Timeline of Former Maryland District Attorney.

The timeline of Former Maryland Deputy District Attorney, Marcie Sweren Wogan. She’s not very nice.

@HitGirl_Klown @DarkHeartAngel3 @WarriorKlown Horror lite, more interested in documentaries.
Wed Jul 08 16:48:38 +0000 2015

Show everyone YOUR face Mindy/Manda @MeSassyBeIIa Everyone knows you hide behind avis because you are ugly & fat while mocking others.
Wed Jul 08 16:47:49 +0000 2015

@HitGirl_Klown @DarkHeartAngel3 No, that’s her all made up with her hair fluffed @MeSassyBeIIa #TrueLove #RottenTeeth http://t.co/tJvHSLPT3a
Wed Jul 08 16:45:00 +0000 2015

@HitGirl_Klown @DarkHeartAngel3 @WarriorKlown I don’t want to see THAT!!
Wed Jul 08 16:40:59 +0000 2015

Mindy/Manda why don’t you ask him why he wishes he was with her & not you? I unlocked since you were so hot & bothered @MeSassyBeIIa
Wed Jul 08 16:38:37 +0000 2015

Who is this? Aren’t you jealous @MeSassyBeIIa? He is still in love with her, NOT YOU. He sees her BEHIND YOUR BACK! http://t.co/2Jd3BAxry4
Wed Jul 08 16:33:36 +0000 2015

You in favor of d0xing kids to terrorize their parents? NO? Then follow me & @AntibullyEmpire This small group of cyber bullies are losing
Wed Jul 08 12:18:15 +0000 2015

There are people on twitter who thrive on drama & instigate pain on others, d0x & even contact their neighbors & employers w/vicious lies.
Wed Jul 08 12:07:03 +0000 2015

@snghmdnny So long SM, I learned how to track from you. One day, hope you will use your formidable skills to HELP others. So long forever
Wed Jul 08 11:59:32 +0000 2015

@snghmdnny Ask Priest how he now LUVS you, despite you d0x of TammyB..the woman of his dreams.
Wed Jul 08 11:56:09 +0000 2015

@snghmdnny Not your bebe. Play w/your fellow sadist buddies. What made you this way is sad & I feel disgust for you. Play with Mindy/Minda.
Wed Jul 08 11:54:52 +0000 2015

@anon99percenter Thank you for writing this important history of the evolution of Anonymous. We must all follow your example to remain true.
Wed Jul 08 11:42:10 +0000 2015

@anon99percenter That is such a good sign, my heart is full of hope.
Wed Jul 08 11:36:30 +0000 2015

@ZiLeOHai Cuz that worked so well for James?!! You must be the CompleteIdiot as a bookend to CattyIdiot.
Tue Jul 07 19:17:34 +0000 2015

You will be paying me monetary damages, No ass kissing will be part of the settlement STEVE @ZiLeOHai And people think you are a woman!!
Tue Jul 07 19:13:57 +0000 2015

I suggest you mitigate the $$ damages you will owe me by removing your photo shopped images & all defamatory remarks NOW Steve @ZiLeOHai
Tue Jul 07 19:09:41 +0000 2015

I will also sue you & your pals STEVE @ZiLeOHai for monetary damages in tort. Intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation, etc
Tue Jul 07 19:07:47 +0000 2015

If you cannot restrain yourself STEVE @ZiLeOHai I will file a REAL TRO against you. Your photoshop images are inane, childish & defamatory.
Tue Jul 07 19:05:40 +0000 2015

@ZiLeOHai @AntibullyEmpire No, I am in communication with the FL Sheriff’s Department regarding the perjured, deranged allegations made.
Tue Jul 07 18:55:25 +0000 2015

@ZiLeOHai Stop the harassment STEVE before I file a restraining order. Final warning. How is Florida this time of year?
Tue Jul 07 18:53:34 +0000 2015

@SweetLilTracy http://t.co/zC8V8Gj7y6
Tue Jul 07 15:45:05 +0000 2015

Caught Priest in a vicious lie & shown the proof. Mindy instigated this, not me. And he is too scared of her to not comply. He is her slave.
Tue Jul 07 14:44:42 +0000 2015

@SweetLilTracy @fame_hoe True.Take me off your site, leave me alone & find your happiness with Mindy/Manda. I didn’t instigate this: she did
Tue Jul 07 14:42:03 +0000 2015

His vile website Mindy/Manda made him take it down. Then he had to come up w/an attack on me for the WHY when there was none @SweetLilTracy
Tue Jul 07 14:39:16 +0000 2015

Caught in a lie @fame_hoe cowardly blocks me. I guess it is kind of embarrassing to be exposed so completely as a liar who instigates hate!
Tue Jul 07 14:34:17 +0000 2015

@SweetLilTracy @fame_hoe He won’t. This is never ending.
Tue Jul 07 14:32:22 +0000 2015

Just keep lying & raging on for Mindy/Minda’s benefit @fame_hoe She must have gone nuts when she saw you had actually done something decent
Tue Jul 07 14:31:35 +0000 2015

You will never “get” the truth @fame_hoe No kids are on my timeline. Have provided a screenshot of date you claimed. http://t.co/AP41TNVqi5
Tue Jul 07 14:27:35 +0000 2015

Changing your story AGAIN @fame_hoe? You said there are kids pics on my TL RIGHT NOW on June 25th. WHERE? You LIED. http://t.co/DVAozaNxZj
Tue Jul 07 14:24:01 +0000 2015

@SweetLilTracy I removed it more than a week ago. It isn’t there. Check June 25.
Tue Jul 07 14:08:19 +0000 2015

OK everyone, Priest @fame_hoe claims it is there 9:25pm · 11 Jun 2015 @SweetLilTracy Does anyone see kids pics on that date or any other?
Tue Jul 07 14:02:59 +0000 2015

Stop posting kids Priest @fame_hoe You are doing the very thing that’s NOT IN MY TIMELINE! Anyone can read it & see those pics aren’t there
Tue Jul 07 13:57:20 +0000 2015

No @fame_hoe THAT IS NOT A RETWEET FROM MY TIMELINE. Because it is NOT THERE. You just retweeted your photoshop mess again. STOP LYING!
Tue Jul 07 13:54:33 +0000 2015

@mandsisme I don’t & there are no kid’s pics on my TL. He stirs up drama with lies. Can you find any kid’s pics?
Tue Jul 07 13:51:47 +0000 2015

Again, I want to be left in peace & for you, Mindy/Minda & Debbie to stop lying, bullying, impersonating & harassing @fame_hoe #StopLying
Tue Jul 07 13:50:32 +0000 2015

Again THERE ARE NO PICS @fame_hoe Retweet the imaginary pics FROM MY TIMELINE. Everyone can see they are not there but you. Use my REAL TL
Tue Jul 07 13:46:42 +0000 2015

You ALWAYS claim u will remove something if it’s proven WRONG. In my TL, not yr tweetdeck photoshop game & find the pics @fame_hoe #NoKids
Tue Jul 07 13:44:41 +0000 2015

I want to be left alone in peace. You, Mindy & Debbie cannot grasp this. You have broken your word @fame_hoe. You have lied about the pics.
Tue Jul 07 13:40:52 +0000 2015

Priest @fame_hoe No, I agreed to ignore you & removed something which was NOT a kid’s photo. Mindy kept attacking me & she won’t ever stop.
Tue Jul 07 13:39:18 +0000 2015

What “everyone” @fame_hoe? Your 60 followers? Explain to 45 year old Mindy/Minda there is no such word as “learnt”. U have sunk so low #SMH
Tue Jul 07 13:37:13 +0000 2015

@0x00000008 @Crystalsees @fame_hoe ALL OF YOU! Phonies & liars. You support a bully, harasser, liar & thief And attack their victims!
Tue Jul 07 13:33:48 +0000 2015

@0x00000008 Since you are pals with @Crystalsees tell her to look at her buddies sick TL, tweets & retweets. And his partner @MeSassyBeIIa
Tue Jul 07 13:27:38 +0000 2015

@0x00000008 @Crystalsees @fame_hoe I am calling him out. To answer for his crimes. The others follow because they are sadists & bullies, too
Tue Jul 07 13:24:26 +0000 2015

Do you support Hitler? You laugh at the millions he murdered? Gays, Gypsies, Resistance Fighters, Jews, Catholics No? Then shame @emo_hitler
Tue Jul 07 13:23:06 +0000 2015

Shame on @UnderpantGn0me for following Priest @fame_hoe. You are sick bullies supporting hate crimes against children. No one follow them!
Tue Jul 07 13:05:31 +0000 2015

@mandsisme You are a good person. Priest has changed into a vicious, evil bully, stalker & harasser. Please unfollow him. Don’t cheer him on
Tue Jul 07 12:59:14 +0000 2015

@RaspberryPirate @fame_hoe @LiIith_VvvV Renounce Priest @fame_hoe you adorable goofball.#SMH
Tue Jul 07 12:57:54 +0000 2015

Shame on you @Crystalsees following @fame_hoe All your followers should know you care more about popularity than the truth. You are a BULLY
Tue Jul 07 12:53:36 +0000 2015

If you are following Priest @fame_hoe SHAME on you @LiIith_VvvV Not an Anon just a sick bully. I’m calling you out. All Anons renounce him!
Tue Jul 07 12:47:30 +0000 2015

I believe in senseless acts of kindness & practice this. The bullying I have endured has tested me, but my faith in others remains strong.
Tue Jul 07 11:26:59 +0000 2015

@DarkHeartAngel3 That is why I am asking those who follow accounts that stand for good causes to follow me, too. That will build me up.
Tue Jul 07 11:21:21 +0000 2015

@DarkHeartAngel3 Thank you. I don’t know how many times I can say it. Prove it. Please ask your supporters to follow me. To see the truth.
Tue Jul 07 11:16:35 +0000 2015

Impersonation accounts to convince strangers to hate me. Now you know the truth. Act on it Follow me & @AntibullyEmpire I will endure w/you
Tue Jul 07 11:06:48 +0000 2015

It has been truly horrible to see Priest @fame_hoe making up vile lies, impersonating my family, photoshopping, creating fake Twitter…
Tue Jul 07 11:03:35 +0000 2015

I hope I conducted myself w/dignity & grace, as an example to others under attack @AntibullyEmpire And proved how demented a bully Mindy is
Tue Jul 07 10:59:28 +0000 2015

I’ve been victimized in cruel twisted ways by Priest @fame_hoe & Mindy/Minda (in 30 sock accounts) smearing my name but I’m still here.
Tue Jul 07 10:53:24 +0000 2015

The more followers I have, the stronger the message becomes: people do NOT support those who lie, torment, harass & stalk.
Tue Jul 07 10:49:35 +0000 2015

@anon99percenter Ask your followers to join me on my account & @AntibullyEmpire To communicate on a site to protect those who need help.
Tue Jul 07 10:47:31 +0000 2015

@Anonchimp Ask your followers to join me on my sole account & @AntibullyEmpire To communicate on a site to protect those who need help.
Tue Jul 07 10:46:18 +0000 2015

If you want more information about the work of the @AntibullyEmpire documenting the vile acts of habitual bullies: http://t.co/xtiUUHJSEG
Tue Jul 07 10:40:32 +0000 2015

We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget. Expect Me… And Many Others To Fight For Justice For the Victims of Priest & Mindy.
Tue Jul 07 10:32:27 +0000 2015

Priest aka @fame_hoe & stripping @MeSassyBeIIa of her false claim that she is Anon, that she is Anti-bullying, that she is running Anon Ops.
Tue Jul 07 10:29:01 +0000 2015

I especially invite members of Anonymous who fight CP & are anti-pedo (as my career clearly shows) to join me in exposing the lies of..
Tue Jul 07 10:26:45 +0000 2015

I invite anyone other than “The Bully Gang” to examine my TL & to report the truth: there are no photos of kids on my TL. @fame_hoe lies.
Tue Jul 07 10:22:55 +0000 2015

The more people who become members, the more powerful our message becomes @AntibullyEmpire Bullying should not be inflicted on others.
Tue Jul 07 10:19:49 +0000 2015

I appreciate the outpouring of support I have received from people who take a stand against bullying. Please join @AntibullyEmpire
Tue Jul 07 10:17:28 +0000 2015

Mindy was never going to let you keep it down, you caved in because you are her slave now @fame_hoe. She started screaming, didn’t she?
Tue Jul 07 01:23:40 +0000 2015

It is your submitting to Mindy’s whims that belittles you @fame_hoe I still hope you break free & return to being a man of honor.
Tue Jul 07 01:21:27 +0000 2015

Your association w/Mindy is what happened when Brandon get involved w/Vinnie @famehoe. He became corrupted, posting kids on Trolldox.
Tue Jul 07 01:19:19 +0000 2015

And now everyone knows you cannot be trusted anymore @fame_hoe. When Mindy turns on you, no one will care. It is sad you have sunk so low.
Tue Jul 07 01:16:24 +0000 2015

We had an agreement & you broke it because you serve Mindy, not the truth @fame_hoe . There are no new sites. There are no kids on my TL.
Tue Jul 07 01:14:23 +0000 2015

@MeSassyBeIIa @fame_hoe He used to protect women & kids. Tammy Boyles, Nikki Wilson, even Rob Bieber no longer follows him.
Tue Jul 07 01:12:07 +0000 2015

@MeSassyBeIIa @fame_hoe No, you are a sick twisted monster who has turned Priest into your slave. He used to care about people.
Tue Jul 07 01:10:47 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe You suck Jame’s dick for $$, despise Brandon & falsely accuse me of something anyone reading my TL can see is NOT TRUE.
Tue Jul 07 01:08:51 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe Are you on your knees worshipping Mindy? Please remove those children from YOUR TIMELINE. Sad how you have turned on everyone.
Tue Jul 07 01:07:21 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe Tweetdeck does not show my current timeline. Surely you realize this. There are NO KIDS on my timeline, only YOURS!!
Tue Jul 07 01:05:28 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe All my followers know there are no kids on my timeline. Why don’t you correct your error?
Tue Jul 07 01:04:12 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe Please remove those children from your TL. There are no kids on mine. You can read it & see I am telling the truth.
Tue Jul 07 01:03:25 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe Me where I have made an error & I will correct it. Be a man of your word. Check my TL now. There are no children.
Tue Jul 07 01:01:07 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe Telling you the truth & inviting you to look isn’t “crazy”. Your insistence that something is there is wrong. you always say show
Tue Jul 07 01:00:08 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe The surprise is that there are NO KIDS on my TL. That Mindy controls you, not a surprise.
Tue Jul 07 00:58:44 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe No. It is something that is NOT there. Read my timeline.
Tue Jul 07 00:57:43 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe Read it. There are NO KIDS ON MY Timeline. I can’t say the same about you.
Tue Jul 07 00:56:49 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe #FAIL. That is NOT on my TL.
Tue Jul 07 00:55:57 +0000 2015

Anyone see any kids on my TL? I see 2 on @fame_hoe. Why don’t you remove them Priest? Mindy is your master but you still grasp the truth.
Tue Jul 07 00:55:05 +0000 2015

@Fame_hoe Anyone who can find a child on my TL wins $100. Anyone who finds 2 on YOURS wins $100. Oops.I win $100 dollars. Thanks for playing
Tue Jul 07 00:52:58 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe Not there, read my TL. Be excellent.
Tue Jul 07 00:44:52 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe No. Stop making things up. There ARE NO CHILDREN ON MY TL. You can look at it all you want.
Tue Jul 07 00:44:06 +0000 2015

@Fame_hoe. No children on my timeline. You are mistaken. You can still read, right? Or has Mindy poisoned you so much the truth eludes you?
Tue Jul 07 00:41:52 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe I will check for that & if I made a mistake I WILL CORRECT IT.
Tue Jul 07 00:31:34 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe Goodbye Priest.
Tue Jul 07 00:30:00 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe No, you must be VERY confused.
Tue Jul 07 00:29:41 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe @MeSassyBeIIa Nope. Sounds like Mindy. How can you defend what she does?
Tue Jul 07 00:29:10 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe I don’t see any.
Tue Jul 07 00:28:25 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe HueHue My word is my honor. Is yours? No deal was made regarding Mindy. She should stop the hating & bullying.
Tue Jul 07 00:27:44 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe @MeSassyBeIIa Tue Jul 07 00:26:00 +0000 2015

I’ve missed our talks Priest @fame_hoe. Stay most excellent.
Tue Jul 07 00:24:14 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe @MeSassyBeIIa Let’s be most excellent to each other. Don’t you agree Priest?
Tue Jul 07 00:21:51 +0000 2015

@fame_hoe @MeSassyBeIIa Priest is most excellent.
Tue Jul 07 00:20:42 +0000 2015

I’d rather talk to Priest Mindy, he is intelligent @fame_hoe He is willing to correct mistakes. You only torment, bully & hack & harass.
Tue Jul 07 00:19:57 +0000 2015

Priest, can you please explain to @MeSassyBeIIa how contractions work? Doesn’t understand difference between “you are” & “your” @fame_hoe
Tue Jul 07 00:17:28 +0000 2015

@MeSassyBeIIa Poor Mindy full of hate. Must be from something gross she ate.
Tue Jul 07 00:12:23 +0000 2015

@MeSassyBeIIa You are not an ANON & you pretended to help kids. Taking CP off of Twitter & Facebook. HAHAHA Why don’t you stop?
Tue Jul 07 00:11:19 +0000 2015

@MeSassyBeIIa You are the coward Mindy of many sock accounts. You don’t even have the guts to send me your tweets. What happened to you?
Tue Jul 07 00:09:00 +0000 2015

@Ohio_OHS Contact me about a dangerous cyber hacker in Ohio who admires HITLER & wants to gas people!!! Isn’t it your job to investigate?
Mon Jul 06 22:57:42 +0000 2015

Lying about me isn’t very smart. But no one ever said convicted criminals are smart. So you lie & then you block me. What are you scared of?
Mon Jul 06 22:54:55 +0000 2015

Hey guess who this liar & criminal who keeps trash talking me is ERIN http://t.co/Cu4boZ2uAS I’d stop you know..liars are very bad people.
Mon Jul 06 22:52:05 +0000 2015

@Ohio_OHS Please follow me back!! You have a dangerous cyber stalker/hacker threatening to gas people like HITLER!!
Mon Jul 06 19:14:16 +0000 2015

@Ohio_OHS This person is very dangerous & a known hacker. Please send me a follow request before she kills someone!! http://t.co/dSr8Bgrfbg
Mon Jul 06 17:19:34 +0000 2015

@Ohio_OHS Please follow me back for DM. You have a dangerous Neo-nazi on Twitter from Ohio tweeting about gassing people!!
Mon Jul 06 17:17:06 +0000 2015

@Ohio_OHS Is anyone there? I am reporting a dangerous cyberhacker who is now suggesting a love of Hitler & gassing people. PLEASE followback
Mon Jul 06 16:03:03 +0000 2015

@Ohio_OHS 1 of your residents is urging people to “cut for Hitler” suggesting gassing people for fun. A hacker & very dangerous. Followback
Mon Jul 06 16:00:02 +0000 2015

@Ohio_OHS This person wants to gas people. She lives in Ohio. A known cyber hacker. Please Follow back. She is evil http://t.co/4zEdNdPaUD
Mon Jul 06 15:58:45 +0000 2015

@Ohio_OHS Please look at this account @ Emo_HitIer Memes about Hitler, gassing & is a known hacker. Follow back for more details #Danger
Mon Jul 06 15:48:47 +0000 2015

Oh look birth records: http://t.co/qwojNx6ivT Wonder what her mom thinks of Mindy’s deranged behavior? Someone should tell her!
Sun Jul 05 09:05:31 +0000 2015

Agree that you are as heinous as they have already ruled. Don’t bother with a new lawyer, get a therapist James McGibney @Dramaville
Sat Jul 04 09:49:42 +0000 2015

For standing up to you James McGibney @dramaville @AntibullyEmpire You swore you would tear me “limb for limb”. I’m sure The courts will…
Sat Jul 04 09:48:04 +0000 2015

YOU James McGibney @dramaville are “The Internet at it’s worst” @JayLeidermanLaw @AntibullyEmpire You have threatened me many times.
Sat Jul 04 09:46:24 +0000 2015

I hope @davidkushner gets his Rolling Stone cover story on the final downfall of James McGibney, liar, extortionist, thief & his bully crew.
Sat Jul 04 09:43:18 +0000 2015

For bankruptcy#3 to avoid paying cuz that is how you roll @DramaVille @JayLeidermanLaw Your opening of a Twitter account is a TOS violation
Sat Jul 04 09:41:09 +0000 2015

Hacking is a crime James McGibney @Dramaville & a serious felony. Defamation & libel are torts with serious $$ damages. But you will file..
Sat Jul 04 09:38:44 +0000 2015

There is NO restaining order against me that is valid James @dramaville Never been served. Same goes for you @ZiLeOHai u crazy sick buffoon.
Sat Jul 04 09:34:20 +0000 2015

Rolston, a sick demented troll now making Hitler jokes about killing Jews as @Emo_HitIer THAT is your idea of protecting people @Dramaville
Sat Jul 04 09:12:24 +0000 2015

Vile, defamation & factually wrong James McGibney @Dramaville @JayLeidermanLaw You get your “information” thru illegal hacking by Mindy…
Sat Jul 04 09:09:35 +0000 2015

For making up venomous lies, hurting innocent people thru his “Bullyville” & Revenge porn site & needs to be stopped. Your lies about me are
Sat Jul 04 09:05:44 +0000 2015

Don’t know, don’t support or have anything to do with Tom R LIAR JAMES MCGIBNEY @dramaville @JayLeidermanLaw James is a complete sociopath
Sat Jul 04 09:03:51 +0000 2015

Could really use for a front page article @davidkushner? An expose of the truth about James McGibney & his fall from PR grace along w/DericL
Sat Jul 04 08:56:21 +0000 2015

I never even HEARD of him until James McGibney @Dramaville (TOS Violation) began rambling about him @davidkushner No what The Rolling Stone
Sat Jul 04 08:54:47 +0000 2015

Mr. Leiderman @JayLeidermanLaw James McGibney threw a hissy fit when he attempted to extort $50,000 from me or else he would bully me..
Sat Jul 04 08:50:34 +0000 2015

Hey there James McGibney con artist extraordinaire..think you might review your vicious lies about me & remove me from your site @Dramaville
Sat Jul 04 08:48:46 +0000 2015

I am not going to stop the wheel. I am going TO BREAK IT…
Fri Jul 03 18:45:11 +0000 2015

Stalking & hacking are his game along with outrageous lies @AntibullyEmpire
Fri Jul 03 18:05:53 +0000 2015

You should have him on your list of habitual bullies @AntibullyEmpire He has not Twitter account anymore because of it. D0xing, harassing..
Fri Jul 03 18:05:06 +0000 2015

The REAL reason BULLY James McGibney put me on his site as a “bully” is because he demanded I give him $50,000. I refused @AntibullyEmpire
Fri Jul 03 18:03:40 +0000 2015

@AntibullyEmpire I filled out your registrations, but never got an email confirmarion. Danerys
Fri Jul 03 18:00:14 +0000 2015

@AntibullyEmpire Please follow back. You never sent me an email to finish registration.
Fri Jul 03 16:59:23 +0000 2015

@H0N33Y_ @HitGirlClown @jiveklown @awakenppl @DianaFuller12 @KerryRoushey @MndyScksClwnDic Need @TheUmpireLestat to follow me back! Thanx!
Fri Jul 03 15:15:42 +0000 2015

I am wandering in the shade And the rustle of fallen leaves A bird on the edge of the blade Lost now forever, my love, in a sweet memory
Tue Jun 30 02:46:35 +0000 2015

This is my least favorite life The one where I am out of my mind The one where you are just out of reach The one where I stand & you fly
Tue Jun 30 02:44:36 +0000 2015

This is my least favorite life The one where you fly and I don’t The kiss holds a million deceits And a lifetime goes up in smoke
Mon Jun 29 22:00:21 +0000 2015

Lera Lynn/My Least Favorite Life https://t.co/LvD51OVb17 This is my least favorite life The one where you fly & I don’t…
Mon Jun 29 21:58:47 +0000 2015

As I’ve said before, I am moving on to a place of peace & calm. How anyone else wishes to live their live is up to them.
Sat Jun 27 01:51:34 +0000 2015

@_KingCock_ Did Rick vanish forever along with Doom?
Tue Jun 23 00:58:28 +0000 2015

@_KingCock_ In the end, all that is left is the truth. And those we have loved.
Tue Jun 23 00:55:38 +0000 2015

@TheUmpireLestat The whisper of two broken wings- Maybe they’re yours, maybe they’re mine Remember when we pranked SM by sexting each other?
Mon Jun 22 22:49:13 +0000 2015

@TheUmpireLestat https://t.co/mJZ8sYq2un My Least Favorite Life/Lera Lynn This is my least favorite life The one where you fly And I don’t
Mon Jun 22 22:37:29 +0000 2015

@TheUmpireLestat I’m sorry to hear of this Brandon. That is a lot to deal with at once. Hope your mom is okay.
Mon Jun 22 20:52:08 +0000 2015

@LibertyKlown @loogandave So THAT’s what happened to Mindy’s baby!! Went into show biz!
Mon Jun 22 07:28:37 +0000 2015