The West Wing Mafia

When Speaker Pelosi confronted Trump and said “with you, Mr. President, all roads lead to Putin”, she was certainly on target, but a bit too narrowly focused.

Putin is not just the president of a country at odds with America, he’s also believed to be the richest man in the world, the oligarch of all oligarchs. He’s part of an international network of organized criminals.

So with all due respect to the Speaker, all roads lead to organized crime, not just to Putin. These roads span the globe and link a lot of people, businesses, and countries engaged in criminal activities.

I’ve been mapping this network for the last several weeks, it’s vast and convoluted, and at times, very alarming.

This rotating gif is just one branch of the West Wing Mafia. It evolved from one company known to be linked to the Red Mafia. The red items are business and people involved in, or affiliated with, organized crime.

Like Attracts Like

When you hear someone mention corruption in Ukraine or Russia, that’s just the short way of saying “the activities and influence of organized crime in Ukraine”. Likewise, when you hear mention of corruption in the Trump administration, understand that’s the short way of saying “the activities and influence of organized crime in the White House.” I’m not trying to be cute when I call it the West Wing Mafia, I’m being factual.

The Resistance, members of the media, and congress have been fighting the West Wing Mafia for years, but this battle moved beyond the political arena a long time ago. We’re not just fighting to enforce our constitution and the rule of law against a wannabe tyrant, we’re fighting a monster we, ourselves, created. Over the years, we’ve allowed people who operate on the wrong side of the law into high government positions, and so now, here we are, in a fight for our identity as a nation and fighting to assert our humanity and morality as individuals. This is the proverbial battle between good and evil.

Iron Troll will be posting articles about the businesses and individuals who are part of the West Wing Mafia. You may have heard some of it before but there are some connections nobody knows about yet. Like the connection between Lev Parnas and the OG Russian Oligarch in the next post.

Disclaimer: The impeachment and removal of a United States president is matter of major public interest, which makes anyone connected to Trump and his shenanigans a person of interest as well. We at Iron Troll are reporting information which we believe to be relevant, or may become relevant, to the most horrific international political scandal in modern history
While we absolutely believe in presumption of innocence until proven otherwise in a court of law, we will exercise our first amendment right to post the findings of our reserch and to express our opinions on those findings.
So please don’t send a hit man to ice us, bro.

West Wing Mafia