New Jersey Court Case Stayed

There was a hearing today regarding the harassment charges filed against Shari and myself in New Jersey.

The first charge against me was filed 17 months ago and the case has been in review since May, so we were looking forward to having the case start moving again with today’s hearing. Unfortunately the case was stayed. I haven’t heard the specifics yet, only that the case is on hold again. Keep in mind it’s still in pre-trial phase, to determine if it should go to trial or be dismissed. 17 months and still no decision on a first amendment issue.

This is annoying, but the longer the case goes on, the closer it gets to the next RHONJ season and the more attention it gets, which is probably not good public relations for someone who wants to be a publicist for reality stars. But for me, the longer the case goes on, the more I can write about it. I’m a patient person.