Kookpocalypse And Catsrimportant; Oct 24, 2013

This is Neal as Kookpocalypse and Melissa Brewer (MissAnonNews) as Catsrimportant

Oct 24th, 2013

.@Kookpocalypse @UnitePink @OsborneInk @AdversAerial a nibble you say? if i remember correctly it was more than a nibble

.@Kookpocalypse @UnitePink @OsborneInk @AdversAerial shh i’m trying to flirt w/ @C1TYofFL1NT but he’ll have no part of it.

i never understood the fascination with potted meat. @UnitePink @Kookpocalypse @OsborneInk @AdversAerial #SPAM

run along and do those dishes @Kookpocalypse @UnitePink @OsborneInk @AdversAerial

@UnitePink @Kookpocalypse @OsborneInk @AdversAerial but if you have any of this on the menu i’m in http://t.co/Bqnawdlh3W

RT @catsrimportant: .@Kookpocalypse @UnitePink @OsborneInk @AdversAerial shh i’m trying to flirt w/ @C1TYofFL1NT but he’ll have no part of …

@UnitePink @Kookpocalypse @OsborneInk @AdversAerial i’ve been told – and warm vienna sausage with shoyu & mayo dressing

@Kookpocalypse @catsrimportant lol

@AubreyChernick @Kookpocalypse who has wut? not me? it’s Neal’s fault or Shoq or Trina or Matt or or it’s just ——->assrage

@AubreyChernick @catsrimportant That was clearly a victory for @MyWhiteNInja

@Kookpocalypse @AubreyChernick dizzy? no bro the dizzy is in the TL no dizzy here

@UnitePink @Kookpocalypse @BreitbartUnmask @x3n0ph0n @OsborneInk i thought the fire dance started earlier

@AubreyChernick @Kookpocalypse no comment ;-)))

@AubreyChernick @Kookpocalypse agreed i had to rt myself first on my way ;-))) drink in hand


@AubreyChernick @catsrimportant I swear I’m coming down with something. Happy to chatter here, I’m not coming out.

@AubreyChernick @catsrimportant Busboys and Poets? Saturday?

@AubreyChernick @catsrimportant @BreitbartUnmask @OsborneInk @X3n0ph0n @AdversAerial I have a really good feeling about 2014 🙂

@AubreyChernick I’m on the tap water & sunshine diet until I get to the doctor. Two more weeks 😦

@UnitePink I think the final chapter is yet to be written in that saga.

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