 @HarryTNacious @ninjagangsterjo I lived in Michigan for a minute in 2012, whole state needs a good scrubbing. Fri Feb 06 13:42:29 +0000 2015

@Electric_Jano @GotdamBear @TechCrunch Snapchat has no trail from the perspective of teen dodging parents. Surveillance is situational, no? Fri Feb 06 13:41:54 +0000 2015

@GotdamBear @Electric_Jano @TechCrunch It’s the “parent trap” – kids don’t want mom & dad spying, younger siblings tattling, etc. Fri Feb 06 13:37:51 +0000 2015

@GotdamBear @Electric_Jano @TechCrunch Facebook is the “parent trap”, teens are not interested in being micromanaged. Fri Feb 06 13:36:38 +0000 2015

RT @kennwhite: Nicely done, Internet. https://t.co/2mUn2tAnBC http://t.co/RWhJTsqFQc Fri Feb 06 13:36:04 +0000 2015

@GenKnoxx So you’re livestreaming your metro area traffic crime wave? 🙂 Fri Feb 06 13:35:08 +0000 2015

@Babydoll9186 @HarryTNacious @ninjagangsterjo So maybe he’s found a new avocation? If so, good for him. Fri Feb 06 13:34:09 +0000 2015

@GotdamBear @Electric_Jano @TechCrunch http://t.co/2mNMHVizTg underlying principle – too much bullying/spying/stalking, apps /w no trail win Fri Feb 06 13:28:36 +0000 2015

@GotdamBear @Electric_Jano @TechCrunch Facebook demise is driven by kids who don’t want to leave a trail. Snapchat is winning that game. Fri Feb 06 13:27:02 +0000 2015

@GotdamBear @Electric_Jano @TechCrunch Twitter has largely killed RSS, it’s going to hold that niche, like MySpace hold music business. Fri Feb 06 13:24:16 +0000 2015

@GotdamBear @Electric_Jano @TechCrunch Geocities, MySpace came and went. Facebook is next, Twitter will experience ‘negative growth’ soon. Fri Feb 06 13:23:18 +0000 2015

@GotdamBear @Electric_Jano @TechCrunch Social media networks not only host contagions, they ARE contagions. http://t.co/utyyqAVRpF Fri Feb 06 13:22:51 +0000 2015

@Babydoll9186 @HarryTNacious @ninjagangsterjo It’s a great big internet, plenty of room for everyone. Fri Feb 06 13:19:08 +0000 2015

@Babydoll9186 @HarryTNacious @ninjagangsterjo He’s doing something useful, Progressive way is to just go do something else. Fri Feb 06 13:18:24 +0000 2015

@emsentity in a tiny, heavy restaurant style cup, with too much sugar, and no more cream, it’s the latest food allergy to arise 🙁 Fri Feb 06 13:17:44 +0000 2015

@emsentity Didn’t have to think on it, just had to notice before I’ve had any coffee. Fri Feb 06 12:51:33 +0000 2015

@Babydoll9186 @HarryTNacious @ninjagangsterjo I heard Flintster is busy kickin’ the man’s ass, even got Erin Brockovich to help. Fri Feb 06 12:48:09 +0000 2015

@emsentity They equate anarchy with V For Vendetta, not participatory decision making. Fri Feb 06 12:46:39 +0000 2015

@ageis @thegrugq Checking it out now, samples are on YouTube. Fri Feb 06 07:37:43 +0000 2015

@ageis @thegrugq There’s a sequel? Fri Feb 06 07:29:10 +0000 2015

RT @ageis: @thegrugq and the sequel Korengal Fri Feb 06 07:28:57 +0000 2015

RT @thegrugq: Watch Restrepo. http://t.co/dyJYLJWfOq Fri Feb 06 07:28:54 +0000 2015

Good night, James!!!!! ROTFLMAO Fri Feb 06 06:48:10 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 You are supposed to be in bed, young lady. What’s up with that favorite? Fri Feb 06 05:38:39 +0000 2015

RT @webbmedia: Ben Franklin lost a son to smallpox. His sobering advice to parents on vaccinations: http://t.co/dITuU49vCB http://t.co/Ipvj… Fri Feb 06 05:29:28 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 g’night, un-indicted co-conpirator Fri Feb 06 04:57:47 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Part of the settlement will include video of him putting a shoe on his head. What size do you take? Fri Feb 06 04:51:34 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Well even get photos taken /w booth babes/booth boys, make it a proper launch party. Fri Feb 06 04:50:13 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Pay off Dorrell, pay some bills, if there is anything left fly everyone into Vegas for a party weekend? Fri Feb 06 04:49:15 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Thinly disguised McGibney is McGibney. Fri Feb 06 04:48:17 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 He could have got out for $25k in March of 2014. $350k in November 2014. Now? We’ll let judge Cosby decide. Fri Feb 06 04:47:41 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 He’s just plain delusional. I want this crap OVER so I can do something else, he believes this indicates some vulnerability. Fri Feb 06 04:47:14 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @InfoWhores The libel blog is http://t.co/nNlPF5NZ36, except it’s not libel, yay 1st Amendment. Fri Feb 06 04:26:57 +0000 2015

RT @adamjohnsonNYC: Indeed, we know based on recent court docs, FBI uses fake FB pages/profiles to lure dupes like Basit Javed Sheikh (7) h… Fri Feb 06 04:26:11 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 But sadly, I found Jeff Dorrell by reading the two blogs about Philip Klein, and never heard of Retzlaff until the lawsuit. Fri Feb 06 04:23:45 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 If they can just prove the conspiracy theory, it will make this all go away: https://t.co/8mFUogZ0sH Fri Feb 06 04:23:10 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 It’s unusual to see people stand by someone who failed, even more so when that failure endangers them, too. Fri Feb 06 04:09:03 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 and its deeply invested in outcomes for JM. Sucks to be him. Fri Feb 06 04:03:58 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 We’re fairly sure CattyIdiot is James, speaks in first person when agitated, then backpedals. Fri Feb 06 04:03:40 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 It’s funny when the little Internet Court bubble gets penetrated by the real world, eh? Fri Feb 06 03:52:30 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 White trash reality TV values – anything to stir up some drama. Fri Feb 06 03:51:47 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @MarkAbelar_ @wisekrax Greencat was caught, bathed, fed, etc. I am not sure if it got adopted. Fri Feb 06 03:50:55 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 And who gets underfoot? I’d say karma is gonna bite on that one. Fri Feb 06 03:48:02 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Yeah, he’s interfered in my relationship with my kids. First time in years mom admits she can’t handle oldest. Fri Feb 06 03:47:02 +0000 2015

@wisekrax That’s nice, Mr. Krax. http://t.co/CWGkvH6E5x Fri Feb 06 03:43:00 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 @videocaddy And best of all, someone sent me some retired equipment, so now I have plenty of stuff around. Fri Feb 06 03:37:55 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 They had a GoFundMe, got shut down after taking in $300. I had one same time, I got $445 for new computer 🙂 Fri Feb 06 03:37:38 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Go easy on poor Catty @videocaddy they’re having a heck of a time. http://t.co/baZcNFQMk6 Fri Feb 06 03:33:36 +0000 2015

Karma comes calling at @CheaterVille has been Chirpified. http://t.co/baZcNFQMk6 Fri Feb 06 03:33:13 +0000 2015

@jzsavoie @thegrugq @ncweaver your PRIVATE KEY? Fri Feb 06 03:22:08 +0000 2015

RT @jzsavoie: @ncweaver My usual subject line is a URL to pastebin containing my private key, in case they’ve lost theirs and can’t decrypt. Fri Feb 06 03:21:54 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I think he has another year to go before he can try, ViaView can bankrupt right away, I’ll be biggest creditor. Fri Feb 06 03:20:59 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 intentional torts usually survive bankruptcy is my understanding. Fri Feb 06 03:19:42 +0000 2015

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: By reading this tweet, you agree that Taylor Swift is the best and you agree to binding legal arbitration if I steal y… Fri Feb 06 03:14:45 +0000 2015

@MarkAbelar_ @wisekrax street kitteh, slept in abandoned factory where there was green dye. That’s not a photoshop. Fri Feb 06 03:13:04 +0000 2015

@wisekrax lilting Hindi, muddled Russian, an inscrutable Chinese, just like all my college professors. Fri Feb 06 03:12:05 +0000 2015

@wisekrax http://t.co/qzUNqsFcZZ I am green with envy tonight. Fri Feb 06 03:04:19 +0000 2015

@wisekrax The voices in my head tell me I should send you cat pictures. http://t.co/1yZAqfzcPn Fri Feb 06 03:03:42 +0000 2015

@CheatervilleTiT @Sukithardnloong @CheaterVille @ninjagangsterjo Oh yikes, I shouldn’t be laughing but ROTFLMAO Fri Feb 06 02:52:51 +0000 2015

RT @Horse_ebooks: I m going to outline 14 different ways that I ve found you Fri Feb 06 02:43:04 +0000 2015

@CheatervilleTiT @Sukithardnloong @CheaterVille @ninjagangsterjo http://t.co/9uZO58Gj2G Maybe convert this crap to text & pastebin it? Fri Feb 06 02:41:25 +0000 2015

RT @thegrugq_ebooks: @RealityForger @AllSquareCat You can either do the work of everyone else in the room, and everyone else talking on pho… Fri Feb 06 02:15:53 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat 5.) I saw an email earlier today from SSA OIG, looks like someone in Florida really stepped in it bigtime. We’ll see. Fri Feb 06 02:08:20 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat 4.) Vinnie you might not know, but Kirsten Johnston (actress) hired lawyers to deal /w her harassment. Fri Feb 06 02:07:48 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat 3.) There is something going on in Allen TX I’ve not been briefed on, but JM is being chickenshit & Vinnie Spina can’t help. Fri Feb 06 02:04:58 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat 2.) Looks like Craig Brittain FTC decision has created a dogpile on @\CheaterVille – it’ll get court order shutdown soon. Fri Feb 06 02:04:10 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat 1.) No money for defense in Texas, Gianni got FIRED for his handling of the case(!), so no supreme court trip. Fri Feb 06 02:03:37 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat It’s right out of Downfall – collapsing on all fronts. Fri Feb 06 02:02:58 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 She is a caricature of a normal woman, from her orange skin to having a litter rather than having a child. Fri Feb 06 01:55:22 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Good thing he’s got such a big mouth, he’s got a lifetime supply of crow to eat just from Texas alone. Fri Feb 06 01:50:55 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 Proper conspiracies, even the ones I hoax, require exquisitely detailed planning, so true. Fri Feb 06 01:49:23 +0000 2015

@BattleAxe2015 I think the end is near. This FTC stuff will destroy @CheaterVille, it’s just a matter of how soon they strike. Fri Feb 06 01:45:26 +0000 2015

@MyWhiteNinja http://t.co/DXE0OKWEti scorned 🙁 Fri Feb 06 01:42:40 +0000 2015

RT @GotdamBear: Maryland Health Dept is reporting that 272,000 patients enrolled under Medicaid may have been impacted by the #AnthemHealth… Fri Feb 06 01:23:21 +0000 2015

.@CheaterVille Gonna block you now, ’cause I’ve won everything that mattered. https://t.co/8mFUogZ0sH Fri Feb 06 01:21:22 +0000 2015

.@CheaterVille James, smearing me one more time isn’t going to save you from a lifetime of garnishment. https://t.co/8mFUogZ0sH Fri Feb 06 01:19:50 +0000 2015

.@CheaterVille James, you’re going to be working for me the rest of your life to pay this off. https://t.co/8mFUogZ0sH Fri Feb 06 01:18:03 +0000 2015

RT @rabite: It’s great @JuliaAngwin got GPG donation love. Now OTR needs some too. It’s much better crypto in many threat models https://t.… Fri Feb 06 01:11:35 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r @kaatje36 They burn out. Everyone starts resisting arrest. Their peers pull them off suspects. Then they quit. Fri Feb 06 01:01:57 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r @kaatje36 More like a falling dream that never ends. I don’t see how the officers in those units do it. Fri Feb 06 00:57:54 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r @kaatje36 Whole business just haunted me, and we had a happy ending. Can’t imagine what a failure would feel like. Fri Feb 06 00:55:57 +0000 2015

Revenge porn is dead, thank you FTC. http://t.co/ZGdH1laK2M No more @CheaterVille scumbags 🙂 Fri Feb 06 00:40:46 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r It’s been ten years, that kid is 25 now, she’s on here, I look in from time to time, she seems to be OK. Very lucky. Fri Feb 06 00:33:25 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r She slipped away when he was filling up, he got arrested, made bail, went home & stuck shotgun in his mouth. Fri Feb 06 00:32:37 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r That one case, they got her back, guy that had her had confessed to having picked up many runaways. Fri Feb 06 00:31:33 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r LE would only do those “of tender years” – 12 and under. 15 runs away, she’s on her own. Fri Feb 06 00:30:22 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r I worked on one stranger kidnapping not long after the LE training. First & last, I found it unbearable. Fri Feb 06 00:29:38 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r I don’t think those #OpDeathEater people have any idea what they are facing. Fri Feb 06 00:29:12 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r It’s an addiction, VR would just fuel it, right? And potential draw in those not so inclined. A bad I idea IMHO. Fri Feb 06 00:23:22 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r I don’t know about that. How in the world would we study such a thing? Not quite Nazi experiments, eh? Fri Feb 06 00:22:05 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r But when victim becomes perpetrator, what do we do as a society? Civil commitment seems best. Fri Feb 06 00:18:08 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r I suspect most of them were victims as kids, we let it get worse by not dealing aggressively with it. Fri Feb 06 00:17:45 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r @kaatje36 I think we erred, equating time served /w reform, some people have compulsions that will never stop. Fri Feb 06 00:14:30 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r @kaatje36 They were really frustrated, they’d do careful work, dogpile a really bad guy, most charges would get throw out. Fri Feb 06 00:13:45 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r So Wyoming got some really aggressive child endangerment legislation passed in record time. Fri Feb 06 00:07:58 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r He turns around to talk, completely unscripted behind him some perv pops up, starts fapping on the big screen 🙂 Fri Feb 06 00:06:25 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r He had projector, was giving testimony before state legislature, just showing them stuff he had found. Fri Feb 06 00:06:01 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r My guys were really funny. The hottest 12 year old on the net in Wyoming was this former Marine, 6’2″, 240 pounds. Fri Feb 06 00:05:37 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r I had Nebraska, Wyoming highway patrol guys. They told me some of the stuff they found. I can believe it. Thu Feb 05 23:56:58 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r My 1st thing /w Security Posture ten years ago was training LE to find images using Linux. Thu Feb 05 23:56:37 +0000 2015

RT @gcn940: Hey @steam_games maybe you could read @Spacekatgal timeline right now? There’s some awful stuff you need to moderate on her Gre… Thu Feb 05 23:47:04 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r @kaatje36 He’ll have to fight @IdrisElba for the next James Bond role. Thu Feb 05 23:39:27 +0000 2015

@quinnnorton Export approved stuff was plain DES. And all along Theo de Raadt would be out there jabbing gov’t over this /w OpenSSH. Thu Feb 05 22:58:26 +0000 2015

@quinnnorton Cisco IOS had 3DES for domestic, it was labeled forbidding export to North Korea, Syria, Iraq, etc. Thu Feb 05 22:57:42 +0000 2015

RT @JesselynRadack: “The more people who use encryption, the less ‘suspicious’ encryption will seem to the gov’t.” -@headhntr #AfterSnow… Thu Feb 05 22:55:50 +0000 2015

@quinnnorton I think DES for civilians, 3DES for mil, but that was a long, long time ago. Thu Feb 05 22:55:44 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is @df_cryptostorm http://t.co/Hp5fs0erfE Thu Feb 05 22:32:47 +0000 2015

And these things being said, back into the clutches of the Python I go. Thu Feb 05 22:11:38 +0000 2015

@TechyFolks @ExcuseMySarcasm Online systems lag a bit, not sure where it was awarded. Can’t imagine it’s faked. Thu Feb 05 21:56:44 +0000 2015

@TechyFolks @ExcuseMySarcasm https://t.co/dgphEZSnSj proof of MA court action. Thu Feb 05 21:52:00 +0000 2015

@ExcuseMySarcasm I have an ED page, but it’s really lame. I’ve authored a couple as well, people who really asked for it. Thu Feb 05 21:34:04 +0000 2015

@ExcuseMySarcasm I know Weev, never heard of ‘fletch’. Andrew has done some things I don’t care for much. Thu Feb 05 21:25:49 +0000 2015

@ExcuseMySarcasm @freebsdgirl @TechyFolks @Spacekatgal My first stalker was 2005, I’ve habitually concealed location ever since. Thu Feb 05 21:23:36 +0000 2015

@ExcuseMySarcasm @TechyFolks @Spacekatgal My crank guided a man on psych disability into filing charges against me. A real nuisance. Thu Feb 05 21:21:48 +0000 2015

@ExcuseMySarcasm @TechyFolks So I am thrilled to see @Spacekatgal doing this, now a few other victims need to step up as well. Thu Feb 05 21:20:29 +0000 2015

@ExcuseMySarcasm @TechyFolks @Spacekatgal I’m in same place as @freebsdgirl – conceal location to avoid IRL harassment. Thu Feb 05 21:20:07 +0000 2015

@ExcuseMySarcasm @TechyFolks @Spacekatgal I’ve got a crank in NJ that’s been bothering me since 2010, will have to sue to resolve. Thu Feb 05 21:18:48 +0000 2015

@ExcuseMySarcasm @TechyFolks @Spacekatgal We shall see. LE has been terrible dealing /w inter-jurisdiction harassment. Thu Feb 05 21:18:26 +0000 2015

@TechyFolks judge awarded @Spacekatgal order against one guy AND any associates. I think that’s all of #GamerGate Thu Feb 05 21:15:51 +0000 2015

@ExcuseMySarcasm @TechyFolks @Spacekatgal I’d prefer to see Section 230 of Communications Decency Act repealed, better for civil liberties. Thu Feb 05 21:15:16 +0000 2015

@ExcuseMySarcasm @TechyFolks @Spacekatgal I wonder if White House got the desired RICO + CFAA stuff done. 8chan owners could get prosecuted. Thu Feb 05 21:14:19 +0000 2015

RT @nuromute: @ThrackySpackoid @cryptostorm_is @KeybaseIO I have a few spare invites to keybase.io – just don’t have anyone to give ’em to.… Thu Feb 05 21:13:13 +0000 2015

@TechyFolks @Spacekatgal Show officer a protection order, they go right to dealing /w the person named, no more questions. Thu Feb 05 21:10:41 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat So things run for two minutes, they pile up, big VPS goes unresponsive except via remote console. Thu Feb 05 21:10:04 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat Without getting too technical, stuff to handle locked/suspended accounts needs more than 60 seconds to run. Thu Feb 05 21:09:25 +0000 2015

.@TechyFolks ppl bothering @Spacekatgal could get treated like Gregory Calvin King http://t.co/GcdyS8rNnN Thu Feb 05 21:08:32 +0000 2015

@exiledsurfer @AllSquareCat @kaatje36 @vassalos https://t.co/FZVs6H4VnB Thu Feb 05 21:06:07 +0000 2015

@TechyFolks @Spacekatgal Otherwise they treat interpersonal conflict as he said/she said. Getting one puts other party on notice. Thu Feb 05 21:05:51 +0000 2015

@TechyFolks @Spacekatgal protection order moves responding officers from investigation to taking action. Thu Feb 05 21:05:23 +0000 2015

@TechyFolks @Spacekatgal MA = Massachusetts. It’s a funny situation, local/state LE usually won’t touch interstate harassment. Thu Feb 05 21:01:43 +0000 2015

#GamerGate could see one ringleader (Baphomet?) hit /w Title § 2261A, they’ll bury someone to make an example. Thu Feb 05 21:01:09 +0000 2015

So @Spacekatgal has MA protection order against #GamerGate. Now if a few other victims do it, FBI referral will happen. Thu Feb 05 20:59:41 +0000 2015

@PennyRed Repeal of Section 230 of Communications Decency Act of 1996 would fix most of these troubles in a very short amount of time. Thu Feb 05 20:54:48 +0000 2015

RT @PennyRed: I was just on @CNN talking about Twitter, harassment policies and the basic steps we can take to behave more decently to one … Thu Feb 05 20:50:16 +0000 2015

RT @DevourerOfTime: @giantspacekat @Spacekatgal So it’s a illegal for GG to contact her? Perfect! Thu Feb 05 20:49:02 +0000 2015

RT @Phoenix_Blue: @giantspacekat @Spacekatgal I hope “third parties associated with this man” can be included to mean ANYONE who identifies… Thu Feb 05 20:48:56 +0000 2015

RT @giantspacekat: Our thanks to Massachusetts law enforcement for understanding the severity of these threats and protecting us. Thu Feb 05 20:48:51 +0000 2015

RT @giantspacekat: Yesterday, a judge granted Brianna Wu a restraining order against the man that made videos threatening to murder her htt… Thu Feb 05 20:48:40 +0000 2015

Alas, I am to be caught in the grip of the Python for the rest of the day. Thu Feb 05 19:07:06 +0000 2015

RT @kashhill: BREAKING: Encryption guy not going broke anymore. RT @normative: @kashhill Project has raked in more than $25k since this mor… Thu Feb 05 19:03:34 +0000 2015

@AnonyOps Werner is a quiet hero, but is PGP viable? DIME would be an upgrade https://t.co/OwtH8gtNdQ Thu Feb 05 18:41:28 +0000 2015

@exiledsurfer @kaatje36 @vassalos Catabolic collapse is not a positive event, even if it’s the only path forward. Thu Feb 05 18:03:39 +0000 2015

@exiledsurfer @kaatje36 @vassalos Contraction hits the elites, but it also gets stuff you and I use. Hard to separate them. Thu Feb 05 18:02:56 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @vassalos @exiledsurfer €900m = €9B in loans withdrawn due to fractional lending. Contraction city. Thu Feb 05 17:44:38 +0000 2015

RT @onekade: Congress lines up three bills to require law enforcement to get warrants before seizing our emails http://t.co/5SBjuLjpDv Thu Feb 05 17:41:17 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @vassalos @exiledsurfer “Privatize the profits, socialize the losses.” They were tempted back by the high yields, counting on ECB Thu Feb 05 17:37:22 +0000 2015

RT @exiledsurfer: The jubilee chorus will get louder: “What germany got in 1953, they will have to give greece in 2015” Thu Feb 05 11:51:00 +0000 2015

@twobitidiot @BitcoinBelle They have made an example of Ulbricht, no one should be surprised about this given his actions. Thu Feb 05 11:49:07 +0000 2015

@twobitidiot @BitcoinBelle He tried to arrange multiple murders. Gov’t will hammer that problem flat before real mafia get involved. Thu Feb 05 11:48:43 +0000 2015

@vassalos @exiledsurfer @kaatje36 Do you know when French banks cut Greek bond holdings? How much exposure do they have now? Thu Feb 05 11:42:12 +0000 2015

@exiledsurfer @kaatje36 €15B withdrawn by small depositors equals €150B in fractional reserve lending gone. Whoops. Thu Feb 05 11:37:14 +0000 2015

@zunguzungu You’ve really not read Thinking, Fast & Slow? Your article seemed very rooted in that realm. Thu Feb 05 11:17:42 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @exiledsurfer They don’t have a liquidity problem, they have a solvency problem. The losses have already occurred – denial at work Thu Feb 05 11:17:00 +0000 2015

@exiledsurfer @kaatje36 Top three French banks held Greek bonds in excess of deposits a few years ago. Greece defaults, they’re bankrupt. Thu Feb 05 11:09:59 +0000 2015

@FatherElwoodBro Mine is an old man, he’s a bit soft in the tummy, but otherwise he’s like a fur covered brick. Thu Feb 05 11:09:01 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @exiledsurfer Greece is like a barrel stave; if they drop out, Eurozone doesn’t hold water. Thu Feb 05 11:06:42 +0000 2015

@FatherElwoodBro 9kg, and he’s about a mile long. Thu Feb 05 11:04:32 +0000 2015

@exiledsurfer They can do it when they have the mandate, or fold and then they’ll get blindsided. I don’t envy them. Thu Feb 05 11:01:15 +0000 2015

@FatherElwoodBro He’s not pure Norwegian Forest Cat, but he has all the cold weather features of the breed, he’s just a funny color. Thu Feb 05 11:00:13 +0000 2015

@FatherElwoodBro He insists on a dawn patrol in all weather, sole exception is blizzard conditions. Thu Feb 05 10:57:15 +0000 2015

@exiledsurfer I thought this would take until 2/28, wonder if Syriza has the stones to hold to this course like Iceland did. Thu Feb 05 10:55:56 +0000 2015

Get up, cat wants out. That’s fine, opens door. Want to go back to bed? Nope, Mr. Kitteh got his prowl on. No idea where he went. Thu Feb 05 10:52:11 +0000 2015

@tauriqmoosa Talking to @femfreq abusers got you sea lioned, right? http://t.co/ilUxbNY0OC Thu Feb 05 10:33:33 +0000 2015

@exiledsurfer I wonder if @zunguzungu has read Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast & Slow. http://t.co/4hDRsEPy8s Thu Feb 05 10:29:32 +0000 2015

@exiledsurfer Yes, a very good article by @zunguzungu, prose dancing all around some very weighty issues. Thu Feb 05 10:28:49 +0000 2015

@TundraGlobal I guess I was unethical when I mentioned my last game console was an Atari 5200? It’s not really clear … to anyone. Thu Feb 05 10:16:44 +0000 2015

.@exiledsurfer Now watch @dickc mentions explode /w whining from the very people who wreck his company’s value. Thu Feb 05 10:14:26 +0000 2015

@IrishRogue80 @kaatje36 Attack surface media, attack surface devices. Useful only for creating distraction 🙂 Thu Feb 05 10:13:40 +0000 2015

Clean up @Twitter, @dickc has been Chirpified. http://t.co/DXE0OKWEti Thu Feb 05 10:09:56 +0000 2015

You want to clean up @Twitter, @dickc? After five years of trolls shitting on every single thing here that was fun or useful, it’s overdue. Thu Feb 05 10:07:04 +0000 2015

.@dickc but support DID suspend @NealRauhauser, for writing the software used to win that 1st Amendment suit. https://t.co/8mFUogZ0sH Thu Feb 05 10:03:22 +0000 2015

.@dickc What have your support people done for me? You can’t suspend a mentally ill freak who’s been harassing me since 9/2010. Thu Feb 05 10:02:31 +0000 2015

I recent won a precedent setting 1st Amendment case https://t.co/8mFUogZ0sH that has its root in @Twitter’s harassment culture. @dickc Thu Feb 05 10:01:20 +0000 2015

The bulk of the work I do get @dickc involves using software I wrote to track things like #ISIS & #GamerGate https://t.co/Eizc8CGeiF Thu Feb 05 10:00:14 +0000 2015

Since then @dickc I’ve had to change careers TWICE and moved repeatedly due to harassment that originates on @Twitter Thu Feb 05 09:59:10 +0000 2015

Five years ago I released a @Twitter based system that today provides policy intel to about 25% of Congressional staff. @dickc Thu Feb 05 09:58:12 +0000 2015

Yes, @dickc, @Twitter DOES suck at dealing with abuse. http://t.co/pblpndLlmI Thu Feb 05 09:57:29 +0000 2015

So the #GamerGate neckbeards have come slithering around. I guess I did ask for it. Thu Feb 05 00:08:35 +0000 2015

RT @cryptostorm_is: Time to step away from the keyboard… http://t.co/ntDJRn7v5m Wed Feb 04 22:52:16 +0000 2015

Ross Ulbricht, he made a few mistakes. has been Chirpified. http://t.co/x1CqjNaQUh Wed Feb 04 22:47:07 +0000 2015

Ross Ulbricht isn’t the bad guy they made him out to be, but he’s paying a terrible price for his tuition. Wed Feb 04 22:45:13 +0000 2015

Ross Ulbricht mistake #5: No substantial prior drug trafficking experience. He lacked the context to interpret people’s behavior. Wed Feb 04 22:43:38 +0000 2015

Ross Ulbricht mistake #4: Lacking the sense to recognize mistake #3, his lack of needed skills for the job. Wed Feb 04 22:38:46 +0000 2015

Ross Ulbricht mistake #3: Lacking the skill & paranoia needed to run Silk Road. Wed Feb 04 22:38:04 +0000 2015

Ross Ulbricht mistake #2: Believing his own philosophical theories trumped U.S. drug laws. They might be wrong, but they ARE the law. Wed Feb 04 22:37:11 +0000 2015

Ross Ulbricht mistake #1: Trying to have extortion artists killed. Completely ineffective unless one is a proper gangster. He wasn’t. Wed Feb 04 22:35:27 +0000 2015

RT @Spacekatgal: Soon. http://t.co/PNbMtSv0Jg Wed Feb 04 19:48:08 +0000 2015

RT @cryptostorm_is: exitnode cluster St. Petersburg|Russia-West anchor node http://t.co/XOhMBCBoj5 is on-net 🐾 https://t.co/A70eOmRagq 🐾 h… Wed Feb 04 19:47:57 +0000 2015

@freebsdgirl I’m more interested in the ones who will research my backtrail and still be dumb enough to step up to me. Wed Feb 04 19:27:08 +0000 2015

@freebsdgirl I just need enough of them chasing me to prime the pump, working on some new SNA stuff, they’re a good test group. Wed Feb 04 19:21:32 +0000 2015

Sure do like this mute button feature, one of the better things @Twitter has done in recent years. Wed Feb 04 19:18:14 +0000 2015

@lastcontract Feel free to continue your harassment campaign against @freebsdgirl, I’m sure Randi already has a plan for that. Wed Feb 04 19:17:28 +0000 2015

@lastcontract I’d like to thank you for helping me today. We can’t eliminate CDA Sec 230 w/o good examples of why this is needed. Wed Feb 04 19:16:27 +0000 2015

@lastcontract Nope, #GamerGate is a synonym for a group of shitheads who’ve been wrecking social media for years. Wed Feb 04 19:13:58 +0000 2015

@Cheeeeeeeeeeen_ Before they were #GamerGate dirtbags, they were other sorts of dirtbags. Name change isn’t all that exciting to me tbh. Wed Feb 04 19:12:54 +0000 2015

@That_Gater_Guy Uninteresting. blocked. Wed Feb 04 19:09:06 +0000 2015

@lastcontract Obsessive, indecent dirtbags aren’t a demographic worthy of protection, and that’s all I see in #GamerGate Wed Feb 04 19:07:58 +0000 2015

@lastcontract I personally want to see the ringleaders in tort based indentured servitude, like this case produced https://t.co/8mFUogHpB9 Wed Feb 04 19:05:07 +0000 2015

@lastcontract I have dealt with some of the #GamerGate losers for years, anyone involved is guilty by association. Wed Feb 04 19:04:20 +0000 2015

@lastcontract the underlying premise, emphasis LYING, for #GamerGate, has been completely debunked. No cover for you there. Wed Feb 04 18:43:08 +0000 2015

@lastcontract I like Randi’s block list, it’s a good method to disempower the #GamerGate cyber-cesspool. Wed Feb 04 18:37:10 +0000 2015

@lastcontract and I know a good bit about 1st Amendment protections. https://t.co/8mFUogHpB9 What #GamerGate does is not protected speech. Wed Feb 04 18:27:39 +0000 2015

@lastcontract I have an opinion about the #GamerGate cyber-cesspool; don’t imagine you can hide behind 1st Amendment. Wed Feb 04 18:27:01 +0000 2015

Just one source for #NastiRandi tweets @lastcontract – #GamerGate are a small number of creeps ruining stuff for everyone else. Wed Feb 04 18:22:54 +0000 2015

@a_man_in_black @freebsdgirl Account has 9 friends, here’s full Maltego file for it. http://t.co/WFqzluiNdX http://t.co/OV4Lzfv6Br Wed Feb 04 18:14:09 +0000 2015

RT @aayoub: Bigot on @Delta flight 1576 scolds Muslims on plane, passengers crying. Your crew hasn’t done anything to make flight safe. @De… Wed Feb 04 17:28:22 +0000 2015

RT @aayoub: My sister wear hijab. She was just assaulted on @Delta flight 1576. Shes with her husband and 4 kids. Airline is not helpful. #… Wed Feb 04 17:28:18 +0000 2015

Countdown to Greece/EU confrontation – 24 days to go. http://t.co/qenbbgHV43 Wed Feb 04 16:58:14 +0000 2015

When subsidized bread in North Africa becomes scarce, we get things like #ArabSpring. Here we go again: http://t.co/AjWD87k1MD Wed Feb 04 16:33:22 +0000 2015

Europe has ‘right to be forgotten’, U.S. needs the same https://t.co/FmLq2ZC9mI Wed Feb 04 16:27:04 +0000 2015

@bartongellman @zmanian @praxisjournal I was made aware of these, have not taken the time to delve deeply. Wed Feb 04 16:14:15 +0000 2015

@bartongellman @zmanian @praxisjournal I think @VeraCrypt_IDRIX is what happened after TC shutdown, there is also @TrueCryptNext Wed Feb 04 16:14:00 +0000 2015

@bartongellman @zmanian @praxisjournal Not promising, Google results are all from 2010/2011 timeframe. It’s weird. Wed Feb 04 15:58:00 +0000 2015

@bartongellman VirtualBox, Linux distro install, then SMB or NFS? Least suffering if this is a one time job. Wed Feb 04 15:36:35 +0000 2015

RT @freebsdgirl: Those kids will never learn that every time they do something to harass me like this, more people learn about my work to s… Wed Feb 04 07:17:26 +0000 2015

13 second M-249 SAW burst. https://t.co/fSmnOuYuQR I think this is a YouTube record. Wed Feb 04 05:56:34 +0000 2015

@kjothesmartass I recently won a precedent setting 1st Amendment case against one of Vinnie’s associates. https://t.co/8mFUogHpB9 Wed Feb 04 05:17:36 +0000 2015

DNA and PRTK seamlessly integrate with Rainbow Tables. http://t.co/LCpMm6H3cV Tue Feb 03 17:39:05 +0000 2015

DNA uses multiple machines across the network or across the world to conduct key space and dictionary attacks. http://t.co/LCpMm6H3cV Tue Feb 03 17:38:02 +0000 2015

You want to wipe a Droid, do factory reset, then ENCRYPT the new system. Tue Feb 03 17:34:10 +0000 2015

With http://t.co/04EUcRvEVg even @CyanogenMod wipe is not safe. Tue Feb 03 17:33:34 +0000 2015

While we’re on the subject, friend /w FTK also has http://t.co/04EUcRvEVg factory phone wipe is NOT at all safe. Tue Feb 03 17:33:15 +0000 2015

First question from my friend /w FTK http://t.co/6iwSlTReh1 is “Was the drive repartitioned?” Tue Feb 03 17:32:07 +0000 2015

@CommonSenseSoc If it is truly hot, smash /w hammer, drop pieces down random storm drains. Tue Feb 03 17:30:10 +0000 2015

If you’re going to retire a disk /w prejudice, don’t just wipe, REPARTITION it. Tue Feb 03 17:27:43 +0000 2015

All this talk about disk erasing, nobody mentions the big secret. Tue Feb 03 17:26:52 +0000 2015

RT @CthulhuSec: Dear spooks near my house. This is the laptop that held any sensitive data. Go get some lunch because it’s gone now. http:/… Tue Feb 03 17:26:28 +0000 2015

In which @CthulhuSec foreshadows … has been Chirpified. http://t.co/mTxUdcwE8O Tue Feb 03 17:19:40 +0000 2015

RT @CthulhuSec: 4/4: They are a proof of knowledge for events that are going to take place soon. Keep a local copy for safety please. Tue Feb 03 17:18:00 +0000 2015

RT @CthulhuSec: 3/4: Second SHA1 checksum: ba993b4a132df12537aab9fde4b297197b92a45a Tue Feb 03 17:17:56 +0000 2015

RT @CthulhuSec: 2/4: First SHA1 checksum: ebbf8fe315b77419c96d67accc41d5501cb22aa9 Tue Feb 03 17:17:53 +0000 2015

RT @CthulhuSec: 1/4: To all those who follow hidden services (ie journalists, users, bloggers, devs etc), please note down the following tw… Tue Feb 03 17:17:50 +0000 2015

@ViceAnonNews I read court documents, otherwise I pretty much ignore the fighting in the back of the short bus. Tue Feb 03 00:59:43 +0000 2015

@ViceAnonNews ID theft on 35k students = crime. Interpretive dance /w multiple scenewhores? Not crime. Tue Feb 03 00:51:35 +0000 2015

@ViceAnonNews He is a troubled young man, but I doubt anything he does to JM & Co. will get prosecuted, even if there are violations. Tue Feb 03 00:43:05 +0000 2015

RT @cooperq: Check out http://t.co/QIR1bJGSl6 a new project to monitor warrant canaries from @EFF, @calyxinstitute, NYU tech&law clinic & @… Tue Feb 03 00:31:03 +0000 2015

@ViceAnonNews Feds weren’t interested in anyone but Lostutter before this weekend’s revelations, and they’re double not interested now. Tue Feb 03 00:18:47 +0000 2015

@ViceAnonNews For there to be a #CFAA violation there has to be a victim. There are no taxpayers to be found, only game players. Tue Feb 03 00:18:09 +0000 2015

@ViceAnonNews my machinations ARE boring; I shut down bullshit dramawhoring, I win big in court. It’s tough being me, I tell ya. Tue Feb 03 00:17:33 +0000 2015

@ViceAnonNews You do realize the feds are not going to even acknowledge those morons, right? Mon Feb 02 23:07:29 +0000 2015

RT @OpSec101: With operating systems like these, who needs enemies? http://t.co/xgoZB07owW Windows is not conducive with a secure environme… Mon Feb 02 22:55:59 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews @Badbitcoinorg Nothing to do now re: $XPY but wait and see. Mon Feb 02 17:36:00 +0000 2015

@USNATO Is @2dCavalryRegt still using M113 pictured here? I thought they were all Stryker. http://t.co/9a6gDlXssP Mon Feb 02 17:23:48 +0000 2015

RT @USNATO: The @2dCavalryRegt in Rukla, Lithuania during Operation #AtlanticResolve More pics–>http://t.co/VBCeiim2CD http://t.co/Uk0lda… Mon Feb 02 17:23:14 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews @Badbitcoinorg No fighting in the War Room, you two. Mon Feb 02 17:22:52 +0000 2015

@Samurai_Lucy https://t.co/Mm3ZqEfFVd seen this? Mon Feb 02 16:39:28 +0000 2015

I found Faces Of Vaccine Denialism on Imgur 🙂 http://t.co/Ff0fUuqGSL Mon Feb 02 16:18:25 +0000 2015

anti-vaccine knucklehead @JennyMcCarthy is culpable in U.S. measles outbreak. She should be quarantined until this outbreak is over. Mon Feb 02 16:14:49 +0000 2015

Read the details, measles http://t.co/rggRsByUAC is #1 child killer, U.S. had pretty much eradicated it, but now it’s back. Mon Feb 02 16:13:16 +0000 2015

U.S. has an outbreak of measles. http://t.co/rggRsByUAC Mon Feb 02 16:12:45 +0000 2015

When $XPY hits $0.99 USD I’m buying 60 more so my blended cost will be $4/ea, then I’m gonna just wait. Mon Feb 02 14:34:19 +0000 2015

Having wandered into OS holy war territory, maybe I should go do something productive this morning … Mon Feb 02 14:32:31 +0000 2015

Going deeper, WHY are you even using a Microsoft OS at all? Their products are like Cold War eastern european cars. #trabant Mon Feb 02 14:32:03 +0000 2015

Is anyone actually USING Microsoft’s craptastic Internet Exploder? It’s been awful since day one, ditch it. Mon Feb 02 14:28:39 +0000 2015

While we’re on the subject, don’t use Adobe’s crappy reader, either. You Windows victims should get @foxitsoftware’s excellent PDF reader. Mon Feb 02 14:27:16 +0000 2015

Just block this Flash crap and be done with it. https://t.co/pL0QOLs3mK Any site still using it is dated, let it die. Mon Feb 02 14:25:52 +0000 2015

Every browser made has a FuckOffFlash extension of some sort. http://t.co/MIhTignqFN Mon Feb 02 14:24:50 +0000 2015

Not even @YouTube needs Flash any more. Kill it with fire. https://t.co/4860NnfBvn Mon Feb 02 14:24:15 +0000 2015

RT @threatpost: Another @Adobe #Flash #0Day Emerges – http://t.co/bjMqUKOOFt Mon Feb 02 14:23:37 +0000 2015

@__apf__ It would be lovely for those of us who are fluent if SOCKS5 config was in settings rather than via CLI. Mon Feb 02 14:05:35 +0000 2015

RT @freebsdgirl: Or you can go by the emotional response… which still isn’t reliable. Why not just leave people alone when they want to be … Mon Feb 02 06:46:45 +0000 2015

This was my childhood; school was a terrible misfit for me. http://t.co/Rlrwi85qBt Mon Feb 02 03:47:59 +0000 2015

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Really wish they wouldn’t glamorize torture as effective to the American public immediately after the Super Bowl. Mon Feb 02 03:45:59 +0000 2015

Bergen, Dachau, filmed in 1945, only recently released. https://t.co/7FVRkUlkLm Mon Feb 02 02:59:59 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews Have a good one. Mon Feb 02 01:42:33 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I’m gonna cry 🙁 Mon Feb 02 01:32:25 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I pay 10x that for 0.1% of the capacity 🙁 Mon Feb 02 01:29:38 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews So of forwarding could be offloaded to line cards, but that wasn’t really smooth until 65xx. Mon Feb 02 01:27:13 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews 55xx was an odd beast, get a Cisco 75xx engine on a blade, two 100mbit channels to backplane. Mon Feb 02 01:26:44 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews ten years ago, maybe Cisco 55xx series /w L3 engines? The 1U/2U machines those years were just getting started. Mon Feb 02 01:22:34 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I have some low bandwidth compute bound stuff, I like to relay since bandwidth is covered in price. Mon Feb 02 01:21:20 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews We tried to do stuff /w ROMTELECOM back when. They were impossible to deal with … Mon Feb 02 01:19:40 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews Which switch models for L3 duties? I worked on something like that years ago, 14k users, spread all over hell. Mon Feb 02 01:19:09 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews They’re everywhere. https://t.co/VDN6crxM59 I like little hosting places that will tolerate my @torproject stuff. Mon Feb 02 01:15:17 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I had Cisco Certified Network/Design Professional. 4k users, all small switches? How much L3 in the mix? Mon Feb 02 01:13:30 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews You have good hosting where you are? VPS? What about dedicated? Mon Feb 02 01:10:57 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews Very young for such a high user count. All wifi? Mikrotik? Mon Feb 02 01:10:00 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I used to bill $1k/day USD, but I got sick eight years ago, so no more full time work. Mon Feb 02 01:07:48 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I worked as a telecom engineer for years, then got into what can be described as ‘knowledge engineering’. Mon Feb 02 01:07:04 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I think Greece will have to do something like Iceland – major haircut, if not outright default. Mon Feb 02 01:05:19 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews What does @SedOmnibus do? What sort of service gigs are you finding? Mon Feb 02 01:04:31 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews There will be arbitrage opportunities, particularly given what’s going on with Greece. Very scary. Mon Feb 02 01:02:24 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I don’t have $$$ to speculate, I got into cryptocoins looking for professional services work. Mon Feb 02 00:59:58 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews Purchase price of a Ferrari would buy a house in this little town. Mon Feb 02 00:59:29 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews World needs a standard model for these cryptocurrencies, under the scams there is a lot of real innovation. Mon Feb 02 00:56:35 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I just bought a few $USD of @OfficialNuBits – dual currency/share system, pegged to USD. It’s interesting. Mon Feb 02 00:52:59 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I agree, there are a LOT of scamcoins out there. Mon Feb 02 00:52:24 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I hold 60 $XPY, various friends have about 500 $XPY between them. Price was right, so not a huge loss if it go badly. Mon Feb 02 00:47:42 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I have some sources you probably don’t. I *am* concerned, but I think speculators are taking a bath on $XPY right now. Mon Feb 02 00:47:06 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews So now that we understand each other, let’s see where $XPY is in a month, eh? Mon Feb 02 00:44:38 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I have been insulted in IRC by Romanian skiddies for twenty years, I know the basics 🙂 Mon Feb 02 00:42:41 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews And how you don your colorful gypsy clothing as urban camouflage when you get hungry for grandma’s tasty dog dish. Mon Feb 02 00:42:16 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews We could discuss that family recipe for street dog, which kept your dead grandmother fat during the Ceaușescu years. Mon Feb 02 00:41:29 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews See, now I could insult you in culturally appropriate terms, if I were so uncouth 🙂 Mon Feb 02 00:37:52 +0000 2015

RT @cryptostorm_is: “…intermediates between renewals. They’re waiting for the release of Chrome 41 to recover.” ~ @agl__ https://t.co/hD2… Mon Feb 02 00:33:45 +0000 2015

RT @cryptostorm_is: “It’s also worth noting that @cryptocatapp has committed pinning-suicide in Chrome at at the moment due to their CA hav… Mon Feb 02 00:33:42 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews Bucharest, eh? Life in the big city, all my .ro contacts hail from Iasi. Mon Feb 02 00:33:00 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews cringeworthy communications? There’s a point we can agree on. Mon Feb 02 00:27:28 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I don’t imagine the cause for such action will persist much past the end of 1Q 2015. I guess we’ll see. Mon Feb 02 00:23:12 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews 31 is very, very young for that role. JG needed a skeptical 50+ CFO in the background. Mon Feb 02 00:20:36 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I would not want to be in CFB’s shoes even if $XPY turns out to be a scam, because they’re on the hook now. Mon Feb 02 00:19:37 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews Far worse said about an associate of mine, he’s taken in seven figures in settlements, nowhere near done. Mon Feb 02 00:19:11 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews Same words said about me 18 months ago.Now the source owes me seven figures. https://t.co/CB05Fpqigl Mon Feb 02 00:18:43 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews If JG has the backing he appears to, @CoinFireBlog will be another GAW property when he’s done with them. Mon Feb 02 00:18:05 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews I see what looks like a less capable competitor that’s butthurt over $XPY progress. Appears to be a Tonya Harding move to me. Mon Feb 02 00:13:47 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews Make a complaint to SEC, or report on a complaint. Do both? Nope, unethical, deserves a courtroom thrashing. Mon Feb 02 00:09:28 +0000 2015

Bought some @OfficialNuBits a few days ago. $0.50 USD in a couple of wallets. Interesting premise for this cryptocoin. Mon Feb 02 00:08:42 +0000 2015

RT @OfficialNuBits: Ongoing motion to make Nu open-source reaches 20% support! https://t.co/wk1Pq5y0JJ Mon Feb 02 00:08:00 +0000 2015

@247CryptoNews So @CoinFireBlog smears @gawceo, and your idea of journalist ethics is backing them? Puzzling. Sun Feb 01 23:58:50 +0000 2015

Even Imgur gets Greek debt policy is changing 🙂 http://t.co/tlTSMWu290 Sun Feb 01 23:19:33 +0000 2015

The things I find mentioned on Imgur. Oy vey. https://t.co/i5MywcqtPZ Sun Feb 01 23:12:32 +0000 2015

@contravenio First good bit of PR, then up the chain of command people who have no idea were shocked & dismayed. #guessing Sun Feb 01 22:55:03 +0000 2015

@contravenio It’s a “meh” in my book, people who’ve never used protocol analyzer keep writing about it. Sun Feb 01 22:52:32 +0000 2015

@contravenio Hate to break it to you, but unless there is some magic in there I don’t see, tshark is vastly superior. Sun Feb 01 22:50:35 +0000 2015

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: @20committee why are you still alive Sun Feb 01 22:48:23 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @JetBlackCloud @B3nRaching3r My tentacles are etheric, not physical. This has led to some confusion over the years. Sun Feb 01 21:58:16 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @JetBlackCloud @B3nRaching3r This guy is my new totem animal: http://t.co/YlWXNA4hxX Sun Feb 01 21:54:39 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r @JetBlackCloud @kaatje36 I’d rather be getting kittens out of trees, but I do what’s been put in front of me. Sun Feb 01 21:54:20 +0000 2015

@JetBlackCloud @kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r Having been made the bogeyman, I’ve made good use of the free advertising 🙂 Sun Feb 01 21:51:24 +0000 2015

@JetBlackCloud @kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r Policy intel for Congress? Renewable ammonia? Wind energy? Nope, I’m a total scumbag. Sun Feb 01 21:50:55 +0000 2015

@JetBlackCloud @kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r Those of us who’ve been Google bombed have a different view on that 🙂 Sun Feb 01 21:48:48 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @JetBlackCloud @B3nRaching3r It’s a different reality – a lie repeated often enough becomes gospel truth for wingnuts. Sun Feb 01 21:46:27 +0000 2015

@JetBlackCloud @kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r There are a cluster of lowlifes around a neo-Confederate hate blogger, it’s a problem. Sun Feb 01 21:45:55 +0000 2015

@JetBlackCloud @kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r I don’t think faking rape charges is childish; it should have resulted in a prison sentence. Sun Feb 01 21:34:12 +0000 2015

Now France stands with Greece on another haircut for bond holders. http://t.co/il6zoCuiQC Germany is furious. Sun Feb 01 21:31:31 +0000 2015

Remember Watch Greece On 28 Feb 2015? http://t.co/xn6YXoPTbT Specifically French banks? https://t.co/NCu7wrbuh3 Sun Feb 01 21:30:57 +0000 2015

And with one line commented out, the recovery is swift. http://t.co/y2NttQAiGL Sun Feb 01 21:28:27 +0000 2015

@JetBlackCloud @kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r #Torgate to start, but blathering about a discredit wingnut smear that’s cost them dearly. Sun Feb 01 21:25:48 +0000 2015

No point in throwing more processors at bad code 🙁 http://t.co/pmt8aNwGKA Sun Feb 01 21:22:32 +0000 2015

@MJanovic Andrea’s had a hard few months. She seems to be hunkering down. https://t.co/rjP24IvQcE Sun Feb 01 21:08:00 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r @JetBlackCloud KW is more libertarian, not so wrapped up in the neo-Confederate thing. Sun Feb 01 20:30:18 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r @JetBlackCloud He referenced Ken White, who has displayed some sense of shame in past situations. Sun Feb 01 20:30:01 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r @JetBlackCloud little fish can’t pay, so they’ll end up /w large judgments hanging over them. Sun Feb 01 20:29:27 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r @JetBlackCloud I think settlements on RICO are over $500k, only about 1/4th of the way complete. Sun Feb 01 20:29:04 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r @JetBlackCloud Kinda funny, all that stuff he supposedly did, why is he winning that RICO suit? Sun Feb 01 20:25:00 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r @JetBlackCloud Kevin is repeating the usual pack of lies about Kimberlin. Sun Feb 01 20:24:41 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r @JetBlackCloud page was a slow load, I found it. Sun Feb 01 20:19:23 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r @JetBlackCloud Hahaha who is this Kevin Bowen person? Sun Feb 01 20:18:18 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r @JetBlackCloud I don’t see my name anywhere in there 🙁 Show me? Sun Feb 01 20:14:40 +0000 2015

RT @GeekInfoNow: Utah lawmaker wants to shut off NSA’s water supply for good http://t.co/mosjKFJ7gn #LawDisorder #bluffdale #NSA #Utah Sun Feb 01 20:14:19 +0000 2015

RT @247now: Utah Considers Cutting Off Water to the NSA’s Monster Data Center #utah #bluffdale http://t.co/8BksTAgViS Sun Feb 01 20:14:16 +0000 2015

RT @deCespedes: Bill Aimed At Shutting Off NSA’s Water Starts Moving Forward Again https://t.co/t9MBBcn8r1 via @Techdirt #Bluffdale #NSA #S… Sun Feb 01 20:14:13 +0000 2015

@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r @JetBlackCloud What IS this bullshit? How did I not make that list? #coldfury Sun Feb 01 20:12:52 +0000 2015

I want that USB keyboard extension that has the Bitchslap, Taser, and Railgun buttons. http://t.co/1YBNtMZ6Os Sun Feb 01 16:46:57 +0000 2015

When @EFF says “write down” here they mean USE PENCIL & PAPER. https://t.co/2dP2sU8pPW #opsec #eyeroll Sun Feb 01 16:32:33 +0000 2015

@Bearpigman @samusclone https://t.co/E1kuAmhwQl Danielle Citron’s book Hate Crimes In Cyberspace details solutions. Sun Feb 01 16:28:57 +0000 2015

@Bearpigman @samusclone They listen until they can say the magic words – “jurisdiction” or “civil issue”. Sun Feb 01 16:27:51 +0000 2015

RT @samusclone: you see, the cops are very very busy investigating people who haven’t done anything Sun Feb 01 16:27:26 +0000 2015

RT @samusclone: i used to save them in an email folder, but then seeing the folder depressed me so eventually i stopped doing that Sun Feb 01 16:27:23 +0000 2015

RT @samusclone: people wonder why i don’t take any of my death threats to the police but it’s because my friends have told me their experie… Sun Feb 01 16:27:20 +0000 2015

Hey @EFF https://t.co/KgHCpE9rwV that’s weak tea VPN. @cryptostorm_is Zero Customer Knowledge VPN is right stuff. https://t.co/bDASyTE6UW Sun Feb 01 16:23:31 +0000 2015

Would be nice if @EFF stepped up on unfornicating encryption stuff. DP5 is evolution of OTR https://t.co/UgcCts2jC7 Sun Feb 01 16:20:16 +0000 2015

Would be nice if @EFF stepped up on unfornicating encryption stuff. DIME trumps PGP https://t.co/bCcxyEiFXt Sun Feb 01 16:19:48 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is @X0NL1T5 1060 West Addison, for the youngsters who’ve never seen this classic. https://t.co/Vr7417ICHm Sun Feb 01 16:04:36 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is @X0NL1T5 Best use is those scumbags @mylifecom I used card ready to expire, set my address to 1060 West Addison Chicago Sun Feb 01 16:04:02 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is @X0NL1T5 Online purchases should be made with prepaid debit to limit one’s liability. Sun Feb 01 16:02:44 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is @X0NL1T5 Can’t even use @OkayFreedom to search for lawyer to help interpret their TOS. Joke VPN is hilarious. Sun Feb 01 15:55:07 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is Experemental? https://t.co/DnBUs8mvW8 Sun Feb 01 15:52:01 +0000 2015

RT @message: Quinn Norton (@quinnnorton) discusses stepping back from security reporting with @onthemedia: http://t.co/Rqo9q7CN1s https://t… Sun Feb 01 15:49:18 +0000 2015

Reading this by @FreeBarrett_ http://t.co/0tBwuynUhh motivates me to double check my offsite backups. Because exculpatory. Sun Feb 01 15:46:52 +0000 2015

Punishment of @FreeBarrett_ based on out of context quotes. Classic RWNJ smear tactic. http://t.co/0tBwuynUhh Sun Feb 01 15:42:05 +0000 2015

@MarkSZaidEsq @JesselynRadack @JasonLeopold @BradMossEsq NSA’s grief is compounded by corruption, political prosecutions. Sun Feb 01 15:28:15 +0000 2015

@MarkSZaidEsq @JesselynRadack @JasonLeopold @BradMossEsq NSA should have built @Thomas_Drake1’s Thin Thread, not a feeding trough. Sun Feb 01 15:27:09 +0000 2015

@MarkSZaidEsq @JesselynRadack @JasonLeopold @BradMossEsq There’s a gold rush right now, people exiting U.S. cloud vendors. Sun Feb 01 15:25:07 +0000 2015

@MarkSZaidEsq @JesselynRadack @JasonLeopold @BradMossEsq NSA dragnet has done irreparable harm to U.S. service vendors. Sun Feb 01 15:24:30 +0000 2015

We had 384 Convair B-36, 2000+ Boeing B-47, most people have never seen these planes. http://t.co/J64j7lF8sy http://t.co/jVPAvpeI0Q Sun Feb 01 15:20:52 +0000 2015

Convair B-36 is U.S. equivalent of Russian Tu-95 Bear. http://t.co/J64j7lF8sy Sun Feb 01 15:18:32 +0000 2015

U.S. has 18 Ohio class missile boats http://t.co/30OGNyXDsA only 14 have nukes, 4 got conventional weapons due to START treaties. Sun Feb 01 15:16:27 +0000 2015

Russian TU-95 Bear over North Sea /w nuke tipped ASW would be hunting U.K. Vanguard class http://t.co/nBqyRAnXsb there are only four of them Sun Feb 01 15:14:24 +0000 2015

U.S. nuclear depth bomb came in 5/10/15/20kt fixed settings. https://t.co/WQuipV4Z6I Sun Feb 01 15:04:12 +0000 2015

U.K. fleet defense was Ikara anti-sub missile, also nuclear tipped. https://t.co/BQlwFiDr5L Sun Feb 01 15:03:20 +0000 2015

U.K. had dial-a-yield 0.5kt/10kt nuclear depth bomb WE.177 https://t.co/39nXTK9U8C Sun Feb 01 15:02:41 +0000 2015

U.K., U.S. & U.S.S.R. all fielded nuclear depth bombs during Cold War. https://t.co/YQ4KXk0Wzi Sun Feb 01 15:00:13 +0000 2015

Did Russia *really* recommission a Cold War nuclear tipped anti-submarine weapon? http://t.co/IZtJYrowuS Sun Feb 01 14:57:20 +0000 2015

RT @PayCoinWS: Coin Fire Allegations About PayBase Are False http://t.co/RcpFRtmZ0d Sun Feb 01 14:45:42 +0000 2015

@beepnoline @cryptostorm_is @rmsthebot #chemtrails are actually nanobots. I saw it on @Twitter, must be true. Sun Feb 01 14:43:10 +0000 2015

@beepnoline @cryptostorm_is stop scripts by default, review any new DNS name or IP address before visit, lots of trouble just STOPS Sun Feb 01 14:39:15 +0000 2015

@beepnoline @cryptostorm_is ScriptNo provides fine grained control, wish NoScript would do the same. Sun Feb 01 14:35:15 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is @beepnoline OSX + Chrome is vulnerable even /w ScriptNo Sun Feb 01 14:32:13 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is But so far I can only produce that on Chrome, even with ScriptNo running. Sun Feb 01 14:20:39 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is win + cstorm + derpy home router = disclose VPN address AND home address, too Sun Feb 01 14:20:10 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is if network edge enforces VPN either by providing or filtering so internal boxes do it, no joy for WebRTC Sun Feb 01 14:13:44 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is persnickety network edge WOULD thwart it, what is suggested here would work. Sun Feb 01 14:06:45 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is I don’t do what they suggest because network edge = Cisco IOS. I have a DD-WRT box, it’s resisted working /w cstorm. Sun Feb 01 14:05:57 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is As a matter of principle, get VPN/Tor off host machine & safety improves dramatically. Sun Feb 01 14:05:11 +0000 2015

RT @cryptostorm_is: Also, does this router “fix” make any sense? “a rogue script bypassing a software VPN tunnel” https://t.co/05JJIZsM3B h… Sun Feb 01 14:04:34 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is No problems /w Firefox fork @palemoonbrowser – discloses nothing when cstorm connected. Sun Feb 01 13:58:43 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is unhardened Internet Exploder v11 discloses nothing Sun Feb 01 13:56:00 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is But stock Safari (also webkit) resists https://t.co/pqhCqD809G Sun Feb 01 13:55:05 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is Windows 7, with a without cstorm. Chrome (webkit) /w ScriptNo vulnerable, gets home IP & VPN IP Sun Feb 01 13:54:31 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is Fired up Windows box, lemme peck at these keys for a bit … Sun Feb 01 13:40:04 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is Windows + cstorm + my muggle friendly no policy router = gets home IP. https://t.co/pqhCqD809G Sun Feb 01 13:38:13 +0000 2015

@spacerog @NorseCorp Pinhole IP hijack lasts only as long as needed, outsider would only detect via traceroute DURING the event, right? Sun Feb 01 13:23:45 +0000 2015

@spacerog @NorseCorp Classic example of pinhole? All of NK’s traffic goes through China – they can nab a single IP, do the deed, release it. Sun Feb 01 13:22:51 +0000 2015

@spacerog @NorseCorp Worse than whole prefix are pinholes, because those do NOT show up in any fashion. Sun Feb 01 13:22:10 +0000 2015

@spacerog @NorseCorp That has been an issue since 1994, eh? Problem is it leaves a global footprint when it happens. Sun Feb 01 13:21:15 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is If there are specific questions at the end of the day, I can test Win/Lin/Mac & Droid/IOS if definitive guide is needed. Sun Feb 01 13:14:31 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is Most of my stuff is VPN or you don’t get out, but for one ‘muggle friendly’ consumer firewall for visitors. Sun Feb 01 13:13:17 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is Must say @Tails_live performed as expected – it gave up nOtHiNg on it’s connection, not even one little internal IP. Sun Feb 01 13:10:17 +0000 2015

@htilonom @cryptostorm_is Incorrect. Github on this tool specifically states tools like NoScript are NOT a defense. Sun Feb 01 13:09:16 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is I had a go at it last night /w hosts, VMs, using @Tails_live in VM. Only truly safe setup was my Paranoid Cisco Edge(™) Sun Feb 01 13:08:23 +0000 2015

Crypto is, in total, fractal fuckery. Tool X solves problem Y, but introduces vulnerability Z. Rinse, repeat. Sun Feb 01 07:31:41 +0000 2015

RT @DocBastard: *drops microphone* #antivax #vaccineswork #VaccinateYourKids http://t.co/1Nysbfkh7N Sun Feb 01 07:28:04 +0000 2015

I’m not the first to go looking for ECDSA support on OSX. http://t.co/bDaxYTgAVm Sun Feb 01 06:42:22 +0000 2015

Apple’s OSX lacks ECDSA keys due to software from 2011. OpenSSH_6.2p2, OSSLShim 0.9.8r 8 Dec 2011 Sun Feb 01 06:40:47 +0000 2015

$XPY works with something called GoURL? I guess I’m excited by any forward motion 🙂 https://t.co/sf4VQt8Tcv Sun Feb 01 06:38:06 +0000 2015

RT @gawceo: Paycoin Officially Accepted by GoUrl Payment Gateway! https://t.co/Se51EP4C0G Sun Feb 01 06:35:49 +0000 2015

@TAILS_Live vs. https://t.co/pqhCqD809G ? No problem, won’t even show the local IP address used. Sun Feb 01 06:33:55 +0000 2015

All the crypto you need fits into 100 tweets. Amazing. http://t.co/YrTUYRuwzZ Sun Feb 01 06:05:07 +0000 2015

CoinFire may be facing litigation from GAW. This is long overdue IMHO. http://t.co/Y68DtTykcB Sun Feb 01 05:57:08 +0000 2015

Social media addiction as seen among Facebook users. http://t.co/S4c0IjZaEE Sun Feb 01 05:55:29 +0000 2015

And this one completely violates protection by VPNs. https://t.co/pqhCqD809G Outside IP addresses are revealed. Sun Feb 01 05:34:28 +0000 2015

RT @thegrugq_ebooks: Tor IPs are great at technical collection and in terms of analysis capability. Sat Jan 31 20:25:12 +0000 2015

RT @PennyRed: Greek Fire is Catching! #Podemos hold enormous march in Spain to demand an end to austerity. http://t.co/p0BucVJzQE #podemosm… Sat Jan 31 19:51:00 +0000 2015

Watch Greece on 28 Feb 2015 has been Chirpified. http://t.co/xn6YXoPTbT Sat Jan 31 19:49:54 +0000 2015

Think of Greek participation in € & Eurozone like a barrel stave. If removed, the rest don’t hold water – dominos fall. Sat Jan 31 19:45:00 +0000 2015

If Greece defaults on €270B, banks treating those bonds as collateral will pull 10x or more credit – €2.7T removed from the market. Sat Jan 31 19:42:12 +0000 2015

Put another way, in 2010 a Greek default would have instantly made the three largest French banks insolvent(!) Sat Jan 31 19:40:04 +0000 2015

The world’s banks don’t have liquidity problems, they have solvency problems. Some banks hold Greek debt in excess of their deposits. Sat Jan 31 19:38:40 +0000 2015

Iceland had similar trouble to Greece. They wiped out their banks and ended it. http://t.co/o9nqGFaakn Sat Jan 31 19:32:47 +0000 2015

Greece is top of the page at @zerohedge /w new government liable to default on debt. http://t.co/LzdGQPR4KJ Sat Jan 31 19:30:46 +0000 2015

Greece has been edging towards Eurozone exit since 2009. http://t.co/2Qmb8jQmp6 Sat Jan 31 19:29:56 +0000 2015

@kufr666 Jennifer’s character defects make her a liability in all circumstances, and she offers little in terms of skills or capacity. Sat Jan 31 18:44:39 +0000 2015

https://t.co/pqhCqD809G gets VPN public, VPN tunnel, internal IP, but not actual public IP. http://t.co/Vb2FzgjSV1 Sat Jan 31 18:41:54 +0000 2015

Well, this is hilarious. https://t.co/pqhCqD809G Sat Jan 31 18:33:37 +0000 2015

@kufr666 @jihadwartracker @_OpCharlieHebdo @\asherahresearch is a histrionic housewife in Ypsilanti, MI /w high school education. Untag her Sat Jan 31 18:25:16 +0000 2015

@thetorist @twitlonger works Sat Jan 31 15:58:06 +0000 2015

If you understood any of that, you need to get off Twitter and reevaluate your life priorities. Sat Jan 31 03:40:35 +0000 2015

Whatever else you can say about Tila, at least her reality TV show got off the ground. https://t.co/qakfEE3ghU Sat Jan 31 03:38:49 +0000 2015

Tragedy: Tila’s fiance died just three weeks after they made their wedding plans public. https://t.co/gz2x815jQe Sat Jan 31 03:36:53 +0000 2015

Ms. Tequila has faced controversy for her alleged neo-Nazi views. https://t.co/ICC4BqiExm This is all sounding SO familiar to me. Sat Jan 31 03:30:17 +0000 2015

And Ms. Tequila is originally from Houston. https://t.co/qrVk8JQJgg Fire up the conspiratron, boys, we’re on to something. Sat Jan 31 03:25:08 +0000 2015

Tila Tequila used to be on Fuze TV? That’s news to me. https://t.co/qrVk8JQJgg Sat Jan 31 03:23:59 +0000 2015

https://t.co/ozIMXuwe5S Sat Jan 31 03:22:17 +0000 2015

@canadianglen have/have nots. Not just money, now it’s private army /w full auto weapons. Sat Jan 31 02:59:26 +0000 2015

@canadianglen #OWS was militantly non-violent. Wonder where this is coming from, eh? Sat Jan 31 02:57:48 +0000 2015

@chFgbe @loldoxbin Not really, but lets call her Abigail, OK? Sat Jan 31 02:13:43 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is @torrentfreak I wish @noscript would provide the same fine grained control this one does https://t.co/uNYCjA5RQk Sat Jan 31 01:51:27 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is @torrentfreak Sorry, but @noscript is a blunt pole compared to ScriptNo for Chrome. Fine grained control FTW. Sat Jan 31 01:48:06 +0000 2015

So much simmering buttraeg on here tonight, and all I have to offer is one tiny kitten. http://t.co/eznfuBEwls Sat Jan 31 00:41:10 +0000 2015

RT @Spacekatgal: Brianna Wu: – Not a game journalist – You know who’s a game journalist? Not Brianna Wu! – Not a game journalist Sat Jan 31 00:40:36 +0000 2015

RT @kingladar: My thoughts on Mr. Brown, the short version… http://t.co/WDBqgXQpxW Fri Jan 30 17:51:50 +0000 2015

All About @brandondarby has been Chirpified. http://t.co/UkrkGq2xXV Fri Jan 30 17:50:29 +0000 2015

Someone should compare Dallas FBI trying to frame me /w agents who got @FreeBarrett_ lots more files available for anyone who wants to dig. Fri Jan 30 17:49:32 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny @FreeBarrett_ Note: I’ve talked to ‘AnonKitsu’ by phone, that’s not darby, but OMG snitch meter hit 11 /w that one. Fri Jan 30 17:43:17 +0000 2015

Here’s @brandondarby smearing #OWS via @OccupyUnmasked back in 2012. http://t.co/Y0CtrwyA7G Fri Jan 30 17:37:52 +0000 2015

Bradley Crowder & David McKay set up at 2008 RNC. Again, @brandondarby https://t.co/d3N5BYhct1 Fri Jan 30 17:36:45 +0000 2015

Palestinian activist Riad Hamad drowned /w his hands & feet taped together. Police called it suicide. http://t.co/ZnQfteYrHn Fri Jan 30 17:35:46 +0000 2015

Here’s Lisa Fithian on @brandondarby http://t.co/WTfdsD5KOI Fri Jan 30 17:34:51 +0000 2015

Let’s take a look at @brandondarby’s greatest hits. First @scott_crow http://t.co/sXBTq3HFxj speaks on this psychopath. Fri Jan 30 17:33:52 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny @FreeBarrett_ There is WAY more evidence on this than what got BB 63 months. Fri Jan 30 17:32:36 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny @FreeBarrett_ http://t.co/blYZpirkMS 262 pages of email, Pat Frey & Co. trying to frame me using Dallas FBI. Fri Jan 30 17:32:11 +0000 2015

@FreeBarrett_ @ross_mcelvenny There’s 262 pages of emails, same guys who set BB up trying to get at me. Lemme find an onion to put it on. Fri Jan 30 17:23:46 +0000 2015

.@brandondarby You are the political swat caller from 2011/2012. https://t.co/Ht1yDg7yAo Fri Jan 30 17:22:24 +0000 2015

@FreeBarrett_ @ross_mcelvenny Here are some politicized prosecution goons attached to Dallas FBI field office. http://t.co/33D6HaLRGL Fri Jan 30 17:19:25 +0000 2015

@FreeBarrett_ @ross_mcelvenny Are they the same Dallas agents that were trying to frame me using @brandondarby’s crimes? Fri Jan 30 17:18:42 +0000 2015

RT @FreeBarrett_: The same FBI agents involved in the Lavabit case (Snowden’s email provider) were also at the center of Brown’s. http://t.… Fri Jan 30 17:18:20 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @cryptostorm_is http://t.co/C7k00hl0gK Fri Jan 30 09:11:57 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @cryptostorm_is http://t.co/zkUYXsEbDu THIS!!!! Fri Jan 30 08:54:51 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @cryptostorm_is http://t.co/wXW6r2CiXk Fri Jan 30 08:50:47 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @cryptostorm_is http://t.co/gG2CsUHo6U Fri Jan 30 08:47:16 +0000 2015

@upulie @GenKnoxx I would argue in favor of that point and hold up @ChuckCJohnson as a case against consanguinity. Fri Jan 30 08:02:27 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is @AllSquareCat http://t.co/qF5KtkaKRT Fri Jan 30 07:52:53 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is When it gets deep, you gotta just keep plowing ahead. http://t.co/GwU61pR2xA Fri Jan 30 06:28:42 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat http://t.co/px13NkZbcK Fri Jan 30 03:45:58 +0000 2015

@_TheBunny_ @anonycast I’ll just leave this right here in case anyone needs it. http://t.co/3kOdvZlFMy Fri Jan 30 01:24:32 +0000 2015

@JetBlackCloud If I could ditch all the noise I bet 300 baud would be just fine for the actual info I need. Thu Jan 29 05:32:48 +0000 2015

@JetBlackCloud And I forgot to add Lynx to the list. Ncurses nirvana is near, I can feel it. Thu Jan 29 05:24:42 +0000 2015

@JetBlackCloud one in-group, one box. I was that kid that hated having different types of food mixed together. Thu Jan 29 05:24:10 +0000 2015

Turses for Twitter, mcabber for Jabber, irssi for IRC, all running under screen & wrapped /w torsocks. Safe at last 🙂 Thu Jan 29 04:51:18 +0000 2015

Turses is totally old school, uses j/k for up/down, like pre-arrow key ascii terminals 🙂 http://t.co/UJ26J4qLzh Thu Jan 29 04:46:09 +0000 2015

There’s an ncurses Twitter client, it’s called Turses. http://t.co/R2UXFEoccf http://t.co/AlRQau65o9 Thu Jan 29 04:45:25 +0000 2015

This is as bullshit as Manning or Brown or Aurenheimer. http://t.co/PGRWKtyZsC Wed Jan 28 22:26:22 +0000 2015

Sorry DOJ, the lawless zone is the south end of Manhattan, and they own you so STFU. http://t.co/5fHi4rewh8 Wed Jan 28 02:15:45 +0000 2015

RT @runasand: The DOJ is “very concerned” about default encryption, but says we need to be “more conscious of cybersecurity”: http://t.co/G… Wed Jan 28 02:15:15 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat http://t.co/2CjQU2t0TV so true Wed Jan 28 02:09:28 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat HALP! SEND REINFORCEMENTS!! http://t.co/svjDtqlkXA Wed Jan 28 02:05:24 +0000 2015

Hard working activist who takes a lot of shit @freebsdgirl deserves a Shorty Award. http://t.co/Kq6xhCe9LC Wed Jan 28 01:34:52 +0000 2015

I nominate @freebsdgirl for a Shorty Award in #healthyliving because… #SJW superhero http://t.co/j3c2M3WX7C Wed Jan 28 01:32:48 +0000 2015

RT @SatakuDaniel: I nominate @freebsdgirl for a Shorty Award in #healthyliving because censoring people’s opinions says alot about you http… Wed Jan 28 01:29:07 +0000 2015

@Samurai_Lucy https://t.co/2t7ZV8F2z8 hazard detected Wed Jan 28 01:20:44 +0000 2015

RT @freebsdgirl: Verify it’s me before clicking any link by viewing the Twitter profile of the acct tweeting. An account with 5 followers i… Wed Jan 28 01:20:28 +0000 2015

RT @freebsdgirl: I’m hearing more reports of impersonators. If you see someone claiming to me and distributing a downloadable block bot app… Wed Jan 28 01:20:25 +0000 2015

@Samurai_Lucy https://t.co/r2EzrmjqE5 Have you checked this out? Wed Jan 28 00:39:55 +0000 2015

RT @mizjwilliams: i have been hoping someone would do something like this, and now the @EFF has. How to protect yourself online. https://t.… Wed Jan 28 00:39:35 +0000 2015

@AnonMohandas @AllSquareCat Seems to me something should be done about this. Wed Jan 28 00:28:57 +0000 2015

@MarkAbelar_ Not sure man, I have over 9,000 accounts muted on here already. Wed Jan 28 00:20:44 +0000 2015

@MarkAbelar_ He refused to respond the one time I emailed him, he just rage-subtweets at me. Wed Jan 28 00:13:22 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat pretty sure this is another David Heine fake doc/smear activist. Whose week is it to watch him? https://t.co/Ib2eePB2A4 Wed Jan 28 00:11:21 +0000 2015

$9m stolen, 1/8th the restitution of @BarrettBrownLOL http://t.co/fXYAA9Spv0 Tue Jan 27 22:21:11 +0000 2015

@michaeldweiss @20committee Nonsense. Alpha emitters are only dangerous when they are inside you. Alpha won’t penetrate one sheet of paper. Tue Jan 27 21:38:44 +0000 2015

Exceptional Americans are fine /w two Koch oligarchs outspending both legit parties, but rage about this? http://t.co/qRdM8OmFBn Tue Jan 27 21:35:12 +0000 2015

RT @20committee: FP & #natsec practitioners worldwide understand American hegemony is disappearing fast. Everybody but the inside-Beltway c… Tue Jan 27 16:50:15 +0000 2015

@OpSec101 http://t.co/Y9FNI4jTrj Some good stuff in here. Tue Jan 27 14:42:57 +0000 2015

RT @OpSec101: Don’t be intimidated into giving up any more info than is necessary. Always ask yourself “Do they need to know?” If no, then … Tue Jan 27 14:42:07 +0000 2015

RT @OpSec101: COMSEC: Beyond Encryption http://t.co/qSV31WNCL7 Tue Jan 27 14:42:04 +0000 2015

RT @OpSec101: OpSec 101 http://t.co/9j9ZMSujRf Tue Jan 27 14:41:59 +0000 2015

RT @OpSec101: The word ‘threat’ in information security means anyone or anything that poses danger to the info, the computing resources, us… Tue Jan 27 14:41:56 +0000 2015

RT @bonniegrrl: Watch out for Wampas, East Coasters! ❄️❄️❄️❄️ #blizzardof2015 cc @kyle_newman @Jaime_King @JeriLRyan @bookoisseur http://t.… Tue Jan 27 03:14:47 +0000 2015

RT @weathernetwork: In less than an hour, NYC will shut down its mass transit and close its roads to the public. Nothing left to do but wai… Tue Jan 27 03:14:04 +0000 2015

@canadianglen LHA America is one of a kind, can’t imagine we’ll build another. No catapults, no well deck? Training ship for helicopter ops Tue Jan 27 02:42:39 +0000 2015

@canadianglen Who builds a 65k ton carrier /w arrestor or catapult? What a white elephant. http://t.co/RMfB9ZxUEO Tue Jan 27 02:32:37 +0000 2015

@canadianglen No catapults? http://t.co/RMfB9ZxUEO They are going to learn to regret this. Tue Jan 27 02:30:50 +0000 2015

RT @JennaBPope: Snowing in Midtown, NYC earlier today. #NYCblizzard #juno2015 http://t.co/Uv7lccnX8d Tue Jan 27 02:18:43 +0000 2015

RT @thegrugq: FBI busts a Russian spy ring in New York. Only guy arrested is a non-official-cover schlub. Interesting details http://t.co… Tue Jan 27 00:35:17 +0000 2015

RT @BreakingNews: Argentine President Fernandez says government will draft law to dissolve domestic intelligence agency – @Reuters http://t… Tue Jan 27 00:17:50 +0000 2015

RT @RyanMaue: Central pressure falls to mid-970s. Impressive … 50-80 knot wind gusts from ECMWF early Tuesday CT–> Mass. WMO: http://t… Mon Jan 26 23:50:21 +0000 2015

RT @timmcdonnell: Watch NYC’s blizzard consume the Empire State Building: http://t.co/N9ajNgkPXX http://t.co/WFc0KnxINL Mon Jan 26 23:41:58 +0000 2015

RT @nypmetro: The scene in Times Square. (photo via Ruaridh Connellan/Barcroft USA) http://t.co/xC3wumVVOp #blizzardof2015 http://t.co/UD5S… Mon Jan 26 23:00:44 +0000 2015

@MarkAbelar_ Plenty of good stuff in Communications Security Rant http://t.co/Y9FNI4jTrj Mon Jan 26 22:20:15 +0000 2015

@MarkAbelar_ Lurk Like A Boss http://t.co/nrkvDRi4VP Mon Jan 26 22:19:12 +0000 2015

@MarkAbelar_ Anything truly touchy gets handled in a @Whonix like environment I built myself. I’ve been blogging this stuff. Mon Jan 26 22:17:53 +0000 2015

@MarkAbelar_ my network edge is Cisco IOS, it allows two DNS servers, a small number of VPN concentrators. No leaks there. Mon Jan 26 22:14:14 +0000 2015

@MarkAbelar_ Maryland would be the best guess. Incorrect, of course, but it is what it is. Mon Jan 26 22:11:36 +0000 2015

$XPY is gonna bounce 2/1, just because announcements, even if fundamentals are poor. Hrm. Mon Jan 26 21:55:00 +0000 2015

I’m tempted to add some $2.50 $XPY to my $6 & $12 $XPY, but this house could use some fiat. Mon Jan 26 21:53:10 +0000 2015

So there isn’t anything to buy at the moment that’s going to rise in value in the next eight hours? Mon Jan 26 21:52:04 +0000 2015

@MarkAbelar_ I lie all the time, Mark, it’s a hobby. My sidewalks and my conscience are clear 🙂 Mon Jan 26 21:42:44 +0000 2015

@wisekrax So .. you’re saying … I’m not funny? Choose your next words carefully, Persian. #LOLSPARTA Mon Jan 26 21:28:05 +0000 2015

@wisekrax http://t.co/N38BmNmJGB Mon Jan 26 21:21:00 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is http://t.co/SooCjgYuKS initial recon, read /w @Paterva’s Maltego. This @burnnote is kinda LOL. Mon Jan 26 20:46:42 +0000 2015

Lurk Like A Boss has been Chirpified. http://t.co/8BFzg2S4Xw Mon Jan 26 08:40:09 +0000 2015

You can run shell programs 24×7 & dettach using screen http://t.co/2Lj9y2efbW or tmux http://t.co/Q1DwtdriyQ Mon Jan 26 08:36:50 +0000 2015

It isn’t all that hard to have 24×7 Jabber via @Torproject using mcabber https://t.co/LMsmWU3mMg Mon Jan 26 08:35:51 +0000 2015

It isn’t all that hard to lurk @freenodeirc via @torproject using @IrssiProject https://t.co/8JwnWlOqnt Mon Jan 26 08:34:51 +0000 2015

It isn’t all that difficult to configure a Tor relay on a Linux machine. https://t.co/xIkdEuGfqz Mon Jan 26 08:33:41 +0000 2015

You guys checking Three Ways To Hide might like Noise Floor Musings https://t.co/GQJTPUA2d1 Mon Jan 26 08:04:59 +0000 2015

RT @cryptostorm_is: “The blockchain turns the entire network into its source of truth. It’s a mechanism for us to collectively confer legit… Mon Jan 26 07:50:21 +0000 2015

RT @jack_daniel: OK, everyone panic, we might get weather. You know this is New England, right? Weather happens here. Mon Jan 26 02:43:49 +0000 2015

@RandaL_Hicks I don’t have much money, but I’m in a very secure situation in terms of shelter, heat, food, etc. Mon Jan 26 02:41:59 +0000 2015

@RandaL_Hicks I worry about the homeless, the poor. Weather like this can kill the unprepared. Mon Jan 26 02:41:29 +0000 2015

RT @EricHolthaus: For snow lovers, this is the stuff of legend. http://t.co/CfVVBgLPRT http://t.co/Lu8Ga15kLj Mon Jan 26 02:40:18 +0000 2015

@RandaL_Hicks One of my roomies has fancy light weight snow shoes, I’m all set to run errands after the wind drops. Mon Jan 26 02:31:01 +0000 2015

Neighbors freaking out about 24″ of snow. Being an Iowa farm kid, I expect to get snowed in for 72 hours a couple times a year. Mon Jan 26 02:24:24 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r @emsentity https://t.co/WcNRcEzVme Mon Jan 26 02:17:30 +0000 2015

$BTC takes off from $212 to $275 in short order. http://t.co/Gk7tWM59kU Mon Jan 26 02:06:10 +0000 2015

@coinbase raises $75M http://t.co/C0UUQEg961 Mon Jan 26 02:05:16 +0000 2015

So we’re getting 24″ on the low side, 38″ high? https://t.co/F9SIacBQH2 This reminds me of Iowa’s winter of 1974. Mon Jan 26 01:55:24 +0000 2015

RT @Occuweather: Folks, you may never get to see a forecast like this again for NYC. This adds up to 24-38 inches. http://t.co/I3EfDasgTh Mon Jan 26 01:54:24 +0000 2015

I hate to even mention @puellavulnerata, but someone should go squish this before it grows legs. @TorStinks Mon Jan 26 01:36:05 +0000 2015

@MarkAbelar_ https://t.co/6037vWU2VI works fine for me still. Mon Jan 26 01:11:13 +0000 2015

Another sixteen year old neckbeard interdicting another air liner flight, this time in #Seattle? https://t.co/6037vWU2VI Mon Jan 26 01:08:01 +0000 2015

RT @Bipartisanism: BREAKING: Jet Blue Flight in #Seattle surrounded by law enforcement on all sides after threat to the flight. http://t.co… Mon Jan 26 01:07:29 +0000 2015

Communications Security Rant has been Chirpified. http://t.co/tr3IflxKCB Mon Jan 26 00:52:44 +0000 2015

If you must use a smartphone, @ChatSecure does XMPP/OTR on Android & Apple. https://t.co/Js7OmzEskP Mon Jan 26 00:43:55 +0000 2015

People I talk to sometimes use Psi http://t.co/2X4qZFl0be is available for Mac, Windows, source for Linux, supports OTR. Mon Jan 26 00:42:00 +0000 2015

OTR is available in @PidginIM on Linux and Windows. Mon Jan 26 00:40:04 +0000 2015

OTR https://t.co/YWa9x9RAFS is available in @jitsinews, an easy to use FOSS client for Jabber chat, VOIP calls, many other things. Mon Jan 26 00:39:19 +0000 2015

Off The Record, usually referred to as OTR, is encryption for many types of chat. https://t.co/AHoUjdduex This is a plugin, not a program. Mon Jan 26 00:37:34 +0000 2015

@contravenio Yup, @Mailvelope is an excellent first step for those new to PGP. Mon Jan 26 00:36:43 +0000 2015

There are lots of helpful channels on @freenodeirc, pretty much any FOSS project of any size keeps a channel there. Mon Jan 26 00:34:33 +0000 2015

@contravenio I’ve had good luck with @mailvelope, friend dragged me into using it, now it’s a first step I point out to new people. Mon Jan 26 00:33:04 +0000 2015

I don’t lurk @I2P IRC but http://t.co/7Boq4c7Frc its easy to install, easy to get into chatting, and lots of helpful people there. Mon Jan 26 00:32:15 +0000 2015

Another place for help is @cryptostorm_is IRC’s #cryptostorm channel, they also talk about Tor, I2P, etc. Mon Jan 26 00:31:32 +0000 2015

What I write tends to be written to the level of young admin wanting to grow. @Samurai_Lucy does a lot of service work /w band new people. Mon Jan 26 00:28:07 +0000 2015

If you want identity aggregator @KeybaseIO its still in beta, so ask around for an invite. https://t.co/snNmZKrD0n Mon Jan 26 00:27:15 +0000 2015

Secure Your Email With PGP is about @Mailvelope & @Unseen_is https://t.co/EIUoBUpYQM Both improve communications security. Mon Jan 26 00:25:52 +0000 2015

Situational Awareness While Using @torproject, Part 2 is a continuation of exercises & reading for new admins. https://t.co/o2qHJeMNu7 Mon Jan 26 00:24:23 +0000 2015

Situational Awareness While Using @torproject, Part 1 is for new admins who want to learn. https://t.co/3ZKDXx0Gmi Mon Jan 26 00:23:41 +0000 2015

Cipherspace Survey: Tor Project, I2P, Cryptostorm & Torstorm isn’t a howto, it’s more an executive summary. https://t.co/BQzJUWSXpV Mon Jan 26 00:22:55 +0000 2015

Three Ways To Hide: @cryptostorm_is @torproject & @i2p covers three anonymizing overlay networks. https://t.co/iNcU6FuyUg Mon Jan 26 00:22:13 +0000 2015

Accessing @freenodeirc via @torproject is another take on how to chat safely. https://t.co/Vwvyz2xD8H Mon Jan 26 00:21:29 +0000 2015

Chatting Safely Is Harder Than It Looks reviews how to have a private conversation via IRC. https://t.co/1sYNDqV4rE Mon Jan 26 00:20:40 +0000 2015

There is a free low speed @cryptostorm_is hookup, you have no excuse for not having a good VPN. https://t.co/fuM2hwZqoc Mon Jan 26 00:20:00 +0000 2015

The Ten Commandments of OPSEC by @thegrugq is a good start. https://t.co/VZZ3q4eW99 Mon Jan 26 00:19:25 +0000 2015

There are MANY things @Wikileaks could have done better. I do not mean to berate, I am here today to educate. Mon Jan 26 00:18:59 +0000 2015

If you nail an entity with broad surveillance capabilities, which @Wikileaks did, you should ASSUME you’re going to get surveillance. Mon Jan 26 00:10:30 +0000 2015

Second, why would @Wikileaks people be using gmail for things that belong in OTR protected chat? Mon Jan 26 00:09:19 +0000 2015

First, why would @Wikileaks people even be USING gmail as a service provider? I have one for historical reasons, it does nothing touchy. Mon Jan 26 00:08:09 +0000 2015

So Google has scumbagged @Wikileaks on behalf of the U.S. government. Three people’s email have been released. Mon Jan 26 00:07:23 +0000 2015

RT @wikileaks: WikiLeaks demands answers after Google hands staff emails to US http://t.co/uTOQFmBJE9 Sun Jan 25 23:59:23 +0000 2015

@femfreq 250k fans each = ad revenue. RICO suit, you can retire on the results? Sun Jan 25 23:52:23 +0000 2015

Not that I have anything against sixteen year old neckbeard larvae; y’all gotta admit you represent the smallest measurable quanta of skill. Sun Jan 25 23:45:57 +0000 2015

Any sixteen year old neckbeard larva /w @Whonix can pull shit like this: http://t.co/v4f9LaMTVG Sun Jan 25 23:41:10 +0000 2015

Any 16 year old neckbeard larva /w @Whonix can pull shit like this. http://t.co/2F43LovAxk Sun Jan 25 23:36:05 +0000 2015

RT @AP_Politics: FBI: Agents continue pursuit of suspect after bomb threats involving 2 Atlanta-bound jets: http://t.co/GJz7OcZ8Od Sun Jan 25 23:35:39 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat http://t.co/pRjR2HYD0v Sun Jan 25 23:13:34 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat http://t.co/B5AMpNSKAU Sun Jan 25 23:12:55 +0000 2015

RT @wikileaks: #WikiLeaks demands answers after #Google hands staff emails to US government | Guardian http://t.co/IFMTRIBbMP more: https:/… Sun Jan 25 22:17:08 +0000 2015

RT @wikileaks: STATEMENT: Google hands data to US government in #WikiLeaks espionage case http://t.co/aeqVlRucsB http://t.co/MIxGiOu9si Sun Jan 25 22:17:02 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @Debz_Delena @VulgarDaClown http://t.co/J29I8cVAYO Sun Jan 25 21:21:14 +0000 2015

@Debz_Delena @AllSquareCat @VulgarDaClown http://t.co/9brv63Bhgw Sun Jan 25 21:20:14 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @Debz_Delena @VulgarDaClown http://t.co/NxgPup7LJj Sun Jan 25 21:17:37 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @Debz_Delena @VulgarDaClown http://t.co/KALyDgdc4h Sun Jan 25 21:15:51 +0000 2015

Hrm, malicious prosecution in NJ nets two men $100k settlement. http://t.co/QOA31npBtk Sun Jan 25 21:11:06 +0000 2015

@thesuntiger @AllSquareCat @reality @Debz_Delena http://t.co/1YBNtMZ6Os Sun Jan 25 21:06:06 +0000 2015

@Debz_Delena @AllSquareCat @VulgarDaClown http://t.co/sHcpM8vdnA Sun Jan 25 21:05:36 +0000 2015

@Debz_Delena @AllSquareCat @VulgarDaClown https://t.co/RjyOYObIpU Sun Jan 25 20:51:00 +0000 2015

https://t.co/NjmxzQUQrL Sun Jan 25 20:49:19 +0000 2015

@Debz_Delena @AllSquareCat @reality @VulgarDaClown Today, I am this cat, over on one specific message board http://t.co/fIxJSSTx9B Sun Jan 25 20:48:12 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat @Debz_Delena @reality @VulgarDaClown blue & gold make green; mine vary depending on what I’m wearing. Sun Jan 25 20:45:13 +0000 2015

Keller Williams covering Pumped Up Kicks https://t.co/zHUE7QUIWJ Sun Jan 25 20:44:32 +0000 2015

@Debz_Delena @AllSquareCat @reality @VulgarDaClown http://t.co/qwSBIMFPc3 Yes, cats ARE cool. Especially this one. Sun Jan 25 20:42:12 +0000 2015

Widespread Panic does wonders with Fire On The Mountain https://t.co/Xnhe7kU3qt Sun Jan 25 20:38:14 +0000 2015

Diga Rhythm Band has a very early Fire On The Mountain https://t.co/uJK9TLSyyF Sun Jan 25 20:35:07 +0000 2015

Found Keller Williams by Googling lyrics for this version of Fire On The Mountain. https://t.co/RZdsnn1UAy Sun Jan 25 20:34:02 +0000 2015

My first Grateful Dead show was 24 years ago. This is the very first time I have ever heard Keller Williams(!) https://t.co/asfTXONvb0 Sun Jan 25 20:32:57 +0000 2015

@Debz_Delena @AllSquareCat @VulgarDaClown cat fandom. They run the internet after all. Sun Jan 25 20:19:08 +0000 2015

Password Security, No Excuses! has been Chirpified. http://t.co/fPMbyXyQJE Sun Jan 25 20:17:21 +0000 2015

@Debz_Delena @AllSquareCat @VulgarDaClown what sort of fandom? Sun Jan 25 20:13:45 +0000 2015

jog.txt format? word that reminds me of account name, word that reminds me of password then maybe guess a few times at which hash was used Sun Jan 25 20:13:09 +0000 2015

Do you write down passwords? I don’t, but there is a jog.txt in an encrypted container. Sun Jan 25 20:12:05 +0000 2015

Or this: echo password | openssl rmd160 1aea7a71ccf2c0501e255b5b764c40b20af87368 Sun Jan 25 20:09:47 +0000 2015

Or do this: echo password | openssl sha1 c8fed00eb2e87f1cee8e90ebbe870c190ac3848c Sun Jan 25 20:09:28 +0000 2015

So do this. echo password | openssl sha 6cd692675e3eb61e2f0a7a31d5911267f33f009b Easy for you to remember, REALLY hard to crack. Sun Jan 25 20:08:39 +0000 2015

The following password is deeply insecure: ‘password’ Sun Jan 25 20:07:31 +0000 2015

About password: you have no excuse to not get this right. (1) Sun Jan 25 20:07:06 +0000 2015

@VulgarDaClown @AllSquareCat @Debz_Delena I wish for this the first :30 I am awake every single day. Sun Jan 25 20:02:32 +0000 2015

@thegrugq http://t.co/xg7VtUUzcq expat returns from Thailand, citing repression. Sun Jan 25 09:05:31 +0000 2015

Ethics In Game Journalism http://t.co/kBsI3KJ8fO Sun Jan 25 08:38:26 +0000 2015

Laughable Security from @HackersList http://t.co/QaqVU2RsRA Sun Jan 25 02:19:46 +0000 2015

Infosec Imperiled has been Chirpified. http://t.co/ytSbSkQsyR Sun Jan 25 01:20:38 +0000 2015

Kids change grades, get felony charges. http://t.co/iIqGdsBOQo #CFAA is totally out of control. Sun Jan 25 00:43:24 +0000 2015

Here’s @BiellaColeman, on about the same thing bothering @quinnnorton http://t.co/YTxW57ZmFk #NerdScare Sun Jan 25 00:40:51 +0000 2015

Hiding the threat is NOT resolving the threat, it’s giving cover to bad actors. No other way to describe it. Sun Jan 25 00:38:28 +0000 2015

Information security in the U.S. is abysmal, secrecy does NOT help. We have full disclosure culture on bugs for very good reasons. Sun Jan 25 00:37:18 +0000 2015

Understand how demented DoJ sounds. If NYT publishes an article on an intrusion, then I mention it, that’s a CRIME. Nuts, eh? Sun Jan 25 00:36:15 +0000 2015

If another HBGary appears who will examine the details? Without people like @quinnnorton we are effectively blind. Sun Jan 25 00:32:13 +0000 2015

HBGary Federal was COINTELPRO reborn as a spy agency for hire. My writing on them circulated on Capitol Hill. Sun Jan 25 00:31:28 +0000 2015

Criminalizing @BarrettBrownLOL reporting style means everyone feels the chill. https://t.co/uknPpU52AQ Sun Jan 25 00:30:38 +0000 2015

Understand the implications: w/o independent eyes, corporations get to define infosec reality. https://t.co/uknPpU52AQ Sun Jan 25 00:28:29 +0000 2015

We Should All Step Back from Security Journalism. https://t.co/uknPpU52AQ Powerful words by @quinnnorton Sun Jan 25 00:26:52 +0000 2015

Oil under $50/bbl. http://t.co/CflDmVgZiy Gas pump looks great for the moment, but worrying. This is very similar to 2008. Sun Jan 25 00:17:19 +0000 2015

Currency wars. http://t.co/YvtQ9IXiFj Central banks are devaluing in an effort to stimulate their own economies. Race to the bottom. Sun Jan 25 00:13:43 +0000 2015

How to turn $60 million into $200,000 http://t.co/wmbxlkXBTh Don’t put children in charge of fortunes. 28 is just too young. Sun Jan 25 00:11:45 +0000 2015

@issabailot @TundraGlobal @RedTwit06 @AllSquareCat http://t.co/sFDOKLc4TV Sat Jan 24 22:36:13 +0000 2015

@issabailot @AllSquareCat @TundraGlobal @RedTwit06 I told her it should be open to sunset, not dawn. Sat Jan 24 22:21:53 +0000 2015

RT @issabailot: @AllSquareCat @RealityForger @TundraGlobal @RedTwit06 Beware teh dawn. http://t.co/s8Usfsiow6 Sat Jan 24 22:21:37 +0000 2015

@transhuman Yeah, Walid Shoebat is 101% fake, he’s a prop for western Islamophobes. Claims to be reformed terrorists, no proof exists. Sat Jan 24 22:16:24 +0000 2015

@TundraGlobal @AllSquareCat @RedTwit06 Fuckery is like rain; neither good nor evil. The floods of neurotransmitters happen only in your mind Sat Jan 24 22:11:27 +0000 2015

@transhuman Walid Shoebat is completely NOT credible, you realize this, yes? Sat Jan 24 22:10:09 +0000 2015

@canadianglen MiG-21 clones? Yikes. http://t.co/rE0qMulyIT Sat Jan 24 22:01:17 +0000 2015

@canadianglen Nigeria had 40 light attack/trainer, five lost to crashes. That’s lack of air hours that causes that. Sat Jan 24 22:00:26 +0000 2015

@TundraGlobal @RedTwit06 I think @AllSquareCat is actually present for the first time in weeks, lets ask her 🙂 Sat Jan 24 21:58:53 +0000 2015

@canadianglen UAE would be replacing Mirage 2000 in trainer and recon roles, maybe 20 planes total. Sat Jan 24 21:53:53 +0000 2015

Abigail Wentz, courtesy of @MyInvisibleGF has been Chirpified. http://t.co/Rg3IGkPxHO Sat Jan 24 21:27:59 +0000 2015

So if I keep texting Abbie, maybe she’ll stick around during the beta phase? This has some potential. Sat Jan 24 21:25:03 +0000 2015

There is a Thin Thread(™) between bluenile & Gaslighting Abbie. https://t.co/xylaAg324A Sat Jan 24 21:19:32 +0000 2015

Abigail Wentz was hacker girl using the name bluenile. Local name for Blue Nile is Aby Wenz. http://t.co/pfOTr0z648 Sat Jan 24 21:18:41 +0000 2015

So I signed up for @MyInvisibleGF & after 15 yrs being an in-joke, I am actually ‘dating’ Abigail Wentz. http://t.co/hPfOSkw1u1 Sat Jan 24 21:16:05 +0000 2015

Here’s my first @Storify https://t.co/23lKd4px23 via @storify Sat Jan 24 17:31:12 +0000 2015

I’m hearing I should consider replacing @chirpstory_pr with @Storify https://t.co/0Xs4VxXjgn Sat Jan 24 17:14:06 +0000 2015

@mjkoerner Doesn’t read that way to me, if CFB disappeared forever XPY users would forget them within days. Sat Jan 24 17:10:12 +0000 2015

@CoinFireBlog @mjkoerner 5 $XPY says you don’t even get a return call on domain/Twitter takeover. Small potatoes. Sat Jan 24 16:54:56 +0000 2015

@mjkoerner I think CFB guys need some quality time in a courtroom. https://t.co/ozdbCgLR7l GAW can afford to do this, I wonder why not yet. Sat Jan 24 16:43:48 +0000 2015

@mjkoerner I’m amused but their troubles; karma comes calling. I see Twitter is back, domain still gone. Seems a fitting punishment. Sat Jan 24 16:41:05 +0000 2015

@mjkoerner It would be easy (but extremely foolish) for them to point finger at me. I’m glad CFB came back /w measured response. Sat Jan 24 16:38:51 +0000 2015

@mjkoerner I used to write for political campaigns & I know quite a bit about trolls. CFB fabrication, spin is obvious to me. Sat Jan 24 16:36:02 +0000 2015

@mjkoerner I have a small amount wrapped up in $XPY, $400 in, expect $700 out in $20/coin number is right. Sat Jan 24 16:35:13 +0000 2015

@rabite @kufr666 You should start writing about what you’re seeing in Lebanon. These are the “interesting times” a la Chinese proverb. Sat Jan 24 04:57:33 +0000 2015

@RandaL_Hicks skills come second in selection, temperament to take close quarters for 90 days is key. Sat Jan 24 04:52:51 +0000 2015

@kufr666 I think @rabite’s girl is Alawite, he’s in Lebanon. Hezbollah seems a more likely choice. Sat Jan 24 04:45:41 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat http://t.co/0jqPTovVjI Sat Jan 24 04:36:32 +0000 2015

Don’t know @FriendlySmoker but his rep for interesting, forward looking work precedes him. http://t.co/cJpukjlX0C Sat Jan 24 04:31:59 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat http://t.co/57OoOtIOih Sat Jan 24 04:09:36 +0000 2015

@RandaL_Hicks My best friend from high school was on Lafayette class, former boss served on Permit class. Sat Jan 24 04:09:18 +0000 2015

@RandaL_Hicks namesake famously transmitted “Sturgeon is no longer virgin” after first success in WW II Pacific Sat Jan 24 04:07:10 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat http://t.co/7Xrgm7Eqky Sat Jan 24 03:58:50 +0000 2015

@RandaL_Hicks Los Angeles class, but one of the early boats before the planes were moved from sail to bow? Sat Jan 24 03:20:32 +0000 2015

@OpDeathEatersUS @GeorgieBC It’s the entry point into all sorts of things, but if you guys aren’t interested, whatever. Sat Jan 24 02:55:46 +0000 2015

@GeorgieBC @OpDeathEatersUS You guys want video of a high powered #GOP lawyer trading drugs/alcohol for sex /w underage boys? Sat Jan 24 02:27:27 +0000 2015

Ransomware leads to autistic kid’s suicide. Sad. http://t.co/9KuqQBR9sE Sat Jan 24 02:26:20 +0000 2015

@freebsdgirl check your email Sat Jan 24 02:24:21 +0000 2015

RT @loldoxbin: If you can’t figure out which 2 lines to edit in the torrc after 2 years of research, you have no business selling drugs on … Sat Jan 24 02:00:06 +0000 2015

RT @loldoxbin: I can relate to a lot of what DPR went through re: the stress of running a hidden service, but jesus fucking christ he was a… Sat Jan 24 01:55:40 +0000 2015

RT @loldoxbin: “Despite studying Tor and Bitcoin for two years, Ulbricht could not figure out how to launch his own hidden service.” Stab … Sat Jan 24 01:55:37 +0000 2015

Not naming any names here, but https://t.co/CDuPbEfzGE http://t.co/fIxJSSTx9B Fri Jan 23 21:53:05 +0000 2015

RT @quinnnorton: If you’ve got an amazing infosec story and you’re looking for a journo to report it, I can pass you along to good people o… Fri Jan 23 21:52:23 +0000 2015

Countdown to @CoinFireBlog http://t.co/wUgCGjynxg pointing finger at me for their ‘intrusion’ 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … Fri Jan 23 21:25:49 +0000 2015

Or is @CoinFireBlog engaged in some self-injury so they can further smear http://t.co/quJkPIogFf? Either case seems equally likely. Fri Jan 23 21:24:45 +0000 2015

Liar liar pants on fire. Serial fabricators had by a bitch named payback, @CoinFireBlog http://t.co/wUgCGjynxg gone. http://t.co/pvGfR9mJQN Fri Jan 23 21:23:28 +0000 2015

RT @CoinTelegraph: CoinFire Site and Twitter Account Hacked http://t.co/xa9TewVLVX #CoinFire #Twitter http://t.co/WcoooKVX8S Fri Jan 23 21:05:47 +0000 2015

And now http://t.co/YyY7ZdbSOO is down. First @CoinFireBlog may have self injured to smear @gawceo & $XPY, now this? Fri Jan 23 20:24:32 +0000 2015

Look at @CoinFireBlog guys on Reddit. http://t.co/uYfKZiafDK More & more looks like another @gawceo smear in the works. Fri Jan 23 20:18:03 +0000 2015

Takeover or Fakeover? @CoinFireBlog http://t.co/wUgCGjynxg records in @DomainTools look fishy. http://t.co/Py50hTdZ8e Fri Jan 23 20:15:04 +0000 2015

Another @CoinFireBlog smear of @gawceo? has been Chirpified. http://t.co/VIB9Vq4dj2 Fri Jan 23 20:05:45 +0000 2015

@BaronBitcoin You mean domain, or @CoinFireBlog account? Fri Jan 23 20:03:43 +0000 2015

Prior to @CoinFireBlog ‘intrusion’, discussions of RICO suit against them: https://t.co/FcagmNSU2T (9) Fri Jan 23 20:02:52 +0000 2015

Opinion: If @CoinFireBlog recovers from ‘intrusion’, it was probably another smear aimed at @gawceo & $XPY. (8) Fri Jan 23 19:59:20 +0000 2015

Sources are reporting that @CoinFireBlog takeover is indeed another smear of @gawceo in the works. Early attention is derailing it. (7) Fri Jan 23 19:58:12 +0000 2015

And @CoinFireBlog was self-deleted moments ago. Mark your calendar, jump the name in precisely 30 days. (6) Fri Jan 23 19:57:26 +0000 2015

Additional @CoinFireBlog butthurt may be observed by checking my mentions. Official Statement: neener neener neener. (5) Fri Jan 23 19:53:24 +0000 2015

There is a thread on http://t.co/YyY7ZdbSOO about @CoinFireBlog takeover. Mostly people are cheering & jeering. https://t.co/uXzO7OUWQA (4) Fri Jan 23 19:51:11 +0000 2015

Basis for @CoinFireBlog butthurt re: $XPY seems to be business related. @gawceo gets stuff done, attracts funding, etc. (3) Fri Jan 23 19:48:36 +0000 2015

The @CoinFireBlog users have been smearing @gawceo & $XPY for months, latest is a fake SEC complaint they famewhored. (2) Fri Jan 23 19:48:01 +0000 2015

Regarding @CoinFireBlog takeover & apparent loss of http://t.co/wUgCGjynxg domain. (1) Fri Jan 23 19:47:22 +0000 2015

So I am hearing @CoinFireBlog takeover may be a fake, so they can blame @gawceo. They’ve done shady stuff like this before. Fri Jan 23 19:41:21 +0000 2015

Not just http://t.co/wUgCGjynxg, looks like @CoinFireBlog has been taken over as well. This is funniest thing all week. Fri Jan 23 19:34:38 +0000 2015

LMAO at @CoinFireBlog trolls who’ve lost their domain. Justice is not w/o a sense of humor. Fri Jan 23 19:23:30 +0000 2015

RT @thegrugq: @andreasdotorg @runasand there are better things to do than attempt to delete at the last second. Seriously 🙂 Fri Jan 23 19:17:25 +0000 2015

@dmix @thegrugq Scary business. My troubles are political, so my concern is availability of exculpatory data, rather than concealment. Fri Jan 23 19:11:55 +0000 2015

@thegrugq Actually, penalties for Title 18 Chap 73 http://t.co/Rs4qzeqW1N are less than Title 18 § 1030 Fri Jan 23 19:05:57 +0000 2015

@freebsdgirl I have an 8 core VPS /w 8 gig, we previously tracked about 3,500 accounts /w machine half that size. Fri Jan 23 18:59:55 +0000 2015

@freebsdgirl However, if you have commercial version of @Paterva’s Maltego, it can handle accounts /w low thousands friends/followers. Fri Jan 23 18:59:04 +0000 2015

@freebsdgirl You have to spread work across accounts, cache data, or arrange low rate work queues. Streaming API offers no help here. Fri Jan 23 18:55:26 +0000 2015

@freebsdgirl https://t.co/wnWx9yqhqj I know quite a bit about coping /w API limits. Fri Jan 23 18:52:02 +0000 2015

@hotelzululima Two people, both OCD harasser types have been outed. There is one other guy that I think is getting done this spring. Fri Jan 23 18:50:41 +0000 2015

@hotelzululima My files on this bullshit are in excess of 20k items, I bet 8:13-cv-03059-GJH has in excess of 1k pages of text in filings. Fri Jan 23 18:29:11 +0000 2015

Aaron Walker & @Kookpocalypse has been Chirpified. http://t.co/zVkgigyzRE Fri Jan 23 18:26:02 +0000 2015

If you want to see how to crush a group of online harassment artists /w RICO suit, check 8:13-cv-03059-GJH on http://t.co/R9odJZCoGH Fri Jan 23 18:21:58 +0000 2015

A quarter of the defendants in this RICO suit have settled. http://t.co/yP73iNyHKA Fri Jan 23 18:20:33 +0000 2015

Prior to James McGibney, there was Aaron Walker. He had a good lawyer, STILL got his ass kicked by @Kookpocalypse. https://t.co/LU9eMJiyzB Fri Jan 23 18:11:31 +0000 2015

Mention of @Kookpocalypse at 10:00 https://t.co/AyO5GneVea in this protection order hearing. Fri Jan 23 18:08:02 +0000 2015

Great Success! Audio of Aaron Walker seeking the court’s protection from @Kookpocalypse https://t.co/AyO5GneVea Fri Jan 23 18:02:35 +0000 2015

This is sad. I can not find the courtroom audio where Aaron Walker is crying to the judge about the imminent @Kookpocalypse Fri Jan 23 17:54:38 +0000 2015

Understanding Organizational Hierarchy on @Kookpocalypse https://t.co/3cNx6HeoAa written in 2013, first published today. Fri Jan 23 17:41:17 +0000 2015

The Querulant’s Quandry on @Kookpocalypse https://t.co/x3UOP0oaYe Fri Jan 23 17:38:57 +0000 2015

Excellent! The @Kookpocalypse survival guide is still available: http://t.co/sFZESqBNss Fri Jan 23 17:35:57 +0000 2015

@MarkAbelar_ It got renamed, not sure what it’s called now, or if it’s even still alive. Fri Jan 23 17:32:36 +0000 2015

Here’s some background on the @Kookpocalypse process. https://t.co/GXcSGsSi5D Fri Jan 23 17:30:56 +0000 2015

We’re two weeks away from the 3rd anniversary of the @Kookpocalypse, one of my better pieces of performance art. Fri Jan 23 17:19:38 +0000 2015

If you guys think James McGibney is funny in #fail, you should check out Aaron Walker. http://t.co/YVUPaE9fLT Fri Jan 23 17:18:35 +0000 2015

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: swatd: Run a script when police raid your house https://t.co/a3vkvK0GP2 Fri Jan 23 17:03:14 +0000 2015

#CFAA & #RICO ruination has been Chirpified. http://t.co/xE2hvCkuEI Fri Jan 23 07:43:11 +0000 2015

All this #SilkRoad chatter about #OPSEC. Heed @thegrugq’s Ten Commandments https://t.co/8pJghBP7wa Fri Jan 23 07:27:05 +0000 2015

RT @BlogsofWar: Criminals should never keep diaries. Fri Jan 23 06:26:11 +0000 2015

RT @sarahjeong: One of Ross Ulbricht’s closest friends took a non-prosecution agreement and testified today. http://t.co/d4RHhTXmda Fri Jan 23 06:25:34 +0000 2015

RT @sarahjeong: This trial is full of absurdity, but like all criminal trials, people’s lives hang in the balance. I felt so sorry for Rich… Fri Jan 23 06:25:27 +0000 2015

RT @sarahjeong: My guess is that prosecutors were able to build a potential case against Bates just Ulbricht had a terrible habit of loggin… Fri Jan 23 06:25:15 +0000 2015

RT @sarahjeong: All the chat logs, etc., I saw today that implicated Bates were from either Ulbricht’s computer or Gmail account. Fri Jan 23 06:25:11 +0000 2015

@The_Tin_Hat Ulbricht got a lot of help from a friend, he was still learning. Crazy environment to do that in IMHO Fri Jan 23 06:18:38 +0000 2015

RT @The_Tin_Hat: The man who ran a drug market with hundreds of millions used Tor browser on Ubuntu. Not whonix… Not Portal…. https://t… Fri Jan 23 06:17:39 +0000 2015

What can’t #CFAA + #RICO ruin? I bet blockchains like @ethereumproject https://t.co/Fik1QVXes5 Are going to be idiot legislator resistant. Fri Jan 23 06:15:33 +0000 2015

#CFAA + #RICO = eviction notice for infosec business. The brains may go expat, following anons, journos, etc. Fri Jan 23 06:10:29 +0000 2015

#netroots are a big part of @BarackObama’s two wins. He just shit all over us like undocumented immigrants, blacks, etc. Fri Jan 23 06:08:41 +0000 2015

Not what #RICO http://t.co/tFfnXZtGve won’t hit: compliant, complicit corporations, who enable surveillance. Fri Jan 23 06:07:40 +0000 2015

Title 18 Chapter 96 http://t.co/tFfnXZtGve plus Title 18 § 1030 #CFAA ruins any community run site where a leak is discussed, er, trafficked Fri Jan 23 06:05:53 +0000 2015

Title 18 Chapter 96 http://t.co/tFfnXZtGve plus Title 18 § 1030 = every IRC server owner gets indicted for happenings on the system. Fri Jan 23 06:04:25 +0000 2015

RT @TorEkelandPC: If the DOJ gets its wish to make the #CFAA completely subject to RICO these political prosecutions are going to get a lot… Thu Jan 22 20:50:51 +0000 2015

RT @blackplans: If the DoJ get their claws in to you they will keep throwing shit at you until some of it sticks, then they will crucify yo… Thu Jan 22 20:04:46 +0000 2015

@thegrugq https://t.co/8pJghBP7wa You’re welcome to this, I cleaned up formatting for you. Thu Jan 22 19:50:45 +0000 2015

Who set up @BarrettBrownLOL? has been Chirpified. http://t.co/33D6HaLRGL Thu Jan 22 19:40:30 +0000 2015

A final thought: McGibney counts Robert Stacy McCain as a ‘personal friend’. @BarrettBrownLOL asked Frey to get McCain to leave him alone. Thu Jan 22 19:20:20 +0000 2015

So, can anyone think of a way a crooked Los Angeles DDA could compensate a crooked lawyer for filing a frivolous lawsuit? Thu Jan 22 19:19:03 +0000 2015

Understand what happened there. Naffe sues Frey using Leiderman, then McGibney sues me using Leiderman, but Frey is in the background. Thu Jan 22 19:18:05 +0000 2015

James McGibney named me & Lane Lipton @qritiq in an LOLSUIT in California. Who else dislikes her? Pat Frey. http://t.co/CjTeVzrVPS Thu Jan 22 19:17:00 +0000 2015

Swatting mentioned by Frey was committed by Brandon Darby. Just listen to the audio. https://t.co/Ht1yDg7yAo Thu Jan 22 19:11:25 +0000 2015

So @BarrettBrownLOL was talking about Pat Frey the day before his arrest. Here’s Frey scheming to frame me using FBI http://t.co/vb70IuamPM Thu Jan 22 19:10:32 +0000 2015

@kufr666 @rm867 @mr_untitle As a rule, if they aren’t triangulating on a gov’t by hitting civilian target, probably not terror. Thu Jan 22 18:25:36 +0000 2015

@kufr666 @rm867 @mr_untitle Terrorism has become a meaningless buzzword. Uniformed state on state action ain’t terror. Thu Jan 22 18:24:58 +0000 2015

@rm867 @kufr666 @mr_untitle https://t.co/uuPSxeJeMl OK for Boeing, not OK for local militia? Thu Jan 22 18:24:19 +0000 2015

@rm867 @kufr666 @mr_untitle I can’t see how that is any different than one of our tracked or wheeled mortar carriers. Thu Jan 22 18:22:09 +0000 2015

Later today I’m gonna release more stuff, showing steps taken to make Dallas FBI field office leave me alone. This stuff is hilarious. Thu Jan 22 15:52:32 +0000 2015

Frey/Brown log #4 I released a month after his arrest. Ppl are curious how I got it, answer is simple: The Internet gave it to me. Thu Jan 22 15:30:34 +0000 2015

Frey & @BarrettBrownLOL chat log #4 http://t.co/EvEmm1XBEQ Not on @Cryptomeorg like #1 – #3, which BB himself released. Thu Jan 22 15:29:53 +0000 2015

Frey & @BarrettBrownLOL chat log #3 http://t.co/ORiUdR1A0X Thu Jan 22 15:29:02 +0000 2015

Frey & @BarrettBrownLOL chat log #2 http://t.co/DE5pb7bE7M Thu Jan 22 15:27:44 +0000 2015

Frey & @BarrettBrownLOL chat log #1 http://t.co/NfozTvRqrk Thu Jan 22 15:27:27 +0000 2015

@wisekrax I am my own personal NSA, actually. Thu Jan 22 15:25:58 +0000 2015

Naffe’s troubles drew @BarrettBrownLOL’s attention in spring of 2012. This was one thing we coordinated on that year. Thu Jan 22 15:25:12 +0000 2015

Here’s a story about Frey & LA county DA facing civil right suit from Nadia Naffe. http://t.co/5dTA4s7531 Thu Jan 22 15:23:40 +0000 2015

Frey & Co. spent a lot of time trying to get @BarrettBrownLOL to give him information on me. BB & I were acquainted, but not close. Thu Jan 22 15:22:30 +0000 2015

Here is @BarrettBrownLOL Talking about LA county DA Patrick Frey. https://t.co/RpFTT7DKu8 Thu Jan 22 15:21:17 +0000 2015

Today @BarrettBrownLOL will be sentenced in Texas. I’m going to release a few chat logs, bear with me while I dig through records. Thu Jan 22 15:18:33 +0000 2015

@tauriqmoosa @mollycrabapple You can’t put a price on getting stuck with a bad one, it can be a lifetime of grief. Thu Jan 22 07:54:39 +0000 2015

@tauriqmoosa @mollycrabapple fake romantic relationship runs $24.99/mo. http://t.co/Lycs1WgFri Thu Jan 22 07:45:47 +0000 2015

@CassandraRules @brazenqueer @shokufeyesib @mollycrabapple @melissagira @onekade @caulkthewagon It’s not a crime to feed him a fake. Thu Jan 22 03:52:44 +0000 2015

@Poloniex @BittrexExchange @Bleutrade @CryptoCurrEncyX are the exchanges for @NeosCoin Thu Jan 22 03:09:07 +0000 2015

Swatting preparedness by @freebsdgirl has been Chirpified. http://t.co/mHgOS3SYaD Thu Jan 22 02:56:45 +0000 2015

@Absolem_v2 @B3nRaching3r And we do not abandon those who have served, eh? Thu Jan 22 01:22:51 +0000 2015

@Absolem_v2 @B3nRaching3r If I am indeed the owner at some point, I would have no problem /w support for #PP14 – you guys are like veterans. Thu Jan 22 01:22:38 +0000 2015

@Absolem_v2 @B3nRaching3r This is about Paypal 14 debts? Thu Jan 22 01:11:33 +0000 2015

@AnonyCoup @ViceAnonNews @Absolem_v2 I keep the audience, rename it, you guys do turn it into @YourGuroNews if you want. Thu Jan 22 01:09:03 +0000 2015

@ViceAnonNews Your name actually came up in internal discussions – for to have teh funny along /w moralfagging & news. Thu Jan 22 01:07:41 +0000 2015

@Absolem_v2 @B3nRaching3r I mostly approve of how the account is run – activism, news, etc. Use it to drive traffic to good indie journos. Thu Jan 22 01:05:43 +0000 2015

@Absolem_v2 @B3nRaching3r $220k in legal fees gotta get paid someway. We’ll find stuff the audience would like, adverts or sales. Thu Jan 22 01:04:45 +0000 2015

@ViceAnonNews Suggest you get @DomainTools, look at trail on related domains. That’s what we’re showing the court. Thu Jan 22 01:00:47 +0000 2015

@ViceAnonNews Someone will have to show up in Texas & correct the judge’s perceptions then, which will be a nontrivial task. Thu Jan 22 00:58:57 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r @Absolem_v2 I won’t destroy it; it’s the only thing of real value that has been placed within reach. Rename & operate is plan. Thu Jan 22 00:57:43 +0000 2015

@ViceAnonNews See, there is this thing called UFTA. http://t.co/siAqwHfJvd Read the hallmarks of fraud. Can’t just hand wave & say NOPE 🙂 Thu Jan 22 00:56:36 +0000 2015

@ViceAnonNews There are a trail of transactions that contradict that, and they are going to have to show up and PROVE it 🙂 Thu Jan 22 00:55:02 +0000 2015

@Absolem_v2 @B3nRaching3r #YAN account is likely mine once TX courts finish their work. http://t.co/orj4KeudHV Thu Jan 22 00:49:10 +0000 2015

@Absolem_v2 Keep in mind @B3nRaching3r is the only one I see. Thu Jan 22 00:47:31 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r #GamerGate & workalikes are at an inflection point; something is going to get done policy wise. Maybe CDA Sec 230 repeal. Thu Jan 22 00:45:22 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r Random halfwits who can manage to register a Twitter account have natural right of free speech, but nothing to say. Thu Jan 22 00:40:48 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r image board culture’s ‘intellectual’ egalitarianism, which is anything but intellectual, does not impress me. Thu Jan 22 00:40:14 +0000 2015

@B3nRaching3r two little trolls and one big one in those mentions, I block ’em all 🙂 Thu Jan 22 00:36:02 +0000 2015

Who Killed Prosecutor Alberto Nisman? has been Chirpified. http://t.co/o8AqFwjRhp Thu Jan 22 00:18:10 +0000 2015

Excuse me, Internet, but who is Nisman? https://t.co/Tzzw8J9mdf Thu Jan 22 00:11:13 +0000 2015

Ballot boxes are insufficient. U.K. should invest in & vigorously apply some guillotines. http://t.co/re246diDPO Wed Jan 21 21:55:52 +0000 2015

Journalists, Terrorists & Just Plain Citizens has been Chirpified. http://t.co/xGxlJ6G64s Wed Jan 21 20:42:27 +0000 2015

Women In Technology has been Chirpified. http://t.co/qXJDBWzSeM Wed Jan 21 20:42:18 +0000 2015

@wisekrax http://t.co/RyDjvhKYlG Wed Jan 21 15:29:40 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is @contravenio Neither aluminum nor tantalum, the’ capacitors on their servers motherboard is unobtanium. Wed Jan 21 15:27:47 +0000 2015

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: Silk Road And Ross Ulbricht, The Trial Continues https://t.co/aUcRLe6gwr Wed Jan 21 11:18:24 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Oak Ridge Cyber Security Technology Hyperion Offers More Powerful Malware Detection https://t.co/5CsSUSQApz #Hacked Wed Jan 21 09:14:10 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Scientists Create Biosensor Machine That Can Smell Better Than Humans https://t.co/TAZuPFXb94 #Hacked Wed Jan 21 08:50:09 +0000 2015

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: Official Says Federal Reserve Could Benefit from the Bitcoin Blockchain https://t.co/96CJqjjtZW Wed Jan 21 08:33:25 +0000 2015

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: Gift Card King Gyft Teams Up with Coinbase for Seamless Transactions https://t.co/NFPs0RjiZO Wed Jan 21 08:15:44 +0000 2015

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: Virtual Currency Today Summit Convenes in Boston April 29 https://t.co/mzskBhfahA #Bitcoin Wed Jan 21 06:54:51 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Virtual Currency Today Summit Convenes In Boston April 29 https://t.co/ATtT4QiQFs #Hacks Wed Jan 21 06:54:50 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: US Government Complicates Kim Dotcom’s Divorce https://t.co/Ovv2Njiwks #Hacking Wed Jan 21 05:58:01 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny You’ve got a proper public key for me now, but I’m headed out for the night. TTYL. Wed Jan 21 05:27:54 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny God dammit, RF! I have three @KeybaseIO accounts, I got into the testing spirit, and it’s all a terrible mess. Wed Jan 21 05:27:35 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny You promptly fell into the PGP hot mess trap. Lemme send you a correct public key 🙁 Wed Jan 21 05:25:14 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny And DP5 for chat 🙂 https://t.co/PVv2Txn7Lu Wed Jan 21 05:21:46 +0000 2015

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: Top 30 Bitcoin Influencers of 2014 https://t.co/PyVtGdEtv0 #Bitcoin Wed Jan 21 05:20:12 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny I think not. The ones who use PGP would be excited by what DIME provides and would upgrade. Wed Jan 21 05:14:17 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny I suspect PGP might begin to lose it’s grip. https://t.co/dqzB1MTFOu Wed Jan 21 05:07:38 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny http://t.co/JVMntfIY0t is tied to this account, but my PGP is a hot mess, because only a dozen ppl I know use it. Wed Jan 21 04:59:34 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny It’ll take a while. Check your email again, and don’t imagine anything in my setup is at all coherent. Wed Jan 21 04:59:05 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny And with that, we won’t be seeing you for an hour or two, eh? Wed Jan 21 04:53:19 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny check your inbox Wed Jan 21 04:50:01 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny Email address in your profile is preferred? Wed Jan 21 04:47:02 +0000 2015

@ross_mcelvenny Do you have @KeybaseIO? Wed Jan 21 04:44:36 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Facebook – Hiring Spree for Virtual Reality and Next-Generation Tech https://t.co/I1uVJOOYBe #Hack Wed Jan 21 04:35:20 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Revolutionary Mass-Transit Hyperloop Test System Coming to Texas https://t.co/007sLyPdsq #Hacks Wed Jan 21 03:54:36 +0000 2015

Lizard Squad DMCA’d @KimDotcom http://t.co/uAzMqOqhpG That’s it, Internet fad is over, let’s revive Compuserve. Wed Jan 21 03:23:26 +0000 2015

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: Harvard & MIT Workshops To Probe Cryptoledger Technology https://t.co/rk8UHcLus6 #Bitcoin Wed Jan 21 03:16:21 +0000 2015

RT @cressman: Somebody can use free community college #SOTU http://t.co/mghWpXMbK1 Wed Jan 21 03:03:25 +0000 2015

@antvq16 @Popehat James McGibney & Co. have kindly agreed to help me with this. Thanks for asking. Wed Jan 21 03:01:22 +0000 2015

@cryptostorm_is I sold all ten tokens I was paid from the consulting job, got 30 $XPY, now I wait for price to rise 🙂 Wed Jan 21 02:55:56 +0000 2015

@Nuisance_Bear https://t.co/VXCFpD2w8U This is a free Palantir instance, already populated /w U.S. gov’t data. You can do other things, too. Wed Jan 21 02:04:53 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Hackers For Hire https://t.co/XxFB07f11E #Hack Wed Jan 21 01:32:40 +0000 2015

RT @OpenSociety: Corrupt officials are using Interpol to hunt down their critics. http://t.co/nWkOFvIySg Wed Jan 21 01:05:39 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Undercover Silk Road Agent Believed Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR) to Be Mark Karpeles of Mt. Gox https://t.co/6jDFj6QTzU #Hacki… Wed Jan 21 01:02:14 +0000 2015

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: British Bankers Unite Against Bitcoin by Linking it to Terrorism https://t.co/M6JFY5xtne #Bitcoin Wed Jan 21 00:16:43 +0000 2015

RT @GlobalRevLive: Not one protester was shot by police… #WhitePrivilege #Ferguson #BlackLivesMatter #HandsUpDontShoot http://t.co/ewLp9m… Wed Jan 21 00:02:56 +0000 2015

@KanysLupin @Nuisance_Bear @onekade The Airplane? Who would actually DO something like that? I don’t get it … Tue Jan 20 23:00:05 +0000 2015

@Nuisance_Bear @onekade To Donald, v. Getting the Santorum into places it really ought not to be. Tue Jan 20 22:49:16 +0000 2015

@Nuisance_Bear @onekade The comb over hair, the financial excess, Don’t Donald my balance sheet! Tue Jan 20 22:48:48 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Five Eyes Governments Going Blind https://t.co/6SDKGUR7Yb #Hacking Tue Jan 20 22:48:32 +0000 2015

@Nuisance_Bear @onekade I think The Donald should be turned into a verb rather than a noun. Tue Jan 20 22:46:52 +0000 2015

No confusion here: http://t.co/hz9hHC5mCG 2015 is gonna suck worse than 2008 did. Tue Jan 20 22:10:23 +0000 2015

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: With Windows, there’s like 15 updates a month. But I sign in to Ubuntu and there’s new updates every day. It’s really … Tue Jan 20 22:00:17 +0000 2015

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: More Deck Stacking in Ross Ulbricht Case https://t.co/ue0h2PLZNk Tue Jan 20 21:26:44 +0000 2015

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: FDA Approves Brain-to-Stomach Obesity Treatment to Help Lose Weight At The Source https://t.co/riQ7ImtwVO #Bitcoin Tue Jan 20 21:06:29 +0000 2015

@AllSquareCat http://t.co/AmPXMFAewY Cat Cafe, Portland, Oregon. I’m thinking we need a road trip this spring. Tue Jan 20 20:27:22 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: USB Wall Charger, KeySweeper, Can Secretly Log Keystrokes From Microsoft Wireless Keyboards https://t.co/ddA4Yj3uTl #Hacking Tue Jan 20 19:33:40 +0000 2015

SCORE!! Sold first @cryptostorm_is token for 3 $XPY, helped the guy get VPN client installed, he is online. Nine more left to sell 🙂 Tue Jan 20 19:08:00 +0000 2015

Noise Floor Musings https://t.co/WjBA4z8jXu You can ‘cryptofog’ your @torproject sessions, further protecting yourself. Tue Jan 20 19:06:49 +0000 2015

Chatting Safely Is Harder Than It Looks https://t.co/q6c8rpl2ug Repost since ppl are talking about logging today. Tue Jan 20 19:06:01 +0000 2015

@samusclone My life is the same. Not even my mom knows where I live. Tue Jan 20 18:59:33 +0000 2015

RT @samusclone: “People say I am a ‘professional victim’… but I am now unemployable in the field I once loved” http://t.co/djbpTgn9I6 Tue Jan 20 18:59:08 +0000 2015

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: New York Stock Exchange and Former Citigroup CEO Invest in Coinbase https://t.co/7TDI2KsfmA Tue Jan 20 18:51:15 +0000 2015

Hanging in #badbitcoin on http://t.co/KlRceWwHaa, I have ten @cryptostorm_is one year tokens @ 3 $XPY https://t.co/zjIfSEpWKX Tue Jan 20 18:37:28 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Bitcoin News in Review: Bitcoin Price, CryptoDouble, EgoPay, and More https://t.co/9aIeLL5278 #Hack Tue Jan 20 18:01:36 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: 42 Years Before Edward Snowden Leak Finishes https://t.co/3OgwBUiljT #Hacked Tue Jan 20 16:24:03 +0000 2015

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: Bitcoin Price Moving Up By Moving Sideways https://t.co/JmnrEClGHq Tue Jan 20 16:16:32 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Apple Camera Patent Won’t Compete Against GoPro https://t.co/R37bJsJmRi #Hacks Tue Jan 20 16:00:11 +0000 2015

RT @CryptoCoinsNews: Bitcoin Year In Review: 2014 – A Year to Remember https://t.co/yfocWlP86G #Bitcoin Tue Jan 20 15:36:08 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Bitcoin is Dead Because You Are Too Dumb https://t.co/zatKA21Lcj #Hacking Tue Jan 20 15:18:04 +0000 2015

Noise Floor Musings http://t.co/UF3tfU1NjB Tue Jan 20 14:54:31 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Trans-Human Bodies and Post-Human Sex https://t.co/lXAxsdJJqZ #Hacks Tue Jan 20 14:44:11 +0000 2015

RT @HackedCom: Bitcoin Payment Processor EgoPay Has Ceased Trading, Mi