The Alt Siggy Flicker

I have nothing against Siggy Flicker except for her choice in Twitter friends and publicists. And the majority of her almost 360,000 Twitter followers.

Most of them are fake.

But then I don’t think Twitter Siggy is the real Siggy either. Twitter Siggy is Alt Siggy. Alt Siggy is a tad bit Buckwheatish.

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You can always expect some fake followers with every Twitter account, especially the accounts of celebrities. But Siggy’s fake followers goes way beyond any reasonable expectation.

Out of a sampling of 5,000 followers, Twitter Audit found only 97 real accounts.

Status People found that 94% of Siggy’s followers are either fake or inactive.

So according to two third party services that audit followers, Siggy’s fake followers comprise 94% to 99% of her followers.

Ironically Team Siggy has accused Margaret Josephs of creating fake accounts to harass Alt Siggy. I seriously doubt Margaret cares that much and nobody could create over 300,000 fake accounts.

If AltSiggy is talking about me, @Resist_N0w, that’s hilarious, if I had the time, patience or interest to create a bot army, I’d use them to troll Trump, not a histrionic housewife.

Nope, Alt Siggy’s fake follower percentage is a good indicator that the account bought followers.

If an unverified, noncelebrity did this, they’d be suspended. But Alt Siggy and her Alt Followers are getting away with it.

But don’t take my word on this, test it for yourself by going to twitteraudit  or StatusPeople.

They’re free and safe to use. Alt Siggy should check them out.