Conspiracy Brokers, Neal Rauhauser Website, Dec 2011

The following posts are what remain of Neal’s Conspiracy Brokers website that he’s referred to in some of his writings. The WayBack machine still has a snapshot of the blog as it was on December 24th, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sublime Lodge of the Holy Blue Brethren

We’ve always wanted to know more about the Sublime Lodge of the Holy Blue Brethren. A deeply esoteric writing for a cryptic group, this has little direct commercial value, but the those involved in it are very intriguing. Does anyone have an email? A Twitter account to follow? Any clues at all would be deeply appreciated.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Conspiracy Clock

From the moment the first plotter begins to think about taking some action the clock is ticking.

Who will be asked to join? Who might start to figure out something is happening? How many will believe the evidence? How long will it take to spread? What happens if those behind the conspiracy are outed? Or if someone should die, either by natural causes or foul play?

All these weigh heavily on the mind of the architect, the director of the action, and they become all consuming at critical junctures. The lyrics from an old song sum it up nicely:

A week is a month and an hour a day, when your reachin’ just pushes it further away.
As we stated earlier, conspiracies are completely concealed, known only to their originator, then they may be noticed, which means they’re still secret, then they can break down completely or be purposefully outed, and then they are known as public.

This is subjective time – there is a sort of master clock for the conspiracy, but it’s made up of the individual perceptions of those who are participating, whether they know it or not.

You just looked at your wrist, didn’t you? Even if you’ve been using your cell phone as a watch for ten years. It’s a cultural meme that’s going to take a couple more generations to completely fade.

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Counting Sheeple

Don’t get mad, but those in the business refer to the people who fall for their efforts as ‘sheeple’, and they use the same word for those who are drawn into opposing those who’ve taken the conspiracy into their belief system.

These disbelievers are a varied lot. Some trained operatives, those are always the kernel of it, and then those that get taken in, and finally people who just lack the sense to see the truth. This isn’t a bad thing, mind you – I’d be very suspicious of a conspiracy with too broad a group of supporters. The conflict they provide is actually a requirement. Think about the cells in your body – they’re surrounded by interstitial fluid. That’s what the ones who don’t get it are – a support system against which those who understand strive in various ways. Unresisted conspiracies run the real danger of becoming conventional wisdom. That is often the plan with commercial efforts, but it has to happen in the right way and at the right time.

A little secret? I hate getting sheepled. When you’re evaluating a conspiracy there are a lot of ambiguous things and that’s different, there are always roles to play, your associates have to be advised at an appropriate level, and things can get messy. I mean when it’s just regular cruising the internet and I fall for something, that bugs me. It’s an indication of both a blind spot and maybe a missed opportunity.

A good appraisal job, something that might get pitched as “adversary characterization” or maybe described in some other investigative type terms, can cost a well funded corporate customer the purchase price of a new Nissan Altima and it might take ninety days to complete. A wise broker does a mix of mainline corporate conspiracy work and edgy, pro bono service. People are always finding new ways to use media and that comes from the artiste on the edge of everything, not the working broker.

Every ninety days or so I pick up a new amateur operation and I either like it and help it, or I tear it to shreds. This is how you get information on targets, on other operators, and most important it’s how you pick up your best assistants. If you sneak up on someone who’s got promise, secretly drop the hammer on what they were trying to do, and then slip in and start helping them … well … you see them in offense and defense, you see how they handle frustration, and once they trust you the rest of their associates will start to become visible.

And that’s how I got into the broker business initially myself. My little scheme that I had worked so hard on got splattered all over Usenet News (this was ten years before we had the web), and then this creepy guy gave me a tip on cleaning it all up.

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Who’s In? Who’s Out?

Counting those who are involved in a given conspiracy is probably the hardest thing a broker has to do. Again, like several other attributes, this is a continuum. The number of active planners can at times be guessed based on the scope and duration of the effort. Those who find and begin speaking out about a specific situation may be legitimate, or they may be plants to muddy the waters. Once things become more visible a web site (like this one) crafted to draw the eye of interested parties can provide some sense of overall reach.

Brokers have different areas of focus. Some study the activities of actors and directors in minute detail. Others specialize in vetting those who are aware of the secret. The last phase, when a conspiracy hangs in the balance between secret and public, is much like any marketing effort and basic usage statistics can provide what is needed.

Keeping up with who is doing what is the hardest part of it all, and it’s the area where amateurs fail most miserably. It’s all George Soros!!! Well, not really, he publicly withdrew from the U.S. market in 2006 and real operations apparently wound up in early 2009 after Obama’s election. Now it is common to see former favored Soros operatives shopping half finished efforts and puzzling over the lack of uptake. That, in and of itself, is a conspiracy, too, and those involved are full of mirth at what the Sorosbots have been subjected to the last three years.

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Degrees Of Concealment

We stated earlier that a conspiracy might be concealed, secret, or public. These are three labels for what is a continuum.

The plotting required by the Obama administration to finally bring down Osama bin Laden was masterful. Concealing their intent from Pakistan for years and capping it off with a raid that involved the loss of only hardware and no American lives? Simply brilliant and it remained concealed.

Secrecy is the middle ground. Is it real or fake? Who knows? When did they learn? This is where things get really sticky. I won’t even name ones I view as secret – they might still be considered concealed.

Public conspiracy? The banks moved $7.7 trillion dollars out of the Federal Reserve, but they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. That’s gonna leave a mark, once the American public really grasps what has been done. Oh, and the Federal Reserve itself? Isn’t that a conspiracy against us, too?

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Real Or Fake? You Can Never Be Sure

Conspiracies can be real or fake, but these are extreme positions. The most solid of plots has a cloud of disinformation around it, and something begun in play can take on scary real world consequences all too quickly.

The quintessential real conspiracy? That would be the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 starring Guy Fawkes.

A fake conspiracy, a mere theory easily debunked? HAARP is an innocent, albeit expensive physics experiment in Gakona, Alaska. But don’t say that to the true believers.

The middle line, the ones that are a swirl of partially concealed truth and cloaking lies? This is a little subjective, this is where broker experience and skill comes into play, but let me give two examples of things that weren’t real when they started, but became solid, real, and dangerous.

America’s largest white supremacist organization, the Hammerskins, can be traced back to Pink Floyd’s movie The Wall.

The rap group Insane Clown Posse began referring to its fans as Juggalos. I recently saw a report on gang activity in the military – and there the Juggalos are, an in-group joke turned violent transnational anarchist gang.

Break out into broker mode here: Guy Fawkes day masks are worn by Anonymous, the Juggalos wear face paint as part of their culture, and both have anarchist tendencies. What are the chances that the Juggalo gangs in the U.S. military are infiltration efforts run by Anonymous?

What are your thoughts on these matters? Individuals have opinions, it takes an experienced group to produce actual intelligence.

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Conspiracies Are Commodities

What do you know about conspiracies? I mean what do you truly know?

There are a lot of people who read about them, some who have varying level of skill in finding them, but never before has anyone revealed the shadowy world market where they are traded, the secret system whereby global elites purchase the things they need to shape world events.

We’ll get into that soon enough, but first let’s understand exactly what a conspiracy really is.

The dictionary has this to say as to the definition:

an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret bytwo or more persons; a plot.

While correct, this definition is incomplete. A power player in this market would tell you that a conspiracy has the following attributes:

It can be real or fake
It can be concealed, secret, or public
It has a number of people involved
It has a number of people who both believe and disbelieve
It has an amount of time it spent in each of the three secrecy levels

Those are the fundamental attributes of a conspiracy. Next time we’ll talk a little bit about how to determine if a conspiracy is genuine, or if it’s a clever hoax. That’s not a black and white thing; some times a well done fake escapes control of its operators and becomes very real.