White People Invented Everything, An Interview With Paulette aka Mad Jewess; May 2015

This is an interview with Paulette Dittinger Rockir aka The Mad Jewess and her husband, David Rockir aka David Ben Moshe. I managed to get through half an hour of it. Should you try, I can guarantee at various points during the interview your eyes will roll, your jaw will drop, you’ll shake your head and you’ll want to smack both of them on the side of the head.

Paulette and David hate everyone except each other. Their ignorance and manipulation of data is truly breathtaking. While watching them spout their White Supremacist crap I couldn’t help noticing that David looks like a corpse and Paulette is borderline obese, hardly prime examples of being supreme.

From what they’ve said, they’re banned from visiting Israel. I’m not surprised.

“Blacks used to try but they didn’t succeed, maybe because their average IQ is not what White is.” -David Rockir