JoJo Camp Files Libel Suit Against Bullyville

JoJo Camp recently got out of prison after violating his parole. He has several restraining orders against him. He has his own page in Encyclopedia Dramatica. He’s been mocked by just about everyone on Twitter.

So now he’s filed a defamation lawsuit against James McGibney. And he’ll be representing himself.

The potato never ends with this one.

One thought on “JoJo Camp Files Libel Suit Against Bullyville

  1. Hello, I have a feeling that an attorney will take over very shortly. In the meantime why don't you meet me face to face somewhere and then we can handle this like adults! BTW, can't wait to use that ED page when I name JASON SCOTT LEIDERMAN as a Defendant in the Amended Complaint. Oh the Potato is just getting started. This Judge really really HATES REVENGE PORN.. And he is doesn't like all that hate speech either.Wanna play?Jojo

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