Cindy Yang Does Art Basel

Cindy Yang’s former boss described Cindy Yang as unsophisticated. I’m not sure if he was trying to protect her or throw her under the bus (I’m leaning towards the bus) but unsophisticated isn’t the way I’d describe someone who started multiple businesses, organized major events, and managed to get into Art Basel. Cindy not only had a booth exhibiting art work from her FuFu gallery, she also exhibited her own paintings under her Chinese name, Yang Li.

Cindy Yang is a power house when it comes to getting things done. If asked if I think Cindy is a spy, I’d say probably not, but I’m sure China considered her a major asset. At least they did until she made headline news around the world, after that she became a convenient scapegoat for other people involved locally in politics. 
But while I don’t think Cindy Yang is a spy, I do think she’s more involved in the shady side of the massage parlor business than she’s admitting.
Below are pictures from her gallery website, FuFu Artist. At the very bottom are pictures and a video of Cindy Yang’s former home. These show some of her artwork.
Her old Twitter account for the gallery is @FufuArtist and you can visit her website itself via the wayback machine here.

In the picture above, Cindy is in the center. On her right is Ah Ding, one of the artists shown by her gallery at Art Basel. The other artist, Li Zenghui, is the guy with the long white hair and plaid shirt on the left. On Cindy’s left is Sifu Zhou, a professor of mathematics at Florida International University. Next to him in the red and white cheongsam dress is Xianqin Qu, president of the Florida chapter for Chinese Peaceful Unification, the group considered to be working in concert with the Chinese Government’s United Front.