Badbitcoinorg Continues To Defend GAW, January 6, 2015

There was a lot of excitement when Paycoin (aka XPY) first came on the market on December 12th, 2014. GAWMiner CEO, Josh Garza, had guaranteed an eventual price floor of $20 per coin backed by huge investors and financial institutions.
People invested in Paycoin thinking they’d make a bundle when the coin value reached the guaranteed $20. That didn’t happen, the coin never reached $15 in value. By December 29th, it’s value had plummeted, eventually worth just pennies. 

In the conversation below on January 9th, 2015, Badbitcoinorg continued to sing praises for Paycoin. You’ll see BadBitcoinorg use it’s favorite word “FUD” which stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Any criticism of GAW and Paycoin was labeled FUD by Badbitcoinorg. 

Ben Doernberg ‏@BenDoernberg · Jan 9
@Badbitcoinorg why is your site still recommending/promoting Paycoin and GAW? ‏@Badbitcoinorg
@BenDoernberg At the end of the day, XPY has the potential to bring bitcoin to the masses. And boy do we need that to happen.

Ben Doernberg ‏@BenDoernberg · Jan 9
@Badbitcoinorg you’re comfortable staking your reputation and the reputation of your site on the legitimacy of GAW/Paycoin? ‏@Badbitcoinorg · Jan 9
@BenDoernberg Yes.

Ben Doernberg ‏@BenDoernberg · Jan 9
@Badbitcoinorg ok, good luck with that. ‏@Badbitcoinorg · Jan 9
@BenDoernberg Our conversation has prompted me to add a ‘Declaration of Interest’ to our mainpage. No ambiguity or second guessing required

Ben Doernberg ‏@BenDoernberg · Jan 9
@Badbitcoinorg applaud the transparency, but I would *really* recommend you do some more research, starting with …

Sound Wallet ‏@bitcoinpotato · Jan 9
@Badbitcoinorg @BenDoernberg it is simple, they have a high paying affilate system, the same was true for bitcoin-traderDOTbiz

Sound Wallet ‏@bitcoinpotato · Jan 9
@Badbitcoinorg @BenDoernberg these companies understand that is key to promotion, it gives affilate marketing a bad name.

Sound Wallet ‏@bitcoinpotato · Jan 9
@Badbitcoinorg @BenDoernberg when really affilate itself it not a bad system, An alternative to GAW is ‏@Badbitcoinorg · Jan 9
@BenDoernberg I read it this morning. I agree with some of the points.It is balanced. It doesn’t alter the potential of XPY or GAW though. ‏@Badbitcoinorg · Jan 9

@BenDoernberg There is a great amount of XPY fud. It is in the interests of P&D’s to spread this. XPY has potentially ruined their scam game ‏@Badbitcoinorg · Jan 9
@BenDoernberg And I have to ask – Why are you so Anti GAW? I’ve explained why I am pro GAW and XPY. Your turn. ‏@Badbitcoinorg · Jan 9
@bitcoinpotato @BenDoernberg Believe the numbers, not us. XPY is 3x the market cap of Dogecoin, and just behind Ltc. ‏@Badbitcoinorg · Jan 9
@bitcoinpotato @BenDoernberg Finally. Make ONE Clear provable accusation of fraud against GAW Publicly and For The Record – or just zip it.

Ben Doernberg ‏@BenDoernberg · Jan 9
@Badbitcoinorg Paycoin’s value dependent on success of GAW. Josh Garza has admitted to CFTC and SEC violations, lied repeatedly. Game over

Ben Doernberg ‏@BenDoernberg · Jan 9
@Badbitcoinorg they won’t deliver on the features and partnerships Paycoin investors were counting on. Paycoin is a pump and dump ‏@Badbitcoinorg · Jan 9
@BenDoernberg You’ve been spending too much time under bridges my friend.