Secrets Behind The Siggy Flicker Scandal #RHONJ

Slowly, but surely, the truth about Siggy and her publicist is coming out. Here’s some new gossip fresh out of New Jersey, brought to us by our very dear friend, Impeccable Source.

According to Impeccable, after Season 7, The Powers That Be at RHONJ weren’t really thrilled about having Siggy back. She lacked chemistry with the other housewives and didn’t really bring much to the show.

However, The Powers were very interested in Margaret Josephs, they’d been trying to get her on the show for quite some time. Siggy used this to get an invitation back for Season 8. Though she was just a friend of a friend of Margarets, Siggy exaggerated the relationship and leveraged it to get herself back on the show. This time around, Siggy still lacked chemistry but now she had a “publicist” by the name of Vinnie Spina.

Vinnie’s career as a publicist most likely began when she decided it might be her golden ticket to becoming a Real Housewife if she did public relations for Siggy.

To digress a bit, Vinnie is actually a former New Jersey lawyer who was disbarred for misappropriating client funds. A few years after being disbarred, Vinnie started, where she blogged about Reality shows under the alias Antonella Mollica and “Faux”.

You’ll find several posts about her here on IronTroll but suffice to say, Vinnie’s prior public relations experience consisted of writing nasty blog articles and doxing people she didn’t like.

One of Faux’s favorite people to bash over the years has been Melissa Gorga and this didn’t change as the start of Season 8 approached. Melissa, her husband, and Teresa Giudice opened a restaurant and received some negative reviews. That’s often the case with a new restaurant, but some of the bad reviews were traced back to Faux. I was not surprised to hear that.

But I was surprised when Impeccable Source told me that Melissa Gorga doxed Faux as Vinnie Spina to The Powers That Be!

And it was a major jaw dropper to learn Teresa confirmed that yes, Vinnie Spina and Faux were the same person and that she was an obsessive nutjob. And the nutjob was working for Siggy.

Impeccable says Siggy became a problem child almost from the beginning of the season. She was apparently trying to undermine Teresa and Melissa, allegedly involved in harassment and not fulfilling her contract. That’s why Season 8 was cut short this year.

Originally the show was supposed to end with Siggy’s birthday, but The Powers That Be decided to cut their losses and end with Margaret Joseph’s birthday instead.

This really pissed off Vinnie since she would have been at Siggy’s birthday. The party would have been Vinnie’s debut appearance on RHONJ.

In typical fashion, rather than take responsibility for bad choices, Vinnie and Siggy blamed Margaret and increased their harassment which ultimately resulted in Siggy being fired.

And still, even though she’s no longer with the show, Siggy and Vinnie continue to bash and troll.

Toxic is as toxic does.