Zapems Plan to Destroy The Left, 2012

UPDATE: Zapem aka Joanne Joy and her husband filed a DMCA complaint to have these emails removed. They were not successful.

Michele’s (aka Zapem) emails to Andrew Breitbart have been published in several places online. While most were removed due to claims of copyright infringement (via phone call by Jeff Joy, Zapem’s husband and a former police officer) not all copies were asked to be removed and no formal charges of copyright infringement have ever been made. The closest thing to a lawsuit was when Mr. Joy allegedly threatened to kill Brooks Bayne but I don’t think death threats count. I think that was the same phone call where Mr. Joy declared that Andrew Breitbart had been murdered.

In any case, I’ve copied a copy that was published several years ago and the statute of limitations on copyright infringement have long since passed. And I’ve only printed a portion of one of the 3 famous emails zapem sent to Breitbart so this post falls within “Fair Use”.

I state this for Zapem’s benefit and her husband Jeff who, perhaps because they once worked as police officers, appear to act as if they are above the law. The email shows a rather demented, ridiculous plot.

———­ Forwarded message ———­
From: Vested Protection Systems LLC
Date: Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 3:32 AM
Subject: emails sent by Michelle to Andrew
To: [redacted]
Wed, 29 Feb 2012 22:03:55 ­0500
2/29/2012 10:03 PM
Hi Andrew,

a. A Hacker group solicited by Adbusters on IRC in early 2011 for use as a political weapon.
b. Co­opted by the left immediately for political use and frowned upon by the hacker factions
c. Our goal was to:
1. Infiltrate Anonymous
2. Cause a rift between the left and the hackers by first proving to the hackers involved that they
were being used
3. Provide them with enough information to ultimately attack the left
4. Uncover the mechanics of how the left would filter control of the organization’s money to
a. Work with Detective Blair of the Boston Police Departmentb. Feed Boston PD information on hacker activity that we are assured trickles up to the FBI
c. Neal Rauhauser’s name has already been dropped to them & being investigated
d. As soon Anonymous arrests began to take place (already in progress), divert blame & tell
Anonymous that it was a construct of the left
e. Stand back and watch Anonymous destroy the left themselves

h. Anonymous has promised to expose Rauhauser and I will be getting an update from them
tonight hopefully –
(I received a quick message from one of them while writing this email)

d. Anonymous has been advised that this site also obtained two internet names attacked to the
crooksandliars domain, that being… – Created 10/6/2011 – Created 10/5/2011
We believe these are the hidden, dormant accounts waiting to take over once Anonymous is
fully co­opted

I honestly feel we’ve got this. The key here is to stay calm, let them ramble incoherently while
we focus on goals (yours & ours). In order to accomplish this, we just break it down into
manageable pieces, delegate people to focus on their areas and everything will get done from
the police being informed — to Anonymous projecting against the left — to you becoming the
sorely needed leadership voice the Tea Party has needed since Sarah Palin fell off the face of
the earth and Glen Beck went insane.
Remember, the left is losing their grip and the goal is to capitalize on that and strengthen ours.
We’ll get there. It’s working and we’ll help you.

Best Regards,

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