No Sweetie, Siggy Flicker Was Fired #RHONJ

Despite the story she’s spinning between her rants and book plugs, despite what Bravo said, the truth is that Siggy Flicker was fired.

My sources on this are impeccable. And by the way, my sources are also protected by the first amendment, not to mention the laws of New Jersey. I mention this just in case anyone might get the idea to pretend to be her husband and send an angry email from her husband’s law firm to threaten a defamation lawsuit for protected speech. That would be a waste of time, forged emails don’t scare me.

So it’s true that Siggy and her publicist engaged in the harassment of other housewives and this led to her getting fired.

Margaret wasn’t the only housewife targeted by Siggy this season, though their feud was certainly the most noticeable. With the help of her publicist and a nasty blog, Siggy was also on a mission to take out Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga. Trying to get rid of everyone else on the show, except Dolores , was not the brightest move. All things considered, there was really no way Siggy could continue on the show.

Bravo was extremely generous in announcing that Flicker was leaving the show rather than that she was told to GTFO. A wasted gesture though, since she’s bashing the show and continues to degrade her former cast members. And, of course, her trolls are still trolling.

I have no clue what Siggy’s problem is. Attacking other people on social media isn’t going to change what’s already happened, it just reinforces that letting her go was the right move.

A normal person would have fired the publicist behind the harassment and then made it very public that they were no longer affiliated. Instead they remain together and continue to troll.

Toxic is as toxic does.