Nothing To See Here, Neal Rauhauser Post; Jan 7, 2013

This post by Neal Rauhauser was done on the raincoaster tumbler blog. He mentions the Protectors again, the mysterious Hacktivist group that only talked to Neal and Brett Kimberlin. He also mentions SWATgate and tries to deflect his involvement in SWATgate. 



Some teatards started bothering me during the 2010 election. The Kookpocalypse is just one of the many funny things I have done to them since the Twittergate conspiracy theory appeared in this Gawker article on October 9th, 2010.

I described what I intended to do in Conspiracism & Competence in January of 2010 A Parting Explanation in September reflects a broader, nuanced view accumulated over the preceding eight months. My greatest hits are listed in the Compendium of Trollish Behavior. It took a bit of ingenuity to do this the first time, but now anyone can repeat my methods, and Revisiting A January Prophecy addresses at a macro level the vulnerabilities of a ‘movement’ in the hands of fringe thinkers operating from a paranoid, violent world view.

Their ranks have grown over the years, but the original foursome that brought this shitstorm down on all their heads were New Jersey Crazy Cat Lady ZAPEM, Twitter crybaby in chiefGreg W. Howard, bipolar alcoholic asswipe Swiffer, and white trash hate talker Robert Stacy McCain. If they had not provided the initial conspiracy theory and then followed it up with years of obsessively pursuing me none of this stuff would have come to pass. They found a way to “connect” every single “dot” I ever dropped, no matter how farfetched.

I tried to quit at the beginning of April, 2012, staying silent for five months, but they just wouldn’t leave me alone. They launched the Swatgate conspiracy theory two months later and actually got 87 House offices to write a letter to the Department of Justice about it(!)

Unfortunately they sent Ali Akbar to do the promotion on Swatgate, and shortly after the theory was promoted this lovely video comparing Brandon Darby’s voice to that of the SWAT caller surfaced. Whoops …

I have been America’s alpha political troll for two elections now and while it’s been fun, I am ready to do something else. This is, of course, entirely dependent on a bunch of butthurt crybaby wingnuts accepting that they got their asses kicked and limping off into irrelevance, rather than doubling down again with the same tactics that got on my nerves in the first place.

UPDATE 11/17/2012: A group that I now know to the The Protectors started slipping me information on what they were planning for Karl Rove in September. Here is The Protectors Timeline

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