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Compendium Of Trollish Behavior, Deleted Rauhauser Blog Post; Oct 3, 2012

“The rare individuals who make their living trading in trickery” Neal is nuts Neal Rauhauser Hypertrolling The Wingnutosphere Since 2010! Compendium Of Trollish Behavior Here are some of the better hoaxes I have been involved in over the last few years. Full Disclosure: We Set Up Barrett Brown – the Chamber Secrets fake leak was enormously successful. Barrett was furious  Computational Troll

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Neal Rauhauser Throws In The Towel But Declares Victory; January 2, 2014

On January 2nd, 2014 Neal Rauhauser made his first post on his latest blog “Conspiracy Brokers” in which he declared Victory over everybody. An amazing move on his part after the month of December in which his ex-wife joined Twitter and revealed Neal owes $48,000 in back child support and is a certified Sociopath. The former Mrs Rauhauser also revealed

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The Deleted Requiem For Project Vigilant by Neal Rauhauser;Jan 2, 2011

The following article was posted at FireDogLake by Neal Rauhauser as StrandedWind. Neal later removed the article and replaced it with “It was all a joke”.Neal, of course, says a lot of things that aren’t true but he does give a glimpse inside Project Vigilant and what it was once doing. This article also increases the creepiness factor of Neal’s claim

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Prespostericity and Bitchiest Discuss SWATting; Jan, 2014

Kelly Hallissey claimed she was SWATted and her SWATter was caught. john garfield‏@Prepostericity They found “your SWATter” but can’t find the one(s) who did it to Stack & Frey? Hmmm. @Bitchiest 11:42 AM – 10 Jan 2014 Kelly Hallissey ‏@Bitchiest  Jan 10 WELL @Prepostericity some of us are just more special than others I guess 😀 john garfield ‏@Prepostericity  Jan 11 You joke about SWAT

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Neal Rauhauser Basks In The Glory Of The Great Oz Hoax; Deleted Blog Post; Nov 17, 2012

This is another deleted post from Neal’s blog. Humble Neal is so humble. And yes, Neal, The Great Oz was a hoax Neal Rauhauser Hypertrolling The Wingnutosphere Since 2010! Anonymous Karl Rove Letter Gets Noticed Thanks to ANONYMOUS CLAIMS IT STOPPED KARL ROVE FROM HACKING THE ELECTION BY HACKING ORCA, WE THINK on Wonkette the Anonymous letter has received over 5,300

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