9,000 Andie Pauly Tweets

Below are a month’s worth of Andie Pauly tweets, from April until her suspension on May 13th.

@tboyddmd I better get ready for church. I am too pure for Twitter! LOL! Have a great day!
Now post their national debt. https://t.co/LEnOJ1O7d6

Venezuela…Socialist PARADISE…running out of…water. https://t.co/NryQqPrXZh https://t.co/LEnOJ1O7d6

EVERYONE who cares about police should read and share this. If you don’t care about police…you will. https://t.co/9QcWcPgptz

@MichaelGervais9 @bostonpolice @HCSOSheriff @TampaPD I shared it. Beautiful! Thank you!

@MichaelGervais9 @bostonpolice @HCSOSheriff @TampaPD You too! Thanks again!

RT @Incazzato2015: @NewRBEworld @brucechris24 @andieiamwhoiam BS!!! I’m Italian and ran away from socialism. Go there and try to get assist…

RT @Sippindoc: @hairmich42 That’s a very low rate, and you are mysteriously ignoring the cause. @JamesMack_NFL @sayetaryor @andieiamwhoiam…

@coopernumpy lol

RT @firstthechild: @NewRBEworld great place 2 live https://t.co/w1pTCWedb2 @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/54lpiCJbET

Nothing says “oppression” like having to use a bathroom designed to facilitate your gender. https://t.co/7dLhEOd1fB

@JeffJacksonNC This should help. You’re welcome. https://t.co/buSWhjwMM1

IL won’t allow a bill that provides privacy for police families but this is a law? https://t.co/rsFwFIJU3X

The empty rhetoric bill? The feel good at the taxpayer’s expense bill? You had me blocked, you come back with THIS? https://t.co/cvVaSgvUZu

RT @DDHonee: @andieiamwhoiam @48THPOTUS @NoCommiesPlease @Chrizamo Law? Sounds more like a kid’s tongue twister…no respect for first resp…

Ever read Leonard Read’s “I, Pencil”? https://t.co/0Dy0vpDI0E https://t.co/HrI424Cy9W

You try so hard but still come up…empty. https://t.co/YHQ5napUf0

You blocked me after I educated you about astronomical black crime. You have defined yourself as an imbecile. https://t.co/iNtqeO3rUQ

ANOTHER police officer shot by a #BlackLivesMatter thug in Barack’s America. Please pray and share. https://t.co/KUKxR5zzG3

@SheriffClarke @BreitbartNews Not his money. Not even OUR money. It’s our GRANDCHILDREN’S money.

If it was a SECRET why did they tell YOU about it? https://t.co/B3joUlaKCO

RT @javaguysammckee: @andieiamwhoiam Yep. Also, every so-called “veterans” bill blocked by GOP was just a big pork pie. ACTUAL veterans bil…

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam Headline: GOP Against Wasteful Government Spending – regarless of what they call the bill.

This feral has to start all her Tweets with “Once upon a time”. https://t.co/3Ifp09XUPF

More than just a smidge. https://t.co/9NFHA4Wgi6

@SusanCoach4 @hairmich42 You actually BELIEVE this Progressive nitwit? Come on.

Always praying for my followers. This applies to all of us. Have a wonderful Sunday! https://t.co/EFzdwlDCQg

@N05tr4d4mu5 You are right. https://t.co/7tSQTE5mqk

They are doing precisely what their voters (military votes conservative) want them to do. https://t.co/dAqcPKADd5

This one followed me home. Another feral. https://t.co/SH4QYjASxP

They did what they were hired to do. https://t.co/shGS5XeXMF

WHO pays for these signs? https://t.co/7vwXuvdEY1

@Swiger13 It is a favorite of mine. Glad you enjoyed it.

Because they are diametrically opposed to liberal ideology. DUH. https://t.co/0gf6WLHMaI

@catwahler @RebelMouse Thank you, Cathy.

RT @dhiggins63: @IknowUmadBro Every month, Muslims murder 1000 people, and you’re talking about obscure Christian sects insulting and plott…

RT @dhiggins63: @IknowUmadBro Considering this is age of information, I’m surprised you don’t know it’s Muslims who enslaved & continue to…


Thanks to the feral leftists and Barack, this officer could have been killed. This was stupid. https://t.co/Dr1qQivlvh

A man stabbing a police officer is an “incident” in Barack’s America. Police have to allow themselves to be stabbed. https://t.co/hlJpIKS7fD

It still is…in homeschool! https://t.co/CFA6GLDYq7

RT @dzy1955: Our brothers & sisters who are on the front line should never have to 2nd guess their actions from Liberals & O. https://t.c…

Yes. LGBT bathrooms are all about CONTROL. https://t.co/yaRF2bSUGJ

RT @EndLiberalism: @andieiamwhoiam @SFStraightTalk #RuleofLaw We must stop violence created by Political Correctness & Thugs. #OnlyTrump #…

RT @SLBCTexas: @hedeen89 @Unity_Coach @andieiamwhoiam if you wanted, you can add orange paint to any tip… in a couple months, orange tips…

RT @BrionZobrist: @andieiamwhoiam unfortunate that the politician response is more laws to crack down on people that already don’t obey law…

RT @cbring74: @OslamaBinLaden @Arrgo8733 @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/cvTyTMsrB8

RT @cbring74: @Arrgo8733 @OslamaBinLaden @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/NbX3BQHLZ0

RT @TommyfromMalden: @andieiamwhoiam @Westxgal #MakeAMERICAGreatAGAIN #PresidentTRUMP #USA #NRA4EVA #GunControlIsHITTINGyourTARGET https://…

RT @Prognosticus: @andieiamwhoiam @LeahRBoss Also, they’re manufactured for a profit – https://t.co/Zpd4Qx5RPr

RT @etraditionalist: @FLg8RnVa @andieiamwhoiam @OslamaBinLaden @Arrgo8733 @Tw3etL0rd https://t.co/eX8qZeHM0z

RT @metternicht: @andieiamwhoiam One nice thing about homeschool–need not worry about system’s agenda.

RT @tzrzshadow: @andieiamwhoiam Fact. https://t.co/UON5xpvcnO

RT @HelpingLostPets: #dogs LOST #Chicago IL,USA, German Shepherd/Purebred, Apr.03/16, https://t.co/NxNWKuiqh8 @LostDogsIL

Police never know how a situation will turn. This is frightening. https://t.co/7Dnw3lt32f https://t.co/3NjBgnUpRP

Yes. Barack and BlackLivesMatter thugs, mostly white nitwits, are the reason people are so willing to shoot police. https://t.co/HsO0X99Jgy

@templewind @NickReeves45 @Cory_1077 lol

@NickReeves45 @templewind @Cory_1077 LOL. The photo.

RT @RJAsPandora: @andieiamwhoiam @MarkAWebster1 and thanks for the phone and the computer with Internet so I can protest all these evil cap…

RT @LindaSuhler: Chicago Police Grant 6-Year-Old Cancer Patient’s Wish of Becoming a Cop #ThinBlueLine🙏 #Pray https://t.co/NHmrP9E4Gv https…

RT @TriciasFamily: @andieiamwhoiam Come on people, just listen to and respect the police and there won’t be a problem! It’s that simple

RT @NightmarEclipse: @andieiamwhoiam @marylene58 Anytime we are told, by our government, a new freedom has been granted, it inevitably mean…

RT @ceconomou56: @andieiamwhoiam @oshaughnessy BLM has never been denounced by our Dear Leader. https://t.co/JBiFK62Z5d

RT @ngeAct64: @RJAsPandora @MarkAWebster1 @andieiamwhoiam No nation state ever taxed itself into prosperity.

Black man shoots famous black man in back. Media, #BlackLivesMatter thugs and Barack don’t give a damn. https://t.co/QssJnudLeF

RT @lcbaleme: We the People shall separate ourselves from the elitist GOP & DNC establishment, and facilitate the electoral process for all…

Ahahahaha! https://t.co/WAPWP2Gygf

RT @Ransoms_Note: @LeannEAF @andieiamwhoiam @Ken_Daley Progressives see only Certain Lives Matter depending upon what can get them MSM slo…

@Andiepaulysdog Because their parents paid for them. So it’s okay.

These people are really this stupid. https://t.co/2iQ1IWELVZ

Why are we allowing the lowest common denominator types, like Barack, dictate to police how to do their jobs? https://t.co/Nma8AXguWh

@DPNJ @TimTolka @HotNostrilsrFun @EricSuper5 One wonders why only blacks and women officers claim corruption though?

RT @PBOA_Akron: @andieiamwhoiam @Trump____2016 @USATODAYcollege This further reaffirms my view on BLM and their OVER hypocrisy of the movem…

How do YOU misinterpret so much but claim to be able to read? https://t.co/QmEwOfJNuR

Tamir had a REAL gun that he brandished at women and children. Not a squirt gun. Do you people EVER tell the truth? https://t.co/zWweJjMlFz

@Unity_Coach I am beginning to wonder if you aren’t missing a chromosome.

RT @aeronautic1: @andieiamwhoiam @Eccentrie Socialism = Austerity Capitalism = Growth

Way to be a caricature. Police brutality is a LIE. Try not attacking them. https://t.co/gOM4dYt5Cc

No. It was an accident. Perhaps Mr. Grant should have been obeying our laws and he would still be here? https://t.co/wldSpbonEK

Trayvon died in the commission of multiple violent felonies. https://t.co/AKBpjv4OEJ

I am beginning to think these people are missing a chromosome or two. https://t.co/glhMS6h9ON

We know. Black thugs who attack police and subsequently shot in self defense are your heroes. NOT MINE. https://t.co/s85yDDbcik

RT @dlreinbeau: @andieiamwhoiam God Bless you and your husband. Peace to your families. ✌️✝💪🇺🇸 #BlueLivesMatter ALOT!!!

@dlreinbeau Thank you Dana.

Truth be told, she is staying away from the ASTRONOMICAL black crime. https://t.co/IK2yY6rQui

These elderly Progressive harridans worship a violent, feral thug who attempted to kill a man. https://t.co/3FVfjglUpG

RT @mikej77: @andieiamwhoiam Such people are “Martyrs for Obama” so it is okay.

RT @hourglassman: @andieiamwhoiam @Ken_Daley Waiting for @POTUS to weigh in, but just remembered that #Obama really doesn’t think #BlackLiv…

RT @Chiro11Peter: If this was a #Cop or #White person #Sharpton and #BlackLivesMatter would be Orgasmic!! #Obama would lecture us!🖕🏿 https…

Does his life matter? https://t.co/HLUXT7NQaq

I’ll never forget what her hounds did to the Christmas turkey. https://t.co/bzs0PJ9Mp0 https://t.co/noCobBH1Fs

Your heroes die in soiled pants, crying for their mothers. https://t.co/BwBQ2Z3HVc

Where indeed? Black lives truly do NOT matter to leftists. They created the undertow that pulls blacks down. https://t.co/gFz5jqIqr7

Exactly. https://t.co/4DLXJq4Kqf

RT @NYGoingBlue: @andieiamwhoiam Think we are all well aware of what BLM is… https://t.co/sR6tdnuRcc

RT @ISmokeEmWet: @andieiamwhoiam @sherracane There is no answer. NOPD removed Cardell Hayes’ father. He sued, reached a settlement and kill…

RT @Egypt_Exodus: @andieiamwhoiam if a person wields a knife ,throw a stone this persons intention is to cause serious bodily harm SHOOT to…

Make no mistake, #BlackLivesMatter is a violent, terrorist organization, backed by Barack. https://t.co/mrFf4qzuAp

Barack is a former drug dealer and community agitator. Divide and conquer. https://t.co/gEtJEHrH5f

RT @tjacobsdtv: @bensonmanento No @andieiamwhoiam has it right on the money. Thugs and lowlifes who are nothing more than domestic terroris…

RT @RobertTripp12: @andieiamwhoiam @LindaBumpass @miamidecor @GorillaChompz @Sniper1T they won’t believe facts. It’s like banging your head…

RT @DNchef: @andieiamwhoiam black lives dont matter to black people only when whitey is involved does indignation erupt.

Barack claims Trayvon could have been his son. Would he have allowed that thug to date his daughters? https://t.co/r1vxKVnVKj

Jesus. Can you imagine being forced to serve next to this angry racist? https://t.co/zd3RMIt8eW

This is the homeschool student who died fighting for our country? https://t.co/xNPuzNSPlc

Cameras prove that people lie about police brutality in order to get PAID. https://t.co/BAUmCliqRp

https://t.co/oVHeI7gQgh https://t.co/LiSHn1evCv

Exactly. People hate police because they don’t like GETTING CAUGHT. https://t.co/r54y88SJv4

@mom_of_4_single I love this! xoxo

RT @AlexsaurusZilla: @rebelpatriot23 @bensonmanento @andieiamwhoiam the Tea Party cares more than BLM ever will.

So sad to hear of his passing. He made me laugh so hard! . Rest in peace. https://t.co/SAbZtgJaQr

Thank you for the best Followers a Tweeter could ask for! Amen! https://t.co/UWL6oxcUeG

RT @ToneDagger: So 16% of people killed by police were black … 16% https://t.co/tPoyxgC8UE

RT @AlexsaurusZilla: @rebelpatriot23 @bensonmanento @andieiamwhoiam #BlackLiesMatter are the Khmer Rouge. They loot & kill what isn’t their…

This is how my internet woes began.I was one of the first to find his real photo and post it. Death threats ensued. https://t.co/T4QaBXakj8

LOL! https://t.co/rIb403Uu4D

I have seen this before. I wonder if the other students were punished by their parents? https://t.co/9Jk0NqmZLF

RT @BreitbartNews: Washington, DC: Two Illegals Charged with Kidnapping, Raping 12-Year-Old Girl https://t.co/DLCUwbXdMo

Flowers from Handsome Husband. Thought you might enjoy them too! Ranunculus! https://t.co/rSLLXIsVcv

RT @markfromalbany: @andieiamwhoiam @nadezhvasil @promo_bob Thank God Trayvon was killed before he killed someone else. He was a disaster…

RT @rebelpatriot23: @bensonmanento @JamesH3000 @andieiamwhoiam We speak the truth about the racism of #BlackLivesMatter.

As a homeowner, do you have the right to tell police they cannot photograph you in your own home?

RT @Heritage: Self-sufficiency, not government spending, should be the measure of anti-poverty progress. https://t.co/reNUBTyMLf

@WordsMeanThingz I love the idea of cameras because they exonerate police BUT this looks like a 4th amendment violation?

@BlessedTex If they hear screaming, for example,no. See “Public Safety Exemption” of 4th amendment.

@WordsMeanThingz LOL!

He had a gun. https://t.co/HaPVwOP3iG

RT @DixieRedRocket: @andieiamwhoiam Used to be that your car was considered an extension of your home & your rights extended to there. Not…

RT @followtheAG: @andieiamwhoiam @FeminismIsLies The vast majority of black murder victims die at the hands of other black people.

The majority of mass shootings are committed by blacks. https://t.co/1327cejF5v

LOL! Police owning sovereign citizens! Get popcorn. https://t.co/daOCArwmP1

Police sergeant who was shot, wounded during traffic stop threw first pitch during the Rockies’ home opener Friday. https://t.co/BEI2U1uxpS

FUCK the ACLU. WE WANT these terrorists to be watched closely. https://t.co/qJG02knnoU

RT @TravelerA5: It’s actually a subsidiary of the naacp, its a violent, hateful, racist TERRORIST organization, backed by DNC & GOP. https:…

LOL! https://t.co/UwihCLcweL

Officer writes ‘a letter to the’ man I killed’ https://t.co/FFJkBDNxGW

Because he OBEYED police orders and did not attack them. https://t.co/2fKuXxl2IC

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. You don’t owe me anything, though. I’m good. https://t.co/gOJ1LJfeBs

@WITHDRAWN2 I don’t know.

@WITHDRAWN2 I would think that if they did and the homeowner attacked them the jury would want to know why camera was off.

Feminists don’t just hate men. They hate everybody. But, mostly, they hate THEMSELVES.

RT @hedeen89: Found this today @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/h9Ep4lWwH2

Poe’s Law at work. https://t.co/4odkuhpQb1

@WordsMeanThingz I am honored.

Sorry. ladies, but the Patriarchy is here to stay! Thank God. https://t.co/1JWavJBqwv

Attorneys General Launch Their First Assault Against Climate Change Skeptics. The Inquisition is HERE. Culture War? https://t.co/Db616F5m6G

Hurray! https://t.co/LUmPdSySzh

@rutam2011 🙂

RT @mooretommyh: @andieiamwhoiam @Love4Military Climate change is a HOAX!

Let’s watch each other’s backs. I am here for you. https://t.co/WuJDYm4r7s

@BenstksC No. Not at all. LOL! It just occurred to me.

RT @ChalonCollins: @andieiamwhoiam @RPZak0 Too bad climate change ISN’T our biggest problem. Unicorns & fairies..sounds lovely compared to…

Too bad their parents failed them and they don’t know how to behave in a civilized, law abiding manner. https://t.co/V019yUh9ee

This is what parents are for. https://t.co/JY5pbqXCBs

What a disgusting human being. Shame on her parents. https://t.co/Y4Atdiictx

A pellet gun is a WEAPON used in HUNTING. Tamir was aiming it at people to scare them. Don’t be like Tamir. https://t.co/36EbUIIIIg

I was thinking the exact same thing! https://t.co/4rCcaCAMVl

RT @GorillaChompz: @miamidecor @Lit_AF247 @Sniper1T @andieiamwhoiam Lie? How so? That kid got himself killed. Ask the jury.

@RedHurricane24 I have that feral blocked.

RT @USInGodWeTrust: @hedeen89 @burntasstoast @andieiamwhoiam Also I’m not sure how it took me sooooooo long to realize Bernie’s initials ar…

RT @marcmcgaugh1975: @andieiamwhoiam A pellet gun in my state is actually considered a firearm because it shoots a projectile.

@brucechris24 You should make that happen, then. LOL!

Really? Name one. https://t.co/Mbv3lzzgXL

Blacks commit drive bys and mass shootings that are never counted as such…on a weekly basis. https://t.co/28fnodeNKy

Tamir is dead because his mother failed him. Make no mistake. https://t.co/8R5tt1X7LY

@brucechris24 Good man! Are they blooming in your climate now?

This is the kind of nitwittery I am forced to endure from the Left. Why. it’s as if he never watched the trial. https://t.co/Mc8SPNVmSv

Tamir’s gun is not a toy. It is a weapon. He committed assault when he brandished it. Blame his mama, not police. https://t.co/qi51lAtFIf

They are like Orcs. https://t.co/Ll2Ru7Ossr

Is it illegal in their town? If so, they re breaking the law. https://t.co/yCgaNzqFKq

Blacks commit 53% of ALL homicides. 30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. More whites enslaved. https://t.co/z0VeYm2UPv

Now the Leftist ferals will call you a racist. Just give it a minute. https://t.co/taicOGH5ev

@brucechris24 I like Knockout roses in my zone (5), because they are very hardy.

@AbsurdinessBrwn @hedeen89 Fight the legislators, not police.

@brucechris24 They should be very happy.

I read the beginning. It looks like it was written by a second grader. https://t.co/oFMMbunCOO

You said police make illegal arrests. If this is illegal then the arrests are legitimate. https://t.co/48gorKC1lw

RT @phila610215: @GorillaChompz @LindaBumpass @miamidecor @andieiamwhoiam @Sniper1T If that bum is getting his face beaten, no choice but…

@AbsurdinessBrwn @hedeen89 Did she obey orders?

RT @JACKSBACK100: @andieiamwhoiam Yes – and he is (ooops… WAS) not a toy either. You point at a law officer, you die. Life really IS as…

Leftists aren’t people. https://t.co/2fT4L3934d

I would hardly call a poorly written article the top. https://t.co/XVkVXBiCu8

@hooligan06 I read only part. It was horribly written.

@brucechris24 Here is one of our gardens. I love to garden. I have a rose garden in the back. https://t.co/kLuMpIOQKG

@brucechris24 It’s done now. LOL!

@JStgoalie @ThatRolexTime @BBCNews Did you read it? It was so poorly written I had to stop. LOL!

Here come the ORCS. https://t.co/uPrOi8TAEQ

@JimTheTrainer @ThatRolexTime LOL!

RT @ShackelfordTwts: @ThatRolexTime I’m even MORE proud to follow. Give ’em hell!!!!!! @andieiamwhoiam @BBCNews

It was written by an obvious amateur who used my real name as well as my husband’s. I hope she has deep pockets. https://t.co/BVJLsSFo3u

@brucechris24 It’s Boston Ivy, not English. It’s okay.

@Rob_McTavish @Tommy_Inglis Hehe!

Yay! You were able to finish! It was like the writer was missing a chromosome. https://t.co/wa8lEmUehe

@brucechris24 That would be fun!

Hey guys! I am an EXTREMIST. LOL! https://t.co/XTGN7RjHbx

Feral is a word. It has MEANING. I don’t care about your opinion. https://t.co/FU4TzFEJ2D

Feral. https://t.co/MdFU1O6CMC

Bigotry, bigotry, bigotry…all the day long! https://t.co/WuiGvqqFbd

@brucechris24 The maze. LOL! Not a fan of lost kids.

They would have to leave their mom’s basements first. https://t.co/k7wZl2u8U3

@guy_canadian @1kenwilson24 Never saw it. I will check it out. Thank you.

Exactly. https://t.co/pKzSgzS9nX

I know. LOL! https://t.co/ULOVwembxc

She does seem like an angry little person. https://t.co/xfhIQxDDsk

You’re on the internet. Go look. I am not your mother. https://t.co/3vkMew7jtp

They know the name of that violent thug, Mike Brown, but have no CLUE who Jamyla Bolden is. https://t.co/O4BeZcj3C5

I like it! Can I be a member of #TeamAndie too? https://t.co/DqrBafZyLM

No. I do hate Progressives. Verymuchso. The block button is over there—> https://t.co/cIxlojqlnI

RT @tonytwobets: @andieiamwhoiam @DevinMynett so right andie. Where was BLM when Will Smith was gunned down in New Orleans the other night?

I have learned you ferals don’t read what I post. If you want the truth, seek it as I did. Now you are dismissed. https://t.co/U4cOAJEPuF

I know. Even when presented with data they are too daft to see. https://t.co/TOwPPdv5vb

RT @TheAndroidRule: @andieiamwhoiam #TeamAndie – no ferals welcome

@chriscdailey You too!

RT @SigmanJim: @naft82 @andieiamwhoiam @ThatRolexTime Lol you are the BEST! And I am impressed that the recognized you! Congratulations!😂👍…

RT @Atr631: @andieiamwhoiam @ThatRolexTime I’m thinking that #TeamAndie should be trending by this time tomorrow.

RT @JStgoalie: @andieiamwhoiam @ThatRolexTime @BBCNews it’s a bully pulpit. She’s using it to full advantage. Get louder.

RT @TheAndroidRule: Join the #TeamAndie movement today/ Help @andieiamwhoiam squash out ferals

The Orcs don’t grasp boundaries. https://t.co/APeNfhNkeH

That is an abject falsehood. https://t.co/9yMyqyWhI4

Whaddya know? https://t.co/laccTIQuk0

God BLESS Officer Wilson. https://t.co/kJ8vL6uNQw

The Pouty McStompypants Brigade has spoken. https://t.co/SijLaaLEBy

How do you know the feral harassing my family, Luna Marjan, is 15? She was discussing anal sex. No ID. Not doxed. https://t.co/SmsZrE4d2L

Jamyla was doing homework when shot by a black thug. No one would cooperate with police. #BlackLIvesMatter my ass. https://t.co/qjRkjrs0ZO

https://t.co/svA3q0DBir https://t.co/BLjVeqOJUE

We are 21 TRILLION in debt. Barack spent 12 TRILLION dollars. https://t.co/KYlkRcxaP2

I’m not going ANYWHERE. https://t.co/5dVmII1tV5

You think? https://t.co/kXHGNsSUQV

Exactly. https://t.co/Uh5F4Y5xIp

I triggered her I guess. https://t.co/IoipTIywMA

Ad hominem tu quoque is a fallacy for a reason. https://t.co/WT6daiERAU

The feral who wrote the article doesn’t grasp free speech because she is a subject. We are citizens. https://t.co/fSpxVMH4lm

To all the leftist ferals I have triggered…here is a special, portable safe space. You’re welcome. https://t.co/gLilM4X4kK

I’d like to thank all the little people… https://t.co/VTs399wne4

Not like these fuckers ever leave their mom’s basement. https://t.co/xI5UIFWxvx

RT @_matt229_: Leftists – I recommend any of the Peter Pan discs. After a couple of slides, you’ll be as right as rain. https://t.co/1fo3EV…

LOL! The Titanic is my fault too. https://t.co/AML6Bf2omK

RT @dilloking: @andieiamwhoiam @DevinMynett https://t.co/8G6VqIa0WU

When will #BlackLivesMatter? Why do only thug’s lives matter? https://t.co/jEIN5ibO0T

Thanks Scully! https://t.co/fGkDUIu3wU

RT @GorillaChompz: @andieiamwhoiam How does one get “tricked” into sending naked pictures? You must be a sorceress? Double, double, toil an…

He may have a point. LOL! https://t.co/LLDGdIppvw

Just the tip of the iceberg! https://t.co/6C14u9Rkpb

RT @808alohadeals: Between 1525 to 1866, 12.5M African slaves shipped to the New World. BRAZIL w/ 4.5M, US only 400K @andieiamwhoiam htt…

Oh. You mean like Luna Marjan ? https://t.co/QaaXpUw3de

RT @91Onc: @DevinMynett @OmShanx @Howy_68 @andieiamwhoiam TransAtlantic was also the shortest era & ended by predominantly white Christian…

I get it just fine. The Leftist Ferals are only serving to gain more support FOR ME. Luna Marjan helped. https://t.co/h4LVYpC7ua

Perfect. You should have given the special snowflakes a trigger warning. https://t.co/wPdOS8mu5Y

It seems Olivia Crellin feels triggered by my politics. Poor dear. https://t.co/y1rBPWsTSp

RT @RosenHoward: @andieiamwhoiam @dook91011 https://t.co/xiwv2EUKDc

@Borack_Oblama lol

Nice to meet you! Thanks! https://t.co/W4tWvDxYcZ

These people can’t be this obtuse? https://t.co/X0ftYr4NQO

I believe I just did, actually. https://t.co/UB07MkZfot

The truth is a great way to offend a liberal. https://t.co/NYVYvJpKco

He is a caricature of himself, like all Leftists. https://t.co/FzVYJefG2F

Blacks commit the bulk of mass shootings. However, it isn’t a contest. Black homicide is a serious issue. https://t.co/wsztMbeKP6

RT @CatholicAcolyte: @andieiamwhoiam @TheAndroidRule @Tommy_Inglis wild animals descended from domesticated stock. From civility to anarchy…

RT @Rene_gadeCowboy: @tylerfromtucker @andieiamwhoiam you might wanna recheck ur facts https://t.co/HIZOO93fza

RT @MatanJeda: >all these people in tech crying Hitler to shut down a con lol @xor @mjg59 @wwahammy @AMovingCastle https://t.co/w2DBsVmwzG

Luna Marjan is a disgusting individual. However, I would never dox her. I would never behave like these ferals. https://t.co/ZFc8ip8WgD

Blacks are 13% of the population. What’s going on here? Don’t #BlackLivesmatter? https://t.co/8XWgeBrPoX

@spacemarshalmsc Who? What who?

RT @LeahRBoss: My skin is not privilege. Self-defense is not murder. The truth is not racist. On these facts, I refuse to back down.

They are harassing my husband. I hope @OliviaCrellin has a good lawyer. She has the IQ of dryer lint. https://t.co/9mxJ3M49gA

@spacemarshalmsc I blocked him.

@spacemarshalmsc No worries.

RT @WhiteWizaard: @andieiamwhoiam @tylerfromtucker These fucktards can’t do 3rd grade math, Blacks are the majority of mass shooters https:…

@Pol4Trump @OliviaCrellin @pysih @amerika_blog Her appearance is none of my concern. However, her wallet is.

@bigbobster75 LOL! It seems the little girl is really harassing my husband and his employer by posting personal information. Silly feral!

RT @vango771: @tylerfromtucker @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/EkGAo4Bbk0

RT @RNRMaryland: Here’s a interesting garbage journalist bashing a American who cares deeply for her country. #RedNationRising https://t.co…

RT @phila610215: @GorillaChompz @miamidecor @LindaBumpass @andieiamwhoiam You lied about Zimmerman bruises, now lying abt Trayvon https:…

RT @patrick_hostis: Say hello 2 the REAL #HillaryClinton! @CarmineZozzora @Chinookpilot6 @dawnmariefhl #tcot #ccot #trump #OhHillNo https:…

RT @Sniper1T: @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin @pysih @amerika_blog Take her to the cleaners Andie

She is riding my coattails. Kinda pathetic. But she endangers my husband. That’s gonna cost the little feral. https://t.co/gyYDKKcpvs

@nopoopflingers No. Thank you, Danielle.

It seems the Leftists fear me. Good. https://t.co/n37x3JwIep

Police risk their lives daily to protect black folks. Those racists. https://t.co/xFQksd9xIn

Fear the chalk! LOL! https://t.co/nwQ775MVyT

LOL! https://t.co/XaRyJDVGfF

@vango771 @tylerfromtucker Just putting that out there. 🙂

RT @ISmokeEmWet: Uh, there are strange people who are obsessed with @andieiamwhoiam. It is a good thing she is prepared to take care of her…

#GunsSaveLives #NRA #GunSense https://t.co/0M9U5YTklD

It is a handful of leftist ferals…lowest common denominator types. Crazy, babbling bag ladies with Smart Phones. https://t.co/RmDGHPA0Q4

Olivia NEEDS me to support herself. I am carrying her. https://t.co/1oYsqBQwYt

The more these leftists stamp their feet the bigger I become. My book will be out this year. https://t.co/1ingidKpXg

@Tazatator LOL! I am magnanimous.

Thanks, my friend! She is part of the Progressive Undertow. Nice to meet you! https://t.co/kkZeQdyazQ

You’ll have to wait and see. 🙂 https://t.co/THwoKqY9p3

@BrainlessMuzzos @OliviaCrellin LOL!

You mean the false narrative of blacks killed by police? Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Address it. https://t.co/G8iVcXVNE0

Tell them I’m busy. https://t.co/Qsnq081ZWk

Why don’t you end 74% illegitimacy instead? Make a REAL difference. https://t.co/248FLs47jW

RT @shedd34: @andieiamwhoiam @ModestBeauty92 they certainly don’t if blacks are the ones taking them. Message is 180° wrong.

That is my intention, my friend! https://t.co/FnEg8tu7jr

Like a doctor who tells a black man he has cancer is called racist. Now more will hear my message, though! https://t.co/EPwx9FX1Y8

Alas! No opposable thumbs or guns would TAKE OVER THE WORLD! https://t.co/3DxrPITGjq

Or call my husband’s employer or CPS? Yes. I know. https://t.co/CpPGKqP57Z

There is a poorly written BBC blog about me. Thanks! I have received so many messages from police thanking me! I am honored!

We kicked their asses 250 years ago. https://t.co/3GElftQsUm

That sounds familiar. https://t.co/bbL0CRJu05

I am going to donate to the NRA in @OliviaCrellin and the @BBCWorld ‘s name. Anyone want to chip in? https://t.co/eKvd8saiKP

Yes. She did. https://t.co/gYMLumlBWC

Exactly! END the Welfare State and stop allowing liberals to destroy blacks. https://t.co/egAPEagzvQ

You’re right, feral. 53% homicide rate among blacks means nothing to you people. We know that. https://t.co/EkUFkYInQa

RT @TruthSe09557104: @andieiamwhoiam @Tazatator @LeahRBoss Give them #Hell .I Can smell their fear lol

This @jsavite woman is OBSESSED with me. I am beginning to wonder if she is mentally ill. Glad I’m armed. https://t.co/G3ox8E9s9z

RT @dadair0612: Regressive liberals fear what they don’t understand, the TRUTH. Hence the truth must be tweaked or outright censored https:…

RT @airforce2100: @andieiamwhoiam @jsavite More proof that Liberalism is a mental illness…

RT @NotBodhisattva: We did it with only a 5th of the population even interested in fighting. Ding! Ding! Round 2. https://t.co/5Epqm9h5QZ

LOL! https://t.co/qyHMZ1SDR9

There are about 30 members of the Progressive Undertow on Twitter who began the harassment. I have 18.5k followers. https://t.co/2OxBaxwooh

RT @MikeKirkwood4: @andieiamwhoiam @Sniper1T @bigbobster75 dig the legal daggers in deep. The results should delicious.

God bless you, my friend! Thank you! Blessed to know you! https://t.co/ftpZe1oVZt

I am making her famous. LOL! https://t.co/5A2d9YMfP6

They chose the dregs. https://t.co/lJlLQABY8T

RT @JuliusEbola: @andieiamwhoiam Truth = negativity.

@SpongeZim I am, my friend, Thank you. How are you?

I have 300 new followers in less than an hour. Thanks everyone!

That is music to my ears! People have had enough! https://t.co/VQWe11SN9c

Amen! https://t.co/VTbZ2jGGLv

These ferals need to begin their inanity with “Once upon a time”. https://t.co/f25FQSwk7b

Can you imagine the type of person who would call CPS on someone because they disagree politically? https://t.co/KHYdzgbybb

@TexasMillennium 🙂

Glad to know you! Thanks! I am getting so many new followers I can’t keep up! https://t.co/pI0hsHEklw

@rowlyutd @SuperAaronBurr He makes a point. We are working on it!

Does anyone have the BBC article about me? https://t.co/in6vm75jmB

RT @hunterjonesiii: @andieiamwhoiam @SuperAaronBurr the BBC are nothing but a weather vane for leftists.Sensationalist,pedophile apologists…

I have no problem with the hate from the Progressive Undertow. None at all. https://t.co/CA7IssL1Nc

RT @Manfeelings90: @Citizen__B @OliviaCrellin Unfortunately the people she often opposes are far worse. Shame @BBCtrending didn’t cover bo…

RT @wfnx1990: I see something! https://t.co/EtE8XD2zWU Pretty cool ;> @andieiamwhoiam

We were gong to sue Conover Kennard, Janice Sann, etc. and Jillian Hurley but they have absolutely NOTHING. https://t.co/iOt6NVecgN

@Cernovich Can you share this? Show the world what Leftists are? https://t.co/Ea05yn7PJP

Yes. I AM a pretty big deal. https://t.co/mYJSiYBVYE

That’s the plan! Thanks! https://t.co/PZDur7mvyl

RT @WickedPatriot: @andieiamwhoiam Glad to know you too, Andie 😉World of possibilities opening up for you 👍🏻You go girl 💪🏻💪🏻

Olivia Crellin is looking for a job. Anyone hiring Progressive simpletons with the writing skills of a 2nd grader? https://t.co/9TlMbzPyKd

RT @Dellis007M: I liked it. Wonderful display of BBC ignorance. Damn right it was poorly written. 👍 https://t.co/Rm5ONvZ5u2

Damn skippy! https://t.co/bVrfULjtQ2

RT @Madamtazzz: @andieiamwhoiam Rock on baby you deserve it.

Thanks Gail! https://t.co/ZZ5CAIjcCU

As far right as you can get! LOL! https://t.co/EaXdsL8ays

Looks like it’s time. None have anything but I will take what I can. https://t.co/bQW7tAG3VB

@welshbigguy 🙂

xo https://t.co/HmL8HQU3xZ

I would like to thank all the people who made this possible. https://t.co/mehhoWFXyT

RT @onsafari2010: @ModestBeauty92 @andieiamwhoiam I guess negativity is the new liberal code for reality…

Thank you, my friend! https://t.co/Pjf0R2wrU0

RT @IrateJay: @andieiamwhoiam POS’s the lot of em. Karma is a bitch, they’ll get theirs sooner or later.

They have Orcs I have America’s FINEST. My followers are military, police, first responders, hard workers… https://t.co/nxHdmDpgLj

https://t.co/7tSQTEmXOU https://t.co/wjp6p9WcNs

Since they set the precedent can I post the names and workplaces of the relatives of Leftist ferals harassing my family, including Crellin?

RT @mpg25mary: @Kerwin_White1 @andieiamwhoiam @BBCNews So having traditional values is “right wing,” but BLM & lefties r just innocent frag…

I heard that! *snap https://t.co/qPcbj1NJMY

It was rhetorical. If I was like that I would have. I am a MUCH better person then all of them added up. https://t.co/g6TVGukEQB

Eaten. https://t.co/rZRolJUxaS

@OliviaCrellin posted my husband’s private information and workplace. She is attempting to bring harm to my family. https://t.co/eT4ljQOGDo

There are plenty more just like me and we are going to TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK TOGETHER! Who’s with me?! https://t.co/X6jkSQLCVo

This guy can even use the % character correctly… https://t.co/cYcOAnrhZO

The Welfare State is the reason. Liberals are the true culprits. https://t.co/QvWP0Efb4E

I am a better person. I would never do that. https://t.co/yojYxWjo8G

They seem desperate. https://t.co/Xgxj014B2s

I made this feral famous. How long must we carry them? https://t.co/kXTj4nerAs

Agreed. Show them their place. It’s TIME. https://t.co/lIqnHsHTFh

Yay! I’m awesome! LOL! https://t.co/4YDHPFQoXE

I make them look good. 😉 https://t.co/Vamu8ER3u7

She lives on the East Coast. https://t.co/b56FQNmLqj

We are better than they are. God is watching. He has this. https://t.co/RQJpUV72Vp

@Ricky_Vaughn99 Share to show what the left is made of? https://t.co/Ea05yn7PJP

They won’t stop me. https://t.co/41mXCpwI3Y

@realjimrussell @Disband_MPS LOL! Zing!

They dug pretty low for reporters too. https://t.co/z10wcDlCy8

WE are ALL fringe NOW. https://t.co/o2orsxd8Rq

They think I am upset. LOL! There is no such thing as bad press. I have 400 new followers since the post. https://t.co/VhIkY1vXpb

Does she smell of patchouli and ass? https://t.co/rHaoVj21gI

Oh? Did he end the Welfare State or did he tell #BlackLivesMatter thugs to stay the course? https://t.co/9C0GAvobqZ

Blessed to meet you! https://t.co/pkiOATBAt7

It’s like she tore up the Dictionary, threw it in the air, then picked up a few scraps and copied them on Twitter. https://t.co/Zn8XzzyzKd

RT @BassmavMy: @andieiamwhoiam @Charli3Hustle stay the course

RT @SeekerMickey: @andieiamwhoiam then OOH RAH FRINGE

Barack perpetuated the narrative and put police lives in danger. FUCK BARACK and FUCK #BlackLivesMatter. https://t.co/AlOzNoxG4L

Huffington post? No. 39.8% BLACK, 38.8% white. Government data. https://t.co/se7KPOZeEg https://t.co/Ilq4wLb45e

@Tazatator Oh. Uncle. I give up.

He was a community agitator. https://t.co/459xperDBo

Christians don’t believe in Karma, feral. https://t.co/FQoC8IMKb8

It’s happening. They were stupid enough to let me know in advance. https://t.co/BNgUaqKwpl

I will find what I can since she is harassing my husband. However, I will only share with attorney and police. https://t.co/5S45vm4gS7

RT @Tazatator: @mpg25mary @andieiamwhoiam @expatblackcat MY Followers ROAR!

That’s why it’s so sad that blacks take the most welfare at 13% of the population. https://t.co/gpdPkwVLcJ

@Tazatator I would block.

The US is 21 TRILLION in debt! It was only 9 trillion when Barack began! https://t.co/mtzhO7YdGh

Barack campaigned on lowering the debt. He more than DOUBLED it. https://t.co/qm2mHoYYre

Blacks have MORE rights via Affirmative Action. I don’t have time for your lies and excuses. https://t.co/GhCD48omzq

And Barack’s women wear dresses worth tens of thousands of dollars just to spit in their faces. https://t.co/9I2ZiTZuSu

@vilevillainess @expatblackcat @Tazatator @LeahRBoss I have them blocked.

Before I go to bed I would like to thank all the Law Enforcement Officers who messaged me tonight in support. We stand with you! Prayers!

@Tazatator @rachid Thank you!

This feral need a safe space. #Blocked https://t.co/F9nEvHAPpD

@Tazatator @vilevillainess @JohnErmi1 Good night and God Bless!

That is the understatement of the year. https://t.co/2vwEU4kqt4

You too. The victims of the astronomically high black crime rate are other blacks. Be well. https://t.co/F3a0BqB63E

@vilevillainess @Tazatator @JohnErmi1 Very sad. I can see why they are the way they are. Not that it makes it okay. So tragic.

@Tazatator @vilevillainess @JohnErmi1 Then I need a favor. PLEASE.

@researchclinic What inspired you to follow me?

Yes. That woman put me and my husband in danger. I hope she has a good lawyer. https://t.co/ZBSn4wnw9w

This is unacceptable. https://t.co/Y3u6hGx8DI

This is beautiful. https://t.co/R2nGHQSdA4

@ArthurAngell I lost five family members in a few months. That is what you see. I am unwavering.

@hillier_dallas And I you.

Prayers for Frances Eastridge! Please share! https://t.co/XzPPu41nSO

Absolutely. https://t.co/Jj2JJwF084

God bless you, my friend! https://t.co/qSmtE8xp7y

I have a great deal of support! https://t.co/HatsS0QnVr

Means a lot to me. Thank you! https://t.co/buPPNn3EMD

@Crimethink79 I triggered the little dumplings.

I will gladly pray for you. You could stop being an ass. Do you have a specific prayer? https://t.co/FkKURQ8DDJ

@BenstksC I will!

@TellyStern Feral is popular in UK?

Crawford had a gun, Tamir had a gun, Gurley was an ACCIDENT and Boyd had a knife. https://t.co/Mzet5QgxlW

Not all Muslims. I think you know who. https://t.co/Mr7nq0EeO4

These people have harassed my family, called CPS, my husband’s employer, posted personal information, etc. https://t.co/pt71PXdO3U

I call all Progressives feral. It’s apt. This is a defamatory hit piece. The writer is a simpleton. https://t.co/R5iXkmvw2b

@KataAndKumite Thank you!

Posting my name, husband’s name and his workplace was a bad idea. https://t.co/QFav6rZd8j

Here comes the Progressive Undertow. https://t.co/fyn0AlcTD3

What do you need prayer for? Is someone sick? https://t.co/S0fl51aPSM

I never mentioned them. Sit. https://t.co/UW6Fza1bTL

You KNOW she didn’t. I am thinking she has the IQ of red jello. https://t.co/z47odKNVZ6

@BenstksC Beautiful!

Beautiful! https://t.co/Q0ndQr5uBA

I have 400 new followers. LOL! https://t.co/UgMtOZl3hc

Don’t be feral, then. I will be praying for you. I know it’s scary. May I ask others to pray too? https://t.co/tx9vFa7fWI

LOL! https://t.co/oFgHiktmLW

Please pray for this woman anyway. She is scared. She or someone she knows has cancer. ReTweet https://t.co/CF2zDm913x

80’s hair. LOL! https://t.co/Jz5SAGmBTr

RT @sanfrancali: @andieiamwhoiam @ModestBeauty92 I will pray for her, I pray she is cancer and feral free! Be happy don’t take Internet st…

This is why I love you. LOL! https://t.co/wa3WdMmlmc

@8977himher Odd. I know I was following you but Twitter removed my Follow. I Refollowed.

I am blessed to know you. God bless you and keep you safe! https://t.co/Vv474q38Vh

Thank you, my friend! Nice to meet you! https://t.co/BV4C4oGmCm

I call them the Progressive Undertow. https://t.co/RjyGhvoFwb

@Yipicya LOL!

RT @AbolishBBC: If all of @andieiamwhoiam followers sent one tweet to this Twit @OliviaCrellin , she would know the strength of feelings (d…

Try not breaking the law and see if it helps. https://t.co/EG9J0yyBJH

Yes. The police have nothing better to do than monitor my account. Nitwit. https://t.co/m3pgO8vpBV

It was written by a member of the Progressive Undertow. https://t.co/OChyTf3GTk

My Twitter has never been hacked. Are you on something, feral? https://t.co/pCdt5IbgJt

@promo_bob I speak typo. Fluently.

30% of free blacks owned slaves 1% of whites. Per capita, there were more wealthy blacks. More white slave total. https://t.co/CCqodCmBC7

This is why I speak, my friend. I promise, they will NEVER shut me up. https://t.co/phw2Wnubju

I have over 500 new followers in a few hours and an offer for a book. Thanks! https://t.co/Eo71Wc599h

I have already filed police reports a while back for the harassment. Ms Crellin is next. https://t.co/k2T8LPBPul

According to the article. LOL! https://t.co/oQLTfG3OXG

The feral lives there. https://t.co/ds0c5shPPF

Thank GOD for the Second Amendment! https://t.co/n9oLVD0EQT

Wow. Can he be this stupid? https://t.co/67X467apdL

Oh. I will share that with Barack’s FBI, where the data originates, little fella. https://t.co/z82Gn6325x

Thank you! https://t.co/weIj41euVD

They are Progressives. Wretched people. Dishonest and dangerous. https://t.co/xk8vPrHFb1

You seem like a nice person. I believe you. https://t.co/hHnUb02E37

I have seen that detritus. Thanks. https://t.co/9kzJ3ax7fn

Thank you! https://t.co/T2gwmqhNAY

Thank you. She used my real name and my husband’s name, though my husband has no internet presence. https://t.co/76aDrbCVwX

RT @hotvernacular: @andieiamwhoiam @ModestBeauty92 it’s amazing how facts incite such anger. Be safe my friend. Crazy, misinformed graspin…

We have all seen the photoshopped images. This is nothing new. There is nothing you can do to stop me. NOTHING. https://t.co/Ex4TxvjJPJ

Please share. @OliviaCrellin lied and posted a defamatory blog about me and is harassing my husband. https://t.co/Zk11wmFAtB

Please ReTweet. The BBC blogger lied in order to harass my family. This man knows the truth. https://t.co/RfOSx420iS

Do you need a safe space? https://t.co/44wAC6HDhH

Your race card has no value here. Dismissed. https://t.co/GyVY7m0LZg

I had 18k followers before her detritus was posted. People have seen and agree with my message. Good people. https://t.co/SIdNsgGSGt

Look! He’s ignoring me right now! LOL! https://t.co/lw9SnU2KIJ

RT @HankWelker: @Colin_Bloom @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin @BBCNews agreed. Poor form @OliviaCrellin . Poor form indeed.

@MichelleMeyer10 I am. Prayers for your loss.

I hate progressives. What color are they? https://t.co/Ho8Sv0pHCy

@MichelleMeyer10 (((hug)))

Are you interested in truth, unlike your comrade, Ms. Crellin? https://t.co/xJhb30RlMN

I have all the information I need. Thanks. Gave it all to police. https://t.co/X7XzeZI2t9

That is because I am a pretty big deal. https://t.co/OqG8aYDbCd

That is an abject falsehood. 16% of people killed were black. Righteous shoots. https://t.co/7tSQTEmXOU https://t.co/abqN6U5ljh

@MichelleMeyer10 Why would I? It’s Leftist drivel.

@MichaelGervais9 @hotvernacular @OliviaCrellin @Azzmador1488 @realjimrussell @BBCtrending Good morning!

I had 18k followers before her drivel posted. I’m good. Thanks. https://t.co/J1bDgq4rC2

RT @MartyBonJoey: @andieiamwhoiam @SirGoldenrod Armed robbers and murderers get what’s coming to them. Stats from O’Reilly today. https://…

This feral thinks that 99% of blacks are progressives. https://t.co/dV951ZRS3z

She isn’t. She is a Leftist cretin. https://t.co/SbaPnEsNzH

RT @SecLiby: @ShyguyLife @OliviaCrellin Hey idiot lefty, you don’t become a public figure by tweeting. Gosh you lefties are such dummies @a…

RT @PolarWhut: @Azzmador1488 Well, that was awkward. Lil Olivia should issue a retraction. @realjimrussell @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @…

@cyber_merkin @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews Thanks!

#BlackLivesMatter terrorists are a threat to the community. I commend police. https://t.co/ecHrA6w28u

Thanks, friend. https://t.co/Z1mImYo23z

@MichelleMeyer10 You too, my friend.

The first amendment covers ALL speech. It’s backed by the second amendment. https://t.co/ahJ0YKMMLj

This means that everything she wrote should be called into question. You admitted to getting that Tara person fired. https://t.co/OR3Zoke4ih

They didn’t fact check their article. What else did they lie about? It is a leftist organization who harassed me. https://t.co/F9fcf8gPfZ

Thanks, Keith! I am now following you! https://t.co/urm1YZLPa8

RT @ttunyi: @andieiamwhoiam @BBCNews such a creepy article! You triggered the professionally offended, good job! 👍

Your race card is not valid here. Post substantive debate or you will be blocked. https://t.co/pbaqqNbwax

Yes. It is. They have seen the data and are more offended by data than the deaths of children in drive bys. https://t.co/F2p9O5QvD3

What post preceded my Tamir post? Could it have been a call to hang police? Ms. Crellin is a hack. https://t.co/DKprnjq5Ai

She is a nobody, attempting to ride my coattails. https://t.co/eeW6Cqt7Ds

Thank you. I have many police followers and I am grateful they support me. It matters more than Leftist detritus. https://t.co/hAxEFfUnPk

@gamecocksSecE Happens to me all the time. LOL!

She allowed her child to have a gun. He died in the Winter in sandals. It certainly isn’t police’s fault. https://t.co/ev67C5rNZJ

Progressives, now BBC small time “reporter” who was just called out on her lies by an individual responsible. https://t.co/vA5hUnNE8t

@Crimethink79 Yes. Yes they do.

I have. https://t.co/2GHpzX5AtL

My comments repeated verbatim what the anti-police comment said. https://t.co/aLg3seGFti

Your opinion. Tamir’s mama is responsible for his death. I am not looking for validation. https://t.co/ma7MhW9F3V

RT @otherpplsmoney: @Azzmador1488 @OliviaCrellin @realjimrussell @BBCtrending @andieiamwhoiam Of course not. Truth is secondary to the ag…

#BlackLIvesMatter is a terrorist organization whom Barack has invited to our White House many times. https://t.co/aOKicit9ZC

I think our country needs to call #BlackLivesMatter thugs to task and stop worshipping criminal behavior. https://t.co/5h0oe9tboh

This person just told the BBC editor that HE is responsible for what they blame me for. The editor’s response… https://t.co/qzuqY6nBuA

Baloney. Only 16% of those killed by police are black. RIGHTEOUS shoots. Blacks commit 53% of ALL homicides. https://t.co/OoBBCNlgSi

RT @hotvernacular: @andieiamwhoiam @iGOby_Z Rage at irresponsible mothers that cause death of their children is hard to not express-passi…

Sixty percent of black girls are molested. Is it a joke? https://t.co/pCr413bAkj https://t.co/LCilSP4yeQ

Here come the Orcs. https://t.co/9XnB65Jrpb

xo https://t.co/h5p2BKixqu

I have his address, Ms. Cellin’s address. I will give both to the attorney. Thank you for being honest. https://t.co/zOm0irX7iP

Lie. 16% of those =killed by police are black. https://t.co/XUWgvkqFZX

Lots of nice folks. One man said he was responsible for the harassment and the BBC editor brushed him off. https://t.co/lv2im5mr2E

Tara Dozier threatened your kids? https://t.co/XZTrVTvESu

TRUTH. Truth drives me. Thank you. https://t.co/yEOoHLTrGJ

Unless we face these harsh truth it will never stop. Please share. https://t.co/2G4nvsFo6l

74% of blacks are illegitimate, closer to 90% in inner cities. Core of poverty. Welfare cannot replace fathers. https://t.co/Mkt49whEqM

Feral reporter harassing my family. https://t.co/SGpQLcSXGU

RT @lissachef: Agree, Truth speaks for itself https://t.co/pMUPBS9B2J

Thank you Tom! https://t.co/4CMCOWL0M4

Thank you! I am following you too! https://t.co/3aQgaSoH2E

Facts are racist, https://t.co/ETY7lh50aJ

Thanks, Leah! https://t.co/JtH7jKKJuH

@jimEastridge1 Prayers for your beautiful wife! How are you?

https://t.co/7tSQTEmXOU https://t.co/llHVglAtR0

Thank you. I am blessed. https://t.co/ImYT1RyyZD

Rather, a reporter with 1k followers is attempting to ride my coattails. She has been caught in many lies. https://t.co/y55RJyvMTX

Morning! https://t.co/yyCXtODUdB

RT @johngreentweet: @andieiamwhoiam @DevinMynett @mwendling Such has it ever been out power that just a single one of us can change the wor…

Thanks James! https://t.co/UkGR5u9OBa

She is obviously the dregs. However, most who read it support me. I have gained over 600 followers. Thanks. https://t.co/4WuK0JNDI4

Pleasure to meet you! https://t.co/ybL57Denou

Why are 74% of blacks illegitimate? https://t.co/MFC3iFUgEO

Friends, please pray for our dear friend Jim’s beloved wife Frances. She is facing a cancer diagnosis. ReTweet. https://t.co/GqLgmIc6oQ

@jimEastridge1 You are in my prayers and on my prayer chains. (((hug)))

RT @thegoulbourn: @andieiamwhoiam @MarkUkSkin It’s beyond biased and has been warned in the past it’s nothing but a government voice

Prior to the Welfare State blacks had a higher rate of marriage than whites. Liberals destroyed the black family. https://t.co/tiy1ewE488

The Progressive Undertow can’t keep me down! https://t.co/UrLWJr8k2c

@ErwinRommeow @OliviaCreIIin @Azzmador1488 @realjimrussell @BBCtrending That is a troll.

Feral nitwitery. LOL! https://t.co/aLyK4lGgdQ

Your concern is duly noted. Now skedaddle. https://t.co/3FRfwMJFlc

@mkt15633 https://t.co/gE813wnAgS

Barack and I are not exactly buddies. https://t.co/B7msT7qtTF

I was worried the writer had to stay up past her bedtime to post it. Her mom was probably worried. https://t.co/6jsvvPfwXC

Pure Trotskyism. Accuse your opponent of doing exactly what you are guilty of. https://t.co/NBPo79ezG3

@Tom_in_CT Sadly, it is.

A crappy blog article on harassment that harasses me. Expect anything less from the left? https://t.co/HzEQayvrgT

RT @MichaelMcGreev5: @andieiamwhoiam Very sad to read about your harassment. I wish folks could just disagree with each other here and leav…

Olivia and Mike will be shown the light. https://t.co/mydJdB3wQv

RT @d_ketzer: @MichaelMcGreev5 @andieiamwhoiam leftist arent happy to merely disagree. they must also see you PUNISHED for daring to disagr…

My 20K followers know what I am. They are police, fire, military, hard working Americans. You are a beta feral. https://t.co/awaMMBopuT

I am on Twitter, ya nitwit. If that’s not exposure what is? https://t.co/awaMMBopuT

Closer to 90% in inner cities. https://t.co/utWVNLjRoY

He never mentioned happy children. Very telling. https://t.co/EYpXPZGeWy

Blacks are waking up. I know so many black conservatives that I lost count! https://t.co/6XNiZHETSs

RT @MichaelMcGreev5: @d_ketzer @andieiamwhoiam Very true. They are very big on public shaming. You must be destroyed for disagreeing with…

No. United States. Where are you? I can get stats. https://t.co/TPSDhB7HHA

Children need fathers. The illegitimacy rate matches the crime rates. https://t.co/suaRvX4kTc

We kicked your asses 250 years ago,We have a 1st amendment backed by 2nd amendment.You are subjects. WE are citizens https://t.co/jewDib0gR0

Illegitimacy is the core of poverty. Lack of fathers is core of instability. Matriarchies fail. https://t.co/LUCf3B5HZa

@lderdr1 Are you okay?

RT @Tom_in_CT: @andieiamwhoiam @BruceMallan @garett_davidson fathers are extremely important for boys and girls. Their absence is extremel…

RT @T_PartyInfantry: Hillary has shown us that we can all get top secret email on our public servers and nothing will happen to us

RT @EmersenLee: @andieiamwhoiam @andieiamwhoiam one word…wow. Perhaps they should stick 2 dealing w/issues in their own country. God bles…

Good to see you, friend! https://t.co/nUPIuEQagx

God bless you Brad! Thank you for your service! https://t.co/WKwxxmsCnK

Progressives love it when we call them ferals. https://t.co/P13fnccw74

RT @reachout2015: @SteveTheSkeptic @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/nAfHMWpX6j

@lderdr1 You worry me. I hope you’re okay.

🙂 https://t.co/v5PRxABwAt

@lderdr1 Charlie Chaplin speaks! 🙂

RT @dilloking: @DevinMynett @sayetaryor @andieiamwhoiam #NOTCLINTON #TAKEAMERICABACK Devin ~ So close and yet so FAR OUT. https://t.co/bY…

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam …and pandering for votes to the detriment of civil society is not “progress”.

@lderdr1 Great!

God bless you, Emerson! Thank you! https://t.co/xvL69gir0k

RT @FlyerThanAPelic: @shadowrangler @andieiamwhoiam @stevetheskeptic What a biased article. It’s no surprise so many Brits hate the BBC and…

I have so many wonderful people who support me. I am humbled. https://t.co/9Tw99Ty07d

Do you need a safe space? https://t.co/uthKzd3rLC

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. 16% of those killed by police are black. RIGHTEOUS shoots. https://t.co/knXs8LarsR

Thank you, my friend! https://t.co/BSnhACIdtQ

@lderdr1 You are my silent penguin friend.

@lderdr1 Yes you do.

@lderdr1 Very blessed to know you, my friend. Always happy to see you!

RT @drewjt6: @andieiamwhoiam @WhickyWuudler https://t.co/tG6EPnDlBL

@lderdr1 I don’t know what you mean? Both.

Yes. If you attack a police officer you may get shot. Don’t do it. https://t.co/SMlLVPTjZI

These people really are this stupid. I said 16% of people killed by police are black. RIGHTEOUS shoots. https://t.co/NZ8Jhovom8

These are the numbers. Blacks commit the bulk of crime yet fewer killed by police. https://t.co/7tSQTEmXOU https://t.co/Y08wZoKzkQ

@lderdr1 I am happy to be here! I have to go teach some classes. I will see you later!

They fancy themselves house cats? https://t.co/9QJlKmcy5p

Someone offended me on the internet! I am a tolerant liberal and aI want her husband fired! LOL! https://t.co/UiTet9aef3

RT @thegoulbourn: @SteveTheSkeptic @andieiamwhoiam Trust me anything the BBC report is biased and one sided , she is not know at all other…

RT @r0ckeye: @SirGoldenrod @andieiamwhoiam Criminals being killed by police is almost always the result of the perps actions, despite your…

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @andieiamwhoiam I worked closely with reporters at major netw’s for years. Good reason they’re respected LESS than lawy…

If you attack a police officer you could die. Don’t do it. Don’t aim guns at them or knives. You’re welcome. https://t.co/0tiP5Cp48l

RT @jagdan2: Sorry Steve. She backs up all her facts. https://t.co/FI1ykXpO7y

@JSmithLC I think he deleted it.

@DamitdaleDw You too!

Your race card has no value here. https://t.co/4DuOJP7Byp

RT @mkt15633: @andieiamwhoiam @SirGoldenrod my understanding is a officer ask you to stop you are suppose to stop right!! Your not to keep…

@JSmithLC Nice to meet you!

Thank you for your service! It is a pleasure to meet you! https://t.co/F8qAtiXpSN

RT @Browncoat_Atty: Exactly. To say a shooting is “racially motivated” w/o evidence ignores the process. @EchoesErrant @SirGoldenrod @andie…

Unarmed does not mean not dangerous. You failed to show any innocent people intentionally shot by police. Dismissed. https://t.co/Jd3uhDvIAm

RT @behner_jessica: @andieiamwhoiam love bluelivesmatter movement!

@JSmithLC I enjoy yours as well. Let’s take this country back!

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam No cop wishes to have to kill someone. All cops wish to go home to their families.

Have a great morning! 700 new followers last night! Thank you for your support!

Thank you, my friend! Proud to know you! The leftist’s petition to have me removed faiied. LOL! Feral tears! https://t.co/76kWtQcpGj

Two had guns, one had a knife the other was an accident. You are not worth my time. https://t.co/S4NtjsslYs

@ChiTownCheese There you are! I was going to come looking for you! Hoping you are well.

I would never do it. It was rhetorical. https://t.co/YPYv2o2In9

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @andieiamwhoiam ” BBC contacted Pauly – who refused answer questions ” Smart. Never say a word to any reporter. They’l…

RT @Casinocafe: @andieiamwhoiam Meanwhile they call #Blacklivesmatter operatives, who call for murder of cops and open race war as, civil…

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @andieiamwhoiam Yer on a roll. BRAVO !

RT @thegoulbourn: @ShyguyLife @SteveTheSkeptic @andieiamwhoiam So she is the only one offensive on twitter ? Biased journalist looking for…

RT @Loubie1130: @andieiamwhoiam @Azzmador1488 @PolarWhut @realjimrussell @OliviaCrellin I hope so! We are with you. 😤😡

RT @MichaelsANewman: @andieiamwhoiam u know u r effective when a lib becomes unhinged. U have dragged them out of their fantasy world. Expe…

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @thegoulbourn @andieiamwhoiam @SteveTheSkeptic Just because someone is offended, doesn’t mean that the aggrieved’s an…

RT @GunnetteP: I love #truth in your tweets! 😍❤️👏🏼🙉🙈🙊@andieiamwhoiam @HotNostrilsrFun

@GunnetteP @HotNostrilsrFun Thanks!

#EqualPayDay Myth. Single women outearn their male counterparts. Married women & mothers take part time & seasonal work, which is included

@soareireann LOL!

Another weak chinned, effeminate, beta social justice warrior…just like the last one. https://t.co/SZ8Is5Cebz

RT @NYGoingBlue: @ShyguyLife @andieiamwhoiam MLK marched for a cause~respectful. BLM protest loot burn assault call for murder~uncilivilize…

We have them. You don’t get an opinion. You are a subject. https://t.co/CVb6ull67N

“We”. LOL! https://t.co/bTAmVfsvOQ

I have awesome followers! Thanks David! https://t.co/cHzwg349w6

@CaseyParksIt @bugblatter65 @jagdan2 His mom.

Most Progressives ARE inanimate objects. You’d think they could relate. https://t.co/o0PoO8uc2E

Why do blacks commit 53% of all homicides? Why do blacks have a 74% illegitimacy rate? Take bulk of welfare? https://t.co/isgkr0cy2T

Where have you been? It’s so nice to see you! https://t.co/pLpU90agI6

RT @syme_gabriel: @andieiamwhoiam it does appear there are few people more intolerant than a tolerant liberal.

Nope. https://t.co/DQjAuLDFcl

The FBI has limited credibility. https://t.co/dCmKQO6QxP

RT @The13th_Ghost: @Colin_Bloom @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin @BBCNews Here is Rice’s “toy” gun with all safety markings removed. https:…

RT @Lambjrstephen: Arguing with Ferals 😂😂😂 #Truth #BlackLiesMatter @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/V1jhf6IhBa

@The_Odd_Asylum Thank God. I’m glad you were born. Feel better?

A man Skyped with editor and told him HE was responsible, not me. The editor @mwendling told him he was boring. https://t.co/fYR4Yh2wcb

@The_Odd_Asylum Silence is fine.

Why is it that every weak chinned, effeminate beta feral is PRECISELY like the last? https://t.co/OxdvEsRjsN

Sometimes, police are the only form of discipline some kids get. Glad you grew out of it! https://t.co/DlnByPeNwB

Thank you. It is a pleasure to meet you! https://t.co/O6eKP1POTd

RT @bigbobster75: @andieiamwhoiam chalk fearing pajama boys r gonna be coming out of the woodwork now thinking they can handle u. Be mercif…

That awkward moment when Leftist ferals gave me 900 new followers by attempting to harass and defame me… and the petition failed. LOL!

@YerboutiSheik Here you are…https://t.co/Ea05yn7PJP

Tell me why I shouldn’t block you right now? https://t.co/2n817BuTog

RT @Crimsonmile: @ihoti2001 @andieiamwhoiam You read something in a contributors blog assumed it must be true and attacked her but she is t…

The full picture. Welfare State (39.8% blacks on welfare)= Illegitimacy (74% blacks)= high crime (53% homicides). https://t.co/UmG6bXrMVP

Colt 1911 replica. A pellet gun IS a weapon. It is used in hunting. https://t.co/fOGatOjJMF

I’m still Andie from the block! https://t.co/77r2Q1thNQ

Liberals live in the moment. They never think ahead. https://t.co/ZB7h1vKUNS

RT @syme_gabriel: @HuwGruffydd @andieiamwhoiam sadly it seems opposing views are anathema to them. Sort of defeats the object of liberalism…

RT @emeraldunion: @Chuck_U_Farlee @andieiamwhoiam maybe the decent “working” folk went into science &engineering etc whilst liberal cretins…

Great! Thank you! https://t.co/5yE0Y3CDZK

RT @pressop2: @andieiamwhoiam @pingrava I was raised knowing that the police were the good guys. The media pushing the opposite. WHY?

@FakePentland @sewmomma12 Just checking. Lots of ferals. I need a password.

Don’t people die in those? LOL! https://t.co/I6dZ0hZxG0

@YerboutiSheik xo

@skydash @YerboutiSheik @BBCWorld 🙂

Wow! Thank you! https://t.co/R7AWNOk9Jb

How bizarre. https://t.co/EwRokjAyHu

@Erosunique I am following you too! Thank you!

@sewmomma12 @FakePentland Thank you! Little cautious at the moment. Lots of trolls.

RT @JamboGJ: @HuwGruffydd @syme_gabriel @andieiamwhoiam Always felt Liberalism was more of a fashion statement than any true political inte…

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam The Left has overreached. Their plaints make their enemies stronger. ..strong parallel to much of Trum…

RT @bigbobster75: @andieiamwhoiam 😂😂 backfired big time.

@FakePentland @sewmomma12 The BBC just wrote a hack blog post about me. I thought you were a troll. Sorry.

God bless you, my friend. Thank you! https://t.co/MHoYEfkAnq

I am blessed to make so many new acquaintances. 🙂 https://t.co/HPahXJFD0M

@WordsMeanThingz 🙂

RT @itldoranch: @andieiamwhoiam 19 trillion in debt. Nuff said. Print, tax, borrow, spend. Richest country in the world? It sure isn’t the…

@TerryBPark1 How are you? I just said that in my mind the way the Chinese delivery guy does. LOL!

Awesome! Yay! https://t.co/H6NbJryALj

Thank you, Lee. I am honored. https://t.co/Q99S5tHdKd

I need to be witty or at least brief. Alas. I am neither. https://t.co/I2x79toCNB

Not to brag, but their ire extended to my husband, his job and the town we live in. They had to spread it around. https://t.co/9RYOFDbSCt

@highaltitudes @mikethenice1 Thanks!

Thanks Jeffrey! https://t.co/B9QtALTx0K

RT @BlueGood2: @andieiamwhoiam @Erosunique 😂😭😂 Holy CRAP! Tha’s a tanker load of ink spilled on you Andie! Well done! #tcot #PJNET https://…

@epley_p Forged by the same hammer.

Yep. https://t.co/IOPiKGR82z

@pingrava I didn’t mean to infer that YOU needed it. Sorry about that.

Thank you, my friend! https://t.co/vo2WRl8ZSa

@Verklagekasper Is it a good sent or a bad sent?

RT @AnJolieLeg: Called Lib’s strategy=>play ‘victims’ when one tells them the truth. Wish their moms glued pacifiers in their mouths https:…

Amen! https://t.co/9bwF0PQqGM

RT @altmediawales: @andieiamwhoiam believe me if the BBC (British Bullshit Council) goes after you..you must be doing something right!

RT @beautifulsavag2: @pressop2 @andieiamwhoiam @pingrava Clear false narrativies of Black Lives Matter & Hands Up Don’t Shoot are anti-LE &…

@Verklagekasper Then it is wonderful to meet you! Thank you!

@Evilsnail1 Glad I follow you too. Thank you!

My timeline looks like the UN. https://t.co/eszaX5jnvC

Thank you, my friend! @onsafari2010

RT @Plate0fShrimp: @bugblatter65 @andieiamwhoiam That’s great Dick. Still doesn’t deal with the facts Andie states. Not opinions mind you,…

I hope so! https://t.co/atKBe5okYP

How did you come upon your opinion if you have done no research? https://t.co/70YsrWRF69

@brucechris24 Great! I, myself, am talking like the Chinese delivery guy. LOL!

I can see why. https://t.co/DA2vtX4BSY

@onsafari2010 I am fluent in typo.

Research. You can too. I am not your mother. If it’s important you will look. https://t.co/b75yaoAEKc

RT @PlanteThomas: We’re all entitled to an opinion, the critics just think that you’re not. Well, they can go piss up a rope. Just me? http…

@gazillionplus1 The last comment is a troll.

@NazNazarian Here you are…https://t.co/Ea05yn7PJP

@TravisBickle60 @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending Thanks!

I’m guessing no father and an overbearing mother. https://t.co/Y5uii3FA4I

RT @NazNazarian: @alanacrago Women outearn men in their younger years. Yet reverse when they hit 30. Wonder why hmm? https://t.co/8dvffB6Wu…

#BlackLivesMatter lies only serve to create more Tamirs and Mike Browns and further endanger police. https://t.co/5RCXX7Ai0l

RT @hill6264: @andieiamwhoiam @syoka68 … https://t.co/vS3hS5jR2u

Do you have a link, please? I would like to share. https://t.co/hphhosXgsK

LOL! https://t.co/iAeBXY2gp0

God used it for good. Almost one thousand new followers will hear my message! https://t.co/EIWPwP4zdn

@OkieVision lol!

Precisely. https://t.co/FXfG7st0Xm

RT @ErinBSullivan: @Birds_Quest @The13th_Ghost @Colin_Bloom @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin Where were parents 4 d 2hrs he was there w/gun?

Please note they state I would not speak to them but then quote “me” several times. It is so poorly done. https://t.co/cxFoU2dgNX

RT @hill6264: @andieiamwhoiam @syoka68 I still have a woodshed. https://t.co/KN8DfrTXrN

Guys, @jsavite is blocked and has me blocked but stalks and tags me to harass. can you report? https://t.co/fgQqgsAzsR

RT @Thomas_Fagan: @andieiamwhoiam oh look another country heard from. Pajama boy only in English style. England where any boy can grow up t…

@NazNazarian @alanacrago I don’t hand out information anymore. They never read it. Thanks.

@TravisBickle60 @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending Thank you!

I didn’t give you the article. Further, INTELLIGENT people go to the SOURCE. https://t.co/A4t0QTOKQ2

The TRUTH. https://t.co/7bzv0e3Yem

Sounds like a narcissist. People who put their lives on the line aren’t braggarts. https://t.co/OZgW9HtE1O

I never doxed a soul. However Luna Marjan and Conover Kennard posted my personal information. https://t.co/Qy5gKzQKCS

Time? https://t.co/c0SPlGQTR7

lol https://t.co/RCO8GWnhns

#EqualPayDay Gender wage Gap Myth. Why do liberals ALWAYS lie? https://t.co/W4oHBSmC2y

Thanks Vince! https://t.co/7YXd3iAtxH

RT @WMS4Yeshua: @andieiamwhoiam Because they want everyone to be a permanent victim.

RT @dante_bouchard: @iGOby_Z @SportyGirlC @andieiamwhoiam -Many are. BLM is a hate group. Chanting for dead cops, closing down traffic & sh…

RT @dante_bouchard: @SportyGirlC @iGOby_Z @andieiamwhoiam – It was also created on a false, debunked narrative. “Hands up, Don’t shoot” NEV…

CHOOSE to behave responsibly. No one owes you a damn thing, feral. https://t.co/IZ7rc2TqpG

I am little people too. You are my people. https://t.co/HFQPAEmdzd

Do you grasp boundaries? https://t.co/f3MrN7wZ9q

There are myriad factors at play. Even an affirmative action doctor could understand? https://t.co/prxsoBAmA0

If we feed you, educate you, clothe you, house you and pay for your birth control, we kinda OWN you, lady. https://t.co/3WQGer2eHa

RT @AmericanPara: @andieiamwhoiam @PoliticalDoggy https://t.co/jnboCkddRj

@Loubie1130 @Mhdoe753 @be9491 🙂

@lderdr1 I was her, my friend. I’m sorry I missed you.

I love my fellow conservatives! https://t.co/voTGRgm7OO

@ufeellucky Where have you been? How are you?

RT @DavidTheHare: @andieiamwhoiam thought you might enjoy this gem! https://t.co/DrfQF42o1H

No, my affirmative action friend, you do not. Democrats are twice as likely to be on welfare. Blacks actually. https://t.co/PrmWdjS2jz

This hate filled feral teaches your children. NOW do you get it? https://t.co/PrmWdjS2jz

@ufeellucky We are well. Thank you! Missed your Tweets!

Then tell the feral that her fascination with me is extraordinarily sick. https://t.co/qmOmszhhZx

Read her timeline and her “fairness”. This is Poe’s Law in action. https://t.co/pD3uaiPkZz

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam He/she says college professor as if being an over-paid indoctrinator was still an admirable occupation.

You mean ferals whom I have blocked and forgotten. They seem to have separation anxiety. https://t.co/rVANCQvehN

@ufeellucky You saw the article. eh? LOL! It backfired on the ferals. LOL!

RT @chris_spickard: @andieiamwhoiam this is the chaos that ensues when “educators” choose emotion over facts.

RT @gentlemanirish: @andieiamwhoiam DEM/Liberals Cannot Win On A Level Playing Field… They Lose Every Time!!!!!!! #EVILThey Are… Breed…

@lderdr1 I teach my child at home. My husband works.

Are they just that stupid or is it narcissism? https://t.co/iOw54ZPI3v

@ufeellucky This one. https://t.co/Ea05yn7PJP

Thank you for your service, my friend, https://t.co/8a1E5fNDFf

All these effeminate, weak chinned leftwits are exactly the same. https://t.co/kgW8ODk1ho

@sithschnauzer I will. Thank you!

Did you learn to compliment people from listening to Viking Death Metal? https://t.co/3vFbWnsVDN

RT @dante_bouchard: @iGOby_Z @SportyGirlC @andieiamwhoiam – Also, where’s any black leaders condemning those racist, violent hateful chants…

Emotional pandering. https://t.co/AXQKOhvJkN

If you ever want a girlfriend, might I suggest you refrain from telling her she looks like Michael Jackson? https://t.co/okrcJgwapJ

RT @RanaeMayle: @andieiamwhoiam And these women having no real life experience.

Perfect angel. Rest in peace. https://t.co/0XYpH2Xk5d

This means so much to me. Thank you and God Bless you! https://t.co/LORudXrKdW

lol https://t.co/kISnMcyKXC

RT @NYGoingBlue: @dante_bouchard @SportyGirlC @iGOby_Z @andieiamwhoiam Nothing has been said about the Officers killed…. https://t.co/mPI…

@SpencerEricR I’m here for you.

Perhaps the other doctors were just better than you? https://t.co/Bi3cbrKzLS

Former linebacker for the Ferguson Gentle Giants. https://t.co/THr1M3Pwo1

@hale_teddy LOL!

We have no respect for your ilk. You inserted yourself, my affirmative action friend. https://t.co/YThpiyFG6s


@WordsMeanThingz ‘Tis.

RT @Ohmaar1: Why do you accept less than your male counterparts? When is your discrimination trial? @MtnMD @andieiamwhoiam

@WordsMeanThingz She’s quick. I’ll give her that.

@Madamtazzz Thank you.

@makinggood1 According to FBI it is 53%. https://t.co/cH5yonhLHC

These types are the reason you NEVER allow your children to use the internet unsupervised. Societal outcasts. https://t.co/dWwMFe4PGW

@Sniper1T @ufeellucky @BBCWorld Thank you!

I wouldn’t call it interesting. https://t.co/gBNo9iw4mV

@makinggood1 Wow. Be safe.

RT @Funny_Girl_1956: @jimEastridge1 May God Keep A Wall Of Healing & Protection Around Her, With Gods Love May He Take This Cancer From He…

I know I’m correct. I have done my research. I don’t need validation. https://t.co/7ho3kuF9oE

@Hobodan77 Thanks!

Getting ready to go out but I want to thank the feral Progressives for the new 1,000 followers. That didn’t go as planned for them. LOL!

Your time would be much better spent perusing prison roles to find your dad. Go on…. https://t.co/EzqKziKVVp

SIXTY percent of black girls are sexually assaulted. Is it funny? https://t.co/pCr413tbbR https://t.co/lomX51orxO

RT @mkt15633: @andieiamwhoiam why does the lgbt community think they deserve special treatment!!#they dont

Damn straight! https://t.co/YTSOg3q3HS

These are the minor league nobodies. Eating Ramen and hoping for work. https://t.co/wUfnCCDbVi

My pleasure! https://t.co/iO3d0U5wvh

@tjacobsdtv lol

@WordsMeanThingz @mkt15633 Yes…a bit graphic.

@WordsMeanThingz @mkt15633 LOL! It’s just that I made soup for lunch.

Let’s play, “Guess when daddy left mommy”. https://t.co/XYenswSR8b

Zzzzzing! https://t.co/5vEZ3Skr4g

Now that I’m famous maybe folks will buy my art .LOL! Guess which one is mine? https://t.co/12Z3xvzj1L

It’s as if he shredded a Dictionary, tossed it into the air, chose a few scraps and posted them. https://t.co/AzxVM27my6

@WordsMeanThingz Indeed. His anger is palpable.

@WordsMeanThingz @mkt15633 No. I am perfectly capable of doing that on my own.

RT @Ricky_Vaughn99: PLEASE HELP THIS LOVELY TRUMP SUPPORTER – Her daughter is sick. She needs your help https://t.co/CCyFesmHnq

@Ricky_Vaughn99 Thank you! I have 1k new followers thanks to them.

RT @screenwriter: #DefundBBC @andieiamwhoiam @Ricky_Vaughn99

@WordsMeanThingz LOLOLOLOL!

@Crusader7771 Yes! Of course.

Seriously. Why are these people so obsessed over me? https://t.co/Hza1uhN9Iu

RT @Mark60644: @eshon_achilles @andieiamwhoiam When the truth is not their friend, they just lie. The truth is racist I guess. So is math a…

We own them now. https://t.co/cRNgr68jGY

@Mwendling is a proven liar. @OliviaCrellin is as well but she seems to be exceedingly stupid. https://t.co/fUk5Dzx5Ik

LOL! But also…eeeeew! https://t.co/TjxQf84h8C

RT @barefootpoet107: @andieiamwhoiam Oh, I thought it might be the #PolishLanguage version of #SentenceStructureForDummies at #BarnesandNob…

Thank you Donna! https://t.co/VwijHrZw3y

Their world view does not extend past the tips of their pointed noses. https://t.co/BK1mR4lpPC

@mwendling has the IQ and abilities of an Orc. https://t.co/0Om5OWguz6

@ZacBonesteel @OkieVision There goes lunch.

RT @JimDejar: @andieiamwhoiam @OkieVision Because the truth anger’s them& they can’t dispute the facts & Best of all, you won’t back down.…

xoxoxo Thanks Les! https://t.co/NLn9hc2Tg4

Thank you, Tim! Blessed to meet you! https://t.co/1OnYKMNh0r

@ZacBonesteel @OkieVision lol

I hear the criminals are pretty awesome, though, https://t.co/sDHm5zrkfk

Thanks Linda! https://t.co/teKNs1p9yZ

LOL! Leftists think facts are mean. https://t.co/uiHkTCKBqe

Thanks Shelley! Nice to meet you! https://t.co/LmGKq9phHm

Thanks Gnome! https://t.co/J0bysLIyVV

@quannesrevenge I do both.

RT @TheTacitVoice: @andieiamwhoiam Even #SnoopDogg said: “If the Truth hurts, go to Church”.

@_matt229_ lol

@donna2028 Yep! Pretty easy to spot. 🙂

RT @Sniper1T: @urbanwarrior67 @BenReclused @RustyIronRat @Lit_AF247 @andieiamwhoiam you are right https://t.co/zG5FTZi0CF

Jean, I know you want to help but these ferals who call themselves reporters aren’t looking for truth. https://t.co/oz2wamtzw3

If you want truth you will seek it. I don’t give your type links. You don’t read them. Waste of time. https://t.co/IkFZZErnR7

@asphaultangel13 Thank you!

Conservatives rock! Thanks John! https://t.co/BcrkNiTFPx

Not only that but they rely on Affirmative Action to steal a job or education from a competent individual. https://t.co/8TRWLItAwO

Thanks to you, we are suing @OliviaCrellin & @MikeWendling directly. You told them YOU did this. They say I did. https://t.co/WKpFTE9Va1

RT @Sniper1T: @RustyIronRat @urbanwarrior67 @Lit_AF247 @andieiamwhoiam @miamidecor https://t.co/zewZbQ5G2s

@burro388 Thank you. It’s the left. I will never get Caravaggio’s detail.

We’re armed. Thank you. https://t.co/ijRRZu5VtC

I’m still Andie from the block! https://t.co/LhxeIfoULf

RT @GaniHeike: @andieiamwhoiam @SandraALTX – is being systematically eroded by private interest groups and those who support UN 2030. Time…

Please see this man’s timeline. It shows the BBC “journalists” are lying. https://t.co/iFlI2jYr0l

Proof the BBC intentionally wrote a false story. Defamation. https://t.co/lDLnWNg2A2

Show us on the doll where my tweet hurt you. LOL! These beta boys just make things up. https://t.co/7s5XgXtcp5

@bigbobster75 lol!

Leftists can barely handle their own lives. https://t.co/Az2Qxzia7w

@ArevaloBobby Yeah. I’m not that good. LOL! Thank you!

@DNchef 🙂

RT @AdrianoTrebbi27: @andieiamwhoiam Power to you Andie. Have to live with left wing BBC here in UK and challenge them constantly.Organisat…

Barack and the media have set the narrative and we have allowed it. Take our country back! #BlueLivesMatter https://t.co/A9Zy6rdXNg

@Egan4USSenateNY Yes! 🙂

You think I am afraid of a worthless little man on the internet, feral? Do my words trigger you, little guy? https://t.co/K3gnyNAgym

lol! https://t.co/FTKpqTWo5Z

Make no mistake, Trayvon, Mike Brown, Tamir, etc. were NOT victims .Barack& his ilk have attempted to legitimize that which is illegitimate.

RT @TrueEgAl: affirmative action is all fine and dandy until it helps men… @andieiamwhoiam @cristinalaila1 https://t.co/J5Ha9PgGNL

Thanks, friend! https://t.co/QY83Za6PLE

Are conservatives just superior googlers or are leftists dishonest and lazy? https://t.co/ZkSa4fKwzI

RT @AlRamirez12: @oliviacrellin So telling the truth is toxic now? Smart people do not accept that narrative, only leftists https://t.co/E…

I want to take a moment to thank my supporters. You were here when anonymous leftists stole family photos, posted.. https://t.co/zLm7x5ObFS

RT @WayneDupreeShow: #BlackLivesMatter protester spits at Trump supporter dur Albany rally https://t.co/z0peNRrRzr #AlwaysTrump #TrumpTrain…

What? The law doesn’t allow for open brandish? https://t.co/rwN7wrskyN

I am grateful. Thank you. https://t.co/A5BMQXyjHe

She will now receive death threats. https://t.co/av8k4fMaEd

RT @gazillionplus1: @andieiamwhoiam @AmyKTT @Cozatech They’re brainwashed. You can show them facts all day long and it won’t matter. https:…

Other than the BBC, of course. LOL! https://t.co/cvChAvtvq6

RT @EagleEyeFlyer: Why many of us here simply can’t & won’t ID who we really are.. leftist social media nazis are ruthless & evil.. https:/…

God bless you! Thank you! https://t.co/fhSH6eNxhK

Is there a club for weak chinned, effeminate beta men on Twitter? Looks like there is an outing today. https://t.co/j8V7OQrOnQ

They have tried just about everything to attempt to bring me down. I really don’t get that mindset. Tolerance? https://t.co/kbe5bIuSeJ

He has. Thank you, Alice! xoxo https://t.co/eyCzrjqJ85

@Cu0reSpezzat0 Thank you!

Conservatives are just good people. https://t.co/iqPJDDWHq6

These people really are this stupid. Thank you, God, for giving me stupid enemies. I know You love me! https://t.co/u3dnOdq1hy

The department isn’t mixed up in anything, kiddos. Only in your wee minds. https://t.co/mN5HmIuld5

RT @IServedDidU: @samuelrburns @JolietPolice @andieiamwhoiam More disturbing when activist pukes try to get people fired for dissenting spe…

RT @SmokeNMirrors71: @andieiamwhoiam Leftists are morally-illiterate garbage. Only thing they find morally objectionable is being a conserv…

Thank you, Richard! Very nice to meet you! https://t.co/DmCrTLaZIH

@Cozatech @IServedDidU My apologies. I have been dealing with leftist ferals.

Then they are dangerous, regardless of whether they have a weapon. Geesh! https://t.co/3cXssIENJb

I am honored. Thank you. https://t.co/i7Ay23BQQT

Honest question. Why are Progressives so damn creepy? You know what I mean. Skin crawly…outcast-ish. Intentionally vulgar and coarse.

See what I mean? These people are freaks. https://t.co/lPDHNZruNH

@WordsMeanThingz It is comforting to be surrounded by good people.

They think that race card still works. However, this woman’s IQ is negligible. Not many options. https://t.co/v75tsGAiHu

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam culture of dependency.. oppression mentality… inferiority complex masked as superiority…sense of e…

RT @PatriotBrother: #WeThePeople Will Not Give Up Our Guns…. #2A #NRA #MolonLabe #OathKeepers #CCOT https://t.co/ba8dqm80g9

Trayvon was no victim. You do not get to change definitions. He died in the commission of violent felonies. https://t.co/K1Apk8OgwM

Hey Paul! I agree. Nice to see you! https://t.co/m3WkO9Uvwr

RT @ZaunerZauner: @LindaBumpass @miamidecor @andieiamwhoiam @gorillac and if he attacked you would you consider him innocent and no threat.…

I would like to hear. It makes perfect sense! https://t.co/98bNYOwbZu

Tell it to the judge, witnesses, forensic evidence and recording. https://t.co/nXWmEVCRv7

@WordsMeanThingz Elmo, of Sesame Street fame?

These people are all emotion all the time. https://t.co/lJjqyDMFsd

RT @Christo64255952: @andieiamwhoiam @_alienAnthro @fairygodmomma @alltehmunnies Two words for progressives: mental illness.

No trophy for them. https://t.co/c7nREizPvS

RT @jagdan2: It’s so true. I never met a happy lib. They are always screaming vulgarities and calling you a Racist. https://t.co/cGS0OtJ4qv

Sometimes Conservatives have anime avatars and I secretly don’t trust them. LOL! https://t.co/iGQNlZQDH4

She showed THEM! How dare they find George Zimmerman Not Guilty?! https://t.co/NObBr7FVVt

I don’t want to be like that ever. They are cree-hee-hee-hu-pee! https://t.co/SrpiE13Xq4

There are many permutations as to why some people make more than others. Women make a lot of assumptions. https://t.co/GcZMZ1k7wR

Thank you, Suze! https://t.co/ADHEyU1UAn

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam WE that believe in AMERICAN GREATNESS have to stick together! Who hasn’t been harassed by a psycho libt…

Exactly. No impulse control. Lack of male influence in their lives. https://t.co/5pdQS4gqGP

Trayvon was killed in the commission of violent felonies. FUCK Trayvon and anyone who supports him. https://t.co/CxqCI0ummU

Trotskyism. Blame your opponent of what you, yourself, are guilty of. https://t.co/6T67VCLpMW

RT @gazillionplus1: @andieiamwhoiam Have you read these books? I recommend both. https://t.co/AhwqMMwXJ7

Liberalism is an illness. https://t.co/7aFn8UFAYG

RT @The_Odd_Asylum: @andieiamwhoiam So a thought? Manifests itself in words/actions and even exterior ugliness [experessions etc] … 2/2

RT @mrbasketballmn: Whenever she goes to the bank, she always brings her Smith & Wesson. Smith is on the left & Wesson is on the right! htt…

But they are not. They are so evidently not. https://t.co/eBI8Hc65mX

It wasn’t the boy. It was his gun. Dope. https://t.co/aMGjEGk2kA

RT @sgpeek: @Conssista @KatherynMaeNot @andieiamwhoiam I have NO problem w/ equal pay for EQUAL work, but I want equal work for equal pay!

Garner died while resisting arrest and being obese. HIS choice. https://t.co/0hBGNLAHOU

They are a protected species. https://t.co/x0nhQwgwlB

LOL! https://t.co/gISEWoCbcc

LOL! https://t.co/1Ee71tzUXw

RT @RayKahunareb: @andieiamwhoiam I always assumed it is the hive mind. If the head is weird, it bleeds down the rest of the organism http…

@OliviaCrellin is incapable of thought or integrity. That’s why she’s a liberal. She has family. I won’t post it. https://t.co/heldF8RC8p

RT @DamitdaleDw: @andieiamwhoiam he Trayvon brought it on himself. No one else to blame…he suffered the concequences

Excellent points! Perfect! https://t.co/DvYV0IQ37b

RT @Mark60644: @andieiamwhoiam Trayvon caused his own death by attacking and assaulting a legally armed citizen. Jury decisions matter!

Makes all the difference in the world. https://t.co/EgWbXfDeNE

They want to lower standards when they do! https://t.co/8kcSq5pL7l

I am better than they are…and they KNOW it. It’s what sends them over the edge time and again. https://t.co/ZjXqo4VIGS

WE rock. Thanks! https://t.co/VLSR8jULvJ

@thesuzeletter LOL! The pleasure is mine.

The feral attacked an armed man and paid the ultimate price. https://t.co/XYxfphgqSK

Hey guys! The Left has taken to posting photos of my pets, dead. Please share. https://t.co/4EenhZpXwU

I don’t support thugs, feral. https://t.co/GlBZIaTUsM

Jenny is the name of my cat who died. https://t.co/OrDJDEuwKe

RT @jjduffyusa: @JennyInHell @andieiamwhoiam If she knows who poisoned your dog, she is an accessory to the crime having admitted why they…

Every day. https://t.co/8c7Xyn3AVa

@CaseyParksIt I don’t know.

No one knew whether the gun was fake…it wasn’t a pellet gun is a weapon. https://t.co/dWpW7vTriN

@OliviaCrellin and @mwendling posted my husband’s name and workplace, putting him in danger. How would they feel if I posted THEIRS?

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam Cops can’t call “time out” and determine whether or not the weapon being pointed at them is an actual…

RT @Cory_1077: Because He Bends Down To Listen I Will Pray As Long As I Have Breath #PSALM116:2 #IAmChristian 💞💞💞💞💞💞 https://t.co/r8S…

I like my guns. They protect loved ones from your ilk. https://t.co/XitFkFbwo1

RT @Sniper1T: @evan_welch @urbanwarrior67 @Lit_AF247 @RustyIronRat @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/jdJLsgcUUb

RT @brucechris24: @LindaBumpass @andieiamwhoiam A thug jumps you… Pop-pop, “Center Mass”! Game over!

Thank you! The BBC reporter admits she LIED. Now what? https://t.co/eApXZzNgle

Thank you! https://t.co/MMqTJxQIoZ

@1kenwilson24 @LindaBumpass @miamidecor @GorillaChompz @Sniper1T I am looking now!

RT @bearshrugged: @andieiamwhoiam @greg_a_elliott @OliviaCrellin @bbcworldservice She cannot be labeled a reporter. She does not report. Sh…

@OathKeeper101st and you.

No. You won’t. https://t.co/iZWhNgv89C

This gentleman defines Progressivism beautifully! https://t.co/OGl2mF75fI

You people are a tumor on society. Dismissed. https://t.co/ZYH9R5wHW9

This guy is amazing! https://t.co/UMpKMoAN7K

The account was deleted. https://t.co/6crUJsOvtW

🙂 https://t.co/cbsoK5S0zh

@TrumpLion1776 You are! You are! LOL!

Thank you! https://t.co/dW8Hbp3SX8

I know some pretty cool folks! https://t.co/pt333Wiozk

@OathKeeper101st I love your pic! Nice bike too!

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam I’ve got one for ya!!!! Oh my word! There’s No Racist Like A Liberal Racist https://t.co/TVmBjkhFMv

@patcondell I just discovered you and I binge-watched your videos! Thank you for being a voice! Wanted to share. https://t.co/Ea05yn7PJP

RT @patcondell: Everyone who has used the term “Islamophobia” has been led by the nose. Ha Ha Islamophobia. https://t.co/L4wzBfYgJA

Thank you for your service! https://t.co/02GhacU6co

LOL! https://t.co/yiRcr3qgGh

@MatthewArthur14 I wish! Thanks!

Just lucky, I suppose. https://t.co/oAaVuT6Fq0

RT @KimberlyNips1: @andieiamwhoiam @LeighWells15 not just mean, it seems they think facts are racist.Miss Andie speaks truth also a racist…

Hey guys! If someone posted the personal information of a loved one, in a hostile forum, that puts them in danger, what would you do?

No. Why would I? https://t.co/9wCi8ByCWJ

@Roger_Dorn_Clev @majora_luna Me?

@WordsMeanThingz That’s the thing.

@WordsMeanThingz Sent a message

This feral took time out of her day to make this because…illicit drugs. https://t.co/eXhPnHUh6g

Good night! Thank you to my 1,100 new followers in the last 24 hours! It is a pleasure to meet so many good conservatives!

@biltmoreinvest @AndieIam The BBC article that attempted to defame me actually brought them. It backfired.

@LindaBlaha You too!

To put it in perspective, I have a screenshot of BBC “reporter”, @oliviacrellin, sharing harassing Tweet to my husband’s employer.

RT @sbhouston60: #FeelTheBurn Bernie? @gwfrazee @Chairmnoomowmow @BlissTabitha @sawmilltaters @Natire2u @andieiamwhoiam @vma182b 🚂🔛🚂 https:…

@mgold001 @Anomaly100 @sailor_man_dan @Swizz_mizz I have this individual blocked. Please untag me?

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: This is the crap we’re dealing with at SUNY.! #trump #trump2016 #SUNY #oneonta @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/uhftAUuo9K

I will just leave this here…and yes, they are that daft. https://t.co/nEntwkW1ZA

Anyone daft enough to believe what they read in a Leftist blog is no conservative. https://t.co/3WKb4fwqyB

A small group of leftist ferals harassing my family vs 20k decent, upstanding Americans who follow and support me. https://t.co/mN5HmIuld5

Sounds like a plan. https://t.co/cxtMOf6OkC

THIS is the woman who came to my town in order to harass my family. https://t.co/4WUmCtXbIo

RT @TwitchyTeam: Mayor de Blasio makes a racist joke? No biggie. This cop speaks out against the mayor? You can guess the rest https://t.co…

@TwitchyTeam Would you like the real story? Contact me. https://t.co/Ea05yn7PJP

Just post XX or XY on doors. Use accordingly. https://t.co/w5h2anj9Dx

RT @_LordMC_: @andieiamwhoiam The leftist ferals get all the attention and media i bet. They’re coming out of the woodwork everywhere.

Those two aren’t young anymore, but still very naive. https://t.co/y7kUejaxcX

RT @realjimrussell: @Anomaly100 @Azzmador1488 @PolarWhut @OliviaCrellin @andieiamwhoiam Not sure what your point is. BBC integrity on the l…

RT @josh49jones: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews FUCK THE BBC. @andieiamwhoiam DOES AWESOME TRUTH TELLING. FUCK YOUR FEELINGS!

RT @RedNationRising: “I’m with the Government” This can either be good to hear or so so so Bad to hear. #RedNationRising #FeelTheBern https…

RT @HakaseMatt: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/2uEKDAczT8

@WordsMeanThingz Good morning!

@artofpapermache The more followers you have the more leftist nitwits bother you. Count your blessings. LOL!

If these nitwits cared as much about their kids as they do mine, we would have fewer Trayvons attacking people. https://t.co/yWKG22N9nM

I never doxed a soul. However, your concern with my children is duly noted, feral. https://t.co/XWnPyNqUTG

God bless my followers! Thank you! https://t.co/yYUtFneWxI

RT @Thoosevelt: @andieiamwhoiam The ‘gloves’ would come off! I’d do a little investigation of my own…….Lots of ‘stuff’ out there.

This is the type of trash that follows @OliviaCrellin and @mwendling, bottom dwellers of BBC. https://t.co/MVTHquVTHp

@GJCooley I am blessed. Thank you.

RT @ryanbreheny4: @andieiamwhoiam i’d take the bbc to court for slander…

RT @streetbear57: @andieiamwhoiam Yeah…We hate murdering thugs. Don’t care what color they are.

RT @metternicht: @andieiamwhoiam Nothing good ever came from the Left.

@WordsMeanThingz I did. Thank you! How are you?

RT @BradleyStutler: I’m sure this schmuck lived under power lines while eating paint chips as a child with the BS he tries to promote. http…

RT @DrMartyFox: #Liberal Lunacy Illustrated Cancels Show Because Men Can’t Use Women’s Bathroom Performs Where #LGBT Is ILLEGAL https://t…

@johnellsmar It is posting a persona’s name, address, phone, etc.

@TerryBPark1 @AnonBruja Hi!

RT @The13th_Ghost: So she is acting like an activist, NOT a reporter? That changes the tone of interaction as well as reaction…. https://…

RT @Egypt_Exodus: @metternicht @andieiamwhoiam Use the left as reference what ever they say or do say and do exactly the opposite then ur o…

RT @thegoulbourn: @realjimrussell @andieiamwhoiam @Anomaly100 @Azzmador1488 @PolarWhut @OliviaCrellin BBC have no credibility with the like…

This feral, who CAME to my town, admits to harassing my husband and his employer. https://t.co/ERYR2stUNg

RT @Tedblake1968Ted: @andieiamwhoiam Have some of them follow me. I’m a good conservative as well.

I have stupid enemies. That’s why. https://t.co/hPMXKxhAxg

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: Is this SJW hack work $60K of your tax dollars? Let him know he’s NOT #trump #trump2016 #tcot @andieiamwhoiam https:…

RT @eff_dblu_ell: BBC reporter/liar with a staggering lack of intellect & integrity & she is glib when those facts are exposed…wtf? https…

Since leftists harass my husband and his employer, I figure it’s okay to post their family member’s names and employers. Right?

@ryanbreheny4 Thank you for that!

I have found the names and locations of @OliviaCrellin’s family members. I have TOO MUCH INTEGRITY to share them. https://t.co/C1PP0gBHdz

Thank you, my friend. https://t.co/AFFxhuisV1

These people refused to cooperate with police even after this. This is what police deal with DAILY. https://t.co/zQkW2K11fm

@mwendling You had the opportunity to change the story after you were contacted by the individual responsible. Superiors have been apprised.

RT @CaptHaddock83: @BBC openly attacks conservative twitter @andieiamwhoiam, its disgraceful. #media #LicenceFee #TonyHall #Tories https:/…

The editor was contacted by the individual who actually harassed Dozier. He refused to change story. Yes. https://t.co/t6eDe0N6Cv

They used my real name, husband’s name, town we live in and husband’s employer. It is harassment. Yes. We can. https://t.co/t6eDe0N6Cv

We were going to sue Connover Kennard, Jillian Hurley, Janice Sann, Helen Sahinen, but none have anything. NOTHING. https://t.co/rD6IqGuoqe

I never would. You can count on it. Conservatives are just better people. Just wonder how THEY would feel? https://t.co/6LXJJM5dNP

This is not my husband. Please share to show the depths leftists sink to. https://t.co/RLMS8AnOK2

RT @Yinzer1996: @andieiamwhoiam you should sue these cucks out of existence. I haven’t seen anything remotely “racist” on your TL

That’s the point. BBC posted my real name, husband’s name, town we live in and his employer. I would not do that. https://t.co/FaaFsDREX1

RT @onsafari2010: @andieiamwhoiam @ZacBonesteel Let the court attach paycheck or welfare check..no mercy!

Thank you, my friend. I am solely making a point. https://t.co/hyAKRRO9gA

Thank you! I am proud to stand with you against these wretches. https://t.co/vRe34bPRu1

Can’t get blood from a turnip. These wretches harass conservatives because they have NOTHING to lose. https://t.co/kAS9SkOfww

Thanks, friend. https://t.co/FSecqF1H1b

I am blessed. Thanks, Jim! https://t.co/SVnKKddSDU

RT @dhussey23: @andieiamwhoiam @Firebrand_MKB BBC = BABBLING BRITISH COMMIES.

RT @outspoken45: @andieiamwhoiam @ZacBonesteel Let them explain themselves in a court of law..conservatives are moral people who never stoo…

LOL! Thanks! https://t.co/Lc92VIRR1C

True. I never will. Just want to know how they would feel. https://t.co/Fkc6Xy0Gs6

RT @thegoulbourn: @andieiamwhoiam Her pathetic lies were swept aside with reason . Until she blocked me as she had nothing more to offer ha…

Chicago: Protests Held in City After Police Fatally Shoot Armed 16-Year-Old Black Teenager. YES. He was ARMED. https://t.co/FGQtMiiLAq

RT @Rob_McTavish: @runningforpizza @andieiamwhoiam @LeahRBoss This video is awesome, totally burns the sjw crybabies 😢🔥 https://t.co/N5l0c…

RT @ibiteoncommand: @andieiamwhoiam @WFLD What don’t people get, you point a gun at #lawenforcement you will be shot. We don’t counsel you…

RT @HersheSquirt: The Irony=Priceless! Police arrest Black Lives Matter protesters for murdering another Black Lives Matter protester http…

Amen! https://t.co/i8bkWoYmvu

Yes they are. https://t.co/M9qrzjJO77

RT @naft82: @andieiamwhoiam @Firebrand_MKB I definitely thought that was way out of line when I was reading it. Keep your head on a swivel…

RT @Mad_Deuce: @andieiamwhoiam @WFLD Since when did it become ok to even hold a gun when interacting with a cop? #DarwinAward https://t.co/…

My husband’s life is in danger because of @OliviaCrellin and @mwendling My FAMILY is in danger. https://t.co/riFAZPoQvj

Much respect! Someone to follow! https://t.co/lFK5f2d1bN

I filed formal complaints against bother “journalists”. https://t.co/Z1FTvGgP7c

#BlackLivesMatter is actually in Chicago marching for him today. https://t.co/0niggXcL1H

RT @Crimsonmile: @1stAmendmentK9 @andieiamwhoiam May they triumph over the corruption, liberalism, and the BLM.

I would never do it. However, they should know how it feels. https://t.co/2Oc8tfvGez

RT @Berniemustwin: @miamidecor @andieiamwhoiam a 170lbs 17 year old beat a off duty250lbs off duty 28 year old cop dead with his fists in E…

All they have is time. https://t.co/vsYVqr044A

NO. https://t.co/TbSCzGEGy3

If you wish to report @OloviaCrellin & @Mwendling, to BBC call this number or use this form https://t.co/c9No8mCgGs https://t.co/VVTvTUYGhK

Intolerant Progressive Ferals wish to end FREE SPEECH. Share if you will NOT allow it. https://t.co/DIXU0MsZKi

I do. Trust me. The moment my family is attacked I educate myself thoroughly on the attackers. https://t.co/W4hmhiYILF

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam … and an unquenchable hatred. They are evil people.

I would never do it, Christi. https://t.co/oDJRfa2ENo

SHARE if you agree! https://t.co/pxJyxYxLKp

RT @steve0423: Saul Alinsky: Demean the “rich” while leaving the real rich untouchable… Elitists are never affected! #tcot #PJNET https:/…

RT @keichri: About 40,000 Verizon unionized workers walk off the job – https://t.co/pv5o0T0Pzt

@gregorygregs666 @Ukranium Thank you.

Leftists would have police allow themselves to be killed as an offering to #BlackLivesMatter terrorists. https://t.co/RZu4XKT83S

Tell them the truth. https://t.co/kYswGNXpnM

Good or bad idol? https://t.co/z5q2CZ6z6T

Thank you! https://t.co/SMhSrmHGHF

I never doxed Luna marjan, nor is she a TEEN. She is the woman who stole family photos and posted my husband’s info. https://t.co/1dzqmRspsr

Case# for BBC journalist complaints against @OliviaCrellin and @Mwendling CAS-3788094-YT2Q4X Use it when filing. https://t.co/Eh0pIBaPgC

Unlike Olivia, I never posted her family’s personal information as she did mine, including my husband’s employer. https://t.co/wRM5dOeDcM

Leftist ferals, Luna Marjan, Conover Kennard, Jillian Hurley, Janice Sann, Helen Sahinen, Tawny Sylvester posted it. https://t.co/7V1y1rCLUK

Paddy, my friend, they are ALL nasty. Not ONE Leftist denounced their behavior. NOT ONE. https://t.co/gCLrcOASqr

Leftist ferals think putting my family’s life in danger is funny. See a pattern among these people? https://t.co/xdGRXYM0VV

LOVE @colinflaherty ‘s work! Do you follow him? https://t.co/62PfBJEchC

RT @krysti034: @andieiamwhoiam I know.. I’m pi$$ed every day… More mad tomorrow than I am today.. We got their backs.. #BlueLivesMatter

@tommyseymour2 @popmplusplus Thanks.

The 1st amendment isn’t a boat. https://t.co/jldu5MCG95

Yes I do. Some types don’t want to hear those facts so they attack. https://t.co/H34LksoOo1

Then you are NO Conservative. If facts bother you, change them. YOU are the problem. https://t.co/XUBjzZA2d6

I’m no Republican. Do you need a safe space against the facts I post? https://t.co/nK0YBafTQV

Your race card holds no currency here. https://t.co/Dqb4odK2Rz

xo https://t.co/0lFGRCVlLX

This feral approves of Leftists harassing me because…get this..my posts made them mad. https://t.co/sx3bb3dJ8s

I never had ANYONR harassed. Are you so daft as to believe everything you read in a Leftist rag? https://t.co/nwx0jAIn0W

lol https://t.co/x2nwOopMsI

SHAME on anyone who calls themselves a conservative who believes the BBC. https://t.co/bhPRK14qz3

Your race card isn’t effective here. Your skin color holds no magical power either. You are no conservative. https://t.co/sbsEfRjS44

I respect you even more, Martin. Thanks. https://t.co/fBjO5J8wvK

RT @shamshiadad: @andieiamwhoiam After some of the things in this elections cycle,“believing” ANY news outlet w/o a massive grain of salt w…

@dawnmariefhl You don’t need to. However, she is no conservative.

RT @reachout2015: @andieiamwhoiam @LadyTConnor @dmaer1966 @OliviaCrellin @mwendling @Ukranium https://t.co/ZiK9GiqDff

So the British Government is responsible for putting my family in danger? https://t.co/RdkAqhfoM0

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. It must be addressed. https://t.co/LCWmKb5AbN

RT @padvaiskas: @Sniper1T @andieiamwhoiam Google john padvaiskas all we wont is justice for our son who was murdered pass it on.

@TonySandos it looks like an advocacy site?

Their victims matter. https://t.co/g0SUH6HEtx

Thank you, Zac! It means more than you know. https://t.co/yQi25Xb0JD

RT @moonbeamsnajar: If we posted their families names and addresses they’d be crying foul! #POME bastards! Let the #Muslims have them. http…

#BlackLivesMatter is predicated upon a mountain of lies. https://t.co/qMgQVwoJph

RT @AnJolieLeg: What IF it is NOT a woman at all? Maybe she’s posting some picture grabbed waiting for someone to yap against it. https://t…

Your opinion is moot. Only 16% of those killed by police are black. ALL righteous shoots. “Hands up” is a lie. https://t.co/NfUmURLD2x

Looks like I Triggered the little man. https://t.co/PvVmDalhKm

No…but you should follow me and get an education. https://t.co/o0DeufUI2u

“IF”, just two letters but the biggest word in the world. https://t.co/Zph9XUE6Dv

I would never do it. https://t.co/E62ZtMddt2

How to insult a Progressive. Thanks @patcondell ! https://t.co/7BSxqYt1uw

Most #BlackLivesMatter thugs are white…lots of middle aged Progressive women. https://t.co/QjOe0Y1AGR

RT @reachout2015: @Long1Mary @CONS1st_REP2nd @andieiamwhoiam @LadyTConnor @OliviaCrellin https://t.co/cZVwRKhkF0

@AbolishBBC Yes. Of course!

@gentlemanirish @Crimsonmile @nathenmills45 Say it isn’t so, Scootaloo!

Great! Can I post your family’s names and addresses, make stuff up and send feral progressives after them? https://t.co/DQjvZUAKEM

I will NEVER stop. https://t.co/iBibbZaAna

We’re armed. Thanks, Paul! https://t.co/oCSHpfDMro

Silly feral. FBI data. Your race card has no value here, manchild. https://t.co/cH5yonzmza https://t.co/txaGB41zh5

It really isn’t all that difficult to be smarter than my enemies. TRUST ME. https://t.co/AJloCxYCmB

RT @GuitarPDX: @andieiamwhoiam try having a conversation with #BlackLivesMatter about the high rates their own race kills itself! See how…

Here come the racist Orcs… https://t.co/vr4cz1eJYk

God bless you, Jamie! https://t.co/21qjrClcnF

RT @ImpulseControl2: Yeah. Not very just to require LEOs to gamble with their lives for political correctness. @IServedDidU @EricaRDN @andi…

*sirens* all Progressives walk quickly, in a single file line, to your safe spaces! https://t.co/fb4JKxTVV5

Blessed. Thank you, Karen! https://t.co/PqR5SF65pB

I will post til my last dying breath. You can be assured. https://t.co/XXnokOjYUd

RT @MichaelsANewman: @andieiamwhoiam @EricaRDN what this again? Don’t make me look up the death by cop numbers. This chart is from CDC. htt…

RT @charles_pence: @andieiamwhoiam stalking laws.. may help you . 5 instances is stalking not harassment.

Yes it is. He was shot with his taser. Also see Graham v Connor. https://t.co/SOvFZkrKCN

@KyGrifter @speakthetruth94 @Berniemustwin @miamidecor @xmeikx Great video!

It is. Stand with me. I would never steer you wrong! https://t.co/L8uW0ipmg9

It shows him struggling with him for the taser. Slager will walk. Have you seen all video? https://t.co/8ozIXLsoOT

RT @oldtrooper75: @reachout2015 @andieiamwhoiam @Long1Mary @CONS1st_REP2nd @LadyTConnor @OliviaCrellin https://t.co/jVbIPDmsE0

That posting my name, address and my husband’s place of work should be EXPECTED because I Tweet? Nitwit. https://t.co/e2QMB00QsK

His diploma. Why, he must be the smartest little Social Justice Warrior on the planet! https://t.co/5opNkHoE9z

@mwendling @OliviaCrellin <<<They posted my husband’s name and employer because they want him harmed. @BBC https://t.co/MZiRWkzuTD

I didn’t either. They stalked me for YEARS until they found it. https://t.co/qUwYAVEP93

What am I doing other than Tweeting? Tap dancing? https://t.co/nD6ZlYTbTj

You may not know this. If you use the same photo on all social media, leftists can find you by using this. https://t.co/InjDNeBNne Be safe.

Tell blacks not to commit 53% of all homicides and end 74% illegitimacy rates. Then don’t attack police. https://t.co/qSQy9HaBQc

Yes. It is, my friend. https://t.co/I8dKXxKR11 https://t.co/ZMeqjsMEDu

This too. https://t.co/XruHfolP8l https://t.co/ZMeqjsMEDu

Several leftist ferals and @OliviaCrellin and @mwendling https://t.co/cSKIYjvEER

RT @mr: @andieiamwhoiam @Ukranium @quittila @OliviaCrellin @mwendling @Easterndmondbk @AmbJohnBolton nailed it today: https://t.co/QCp7Tg17…

@bpag7102 @nathenmills45 lol

LOVE my followers! Grateful for you. Thank you! https://t.co/xfb1G0mAy5

When blacks lives matter enough to you people to end welfare reliance, illegitimacy and crime, we will talk. https://t.co/uiHgnfPJry

@AnJolieLeg So sad.

Be safe. https://t.co/U7StQIQVqj

Your race card holds no currency here. YUOU are racist for holding blacks to lower standards. Bigot. https://t.co/9bvo3gaTRd

I am in fear for my husband’s life and the safety of my family because @BBC “journalists” @mwendling and @OliviaCrellin posted private info.

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. MORE whites enslaved. More wealthy blacks, per capita. https://t.co/uBJZHirXKx

Yes I do! Anyone looking for help? LOL! https://t.co/C2XUJ0ALa3

@ImpulseControl2 @EricaRDN @IServedDidU Damn typo.

Great advice! https://t.co/ds4ELNvWfz

RT @_LordMC_: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin bbc=Bolshevik Broadcasting Company. Never trust journalists, they’d sell their…

RT @AnJolieLeg: Read earlier that @MichelleObama ‘s ancestors were slave owners. I wonder IF @BarackObama ‘s ancestors SOLD own ppl https:/…

Be careful not to use the same avatars for all your accounts. That is how they found me. https://t.co/yrjH6OPKhb

@ImpulseControl2 @EricaRDN @IServedDidU LOL! Typo train!

I will not hesitate to shoot anyone who attempts to harm my family. https://t.co/EPz0weiWns

I am merely making a point. I have integrity. https://t.co/IizF4xJETJ

RT @quinn_vince: @andieiamwhoiam I have no guilt over slavery or remorse, we were Irish and had the same problem. Get over it and get on…

The ferals aren’t in UK. The lied for a story and posted personal info. Dismissed. https://t.co/d7bbenwSQU

@GorillaChompz I know. Hope springs eternal. 🙂

@oliviacrellin ReTweeted a post threatening my husband’s employer. She is an activist hack. https://t.co/b6SxNHc36R

RT @MauiREman: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin hopefully you are BOTH licensed to carry concealed! I go nowhere without my .…

RT @highaltitudes: @andieiamwhoiam @paulizzo35 @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin Double tap dear.

It is EXACTLY what @Mwendling and @oliviacrellin are trying to do. https://t.co/f4aApmCvfH

I am no racist. The racists are the Leftists who treat black folks like pets, like they aren’t smart enough. https://t.co/JMXoOndsjM

@WordsMeanThingz lol

I think they are self explanatory. A response to a “hang the police” Tweet by a racist black activist. https://t.co/rrZg2jYoGX

@WordsMeanThingz Too much coffee.

RT @Protoshiv: @andieiamwhoiam @mwendling @OliviaCrellin It is also a form of issuing a “Public Assassination Contract”. That’s exactly how…

Yes, feral. Do not come to my timeline without first educating yourself. https://t.co/KeBR0YDxtd

Great. Now post that on your own fucking timeline. https://t.co/bkAC3AZiaO

Welcome to the internet. https://t.co/nCpvOijd4F

Have you ever travelled inside a Dictionary? https://t.co/EWXXzB987i

RT @highaltitudes: @andieiamwhoiam @TayloTazo Jesus would say many of the same things Andie says.

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam Apparently the indoctrinators that call themselves teachers and professors failed to mention Stalin, M…

Nice. Guns save lives. https://t.co/nV4piF2Enx

Pray and contact BBC to complain. Please. https://t.co/2dtMMWVOtv

LOL! https://t.co/XxSFudmGFG

Great Fitness Franchise! It’s my gym too! Have fun! https://t.co/fOPdGB5s8o

RT @Bible_Time: God may not get us out of a situation, but He will give us the strength to get through it.

RT @SheriffClarke: https://t.co/QLJZz5TIxG This mom is right about the media. They left out the part about her ineffective parenting. That’…

@CR @SheriffClarke @dbongino https://t.co/rLorDpjC2Z

WE kicked your asses 250 years ago, beta. You live up to the stereotype of a weak chinned, effeminate Progressive. https://t.co/VFN2siENkA

RT @AmyKTT: @andieiamwhoiam WTF?! I’d sue the sh– outta them – harassment, defam of character, putting life/career in jeopardy, emotiona…

Tamir’s mama allowed him to have a gun. She is a gun felon. She KNOWS better.He died in Winter in sandals.FUCK HER. https://t.co/DV3jaGUhOp

RT @JaeCreitch: hey @BBC .. why did u let @mwendling & @OliviaCrellin post personal info about @andieiamwhoiam & her family @johnnygfl

No. They did not. https://t.co/PWfH2rgwKk

RT @GaltsGultch: @johnnygfl @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin I’m On It… DM Me https://t.co/LVkpTk8pQE

RT @paulizzo35: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC < needs to fear repercussions from the right wing

RT @GregMerrick1: @andieiamwhoiam let’s hope that those turds that I see on the internet stepping on the flag don’t know that let’s keep it…

RT @albybrava: @TheRiverPeck @ComradeRyry @andieiamwhoiam Rednecks..you mean the ones that do most of the sweating,fighting & dying? You el…

Thanks. https://t.co/w8ZN0plpWh

Threaten you with facts? Is that what’s bothering you Bunkie? This is not the safe space you seek, beta. https://t.co/XQsqiRbqF8

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam Lets get it on! lol, here ya go! Message To Offended Muslims https://t.co/vKtoTWXm5i

Did I stutter, feral? Tamir’s mama is the reason he is dead. She should be in PRISON. https://t.co/P7MlF9fKTE

RT @wicketgateNA: @andieiamwhoiam lefties always try to project hippie sensibilities onto Christ. “I came not to send peace, but a sword…

You’re nothing. You’re lazy and are allowing Europe to fall. https://t.co/31MNZi0r3D

RT @JaeCreitch: @BBC .. 2 of ur reporters @mwendling & @OliviaCrellin posted PERSONAL info about @andieiamwhoiam & her family online .. wha…

I’m better than you. https://t.co/0lK53V9p4X

You ferals aren’t that bright. It’s a figure of speech IN RESPONSE to calling for POLICE to be hanged. https://t.co/1QwA6hwQH4

He typed this on a computer that runs on coal based electricity…that was shipped to his home using gasoline. https://t.co/jdI3Qb3avX

RT @TheFirstSmoke: @andieiamwhoiam @TayloTazo @highaltitudes Liberals are terrorists

Your opinion is moot, feral. Chat with your fellow feral who called for police to be hanged. https://t.co/H7igIuNaGV

RT @Egypt_Exodus: @andieiamwhoiam Are we talking about Christ the one on the white horse coming to judge the world throwing ppl into fiery…

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam Due to multiculturalism and “progressivism”, we shall witness the fall of Europe within a decade.

Again. It was IN RESPONSE to a feral calling for police to be hanged. https://t.co/Jlm7jRp7wu

RT @GregMerrick1: @andieiamwhoiam @MauiREman I have a concealed carry it’s not the gun that saves lives it’s the individual.2sacrifice year…

You don’t forgive people actively trying to destroy you. https://t.co/tOt1UeWXLo

RT @JaeCreitch: @BBC .. if u dont act & any1 is hurt then reporters @mwendling @OliviaCrellin acting as UR agents will make U responsible…

RT @csmith12639940: @andieiamwhoiam @TheRiverPeck @ComradeRyry Just say “Thank You” because if it wasn’t for the “redneck” USA, you would b…

RT @Birds_Quest: @TayloTazo @andieiamwhoiam Jesus isn’t worrying about a spouse getting killed cuz of PC insanity. No kindness or forgiven…

Jesus does not forgive the unrepentant. https://t.co/ezHzxRdxYI

You’re welcome. https://t.co/8okMTaZ9PO

RT @ameripundit: @andieiamwhoiam Christ angrily upended the tables of the money-changers and beat them with a whip. Christian does not = do…

RT @The_Odd_Asylum: @andieiamwhoiam True. In nearly all recorded instances of JAYSUS healing someone, He adds. Now go and sin no more.

@cdergle Nice to meet you!

RT @JaeCreitch: @BBC reporters @mwendling & @OliviaCrellin post personal info abt @andieiamwhoiam online & her family received threats @FB…

@Birds_Quest @TayloTazo https://t.co/jMBfpWhn1w

Please share to help this Great Dane find a home! https://t.co/kgxkTyK6Kl

RT @Plate0fShrimp: @andieiamwhoiam The day I bought my son an airsoft gun I told him he is never to take it off our property. Ever. Parenti…

Wealth is not finite. You sound like Luddite. https://t.co/a1ztY4qZXI

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @andieiamwhoiam It amazes me how the godless always know what Jesus is thinking.

Bitch, I’m not crying. The world can see what you ferals are. I always win. ALWAYS. https://t.co/ETVNaauyVl

Malthusians aren’t forward thinkers. https://t.co/IrrWww3Tih

Exactly. https://t.co/8GQmORkTAy

RT @JamieWinn4: @andieiamwhoiam @BBCtrending #truth Good people who know Good people are called friends. And Andie, has good friends.

Our continent does not require it. Nor do we rely on Nanny government for every last thing. https://t.co/MkEANDPbk6

@oliviacrellin ReTweeted a post telling my husband’s employer they were warned. https://t.co/0zzx9ukfZx

Anthropogenic climate change is a LIE. https://t.co/itW8q5VELq

So we can all get bedbugs from Leftist hippies. https://t.co/N7mAmouDWY

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @andieiamwhoiam And Islamic terrorists have taken over the main RR stations in Germany. You’re much safer in your car w…

You have never read our constitution. https://t.co/WFvMSsXR2T

RT @The_Odd_Asylum: Ditto. They only want to talk to you to put their spin on you, not present you as you are. I despise the MSM. https://…

@jan_marie14 Be prepared.

All government funded. There is much opposition to this government-led “science”. https://t.co/CIRYVvn73T

RT @ameripundit: @traceybreck @andieiamwhoiam Godless, Liberal-Progressive ‘pastors’ have convinced Christians that being Christian means a…

RT @Sniper1T: @andieiamwhoiam @paulizzo35 @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin https://t.co/2mCmyAczSh

RT @traceybreck: @ameripundit @andieiamwhoiam He also told His disciples to sell their cloak to buy a sword. Sounds clearly an advocacy of…

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam If CAGW was real, wdn’t there be an alarmist or 2 leaving less of a carbon ftprint than those of us wh…

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Rates higher in Chicago. 74% illegitimacy. WHO has no respect? https://t.co/MkrwWRDEgn

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @CatholicAcolyte @andieiamwhoiam Odd how atheists poopoo God but believe in bigfoot, aliens, and zombies.

But everyone gets a trophy! Right? https://t.co/b242bQGSBw

@masullivan43 @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin No. LOL!

This true. Good thing they are bad shots. Still, egregious injury is life changing. https://t.co/CoBbWsGAbU

Thank you. We are getting threats as a direct result of their irresponsible article. https://t.co/5IdlDi4kBl

Thanks, coach! https://t.co/HgGNkuJLfl

RT @AngstyAngelika: @andieiamwhoiam @LeahRBoss https://t.co/yQ8fCFKsNb

I will never stoop to their level. https://t.co/7kTiWwJS2Y

RT @1bluifox: @andieiamwhoiam Ayn Rand said it best. “They are the face of evil. Never forget that”. You get bonus points for knowing that…

RT @catwahler: The truth is very sad these days . . . The only Borders closed . . . https://t.co/xFiJF5mRsf #pjnet

@1bluifox You mean malice at the heart of evil from Atlas Shrugged?

I love it when these brats march in here behaving like impudent whelps then use their age as an excuse. https://t.co/xysN66Nf4L

RT @Mjarcher77: @TravisBickle60 @OliviaCrellin She isn’t a journalist. She’s an activist pretending to be a journalist. A total fraud.

RT @Westxgal: 😂😂😂and by the way: Wind energy can’t be harnessed without carbon. Dumbasses 😡 https://t.co/F0ANgVs1Gj

They are also raising gas excise tax by thirty cents per gallon. https://t.co/tCPByPfM3r

How quickly you forget your post to me, little guy. https://t.co/KM6UJ6LKsM

I belittle you. The horror. Are the ruffles on your panties itchy and making you cranky? https://t.co/mlRH9CAZOZ

Inherently racist. https://t.co/k2IoMNuw3X

RT @blhills: @Westxgal @andieiamwhoiam @TopPRnews Windmills also killed record THOUSANDS of birds including USA bald eagle

How about the lower 47% pay? Corporations in US pay highest effective tax on PLANET. Bernie voters pay NOTHING. https://t.co/RpnIqwFGLh

RT @clmuseum: @HoboWill @blhills @andieiamwhoiam @Westxgal @TopPRnews https://t.co/bjKdXBZ254

@NewRoodawg1971 Thank you.

You nitwits read one post and have all the answers. It was in response to a feral saying police should be hanged. https://t.co/diP7plIwk8

Mrs. Sann is obsessed with me. I have her blocked but she is constantly here. Glad I am armed. She is insane. https://t.co/IFOmt1CtwJ

Police shot an armed man. FUCK the media and FUCK Barack. https://t.co/ltPCF2xA2J

Exactly. https://t.co/2Z2brSZfdS

@Roger_Dorn_Clev @TravisBickle60 @jsavite @OliviaCrellin Ms. Sann is upset about her husband. That is why she attacks.

Because I am better than they are. https://t.co/ppw0A6bY04

I answered. Adios. https://t.co/CGQeemlPne

RT @Tazatator: A Pinned tweet from a Yellow Journalism Major, flirting with laws of Libel. #AndiePauly Nex tup: #OliviaCrellin https://t.c…

Thanks. I will take all the support you are willing to give. https://t.co/wQURHwBc9T

That is why she asked others to harass my husband and his employer and created the #andiepauly hashtag to harass me. https://t.co/GEWVS2AaFz

This woman, Heather Nordquist, participated in the harassment of my husband and family for months. https://t.co/7U2X31QEMJ

I answered you, child. https://t.co/ILwLNm3en1

It’s better to have a gun and not need one. MOST police never fire gun in the line of duty. Your dad is not police. https://t.co/IWCCFCmFAt

Ahahahahahaa! https://t.co/wck5ulvr6P

He deleted them. https://t.co/yg4dh2D6lE

@bearshrugged What falsity?

RT @naft82: @andieiamwhoiam @Mr_G_V if his dad and brother were cops in Chicago they’d have a gun.

If you are going to behave like a punk you will be blocked. https://t.co/jeFl16DL0G

RT @Hr5770: @andieiamwhoiam @marthasboy2 @AngstyAngelika @LeahRBoss @trumpfangirl1 https://t.co/IZdE76m2mE

Without guns they are civilians. https://t.co/dfJNfSGd5q

@tommyseymour2 She keeps inserting herself on my TL via my followers. It’s creepy. She IS blocked.

RT @BlueFalcon3P: can confirm… one never needs a gun…until one needs it BADLY! the small gun w/ U is better than big one at home http…

@LegalFromCanada @marthasboy2 @AngstyAngelika @LeahRBoss @trumpfangirl1 Which post Sandra?

lol https://t.co/d069GZc8Em

Sorry, sweetie. I have ferals sending threats to my family. Beat it. https://t.co/HBUYhzXx7A

I wish my vacuum cleaner was as active as my guns are supposed to be. https://t.co/HmeZtdAjFp

The man who actually DID what they accused me of SPOKE to the editor who dismissed him. https://t.co/grc0WOijj6

Thank you Tony! https://t.co/aQFn6Auat9

@Sniper1T @Mr_G_V Hehe!

The gun and knife crime in London is off the charts. https://t.co/wMKho4w5YU

RT @KahnHaman: @Mr_G_V @andieiamwhoiam No. You are right. We had no shootings in 400 AD anywhere in the world. Now stabbings, little highe…

RT @popmplusplus: @BBCtrending This is not journalism, BBC, regardless of your feelings about @andieiamwhoiam this is criminal activity. @O…

RT @CutePrivilege: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/SddRiZUGKI

RT @WillemLafluer: @andieiamwhoiam LOL! I know mine are planning a safe break as we Tweet…

@PatrioticIndpnt @8fa2fb9e9ce3425 lol

@bearshrugged There is another fake Andie account?

I got some awesome folks following me. Thanks, John! https://t.co/RFUzDLdQiO

Thanks, Lisa! I have 1,200 new followers and @OliviaCrellin has fewer than 100 people repost her Blog Post. https://t.co/SxRZBHNczA

RT @popmplusplus: @andieiamwhoiam I fired off this one too: https://t.co/h1DScuV2Ea

@popmplusplus Thank you!

No. I’m still Andie from the block. https://t.co/xMCvIyhVfY

Could not have said it better myself! https://t.co/YVXD8KTcom

Funny. I have a safe space just like that. You know, for when I’m triggered. https://t.co/qAVTAdkpSe

If they are ill it means they are not responsible for their actions. https://t.co/sMfZCvkHpj

RT @paton_richard: @andieiamwhoiam @ProudInfidel33 Let them find me. I admire your courage in your recent struggle BTW. https://t.co/kEiZl8…

@paton_richard @ProudInfidel33 Thank you for your service.

@Frostviper LOL! I certainly have.

RT @donwalk20866779: @andieiamwhoiam @steve_sphillips Obie just commuted the life sentences of several of those that wud B Lib illegal gun…

The logic that the lower 47% pay nothing is greed. Corporations pass taxes on to the CONSUMER, by the way. https://t.co/cQ9ndyk9aD

This is a photoshopped image. Look at the details. Ms. Savite seems to be obsessed. Social Justice warrior. LOL! https://t.co/GsDdKO8HaO

@jsavite keeps posting a photoshopped image of me. This is how simple it is to do. I don’t understand the obsession https://t.co/fZhOg2boba

https://t.co/fqsYcSTUMD https://t.co/GsDdKO8HaO

@GJCooley @wanderincowboy xoxo Thank you, Gail.

Amen! Thank you! https://t.co/CCyI6RBVGC

@highaltitudes @brucechris24 A smidge.

@LeftofLeftField Why, thank you!

@patilyo21 I don’t understand what you mean, my friend.

RT @chris_spickard: @ngeAct64 @andieiamwhoiam @popmplusplus @BBCtrending @OliviaCrellin the best at virtue signalling without having virtue.

RT @CatholicAcolyte: @Mr_G_V @Nodisregard @andieiamwhoiam “Breed violence”? as in like two rifles mating to create a punch in the face? Pac…

RT @The_Odd_Asylum: I challenge anyone to find me one thing @andieiamwhoiam has done wrong in this article. https://t.co/DY8nBh2DbO

That’s the goal. Thanks, friend. https://t.co/zQf5Av0GgC

RT @FleederMae: @andieiamwhoiam scientists who disagree don’t receive federal funding or grants .the left are like the “flat earth nuts”

@DesireeAaron Thank you, Beauty. xoxo

RT @KevinLeeMorris: This is just like the atheist bloggers in Bangladesh. Some one pubs their private info in hopes others will attack’m ht…

RT @PolarWhut: @andieiamwhoiam Since it is a form of international terrorism, perhaps INTERPOL can be of some assistance? @BBC @mwendling @…

RT @BostonForTrump: @ameripundit @traceybreck @andieiamwhoiam Jesus never said to lay down and let your Enemies step all over you. Too many…

@jan_marie14 @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin That is an old photo.

I have received threats as well as photos of my cat made to look mutilated. https://t.co/dchq05CNRt

@jan_marie14 I sent DM.

It’s psychological warfare. Last month they called DCFS to have my child taken. https://t.co/xOlcTMXhqn

@Extracheesyone I think so too.

Trotskyites do this then claim to be the victim. https://t.co/GpjFI3ao32

Thanks Dave! https://t.co/6Dk8CNGgy3

Plenty of ammo and I practice regularly. https://t.co/WZfZwieNYr

@UncleBp No. Just me. https://t.co/Ea05yn7PJP

@UncleBp Bring a blanket. It’s pretty boring. You may fall asleep.

SHE tagged ME. LOL! Look at her TL. She is OBSESSED. https://t.co/qwqhBYwca9

@smo7114 @isaputap1 Thank you Rolly.

Yep. We know who did it. She admitted on here. https://t.co/K6z5zINvZd

Thanks GOD we have the First Amendment protected by the Second Amendment! God bless you. https://t.co/1II0jVPVX1

Make no mistake, if I were a black woman The BBC “journalists” would never have done an article. Racism at its core.

@JerryMcClellan2 @skywarp14 Exactly.

RT @RLH2606: @andieiamwhoiam Fringe? I didn’t realize I was fringe. Quite a large fringe I’d say. At least the twit wasn’t biased.

RT @Genie115: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/hS978lbPmf

@WordsMeanThingz https://t.co/fqsYcSTUMD

RT @Edgar_Fisch: @andieiamwhoiam I loved the article. The hypocrisy was telling. They implied that you stirred up harassment (cont) https:/…

I just bought one! https://t.co/pqU2trK0Am

@WordsMeanThingz They are throwing the “fat Andie” photos around as if they won something. It is so bizarre.

@jan_marie14 https://t.co/Ea05yn7PJP

All the people who claim to be my victims use the #andiepauly to harass me and call others to action. https://t.co/dcrvZe9qQp

If their nitwittery stayed on Twitter I would not care. They called my husband’s employer nonstop, called CPS, etc. https://t.co/V4HQLWvXE4

I don’t have an employer so the feminists call MY HUSBAND’S employer. Irony. https://t.co/N2WPt2jMcf

Yes. 12%. It is the highest effective corporate rate on the planet. https://t.co/dT9S5hzeA3

RT @jan_marie14: @BBC @OliviaCrellin @andieiamwhoiam I retired from News biz years ago and I’m ashamed of this invasive hit piece! https:/…

They are all blocked. That is why they attack via the #andiepauly hashtag. One even came to my town. https://t.co/oAnUxvzESp

Thanks! They use it to get people to call my husband’s employer, news agencies, CPS, even sign petitions against me https://t.co/yd7GRur8xM

Courtesy of the Welfare State. 74% of blacks illegitimate, 28% of white, correlates to crime data. https://t.co/08s5UR8JjK

RT @RitzyBacon2: Very excellent question to ponder 👉 Will you ?? ✝🙏🏻🔯 #tcot #ccot #pjnet #christians #RedNationRising https://t.co/xiuqW6Y8…

Sad state of affairs. Tragic. https://t.co/qIaYhMxsDE

OR they LEAVE the country. https://t.co/hSmML49cTM

I may begin a petition of my own, but not for Twitter. I’ll share soon. https://t.co/k6kmAMZYLb

That is an abject lie. Goods and services, up to and including rent is astronomical. https://t.co/g32Opm2mrB

RT @UncleBp: @andieiamwhoiam Future of the world depends on USA. + also Russia, in fact. And we hope for Trump.

Man who did it Skyped the editor, @mwendling after blog posted Wendling dismissed him. I had NOTHING to do with it. https://t.co/uyPq8VgNza

@Dehneh1 Effective rate is 12%. It is what they actually pay.

I never used my real name, husband’s name or his employer. EVER. They have endangered us. Already received threats https://t.co/GXOWeUaJRg

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @Acoatain @andieiamwhoiam Intimidation for the express cause of stifling free speech.

I will not lower myself to their behavior. They lie. We know it. You can’t fight a lie. https://t.co/L34H8mHAMK

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam Conservatives have a moral compass where going to a #Bernie site and threatening a socialist poster..i…

@SteelyDanMan22 @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin She does now. I learned all I could about her.

That’s the plan! https://t.co/ZAN0zvq7j5

Now read this. https://t.co/vlq4dSMWro https://t.co/zSfTxsAVJk

They also called CPS to try to have my child removed, called my husband’s employer, my clients and neighbors. https://t.co/Is5OzryqSR

They inject themselves. I have them blocked but they have infected my REAL WORLD. https://t.co/wgWWuFz2vZ

It’s because I am white and my husband is a police officer. https://t.co/Fjl3ioUuZ6

That is not the effective tax rate. https://t.co/wQZk041AOH

RT @wroughtirony: @andieiamwhoiam @UncleBp @Tomfreeusa I’m in Tokyo: very tolerant, but strict laws agains anything that would alter their…

@wroughtirony @UncleBp @Tomfreeusa My brother used to teach English there.

@WordsMeanThingz @Acoatain No. Not the plan.

RT @rowlyutd: @andieiamwhoiam You can fight lies,by using facts against them.

I don’t. https://t.co/GVfZ3WYHbt

You mean the lower 47%? Corporations give people JOBS. If you raise taxes too high, they LEAVE. https://t.co/nBxr5bXQBP

My truths shatter their entire world view. https://t.co/7whvYBOVrI

I can’t block them from calling my husband’s employer or CPS. https://t.co/RR0saMxKTK

RT @OpinonOfMe: @Desertpearl8 @NewRoodawg1971 @andieiamwhoiam @SenSanders Predicted outcome if corporate taxes are decreased. https://t.co/…

@troy_beals @WordsMeanThingz lol

Then they get all Meanie McStompypants and attack. https://t.co/hkQuUatRL5

RT @MikeRicotta: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin @MikeRicotta Andie…Be vigilant,make a plan and use a short-barrel .12 gau…

Great! Can I post the reporter’s address and the names of her family members and where they work? https://t.co/vkJYFZJlhD

RT @retepger: @Desertpearl8 @andieiamwhoiam @FiveChels @SenSanders https://t.co/WBeIkFWbCy

I have seen this! Very interesting! https://t.co/7eh9lix8qo

RT @OpinonOfMe: @PotterOnPoltics @andieiamwhoiam @Desertpearl8 @NewRoodawg1971 @SenSanders https://t.co/oqSPEh94XB

@LeighWells15 @WordsMeanThingz lol

My virtue signal is broken anyhow. I’ll just run along to my safe space. https://t.co/Mfc0ra0lDh

Nothing, really. It’s amorphous. https://t.co/1xa3eZpMkU

I am shattered to bits. https://t.co/c1Xa4PQyHB

Yes. It just takes a while. https://t.co/mzEamlXZZL

No. It means that people demand special treatment based on THEIR concept of “justice”. Like #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/awwkcGv2Ke

RT @jihadaeon: @andieiamwhoiam Social Justice=I Wield Truth Without Evidence,Compassion or Humor&will Shatter Civilization With Much Endorp…

@MikeRicotta lol

RT @KenYounos: @andieiamwhoiam “Social justice” means mob justice. The mob is moved mindlessly and irresponsibly by collective emotion and…

RT @r0ckeye: @StanO360 @andieiamwhoiam @TIMURHANSON07 lol it means the exact opposite. Justice is justice, not “getting the outcome we desi…

My eyes don’t define my sight. Now YOU try! https://t.co/DW4dNpevPZ

I am so very blessed. https://t.co/2F7rVG56MR

RT @Igorsmaster: @andieiamwhoiam @TIMURHANSON07 ideologically driven nitwittery fed by a sense of moral superiority justified by reductioni…

The only way to get rid of a bully is to stand against him. If he strikes, knock him on his ass and keep him there. https://t.co/lednRMS9IM

@mg_jacobs Social justice.

@WordsMeanThingz I know you are but what am I? Or something.

RT @Svobodnik1: @CarmenCruz303 @andieiamwhoiam Actually the KKK was created to be the “armed wing” of the Democratic party. #history

@Easterndmondbk lol

RT @CnsrvPost: Are you happy with Obama’s job in office? Please RT we are trying to get a number!

I don’t believe I have ever spoken to you, feral. https://t.co/b5vvh9QWLX

London, 54 percent of street crimes by blacks, robbery, 59 percent; 67% of gun crimes. They are 10% of population! https://t.co/a60xTTwcqr

Blacks are 13% of US, commit 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/eta0UT4Br4

@GJCooley lololol!

RT @LeighWells15: @andieiamwhoiam @WordsMeanThingz https://t.co/hwB1eIFbOY

No. https://t.co/BJbvKHlULb

Even fewer. There are younger and older and many law abiding. 3%. https://t.co/AO8RkzHWid

They have risen in the last few years. More gun crime too. https://t.co/cH5yonhLHC https://t.co/34Pd64CAwU

@boygirlwedding Staggering.

Police can only do so much of activist judges let them go. https://t.co/97FozOHAtb

They make their choices. https://t.co/BRroetgper

So that’s what Darwin meant by “Crowd of Difficulties”! LOL! https://t.co/uBv7UFGwEx

@GJCooley I pray he stays safe.

Tabloid. news. LOL! See my pinned post. https://t.co/p6y9Pt46KU

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam LEOs cannot effectively enforce the law, i.e. do their job, if politicians question everything they do.

@GJCooley @Tedfrancis1966 Amen!

We need to take it back. All of it. That’s why I am here. https://t.co/FXz15oosWU

The complaint was so far fetched it was immediately obvious it was a lie. A leftist here on Twitter admitted to it. https://t.co/uDoizXBAXq

They would never do it to a black woman. https://t.co/GT7CoYJWAL

My attorney said their laws apply. https://t.co/GT7CoYJWAL

Mine too. God bless them all! #ThinBlueLine https://t.co/AxNlqq2ctK

Have I triggered you, Bunkie? Is that what’s bothering you? https://t.co/a1ZkH3xv2W

He has it figured out. https://t.co/pPOgZeFU2Q

@lisashe59412707 I speak fluent typo. I am a frequent practitioner of typo as well.

The biggest mistake they made was posting my real name, husband’s name, town and employer. Their lies mean nothing. https://t.co/VPfZx3oyzT

Progressives aren’t people. Silly. https://t.co/sY5aCLJ0wp

One would think the 74% black illegitimacy rate would be more pressing than a Midwestern girl’s opinion. https://t.co/IbLFp4J1HB

Why do blacks commit 53% of all homicides? Black males between 14-28 are only 3% of the population. https://t.co/CmjNgWGzX0

LOL! Are you writing a book? https://t.co/G7b0bKG5kC

You didn’t answer. Why are 74% of blacks illegitimate? https://t.co/Tb15bB14W9

I do. Many good people. https://t.co/6gnuYzPlvO

Do you have to be black to answer the question? Why do blacks take bulk of welfare? https://t.co/XHSBoGna40

What makes you think I’m angry? Do you read my Tweets in an angry voice? That’s on you. https://t.co/1qNEFriby7

RT @JohnPaulJones00: @andieiamwhoiam The useful idiots go wherever their Marxist masters reigns guide them https://t.co/aqBt2kAANm

I just posted this. London is worse. https://t.co/5ux10VGQmO https://t.co/YGKiXE2w3s

Are you that obtuse? I asked why 74% of blacks are born out of wedlock. https://t.co/Bp7SKldCxV

Truth is hate to those who hate truth. https://t.co/Q8mV9UBpSo

TRUTH motivates me. https://t.co/zwuUQNUTZP

Black illegitimacy is 74%. Of COURSE they are in poverty! Prior to Welfare State, blacks had higher marriage rates https://t.co/lKQJc924z8

Correct. The problem is lack of fathers…due to the leftist Welfare State. Let’s get those kids their dads back. https://t.co/XO0WoElwL4

Don’t concern yourself with my children. https://t.co/mIgU16e2kO

RT @Igorsmaster: @andieiamwhoiam @Damian_Mann Damian, look to the history of the New Left for answers. The destruction of Black family was…

They at least know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Homophones are hard when you’re stupid. Homeschool. https://t.co/XMlzSPQb4w

That’s terrible. The state has destroyed the black family. Only the TRUTH will resurrect it. Crime will plummet. https://t.co/mWGHsDD7mk

I did not come here to be validated by emotion-led individuals whom I hold in low regard. https://t.co/sruPvDGDVE

@LeaSavoy @Scully64 @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin They are both in US.

Prior to Welfare State, blacks had higher rates of marriage than whites. Liberals changed that. Stabbed? Sorry. https://t.co/6MWOssk7V2

Why does every single leftwit beta boy sound EXACTLY like the last? https://t.co/wyYqsHIydn

FBI data. Nationwide. Most people are good. Color is not the issue. Never was. Fatherlessness is. https://t.co/0OJ3QfD3qN

RT @Karalot1: @andieiamwhoiam @SnStStrpSrvivor If you have a problem with statistics that Andie quotes get out there and change them. Eve…

LOL! https://t.co/Yv7nwn5caN

@MadMikeyFlipp @SnStStrpSrvivor They are caricatures of themselves. LOL!

Oh. Sometimes I let them roam free and show the world what they truly are. They make my arguments for me. https://t.co/FMYGT1veYf

I am focused on the truth while your ilk focuses on patronizing blacks and holding them to lower standards. https://t.co/w8esN7Zc1z

It’s as if he shredded a Dictionary, threw the pieces in the air then copied a few scraps when they landed. https://t.co/Lou1pZ4toS

I own you. Your name is Toby now. https://t.co/VnqrbB5Ana

I can’t MAKE you FEEL anything. If facts make you angry then YOU are the problem. https://t.co/7hPZxrYCAZ

I think we just found some. You came in here swinging. That’s not how it’s done. https://t.co/qEUGKvhHVc

That is such a bizarre statement to make based on the fact that we just “met”. LOL! https://t.co/gon6unyA19

My followers are police, military, 1st responders, truckers, doctors, hard workers. I am PROUD to be among them. https://t.co/ibqv7WLN4D

Why are Progressives such miserable, broken people? https://t.co/h1DIopP6Zd

Get this lady to a safe space! Stat! https://t.co/PtAYo8k1g1

I ran out of space. My followers are the blood, sweat and tears of civilization and I am proud of all of them! https://t.co/4YrWtPRrbd

Oh! But he is showing the world what a tolerant liberal looks like! I am facilitating that. https://t.co/6Xx1N0I3ws

Yes. I have. Anonymous people posting my family’s address, photos, employer WILL be discovered. ABSOLUTELY. https://t.co/QcSd3KFoBr

I never posted their private information. I gave it to police. https://t.co/QcSd3KFoBr

God BLESS you for your service! You are NOT alone! WE all stand in the breach! https://t.co/XMc4GEtxqk

I was going to add bikers! Bikers too! WE are all in this together! https://t.co/boJLtO4a4N

Me too. https://t.co/0L42jhPJ2Z

Please share! https://t.co/6C8XaVORV6

I would like to introduce to you…the tolerant liberal! Peace loving too! https://t.co/wy9Lr52JL8

@_matt229_ Me too. There is no “only”. We all have our place and there is no competition.

I am beginning to think that illicit drugs play a big role in this woman’s Tweets. https://t.co/8mQJNlZ1hD

I’m armed. Thanks. https://t.co/bKrrP5ttON

@mpg25mary @rowlyutd Letting the world see their tolerance. 😉

This feral came to MY timeline. Have you read his Tweets? But I harass. LOL! https://t.co/i1L78A1n9F

@reachout2015 @SnStStrpSrvivor https://t.co/G7rO1P0lvM

But I am harassing him…by hanging out on my own timeline. Progressive tolerance. https://t.co/AyaTaa1tfp

The “journalist” lied. They do that. https://t.co/vDSvGdSzsi

@rowlyutd @mpg25mary Three at the moment.

Oh. I’m pretty special. That’s why you’re here. That’s 15 minutes of your life that you will never get back.. https://t.co/DPiP6BuDvI

RT @mdholder65: @andieiamwhoiam @patilyo21 Problem is not disparity between rich and poor. Problem is lack of disparity between working an…

Caricatural skeptic, agnostic, atheist beta. https://t.co/oqj7wwZX3x

@Chris_in_RI @addictionguy 🙂


@rowlyutd @mpg25mary Two just blocked. You are on the sole survivor. LOL!

RT @reachout2015: @Damian_Mann @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/s17huf7shr

In the first three scenarios your cow eventually dies of starvation. Then you do. https://t.co/0oZU9KUYLN

Read it again. It’s there. https://t.co/LhgsYsAkJV

RT @TheFullBug: @andieiamwhoiam Feminists should be unemployable themselves. I certainly never knowingly hire these haughty, hypocritical…

@mrbunnylamakins Lucky Rabbit.

@ronaldmanning6 Thank you. I am blessed.

@mrbunnylamakins Same old.

@rowlyutd @mpg25mary Mary is one of the good guys.

Really? And where does it PROVE that? Sit down. https://t.co/DPKPHBqZ5i

@rowlyutd @mpg25mary I thought I saw you interacting with a troll. I forget who.

@mdholder65 @Damian_Mann Thank you!

Great! Then liberal shop owners MUST allow my OPEN CARRY. Thanks for playing. https://t.co/rRuZUJdxm4

My state says I can. So I will carry my AK-47 into your dainty liberal boutique and sue you if you kick me out. https://t.co/VfrepL3miQ

RT @SGMGibeau: @PattiFink @andieiamwhoiam I guess the whole bakery and catering thing pissed me off because these people were FORCED to los…

@raincoatgirl_ @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin Please don’t. We are better than they are. I am on this,

@patilyo21 @mdholder65 False. It’s when the bottom pays nothing and demands to be carried.

The 47% aren’t poor . They are irresponsible. No one owes you a thing. https://t.co/Iw0LJfYTpj

Then pee at home or pee in the restroom designed for your body parts. https://t.co/6kFEJDdPSw

The bottom dwellers pay NOTHING. https://t.co/wFyTTf5NFp

Do they have to participate in a ceremony, ya nitwit? They don’t deny service. They don’t particpate, bigot. https://t.co/3Sdd34baou

I recall when gay activists asked “How will my marriage affect YOU?” https://t.co/Q5AxEINLap

The bastard had a GUN! https://t.co/t3eXxg2s8H

@therealmatthyde Yes.

We have seen what you people do to Christians. https://t.co/ABnggxeSTU

Demanding it under the auspices of the state is FASCISM. https://t.co/doWglyIyMP

If you have a penis you use the men’s room, a vagina, the women’s room. You’re welcome. https://t.co/uW65dyjLPC

RT @JamesA46: @SGMGibeau @andieiamwhoiam because the goal is to destroy a Christian owned business and their families. It’s not about frea…

Corporations in this country pay the highest effective tax rate on the planet. https://t.co/IeVcpUKfQf https://t.co/gEBRc04rdO

That is because Conservatives are just better people. https://t.co/Ion4vsFdCP

How often does that happen? Enough to merit a statewide change of bathroom policies? No? Okay. https://t.co/2E2MNCXGvy

Corporations would raise prices to consumers to cover the tax hike. Poor people would pay too. https://t.co/kjugtNV7DI

RT @mdholder65: @patilyo21 @andieiamwhoiam We cannot have a successful economy and country while punishing success. Corporations hire and…

No you DON’T. It isn’t your money, you greedy bastard. https://t.co/AnLQAUKlyd

RT @SGMGibeau: @naternot @andieiamwhoiam @PattiFink I honestly don’t care who marries who, and they are people who don’t need a label, just…

I already told you corporations in this country pay the highest effective tax on the planet. https://t.co/IeVcpUKfQf https://t.co/fxyNZpnR7i

Then pee at home. Really. Is this new? Did peeing in restrooms designed for their anatomy kill someone in 1972? https://t.co/51VaEHgEKi

@Shgamha @patilyo21 @mdholder65 https://t.co/IeVcpUKfQf

Corporations have a right to make money. It isn’t YOURS. Do you use loopholes when you file? I do. https://t.co/DWvrMaCOH1

Willfully Fascist. https://t.co/jfpI0nGjBx

My name, husband’s name, town we live in and husband’s employer. https://t.co/yKnD9HBM0o

Progressives NEVER think that far ahead. They don’t understand the tax would be passed to consumer. https://t.co/zx7Vghriez

THIRD TIME. Corporations in this country pay the highest effective tax rate on the planet. https://t.co/IeVcpUKfQf https://t.co/4zgddjnNzF

You Fascists have forced that. That is why people are jumping on Trump. You did it to yourselves. https://t.co/fkpyB6aNWm

The bottom 47% pay nothing. Corporations carry this country. https://t.co/ffGh6yZnpl

Yes. They are, Melvin. https://t.co/IeVcpUKfQf https://t.co/sFPhDS6tJa

RT @CatholicAcolyte: @andieiamwhoiam @lisashe59412707 its a lack of emotional maturation. Like toddlers scream I hate you for saying No. Th…

RT @wroughtirony: @andieiamwhoiam @patilyo21 @mdholder65 Too much time spent on dem’ beats and not the books. You can’t hand them info, the…

RT @TheFullBug: @dogamis @andieiamwhoiam Entitled divas act as if the world owes them whatever they imagine is their ‘right’. I shun them…

RT @MasterCylinder0: @andieiamwhoiam @PattiFink @SGMGibeau Just because I’m in a kilt, doesn’t mean I get to go into the ladies room! #myli…

RT @rogerthatone: @andieiamwhoiam some one needs to go to cuba to see what the power of the people accomplished

RT @baalter: MUST READ: List of 11 Republican Senators Who Will Not Oppose Obama’s Executive Amnesty https://t.co/O5skUxdbfF via @DCClothes…

@timerityz Oh no! LOL!

LOL! We lead a busy lifestyle. We keep guns in all sorts of places, to grab at a moment’s notice. 😉 https://t.co/hRnxJtnspU

I have 1,300 new followers who realize a small group of leftist ferals are harassing me. Thirty at most. https://t.co/EX3T29YDae

@yewkalaylee Make sure she remembers which ones.

RT @anahitazi: @andieiamwhoiam Mama Andie don’t joke about. Threaten her family? Center mass as soon as in range and eyeshot 👌

Oh my! Lions and tigers and bears! https://t.co/2QRD79Qg8u

The leftists formed a group and called CPS on us. They are dangerous. I am prepared. https://t.co/J6TGBWN1US

Pray for this officer. Way too much of this in Barack’s America. https://t.co/KCNglWKsTf

#LetMeCheerYouUpBy sharing this Barack countdown site. 207 days until that wretch is OUTTA HERE! https://t.co/rdE1KGJxyC

@timerityz lol

No. I don’t use my real name or town. Further, I am not responsible for the actions of others.y. Dismissed. https://t.co/Z9d4fkHrGs

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! #GunsSaveLives https://t.co/StrAOwjLDJ

Love you girl! I intend to! https://t.co/zAQTleHOas

They are blocked. However, I cannot block them from calling CPS, my husband’s employer. https://t.co/FWAc7CA5z7

Ahahahahaha! Conservatives are on a ROLL today! https://t.co/4qpPcy2R2Q

We own you now. Your name is Toby. https://t.co/q2381liOp4

He doesn’t have Facebook, feral. Mine is locked. Don’t you have a lady’s bathroom to pee in? https://t.co/Xu3bCh1KJO

RT @willie_mays24: @andieiamwhoiam @baalter Obama’s war on Police Continues

They are damaged. My husband calls them Bag Ladies With Smart Phones. https://t.co/BGEtHONeSd

Must have been @Why_So_Josh https://t.co/Yxl4HpwVzS

You found it because leftist ferals like Conover Kennard, Janice Sann, Jillian Hurley and Helen Sahinen posted it. https://t.co/4MYO2cT59S

@VengeanceINJ Thanks! And thanks for the follow!

They would never have harassed my family if I was black. Liberals are racist. https://t.co/A5syQtIvnC

Wait a MINUTE! This is the woman who was stupid enough to post that she came to my HOME. I have screenshots. https://t.co/EX3T29YDae

These people BRAG that they harass my husband. This is how stupid they are. If they HAD husbands I wouldn’t harass https://t.co/kCxQO2P7C7

@RDoppelganger I’m here for you, buddy!

Andieiamwhoiam, The TRIGGERING. https://t.co/bFyVYSj84Y

Thank you. I have a great deal of support from GOOD people like you. https://t.co/3difwrHHvO

Their worldview comes crumbling down when I speak and it triggers them. https://t.co/3CTvnHKkHb

@WordsMeanThingz He’s a great guy. You would.

I need to invent spittle wipers for computer screens. I’d be RICH! https://t.co/5KSdAlyvVj

God bless you, my friend! Thank you! https://t.co/6bUwVI5txf

Put into perspective. The “reporter’s” post was shared 100 times, many by my supporters. I have 1,300 new followers. https://t.co/VY3FQUnXm4

RT @mlisag123: @skyler12388 @andieiamwhoiam You’re smart to acknowledge the risks, but we shouldn’t be fearful. “The Lord is with me, I sha…

I know so many good people. Thank you. https://t.co/Z80KV4fC9r

@brucechris24 Nice!

They are impulse driven…but I am patient. It will be okay. The Light eventually drives out their darkness. https://t.co/22pqyzZyTE

Blessed to know so many good conservatives. The movement is strong! Keep it going! We are WINNING! They are afraid! https://t.co/2iTZ5KHhuD

I will never tell who I support. I will vote for the Republican candidate. Too much at stake for infighting. 🙂 https://t.co/Aa6l1ikvqq

RT @jted61: @willie_mays24 @andieiamwhoiam @baalter They make cop’s jobs even tougher. Next they’ll make it tougher for prosecutors to do t…

It means…I am winning. WE are winning. It is going to get worse before the election. Hold on tight! https://t.co/nir5SbiPtz

Thanks, kitty! Love you too! https://t.co/zG8lbIf9qR

Is it safe it to say, you will NOT be twerking to Beyonce’s new album? https://t.co/5ZPmSXjwaR

The adults always have to clean up after the children. https://t.co/fRrBH0fSVS

I am in this to win. I will never stop. https://t.co/vRUzXFxSnO

RT @jihadaeon: @andieiamwhoiam The Exercising of your Unalienable #1A is OK! (AS LONG AS YOU AGREE WITH THEIR MARXIST WORLDVIEW!) https://t…

LOL! https://t.co/9bmLP2Tt1S

@chicago0011 @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin https://t.co/Ea05yn7PJP

If life gives you lemons, squeeze them in Progressive’s eyes. https://t.co/Pbm9wf0Bcx

It was OUR cart. The bottom dwellers own nothing that they didn’t steal. https://t.co/DeQsghWb1F

Exactly. https://t.co/klJWjJL4dQ

Thank YOU! It is a pleasure to meet you! https://t.co/zCdEJWDzyw

Thank you, my friend. https://t.co/X2CAYzsH6L

LOL! https://t.co/C4X1TGoIq5

Thank you for noticing. I will never stop. Their lives matter. https://t.co/tTdO0fYsQH

I don’t. They stalked me for years. Every day, combing through my posts, friend’s posts. It’s creepy. https://t.co/CctjD8aXOH

@coopernumpy LOL!

I am standing my ground. https://t.co/B6cZsKxjel

Thanks, Bill! https://t.co/wH7YhQrRmF

That is PRECISELY what @OliviaCrellin has done. She intentionally endangered my husband and family. My child. https://t.co/0l8f0Y4er6

@jjmfry @SotoBxusmc xo

They are Fascists. https://t.co/kG8cEKovrD

@LAMBO40 Look again. It’s there.

Thanks, 404! https://t.co/MyI2tqJJxP

Let’s bring Leftism to its knees. We can, you know. We are smarter, stronger and we are LEGION. https://t.co/jYNpMOTM5S

Most blacks ARE good. However, until they denounce the high crime, illegitimacy and welfare, they are not helping. https://t.co/dP51Gb2CGC

@spacemarshalmsc I always get stuck in traffic there. I will wave next time!

RT @Ukranium: They don’t realise they are a small, vocal minority. The other 90% of us think they are idiots. https://t.co/evFVDTgcCW

Thank you! It matters. I am humbled. https://t.co/8MKh8DOQS4

RT @EagleEyeFlyer: @BeautyBind I don’t get why you follow @andieiamwhoiam around trolling her? Care to explain? I don’t show myself becau…

Can you share your blog? https://t.co/xEpiMNL21E

Thank you, beautiful soul. We are under attack. https://t.co/JjIhUrsuZV

Your phone has been infiltrated. LOL! https://t.co/FGuAcOBVVY

Thank you, my friend! https://t.co/Ajah26kRXk

I have them all blocked. They call my husband’s employer, even CPS. They also began a petition to have me removed. https://t.co/yYlkITU4OT

Yes. I will post her screenshots. https://t.co/mqHLt3TEOo

@sithschnauzer LOL!

The feral @OliviaCrellin posted my name 26 times. https://t.co/Ea05yn7PJP https://t.co/7GLRFP3OBC

@LAMBO40 Thank you.

Rock with me, guys! https://t.co/umbBgJWFhT

RT @Christo64255952: @andieiamwhoiam Once again the liberals show how frightened they are of free speech.

RT @jihadaeon: @andieiamwhoiam There are 2 Champs on Youtube(both badly harassed as well!) https://t.co/lPw336Wh1W Colin https://t.co/INZY…

Thank you. https://t.co/SkQUSJTMaV

RT @CommonSenseGuy2: @andieiamwhoiam Hang in there, we all know the fight against evil is rough, but our good intent will prevail!! 🙄

RT @Ukranium: Psychoanalysts call it “splitting.” Many vocal ‘anti-racists’ are simply reacting to their own visceral racism. https://t.co/…

RT @cycles13: @andieiamwhoiam @Birds_Quest Let GOD sort them out. Protect your own!

Is this woman batshit crazy? https://t.co/rghX4lO00E

Barack and #BlackLivesMatter ferals are to blame. WHY do we allow this? WHY? https://t.co/J6uj5d3rHN

RT @AbolishBBC: @andieiamwhoiam Oh, and I also made da Cardinal mistake of calling their poster girl Amy Schumer & their premier Rape Hoaxe…

So the citizens of the UK are subsidizing my family’s harassment? https://t.co/z3SCZYgbQ0

RT @hotvernacular: @andieiamwhoiam @spacemarshalmsc Foolish to test momma bears. I’ve heard of heads being completely removed with one swi…

@AbolishBBC @Gaufield Friendly fire! He was calling THEM that!

@MikePFahey My pleasure.

For offending you betas? Nitwit. https://t.co/wf6d2bQkuq

Luna Marjan posted my family’s private information and photos. If I HAD her address I would have given to police. https://t.co/0DCqp4Fp6y

Thank you! Welcome! https://t.co/yeGdczY6GQ

Your race card is not a viable form of currency in this market. https://t.co/XcwPjWhmcA

Yes. THUG. Trayvon Martin was a violent, feral predator. https://t.co/pgCq0wsuXv

We are shattered. Shattered. https://t.co/RgaUBmNR9V

Guns save lives! #NRA https://t.co/qL7mKVDIQh

Thanks, Liam. Please keep us in your prayers. Eventually, we will bring them to their knees. I am a patient woman. https://t.co/n6357yxG1e

Yes, feral. Trayvon died in the commission of multiple violent felonies. He was no victim. https://t.co/vI1Pwg0JJB

Oh. I let some roam free to show the world what Progressives are like. They do it willingly. https://t.co/F9enQVxN2t

Justice is coming. https://t.co/WTeDEJpqDJ

Light always drives out darkness. https://t.co/kZVF0VEcql

The division came from Barack, community agitator and former drug dealer. https://t.co/35m1k0WDoZ

Yes. He did. However, you attack an armed man once and you become compost, like Trayvon. https://t.co/W4zHbUFRvA

RT @Latheman1791: @andieiamwhoiam It’s fun to just feed them the rope sometimes

I know. I always win. https://t.co/42UE1KFk94

He didn’t have one. https://t.co/dW9bZso3em

I was one of the first to find and post his real photo. That is why Leftists hate me. https://t.co/vWfI3aPTHh

@Golftalker64 @aria_ahrary @Scarlett1214 @DonaldTrumpWall Brilliant!

Alice is THROUGH the Looking Glass, folks! https://t.co/lohMe97Ydh

Your race card has been reneged. It has no value and it was overdrawn. https://t.co/crvdeA3keu

RT @Svobodnik1: @OkieVision @andieiamwhoiam Reminds me of the “Communist under every bed” scare years ago – now there is a racist under eve…

The Libs GAVE them my personal info and claim I am harassing them. Called CPS, my husband’s employer. https://t.co/PRnoFJSIsP

KKK was born of Democrats. I am no liberal. https://t.co/gJsjaK3H9N

He likes me and I am a woman. I think he hates you for other reasons. https://t.co/k8tVRW2osN

Thank you! This is a GREAT graphic! Please share, friends! It could save your life! https://t.co/eXQkTpvygQ

Is that why Leftists hold blacks to lower standards? Because they consider them equals? RACISM is UGLY. https://t.co/FpLoeI9KF2

RT @jted61: @aria_ahrary @nadezhvasil @andieiamwhoiam Define the word “racist”.

@2016Republic LOL!

Bullshit. What is my name here on Twitter? How did the ferals find my name from this? My husband’s employer? https://t.co/00o5opCXDU

@RockinDocMD @aria_ahrary @nadezhvasil LOL! How are you?

@RockinDocMD @aria_ahrary @nadezhvasil My friend, I am blessed.

@zacdelabrador @TheRealFixNow Then he should have trained more.

@Bellis2488My 🙂 Nice to meet you!

@RockinDocMD @aria_ahrary @nadezhvasil You too, my friend. Good to see you.

Awwww! https://t.co/Qsbasoe0Rl

I’m the Superman and It’s My Show…https://t.co/foFdXggIcO

21 TRILLION. He began with 9 trillion. https://t.co/JoavCEGUx2

If these nitwits put as much effort into their education as they do to Twitter, they could actually EARN their way. https://t.co/bfplOqheWl

@RockinDocMD @aria_ahrary @nadezhvasil Those boys too. xo

@RockinDocMD That’s a GOOD thing.

RT @Cameron_Gray: Article today: Portland Professor Wants a ‘World Without Whiteness’ But the BBC calls @andieiamwhoiam “toxic” https://t.…

No, feral. I asked for info on the woman who posted my family’s photos and personal information to give to POLICE. https://t.co/Qd0htRLHoJ

No. Leftist ferals doxed me and my family but claim I am harassing THEM. https://t.co/YuP7BoTLER

RT @marklevinshow: Disgraceful Bernie Sanders and his ilk https://t.co/t0M8XcJelU

No. I don’t use my real name. Leftists stalked me for years. https://t.co/0JX0AbN96L

RT @JStgoalie: @aria_ahrary @andieiamwhoiam @nadezhvasil KKK lynched more white republicans (called “abolitionists”) than blacks. Military…

How the hell am I responsible for what other people do? https://t.co/uQMGDEIX1D

Leftists are too lazy and too busy stomping on our flag. https://t.co/T57a6tDDxM

makes no sense. There ARE no jobs. https://t.co/CdwM6lqZ1I

Leftist ferals need to begin their posts with”Once upon a time”. https://t.co/u3fqqkF0zt

President has NOTHING to do with stock market. https://t.co/bvzbWETj5a

@RockinDocMD LOL! I wish you would video it.

Barack spent 11 TRILLION. The debt was only 9 trillion when he began. He PROMISED to cut it by 50%. https://t.co/NMJH3SiDtK

RT @SecLiby: @TheSlipstreamer So would that make a $15B state owned corporation broadcasting to millions an accessory to crime? @andieiamwh…

No. Less illegitimate blacks who commit 53% of all homicides. End the Welfare State crime …goes down. https://t.co/RaQHEdLLje

Trotskyism. Blame your opponent for the crimes you have committed. https://t.co/Y946DoMMqD

ReTweet! https://t.co/rfTOYpvyXc

@RockinDocMD Ahahahaha! Poop happens.

RT @markfromalbany: @andieiamwhoiam @Damian_Mann Here’s a statistic, married black men as a group have the same crime stats as white men

@RockinDocMD I love him.

RT @mdholder65: @andieiamwhoiam @TomWilson38 @SmarderDanU @cristinalaila1 And a ” stimulus ” that produced the worst recovery in history.

@crashgear Adorable! LOL!

Don’t they? https://t.co/dfkh4ojhOC

@RockinDocMD LOL!

@RockinDocMD What’s his secret? Alpo?

@tommyseymour2 @VengeanceINJ @BBCNews Conservatives are just better people.

Hey fellow conservatives! BBC says we’re toxic! It means we are winning! Carry on! https://t.co/GNi4RnOeEV

The liberal Welfare State destroyed the black family. https://t.co/bcFmsNLcZU

@mdholder65 Post name, address, phone number, place of work. https://t.co/gcrp5iaG8Y

LOVE Dr. Sowell! https://t.co/SmXN4zZHZl

Feminists destroyed the rest. https://t.co/M9LUnY7gB8

Prove it, feral. This woman is literally OBSESSED. https://t.co/RnCsBNYj6y

I was mocking a leftist feral. Post the entire interaction. https://t.co/4zl5YXXRef

Thanks for the 1,300 new followers! https://t.co/RVPUiXyWM8

This is how easy it is to photoshop an image. Anyone volunteer? Why can’t leftists debate facts? https://t.co/ewCCBAushQ

RT @AleksMatza: @andieiamwhoiam You’d think the BBC would be more concerned with its own demise…

Me either. But they posted my real name, husband’s name, town we reside in and his employer. They endanger my CHILD https://t.co/GISOCaxGyJ

@tiarrabanks1 How are you? Yes. they are. Did you see the BBC garbage?

https://t.co/XGMFtyyG0O Will leftists ever debate like civilized people? https://t.co/p8q5rM7XVa

@tiarrabanks1 https://t.co/Ea05yn7PJP

RT @brooktsmom: @zacdelabrador @TheRealFixNow @andieiamwhoiam the folks n the UK are wishing for their guns back!

RT @warpfactorbanjo: @andieiamwhoiam @LAMBO40 Hulk Hogan proved that you can sue & win if they release https://t.co/vNoQHPkHJt without your…

Tell the truth. It kills them. https://t.co/eNA6gt5VMH

RT @mdholder65: @andieiamwhoiam @KahnHaman @MartyBonJoey @markfromalbany @Damian_Mann Thomas Sowell should be the spokesman, not J. Jackso…

Start making them behave responsibly. The rest will follow. https://t.co/OqIoxd7kuL

@nymmaster @reachout2015 @zacdelabrador Black,inner city, fatherless perpetrators.

@JoeMackmack Nice to meet you!

I know you are angry about the BBC harassment of my family. Please do not lower yourselves to the behavior of Leftists.

RT @ryanbreheny4: @andieiamwhoiam if you didnt know the bbc have been at the centre of a child sex ring – they’re corrupt and view you as a…

RT @ryanbreheny4: @andieiamwhoiam they’ll paint you as a racist nazi in order to further their narrative – dont let them get away with it!

Look at this guy’s screen name and tell me Leftists aren’t vile. https://t.co/bVeNTa1iLJ

@HD_MotorPsycho I am in tatters.

@thickasabrick52 Love your screen name. Nice to meet you!

RT @Mygirlsfather: @andieiamwhoiam Facts don’t matter. With facts you’re a racist, a bigot or whatever else the idiots come up with

RT @ryanbreheny4: @CheeseMacDeluxe i’m pretty sure @SheriffClarke agrees with @andieiamwhoiam and he’s no ‘redneck’

60% of black girls are molested by someone they know. https://t.co/pCr413tbbR https://t.co/w7rSW7BJFL

RT @jjduffyusa: @andieiamwhoiam This seems a lot like infringement of your 1st Amendment rights, plus harassment is a hate crime. Talk to y…

@Birds_Quest @dougcpd5028 Thanks, Bird!

RT @servachristi: bbc is targeting an American Twitter user/conservative stay at home mom?What kind of insanity is this?! @FoxNews https:/…

RT @ryanbreheny4: @andieiamwhoiam – tell mr @TRobinsonNewEra what the nasty bbc did to you…

RT @GrizzlyGovFan: When a brain is Liberal (smaller amygdala) it is more emotion driven, thus it is deficient in logic. https://t.co/3SBgZa…

RT @HackneyBrenda: @andieiamwhoiam Andie, file harrassment against these people, anyone who will go to those lengths is off their rocker! @…

RT @Berniemustwin: @andieiamwhoiam @miamidecor Now go review the video of Mike Brown stealing cigars shoving and intimidating the clerk htt…

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: Newspaper reporter rated worst job in America https://t.co/JDEpljQa5C @andieiamwhoiam #trump #trump2016 #tcot #cruzsex…

LOVE my neighbors! They saw the BBC article and had us over to celebrate. He is a retired police officer. They hate feral Progressives too.

RT @MuskieRA: .@Mygirlsfather @andieiamwhoiam Only to idiots. And the MSM only presents idiots. That’s their scam. https://t.co/58y3RwHXH6

RT @IServedDidU: @jjduffyusa @andieiamwhoiam She should sue Twitter for blatantly overlooking what’s going on against their own policy.

I own you, feral. https://t.co/8IUf3ZgPES

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam The Leftists who stalk you are the most obsessed and vile creatures I have ever encountered.

RT @sanfrancali: @andieiamwhoiam @icancannabis they are disgusting, and they want in the women’s room

RT @CaseyParksIt: Bloody darn fascist of Olivia Crellin and @BBC. Shameful. Especially considering what is happening in UK. @andieiamwhoiam…

@ISmokeEmWet Very close with all my neighbors. Blessed.

74% illegitimacy among blacks. Funny how Grandma didn’t post the vile comment I responded to. https://t.co/9LA4jshO8j

They are all damaged, disgusting. https://t.co/k3VWIupzCQ

Thanks, Helen! https://t.co/kWaftGHYcP

Thanks! https://t.co/Jf26yScrkL

These are people who are rightfully shunned in the real world. https://t.co/JiGXkQlKp9

RT @TheTacitVoice: #MAGA #Trump #TrumpTrain @WhitestRabbit_ @LanaLokteff @truenorth_eh @andieiamwhoiam @LeahRBoss @LeahR77 #diversity https…

Ferals attack police officer and film it. Officer suffers concussion. Barack’s America. TAKE our country BACK. https://t.co/3fVRTWwEtQ

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam Empty souls with meaningless lives..Hearts full of hatred and bile. Leftists have no boundaries. Zero.…

Ferals like @oneforeachofyou stalked me for years. https://t.co/Qjk2Rrzzkm

This is poetry. https://t.co/WlaKX2UsNx

@1TheShelton Thanks for your serivce…and thanks for the follow!

Lefties photoshop photos of me to look obese as if that stands in place of debate. I don’t get it. https://t.co/lBJQ5jhcPP

I have been hacked several times. I’m good now. https://t.co/Gt9HLtfMff

RT @LazieDaize: @andieiamwhoiam May God’s peace and healing be on the officers and Gods holy curse be on those who attacked them.

@esaron They do. Same article.

LOL! We should sell tee-shirts and give the proceeds to police organizations! Share if you agree! https://t.co/0RCaMh8Sy4

@yoop3r @oneforeachofyou @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin No. I haven’t.

lololol https://t.co/9KGfHNcw8a

RT @RJHimself: @andieiamwhoiam @icancannabis if a person looks odd, weird, bizarre, repulsive they r almost ALWAYS a liberal. I am not joki…

RT @TRPhrophet: @andieiamwhoiam @RitzyBacon2 #Obama started the War on Police with his Comments on Trevon Martin, and No one will acknowled…

RT @onsafari2010: @andieiamwhoiam @WordsMeanThingz Absolutely! If Britain wants to make you famous..Then lets get America to make you FAMOU…

RT @Goy_Vision: @andieiamwhoiam Congratulations on your first hate article! The @BBC is a fucking joke. Attempted to make you look bad and…

RT @drewmistak: A gay man and his boyfriend were attacked by two Muslims who were sentenced to “15 to 30 months” in a Paris prison. https:/…

RT @robertmeyer9: Cronyism and the Creation of the Federal Reserve System https://t.co/wNRhaPmUXS #EndtheFed #JekyllIsland #dollar https:/…

RT @PoliceOne: Ambushed Houston deputy constable shot 4 times expected to recover https://t.co/yG8XXzISdl

RT @STSTWO: SF Mayor calls 4 state workers 2 stay out of NC 2 punish them 4 their moral values.Same guy responsible 4 death of Kate in sanc…

RT @USFreedomArmy: Venezuela ambulance. They have no medicine there. Isn’t socialism grand. Enlist at https://t.co/oSPeY3QMpH. https://t.co…

RT @MiltonFriendfan: @andieiamwhoiam @WordsMeanThingz we can Red Bull, Glock and Sig Sauer to sponsor. And maybe my boys at @TMGNMD

RT @Loubie1130: @andieiamwhoiam @and_so_it_goes This is typical for leftists. Can’t argue the truth so let’s sling mud. Consistent childi…

This is why I speak. A narcissistic Progressive bitch from Sussex won’t shut me up. Ever. EVER. https://t.co/siKaUhas2n


Political correctness is deception. For Progressive Fascists it is control. WHY would you allow your inferiors to control YOU?

My father in law, who passed away last month, was a crew chief on a CH-46. God bless our American Heroes.! https://t.co/00etdmCI73

Democrats think blacks are incapable on their own, that they NEED white liberal assistance. Their racism destroyed black dignity.

#FlashbackFriday Before the Welfare State, blacks had higher rates of marriage than whites. Now 74% illegitimacy. https://t.co/F6R0LZjAax

Take YOUR country BACK! https://t.co/B2x7XFyxqd

@CoachJohn20 @jted61 We miss him terribly. Thank you.

That is what the First Amendment is for. We have a right to offend our inferiors. https://t.co/9WdneeIEwN

@IAmJBart @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin Thank you, my friend.

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: Please follow @andieiamwhoiam and read her story. She’s one of us patriots. #trump #trump2016 #tcot #cruzsexscandal ht…

RT @Cfiman1Cfiman: @andieiamwhoiam Fruits of LBJ’s Great Society nonsense and the Cloward-Piven effect + decades of progressive legislation

RT @jted61: @andieiamwhoiam I mentor a black kid thru my church. I see this in action in his life. Black single moms are paid by state to r…

They tell black folks, “You can’t do this without me.” White liberals and black politicians are vile. https://t.co/JI5FpYGwSN

RT @dawnmariefhl: @andieiamwhoiam thank you Jesus amen Andie

@metternicht He was an amazing man. He gave me my husband. 🙂

Thank you, God. https://t.co/MWJkI70JLx

Sheepdogs protect their own…and FUCK Barack as a matter of course. https://t.co/Net0Iw1567

Come with me, my friends! https://t.co/BO3H0myWiS

These people really are that stupid. https://t.co/1etl1tsSHN

@WordsMeanThingz Word!

I own you. Your name is Toby now. https://t.co/OXPIfGW3RG

@TravlingDan I believed a meme. What have I done?

That’s because blacks in Chicago commit 80% of crime. https://t.co/pUjuU4LbPd

Your race card has no value here, bag lady. https://t.co/WarXZdyyBd

Has it occurred to black folks in Chicago to NOT commit the bulk of crime and/or attack police? #BlueLivesmatter https://t.co/i6nsGoaM9b

#Chicago https://t.co/n0n6Zbc2lf

BOOM! https://t.co/Viv5UQ6FaU

ZZzzzing! https://t.co/ALKycoGt2m

RT @Manny6678: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/5UAfjbG0Dp

RT @jbravo26: @andieiamwhoiam The gov’t. has stepped between the black male and female to rob him of his role as sole protector and provide…

@OliviaCrellin is an anti-Christian bigot. THAT is why she attacked my family. Please SHARE. https://t.co/Nonz3U940Z

RT @TheAndroidRule: @andieiamwhoiam How they report the news today https://t.co/smYMXZBdmh

RT @jbravo26: @andieiamwhoiam With Democrat micromanagement, we lost more aircraft in Vietnam than most countries have in their entire air…

They do. In every manner. https://t.co/Vx95IZcfbu

Her boyfriend is studying Latin activism in London. No kidding. https://t.co/T7LPhZjS7L

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: MUST READ: Jonah Goldberg: The abortion truth that liberals can’t deny — but try to https://t.co/u9VcjvNOkf @andieiamwh…

RT @mikej77: @andieiamwhoiam Today’s update https://t.co/f7cyaJ05dx

RT @lovepowersus: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin Psalm 91 and Isaiah 54:17 and Psalm 37- God gets vengeance.

Tamir Rice. What kind of mother sends her child into a Cleveland Winter wearing SANDALS? We know what kind. https://t.co/OQlpoYFXnX

@caryjfries @jted61 @OliviaCrellin How are you doing?

@caryjfries @jted61 You could say that.

RT @aaronsnovels: @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin Wow! This is the first time I’ve seen a verified acct with less followers than following!

Spent the day at the hospital yesterday with a vestibular and ocular migraine which also caused hearing loss. Frightening. Resting at home.

The irony of smarmy leftists posting actual names, address and employer of someone in an article about harassment. https://t.co/t3wiZsRb18

The irony of Mr. Wendling being contacted by the individual who actually did what I am accused of & brushing him off https://t.co/t3wiZsRb18

@TurtleIceskater I have been worried sick about my family since our names and town, employer posted on BBC. Lots of threats.

@MichaelsANewman I have no had one in 12 years. Never this bad. Had to call 911. Sorry you get them.

RT @breakingnewslh: @andieiamwhoiam @mwendling I don’t consider them actual journalists. They are people with a tool to cause harm to peop…

@MichaelsANewman I was so weak and dizzy I could not walk. Very scary.

@Six6sixty6xx Thank you. No infection. It is the migraine.

@momike1 We do. Thanks.

@auntieamy90 @MichaelsANewman He is obsessed. No idea why. He’s a leftist.

@MichaelsANewman @auntieamy90 I did not see it. Someone called YOU a cat lady? I have this individual blocked.

@greymagus Thank you, my friend. Doing better today. I will be 100% soon.

@Civitas2012 Thank you, Charles.

@SototG Doing a bti better, Gaile. Thank you for your kind words.

@ngeAct64 xo Thank you.

@MichaelsANewman @auntieamy90 Two of our beloved cats passed away recently. I guess he is still stalking. Odd cretin.

@poniad I reported and blocked that account.

@dayo1946 More likely lack of sleep after liberal BBC wretches posted my family’s personal information.

@StephenQuick54 @maegan_laporte Thank you, Stephen.

@auntieamy90 Thank you, Amy.

@SigmanJim On the mend. Thank you!

@Ransoms_Note Beautiful! Thank you!

@USAgenda22 Get better, my friend.

@MichaelsANewman This Savite woman is obsessed with me. I have her blocked but she always inserts herself.

@Seamusoffensive Thank you. It’s a one time deal I think. Feeling a bit better, Thank you.

@Romansilvercoin Thank you!

@MiniSue0331 Thanks, Sue. Me too. Could not walk. How is your mom today? Prayers for her…and you.

@Mustilian Thank you. xo

@jbarbee10 Thank you, Jeff.

RT @hellixmarcelius: @PolitiBunny @andieiamwhoiam #LiberalLogic https://t.co/VhStZ456xg

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam White Privilege Conference Opens By Raising Money For Mother Of Guy Who Shot Cop https://t.co/bUkfoIFq…

@MichaelsANewman Horrid that you deal with this regularly. People think a migraine is simply a headache. Praying for you.

@Bob122853 Thank you, Robert. Getting there.

@SuperAaronBurr Hope you are doing okay. Migraines are the Devil.

@GlassHoppe Thank you, Gilbert.

@JoeBravoYo Thanks, Joe. On my way.

@Free_CrusaderX Thank you, my friend.

@maegan_laporte Thank you, Meegan.

Thanks, buddy. @grindercap

@xxstate Thank you, John. I appreciate that.

@cujokiller23 LOL! Yes indeed.

@sullywt1965 Thank you for your prayers, Bill.

@xmethuselahx On the way, my friend. Thank you.

@pridepickle Thanks, Pickle.

@shirishrane3 Thank you, Shirish.

@wjappe Starting to. Thank you, friend.

@talarico_c Thanks.

RT @KenGermanicus: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/2S1cG6hrmo

@tzrzshadow Hopefully it is just a one time deal. I don’t take medicine. I think it was lack of sleep and stress. Working on it.Thank you!

@metternicht Feeling a bit better today, Harry. Thank you! How are you?

@alford_d Thank you, Deborah. I appreciate your prayers. xo

@TurtleIceskater Yes. I know. Are you a leftist?

@OathKeeper101st Thank for your prayers, my friend. I appreciate you.

@rowe58544439 Thanks, Tim! On my way to 100%.

@CraigFrancis18 Thank you, Craig. I am blessed to know you.

@les_tillman Thank you, les. How are you?

@VengeanceINJ On my way. Thank you!

@JoJo111601 Thanks, Schree.

@beenhad911 xoxo Thank you.

@MiniSue0331 xo

@JStgoalie Thanks, J.

@ljcambria xoxo

@merkel_judy Thank you, Judy.

No. I just know I’m better than you. https://t.co/dhvO5KyjKt

@Seamusoffensive I had all that but the left side of my body was numb and I lost vision, hearing. Frightening. Prayers for you.

@MichaelsANewman Thanks. Less dizzy. Have vision again. xo

RT @MichaelsANewman: @andieiamwhoiam @auntieamy90 Jeez. Mark Levin is right. Liberalism is a sickness.

God gave me stupid enemies. So there’s that. https://t.co/rz22DapFq4

Here are recent stats. Also, only 16% of those criminals killed by police are black. https://t.co/cH5yonhLHC https://t.co/BBNT8w5yUK

@WordsMeanThingz Getting better. How are you?

RT @blitzburgh75: @AlexsaurusZilla @dhiggins63 @rebelpatriot23 @bensonmanento @andieiamwhoiam BLM cheered murder of black NYPD Officer Rand…

@WordsMeanThingz It was scary but it’s good to be home. More yoga, less Twitter ferals. LOL!

RT @The_Odd_Asylum: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/yoEvrozzCK

Yes He did. I have the best Followers on Twitter. I mean that. Love you guys! https://t.co/fp8ehqjnmg

RT @cristinalaila1: April 24 is the commemoration of the #ArmenianGenocide by Muslim Turks👉🏻101 years ago & they still deny it happened! ht…

Standing in the breach until the election! https://t.co/IDKYBte1ZU

I have their information, as well as their family member’s. I will never use it but I now know my enemy. https://t.co/sJlanCR2ex

@cjolds @MichaelsANewman @auntieamy90 xoxo Thank you, Carol.

First Amendment is there to protect speech that others may find offensive. Push the parameters or they recede. https://t.co/VvAFDzNHqe

@grindercap Latest stats. It takes a while to compile data.

@SanMiguelNews Yesterday’s hospital visit was a story unto itself. Third world “care”.

@trumpyogi @KenGermanicus It changed in 2014. Did you see?

@skywarp14 Thank you. They did a CAT scan and it was fine. How are you feeling now?

@mgraci2 Thank you. I will. God bless you and yours.

@trumpyogi @KenGermanicus Yes. Take a look. https://t.co/cH5yonhLHC

@martinjj1807 @djslyd01 @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin Thank you.

More people die from medical incompetence than war. https://t.co/AMKRtpI9G2

@AlexSolvo Thanks, Alex! headed that way!

@skywarp14 Good to hear. Sorry you had to endure that.

@RayLRiv Are you doing better?

@SanMiguelNews It was frightening. Not gonna lie. Thank you.

@RayLRiv Glad to hear it. Pretty sure mine is from stress. No sleep. That kinda thing. Temporary.

@vachilly64 @SanMiguelNews I have been three twice. I completely understand. How are you now?

@BueyOBuey It certainly was not meant as an affront. I know many competent people in the medical field. However, mistakes happen.

@rustythimble54 I am praying for you, Donna. xoxo Thank you.

@Markalleus I just saw 440,000.

@vachilly64 @SanMiguelNews Typo. I meant there, not three. My index finger is always quick on the draw. LOL! Felling better-ish.Thanks!

RT @Markalleus: The #3 killer of US citizens each year is…..Doctors. THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND people per year, but hey “healthcare” https:…

@Grubama Getting there! Thank you.

@rustythimble54 Hope you find relief. xo

@naft82 Thanks, BT.

Guys, please follow a BRILLIANT Conservative teen. I adore this kid! https://t.co/co6t80DOAZ

@8fa2fb9e9ce3425 Thank you Jay.

Name ONE. I’ll wait. https://t.co/pZT74MPNcU

@les_tillman You are blessed.

@meresimkins @brasher_b LOL!

@Grubama xo

@les_tillman lol

@brasher_b You will have to elaborate.

Black folks use that word all the time. Are they racist for doing so? If not, why? https://t.co/aH3ihkcpPS

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam Consider….. True nobility is exempt from fear.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

A different form of the same word has a different meaning? https://t.co/ew07WEGRhH

@OkieVision @OliviaCrellin Your account is locked. Cannot ReTweet.

Black police? Hispanic? Asian? Jewish? Racist against WHOM? https://t.co/ggLI6hjrL4

@sgpeek On the way up. Thank you, friend.

@1kenwilson24 Thanks, Ken!

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam If I Were the Devil – by PAUL HARVEY https://t.co/vFugHEuumB

RT @1kenwilson24: @andieiamwhoiam @TurtleIceskater the left does everything they can to shut up anyone who the disagree with.

Prayers! https://t.co/7CJhst2hbJ

Leftist Black Extremists. Most blacks, like most whites, just don’t think that way. https://t.co/Ji54dcexNZ

@sgpeek I had to google that. LOL! Thank you!

Zuckerberg Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down… https://t.co/V7qC3PMQBu

VERY interesting. Please share! https://t.co/aryJPcboje

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam For the same reason that you lock you doors at night, we need a wall.

RT @Sniper1T: @andieiamwhoiam @brasher_b https://t.co/szfJkGgYWb

@twistytheclowny Getting there! How are you?

@F_Your_Feels @theism_sucks @slim_mirokujin @AlbaLinea Steve, will you untag me, please?

@twistytheclowny How long does it take to get back to normal?

@mikethenice1 Thank you, Michael.

@KimFoote21 Leftists are harassing my family. Claim I harassed them.

@itldoranch Thank you! Glad you’re better. xo

RT @whitpowers5: @Sniper1T @andieiamwhoiam @brasher_b cops are human… https://t.co/buMHacEsPi

@F_Your_Feels It’s okay. I blocked them. There is no logic there.

Posting my real name, husband’s name and his employer, as well as where we live is Harassment. https://t.co/jVqs0oweST

@OliviaCrellin Olivia, why did you post my personal information? Husband’s? Would it be acceptable for me to post your family’s information?

@oliviacrellin, a small time “reporter”. https://t.co/giyUayj1x0

I would too. She is anti-Christian and a liberal flake. https://t.co/yr4Wk8DRrh

RT @cox24563: @andieiamwhoiam Wonder if you could sue the BBC? The public has no “right to know”.

@coachgreen13 Hanging in there, my friend. How are you?

RT @lobobobcat: @andieiamwhoiam guess all this is your fault for having an unpopular opinion and not sucking up to mental bullies and worse…

@ceconomou56 @mshibata_ @OliviaCrellin Yes.

@GOPPollAnalyst @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin The leftist ferals already have it out there but this nitwit calls ME a harasser.

RT @whitpowers5: @TonySandos @andieiamwhoiam @brasher_b @Sniper1T cops are the backbone of America. There is a thin line between civilizati…

RT @Liam_Orodochain: This is ugly. This sounds more like revenge that journalism. https://t.co/FmfZ6X85fa

I know where she and her family members live. It was easy to find. I would never post it. https://t.co/NZyk6Cwlek

RT @GOPPollAnalyst: @andieiamwhoiam It sure is. It also can endanger your family and your husband’s well-being while working. Unacceptable.…

RT @LorenJ1975: @andieiamwhoiam @mshibata_ @OliviaCrellin Alinsky tactics trying to destroy free speech.

I triggered the ferals. They called around until a lowlife picked it up. https://t.co/ZuJLegkcPg

@coachgreen13 I am. Thank you, my friend.

@Nero Okay, @Nero is not certified but hack “journalist” @OliviaCrellin is? What gives?

It is because I am a white, Christian wife of a police officer. Ms. Crellin is a known Christophobe. https://t.co/16oQaqWWra

That’s because I DON’T. I asked for info on people harassing my family. You have seen their attacks on me. https://t.co/15XASiO38t

Civilized people reject the leftist lies. https://t.co/THvlRUNCP0

Like I said, I know Ms. Crellin’s family’s information. I would never post it. I am the better person. https://t.co/3NBf0jIB6b

RT @davidmills123: @andieiamwhoiam @mshibata_ @OliviaCrellin @BBCNews positively in the very depths of the BBC toilet.

No. Olivia may be a wretched human being, but I would never harass her or her family. https://t.co/z0V3Pf7K7z

RT @ceconomou56: @andieiamwhoiam @Liam_Orodochain In the good old days, leftists hated ALL religions. Now they hate only one: Christianity.

Ms. Crellin is not immune from the law. https://t.co/XAGabVecWB

@dobermanmamma xo You too, Suzannah.

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam Aren’t there any Christians left across the pond with whom she can become obsessed??? Sheeesh.

RT @lobobobcat: @andieiamwhoiam yes but crellin can spel and that gives her the right to do whatever she wants

RT @Thomasjwhitmore: Greatest National Security Threat? Our lost manufacturing, US makes less than 10% of what we consume. Act Now https://…

RT @_matt229_: @davidmills123 @andieiamwhoiam I’d consider contacting Breitbart or the like to see if they’d do a story on Crellin’s …

RT @MsCBBoots: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin So sorry, read article-def there- do whatever u can legally

RT @_matt229_: @davidmills123 @andieiamwhoiam …story, since it endangers a child.

RT @shamshiadad: @andieiamwhoiam @mshibata_ @OliviaCrellin @BBCNews She needs to be held accountable. Shame on the BBC.

@nadezhvasil @tzrzshadow Oops.

RT @PatriotVote2016: 0bama set back race relations 100yrs Yet the left calls him a progressive That’s a Very odd definition of progress! ht…

I am a better person. She is a nothing “journalist” attempting to ride my coattails by endangering my child. https://t.co/NTRYCV0S6P

My followers are the best. https://t.co/5W0fnOpwHh

@OloviaCrellin HATES Christians. Look at this op-ed she wrote. https://t.co/Nonz3UqFpz https://t.co/9luMx22vv4

RT @KenGermanicus: @andieiamwhoiam Endangering women and children is terrorism

@humanmask Thanks.

🙂 https://t.co/Wi5CiXmUP4

RT @Taxpayers1234: @mshibata_ @OliviaCrellin Doxing? Calling DCFS on her kids? Calling her husband’s employer? Harassment. Yes, she IS a vi…

RT @MsCBBoots: @mshibata_ @OliviaCrellin “reporting it” What? You mean giving out personal info of some1 who has different opinions that yo…

RT @thegoulbourn: @BBCtrending And more to the point why is the BBC allowing a so call journalist to personally attack a individual ? A new…

RT @thegoulbourn: @emeraldunion @BBCtrending Quite right the BBC as its publicly funding has to be impartial , unlike this journalist ..

RT @emeraldunion: @thegoulbourn @BBCtrending very annoying to know my taxes go to pay for this “lady’s” iPhone and lattes and her bitchy ra…

RT @thegoulbourn: @BBCtrending @OliviaCrellin Biased BBC at its best , are you sure you not just pisses because she refused to talk to you ?

RT @Yinzer1996: @thegoulbourn @BBCtrending @OliviaCrellin that’s what these cucks do. Can’t attack the person’s points? Attack her personal…

RT @thegoulbourn: @BBCtrending @OliviaCrellin Shocking waste of public fund Olivia needs reporting and here is the email address trust.enqu…

RT @NeReCh45: @BBCtrending @BBCWorld shes not “toxic” her and others are a reaction to the leftist authoritarians and racist!

RT @BarbaraDeStasio: @JbarOded @BBCtrending @OliviaCrellin You mean REALIST Andie

RT @shelliecorreia: @BBCtrending @OliviaCrellin Sounds like some people need to run for their “safe space”. If you can’t handle the truth…

RT @popmplusplus: @OliviaCrellin what you did is criminal. This is reckless endangerment under false pretense. A disingenuous hit piece to…

RT @FlameCCT: @BBCtrending Why am I not surprised that Progressive BBC once again violates journalistic standards?

RT @moonbeamsnajar: @BBCtrending @OliviaCrellin Can I have your address, phone number and location of your family members to post on Twitte…

Unlike you, feral, I RESPECT the people who follow me. https://t.co/8grpHvjWX3

RT @JennaVAtion: @BBCtrending if anyone thinks publishing her contact details is acceptable behaviour NEWSFLASH u aren’t tolerant or progre…

Facts Trigger these effeminate leftwits. Poor little girl. https://t.co/ko8q0Z98od

RT @nadezhvasil: @thegoulbourn The BBC is in no way impartial, and only gets public funding by extorting TV license fees from the Brits. @a…

You guys can have this effeminate, weak chinned feral… https://t.co/8dpJ6twAZ9

Which race is that? https://t.co/lL0SIaC5hM

RT @nadezhvasil: @nouveliste Uh huh. Even Bill Clinton called out BLM for being racists, while Barry encourages them. Tell you something? @…

RT @highaltitudes: @andieiamwhoiam @ThatTonyG @BBCtrending @BBCNewsUS When people learn truths, the left will be the ones ashamed.

She blocked me. 1,500 of her followers are FAKE. https://t.co/TetWIODAwW https://t.co/f78QfFcrPi

RT @tzrzshadow: F.lux Review: the software that makes you sleep better https://t.co/KPtZCxjOMZ via @sleepjunkies

@tzrzshadow Thank you!

Never heard that expression! I like it! https://t.co/o7iX4Rkkow

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam BHO doesn’t have a single non-hyphenated supporter. He peddles divisiveness while decrying the very di…

RT @KimFoote21: “Excellent work”? It was stupid. How would you like being exposed? @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/HRbuT24LEF

Thank you, my friend. https://t.co/EoInZb46KL

I block them and they become triggered. https://t.co/MjWVlDWuqw

@GOPPollAnalyst @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin Thank you. I have.

RT @Yinzer1996: @OliviaCrellin your “supposed” extremist. https://t.co/0stpFapTYR

RT @Asjw9: @OkieVision @OliviaCrellin It would appear that ethics is not a high priority for @OliviaCrellin. *sigh

RT @Asjw9: @OliviaCrellin uh oh someone’s in trouble… https://t.co/sZpfrQPJnv

RT @MinPalmsResort: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin I TRIED to read it. Holy God, what a pain to read! So over the top self-…

RT @ReneeForReality: @OliviaCrellin @BBCNews @BBCNewsUS enjoy your little 15 mins of exploitation, that’s all you’ll get.

RT @ReneeForReality: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending a “journalist” who exploits another person personally for market traction is hardly a jour…

RT @quannesrevenge: @OkieVision @angelibred @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin I will point out again, she is a writer for Al Jazeera, that is…

RT @harleygrl3465: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin Contact Freedomworks or Liberty Counsel they will help u with this

RT @SecLiby: @ShyguyLife @OliviaCrellin Prosecute her for what? For offending people? Lol. You surely want a fascist state?

RT @Watchergotcha: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin If you do not conform to the views of BBC’s leftie staff, they will try t…

LOL! https://t.co/pg1L8gG7Wd

RT @LeeMares: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin This is a breech of (DPA) Get a lawyer on this ASAP & keep all related infor…

RT @pornstar1985: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin I recommend you talk to @BanTheBBC the bbc are pure evil

RT @poniad: @pornstar1985 @BBC @twitter @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews The BBC now supporting harassment of a Twitter…

RT @madogs93: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin Sue these two mindless agitators. Millions of us In the UK think the BBC shoul…

RT @deerman118: @andieiamwhoiam @Callisto1947 @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin lock and load do what you gotta do answer questions later

Thank you! xo https://t.co/aJNepRk3tV

RT @mikeberres77: The hotel Bible: Bringing hope and life to lost travelers in lonely rooms all over this nation. #JesusSaves https://t.co…

@nouveliste Barack’s mom was white. His father was black. So, which race? 🙂

Interesting how the beast chose to post the address and names of the victims but not the aggressors. https://t.co/XHmboIkMNl

RT @Gibstra: @andieiamwhoiam @HackneyBrenda @mshibata_ @OliviaCrellin @BBCNews British Bolshevik Comrades. Love Soviet Style.

Interesting indeed. Have you seen the TYPES that hate police and the types that respect them? WORLD of difference. https://t.co/ixy9gys603

Trayvon did this. He was a thug. https://t.co/UqKXwdOUUR

Thank you, Brenda! https://t.co/ZRRxTaQxzL

@ArevaloBobby Thank you, Bobby!

@mom_of_4_single Thank you, my friend. xoxoxo

RT @SlushieSlinger1: @ReneeForReality @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending They aren’t journalists, they’re bloggers. Basically just…

Love you, Erica! xoxoxo https://t.co/zPxVqAmZEL

Social Justice Thugs. https://t.co/QntFUxDum6

@rsvp89 Thank you, Beauty! How are you?

@EricSuper5 @ZuiverCor @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin LOL! Hello!

@1badspade This photo makes me so sad.

I don’t care what the ferals say about me, but to post my real name, husband’s name and location is vile. https://t.co/guGHQurhOY

I plan on it. https://t.co/hiU5YIAotg

RT @AtlTeaPartyLove: My favorite T Shirt https://t.co/OJUKpz9Egm

Due to “global warming”, we are forced to buy a new air conditioner to the tune of $4,500.Ours is less than 10 years old. Barack built that.

RT @Gibstra: @andieiamwhoiam @JustinKleiner83 The overprivileged brats of the media elite hiding behind journalism to destroy all that is…

@lderdr1 Good morning!

RT @beautyqueensoho: @andieiamwhoiam shoot I we have anymore global warming I am gonna freeze to death

Isn’t it interesting that anonymous feral cowards have so much to say? https://t.co/nWPnSe8BIT

No. It is not. Their story is a fabrication. I have proof. https://t.co/xFvKynEFLf

@lderdr1 Our family is well. How are you?

🙂 https://t.co/f9zxsvHkkg

There is no such thing as population and anthropogenic global warming is a lie. Now beat it. https://t.co/bbURVIeL2N

@Edgar_Fisch I noticed they were around 2k online but I don’t know how to install it. 🙂

@_matt229_ @SuperAaronBurr Two Blue Footed Booby Birds for you! https://t.co/7TZiyR8k6a

Planned obsolescence is a low down dirty scam. https://t.co/gCzvBvUVmZ

LOL! https://t.co/E7iogju3Fb

@Edgar_Fisch Thank you!

@lderdr1 I do not work outside our home.

@Gibstra @stillcrowing1 @JustinKleiner83 LOL!

@TKLogistics Thank you for your service, my friend!

@silentrunning12 I just noticed my typo. I meant no such thing as overpopulation.

@rollincrazy How in the world?

@TKLogistics Blessed to meet you! You too!

@_matt229_ @SuperAaronBurr You have to admit their feet are epic.

@Edgar_Fisch What brand did you get, if you don’t mind me asking?

There is more chlorine in swimming pools. It makes no sense. https://t.co/4hL8BPN40U

Neato! https://t.co/OU0ez9K61N https://t.co/jwYvYb9Omh

@ConundrumDaily It’s a Goodman.

@_matt229_ @SuperAaronBurr I actually have no response to that.

You did. You should win something. Like a Viking Death Metal CD. Jomsviking, perhaps? https://t.co/tmZYS08c6t

Funny you should ask…https://t.co/z8KMxuwmwr https://t.co/Q0JjpKCDSx

RT @Tide17Crimson: @AtlTeaPartyLove @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/uMzCvSJJP6

@JustinKleiner83 Blessed to know you, friend.

@Taxpayers1234 My husband too.

@_matt229_ LOL! It’s a story of love and loss, a nomad, an outlaw, no man’s son. But that guy made him mad. Now is is a Jomsviking.

@Taxpayers1234 My husband listens to symphonic metal too. He suggests Korpiklaani.

@lderdr1 I don’t understand?

@Taxpayers1234 Not working with my migraine at the moment. LOL!

@VickieSpringer Geez Louise!

Not exactly music to massacre your enemies to…but I like it! https://t.co/HzlUlu81uZ

@VickieSpringer I can imagine!

I programmed this to be my husband’s ringer. LOL! https://t.co/AnEYS5cYVg

@MGC9669 @MyroneBusiness @Still_octopus @HenryEvans4 So confusing. Thanks!

Black dude singing Metal. Cool. https://t.co/HzlUlu81uZ

https://t.co/KTPvfnooMK https://t.co/bJ8G3j64Lt

@Bobcat665 🙂

@thejoeywhalen @Berniemustwin @HSahinen Short story. The moral? Don’t attack armed men. The End.

@WhiteWizaard Scary stuff!

Hehe! https://t.co/GxiESaknks

@thejoeywhalen @Berniemustwin @HSahinen Oh NO!

@HannahsClint @JacquelineLubr1 @lobobobcat Her account is locked.

…and badges… https://t.co/Ef2wZrwTQm

RT @larryelder: Thomas Sowell is “our greatest contemporary philosopher.” –David Mamet https://t.co/gBHrVRtu64

@HannahsClint @JacquelineLubr1 @lobobobcat Your account is locked, my friend. You need to go to settings and unlock it.

Not anymore. See? https://t.co/2DPlmMu9BF

@Bobcat665 I love the music! NO IDEA what they are saying! LOL!

@HannahsClint @JacquelineLubr1 @lobobobcat I can retweet it, though.

RT @_matt229_: Best graphic of 2015. https://t.co/l1k6WvTaDq

God Bless you, my friends! I am grateful for each and every one of you. https://t.co/iRFBi1FKCP

@debraraes @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin xo./ Thank you, my friend.

@Trusting34 Grateful for good people like you, Huey. Thank you!

RT @2ALAW: I’M JUST LIKE YOU…. https://t.co/02jpRaCEmy

Thank you, Huey. 🙂 https://t.co/LnHAwOOyhX

RT @ColinCowherd: Easy to demand change but funny thing—the demand group doesn’t actually want to pay for it https://t.co/kLrxWk7OJ3 via…

RT @GregMerrick1: @andieiamwhoiam @mom_of_4_single never give in Never Surrender and never give up sword of righteousness have courage http…

RT @SweetDar69: @andieiamwhoiam @Love4Military Thank you and love you too. God bless you. God bless our Troops! God bless USA!

RT @Stef_Moklik: @andieiamwhoiam God bless all patriots, sisters and brothers in Christ.

@8977himher So blessed to know you.

RT @Goldthinkers: Syrian Refugee Crisis was FUELED by LIBERAL EU LEADERS who thought appeasement would work–now EU heads for CIVIL WAR wit…

I just noticed this feral is using the hashtag #andiepauly, which was created for leftists to gather to harass me. https://t.co/b44yOXfUBU

Please share this far and wide! @OliviaCrellin and @mwendling LIED for their story. https://t.co/RfOSx3KoUi

RT @dwsjca: @OliviaCrellin @SprtsGamer @BBCtrending @BBCNews @andieiamwhoiam and provide facts to back it

RT @dwsjca: @OliviaCrelliarn @OliviaCrellin @SprtsGamer @BBCtrending @BBCNews @andieiamwhoiam ok im a fraud because your article lacked d…

RT @Crimsonmile: @Citizen__B @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending If ur cause were just it wouldnt need enforcement Youre threatened by truth & seek…

A hashtag created by leftists to gather to harass me and my family. Yet I am the harasser. Seriously. https://t.co/DE8SSMrFcw

RT @NBL4Trump: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending It’s so funny when a Brittish rag pisses in their pants over an American woman protecting gun ri…

RT @yoop3r: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews you’ve put a family in danger, are you proud of yourself?

RT @emeraldunion: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending not sure how this passes for journalism. In a war there are two sides. I hear zero about the…

RT @emeraldunion: @BernItUpIn2016 @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending there’s something very disturbing about such a hack job on a private individu…

RT @HoudiniObama: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending You mean your latest ATTEMPT to get yourself noticed Olivia, you are like a mosquito – need t…

RT @Makcum_Kelso: @OliviaCrellin false claims, and lies..get better *Sources* or stick with *Allegedly* your a stereotypical new journalist…

RT @1OfTheGoodGoys: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews (2) got fired -and- (B) U don’t touch upon ‘doxing’ that comes from the left and i…

Thank you, Shellie! https://t.co/g5FaC4TTxm

RT @SandraALTX: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews @andieiamwhoiam has 1000s more followers than the writer. about 100 people will read t…

RT @SWTvictim: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending looks to me like a little leftie schoolgirl journalist. Is newsround still going? Lol. Why do li…

RT @Tazatator: I admit. @OliviaCrellin calling herself a Journalist is OFF THE HOOK. @BBCtrending is Toxic, Sweetums. No Adjectives needed…

To report “journalists” @oliviacrellin and @mwendling. https://t.co/ltX4eL7mbq

RT @CapitalismLover: @OliviaCrellin She’s upholding Free Speech,which the Left erodes. As to humiliating political opponents, thank the Lef…

RT @Mysticeagle1: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending However Olivia, you are the Liar Here! Stop your Harassment or be Prosecuted!

RT @NightmarEclipse: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews my my what a cretinous little hack you are.

RT @Ueverthink: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews She’s honest and we all know how much you libs hate that nonsensical info 😕 And being…

RT @Tankmanbrad: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews You devoted far too much time/effort in trying to destroy her 2even deserve the label…

RT @kpderby54: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews Olivia you’re a creep!

RT @dawnmariefhl: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending Olivia praying ur demons come under scrutiny putting u and those connected under the authorit…

RT @mpg25mary: @OliviaCrellin @BBCNews @andieiamwhoiam Leftist radicals spewing hate & threats all over Twitter, but ur so brave to attack…

RT @BassmavMy: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews investigation, now that is funny you are a moron

RT @alt1964: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews that way is a result of it. Not the cause, you fucking idiot.

RT @Lukey627: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending The article is quite anti free speech – & why blame her for somebody else sending their nude pic…

RT @Mjarcher77: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending It’s not an investigation. It’s activism masquerading as journalism.

RT @RoyCalbeck: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending From all apparent information, she is indeed the victim, and you are enabling her harassers.

RT @Mjarcher77: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending You and your editor dismissed and ignored any information contrary to the narrative you wante…

RT @greg_a_eIliott: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending “Investigation”??? No. “Hit piece”??? Yes. @Azzmador1488 @OkieVision and many others are wi…

RT @BigDutchMan1: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending I don’t think this will quite pan out the way you intended flower! I shall enjoy watching it…

RT @subcutaneous: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews So, you don’t believe that Blue lives matter?

RT @pornstar1985: @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews it is the BBC tax payer funded leftie propaganda you may be able to…

RT @Ohmaar1: It’s good @andieiamwhoiam is armed and knows how to protect herself from the hoodlums @OliviaCrellin is inciting to violence.…

RT @joesjcool: @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews facts hurt feelings of the weak

RT @marygerdt: @andieiamwhoiam sickening…feral is not strong enough. Looks looks like a war on women😞

@MikeyLuke1 @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews 🙂

@skywarp14 @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending No. WE are better.

RT @ScottishPhenix: @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending Leftists are a cancer.

RT @Campbell7_Adam: @andieiamwhoiam Patriotism is under threat. May God grant us the strength and courage to defend it.

I know where she lives, where her family members live, her boyfriend. I know my enemy. I would never share. EVER. https://t.co/i5ja3iOnM5

RT @Jason_Eisaman: Great job @andieiamwhoiam at making the bigtime…keep laying that napalm #AndiePaulie ! https://t.co/c8zCXFvHO2

RT @FlyerThanAPelic: @andieiamwhoiam When @OliviaCrellin is shown evidence exposing her poor journalism she still wont retract or even upda…

RT @rebelpatriot23: @andieiamwhoiam You have much more integrity, than she does.

RT @KenGermanicus: @andieiamwhoiam You have solid ground to sue those two. Consult a lawyer.

RT @r0ckeye: @andieiamwhoiam @rebelpatriot23 >1.9k followers >blue check verified Verified for what? Barely being on Twitter? Doxing priv…


RT @EmilyRuthA: When have strong far reaching narrative like @andieiamwhoiam Libs feel powerless, resort 2 tyrannical defamation of charact…

@EmilyRuthA @OliviaCrellin Thanks, Em!

This is the feral who posted my name, husband’s name and town we live in, as well as husband’s employer. https://t.co/CDOit6gmxX

RT @TheAndroidRule: @r0ckeye @rebelpatriot23 @andieiamwhoiam How they report the news https://t.co/mzOBpGyu33

Yes I am. https://t.co/z0tjLtY5VV

Avery small man with zero integrity. Very unprofessional & seems to have a personal vendetta against conservatives. https://t.co/jMbNiTv337

#FakeTaxFacts Corporations in US do not pay taxes. TRUTH is they pay highest effective tax rate on planet. Lower 47% Barackians pay NOTHING.

Prayers for your brother. God bless you both! https://t.co/tcCAsmHQBh

RT @EmilyRuthA: @andieiamwhoiam @Tony_Laurendi @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin Seems 2 B very little concern about the danger cop hating jou…

PURE CLOWARD-PIVEN. https://t.co/IirsULE788

RT @BruceHWolk: When a topic like #SundayFunday trends, and a murdered #firefighter trying to save a life doesn’t, I realize full folly of…

RT @anincorrigible: “Political correctness is a fatal disease spread orally by liberals and it is not covered by Obamacare” Author G M Robe…

RT @DitkasStache89: @andieiamwhoiam @jted61 https://t.co/PYCGI4ukgg

The only real women on the Left are their men. LOL! https://t.co/AeSmm2wtBr

Wrong, feral. Corporations in US pay 12%. The highest effective tax rate in the world. https://t.co/ywqHJDfiKz

RT @jimban: @andieiamwhoiam THE JACKI DAILY Show! Listen 2PM Eastern! Click HERE to listen THE BLAZE RADIO at 2PM! https://t.co/AIsaTLDSzc

@bigbobster75 LOL!

Hahaha! https://t.co/xviKch3RSp

Yes. @mwendling too. https://t.co/2fSbvbGaEf

#SundayGunDay What’s your favorite conceal carry weapon? https://t.co/rk2JU68zgc

Trotskyism. https://t.co/nueuETx5SG

This is a tragedy. https://t.co/74PXDVHCeJ

https://t.co/w2A8nJZyEe https://t.co/ebywWIx8t9

Prayers for good Canadians who are forced to become victims under Fascist rule. https://t.co/U2ozieYnEf

RT @Cory_1077: Blood does not define #BROTHERHOOD🇺🇸👊🇺🇸 #K9 #MWD #SupportOurTroops @ICECOLDAGENT @Hutch3393EchoMi https://t.co/Z2KD…

Prayers for Daniel and his family, living under Fascist rule. https://t.co/q6BhLOVhHR

RT @joe_hunglo: @andieiamwhoiam Thanks. I will also pray that President Trump makes Alberta the 51st state.

@maxdecoy WowZA!

@thesuzeletter No. You’re plenty cool. xo

@thesuzeletter LOL!

RT @retepger: @joe_hunglo @andieiamwhoiam Can we give CA and all of the Northeast to Canada in return?

RT @Imperfect10n: @andieiamwhoiam does not have to like you. It’s not the law here. Doxing her info publicly is illegal. You’ll see https:/…

If you are a hyphenated American, the you are not an American. PERIOD.

#NRA #GunsSaveLives #gunsense https://t.co/1IwpykjPvL

Thank you, Ma’m! https://t.co/35IW61RYZy

RT @RJOzInt: @andieiamwhoiam all clear on the western front 😉 TY https://t.co/7wspRoPImi

No. The lowest common denominator pays zero taxes, little fella. https://t.co/9sutXdbia0

RT @ItsAReckoning: #BBC is a cowardly publication. They need to “fact check ” @Azzmador1488 @OliviaCrellin @realjimrussell @BBCtrending #Li…

RT @EmilyRuthA: @andieiamwhoiam Very same reason made @realDonaldTrump relevant. Journos own inability forged way for LOUD outspoken right…

#ItsTimeToThrowOut the Welfare State that has destroyed the black family. 74% of blacks now illegitimate. Highest poverty, crime.

This leftist feral just called ME babe. Sexism is ugly. https://t.co/DH3kMjCGYi

RT @JVER1: @andieiamwhoiam Sig-P238 my purse carry💕🔫💫 https://t.co/cmzRD7ill0

@kazueger1 lol

RT @CathInman: It’s Machiavellian and indefensible. . I hope we have American attorneys who will take up cause of @andieiamwhoiam https://…

@CathInman xo

Prayers and tears for the people of Ecuador. https://t.co/qHUuCsvs6Q

RT @USFreedomArmy: Is she still married? Who knew? Enlist ——-> http://t.co/oSPeY48nOh. Join now and fight against tyranny. http://t.co/…

RT @JacobCoplenas: @andieiamwhoiam @PatriotBrother https://t.co/JIDX73EQrm

RT @spacemarshalmsc: @andieiamwhoiam I loved that too.8 years ago.Posted 155.6 mph,i think.In the black “GUILTY” t shirt. 🙂 https://t.co/T…

RT @NAARobertWilson: @andieiamwhoiam WHAT HAS USA come 2, when #1A is Ok as Long as You agree w/ Me… OR ELSE!!! https://t.co/mLDaU3h71k

RT @ItsAReckoning: #BanTheBBC #BoycottLyingBBC @tractorrobby @andieiamwhoiam @Azzmador1488 @OliviaCrellin @realjimrussell @BBCtrending

Bill Clinton: Sanders’ Supporters Want to ‘Shoot Every 3rd Person on Wall Street,’ Former President Says. https://t.co/oeA2ad4TwX

@spacemarshalmsc Very nice!

@Geoffrey_Bryant It’s his supporters and their threats that concern us.

The man who ACTUALLY did that Skyped editor @mwendling, who rejected him. https://t.co/8nh9mgGH0d

RT @HajiHuntingGirl: I don’t care who u support, it’s your right. But why ya gotta go all jihad about it? In the end we need to vote for th…

WHO wouldn’t want to follow such floofiness? LOL! Thanks! https://t.co/39Dprotrvb

Rest in peace. YOUR life mattered. https://t.co/ngarRuG70H

@Geoffrey_Bryant Thank you, my friend.

RT @Dutchman1450: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/jqa0opIlqW

GOD BLESS America! https://t.co/IujvWGFcb7

Yes you can! https://t.co/ATUx1aPw38

@HajiHuntingGirl Pleasure to meet you! Thank you!

This is what FREEDOM looks like. https://t.co/VmLjsAsvLx

We are praying you get your country back, brother! https://t.co/G7Tg9L1CQM

Thanks to all who served! AMEN! https://t.co/FROzSebIse

Make the bad guys pee THEIR pants. https://t.co/362xzcT80Q

RT @dilloking: @Dutchman1450 @andieiamwhoiam #TAKEAMERICABACK 20th NORAD USAF 1972 Keep on rocking, soldier! Band of Brothers https://t.c…

Exactly. https://t.co/t155pjwoiI

RT @PatriotBrother: Don’t Tread On Me! Liberty Or Death!! ][ ][ ][% https://t.co/jspGHsgPmx

RT @hale_teddy: Black Bikes Matter. ! This my baby ! https://t.co/zB7FfHkdph

RT @MoonbeamMelly: @PrivilegeC2 @nprpolitics DeRay taught a class at Yale about the benefits of looting.

RT @JaredWyand: #ItsTimeToThrowOut BlackLivesMatter because a movement without facts is Marxist propaganda #TruthMatters👇🏻 https://t.co/78…

#ChalkGate https://t.co/3EHtVFhxqI

RT @danshay7: @andieiamwhoiam @spacemarshalmsc I love the smell of gun smoke in the mornin. Smells like VICTORY!😊

RT @Craigthepatriot: If you are considered a”private person” you have “just cause & precedent”to pursue civil action. https://t.co/vFQ6zGU…

If #BlackLivesMatter, why do blacks commit 53% of all homicides? https://t.co/cH5yonzmza

RT @jan_marie14: I remember learning this in school, maybe we should teach this to school kids once again?Or is that somehow racist?🙄 https…

RT @projectrelo: Support to our #military brothers and sisters from Project RELO! https://t.co/j6qEZ3ZrkJ

Did I stutter, feral? Corporations in this country pay the highest effective tax rates in the WORLD. https://t.co/fDgTaaf5PS

RT @StanO360: @JaredWyand @andieiamwhoiam One thing will change the black community. That’s fathers in the home, and #schoolchoice.

RT @FLOURNOYFarrell: @andieiamwhoiam YEARS ,but too many BLACK AMERICANS the brutal murder of BLACKS by other BLACKS doesn’t matter at all…

Yes. I agree. Black victims of astronomical black crime MATTER. #JamylaBolden mattered. https://t.co/NpcvoPh2sB

@JustinKleiner83 Actually, the 2014 stats shoe Hispanic crime. Have you seen it?

RT @floridaguy267: It’s why the Headquarters of the New York Yankees is in…wait for it….Tampa, Florida. #New York Values. https://t.co/…

Liberals are daft. https://t.co/Q3ElPQ6Xsm

RT @FLOURNOYFarrell: @andieiamwhoiam The GREATEST threat and crisis facing the BLACK community is BLACKS murdering BLACKS,its been a crisis…

THIS is likely the most important video I have ever seen. Please share far and wide. https://t.co/nF48ppplYE

RT @Ken_Dye: @andieiamwhoiam The government has ppl thinking wanting to keep more of YOUR OWN MONEY is a BAD THING….the moocher class is…

Welfare State has created a dearth of opportunities for blacks, especially children, by robbing them of their greatest treasure. *FATHERS*.

RT @thefinn12345: @andieiamwhoiam Intrinsically no idea how capitalism works anymore?! This smacks of Engel’s “Theory of Capital” :\ Huge…

lol https://t.co/LR5ezNMw6k

Has it occurred to you wretched ferals to feed yourselves? Poor in US are poor by CHOICE. Rich carry this country. https://t.co/UyxhOh62d8

RT @hotvernacular: Favorite pastime @andieiamwhoiam tweets@FLOURNOYFarrell here we go.Facts start drudging up the hurt feeling freaks. We g…

Thinkprogress? No. https://t.co/oN2DqJlKUo

It’s a beauty. https://t.co/2jx36Ev563

RT @cyber_merkin: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin https://t.co/BypsPA1wJj

OR corporations leave… https://t.co/W8UywGkkLZ

RT @MuskieRA: ..@andieiamwhoiam Might also help explain why kids are angry – and buy in to bogus race baiting. https://t.co/vuYFMpEgKb

https://t.co/zQcD6KDNKz https://t.co/c0bHYpJ9i3

Yes. I recall you made similar claims about George Zimmerman’s guilt. https://t.co/wSiVkcuvNJ

RT @IslamForbids: I got mine @andieiamwhoiam in 45/410 https://t.co/GT5zNmXhsV

RT @19fisherman59: @andieiamwhoiam Taurus M445 UL https://t.co/TQUlSFPvOv

@Raybomb8 @coloradorebecca I know. I heard. Ah well. Maybe a Tardis?

Good thing I am armed and WILLING to shoot anyone who threatens my family. https://t.co/eFGNxeBnZC

We need to bring back the concept of shame. It is a great motivator. https://t.co/5DzfYDkwJN

Last time I looked, the country was bright RED. https://t.co/935b83IZ6N

RT @jazzycocogirl: @andieiamwhoiam @ScottOxley4 @MuskieRA Yes indeed. No such thing as shame anymore.

Prior to Welfare State blacks had higher rates of marriage than whites. https://t.co/s0PVjCW6NE

RT @MelanieSchumac8: @richardgjsumner @andieiamwhoiam wow really?! @richardgjsumner?! Maybe people should know where YOU live

RT @hugh_mannity: Typical 1-sided BBC BS by @OliviaCrellin pushing the liberal anti-cop agenda enjoyed by trash like @mshibata_ @andieiam…

RT @MuskieRA: .@EmilyRuthA @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/WOkb83Zuqi on this point: https://t.co/cfGbY2bYVd

74% of blacks are illegitimate. Closer to 90% in inner cities. #BlackLivesMatter? https://t.co/WvIazwM6EJ

RT @alt1964: @andieiamwhoiam @richardgjsumner hmm. Puritanical? What’s the opposite of that? Degenerates.

RT @mpg25mary: @ScottOxley4 @andieiamwhoiam @MuskieRA Those were days when Americans could work harder & hold on to pride. Different cultur…

RT @JustinKleiner83: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/0ptIjNkWQ5

RT @hugh_mannity: Anti-Police Bitch @OliviaCrellin Admits 2 Fake BBC Article Defaming @andieiamwhoiam 2 Push Agenda #BlueLivesMatter https…

RT @TheCypressGang: .@mwendling

lol https://t.co/vsoJ0aSNGf

RT @RJAsPandora: @andieiamwhoiam @PineoJensen @StingMccoy what they don’t realize is that when “there ain’t no more rich” they’ll get no mo…

I agree wholeheartedly! https://t.co/CLewrpGliW

Liberals destroyed the black family. Feminists destroyed everything else. https://t.co/oMhNFTS0Ry

@charleswilling7 A little of both. https://t.co/yzrXuo4g3X

Beautiful family, undivided by the liberal “assistance” of the Welfare State. https://t.co/aenMGfaofH

RT @mpg25mary: @ScottOxley4 @andieiamwhoiam @MuskieRA Another thing: at 6-7 yrs old, I could walk alone to school & church in Bklyn. Who co…

RT @CalFreedomMom: @richardgjsumner Since you’re apparently a business consultant, Richard Sumner, u may see a drop in income 4public threa…

RT @MuskieRA: .@mpg25mary @ScottOxley4 @andieiamwhoiam Vicious circle – https://t.co/xoVV3htUAm

@lderdr1 Good morning!

@DanieleToti1 Thank YOU!

RT @promo_bob: And you know Gloria Stienmen said she was wrong https://t.co/WcI4rYAtIk

@lderdr1 We are well. Thank you. How are you, my friend?

RT @22Americanfirst: You can shout and fight or just be a sitting duck ..Speak Up Andie https://t.co/IlOp0p3Ilv

@lderdr1 No family with you, my friend?

Yet immigrants have no problems receiving healthcare, nor do the Barackian takers. https://t.co/ztSX7mgm2t

@lderdr1 Is your family well?

More business closures, misery and unemployment in Barack’s America. God bless these people! https://t.co/8tzq86kSJm

RT @porfie_moreno: @andieiamwhoiam @richfield65 @ScottOxley4 @mpg25mary @MuskieRA Therefore.., https://t.co/tYJ6X86jxa

RT @DMR0514: @PineoJensen @ObamaSucksAnus @StingMccoy @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/nl6EWdot7g

@lderdr1 God bless you, friend.

Inner city, tax subsidized Matriarchy fail. Single mothers raise emotion-led children they cannot physically control https://t.co/NKtsofPyKQ

RT @janerross: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin Andie, maybe seek advice from a lawyer & possibility a lawsuit

Because leftist ferals put them there. https://t.co/6hrTgkXyZI

@lderdr1 I do not give private information, my friend,

RT @Tony_Laurendi: @andieiamwhoiam If desired outcome is to dissuade young Americans from miltary service, you openly neglect those who hav…

RT @MydoghatesMe2: @andieiamwhoiam @ScottOxley4 @MuskieRA cut out the ebt card, don’t make it easy, don’t make it look like they’re swiping…

@manofmanychins Something lost in translation, methinks.

RT @Mysticeagle1: @andieiamwhoiam I was talking about the parents of the parents now! They did not teach them how to raise children, hence…

RT @xmeikx: @AngelDevil1166 @miamidecor @Berniemustwin @andieiamwhoiam he tried killin a cop but he a good kid he dindu nuffin. https://t.c…

@ltngbolt1 Nice to meet you, Paul!

@lderdr1 Many bad people. Not you.

RT @BillinWV: @andieiamwhoiam @PineoJensen Yep, a lot of them Sub S Corps. How many Bernites know what that is? https://t.co/R6kOFJF8c7

RT @doug69: @LadyInfidels @andieiamwhoiam @camdoc 🌀my husbands relative “Frederick Law Olmstead” contributed greatly to Sowell’s book! Foot…

@gahome1 Getting there. Still stuck in bed. Thank God for my husband. He is taking good care of me. Thanks. xo

RT @doug69: @andieiamwhoiam @LadyInfidels @camdoc https://t.co/C89E1388XK READ THIS BOOK🌀🌀🌀

Facts bully you, little lady? https://t.co/HiMNMtyoUR

PLUS we are 21 TRILLION in debt. Barack contributed 11 trillion…more than all presidents combined. https://t.co/PckQ2MxDyn

RT @TheCypressGang: @RaheemKassam why don’t you contact -> @andieiamwhoiam

LOVE my fellow conservatives! LOL! https://t.co/rnKZkwdWvj

RT @DauntlessCnsrvt: @andieiamwhoiam @wsjmiller He said he would bankrupt coal and he has. And the dumb ferals swoon around him. Makes me s…

Their victim’s lives matter, my friend. We can change this together. https://t.co/q6ZVlBYHwe

RT @JaredWyand: #ItsTimeToThrowOut Marxists spreading lies about fed spending to back Bernie’s BS platform https://t.co/3ZNKyGc18U https:/…

RT @SandraALTX: Thugs Break In, Mom Unloads With Rifle https://t.co/kYAWN0i8T9 #NRA #2ADefenders #2A #RedNationRising #tcot https://t.co/aE…

RT @LastGreatStand: Why the Super Rich Are Leaving Major Cities, Even Renouncing Citizenship (Videos) – https://t.co/UlWvvPnwi7 https://t.c…

RT @southernson007: @andieiamwhoiam @FLOURNOYFarrell I hope the black community wakes up and realizes the DEM’s have done this to them and…

Highly recommend this company! Jim concentrates on HVAC these days but his business grew because of his dedication. https://t.co/OoyiS5wmQy

The tide is turning, my friend. Because of people, like us, who care to tell uncomfortable truths! https://t.co/KTgOCvjbED

@manofmanychins I love you, Moob.

@manofmanychins You always do. LOL!

RT @MadDogMattis: is anyone else getting the impression that Americans of all types are generally very unhappy with the political class? #D…

RT @soniahoward50: @andieiamwhoiam @FLOURNOYFarrell Amen https://t.co/nyzcVhHNd5

RT @serr8d: @andieiamwhoiam Kel-Tec 32ACP. For mosquitoes! https://t.co/nSQCiQUAUC

RT @FLOURNOYFarrell: @southernson007 @andieiamwhoiam THE DEMOCRATS haven’t done anything too the BLACK COMMUNITY we are responsible for our…

Let me know if you need anything. https://t.co/ZT2Fh8g1ar

Don’t forget to file your complaints about Ms. Crellin with @BBC https://t.co/jBiGTInVs7

RT @otanderson: Terrific story of a recently retired Homicide Cop! https://t.co/mUETcCTtmz

RT @jamesgjewell: New Insider Story #police #winnipeg #crime #ptsd Life Behind the Blue Wall – An Exit Interview https://t.co/lC5VxNxiBd vi…

Thanks. TCG! https://t.co/g6W7kYqjEj

RT @HajiHuntingGirl: Does this mean #AxlRose will now sound like Donald Duck? #AC/DC Confirm Axl Rose Is New Lead Singer https://t.co/LPwqH…

@dudleyrums1 Exactly.

Don’t believe everything you read. I can’t believe I have to give this advice to an adult. https://t.co/pP6XirPsGO

No such thing. Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Try not breaking the law to see if that helps. https://t.co/Fg4ogDziHh

Bulk of gun crime committed by inner city blacks with illegally owned guns. Just like in London. https://t.co/9De7odjSEY

RT @ZacBonesteel: @andieiamwhoiam @richardgjsumner Help! Help! I’m being oppressed! Lol So links to FBI crime data is now cyberbullying? Go…

@ZacBonesteel @richardgjsumner lol

RT @vilevillainess: @OkieVision @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin So let’s find out who this board is and file a complaint.

RT @jjduffyusa: @andieiamwhoiam @FleederMae Social media is open to everyone, except those who protect us? I can’t wait till this traitor i…

RT @bigbobster75: @andieiamwhoiam why is it so hard for the left to understand who’s doing the killing? Better question why won’t they admi…

RT @pepepaulie: @ramcesluna @Asjw9 @andieiamwhoiam I know what BLM is about. It’s about a people who bring problems on themselves blaming…

RT @NYGoingBlue: @ramcesluna @andieiamwhoiam Systemic injustices is a cop-out~excusing parents who don’t parent their children https://t.co…

THIS. This is all you ned to know. https://t.co/HqN8DvC049

Start dwelling in facts. Good people will follow. https://t.co/Ohrlt8NlXB

Leftist ferals telling blacks how oppressed they are. Avoiding facts. https://t.co/YBgsMoVEyw

RT @ros_ke: @richardgjsumner @bboywitt So when @andieiamwhoiam states facts, it’s NOT ok, but when U state facts (as u seem them), it IS o…

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam Leftist like catchy slogans so I’ve got one for em’! “Drop your gun and don’t run”

RT @CraigFrancis18: @ramcesluna @andieiamwhoiam black lives don’t matter if the majority of blks are killing other blks. They’re doing what…

@OliviaCrellin posted my personal information then locked her Facebook down. Too late. though. Again, unlike her, I will not share. 😉

@RichardNov5th This isn’t them, my friend.

Wow! Almost 20k followers in nine months! I am blessed beyond measure! Thank you! The truth resonates among good people.

RT @0l0I0l: Which alliance is more threat to the American citizens?

Yes they do. It is a badge of HONOR. https://t.co/8tyk6VEia6

RT @jtidyman: @andieiamwhoiam @1FilchFelonious And in the War of Ideas, the refuge for the Liberal is personal attacks, threats and censors…

Yet they failed to give it to the BBC nitwits. Hmmm. https://t.co/l3HuemFKLK

RT @1FilchFelonious: @jtidyman @andieiamwhoiam like this picture.. lol (agreed 100%) https://t.co/2z2sxUeb5Z

@toby_dorena @1FilchFelonious Thank you. You too, my friend.

Prayers for Geezer, please, friends! https://t.co/RZM8bFk78y

@rpp618 @dawnmariefhl @Lily7Tiger @LindaEpai457450 @kafirkaty @fatima_madsen @AntiJihad_Anne Praying for you. xo

RT @jlspokesjr: @andieiamwhoiam Malcolm X said “…..by any means…..” Lies are included, but then that’s the mantra of the left and of Is…

@rpp618 @dawnmariefhl @Lily7Tiger @LindaEpai457450 @kafirkaty @fatima_madsen @AntiJihad_Anne (((hug)))

My guns must be defective. They never shot anyone. https://t.co/l5qFCdJZc4

RT @Mansstory2: WAR is the Remedy our Enemies have Chosen and I say let us Give them all they want. William Sherman https://t.co/e4bh9Q1Q3v

RT @Cary88888888: #EPA Will Start to Monitor Family’s Water Use In #Colorado https://t.co/jkmc32OeQ8&#8243; April 17, 2016 at 07:16PM

@troyawalters @rpp618 @dawnmariefhl @Lily7Tiger @LindaEpai457450 @kafirkaty @fatima_madsen @AntiJihad_Anne Hey Troy! How are you?

They have the collective IQ of dryer lint. https://t.co/GBJqxX18E9

@myfist0 lol

Look! A leftist! https://t.co/Hyzr6LG02j


Beautiful girl! Awesome DAD! https://t.co/NDAePHqX4d

RT @ElbertGuillory: Oreo. America’s cookie, they said. Well, they are moving to Mexico. Leaving 600 American families in… https://t.co…

LOVE this brilliant man! https://t.co/oMts72m7mf

RT @JLenardDetroit: Government and the Black Community: https://t.co/ELsmsSxzNX by @ElbertGuillory #BlackTwitter #Blackish #BlackishABC #P…

Amen! https://t.co/MCn1lRMQBR

@RichardNov5th Yes, my friend. https://t.co/JQS6E2QVlX

lol https://t.co/sYts7QKGtd

RT @USAFSlaughter: @andieiamwhoiam @richardgjsumner @BerlapCoat https://t.co/sY3nm1AsbD

I have a family member like this. Give it to them or they will steal it from you. Don’t start in the first place. https://t.co/8bY2mxXI6W

It has nothing to do with astronomical crime rates. https://t.co/cH5yonzmza https://t.co/HWj2pFw6D3

@RichardNov5th That Benghazi thing is bad enough.

@Birds_Quest I think we all have those.

@Pr0udCanad1an1 Thanks, Mike. God bless!

Why do blacks commit 53% of all homicides? Should police let them go? https://t.co/oILxO2RoRI

RT @BrainlessMuzzos: @andieiamwhoiam Andie, you should tell her to send her resume to BBC America!

lol https://t.co/zMeb2DKrRn

lol! https://t.co/o9GionyWZJ

RT @E_wolfa: @andieiamwhoiam oh my god isn’t that racist to point that out though? https://t.co/VTQYDTNm5H

LIE. Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. ALL homicides. https://t.co/cH5yonzmza https://t.co/qLKU3urYrj

NO. Blacks commit 53% of ALL homicides. https://t.co/cH5yonzmza https://t.co/kuCo79zY9m

RT @TellyStern: @andieiamwhoiam So was Medgar Evers, or Evens as Hillary calls him.

Learn to read, ya racist nitwit. https://t.co/cH5yonzmza https://t.co/XAiKcCBRVk

#Truth https://t.co/TUo5dcg5o2

Blacks are 13% of the population, yet commit 53% of homicides. https://t.co/zt2aHMGw5Q

This one can’t read the stats, apparently. https://t.co/QHJx1pcb3o

EXACTLY! https://t.co/4RPrWlX1we

LOL! He thinks todays “Progressive” Fascists are akin to our forefathers. https://t.co/7d6kHIVKk2

@BenstksC Thank you, George. I am grateful for you, my friend.

Ever continuously give money to a family member, then discover they feel righteous when they steal from you? https://t.co/SNTSguG1mR

I REALLY don’t want to see this guy’s ass. Thank you. https://t.co/5Zi3WKkGCs

RT @Larry63333: @andieiamwhoiam @BBC @mwendling @OliviaCrellin Sue them

RT @nadezhvasil: @DanBloomfieldis Not really. The revolution was based on the Fathers asserting the rights given to them by the Magna Carta…

@pldonohew At least mine just stole from me and my husband. That’s better. Right?

Homeschooled is one word. My child knows how to read FBI data. https://t.co/o047rCXXNA

Why do blacks commit 53% of ALL homicides? 74% illegitimacy. No fathers. https://t.co/auGp34z7z8

Amen! I would say they were Classical Liberals. TRUE Conservatives. Love the story of the Levellers. https://t.co/3mxg0CbxUS

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam You can’t fix a problem if you refuse to admit what the problem is.

@nadezhvasil @DanBloomfieldis You are quite brilliant. Glad I follow you.

RT @ceadamssr: @andieiamwhoiam todays university educated! https://t.co/eRuHKcHaLZ

Democrats twice as likely to use Welfare. https://t.co/ukGsBzslqc https://t.co/gLiCaAdrVO

RT @WilliamBighouse: @richardgjsumner @andieiamwhoiam Gun ownership isn’t bad. Guns do nothing. Ppl do bad w/them. Don’t deprive law-abideg…

Exactly. https://t.co/R8urHzdpvY

Is Janice Sann aware she is wading in defamation territory? https://t.co/sLDoe1fOPp

Thanks, @NAXALTbro_ ! Great take on the Feral Orcs! https://t.co/sFQ8KCvNm6

@timerityz @thefinn12345 Not necessarily ISIS. LOL!

You have the perfect personality for this! I pray you go far! Great work! https://t.co/FLEPqlAk8f

My side of the story on @NAXALTbro_ ‘s channel! https://t.co/sFQ8KCvNm6

The nitwittery of the Left knows no bounds. They claim my husband is suing Ashley Madison. LOL! https://t.co/9qGFXvzzVj

Lie. Blacks 39.8% Whites 38.8% https://t.co/se7KPOZeEg https://t.co/Is5l1VRIpA

RT @edwardkyle123: @andieiamwhoiam Something like 3% or 4% of the population commits over half of all murders in the USA.

Not true. Actual data…39.8% black, 38.8% white. Blacks 13% of pop, whites 68% https://t.co/se7KPOZeEg https://t.co/ddEDhgsPA9

Have they ever? https://t.co/Wxr5cguzui

The black illegitimacy rate of 74% is the reason that blacks take the majority of welfare. https://t.co/se7KPOZeEg https://t.co/Is5l1VRIpA

The city bus doesn’t go through those parts! https://t.co/NLWwDyhLFA

RT @vinyldude82: @andieiamwhoiam corporations dont pay taxes, they pass that on to customers. Higher corporate taxes equals higher cost of…

RT @mdholder65: @andieiamwhoiam @moparguy1000 When you feel you are entitled to the property and labor of others, the moral high ground is…

RT @Love4Military: Actually 15 yrs Later Now, We Have #Obama Who Wants To Arm The People Who Did This Thanks you POS! https://t.co/cqHSdZz…

RT @AtlTeaPartyLove: FreedomFrom a free society will not be taken under no circumstance.Slavery is much worse than death.Fight this evil pa…

RT @bigbobster75: Progressives Hate Free Speech: Political Chalking Banned at DePaul https://t.co/VArUMshK5p @andieiamwhoiam

RT @WTKR3: Attorney: “Mr. Harward has been declared innocent” https://t.co/ChnZaemltQ https://t.co/VB1RmNeS7X

RT @DhHillier: @andieiamwhoiam Know exactly what u mean, the more u give the more they want, Alot like Obama, good to catch u again, thanks…

How Feminism destroyed the family. https://t.co/wqy2xxLtPO

Not really. Okay. Not sorry at all. Not even a little bit. Truth is a harsh mistress. https://t.co/4Eba1pXD74

Leftists, I just want to say that if I have offended you, grow the fuck up. The world doesn’t care about your triggers. Be an adult! Geesh!

@bigbobster75 🙂

@MiloMean Thanks, Barney!

@MiloMean Thank you. It means the world to me that so many good conservatives care.

RT @johneebegood2: https://t.co/IREj9UnGyE

RT @KittenAmara: @andieiamwhoiam No truer statement ever spoken, out with fathers up with crime and the destruction of society.

RT @PatriotBrother: #FREEDOM Brought To You By The #AmericanSoldier !!! #WarriorMonday https://t.co/7lGP4FuJzs

False. The problem is that it OFFENDS you. Illegitimate children commit more crime. It has been established. https://t.co/dazbxHPK0A

RT @Edgar_Fisch: Without a father figure, they are fighting the odds. https://t.co/z1lvqbR1DH

Amen! https://t.co/ET1WWGd47j

Illegitimacy is the CORE of poverty. It is quite rare for a two parent family to live in poverty. https://t.co/04cym1fZeF

Don’t be so certain. 😉 https://t.co/GO2ALfzYQs

Facts do not change because they offend you. Living paycheck to paycheck does not equal poverty. https://t.co/bxD57aK4eZ

@BSBiker lol

RT @Chigurhs: @kristabarrett94 @andieiamwhoiam Feminism encourages & defends single motherhood, then demands the daddy-state subsidize it.

@1kenwilson24 She left San Francisco in September.

@NukeRusich Welfare State

@8fa2fb9e9ce3425 Doing okay! How are you?

@NukeRusich Illegitimacy rose with the Welfare State. Welfare rose exponentially every year thereafter.

@lderdr1 Hello friend!

Please share to help this man and his dog be reunited! https://t.co/YN7Xtp8dW0

RT @Nachumlist: Supreme Court looks split on Obama’s illegal immigrant policy https://t.co/jydS8Hqool

Why are IRS agents armed anyway? https://t.co/N78TdEyePm

Rest in peace,sir. https://t.co/kOOIQCV8mB

#TaxDay Healthy people on welfare shouldn’t be allowed to vote.Those who vote for a living will always vote for more

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam No nation can long survive as a welfare state with open borders. #BuildTheWall

@UncleBp That is why I said “healthy people”.

The Progressive undertow and their human pollution will always be with us, unfortunately. https://t.co/b5E3nPbeQF

RT @jihadaeon: @andieiamwhoiam The Regressive Agenda America “If You Don’t Know WHAT America Is You Won’t Miss It When It’s Gone” https://…

The Progressive Undertow lacks any semblance of dignity. https://t.co/ztz5eSgQEs

Please share! https://t.co/uZKiuShA2t

@jihadaeon Love him!

@md_belk Thanks, my friend!

@jihadaeon Awful.

Bwahahaha! So evil…but it just might work! https://t.co/PltVNB7o7B

RT @paulizzo35: @andieiamwhoiam Where’s the outrage for left wing violence incited by the commie dirty old man Sanders? #Trump2016

It’s a child. Not a choice. https://t.co/VYJuI4mlSa

Perfect example of the ENTITLED right here… https://t.co/Y0yGgVVexx

Turns out it is an old story with a VERY happy ending! https://t.co/i3wXJKqLBk https://t.co/j4icQAq7bn

RT @nicky0472: @andieiamwhoiam ppl who don’t work, should not dictate, the laws working ppl are forced to comply with.

Asinine comparison. Unlike welfare recipients, “Housewives” do not depend on the government for income. Sexist. https://t.co/yIkeSPM4S0

@RichardNov5th lol

Sorry your children are not her priority. https://t.co/98FtMZNUUJ

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. https://t.co/Gya0lLxudL

@jeffsafc @ksb78 Do you know how marital taxes work?

Living on the edge! LOL! https://t.co/hQxeQam24u

RT @angelibred: @andieiamwhoiam @jeffsafc @ksb78 my husband works hard so I can be our children’s primary caregiver. We trust no one with o…

It means we do not marginalize our children, nor did we have them only to outsource their upbringing. We love them. https://t.co/G1wDgZLAin

RT @alistaire_leigh: Immunity Cap. £4.99. When placed on head, the wearer will be able to preach hatred without fear of prosecution http://…

@The_Odd_Asylum lol


Barack has destabilized our country to the tune of 21 TRILLION dollar debt. https://t.co/sN5Wx7QH6I

RT @HelpingLostPets: #dogs LOST #Houlton WI,USA, Labrador Retriever, Apr.17/16, https://t.co/taBnbhiBdu @LostDogsMn

#BlackLivesMatter nincompoopery knows no bounds. https://t.co/VBGFjVvalK

Testify! https://t.co/Kaoen2Cubu


The intolerant Progressive Undertow… https://t.co/meDGClVciL


Cloward- Piven strategy…https://t.co/57ayGAE813 https://t.co/RpzD9Dr2EA

…and dignity, as well as a keen respect for the law. https://t.co/GvJFpDWPFc


While his children are marginalized and mom struggles to gain the respect of a sexist who keeps score. https://t.co/HIr7qEGW8E

Imagine that. No wonder they demand free everything. https://t.co/Wl4FBKCL1P

Bingo! https://t.co/riHbTdfPaQ

People in this country are poor by choice, to a large degree. Having children you cannot feed is the core of that. https://t.co/kq5iOTU1Uy

@Alssonatlarge Nitwittery is a favorite too!

RT @nadezhvasil: @andieiamwhoiam Also funny how support for socialism amongst milennials, flips with a vengeance when employed. https://t.c…

Well? https://t.co/XBbCrTClGz

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. More whites enslaved total. https://t.co/OvCmWUAenY

@lderdr1 Well. Thank you. How are you?

@CorleoneWilbur Henry Gates of “Beer Summit” fame has written several articles.

@BaileyBuddy7 It is a pleasure to meet you!

RT @jagdan2: @andieiamwhoiam I love this picture https://t.co/C7Mu5l438O

RT @ngeAct64: @andieiamwhoiam @JoansVox @jeffsafc @ksb78 It is true that we are the result of our choices, but no state ever taxed itself i…

@lderdr1 Girlfriend from before?

@whitten_melinda @JoansVox @jeffsafc @ksb78 Prayers for you, my friend. I am referring to serial abusers.

Please follow a loyal patriot! https://t.co/N9ndQpNZkI

@LairdCulver Exactly.

No one owes your worthless butt a thing. https://t.co/WM9XNsB1Jh

@Gman5000000 @JOC_ME_21 My pleasure.

Prayers for a fellow conservative, friends… https://t.co/VxPbgtbJdA

🙂 https://t.co/bpFfdPIVKo

Like Bernie did? https://t.co/VxKNLMrH5m

Higher unemployment, inflation and businesses closing their doors is the direct result. https://t.co/HE4ePcx4PY

RT @beautyqueensoho: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/zONF6wkPfq

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam There is no rational argument for allowing people who do not provide the $, be allowed to pick how tha…

RT @Piquerish: @andieiamwhoiam I’ll go one better. NO ONE who pays zero taxes should be enfranchised to vote themselves someone’s else’s mo…

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam And dignity… and morals… and respect- both for ourselves and others. Conservatives really suck at…

I am a former flaming liberal. Then I became educated. There is hope for us all. Never give up hope!

@trumpyogi @brucechris24 Still do.

KKK was created by Democrats. Moving on… https://t.co/mS9YgVHdiS

@KaBrent Byrd is their dirty little secret.

I said welfare wretches shouldn’t vote. https://t.co/RDKWE20XEE

@The_Odd_Asylum lol

That’s okay. We don’t speak effeminate, weak chinned leftist. https://t.co/Z7OlcXP525

Corporations don’t pay taxes. The consumer does. https://t.co/f7spKa0Rob

RT @TheAndroidRule: @andieiamwhoiam I think you should sue that freelance journalist for defamation.

@TheAndroidRule Great idea!

lol https://t.co/Yeelq2J4PS

Also to pee on the streets of New York with impunity. https://t.co/FXA5FfAMIg

RT @CounterMoonbat: #TaxDay https://t.co/fUGOSW6Dxf

RT @col_nj: Mother of #Benghazi Victim: #Hillary ‘Ought to Be Wearing Stripes,’ ‘My Son Is Dead Because of Her’ https://t.co/3TVr6IVTaZ…

RT @TheFirstSmoke: @ZacBonesteel @andieiamwhoiam @jeffsafc @JoansVox @ksb78 https://t.co/eKgEQGXTmb

Racism on its face. https://t.co/btqByRN8xB

What he means is Leftist ferals are violent and lack impulse control. https://t.co/CwCkakFhZb

@drewjt6 lol

lol https://t.co/jzv1tvAiBB

Yes. I gained 2,000 civilized followers. Adults. There is no room in my life for effeminate beta tulips. Adios! https://t.co/PsHhqVnHLi

@The_Odd_Asylum You defy characterization, my friend.

@PSimolo @daveofedinburgh @KenYounos You’re good.

@Asjw9 @JoansVox @insanity_of @jeffsafc @ksb78 @FBI @CIA @rcmp @nycpolicenews Dearest God.

What did Barack’s pastor say, again? Oh, “God Damn America!”. He’s trying. https://t.co/YT3KKRpAAh

@E_wolfa I’m guessing mental illness.

@PSimolo @daveofedinburgh @KenYounos I’m here for you.

RT @The_Odd_Asylum: @andieiamwhoiam These people who control the world? They’re like the devil himself. Who will wait a lifetime to damn on…

Interesting that leftist feral @oliviacrellin uses the #andiepauly hashtag to harass me. No integrity. https://t.co/2fHGaOeaKe

The craziest ones are the old people who support him. @CarmineSabia https://t.co/DO3czqQJvv

…and for New Yorkers to pee in the streets… https://t.co/b2WUhqb0nB

I noticed that. She is an anti-Christian bigot and a leftist dufus. We expect no less. https://t.co/a3VqcnPhp3

Molon Labe! https://t.co/Gkn4wBRtz8

Always. She is not merely an atheist, she hates Christians. https://t.co/VpASnQSH7S

#FeelTheBern Except police would not be allowed to have guns in Bernie’s world. https://t.co/9rBS5EC6Is

Did you just give Barack the BIRD? https://t.co/3p10k8dTsK

RT @Acoatain: @Dheeraj8128 Brings @OliviaCrellin using the BBC to bully @andieiamwhoiam ?

RT @jpdavoust: @andieiamwhoiam @LVNancy education is the true liberals worst nightmare

True. https://t.co/WXLCfzVKjL

#Truth https://t.co/gK8oK05UST

#FeelTheBern #HillaryClinton https://t.co/p4i6Fa48X1

RT @E_wolfa: .@andieiamwhoiam was doxxed by the news. *facepalm* This is just another case to go down in the history of #idiocy https://t.c…

RT @steve0423: Wake up America the toilet laws really aren’t that hard!! #genderdiversity #genderroles #tcot #RedNationRising https://t.co…

ANOTHER Leftist hoax. https://t.co/6KihxY481w

@MsClitoris @E_wolfa @Nettaaaaaaaa Ugh.

RT @Acoatain: @miamidecor @StweetsJesus @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin @Dheeraj8128 https://t.co/oedy8ZDmqk

RT @SheriffClarke: https://t.co/IfdV6XSSyM Obama will spend his final months poking the American people in the eye with a sharp stick. He’s…

RT @SheriffClarke: Locked, loaded and ready to fire. New podcast is up and ready for listening! Libs bring extra diapers! Disposable. https…

@popmplusplus @JoeShmoe1984 @jsavite @SarahPalinUSA I have that individual blocked.

RT @PrisonPlanet: Video: Transgender Anti-Trump Agitator Spits in Trump Supporter’s Face – https://t.co/jV259sPoZF https://t.co/vePPteLgt4

WHY would you have children you cannot feed? Why would you start a family when you don’t have stability? YOUR FAULT. https://t.co/wyqdrSYxtj

How can one understand what does not exist, bigot? https://t.co/M0jbGipdN5

@popmplusplus @JoeShmoe1984 @jsavite @SarahPalinUSA I have her blocked too. Her obsession with me is unhealthy.

@Sniper1T @JoansVox @jeffsafc @ksb78 I have no idea what she is talking about. Bizarre.

@edwardkyle123 lol

RT @edwardkyle123: @andieiamwhoiam People are poor largely by choice. Democracy is a soft variant of Communism. The franchise demands skin…

Harsh truth. https://t.co/rMoCTvtGdI

What a trite existence to define oneself by the color of one’s skin. https://t.co/HAqFpoeErg

Corporations in this country pay the highest effective tax rate in the world, it is passed on to the CONSUMER. https://t.co/iJ4WSTTgD8

@trevor_teague You too, Trevor! Glad to meet you!

74% of blacks are illegitimate. That’s a LOT of shoes to walk in. https://t.co/VK55IxhHWL

RT @txlady706: @MemoPlasencia @andieiamwhoiam I’m white, Jewish, I was a dual refugee from USSR – I have NO family left – YET I’M PRIVILEGE…

Time to bring back the concept of shame. There is no glory in marginalizing your children. https://t.co/12DH05qzLA

@MemoPlasencia @coopernumpy @txlady706 lol

The reason Matriarchies fail. https://t.co/4s14tp3bIY

Walmart was not meant as a career. It is a stepping stone. It certainly is not intended to raise a family on. https://t.co/5YrmxCoaK8

Not here to play semantics games. The Welfare State IS the problem. https://t.co/HU1d1w6hFZ

Sad truth. https://t.co/vG7gnIZwxp

RT @IslamForbids: Rough seas make better sailors .Soft cushions well soft people .@andieiamwhoiam

RT @CaseyParksIt: @andieiamwhoiam the men need to be shamed. The feminist movement has enabled them to be deadbeats.

If you are working an entry level job and decide to raise a family, the responsibility is YOURS. https://t.co/Zwd5o8FUPn

If #BlackLivesMatter when will they end this? https://t.co/DvsuEAaJm4

Alright. You’re just daft. Dismissed. https://t.co/V0lDQLIOaf

RT @1badspade: You can carry that argument over to the immigration crisis in the United states of America! https://t.co/8bfUVi2z39

If this isn’t feral behavior, what is? Leftists are scum. https://t.co/9VN0UX7kFH

They pay peanuts because you are WORTH peanuts. https://t.co/27LusGn39p

RT @_matt229_: The tolerance of the left is overwhelming. Rainbows and unicorns for all!! Let me spit in your face first, though. https:/…

RT @ObfuscateClear: @andieiamwhoiam The new liberal pets, the mentally ill who can’t identify the genitals in their pants, are vile and a d…

You can also be an imbecile. Your choice. https://t.co/ZbJS8BSpo0

Why, it’s almost as if these people who work for WalMart don’t have other options. https://t.co/RGrm0P5KzW

Cutting you off in traffic and giving you the finger… https://t.co/66xSSYoPWB

Liberals LOVE the poor. That’s why they created so many. https://t.co/IkNI1KtGbk

RT @KenSkeen: @andieiamwhoiam Married in ’62, started with $85. Ended running my own corp. Now 75. If you focus and have vision, DO IT! Ken…

@izzipatriot God bless you, my friend. Thank you!

It is a tax, which causes inflation and unemployment. https://t.co/9bd4dk8oUG

@izzipatriot Trying to, in spite of wretched leftists. Thank you.

RT @mcmahon_anthony: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/dfC7lmRdIA

@_matt229_ @pigiron55 @CarmineSabia Me too!

@kyramarat1 lol

I read comments on feral @oliviacrellin’s “story”. None support her. They all support me. She could have 20k followers if she had integrity.

@pigiron55 @CarmineSabia Yes!

RT @KurtSchlichter: No, we should end all welfare. @CamTheWiz @DannyAlberta77 @andieiamwhoiam @lataet

If there is cronyism, the market is not free. https://t.co/ekp1CsgawZ

RT @Marcus_Porcius: @CamTheWiz @DannyAlberta77 @andieiamwhoiam @KurtSchlichter @lataet WORKERS are responsible to provide their living, not…

RT @EleusianMystery: There is an economic law you’re ignoring. The Law of Demand. @CamTheWiz @DannyAlberta77 @andieiamwhoiam @KurtSchlichte…

@MrShikaki @EleusianMystery @CamTheWiz @DannyAlberta77 @KurtSchlichter @lataet JonTron!

@GJCooley @HickoryTaylor It happens. 🙂

But you demanding more than your market value is somehow noble? https://t.co/l6gkNCjaSV

No. You are only worth what those who demand your work are willing to pay. https://t.co/dscZMROPeX

@txlady706 @GJCooley @MemoPlasencia xo

He has practiced extracting his Race Card, I see. Smooth how he did that. https://t.co/lDXHFcLfzI

RT @EleusianMystery: Some workers do not generate enough value to justify paying them that. @Sho2daPan @andieiamwhoiam @CamTheWiz @DannyAlb…

@MarkOkanagan @alphacencharlie @_matt229_ @Sho2daPan Keynesianism.

Why would you take what you have not earned? https://t.co/Lbi0B06AQK

The markets have been unstable. ESPECIALLY under Barack. https://t.co/tSyFTr6dPH

@NickMcClane You too, Nick. Nice to meet you.

I give up. https://t.co/GxYksFg6F1

Now she is a HERO! A SuperMom! Her children’s stability is not even a consideration. Put them on drugs… https://t.co/Cp51hnBabU

Profit is NOT record high. Businesses are holding on to capital in poor growth climate. https://t.co/g0hxCunlGQ

What a beautiful example. https://t.co/z9HOL9PFtz

That is because ObamaCare is a TAX. https://t.co/GucQbiv0Wg

lol https://t.co/vEBRsD6BP4

@SpongeZim Hello, Mario!

@NickMcClane Sorry to Trigger you so late in the day.

Thank you, Breitbart, for telling the TRUTH about me and putting BBC’s Crellin and Wendling to shame! https://t.co/e1QBiu4keb

@NYGoingBlue (((hug)))

@tractorrobby She doxed me outside of Twitter. They cannot do anything.

RT @Acoatain: @LMBigSur @HotNostrilsrFun @andieiamwhoiam @lataet And if you say no, BBC reporter will make sure you’re bullied &publish you…

@Acoatain They never do. Instead ,they attack.

RT @NMarco331: @andieiamwhoiam HOLY SHIT It’s amazing what is happening – we all knew it – it’s coming to a head.

Barack promised to end this war. Instead, he escalated it and has been at war every single day of his presidency. https://t.co/KRQDgvq7qq

RT @Birds_Quest: @OliviaCrellin @realjimrussell @BBCtrending Our overwhelming crime rate in black communities must be stopped, and @andieia…

RT @DaveAtherton20: @TravisBickle60 @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @andieiamwhoiam Yes @MoAnsar doesnt let his wife talk without permission ht…

Yes. They do. https://t.co/Akp8zGyLUo

RT @ryanbreheny4: @andieiamwhoiam this is the BBC… they let this man rape hundreds of children while he was a kids tv presenter https://t…

I know where BBC hacks @OliviaCrellin @mwendling & their families live & work. I will not share it, unless something happens to my family.

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. It hits black communities harder. Their victim’s lives matter. https://t.co/BJJ4kh6byG

@egsuchanek Thank you!

Leftist ferals pushed a false narrative. Nitwits didn’t check. https://t.co/XzmoPbgB0F

RT @cristinalaila1: This is why #1A is CRUCIAL for our survival👉🏻Pegida leader on trial for anti Islam speech🇩🇪 https://t.co/MlR3guPwQ0 htt…

RT @CounterCouncil: LOL the ignorance. If only she’d read @andieiamwhoiam’s tweets instead of the stupid responses they inspire… https://…

Still affects blacks at a higher rate. Black illegitimacy is 74%. White 29%. https://t.co/9OEo1SHIl7

RT @Chiro11Peter: @andieiamwhoiam @ngeAct64 @Birds_Quest @OliviaCrellin @realjimrussell @BBCtrending https://t.co/5ldZi7VC4c

Exactly. Prior to Welfare State, blacks had higher rates of marriage than whites. Now 74% illegitimacy. https://t.co/JTYJRKxR4d

Thank you! Good people saw through the BBC deceit. I have gained almost 2,000 followers. https://t.co/YkUo2SI2ro

Illegitimacy is the core of poverty. Fatherlessness is the core of instability, crime. https://t.co/cfQtQZlx4S

Light always overcomes darkness. https://t.co/M59bWRdiu0

@maul235 Thank you, my friend.

RT @DaveAtherton20: @OliviaCrellin @Manfeelings90 Here’s my summary of events leading up to @greg_a_elliott ‘s acquittal.#DoYourResearch ht…

RT @Nigel__politics: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending the truth is only “toxic” to leftist liars.

RT @true198: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending i read your article and i’m sorry but this is pretty terrible. seems a lot like race baiting n “u…

RT @stang289: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending Leftist Scum https://t.co/yTnXJMn17P

RT @onsafari2010: @OliviaCrellin Integrity means not@ BBC regrdg #AndyPauly. The terrorist mvmnt BLM NEEDS criticism. Not one single woman…

RT @can071782: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews This is a ridiculous, misleading article and you should be ashamed for doing exactly th…

RT @BarryKathyJ: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews why would you post personal information???

RT @Pulpstar: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending Haven’t you errm “doxed” her yourself in that article ?

Yes. It is. https://t.co/mKULULuxjv

@_LucidHurricane @drewjt6 @LeahRBoss @Jenn_Abrams @cristinalaila1 xoxoxoxo

The Left will NEVER silence me, never silence truth. https://t.co/mLI3qeIzR6

Thank you, my friend! https://t.co/iLQYfoAYWI

RT @rowdy_tt: @TheVoiceOfPaulR A few nuts can make ppl believe there’s 100ks..go with your good sense. Progressives suck @andieiamwhoiam…

RT @NickMcClane: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending This isn’t toxic, it’s taking on liberal fascism by any means necessary @andieiamwhoiam https:…

@myrnabob1 You too, Marie. God bless you and yours.

RT @CaptHaddock83: @OverTheMoonbat And this is the BBC journo @OliviaCrellin who did that hatchet job on @andieiamwhoiam. #journalists http…

@JamesRitch1 How have you been, my friend?

I am blessed. Thank you. https://t.co/nNiKXOG9D5

@JamesRitch1 Blessed to know you, my friend. It is good people like you who give me the courage to stand.

RT @B4Realfoo: @rakuenCallisto @andieiamwhoiam keeping people from succeeding. Liberal policies and the taught culture of victimhood is de…

RT @SolaScriptura21: @andieiamwhoiam support us and subscribe to our channel as we support and defend our 1st and 2nd amendment rights. ht…

@VernonBush8 Look who’s here! How are you, buddy?

We need to stand together, now, more than ever. Our country needs us. https://t.co/8qrmXTtnsz

@VernonBush8 I am blessed. Thank you!

RT @sturmhammer: Hooray for 👉 @andieiamwhoiam 👈 👏👏👏👏 @LeahRBoss @BreitbartNews

RT @OverTheMoonbat: The BBC Is Not The Mordor of Cultural Marxism? Yeah, right! #BiasedBBC #SJW #AllLivesMatter #tcot #PJNET https://t.co/1…

RT @JamesRitch1: Well said. Agreed. Standing. https://t.co/AcGa6qezD9

@SolaScriptura21 You too, my friend.

@r0ckeye @CaptHaddock83 @OverTheMoonbat @OliviaCrellin We are better than she is.

RT @ConsTalky: @andieiamwhoiam Thank you my friend and……… https://t.co/qX2y0bYyqY

Thank you! https://t.co/bvUOc6DEPe

@virgehall I appreciate you. Thank you.

Please follow @virgehall . Without her work at Breitbart, the truth would never have seen the light of day.

@Asjw9 @virgehall My pleasure. Thank you!

@jan_marie14 xoxo

“Twitter suspended me, likely over the info I have about this article and the…” — Azzmador https://t.co/L6jOYbeBGI

@Asjw9 I just saw the post on the Breitbart page. Did you see?

Truth always prevails. @oliviacrellin and @Mwendling better PRAY nothing happens to my family. On their knees. https://t.co/p26BfhWn3f

@mlysimonsen We are armed. Thank you.

Thank you! I appreciate it! https://t.co/RFK2oq3wq0

RT @CaseyParksIt: BBC is anti-American, sorry you were caught up in their hatred, @andieiamwhoiam. @virgehall

@Asjw9 lol

Thank you! https://t.co/R0Qfrh7P17

@promo_bob Thank you.

@kari_andel @OliviaCrellin @mwendling I am blessed. Thank you.

Amen. https://t.co/uLX8fz8WQq

@AlRamirez12 I hope people listen to what I say. That is the most important element of all of this.

God bless your daughter. Prayers… https://t.co/KV85m1lPeD

@The_Odd_Asylum There was that time I won the Spelling Bee in my state.

God Bless America! https://t.co/NqJw2srVhx

#WhatMakesMeBlue #ThinBlueLine #PoliceLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter I stand for our brave men and women in BLUE. https://t.co/6sk1PVwDhd

@ramzpaul @OliviaCrellin Thank you, my friend.

The women were removed because they were loud and obnoxious and bothering other people. https://t.co/GDrHjtrPpV

Thank you, my friend. https://t.co/MKbq5P3moJ

@Tolltac It’s bigger than she is!

RT @PatriotBrother: When Is Enough, Enough? #ThinBlueLine #BlueLivesMatter https://t.co/Itpzw82pPp

@FreddyNERM @ramzpaul lol

So grateful for your support. Thank you! It almost makes the calls to my husband’s employer and CPS bearable. Almost.

RT @RNRIllinois: Thanks to Grassroot Outrage Cullerton shelves gas tax replacement. #RedNationRising #Tcot #PJNET #ORPUW https://t.co/WdU…

Even he has more integrity than Leftist ferals like this woman, who called my husband’s employer. https://t.co/tDSbxRdq4V

@lderdr1 Good morning!

UnitedHealth Group: Health Care Company to Cut Affordable Care Act Exchanges in Most States. Obamacare is a DUD. https://t.co/GtMR2K4fZQ

@TomsAllende She began the campaign.

@lderdr1 We are blessed. How are you?

@lderdr1 Rain. Your weather?

RT @Good2bqueen67: .@PatriotBrother B4 the 1st hero ever died! #BlueLivesMatter .@jko417 @andieiamwhoiam @Westxgal @RNRMaryland https://t…

@lderdr1 Well. Thank you.

@TomsAllende We are better than they are. Please don’t.

@lderdr1 Well. Thank you.

@lderdr1 Horrible. Be safe.

RT @KyGrifter: @andieiamwhoiam Obamacare such a DUD, caused insurance cost spike&6 million added to Medicaid. WE GOT HIT TWICE. https://t.c…

Obamacare is the largest tax on the middle class in our nation’s history. https://t.co/eqJw0x5iZU

@lderdr1 Bad news. Sandstorm.

We are armed. I would not hesitate to shoot someone who intends to harm my family. Still, her lies very stressful. https://t.co/DzVlReSBhT

Banks, owned by insurance companies, are the only winners. People cannot afford co-pays or deductibles.No healthcare https://t.co/9P11y1uGw9

RT @daxtonbrown: Hillary and Bernie are both for the $15 minimum wage. Given their economic savvy, that would be a bit much for either of t…

RT @elephantnthroom: They create disturbances purposefully, daring anyone to correct them. Then it’s lawsuit time. They’re not welcome. htt…

Great outcome. The officer committed no crime. It was an accident. The place is a hell hole. Demolish it. https://t.co/U1ZusQcaHv

@waynedsexton @RichardTBurnett Not sure. I will look.

#AkaiGurley was arrested more than TWO dozen times, had two illegitimate children. Officer who accidentally shot him on probation.

@bigbobster75 @SaharahShae @InfidelLizaBeth @sawmilltaters I googled “dog buried alive” and there were thousands of hits. So sad.

@jennifermcfarl4 You too, my friend. Thank you.

Exactly. https://t.co/VrkPN4FrKW

@Edgar_Fisch We decided to go with the Goodman .

His probation is a POLITICAL punishment. Our nation’s police are under fire in Barack’s America. https://t.co/raPr95q52A

The tenants broke the light bulb so nothing could be seen. https://t.co/CyJcSP2oCQ

@MaannostaShines It’s so nice to see you! How are you?

Body cameras have exonerated police over and over again. It seems that arrestees LIE. https://t.co/loRkH1h2T3

It also raises the costs of policing. They can’t keep up with requests for footage. https://t.co/z82KhEqzLb

If he was a decent human being who was married to his baby mama and had a JOB, he would not have been there. https://t.co/gtjnXpCs3c

RT @writingdownpat: @andieiamwhoiam Justice System is broken. Every arrestee has LONG record. Why aren’t they in jail? Why was this idiot o…

It has meaning. HE and his baby mama are responsible for their children’s “stigma”, poverty, instability. https://t.co/O0KNjw0h7i

It was an accident. He was shot by accident. However, after 24 arrests, surprised he was not shot by gangbanger. https://t.co/NAxalmk7QD

@bigbobster75 @Raymosaki I agree wholeheartedly. We do animal rescue.

Did I trigger you, tulip? https://t.co/CDoW36dK5U

Never said that. https://t.co/g10idPT37m

74% of blacks are illegitimate. Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Studies prove correlation. https://t.co/HpeqfiPXeA

@GOPPollAnalyst @HSchmidtHappens All 50 of her followers are breathlessly awaiting.

The Progressive Undertow hates when I make them look stupid. I do it daily. They were triggered. https://t.co/Pa8rhJ1BeH

Blacks kill EACH other, commit 53% of all homicides. Try not attacking police. Only 16% of police deaths black. https://t.co/fBnCQ1GGn6

Children whose parents are not married are ILLEGITIMATE. Is this thing on? https://t.co/YylquLi7Be

Because I CAN. https://t.co/bbOWlBC82w

Illegitimacy. Black illegitimacy 74%. No fathers. Instability and poverty caused by welfare, single parent homes. https://t.co/KhHb4phVyt

Do whites cause 74% black illegitimacy? You mean liberals, who built the Welfare State. I agree. https://t.co/RXa63JoaJt

What does his color have to do with the topic? Bigot. https://t.co/QsYDylhLhR

Accident. The trial was a sham. https://t.co/A6kvebMZzp

Prior to Welfare State, blacks had higher rates of marriage than whites. Now 74% illegitimacy. https://t.co/n6F4y7gH6o

Your race card has no value here, feral. https://t.co/fTswOEskB4

Biggest problem is 74% illegitimacy, commission of 53% of all homicides and highest per capita crime. https://t.co/6Rroa4idmT

He wasn’t much of a model citizen. WE paid for his children then as now. https://t.co/xsEGgGo2CN

Please refrain from behaving like a caricature. https://t.co/QkI5CAhOtl

It was an accident. What part of that do you fail to grasp? https://t.co/zuSXybqO6o

If he was a good father he would have married the mother of his children and paid their way. https://t.co/vJ0rDQ46Zz

Please refrain from behaving like a caricature. https://t.co/vJ0rDQ46Zz

It was an accident. Blacks purge EACH OTHER. They commit 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/njD1Uiz5Am

Yes. Illegitimacy is the core of poverty and crime. https://t.co/6P3v9WvA7v

Lots of felony arrests. https://t.co/MGIdhkCXXL

His death was an accident. https://t.co/kGVVyUf7PN

He was a rookie. In training. https://t.co/L5R4jGTT4n

He was not murdered, feral. Are you threatening me? On Twitter? LOL! https://t.co/uYx4Q1OwlG

Natives have the second highest rates of illegitimacy and crime. There is a direct correlation. https://t.co/lmYT9DtZK0

@The_Odd_Asylum Love you.

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Look within. https://t.co/7grWTQTCoz

I am never concerned about the opinions of my inferiors. https://t.co/SOzRt2FlkQ

My unicorn ran off with my white privilege. Looks like I’m on my own. https://t.co/TUvcYfT9hV

Not blessed enough for your ilk to give them two parents, I guess. https://t.co/ebiaJQWJl1

Because that inner city, tax subsidized, black Matriarchy is so successful. https://t.co/NhCYc6sGIt

Wrong. Blacks commit bulk of crime, only 16% of police shootings. Righteous shoots. Good people don’t worry. https://t.co/uN09cSELh2

Data offends narcissists. https://t.co/yapKSHN6FG

Accidental shooting is not murder. https://t.co/tS1xt5mln1

Accident. https://t.co/MfsD6xkvPW

Precisely. Barack built that. https://t.co/D39elNObgT

Then I wish you well. Crime rates are higher there. Be safe. https://t.co/FhqYKQ34ii

Per capita, more blacks are assisted by the policy. https://t.co/b2O1XJCTEd

There is no pride in being a single parent. You oppress your own children. https://t.co/hDdDBAMCkE

RT @LianneEdborg: @Wiininiskwe @HSchmidtHappens @andieiamwhoiam Have you been arrested ap 2 doz times? That says something about character.…

RT @silentrunning12: @andieiamwhoiam @KinkyHairedTy https://t.co/uzwep4sB3c

@markagallolv @KinkyHairedTy Democrats destroyed the black family. https://t.co/9ajXa1am6r

Sorry for your loss. However, you know precisely what I mean. https://t.co/QmNIhqfpt5

RT @markagallolv: @andieiamwhoiam @KinkyHairedTy yes I know I was being sarcastic, democrats normally destroy people – case in point The B…

RT @IAmWar2020: @markagallolv @andieiamwhoiam @KinkyHairedTy The Left does nothing but destroy. It’s all they do.

@AtlOBrien @BreitbartNews Thanks, Brian.

RT @tboyddmd: @andieiamwhoiam I had not. Activists r so willing to be tools for their own enslavement. 🙄👎🏼

@im4amp88 Doing okay, Randy. Thank you. How are you?

This is worth repeating. Only 16% of those killed by police are black, though blacks commit bulk of crime. https://t.co/7tSQTEmXOU

The Welfare State, born of the Left, is wholly responsible for the demise of the black family. https://t.co/RhA20FGcWH

Criminals are not convicted due to racism? Your race card is overdrawn, kitten. https://t.co/BAnJcUz8EG

She was triggered. https://t.co/rHI7MkcKm0

Truth is a harsh mistress. My timeline is not the Safe Space you seek. https://t.co/xTiJkEoOYX

Barack’s war on police kills not only police, but good people who are now afraid of them because of his lies. https://t.co/Xi32uq8wrA

They ARE bastards. Words have meaning. Your feelings are of no consequence. Why did their parents not care? https://t.co/SVPuD2GY9m

Spoken like a single parent. Black illegitimacy is 74%. It is the core of poverty and crime. I care. Do YOU? https://t.co/q1tJ0hHim7

Exactly. https://t.co/qOuoROhbD5

He was no man. He did not care enough for his children to make an honest woman of their mother. https://t.co/V3Hod7WvOR

RT @sgpeek: @andieiamwhoiam Statistically, children fare better in a 2-parent home. Problem is that society now celebrates the single mom.

@ArthurAngell Thanks. 🙂

Your race card has no value here. I am not responsible for 74% black illegitimacy. https://t.co/hVyFImDRbv

He was NO man. Taxpayers paid for his children then, as now. https://t.co/yH5Y1AGsiq

Liberals constantly attempt to legitimize that which will always be illegitimate. https://t.co/NPnjuBWyLV

Why do blacks have a 74% illegitimacy rate? https://t.co/gSLl7TvsJI

RT @sgpeek: @andieiamwhoiam There’s a fantastic birth control device called a ZIPPER! You keep it UP till your wedding night! (We did.)

The irony. https://t.co/6F7WWFG4Hn

I know this is difficult for you. WE are the parents of Akai’s children. The taxpayers. His death changed NOTHING https://t.co/IMb1QCJ9NG

Who said your race has no value? Blacks commit 53% of all homicides, so look there. https://t.co/gSLl7TvsJI

RT @Marcus_Porcius: @archbernard @andieiamwhoiam Racist = anyone who tells the truth about black culture.

Why are 74% of blacks illegitimate? Do THEIR lives matter? Akai’s own children didn’t matter to HIM. https://t.co/r7GTnXjP9j

Let’s play “Guess the IQ”. https://t.co/hdSOwYR3v8

RT @PrisonPlanet: https://t.co/5pR5upUEEB

RT @dcar205: @andieiamwhoiam Parents, Parents, Parents, Parents, Parents. Gov can’t fix this shit!

RT @CaseyParksIt: @archbernard @andieiamwhoiam being a single parent is not a race 🙂

RT @jagdan2: Finish high school don’t get arrested and wait to have kids when married and you stay out of poverty https://t.co/UMmIWvXMyk

RT @TheOldPoet: @andieiamwhoiam @archbernard saying blacks commit disproportionate % of murders is NOT racist; saying it’s BECAUSE they’re…

LOL! https://t.co/0kfBQGs8vI

@garyhubbell Thank you, Gary.

RT @Rob_McTavish: @andieiamwhoiam @runningforpizza More fake outrage from the SJW crybabies. Sue them back to the Stone Age https://t.co/b9…

@KawaiiSeppuku2 🙂

RT @elephantnthroom: It’s funny how “racist” is the first word out of their mouth. “Racist” is now a compliment, meaning teller of truth. h…

Exactly. https://t.co/Y8o638mnV7

@JimFish56837379 @deathrep I am Cherokee.

RT @tommyseymour2: @andieiamwhoiam @LynnetaM @archbernard The TRUTH always gets ’em andieiam !

@GlennPearl @KinkyHairedTy Hey Glenn!

Liberals claim to love science. However, they ignore that children with both parents present are more stable. https://t.co/jdamwQywMU

Me too! https://t.co/UvrbSHCpFC

Also forensics that exonerated Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman. Lest we forget, fetal heartbeats, as well. https://t.co/JHqshqMTl3

Socialism, Communism, Statism killed almost 150 million last century alone. #FeelTheBern https://t.co/Plv0dfKuT6 https://t.co/0qLWlGxBTA

#BlackLivesMattaer terrorists and Barack are to blame. https://t.co/8E2DdUSdVp

Certainly he can refute it? https://t.co/nyH0bjnfHI

@angelibred @stepheng1500 lol

@lderdr1 Good night, friend.

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/c1PosxWeCd

Blacks are 13% of population, black males approximately 6%. They commit over 50% of all homicides. https://t.co/usSM9wAbnb

@MyroneBusiness I have seen this. Surreal.

RT @common_sence17: @andieiamwhoiam @AnitaDWhitee The socialist party became the Nazi party in Germany, the second S in USSR is Socialist.

Bigoted simpletons like this nitwit do more damage to the black community than the criminal element. https://t.co/c1PosxWeCd

@lderdr1 Okay. Good night. 🙂

@lderdr1 You are kind.

RT @Helen47: At some point the shirkers have to suck it up and grow up: https://t.co/uoviw42XIt

https://t.co/G3UHcqWDuy And I love guns. https://t.co/Z3a4OLvVcm

RT @HelpingLostPets: #cats LOST #Aurora CO,USA, Tabby, Mar.31/16, https://t.co/blFVUMnBXK @poochandclaws

RT @Linnlondon1: RT @stevewightman1: Honoring #USArmy SP4 Rufus Ray Croom, died 4/20/1967 in South Vietnam. Honor him https://t.co/9U00g5…

RT @Lrihendry: .@SheriffClarke is a threat to Dems & the Left due to his resonating message. #StandWithSheriff #tcot #WakeUpAmerica https:/…

RT @LessGovMoreFun: . ‘Truth is the property of no individual…but is the treasure of all men’ R.W. Emerson #UniteRight #RR https://t.co/4…

Why don’t you tell us about them? It should be interesting. https://t.co/qsDZLmt9Co

@DarioWiter1 Nice to meet you!

@Andiepaulysdog @Lesperado1 I have all of those people blocked.

Prayers for Geezer, please friends. https://t.co/3g8MJmDCId

We get it.You’re weak You need a nanny state to carry you. Nevermind that they can’t carry your weight indefinitely. https://t.co/BerR7Tmyxd

RT @NickMcClane: @Lesperado1 @andieiamwhoiam Also, interesting article re: Europe welfare v US welfare…https://t.co/ne6HoCfWv5

RT @NickMcClane: @Lesperado1 @andieiamwhoiam They used to, until hamstrung through gov involvement. Let me use @pennjillette s words https:…

All broke, infested with takers and falling down. https://t.co/ChxJf8DhY6

RT @NickMcClane: @Lesperado1 @andieiamwhoiam Churches & private charities used to care for citizens & it worked just fine til inefficient g…

Why are all Leftists antisemites? https://t.co/d10yEzzH3j

I live in Chicago. Does that make me an expert on its history, economics and demographics? https://t.co/ZTrcqqpvtg

RT @LGambino1: @andieiamwhoiam @Lesperado1 in Feb the PM of Denmark said not socialist but market economy. freebies,25% tax goods/services,…

RT @NickMcClane: @Lesperado1 @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/2ww04CUBei

@jpooleTN Prayers for your mom, Jennifer. (((hug)))

If the Welfare State was effective, there would be fewer on welfare than when it began. However, it just isn’t so. https://t.co/fWI1NeGI84

RT @morabitolee238: @andieiamwhoiam @TarekFatah @asaromson @2ALAW @cristinalaila1 @Steverino74 pls r/t if you like this thanks**** https:/…

Oh. The ol’ “I have a Jewish friend” argument. https://t.co/1qJyEKNAdQ

You don’t care enough to educate yourself on the topic of economics. Eventually, entitlements END. They run out. https://t.co/gQZA7xoprS

RT @Birds_Quest: @NickMcClane @Lesperado1 @andieiamwhoiam If U are on welfare, U are dependent on society, & should not have any say on ho…

#DeepThoughtsOfAStoner https://t.co/7wLQnMxArz

RT @Seamusoffensive: @Birds_Quest @andieiamwhoiam @NickMcClane @Lesperado1 take away vote would be motivation to get off it. Sounds fair

There is motivation in shame. https://t.co/ZWG6rfpFBh

RT @rweddy1: @andieiamwhoiam @Lesperado1 @NickMcClane Liberalism is more about power & control than philanthropy. Socialism is the father o…

@rweddy1 @Lesperado1 @NickMcClane Exactly.

RT @NahBabyNah: Tipsheet: 21st Century Socialism Brings No Toilet Paper, TV, Or Long Distance Phone Service T… https://t.co/hSMXc3Lg9M #R…

@robertoggsp @NICKIMINAJ in what regard?

I am blessed. Thank you, my friend. https://t.co/Ih4ULH9GMd


@moparguy1000 Thanks, my friend. I’m not going anywhere. I’m in it for the long haul.

RT @Ohmaar1: They’re replacing the racist founder of the Democrat party with a Black Republican lady. How awesome is that?! 👍 https://t.co/…

@Fahey9Fahey She is a Republican!

That is EXACTLY what it is, my astute friend. 🙂 https://t.co/TULQ9P9cof

Harriet Tubman to be added to Twenty Dollar Bill. https://t.co/b0JNDdIo3r https://t.co/Pp5GZQc7EW

@danshay7 She was a Republican. 🙂

RT @Jrgreen737: He’ll be on a carton labeled “Apple Juice” that actually contains orange juice https://t.co/B24lTTLwan

@Ohmaar1 @BeauRyker Please. No infighting.

RT @jjduffyusa: @andieiamwhoiam Responsibility is a hard pill for some people to swallow, when the government is giving free rides.

RT @Birds_Quest: @moparguy1000 @andieiamwhoiam I think the harsh reality is most know the truth, they’re wrong & don’t care (like anyone v…

RT @moparguy1000: @Birds_Quest @andieiamwhoiam And they don’t want anyone rocking their safe little world. It’s “I got mine,Fuck You Jack”

@MaannostaShines lol

Twenty thousand followers! Thanks, friends! I am grateful to each and every one of you. Let’s take this country BACK! Stand with me!

@Chuck_U_Farlee xo

It gave me 2k additional followers! More than the author of that detritus has, total. LOL! https://t.co/riw5VRT5ll

RT @NAXALTbro_: #FashWeekTonight Ep 03 is up! We discuss O’Reilly going racial, trans ppl, and the BBC terrorizing @andieiamwhoiam! https:/…

@rebelpatriot23 @FreekHeavydrop Thank you.

Barack’s legacy. https://t.co/St1Bqr629u

I am proud to be a part of such a fine group of conservatives. We are all in this together. https://t.co/zbJjIEIUVh

@warrior_western lol

@The_Odd_Asylum Stand on your head. Now what time is it?

Taxpayer subsidized Kool Aid substitute, laced with estrogen. https://t.co/NQ26O8two7

@AbolishBBC @BBC Grateful to you too.

@The_Odd_Asylum No. No shooting…and put some pants on.

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @andieiamwhoiam We all hang together or we’ll all hang separately.

Someone is off their meds. https://t.co/J0CDvJQCMk

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @andieiamwhoiam Old newsroom saying: “Today’s news is tomorrow’s toilet paper” .. in the case of the BBC the reverse is…

@The_Odd_Asylum Make sure to cuff em’ in that case. Get it?

Bernie stoners would give away their freedoms for legal marijuana. https://t.co/kSUeRx7foC

The UN is nothing more than a Global Socialist debating society backed by US weapons. https://t.co/0cXNbOCftQ

Darwinian in nature. https://t.co/srUYOr71p3

RT @jmethe: @Andiepaulysdog @BobMacAZ @vilevillainess @hugh_mannity @andieiamwhoiam Where are all those people offended by chalk when you n…

@morabitolee238 We learn from each other. That is why am here too. Thank you!

RT @AleksMatza: @andieiamwhoiam Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US!

They are all on Progressive Twitter now, Tweeting with taxpayer funded smart phones. https://t.co/xRe2wpuMZP

RT @warrior_western: Link to where she said that? @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/46YVshd892

I imagine those protestors will remain on the sidewalk from here on in. https://t.co/J0CDvJQCMk

LOL! https://t.co/CeSHq8eyAO

RT @MrShikaki: @cannabisncoffee @andieiamwhoiam @MadameNoire and the people who put the n word on a banana and fag on a cake https://t.co/S…

@XMedGuy81 @jmethe @Andiepaulysdog @BobMacAZ @vilevillainess @hugh_mannity It is.

Single women out earn their male counterparts. Married women take seasonal and part time work. You are a liar. https://t.co/pglMY8O3Af

Do you have a crush on my husband, little man? He’s cisgendered. Sorry. https://t.co/0xMX83acJb

RT @AB_Clipper: Thank you. A fact that supposedly intelligent women and their white knights can’t comprehend. https://t.co/FtX27fk3XW

I just quoted it to you. https://t.co/kWkaWBn2Jc

Ironic they would put a former slave on our Fiat Currency. https://t.co/4KHR9OnCZ5

This feral thinks he will make an example of my husband? This feral is mistaken. https://t.co/P1Sk2r4Jh2

Don’t forget to tip your waiters. https://t.co/39t2p2Fklh

RT @Originalist45: Harassment and Defamation of Andie Pauly Family https://t.co/N9rjQsuyu6 via @Storify

@Originalist45 @Storify I need to add to that. Their harassment has increased.

I’m armed, feral. Thanks for your concern. Are you going to ride your tricycle to my home? https://t.co/RVXjhJlJS8

@TomHerring3 Thank you, Thomas.

Ruh-Roh! https://t.co/mDc4RJ14bI

@guyeronthemoney Hehe!

@NerdGirlCools @cannabisncoffee He knows his place.

It is the internet equivalent of ringing his tricycle bell at me. Ding! Ding! https://t.co/J82SpZ3ras

@CoachJohn20 @1980sfan Leftist ferals stalked me, posted my address, phone number.

Ahahahahahaha! STOP! Or I shall say STOP again! (Spoken like Pepe LePew) https://t.co/rs9HnX6wnq https://t.co/1ifoaxdkAW

@CoachJohn20 @1980sfan Yes. Many, many times. They even called CPS.

Your color? Your avatar is TRAFFIC. Narcissist. https://t.co/9FXUpSL8bm

@CoachJohn20 @1980sfan Oh yes. The woman who did it admitted to it. She is a leftist from NewYork.

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. More whites, total, enslaved, and for longer. https://t.co/wF6sfJwYLD

My race is human. You act as if you are another SPECIES. LOL! https://t.co/q3mQwbX46G

@CoachJohn20 @1980sfan Yes. Moving slowly.

Welcome to the internet. https://t.co/Aa8tFtKao0

This is why you aren’t accepted by civilized people. https://t.co/8lDCAdFFH7

RT @ScottOxley4: @speakthetruth94 @andieiamwhoiam @danshay7 take a breath. Now understand something. Your race only matters to u. Society i…

Our money is worth less and less every day. This is a great way to reflect that. https://t.co/1rCtPmRjgx

Irony. Depicting the image of a slave on US fiat currency. https://t.co/b0JNDdIo3r

Your race card has as much value as our currency, feral. https://t.co/U1wuV192kM

Jackson had better hair. https://t.co/9kWTRyHMAv

You don’t know what fiat currency is. Just say so. https://t.co/GKgNNoNQtV

I should have posted a trigger warning for these ferals. https://t.co/0TnUGsHLFl

21 TRILLION debt under Barack. https://t.co/IwE8pe8S24

These folks don’t know what fiat currency is. Oh well. https://t.co/0OU2T3JSTv

@carrerapulse Thank you, Beauty.

It was 9 trillion. Barack spent more than all president’s combined. https://t.co/WfW0TbCgjC

Harriet Tubman was a great Republican. However, the agitprop surrounding the currency makeover is my concern. https://t.co/Ti9XD3q9Fp

He had a bullet in his chest when he did that. He was in his 60’s! He beat him with his cane! https://t.co/KnQb2k353m

Well, it’s so super duper important for leftists to spend money to remove the founders and replace them with chicks. https://t.co/I2W6YmsQ6Z

I vote he stays on the $20. https://t.co/iu93x6fGvs

I agree. Most of what is said of her has been mythologized. https://t.co/lHCsM2s8YQ

Their reasoning is that the forefathers held slaves. https://t.co/zYJc0cT73w

@Ken_Dye Thanks!

RT @ltngbolt1: @andieiamwhoiam @TheTrueSentinel @WSJ We tend to get a little upset when we watch the foundation of the greatest nation on e…

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. More whites enslaved, total. I’m Irish. PAY ME. https://t.co/O2tBiv41tn

We know how your ilk worships that feral, Assata. https://t.co/VCzaZDa2gd

They are replacing monuments on currency with Women’s Right’s hooey. https://t.co/XWe8Pw1pF6

This is a tragedy, born of Democrat rule. https://t.co/Eb5xphyNL9

74% illegitimacy, commission of 53% of homicides, highest welfare, per capita crime, illiteracy, poverty. https://t.co/2YPfqQokoe

@Ellida_2017 Thanks, Ellida!

Which Founding Father is this? https://t.co/QSuakVyTB6

RT @Pancross37: @andieiamwhoiam “A People Without A Heritage Are Easily Manipulated.” (Karl Marx)

See my other post. They are replacing all the bills with feminist detritus. https://t.co/FkVwDQIPxT

He was magnificent. Ms. Tubman was definitely remarkable but hardly magnificent. https://t.co/3kypP4KFBL

I do applaud you for your efforts. https://t.co/6USECJYmQc

They took white oppressors off our money. You know, the one’s who built everything we have. https://t.co/MTgiHjO54A

and/or getting others killed due to incompetence. https://t.co/kS8HOJLuQ3

Tragic that your color defines you. https://t.co/zixnjUnNVg

They are looking for chicks. https://t.co/uJM9sFYTaX

Facts have no emotion. https://t.co/CdtxBsJtUt

@mmalkavich @carrerapulse I’m armed, if that’s what you mean. LOL!

Is this guy’s bio a caricature or what? https://t.co/SG8tK4dgwj

Mythology. https://t.co/npRdTKMccR

Epic hair. https://t.co/Qb8avC5CVi

This feral is admitting that Progressives are violent and lack impulse control. It’s okay. I’m armed. https://t.co/7cZludR84M

Facts should not have that effect. https://t.co/AliwDEhvz8

RT @lamchop12345: @andieiamwhoiam @IsraeldidNine11 so how many did capitalism kill ????

RT @Boosterz3: @andieiamwhoiam @TheChantalCafe @SoftBunnyFooFoo I forget, which side is it again that’s been rioting, shooting cops, etc?

RT @jbravo26: @andieiamwhoiam @LeahR77 The snowflakes being raised now have not a particle of a clue about what real totalitarianism is, or…

@spacemarshalmsc 🙂

RT @roquetigre: igual hay gente que los sigue defendiendo, sus hijos son los castro, maduro y el rey de corea del norte https://t.co/8wbOnO…

It also exists in prison. Everyone is equal, fed, housed, etc. https://t.co/0Qn8d0YWdm

RT @Pancross37: @LadyConserv @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/I3VzQwhMiU

Have these black/brown people tried not committing crime to see if that helps? https://t.co/dX1ijLF5Kg

An armed black woman with her hand out is how they want her portrayed? Who is this? Assata Shakur? https://t.co/NrjK8veglI

RT @AnJolieLeg: Officers routinely arrest Black/Brown ppl? YES, bcz Black/Brown ppl ROUTINELY like killing each other & other ppl? https://…

With 74% illegitimacy, of course blacks are oppressed…by their own damn parents. YOU can stop that cycle. https://t.co/rIug5fEE88

There is no such thing as hate speech, feral. The only one hurt is your wee feelings. Not my concern. https://t.co/lll3d2V6kg

Corporate Fascism is not Capitalism. This country has not seen Capitalism in a very long time. https://t.co/xuCU54aaPb

Marginalized and oppressed? LOL! This one watches too much television. https://t.co/vwvmyezc5Q

RT @RealFastNova: @andieiamwhoiam Rules to follow w/police: 1. Never pull a weapon 2. Don’t resist arrest 3. Don’t assault a cop. Follow th…

RT @mikej77: @AnJolieLeg @andieiamwhoiam Made 1000 as of today from Jan. 1 https://t.co/FgkkpDQ3p6

Your concern for my life is duly noted. Imagine if you spent that kind of time helping the, ahem “oppressed”. https://t.co/pB7WvueOd8

It isn’t capitalism. It’s fascism. https://t.co/M6piJ9vLUZ

LOL! https://t.co/yPpaw5b1yG

@timt2015 🙂

That never ends well. https://t.co/mWOK4XkxF8

I believe she just did. Share if you wish to validate her existence. https://t.co/5VFnCPdBIP

Correct. Further, monopolies cannot exist without government intervention. https://t.co/NnckqdMHdo

@KittenAmara Are you a law enforcement officer, Kate? If so, thank you for your service.

@KittenAmara lol

@TimTbw1000 Thanks, Doc!

RT @SamuelA25129653: Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal

RT @Tytan01: @Acoatain @andieiamwhoiam @MyroneBusiness @lamchop12345 @IsraeldidNine11 Capitalism allows all to rise if they put in the effo…

Leftist priorities orbit around legalized weed. https://t.co/QD39qKoVQs

RT @jeanniology: Hillary is so stoked she’s probably going to sit up all night in her coffin rather than laying down and closing the lid. #…

RT @helmet2001: @lamchop12345 @andieiamwhoiam @IsraeldidNine11 ridiculous moral equivalence, the US/ Capitalism doesn’t firesquad 150 milli…

He’s dead now. https://t.co/e7stKmb7zw

@GregMerrick1 @anahitazi @TheChantalCafe 🙂

Terrorizing Walmart employees while oppressing Chinese knife makers. Double edged sword? https://t.co/vCsTWUBQkX

@MidnightYell512 I am paleoconservative. I agree with legalization.

Well, it must be true! After all, it’s a MEME! Meanwhile…in Venezuela, they are running out of water. https://t.co/LABRsVAJ3y

@bigbobster75 He was arrested and never seen again.

@Ladybugs96 @WorthAnd He was martyred, I think?

Made in China knife. https://t.co/qau00hoMbe

@bigbobster75 I read he was executed by firing squad two weeks later.

RT @Alexcberenyi: @andieiamwhoiam @AnglosearchNews https://t.co/M4NxFPmZxX

RT @Bass705: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/ESGee9KTfB Check out this video andieiam

@Tornyator Nice to meet you, Tony!

@northtxnancy936 @susantennisfan @Acoatain 🙂

RT @northtxnancy936: @susantennisfan Andie has fists full of facts. Be glad she blocked you, rather than shame you in front of world @Aco…

@GregMerrick1 Thank you, my friend!

RT @NRA: Concealed carry on campus won’t trigger Wild West, will make university safer https://t.co/Ey2Q9bGjcR #Alaska #2A

RT @cdrblm: .@andieiamwhoiam .@JohnNew2015 Liberals always talk tolerance but won’t practice it. Look what he has done to the American cop.

RT @JohnNew2015: @cdrblm @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/x9o5l1DP53

RT @NetworksManager: .@DanBrachel @RedRising11 @andieiamwhoiam Now #BarackObama PREACHING QUOTING MOHAMAD IN #BALTIMORE WTF GOING ON? #DC h…

RT @MadMikeyFlipp: @andieiamwhoiam @SnStStrpSrvivor I love your feed. I may be going overboard. It’s hilarious. 1 after 1 attacking instead…

@mugsaway05 @SnStStrpSrvivor Thank you. 🙂

@mugsaway05 No such thing as too many guns.

RT @slmustain1: @andieiamwhoiam O is a disgrace-everyone knows it, yet the loons are still saying “best president ever”, say anything else…

RT @stoprushfacts: .@AdamBaldwin If you listen to the progressive hordes, we should all just surrender and bend over. No thanks.

@AdamBaldwin @tsrblke @yidwithlid IF they are vaccinated they should have no worries. Right?

RT @Svobodnik1: @glennbeck “Here is the truth:You don’t need me or any politician but we need each other, all of us, coming together as one…

@tsrblke @AdamBaldwin @yidwithlid What precludes them from doing so?

@tsrblke @AdamBaldwin @yidwithlid You admit vaccines are dangerous.

@Lovly2008 Read the entire article I posted. Your race card has no value here.

@Bekki_R_92 Any friend of @warrior_western is a friend of mine!

Grateful for the support of so many good people. Thanks, Adam! https://t.co/7Nra7DXwO4

Please read and share. This could happen to any one of us. https://t.co/63YMFI2IEa

Conservatives who follow me have seen the serious harassment of my family. Not a SINGLE leftist has denounced their behavior. Not ONE.

There will come a day when NO ONE will be willing to teach in these schools. https://t.co/XyBbKPTbZM

Very sad day. Rest in peace, Prince. https://t.co/6dlkbBqoNy

@RealRickyVaughn @drzevetchin Yes they are. Thanks, my friend.

@LookMorris But he could sing, of that there is no doubt. 😉

RT @cynthiaa_so: @andieiamwhoiam true. No one will want to b a cop, a teacher, a soldier. #WakeUpAmerica

@martinjj1807 Thank you!

Thank you for your service, Wanda! God bless you! https://t.co/dOUUeFBtsT

These ferals want privileges, not rights. https://t.co/kkb4Fhkt9M

RT @harper_wanda: @andieiamwhoiam @stevej132 It was a pleasure to serve my countryIt saddens me to see what liberals are doin to destroy it…

RT @NobamaDotCom: @OliviaCrellin A reporter that looks no older than 13 uses her bbc govt job to troll an American Twitterer? Not cool at a…

@lderdr1 Good morning! It is 1:09 pm here.

Dance of the Pope virus is a hoax. It is still a good idea not to click on links from people you do not know. https://t.co/HPJBbD74mY

@lderdr1 Good evening!

RT @harper_wanda: @dcar205 @andieiamwhoiam @stevej132 We have to stick together so we can remain the country that we are. I love America.

In honor of Prince’s passing. My 90’s hair…likely playing his music in the background. https://t.co/SIFVBrE18E

@Conssista @Crusader7771 @KatherynMaeNot If her vagina has a voice, she doesn’t need feminism, she needs a doctor.

@EdGrafke lol

@infrahuman2 🙂 Thanks.

@Sir_Chopalott Thank you, Sir!

@jan_marie14 xo

@Ransoms_Note lol

Epic hair! https://t.co/8lXNpkhsQr

@ChiTownCheese Wait. How did you know? lol

@dwarfFrandguy Thanks, friend.

@highaltitudes Aquanet! My hair is naturally BIG. Gay men used to ask if they could touch it in the 90’s. Weird phenomenon. LOL!

The article is about all the women who will be replacing men on our currency, including replacing national monuments https://t.co/ZgZYGpVmFx

RT @CZabielski: @andieiamwhoiam All consistent with the message that Founding Fathers were evil and Civil Rights activists corrected the ev…

The woman who instigated the harassment of my family lives in Virginia. This is great news! https://t.co/XJzgn5Anhv

@MexAirForceChic Yes. I have already contacted police.

Racial demagoguery. Emotional pablum. https://t.co/i41SDiCeBC

“Here you are all equally worthless”. Best opening monologue EVER. Did you know it was improvised? https://t.co/430lRfnP5O

@lderdr1 It is me.

RT @YiddishNews: Israel: Holocaust surviver who passed away with no relatives in the world, given a funeral by police in Ma’alot https://t.…

@lderdr1 Yes.

@firstsuspension Thank you.

Black teens flee police,in stolen car, risking lives of all involved, drown in pond. Police risk lives to save them.https://t.co/oNTwVrAr2G

Abject lie. Police waded into pond, but were stopped by mud and weeds. https://t.co/Ipj66SJCDK

…and Fathers? https://t.co/EvRhj7pg1d

They already are. https://t.co/PsMywypyET

Students launched a petition calling on KU to fire Quenette after she committed a series of microaggressions. https://t.co/Du3u098mLX

Student killed when attacked by gang of black girls. Another reason to homeschool. https://t.co/U2w8dfteYs https://t.co/VhrOOMcKdi

RT @Roger_Dorn_Clev: @andieiamwhoiam @IPaidforThat You should never let children play Grand Theft Auto. It leads them to participate in the…

YES. https://t.co/BzPvNwe0TX

RT @Ueverthink: @andieiamwhoiam @TBOcom Doesn’t take long when you take no responsibility for your actions & teach children thru that menta…

RT @The_Odd_Asylum: @andieiamwhoiam Can you do me a favor and RT this for Catholic parents (who should home school) … x https://t.co/NuZ…

@annwin77 🙂

@txdad 🙂 Gotta be me. Thanks.

@lderdr1 Thank you, my friend.

Barack will be known as the most divisive president our country has ever elected. Vote smarter this time, friends. We are all Americans.

#RIPAmy A girl is beaten to death while others watch and videotape. This is common in that culture. When will #BlackLivesMatter?

@The_Odd_Asylum No.

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: Hillary Wants Restrict 2nd Amendment With Executive Action: https://t.co/h2VFVGjYdz #trump #trump2016 #tcot #cruzsexsc…

Take your race card off my timeline, feral. BLACK CULTURE. Violence is common in BLACK CULTURE. https://t.co/D99s69HfVx

Blacks have the highest rate of violent crime. If #BlackLivesMatter, you’re doing it wrong. https://t.co/KLyly1gDdC

@The_Odd_Asylum 🙂

Perhaps in your world. https://t.co/VA7XZJsAaX

Black culture. Violence is all too common in black culture. Hence, the astronomical crime rates. https://t.co/l12Ldp6SEb

Yes. It most certainly is. Blacks have the highest violent crime rate in the country, according to FBI. https://t.co/0JW8RBMlgZ

It is NOT common to fight in school. You just made my point for me. https://t.co/mo8Hu1Q0X3

Then refute it. https://t.co/0QmpnJjC4b

That whole impulse control thing and lack of self respect, respect for others… is manifested in her post. https://t.co/mo8Hu1Q0X3

Blacks have the highest violent crime rate in the country, according to FBI.This is manifestation of ignoring truth. https://t.co/Aa3wKv5N73

You claim beating folks up is normal behavior. More like her will die because you don’t seem to know it’s wrong. https://t.co/wMNbbOPtaQ

@Genie115 My stats are national. Though I understand.

Now we know why the girl was beaten to death. Don’t we? THESE people have no self respect or respect for others. https://t.co/scH225hYwV

Fix your collective. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. https://t.co/XeH2RtdEji

RT @Jjc1Jerry: @andieiamwhoiam Blacks are 13% of the population, commit 70% of the violent crime. Why not say it?

@guyeronthemoney @CassandraRules Get that feral off my timeline.

You demean yourselves when you don’t denounce that violent culture. https://t.co/ApA3Abs0yt

Until they are ready to address the unpleasant TRUTHS that I present, this will continue and worsen. https://t.co/6ZPqI5XjAO

They break my heart too. I will not sit quietly and ignore them. https://t.co/8RBcHxB28Q

Great. Then you will stop marching for Trayvon and march for Jamyla? https://t.co/9YB1n4Ocpl

RT @retepger: @andieiamwhoiam @_Jasminelee__a teacher at that school was suspended the week before, due to voicing his frustration about la…

@dart4605 Likely.

There is a bigger problem. I think you know that. These types of fights are not common everywhere. https://t.co/JFBZvziB1v

#BlackFathersMatter https://t.co/QCIuOCFU63

@ianewilliams @lisashe59412707 You live near Chicago?

@ianewilliams I’m here too. Let me know if I can help.

Blacks have the highest violent crime rates, commit 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/cH5yonhLHC https://t.co/CbgtrhQ8hw

RT @PossumAndPintos: @andieiamwhoiam Too bad the schools dont stand behind the officers when they stop this from happening.

@skunkworks00 🙂

Hippies smell. https://t.co/l5UCJE3KC4

Blacks are 13% of US population. https://t.co/tV134slW0r

I am an individual. I don’t have a collective. https://t.co/mqZOVE78r2

That is the latest data. Ten year data has same outcome. Blacks commit 53% of homicides. https://t.co/mBsEqM3zBF

@SteveMNOMALY Very sad.

This innocent black life didn’t matter as he lay in the street after being attacked by a black man. Empty rhetoric. https://t.co/dEuwfJtL71

It’s time police sue the wretched parents of thugs who point guns at them. Slap that bitch with her own race card. https://t.co/04hmfbhhYa

RT @KahnHaman: @andieiamwhoiam @cristinalaila1 Quesion: What happens when a Trans man walks into bathroom behind a Muslim woman while her h…

@jlspokesjr No. 12.6%

@KIR_bigg50 It gets old. Did you see the CIA gave Glen Doherty’s family 400k but these families get MILLIONS. https://t.co/yYGGbLeyBw

RT @Jrgreen737: @andieiamwhoiam @trivialasstina Black males 14-17 commit homicide @ 10x rate of white & Hispanic peers combined. https://t…

RT @NWInfidel: @andieiamwhoiam You can get sued when you raise a vicious dog, so why not when you raise a vicious child?

Wasn’t that way before the Welfare State. Democrats removed fathers. The black matriarchy has failed. https://t.co/VKdQ1wyE3s

RT @Counselor70: @andieiamwhoiam Obama 2replace Fidel Its in song EXCUSE ME I’M FUCKIN Drunk With The Power https://t.co/WiiRgrmLkd WROTE S…

WHEN will #BlackLivesMatter? Several black teens on my TL today, claimed fighting was normal behavior. https://t.co/vQJ1jcbzZM

If you speak for the collective, you also have to acknowledge this. https://t.co/93RMtC7iTg

Women raise emotion led children whom they cannot physically control. https://t.co/cKYg6bjaTa

It’s called HOMESCHOOL. https://t.co/5MhS3pj7de

RT @equitis_quartus: @andieiamwhoiam @ZacBonesteel It IS normal, when violence is the accepted response to all problems.

@Quaziphoto God bless your family.

Before Welfare State blacks had higher rate of marriage than whites. https://t.co/GLyGN3Se5N

Watch this video. He was assaulted, left in the street, then ROBBED as he lay dying. THIS is feral behavior. https://t.co/dEuwfJtL71

RT @DerickMynatt: @andieiamwhoiam @chicagotribune cause no parent should have to worry about their son when they gang bang and try to kill…

RT @JohnNizich: @NWInfidel @andieiamwhoiam because the parents aren’t around until the child dies, or is beaten

lol https://t.co/o84vpNI4Om

Ahahahahahahaha! https://t.co/dNrAawsnWz

RT @FriendDewey: @jerhyr60 @andieiamwhoiam @UnRealNateStorm welfare state designed to destroy the black family to create a permanent underc…

@obamasuxs Thank you!

#RIPAmy A young girl was murdered by UNARMED GIRLS. Now you know why police shoot unarmed people. They, too, can kill you.

Rob him instead. https://t.co/U4SpMpmcWu

RT @ncginny: @andieiamwhoiam This fits the bill. https://t.co/NY7dVEQsi9

Here come the Orcs. https://t.co/WRtiY40Ozj

How about you stop attacking police? Even better, stop breaking our laws. https://t.co/48KE3eWBmm

Now you know why police kill “unarmed” assailants. https://t.co/jkeSgJZJEv

Impulse control. Impulse control. https://t.co/lwWoPbBajl

Next time police shoot an unarmed man, who is far stronger than feral teen girls, remember this. https://t.co/Vz0w7K2kfe

That’s because you’re a moron. https://t.co/gASmd7rGQ5

Those black people were NOT innocent. Find better heroes. https://t.co/5JagZ3QRbN

These ferals just came here to prove my point. https://t.co/plKOFg9ym6

Are you seeing a pattern here among black teens who respond? https://t.co/MxZOCC7yiM

Try not attacking police. That should help. https://t.co/eUwByWpCcn

Seeing a pattern among these ferals? https://t.co/caFclejRTo

They are black. Are they not? Shove your race card up Barack’s executive orders. https://t.co/8lDARHfJ70

Yes. Unarmed does not mean not dangerous. https://t.co/LnNS5RcpUz

We pay for this individual’s education. Sigh. https://t.co/EKMHcN68Ln

These people just came here to prove my point for me. https://t.co/xH2MeZfJ5E

This is how they are. I am just allowing them to roam free on my timeline. https://t.co/He6gXUUKno

BLACK CULTURE. https://t.co/nj9EsBl8vp

Huffington Post. LOL! https://t.co/kRgkSwfjXP

I don’t physically attack people with whom I disagree. I don’t b;lame police when thugs get shot. https://t.co/Ext9drQHL9

Blacks commit the bulk of crime. If they stopped, police would not have to deal with them. https://t.co/ozCI7u9Hfj

Their name is allergic to light skins. https://t.co/S4WHEhxly0

It’s the culture. https://t.co/juQ7mgO0Lv

This is the level of education we can expect in public schools. https://t.co/61Gff4MljS

My children don’t break laws and/or attack police. Raise yours to do the same. https://t.co/F8SLWqJavS

YES. https://t.co/oDFaOFV88F

@im4amp88 We are well. Thank you.

RT @jimmyjokcmo: @andieiamwhoiam @HOOPSHIVE ..I have seen “unarmed” man over power 5 police officers. What should they do?

I sometimes allow the ferals to roam free on my timeline so you can get an idea of who they really are. https://t.co/wWtAvmHCNY

Unarmed does not equal not dangerous. https://t.co/UY9fV6xFdU

Wow. A pregnant teen calling for physical attack. Way to be a caricature. https://t.co/CE9xbdIPN5

Anyone know this feral woman? These dogs are in danger. https://t.co/Nf2IG3B7UU

Don’t attack them and make them decide. You’re welcome. https://t.co/OlSO5m3A6z

If you don’t attack police they aren’t forced to defend themselves. https://t.co/cTbiX3LDQ9

See a pattern among these feral teens? Should I allow them to continue? https://t.co/YoosaoTFi2

No police brutality. Violent thugs killed by police. https://t.co/AqoQNqFT0i

Name ONE. https://t.co/fMOHnFWFPd

I hope I don’t have to see it up close. https://t.co/PehWtrcPdt

How much you wanna bet all his teachers passed him into the next grade? https://t.co/WvYqW5uWDE

RT @IAmJBart: @vote4bev @andieiamwhoiam The only safe place is where a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.

Raise your kids not to attack police. https://t.co/NhRrsHKzhM

You attack a police officer, he has every right to self defense. https://t.co/YWPy7uGvFL

See? https://t.co/1aY3WLwuuR

RT @_UrSoREPLACED: Stfu https://t.co/DgjYeJjUE8

LIE https://t.co/dmOWuaj4ja

Like Mike Brown. https://t.co/SwnqSAsrD7

See how these ferals are? Unarmed does not mean not dangerous, kiddo. https://t.co/hcdRZ5kstq

Police don’t just shoot willy nilly. Try obeying our laws. https://t.co/BkCfnLTIo8

The girls who killed her are vile. People who don’t see the correlation are merely stupid. https://t.co/QNnpuZzhJL

Raise your children not to attack others. https://t.co/qh5O4NqTka

Wow. This kid wins the award for fiction. https://t.co/fKbphhh8zl

You shoot to kill. Follow police orders. Do not attack them. https://t.co/e6EiImIMLL

They hate when the truth is this obvious. https://t.co/t7lNzAR1x7

These little bigots go to school with your children. https://t.co/zT7VvNRN0H

The drug dealer didn’t like police attention. https://t.co/NjBW4WZb8G

I won’t, kitten. https://t.co/xvqoiUWtVo

RT @rosemarylowe105: @andieiamwhoiam @_th0tful_ The police must protect themselves and the people. Period. Don’t break the law then no pr…

Oh. I have an idea. 😉 https://t.co/Ic8V7w0wc6

RT @Yeeeeeech: @andieiamwhoiam The idiot also missed this story https://t.co/mFEzMZmOgQ

RT @montex_65: @OD_with_ME @andieiamwhoiam After 30 years as a cop, the only prejudice I have seen is from street thugs, dope dealers, an…

RT @Hook2ThaHead: @andieiamwhoiam @saculynohtna They don’t have any respect, they don’t respect authority #CivilWarWeHaveNoChoice #NoTrumpN…

RT @FishSniper: Another who watches too many movies. When the decision is made to use a gun you shoot to end the threat @saculynohtna @and…

RT @Donny_Pecker: @jonRserna This is a failure of black America to stand for what is right rather than what is emotionally convenient->blam…

Sure he was. Does your father, your mother’s husband, know you speak to adults like this? https://t.co/D6ahbmKstg

It certainly is the time. Next time you nitwits say “he was unarmed” remember this. https://t.co/gQNWhBo3Lr

Thank you. https://t.co/5oAxTwlYT8

Now you know why “unarmed” thugs are killed by police. https://t.co/S383U8Ru1P

I am seeing a pattern of nitwittery among the pro-violence crew. https://t.co/F6k1hgTSLf

Another one… https://t.co/vIyU5pAXj8

Try not attacking police. https://t.co/UmK0hvPk4G

Police brutality is a MYTH. https://t.co/7P3aogZc8f

Teach your “children” to respect our laws and not attack our police. https://t.co/jdwQPkmbXp

Your race card has no value here. https://t.co/BQ4kRS1lb5

Can it be an intellectual deficit? https://t.co/Q2ws5FQfPF

RT @RealFastNova: @andieiamwhoiam @africasmoon A teen can kill a cop just as dead as an adult. Cops have the right to self protection. #Blu…

Great article! https://t.co/QLUsdrClNR

To educate people like you. https://t.co/940bUPnBtv

YES. As long as I can articulate great fear of bodily harm. https://t.co/RMwzZGx1nm

@GetThemOutaHere Thank you, Paul.

Blacks commit the bulk of crime. https://t.co/lhqP8VlFw6

Try not attacking police. You’re welcome. https://t.co/yuCKxE7KHQ

Police brutality is a myth. https://t.co/0q7yq96HdG

It does to intelligent folks. https://t.co/Wo8w3NhBBS

The Orcs are still at it. https://t.co/MXEVr30EzW

Stop attacking police. You’re welcome. https://t.co/wIGm8SsBrW

Raise your children not to be violent. https://t.co/W8PUvzwvd8

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Try not doing that. https://t.co/SwnqSAsrD7

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides, though they are a mere 12.6% of population. https://t.co/a4ujJkSZLj

https://t.co/cH5yonhLHC https://t.co/a4ujJkSZLj

Unarmed does not mean not dangerous. https://t.co/ECrX35zo6f

Your race card has no value here. https://t.co/YQTtN0lYda

Can someone do an algorithm on these people? https://t.co/ewZdAFcl7D

Try not attacking police. The results are MIRACULOUS. https://t.co/WbjsmJDa4Q

I can’t even… https://t.co/rv8dtizYuG

NEVER HAPPENED. https://t.co/BLqIgS2ql5

That is why police sometimes kill dangerous, unarmed thugs. https://t.co/or4iqAkWZt

This nitwittery. https://t.co/pakP5FoW4r

Police Brutality is a LIE. https://t.co/rnVYSuzuKn

RT @ChinaWhite_: Bitch delete your account are you sick in the head? https://t.co/3TkrFHlEnn

Raise your offspring not to attack our police. https://t.co/Z3BHHhyHMp

Again. The pattern continues… https://t.co/lv4lKYlqN4

Police Brutality is a LIE. https://t.co/AejkuR9813

See how these people are yet? https://t.co/sywuvndhjb

The word is far too subjective. Some consider it brutal to grab someone and handcuff them. https://t.co/r1EJaWoyHW

Let the world see. @Pat_slut @AnissaZahr

Unarmed does not equal not dangerous. Even unarmed teens kill. You’re welcome. https://t.co/8F1xv24Sv4

Are you people all this daft? Unarmed does not mean not dangerous. https://t.co/AXu3qfSGP1

See how these ferals are? https://t.co/kgAEIgH8Kq

LOL! I have 300 comments pending. I could use a little help. https://t.co/UXq7zpX0rV

Police rarely shoot unarmed thugs but they will if forced to. https://t.co/G6DH19c8ku

Police brutality is a myth started by thugs who don’t like getting caught by police. https://t.co/CWwNfuHNqr

They are this daft. https://t.co/9xRf4BjGON

Another reason we homeschool is so “teens” like this have no contact with them. https://t.co/xYUxryo5ck

RT @traceybreck: @andieiamwhoiam @pa55thatversace @CapitalismLover @DyslexicsRUs Resisting arrest IS a crime

RT @AngstyAngelika: @andieiamwhoiam @LeahRBoss https://t.co/IdKfxajVl8

WHO CARES if they have mental issues? dangerous is dangerous. https://t.co/migtnzPdF4

NO. It isn’t. Try not attacking OUR POLICE. Righteous shoots. https://t.co/ostWhBLK10

You people rarely do see what is right in front of you. https://t.co/F6cKP4orCM

RT @jayloe43: @andieiamwhoiam or how many police get attacked by the victims of domestic violence during the on spot investigation

That is why @OliviaCrellin has some legal trouble coming her way. https://t.co/uxYQh8MLuI

Blacks have highest rates of incest. SIXTY percent of black girls molested. https://t.co/pCr413bAkj https://t.co/ukNp1iUyu9

RT @Rae_Cass: @andieiamwhoiam @TobiaAli police brutality is a lie just like white privilege.

Police brutality is a lie driven by folks who hate getting caught. https://t.co/C6UtTZNFny

Facts make these people so angry. It’s like fire. https://t.co/LaeUhR5mXJ

RT @GrnEyeBuzzard: @andieiamwhoiam @bryski_ Think abt it. If an unarmed man closes distance to hand to hand combat w/cop then it is two men…

Pin more fathers to your profile. That is the only thing that will help. https://t.co/aVCuXnEmUd

See how these ferals are? Do you want your kids in school with them? https://t.co/yM9RKGIphM

RT @jayloe43: @andieiamwhoiam does this guy even know how many police get murdered just doing traffic stops?

LIE. https://t.co/YV0qcuw5Nk

RT @cpg2211: @bryski_ @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/3mOo4urZVv I hope someone as vocal as you could do better. Good day ma’am.

RT @Buster3PointO: @andieiamwhoiam Facts are like turning the light on in a room full of cockroaches. They panic and scatter, and ironicall…

Those unarmed girls killed her. Now you know why police sometimes need to use lethal force. https://t.co/f8ptkazkqa

Read her bio. https://t.co/fp31GQLpgY

Try not attacking police. You and your husband need to raise children who obey the law. https://t.co/rmqeVIkJIi

Precisely. Hope your brother is okay? https://t.co/nLJgbLZ9je

I like to let them roam so people can see what they REALLY are. https://t.co/S5V3GS5w8q

Your race card is null and void. Try not attacking OUR police. IF #BlackLivesMatter stop committing bulk of crime. https://t.co/iZDJPwCfL9

Public school or culture? https://t.co/1yPXIKJPXm

RT @Sippindoc: @The_Minoan they are apprentice cake decorators @andieiamwhoiam

I just educated you, feral. You’re welcome. https://t.co/cyHWrO1R23

Of course not… https://t.co/1FontDVARX

How about you folks stop condoning attacking our nation’s police? Don’t pule when they hit back. https://t.co/qbhNnRwa7J

Her father must be so proud. A hoe is a garden implement, by the way. https://t.co/jvUKQ6yADf

I am civilized and respect our nation’s laws and the police that enforce them. You are a feral Trayvon supporter. https://t.co/dreoQgYSZ0

I just gave you the data. You’re welcome. https://t.co/CJbsASWkmD

Yes. Looks like those feral teens killed her without a weapon. Now you know why police are forced to shoot. https://t.co/KD54O1fIam

Then why are people stupid enough to attack them? https://t.co/02MyRDE9kg

WHO CARES if they were allegedly mentally ill? They were DANGEROUS. https://t.co/LkszDACqJW

RT @tbvaughan53: @andieiamwhoiam Because they support that behavior to silence anyone that doesn’t agree.

RT @brooktsmom: @andieiamwhoiam @VivaLaFlo_ Bc that’s how they do things! Now u c how that poor girl was beat TO DEATH! Mob mentality! #l…

See a pattern among these feral teens? https://t.co/GKuYEVxUOX

I am here to educate you, child. Shhhh. https://t.co/YRu2eIrH39

Yes…and overdrawn. https://t.co/rgwHjxeOlI

Do you want your children in school with this? https://t.co/7V5We7CDU4

You brought up incest, feral. I just educated you on the truth. https://t.co/brAQhOzTma

Now you know how civilized people feel when your ilk attacks our police for doing their jobs. https://t.co/ulB6Gn3jjs

I think she agrees. https://t.co/MKavxrWMZN

Absolutely. If unarmed CHICKS are dangerous, then, certainly a grown man on PCP is too. https://t.co/mncm9LD1Mi

RT @laaurennjaee: 😒stfu https://t.co/hPeAvupSyJ

RT @jimmyjokcmo: @andieiamwhoiam @TobiaAli ..Why can’t people follow the law in civilized society? Be right. Don’t get hurt or shot. Easy a…

You enable thugs like Trayvon and Mike Brown. https://t.co/qmoemPsrjl

RT @landrewolsen: @andieiamwhoiam @DazHoop @africasmoon I think having mental health issues is an argument to shoot first. But then I don’t…

LOL! https://t.co/aHAet9irKf

YOU PEOPLE. https://t.co/AoSBaUtyZK

Do you want this person around your children? https://t.co/Q21yGXBnpu

RT @whitespace732: @andieiamwhoiam @TobiaAli https://t.co/6KbsmB4EuZ

Shot a police officer with a taser. https://t.co/inbhm4sglz

RT @TuckOnTheRise: Oh you sick piece of shit. God shoulda took you instead of Prince. Evil bitch https://t.co/85SG4qo2J8

Which is worse? The race card or the stupid? https://t.co/S2ORQYvttF

Is it cultural? https://t.co/3zBZ80Ejy9

They are children. Nothing compared to a grown man on PCP. https://t.co/PNTyjsu64D

RT @lisashe59412707: @andieiamwhoiam @WTF_uLookingAt Rule#1-Dont run from police officer, #2- Dont charge a police officer #3 don’t pull fa…

You too. https://t.co/9HrA4ARxbb

Try not attacking our police, for starters. https://t.co/ShzP7MEBg7

What does the color of those thugs you support have to do with ME, feral? https://t.co/cL5iJIxCtn

She hit her head on a sink. NOT STABBED. https://t.co/3ZaB94GUfP

These people are all this daft. It’s scientific now. https://t.co/HQVFeOMAW5

Don’t attack pour police. You’re welcome. She was not stabbed. https://t.co/6dJZMMCGA8

This feral sees everything through the lens of his skin color. https://t.co/fsWD0UDYmW

None were innocent. Righteous shoots. https://t.co/ZZPPbNGB34

Blacks commit 60% of mass shootings, not including drive bys. https://t.co/AESkE1kDaN

Homophones are hard. They’re harder when you’re stupid. “You’re”. Contraction of you and are. HOMESCHOOL, bitches! https://t.co/5UJlUzAyXV

Try not attacking them. A little advice from the civilized world. https://t.co/tWoQAVxzxQ

Police brutality is fiction. Unarmed does not equal not dangerous. https://t.co/H1p0OUAcN2

Do not come to my timeline without having done research. https://t.co/EZR9ymqok6

Refute them, feral. https://t.co/EIoe669fmR

RT @angelibred: @Ebony_QT @andieiamwhoiam what’s racist about not wanting thugs to be thugs?

RT @Acoatain: @skylar_annmari The point here is that two YOUNG girls that were UNARMED killed another girl @andieiamwhoiam

What a RACIST remark. https://t.co/pGvBxcJY1c

Blacks commit bulk of incest. 60% of black girls molested. https://t.co/pCr413bAkj https://t.co/Tlhy5T3rev

@sherracane Thanks!

It may be something I said. the Orcs are relentless. https://t.co/RfL8opw97d

RT @SigmanJim: @andieiamwhoiam @twiigss I live close to the school. There has been a conscience decision to relax discipline in DE schools.…

RT @xKRAYneC: Die. https://t.co/vYe8vecOGo

RT @Mrfarrago: @andieiamwhoiam sounds like uhsebstian has cognitive retardation https://t.co/CGdRuNPIHK

Unarmed does not equal not dangerous. I will wager an “unarmed” grown man on PCP is far more dangerous. https://t.co/kDv1qtLPSS

RT @daylightdis: @andieiamwhoiam the thugettes who did it should never see the light of day but something tells me they will be dining at t…

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Start there with Black Lives Mattering. https://t.co/JSt9IdOeiE

@JoseBabyBallin1 @burntxorange LUCK

Do they have a signed affidavit from their doctor? https://t.co/Va8CawnU6R

LIE. https://t.co/DKJmVmpeao

YES. https://t.co/EIgAgR3821

RT @michaeldsmith84: Wow! Here’s a pic of the BLM movement rioting over #RIPAmy!!! 🐜*chirp *chirp *chirp @andieiamwhoiam @DixieLand__Diva h…

Does your husband also have the IQ of dryer lint or are you from the Feral Divorcee group who likes to attack me? https://t.co/0uWZtVDIbm


This mentally unbalanced woman claims to be a nurse. Frightening. https://t.co/peJDZLDcs3

@Drgracin @ShinyPenny2016 Friendly FIRE! She’s a friend!

No. She was not. https://t.co/o7atsetQhZ

@NickElson20 @keriRN LOL!

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/urA8m2f9h6

RT @ngeAct64: @andieiamwhoiam @WTF_uLookingAt Is de-humanizing police really the answer? Can the populace be far behind?

I am so sorry. https://t.co/h1sxPq9Dgx

The woman hanged herself. https://t.co/R2w4iONO69

It was an accident. https://t.co/mcePHTDMU5

Tamir had a gun. https://t.co/bOUqPElZIG

@Old_Guys_Rule1 Magnetic personality.

Feral behavior. https://t.co/2cPDIfRZV9

These people are that stupid. They wonder why police have t use force. Look no further. https://t.co/48KE3eEZXM

Take a look at all the people who liked this nitwit’s response. No wonder. https://t.co/48KE3eEZXM

RT @shamshiadad: @powerwave20 @jimmyjokcmo @andieiamwhoiam I wonder if the ones who did this &/or ignored him ever protested cops: https://…

RT @speedingisfun: @andieiamwhoiam @seanstacks23 Liberals make up their own lies and try to pedal them as truth. Beware!

RT @NaslundBJ: @andieiamwhoiam To a leftist there is no such thing as inappropriate behavior, that would require self control & personal re…

Yes. It is ALL homicides. Blacks commit 53% of ALL homicides. https://t.co/KOYnkqIhNE

@GregMerrick1 @bev_bevbabee Tamir was in the park.

My unicorn flew off with my white privilege. I have been on my own ever since. https://t.co/6MhbZHlLoa

Not a single black child that responded to this had any manners. Many had violent responses. Where are parents? https://t.co/MOL8ZXkOft

RT @CaseyParksIt: @Dontizzle_ this is the reaction to the truth when so many lies have been told. @andieiamwhoiam

Many are. It was not only poorly written and researched, she intentionally tried to get us hurt. https://t.co/2TcQ9wNLqz

YOU say those thugs were innocent. https://t.co/yCaaGUJDSG

RT @KittenAmara: @andieiamwhoiam And though a child was the size of a grown man, and at 300 yards? People need to think, and not say “child…

Feral, do not come to my timeline with that nitwittery. Dismissed. https://t.co/WkTEiRY6rn

Brutality is subjective. https://t.co/P6AtE8PJqV

Thuggery is not a color. https://t.co/CjSSUnBrdR

RT @FriendDewey: Fascist Idiot Liberals / Dysfunctional Outcasts … FILDO’s…. Get it… This is the new term to use in place of SJW’s

RT @VivaLaFlo_: ATTENTION CHICAGO TWITTER: find her & beat the shit out of her. thnks. https://t.co/VjD5o3S1rk

LOL! https://t.co/Q46YuQoc0H

@thatboyraylon The block button—–>

I can handle Prince dying but when Mr. Sowell passes I am going to cry like a little girl. Love this man. https://t.co/KmvwIp4Q36

Why don’t the poor stop having children they cannot feed? Oh…and get a job. https://t.co/7w2qBRyRwY

@lobobobcat I said nothing about decreasing the surplus population.

@ronaldmanning6 🙂

@Andiepaulysdog lol

Police Brutality is a myth. Unarmed does not equal not dangerous. https://t.co/uNZI9PZhig

Venezuela running out of water, now rationing electricity. Ain’t Socialism grand!? #FeelTheBern https://t.co/QEyB1J3boR

Try not attacking police. This is pretty basic stuff. https://t.co/m6qktOlG47

RT @djkevking: @andieiamwhoiam 33 murdered while putting their lives on the line to serve and protect the American people. https://t.co/QM1…

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/HyumzWmvnW

@RawleNyanziFTL @t_rex_landshark You too, my friend!

@MagnumGT79 Thanks! 🙂

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam Look up Mr. Allen West! He’s good! https://t.co/PcKBaqu3WX

Name ONE. https://t.co/ueSF05H5wA

No. It’s a symbol of the derailment of the black family that results in violent behaviors. https://t.co/tbQ4ADYFsV

Blacks commit the bulk of crime. Try not doing that and watch police attention diminish. https://t.co/Pfk3dqt5uj

He. Had. A. GUN. https://t.co/lRrQGPxtzh

RT @KCSwain99: @andieiamwhoiam @nihiltimoris Thank you so much! He is fine, despite a major beating. Someone’s fists and legs can be deadly…

@cjolds Thank you, Carol.

I saw this. The way the others were jumping and screeching was utterly repugnant. https://t.co/DAO3xPku3i

RT @sgpeek: @andieiamwhoiam I’ve noticed that proggies react very negatively when presented with facts. “How DARE you counter my point w/…

The vulgarity is a common theme among these people. https://t.co/GiGIBOYgnN

It is VERY common for black girls in inner cities to attack others. https://t.co/VqIwg4N8Vn

@DoctorEuge Thank you.

Barack certainly fundamentally transformed this country. Wretch. https://t.co/Qn3xYctG52

RT @RawleNyanziFTL: .@RMNleprechaun @andieiamwhoiam @1776forever1812 That’s the thing; people forget poor whites exist. https://t.co/mdxnea…

Me too. Me too. I try to pass them immediately. https://t.co/b2qSMrsicr

Another reason we homeschool. https://t.co/ZQjZdcpgCl

@true198 There is no way of knowing. It is solely his mother’s fault. https://t.co/JG9nKrmyxQ

I have never listened to a song by that individual. https://t.co/awcDnkq1wk

Statistics don’t lie. Blacks commit the bulk of crime due to high illegitimacy. https://t.co/KLzuXi65Nl

What culture were they participating in? https://t.co/2YHAQD2gA8

Anecdotal. Blacks have higher violent crime rates. https://t.co/JJ6ivzDMOv

This is what passes for substantive debate among these ferals. https://t.co/QjF2YSMOvt

@true198 Seconds count. It is a tragedy but police did as they are trained to do.

No. Black culture. https://t.co/81kgEz9Aon

Blacks. https://t.co/uy64jfOKrA

Illegitimacy has EVERYTHING to do with it. Fathers matter. Single mothers are the bane of a civilized society. https://t.co/I2G8jjZLi6

They remember me, if nothing else. LOL! t will eventually seep in. https://t.co/jkPnoK0Wr7

Black men rape at higher rates than white men. You are obfuscating the issue. https://t.co/JFDue2M2DC

White men do not rape black women. However, you are running off the rails. https://t.co/5r6bmdIWoC

RT @MarkOkanagan: The best “youth program” is a married, mother and father, with at least high school and one F/T job … https://t.co/beJg…

Because the topic is high black violent crime and the fact that black girls beat a child to death. https://t.co/fZCcc2pC70

@MikePFahey Boy do they ever!

Black girls attacking in groups in these areas is ANYTHING but rare. https://t.co/V0Q1OcSRLc

You just can’t read and are obviously vested in single motherhood. Dismissed. https://t.co/KoNihkAKNZ

The police just harassed him for no reason. https://t.co/AMWcOFnMpt

It isn’t great for your children, narcissist. https://t.co/R8wCqw0sKo

Not ideal. Illegitimacy is the core of poverty, instability and crime. https://t.co/O2DZJy3cxz

Disgusting culture. https://t.co/7VXEfGbi8W

I will just leave this here. She’s all yours. https://t.co/zylK4W5Zf6

RT @Allephemeral: @andieiamwhoiam @teamamerica2016 Democrats celebration of BLACK THUG CULTURE killed that girl! @monicacrowley @morning_jo…

RT @PatriotBrother: I Support #REDFriday! Remember Everyone Deployed Until They All Come Home. #WeSupportOurTroops https://t.co/3OGm2XP…

RT @phred47: @andieiamwhoiam @LorMarie Her is a story about 3 mothers and former daughters who had no fathers in their lives. https://t.co/…

@true198 He obviously did a great job. God bless you both.

#BlackLivesMatter? Really? https://t.co/mDedaiEbil

I remember when gay activists asked “How does my gay marriage affect YOU”? https://t.co/nZxNrT5tec

@WalshFreedom How is his brother so normal?

RT @WalshFreedom: I have a radical proposal: let’s make the entire Country a “free speech” zone. Come on, what do ya say?

RT @CaseyParksIt: Thank you @RahmEmanuel and Mike Madigan for the savagery. @andieiamwhoiam

Assata is a feral who killed a police officer, was imprisoned, then fled to Cuba. https://t.co/3dPBWyxpbn

Like that whole lie about police brutality when some wretched thug is shot? https://t.co/xOwPfmVe3b

Police come to where they are called. All. RIGHTEOUS. Shoots. https://t.co/dL4yRPUXQE

Black people kill each other because of…racism? What a nitwit. https://t.co/khK2YhZWYe

The feral bitch was tried and sent to prison. Your opinion means nothing, beta boy. https://t.co/r7AvMYd7D0

This effeminate, weak chinned beta condones the murder of a police officer by a feral Black Panther. https://t.co/7MyTjW5kWi

Which is fiction. https://t.co/vRQX5aIpnk

Police have a right to defend their lives. https://t.co/LilwCIN8md

Did I stutter, beta? https://t.co/Az9H5QkL2f

They don’t even matter then. These ghouls WANT folks to die so they can exploit those deaths for personal gain. https://t.co/fFCnYthlrd

No. A pellet gun is a WEAPON. It was a colt 1911 replica. https://t.co/M1rctcNgqJ

@BolickCarl @Kings_Habit1 @MrShikaki And drive on our roads.

Why does this photo keep crossing my timeline? Who is this? https://t.co/QYPAgJ7fmU

Single mothers raise emotion-led offspring whom they cannot physically control or discipline. https://t.co/BAuo62tACo

RT @INFA_LLC: Dont raise ANY weapon to Law Enforcement and there won’t be any problem! #KnowledgeIsPower #INFA https://t.co/mLVZRxZzoM

Don’t commit crime and watch police attention diminish. https://t.co/XH2yCsONXu

The feral will be hanged for her crimes. https://t.co/lFR1SGJKf5

Instead, Tamir Rice’s wretched mama was granted millions. https://t.co/wWLavB55KS

RT @sgpeek: @andieiamwhoiam Andie! Were you using FACTS against a feral proggy again? Now, young lady, I’ve TOLD you that they’re ALLERGI…

Their parents could do it…wait. https://t.co/IBcGycVmo7

RT @WickedPatriot: @andieiamwhoiam Reminded me of this Andie https://t.co/K5g42EqgCx

RT @OklahomaAdam: @bev_bevbabee @andieiamwhoiam I dare you to rely on your ability to tell the difference as a police officer. https://t.co…

The only form of institutional racism in this country is that of affirmative action. It is high time to end it. https://t.co/rllc6cc9KJ

Blacks commit the bulk of mass shootings. So common, it doesn’t even make the news. https://t.co/39xjmTMyws

What do you expect from these pencil neck geeks? https://t.co/VbdpZe0oY4

DAMN skippy! https://t.co/csSqQFUiwb

There is a 2 million dollar price tag on that feral’s head. https://t.co/65msOUVbrq

FUCK Assata. Hang her by her neck until dead in the spot where she stands. https://t.co/Ngbf9kgxkN

Rest in peace, sir. https://t.co/wjRo6Nb5we

Absolute falsehood. Rice was a righteous shoot. https://t.co/7xp3T6KIOF

Eliminating the 74% illegitimacy rate among blacks would nearly end black crime. https://t.co/HNlWj7AK0m

@NaNaGsFunkyJunk You too, my friend.

I think most civilized people would just be happy to see Assata dead. https://t.co/0VWEsN1zwZ

THAT is a question for the ages… https://t.co/gywC2bLc5C

There is not a police officer who would agree with your assessment. https://t.co/nIE6s6Wbds

Loehman was a damn good shot after all. https://t.co/jb2WN1ykHR

You’re right. They should have allowed an armed man to continue to assault folks at the park. https://t.co/MxMKtmXSus

Hindsight being 20/20 https://t.co/3fZntc6KZ3

RT @USAgenda22: @andieiamwhoiam Two greatest causes of poverty: dropping out of school & young single parenthood. https://t.co/aNb4WiMsyf

I do. All the time. His administration is also a case for ending the practice. https://t.co/7Bxm8wogdE

https://t.co/db2tsZXtc9 https://t.co/zuA8YD4h4g

RT @Pancross37: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/xcwcUt7ITy

A pellet gun is a firearm. https://t.co/fTbgsBk5FP

THis is true. https://t.co/Gm86mYEDfW

@gak_pdx It was a split second decision.

@gak_pdx I get that. However, police were called to the park because he was assaulting others. Not just police in danger.

@gak_pdx We cannot second guess their judgement.

RT @YodaLoco: @andieiamwhoiam it doesnt matter if its a ham sandwich, if it looks like a gun and the police perceive a deadly threat, its a…

Airsoft guns are used in hunting. They have killed people. They are weapons. https://t.co/QtmXDYgJSu

@gak_pdx I still disagree.

Deputies tried to wade in but too much mud and plant growth. https://t.co/G6ccDSpQsa

RT @beautyqueensoho: @andieiamwhoiam Obama speech with Cameron today I heard him say “Collective” 2 dozen times is anybody else’s Marxist…

RT @Louis2M2: @andieiamwhoiam You can train 24/7, but when someone points a gun at you in a real life/death situation…human nature kicks…

@gak_pdx If they were there, I would give them credence.

https://t.co/mjQczDTeyE https://t.co/Txbj7xaSSI

As Marx said “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. https://t.co/JGGjAHiw6D

ACCIDENT. https://t.co/Yck3JvTbBi

RT @KahnHaman: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/zx527nfRX4 and https://t.co/KLYrDP7mzl

@gak_pdx I understand and agree. However, I will not stand in judgement of the officers, as I was not there.

See “Clowrd-Piven” tactics. https://t.co/Fs5ytRTnRJ

@FriendDewey @bev_bevbabee Technically, it is not a firearm, but it is a lethal weapon.

He’s a damn good shot. I hear he’s also been practicing. https://t.co/NUFGn5D9r1

This woman is glad Assata killed a police officer. https://t.co/xwnpURnvf3

We are sponsoring a child in this area through Compassion International. So are grateful to be a part of this. https://t.co/Sq200q8guO

@JustinKleiner83 Thank you.

The only one we got! Racism and sexism at its core! https://t.co/A1b2gvE8IO

If you ferals were actually concerned about your own children, there would not be a 74% illegitimacy rate. https://t.co/AdvVxt4DOa

This is why more blacks shoot AT police but police are killed by whites more often. https://t.co/ytpvJDbeim

Assata escaped from prison. That feral will hang. There will be NO retrial. https://t.co/0Klfmg3MvM

RT @Acoatain: @andieiamwhoiam People are so enraged in just attacking you, they ignore every single point your making. Often falling for th…

This is my trolls trying to get my attention. https://t.co/WuMXzITnXf https://t.co/Tdtw8YCAYS

Because …feelings… https://t.co/4ki7jrwkio

#FeelTheBern #HillaryForPrison https://t.co/DZ67TCheKq

Shut up, Barack. they can pee at home. You have more pressing issues to attend to. https://t.co/nIIBkKFXTE

So…they should allow thugs to shoot them? Get outta here. https://t.co/w5hDGhRZOT

LOL! https://t.co/8W4JKa22aT

Great data about black serial killers! https://t.co/5dKgYq0B8E

RT @equitis_quartus: @andieiamwhoiam @allentomes Ah yes. Wishing for a dead officer, then beg LEO’s to find the killer of her “good boy” wh…

As long as you have opposable thumbs to pull a trigger, you are just as dangerous as anyone else holding a gun. https://t.co/hZtK9vqOmp

@beautifulsavag2 He was being silly.

This is what the Leftist feral was doing before the debate. A step up, I guess. https://t.co/TOqPTUUhFQ https://t.co/T4vZqZ0dkm

ALL those issues begin at home. The absence of a father is the core. Add fathers, the rest will fix itself. https://t.co/T1q2ScLL0c

RT @DerickMynatt: @andieiamwhoiam @AP this tells all you need to know about the ppl who wants men using a bathroom with young girls https:/…

Perhaps those ladies should have behaved like civilized human beings? https://t.co/FJg9jVe6WK

Kid, monkey, Opossum…anything with opposable thumbs. https://t.co/yUdbr32O2C

Someone shot in the leg is still a threat. Also, legs are small targets. This is the real world, not Hollywood. https://t.co/SB1HvbdxTd

I hope that cat pees in the photographer’s shoe. https://t.co/Kf7ntiL1qR

RT @skyler12388: @Tytan01 @andieiamwhoiam Yep, but whn ur life is on the line and seconds to decide, perception is key. Don’t look like a t…

Me TOO! https://t.co/IqxMwFmsIf

Frankly, most public restrooms are biohazards waiting for victims. LOL! We avoid them. https://t.co/ibGAlYq3OO

RT @Louis2M2: @andieiamwhoiam A better question is…why can’t people obey the police and/or not point weapons at them?

End the Welfare State that subsidizes the failed black inner city Matriarchy. Give those kids their fathers back. https://t.co/KcBt92mMTp

Bankrupt coal mines,people out of work, men in the ladies’ room, #BlackLivesmatter thuggery, Religious sanctions, insurmountable debt.Barack

If you are willing to point a gun at a police officer, prepare to die. I am okay with that. https://t.co/e1SAvabKrk

Rest in peace, sir. https://t.co/zWAbS0hdel

It was actually higher. I was surprised to discover that. Likely because blacks lived together and not interspersed https://t.co/1jCavGIYeM

RT @humehumanist: @pmojh3 @Kings_Habit1 @MrShikaki @andieiamwhoiam black people have been told they can’t succeed so often, they have start…

@TheCypressGang From Breitbart? Did you see my pinned Tweet?

@TheCypressGang 🙂

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. MORE whites enslaved by far & for longer. More rich blacks. https://t.co/0QjVxMHqf4

@Andiepaulysdog @MexAirForceChic @BowiedipDe Is she ill? She is no friend of mine but she does not look healthy. Is she okay?

Barack is attempting to divest this country of English Common Law. https://t.co/fJWfdhiAar

Risking their lives in hoods to save hardworking black folks from thugs. Then getting no cooperation. https://t.co/UMHbwPvay4

The officer was shot with his taser. He will walk. https://t.co/SSFoKFOIja

https://t.co/I8dKXy2spB https://t.co/f9y3cX6SM3

https://t.co/XruHfoDqwV https://t.co/f9y3cX6SM3

Tennessee v Garner and Graham v Connor. https://t.co/XruHfoDqwV https://t.co/pqosK99oiM

The world deserves to see the enemy close up. I let them roam. https://t.co/0OAqfQbLoz

@albradley71 @Tytan01 The wires were in his pant leg.

@DamitdaleDw Thank you, my friend.

@morabitolee238 🙂

I am just going to leave this here. https://t.co/7GeS52WYvb

Just like the thugs they are forced to shoot. https://t.co/PZqWXqemSp

No. He should martyr himself, of course. https://t.co/ANTe7ukcvP

@Quaziphoto lol

@mtntallpaul @OklahomaAdam @rodgeeg @Tytan01 @bev_bevbabee Yes, Paul, Graham v Connor is relevant.

Your demagoguery sullies your judgement. https://t.co/gWr0r4gp9a

RT @USMC_Razorback: @OliviaCrellin Olivia, I think Breitbart put the story into context. Why did your editors say the truth is “boring”? ht…

I’m sure she means THANK” the Patriarchy. You know, for everything she has. https://t.co/6A5ydXCunZ

@mtntallpaul @OklahomaAdam @rodgeeg @Tytan01 @bev_bevbabee Paul, it refers to use and escalation of force.

This feral thinks I am afraid. LOL! https://t.co/bxBVdK48VG

Shaun was recently fired. https://t.co/Bn4MeDEqG9

@mtntallpaul @OklahomaAdam @rodgeeg @Tytan01 @bev_bevbabee 🙂 https://t.co/LTV53Te2IN

53%. https://t.co/uBG9kWPzKk

@TruthAmerica1 @bev_bevbabee I am so sorry.

@morabitolee238 Shaun King is a black lives matter leader who was caught plagiarizing.

@OklahomaAdam @mtntallpaul @rodgeeg @Tytan01 @bev_bevbabee Really? lol

@mtntallpaul @OklahomaAdam @rodgeeg @Tytan01 @bev_bevbabee It’s a great article. Apparently, we both thought so. LOL!

Astonishing! https://t.co/1iE9TDEmWM

I advocate shooting Mr. Scott. Very much so. https://t.co/9OxPoaIv6T

This is a typical response from these people. https://t.co/LZTkh0vg4V

RT @HomesickCajun: @Fedupwith_pc @bev_bevbabee @andieiamwhoiam True. Still, don’t point it at anybody. You get one chance, to make a first…

I posted three videos. He shot the officer with his taser. Righteous shoot. https://t.co/vE88yvmO1V

RT @FriendDewey: @Tytan01 @albradley71 @DrewKalocai @andieiamwhoiam So then you agree that if they point it at a cop the cop is justified i…

@dynamicdana64 Right back at you, Dana!

Higher standards have ZERO to do with self defense. https://t.co/SDciqiMusn

@rodgeeg @Tytan01 @mtntallpaul @bev_bevbabee lol

@hedeen89 @SpcbassA @GenKittVonKnox That is one thing that will get you blocked. What kind of savage hates cats?

Had to go to emergency room last week. Third World conditions. ALL supervisors are women. Incompetent. Say NO to affirmative action.

@hedeen89 @SpcbassA @GenKittVonKnox Hate is a very strong word. I think what you mean is that cats are better than you. No?

@hedeen89 @SpcbassA @GenKittVonKnox Aren’t we all? We can never live up to our pets.

@FriendDewey @Tytan01 @albradley71 @DrewKalocai Not too much more you can say.

The officer moved the weapon from a public path, then later put it in his pocket. It was attached to him. https://t.co/M9ktHlAnJH

As a woman, I find affirmative action to be patronizing. It calls the abilities of women into question. https://t.co/KhIOsTX8Sj

@FriendDewey @Tytan01 @albradley71 @DrewKalocai lol

@Mrjake08 A migraine. Thank you. It was a doozy.

That is why we leave policing to the professionals and not armchair experts. https://t.co/tV1QTAyqWF

@Louis2M2 Horrible, filthy, disorganized. Spoke to about 5 women. They basically said, “sorry, you’re right but we can’t do anything.”

These ferals can’t read. https://t.co/2wT2HQvP7n

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam Got this from @CosmosLeaseExp I knew you’d miss it and didn’t want you too! https://t.co/IMW5mIt409

@FriendDewey @JackAnderson75 @lyz_estrada Quick! Run to your portable safe space! https://t.co/UpALHbWbav

RT @TheCypressGang: Psssst @bbcworldservice you might want to read this. One of your new hires @OliviaCrellin seems to be a SJW nut. https:…

RT @TheCypressGang: #andiepaulie @OliviaCrellin @BBCBreaking @BBCNews @BBCWorld publishes ‘hit piece’ via @BreitbartLondon – https://t.co/B…

@TheCypressGang @jsavite @BreitbartLondon She wants it so bad!

Yes. I have several other videos if you need them. https://t.co/gj52orm5xH

@HalleyBorderCol @Tytan01 Graham v Connor.

@Acoatain @Tytan01 https://t.co/I8dKXy2spB

RT @Acoatain: @Tytan01 @andieiamwhoiam Wow. Andie. 20 years of my life was a fantasy because no one transports and really does those jobs

RT @keith1865: @TheCypressGang @andieiamwhoiam @bbcworldservice @OliviaCrellin Crellin is abusing her position on MY money extorted through…

RT @Acoatain: @andieiamwhoiam My world for 20 years was based around 1 book. The NARP. https://t.co/d7BNT4QI5r

EXCELLENT point. https://t.co/GgVgbRh8fU

@Ebolamerican The leftwits had put all they had into the BBC article. LOL! It totally backfired on them.

@GregMerrick1 @Tytan01 @HalleyBorderCol He is out on bail, finally!

@speedprayers You too, my friend.

@MichaelGervais9 @rodgeeg @Tytan01 @mtntallpaul @OklahomaAdam @bev_bevbabee Maybe just a finger.

Wow. Thank you! https://t.co/24hfRHg4wE

Why is it that every time a thug is shot by police the taxpayers are forced to pay their wretched families millions of hard earned dollars?

@DONALDJOY Good to see you!

RT @cristinalaila1: In honor of #EarthDay I present to you one of @algore’s mansions he heats & air conditions year round #ClimateFraud htt…

This is a crime. https://t.co/JoxJcrCpdd

@OliviaCrellin is going to cost them a great deal of money. https://t.co/vXLQMopQu8

@HalleyBorderCol @Tytan01 @GregMerrick1 He threw it behind Slager. Slager thought he still had it. See Tennessee v Garner.

THIS is why Officer Slager will walk after being forced to shoot Walter Scott. https://t.co/IsuEfKHFC0

@ReginaD83 Thank you, Regina. These people have no integrity.

@HalleyBorderCol @Tytan01 @GregMerrick1 Yes.

That feral had better PRAY nothing happens to my family because she published our address. https://t.co/Q8TIJaWAkt

It’s OUR money. Why do we allow it? https://t.co/lOcLdGWeQ6

Hillary Says Zimmerman ‘Should Have Never Had A Gun’. I am glad he did or that thug Trayvon would have killed him. https://t.co/Wa30OA2Lmm

I see RACISM and it looks like DEMOCRATS. https://t.co/V5MXHw8vBW

The leftist ferals harassing me thought this was going to be their victory. It showed the world what THEY are. https://t.co/SCsvKsSHqf

The women her husband raped should, though. https://t.co/Si6NO47TWt

Why is that? https://t.co/uxmWsM7WKX

RT @Andiepaulysdog: @MexAirForceChic @bill_sketch @BowiedipDe @andieiamwhoiam lmfao https://t.co/qFYblsUggB

It is very clear in the video. Slager will walk. https://t.co/jg7L0QESuJ

RT @CommonSenseGuy2: Who in their right mind would put a family in such a position just because you disagree? Stupid & sicko😞 https://t.co/…

RT @HalleyBorderCol: @Tytan01 @andieiamwhoiam The video does appear to show that one of the taser wires is in the officer. https://t.co/McG…

@brushyblue @pingrava If they harm my family because @oliviacrellin sent them, they will get much worse.

I support George Zimmerman’s right to self defense. 100% https://t.co/qI0MIdw6jv

@brushyblue @pingrava @OliviaCrellin Be safe.

It is a political show. https://t.co/ENENTn917z

These weak chinned beta boys are all exactly the same. https://t.co/nhq1sUvOo0

So many good conservatives. https://t.co/dhwaf0YuPA

Nope. Just like Zimmerman had a right to shoot Trayvon and Officer Wilson shot Mike Brown. Self defense is king. https://t.co/DIxd5ktzUq

@jaudybeverly1 lol

He was at close range with taser in hand. The shooting was warranted. https://t.co/zlX1amDVYs

He had every right to ask that thug what he was up to. Not stalking by any definition. https://t.co/RiHkmr6udG

@kencsmith5 Thank you! I will look on Amazon.

@kencsmith5 Looks like fiction?

RT @Eddie_Paul85: More cowardly left wing labeling a conservative ‘racist’ W no evidence @andieiamwhoiam good for @BreitbartNews telling th…

Exonerated. https://t.co/x1TNC0UNgq

Typical. https://t.co/gMhTsLw99P

Mike Brown was a justifiable shoot. No doubt. Even Barack couldn’t spin it. https://t.co/li6Bhjv2eV

Yes there was. He was not on duty that night. He was headed to the store when he saw the thug, Trayvon. https://t.co/WquZzkcJWW

Your feelings are not my concern. A violent, predatory thug was killed in self defense. https://t.co/ohJLX8ofBn

Your avatar is a cartoon, nitwit. https://t.co/GOiv9wVLyu

Methinks his tinfoil hat is too tight. When you video a crime your phone is EVIDENCE. https://t.co/5MxMGN8VA7

Mr. Zimmerman DID call police. The thug attacked him as he waited. https://t.co/7Y8BrtDl8V

LOL! Now we KNOW you know nothing of Mike Brown. Dismissed. https://t.co/iQ1zmfbp5T

I would have shot Trayvon under the same circumstances. Did you see Mr. Zimmerman’s head? https://t.co/yyOQo9C6gz

@JamesVonMaxwell You too, my friend!

@JamesVonMaxwell LOL! Enjoy the weather.

Bingo. https://t.co/zzTkn8MkaM

Because of Barack and his #BlackLivesMatter thugs. https://t.co/eFGkcXgqtQ

They are going to start showing ultrasound images…but then leftwits would be okay with killing them. https://t.co/245eKjFD0f

This is very common. https://t.co/7X4716kpCx

RT @id_gray1: @andieiamwhoiam – and on another topic I’m disgusted that he’s over here poking his nose into our EU referendum!? Butt out, h…

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. https://t.co/cjDf4vxvPJ

Liberals hate science. https://t.co/GuTQLtXIyg

He shot the violent predator who was trying to kill him. https://t.co/dlcsMxSUlw

The feral had Skittles for his Drank. He died in the commission of two violent felonies. https://t.co/S7pUj4BlnA

Those thugs killed a girl with their bare hands. A grown man on PCP can do much more damage. https://t.co/77sXduv5If

RT @ImGregCook: Yep. We enjoyed it. Thanks for lending us your clown for a few days. 🙂 #FuckOffObama https://t.co/q5aYi4adTO

@FreekHeavydrop @ImGregCook @sheralynlouise lol

It’s about time! @JohnDAnthony76 https://t.co/gMFQd3E2iA

RT @Heritage: Not only is there no correlation between increases in gun ownership & homicides—the relationship in fact is negative https://…

Fail. https://t.co/04OXBLbuSi https://t.co/hgpn1h4uEz

You people need to have some respect for life and for our nation’s police. https://t.co/6fvrWile5D

@HalleyBorderCol Sabotage Bernie by protesting Trump?

Get a dictionary. Trayvon made his choices. Breed smarter. https://t.co/fGoY3g3BRB

RT @MuskieRA: .@andieiamwhoiam Facts are counter-revolutionary. Reliance upon them indicates an oppositionist disposition, in short an unre…

Once he attacked Mr. Zimmerman, they BOTH had a gun. https://t.co/KTYIxgLwVE

@DrJimboMac Thank you. We are armed.

The man was dangerous. I have seen the video. He was able to move the cuffs. https://t.co/1fCrecDxG1

Your race card has no value here, feral. Raise Ben Carsons not Trayvons. https://t.co/SipJUNLPiC

RT @gazillionplus1: @AndreCruz1995 @STAHPRAHHN @andieiamwhoiam Do you even HEAR yourselves? The IDEA of a PHYSICAL fight should not even o…

RT @darrelanderson: @andieiamwhoiam his autopsy showed the liver effects of long term addiction to codeine. 3/3 for Lean…

No. He didn’t. https://t.co/EmEQCP7Tzm

RT @Eddie_Paul85: @andieiamwhoiam @JesseicaT there it is again, you have a different opinion than mine, your a racist. I can’t articulate w…

RT @HalleyBorderCol: @clarkbay1080 @andieiamwhoiam @Tytan01 :). Glad to hear it! Long video, but this is kinda sums up effects of #BLM. htt…

Trayvon would have been tried as an adult for his felonies. He was a violent predator. https://t.co/PprBGpvAbB

Oscar Grant was an accident. NEXT! https://t.co/AprB2OGAVy

His dad’s baby mama. They weren’t married. Trayvon was dropped there by his mom, who hated him. https://t.co/dKAgskgGHz

Like Venezuela? Nitwit. https://t.co/ZQwYIrbyaS

RT @SherriBergan: @sbhouston60 @gwfrazee @andieiamwhoiam @Natire2u @vma182b @Jonley_Grin @OORAHPICS I hope there’s more us than them😨 https…

Black males between 14-28 are the highest violent crime demographic in the country. Getting younger by the day. https://t.co/Caj1FC8qFf

Trayvon was a righteous shoot. Of course he called police a lot. He was Neighborhood Watch in a high crime area. https://t.co/TQvgwAZLk7

Exactly. His life was Hell. His dad was a gang banger and a playa. His mom had NOTHING to do with him. https://t.co/p1hFTcTs39

RT @HalleyBorderCol: @ExperiHolcomb @andieiamwhoiam no, not quite. https://t.co/KR9LE82nGR

I am constantly amused by jobless children who think they have a handle on how the world works. https://t.co/mUFUk5Yy6x

Trayvon was a righteous kill. Moral of the story? DON’T be like Trayvon. https://t.co/25LG2Dwafk

No. He was in between buildings. Reason his family did not sue civilly is because the truth would be known. https://t.co/iwjJlfa1yX

RT @ufeellucky: @andieiamwhoiam Older gangsters used younger 1s to do the violent deeds. Why? Tests their loyalty & receive a lighter penal…

Barack actually Droned two American citizens. https://t.co/1SZM9nHIMw

Who attacked an armed man and died. The end. https://t.co/mejYq2smQ0

RT @Loubie1130: @andieiamwhoiam I think it’s fear. Fear of social unrest, negative publicity, loss of govt funding. These are all viewed…

RT @blumpeee: @limonpoker @andieiamwhoiam @iLikeCaliDonks @91Onc Sweden and Germany are capitalist economies.

The more you nitwits makes excuses for Trayvon, the more Trayvons there will be. https://t.co/iwjJlfa1yX

RT @jihadaeon: @andieiamwhoiam Hands down the Best Coverage of That incident @BillWhittle pulls no punches https://t.co/UJ1C2nQfoo

I know everything there is to know about the Trayvon attack. I studied it for hundreds of hours. You are wrong. https://t.co/YtiLuchQ0q

RT @jihadaeon: @andieiamwhoiam Chicago Kid at 12 Same Kid at 16 Weeks before Cops Killed Him MSM Cropped Out his Gang Tatts. https://t.co/…

Hey guys! We have a new friend among us! Please follow! https://t.co/BCkhBbYLih

@MichaelSmith024 @HarroldWSmith @morabitolee238 He is not a criminal.

It’s stupefying. Trayvon can’t be a violent criminal because he had Skittles! https://t.co/Aoss5UyQq0

RT @nvestrs: @ExperiHolcomb @andieiamwhoiam Forensics showed without a doubt that Trayvon was shot while above Z, while helping Z’s head hi…

This nitwit knows ZERO about the incident. Dismissed. https://t.co/2zCIYmwsGd

@B4Realfoo Likely. I read something that crossed my TL but I don’t go looking for him. LOL!

@StuartLittleUK I appreciate that. Thank you.

You ever notice that kids carrying broccoli never attack strangers? https://t.co/611TV41Cw2

We are all George Zimmerman. Self Defense is tantamount to freedom. Barack and his #BlackLivesMatter terrorists won’t change that.

There are more of us every day, friend. https://t.co/GerP7XxR6s

RT @NWInfidel: @andieiamwhoiam Just a child… https://t.co/1BzcgF1W9o

RT @NWInfidel: @andieiamwhoiam James Holmes loved him some Twizzlers. He also killed 12 people in a movie theater. How is that possible??

RT @StuartLittleUK: @andieiamwhoiam Glad to hear it.. We are suffering the same disease as you guys in the States..It’s called Liberalism..…

@NickElson20 @ExperiHolcomb lol

Exactly. https://t.co/7m6X70XBRg

Can you understand where the violent culture stems from now? NEVER any responsibility. https://t.co/Y57UPtb6Nv

These people just make it up. https://t.co/r6fr6yw3HP

Dispatch is not police. Zimmerman did not follow. Feral attacked him. https://t.co/fsBhjzyX0m

Trotskyism. https://t.co/sQukXbyTzO

RT @StuartLittleUK: @KyGrifter @andieiamwhoiam Michael brown is the poster boy for Obama’s America

Your race card has no value here, feral. https://t.co/GOlps7ZeDl

That race card. https://t.co/C1g8XPFl9f

RT @KyGrifter: @andieiamwhoiam @StuartLittleUK Done. https://t.co/wu5q8JY5qU

If Trayvon’s parents showed him as much attention when he was alive as they do now, or the money, he’d still be here https://t.co/pwq90Hgx3d

Your English teacher needs to be locked up. https://t.co/slkhJq9juj

RT @darthtweeticus: @mynamesjordan1 @andieiamwhoiam The race card is all they have Andi.. They themselves are worthless without it.. It now…

She could barely speak English. Vile human. https://t.co/DWh2FGNmWe

They have the collective IQ of wilted lettuce. https://t.co/JvtCmmfIuX

This feral is a disgrace to the uniform. Can you imagine having to serve alongside this? https://t.co/HKZ4gyC4yP

@darthtweeticus What? lol

This is the filthy woman who called CPS to try to have my child removed. https://t.co/2n0ZgPZkxO

@Jesse_sDad That is a photoshopped photo of me. LOL!

@Jesse_sDad LOL! No worries.

@abutler04 What is your obsession with me, manchild?

@_matt229_ They tried so hard, though. They get a TROPHY!

@Jesse_sDad They sure showed me, though. LOL!

This is a common sentiment, sadly. https://t.co/GmoLuEUTYd

@Jesse_sDad Weird. Twitter unfollowed you. I KNOW I was following you. It’s okay, it’s technically not me in the photo.

@MarkMizzouSteel @HSahinen @NightmarEclipse @abutler04 @darthtweeticus I have nothing to do with that photo, Mark.

@TomWilson38 @Tytan01 I don’t have a television but I have seen clips online.

Sir, you posted a photoshopped image of me. I have no idea who you are. Please refrain from such behavior. https://t.co/0XKFXkH6wi

@MarkMizzouSteel @HSahinen @NightmarEclipse @abutler04 I believe he was responding to the photoshopped image of me. He doesn’t need to.

I am allowing “tolerant” Progressives to show the world what they truly are. https://t.co/G70iXPwpqp

@abutler04 Thank you.

@angelibred @HSahinen @darthtweeticus @abutler04 I blocked her long ago.

I just post what interests me. I block them. They stalk me. It is odd. https://t.co/thApj0NuSQ

@uca79 Take care, my friend.

@angelibred They all do. She is the one who called CPS.

You don’t have one at home? https://t.co/WQWHoNQoNC

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @andieiamwhoiam We don’t have this problem in NYC..deBlasio has made it legal to pee in the street,any time, anywhere

RT @Patrioticameri5: https://t.co/r0WPiO8k0r

@MarkMizzouSteel @abutler04 I have these people blocked. Because they disagree with my politics, Ms Sahinen called CPS. Look at their TLs.

@rickypauly @ACLU @TIMEIdeas So is he.

@bigbobster75 lol

I thought this was an Onion article. https://t.co/dokw7iBslY

Fiction. https://t.co/98mR4VKuWs

RT @WordsMeanThingz: @andieiamwhoiam @gentlemanirish Leftists believe that reality is what they wish it to be.

But wait. These violent animals are just children. https://t.co/qRRJtN6c6d say they are incapable of hurting anyone.

RT @TheLastRefuge2: Bumper Sticker Of The Day… https://t.co/TAkWlLEtt8 https://t.co/keMQ42bYFp

Initially, I did not, but they stalked & harassed me and my family. I post it now because I am not afraid of them. https://t.co/zaAcHuua5R

I believe most of my harassers are mentally ill. https://t.co/IXMy182vzh

I have all of them blocked. They call my husband’s employer, even CPS., news agencies, MY MAYOR, come to my town. https://t.co/iFhRjS96KH

Another CopWatch beta. https://t.co/VDr10DqZHP

RT @Old_Guys_Rule1: @andieiamwhoiam @uca79 good for you. I am afraid of crazy people. I don’t want to have to mess up my house with their b…

RT @zappin_liberals: @andieiamwhoiam they wonder why some don’t reveal who they are. Those lefties are psychos.

These people are unwell. That is why they are blocked. You saw how they photoshopped my photo. No reasoning. https://t.co/sSOhaw8I6f

@James65566585 @ACLU @TIMEIdeas https://t.co/o1aGJnKlbF

RT @cycles13: @Tytan01 @andieiamwhoiam @jdirish5oh @albradley71 @newsone . I trained cops for over 10 years. Handcuffed is still a threat j…

Vile people. However, I love it that our enemies don’t get along. They are so fractionated. https://t.co/akqtRUZC5T

What a REVOLUTIONARY concept! https://t.co/qGvPHl3Rw8

RT @GaRebel_1973: @andieiamwhoiam @ACLU @TIMEIdeas https://t.co/pF40wrYPdW

Same here. https://t.co/lAoHTEzJGt

@Mdpdollar @Acoatain Friendly fire!

@marcmcgaugh1975 Hiya! How are you?

@marcmcgaugh1975 Well. Thank you!

@abutler04 @darthtweeticus The photo is photoshopped and used by your friends on the #andiepauly hashtag to attempt to shame me.

Thank you, Debbie! https://t.co/SEZpUHBytd

@marcmcgaugh1975 No. Sorry! I was taking care of my dogs.

Awesome! https://t.co/RI7Midjyxx

@abutler04 Feral is a behavior. It means undomesticated. I am sure you have seen people behave this way. It is a descriptor.

@HenryEvans4 @abutler04 @darthtweeticus He actually seems like a nice man. I think he was fooled by the original poster.

@abutler04 Yes.

RT @marcmcgaugh1975: @andieiamwhoiam I did see all that last night about unarmed people can still be dangerous. Our special forces make a h…

RT @scrowder: Think N.C. evangelicals are intolerant? Meet these Dearborn, MI Muslims! FULL VIDEO >> https://t.co/IDZg8J5AiS https://t.co/8…

@marcmcgaugh1975 You don’t have to!

The problem isn’t guns. It is inner city gangbangers. https://t.co/lJKeJSORxM

RT @luxorgroup: @andieiamwhoiam @healthandcents https://t.co/4z8bCHV1Ft

Inner city mass shootings happen DAILY. Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. It rarely even makes the news. https://t.co/ZeUVGX3qO4

Black males between 14-28 comprise 6% of population, half are law abiding 3% of population commit 53% of homicides. https://t.co/TtYr3QmE1w

Barack is the first female president. https://t.co/hfhZq5MF6u

RT @WhiteWizaard: @andieiamwhoiam @DyslexicsRUs Over 1000 shot in Chicago https://t.co/PXEY4hcyLI basically a War Zone https://t.co/4qocpFx…

Michelle Obama behaves and dresses like a rapper’s wife. How much did she spend in plastic surgery? Entertainers. https://t.co/yuZCy9IdPn

The majority of serial killers in the US are black, contrary to media hype. https://t.co/8n7ZZW7MLq

This is how these ferals are. Do you want your children in school with this guy? https://t.co/y2LerLoiTT

Wrong, feral. Police kill more whites than blacks. ALL righteous kills. https://t.co/DuARzFUHwp

Many mass shootings, I’m afraid. When these thugs shoot, they empty their weapons, with no regard for any life. https://t.co/artqko6PUJ

List of black mass killers. https://t.co/VBEyukFqd4 https://t.co/mKWnFWfjN2

Thank GOD we homeschool. https://t.co/OSKfn6bdtE

When these people stop these behaviors, they will see an end to police attention. https://t.co/iibKKIHM1K

RT @m41359: @andieiamwhoiam Blacks kill FAR MORE blacks than police do, where is blm when this happens???

Do you have those numbers? https://t.co/G6h5yaBPUr

Blacks commit the bulk of crime. We WANT police where the crime is, silly. https://t.co/Sqpgr0oapf

Police shoot deadly threats. Raise your kids not to be threats. https://t.co/UY9fV6xFdU

Thank you, Deb! https://t.co/xyJAGEfPrW

These are the men Barack wants in our restrooms. Liberals are VILE. https://t.co/zZotMueZRW

RT @OneTonTurtle: @andieiamwhoiam @tracy_trinity https://t.co/e31El3rrBM

These are facts liberals don’t want to see. https://t.co/MhcOjQjYrN

Liberals screech about diversity while practicing segregation. https://t.co/LhDfyPyVJn

Blacks. It’s blacks. Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/ko7jFZTgKn

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Now you know how dire it is. https://t.co/OmGnn3EF3n

FBI data. https://t.co/gKyZWCufCH

It’s pretty basic. They shoot because they are angry. Not too much thought in it. https://t.co/00eiEAc8OK

Yes. It is. I just educated you. https://t.co/8Q9jxpR7js

Only if you’re a moron. Are you a moron? A grown man is on PCP is far more dangerous than these feral teens. https://t.co/WAmF1JCtvp

12.6% https://t.co/EDlI0gaOoj

Trayvon? He died in the commission of two violent felonies. https://t.co/LFDi0JjVaB

Try not committing the bulk of crime and polish attention will diminish. I PROMISE. https://t.co/PpjrCEVutI

RT @Birds_Quest: @tracy_trinity We need cops in every crime-ridden neighborhood, regardless of race. @andieiamwhoiam only points out where…

https://t.co/a5Lvn8kGms https://t.co/1h4EMqbSk2

If those feral GIRLS killed someone a grown man can too. Sit your wretched ass down. https://t.co/McQ2Kh3V8Y

Your race card has no value, here, child. If blacks stop committing the bulk of crime, police attention drops. https://t.co/rAidlM5yA8

RT @disspat: @andieiamwhoiam It’s pretty staggering when you realize that blacks are only 12.3% of the population, yet commit 53% of all ho…

Blacks commit the bulk of crime.Trayvon was a violent predator who DID deserve to die. His skin color means nothing. https://t.co/1JwnHykm67

Blacks commit the bulk of crime. Always have. Try not doing that. https://t.co/1g9UV2zd8t

RT @pysih: @andieiamwhoiam @___DRxch Fishermen go where the fish are. Police go where the crimes are being committed.

That race card doesn’t work here, jackass. Trayvon died a FELON. A violent FELON. https://t.co/1osVfnlrfr

I already did. Blacks commit 53% of all homicides, though only 12.6% of population. They stay BUSY. https://t.co/VTaP65LKAJ

74% of blacks illegitimate, closer to 90% in inner cities. DIRECT correlation to poverty, crime. https://t.co/3qH2J9WEvk

FBI, feral. Do NOT come to my TL unprepared. https://t.co/a2WEPX2RT1

@RayAtwood @WayTooBlunt Thanks!

THIS is what we are dealing with. These ferals LIONIZE Trayvon. Therefore, there will be more Trayvons. https://t.co/P8mtIIjwid

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/cH5yonzmza https://t.co/9yxV5U9Wlm

I just schooled this feral. They always run away because black lives do not matter to them. Never did. https://t.co/JCgkcFWFcL

RT @StanO360: @andieiamwhoiam Simple, it’s 2am, your car breaks down. Where would you rather be? Inner City or Suburban areas? Any race or…

Here you go, feral. https://t.co/DgUrpVwRPX https://t.co/n0D73MRxWy

I allow them to show the world what they really are. https://t.co/YxsmRp5C6B

The irony. https://t.co/ZiwIPn7T6b

That race card. It doesn’t work anymore. https://t.co/G4OYngG4FM

Your race card has no value, nitwit. https://t.co/Vfq2cbbzar

They REFUSE to cooperate with police. When Mike Brown attacked Darren Wilson, they called the MEDIA, not police. https://t.co/Bqs9bbn41W

RT @pysih: @___DRxch @andieiamwhoiam Show me the white neighborhoods complaining about police brutality after criminal activity.

Do you want your children in school with this feral? https://t.co/uvstmBMx2B

RT @robertslaczka: @andieiamwhoiam @___DRxch sorry I am from PA and listen to the scanner and hear the hell the police go through. Has not…

I care more about you than you do. Why are 74% of blacks illegitimate? Why do blacks commit 53% of homicides? https://t.co/5bo5X47Qny

Feral is a word, feral. It has meaning. You are quite feral. Indeed. https://t.co/dUGMucpeTS

If FBI data sends you into such a spin, perhaps you should work to change it? https://t.co/zlFGNikJYu

Barack’s America. https://t.co/TMEKRvjagS

This feral asked for an incident of police killed by a punch. I gave it to her. Her response. Why we homeschool. https://t.co/kyAbcOcmuo

RT @pysih: @___DRxch @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/CwtRCN0O3q

Proving that when I use the term “feral” to describe these behaviors I am spot ON. https://t.co/usV8w77wf0

RT @GautengNigel: @andieiamwhoiam @racistanc Interesting, whenever a black cannot win a debate with a white, you are a ‘racist’

Mass shooting. https://t.co/K9kNBkORGg

#Blessed https://t.co/HrTLaMZvbb

Another mass shooting. https://t.co/Ls56Ysfr5K

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. More wealthy blacks, per capita. https://t.co/DCLeXDXZ9y

You have the mouth and impulse control of a feral. Your color is irrelevant. You are uncivilized. https://t.co/SuRVmUUBKv

Oh. Barack’s FBI data is made up. https://t.co/thOtDKyr8f

RT @09000gjs: @OliviaCrellin @BBCtrending @BBCNews @andieiamwhoiam Still standing by your lies & deformation then Olivia? https://t.co/gbaY…

Blacks shoot up schools DAILY. It’s not a contest. IF #BlackLivesMatter , then change it. https://t.co/090gurBvWj

Facts really offend some people. https://t.co/rQb3uXzBRX

@drumhellor lol

Papa, they are 12.6% of the population. https://t.co/iL5huJzldN

Why do blacks commit 53% of all homicides? https://t.co/ZZ6meKgYrk

Hey Hey! https://t.co/jMWiBBnC64

Yes you are. https://t.co/thmdcMjrem

If black lives matter, why 74% illegitimacy, high rates of child molestation, murder? https://t.co/cRccQTUIEY

74% illegitimacy. Core of poverty. YOU oppress yourselves. https://t.co/WbIIjhC6Yl

Facts have no emotion, little lady. https://t.co/Tx3I3ojo50

If you do not wish to garner police attention, it would behoove you to not engage in behaviors that require police. https://t.co/momlvWO2ry

@Loubie1130 I have the numbers. I will share.

This is why you are doomed to failure. Personal responsibility is key. https://t.co/Ldw8Jj0oxL

@cainfam22 @WienerGate2016 Thank you.

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. MORE whites enslaved. I’m Irish. PAY ME. https://t.co/I7PLuz6NYT

Did I trigger you, bunkie? Is that what has you down? https://t.co/S8inoZfith

Blacks oppress themselves with 74% illegitimacy. It is the core of poverty. YOU can change that. https://t.co/aOZt4M6dEi

I just told her to refrain from committing crime if she did not want to elicit police attention. Her response… https://t.co/Bga1XJZ8ii

Police brutality is a LIE. Blacks commit more crime. Ergo, blacks garner more police attention. https://t.co/ArUbSDuDzu

Oh, you have PLENTY of jackasses. https://t.co/4Dl0mjCfZC

@NTCC_DavidLloyd Thank you. It is important.

I am half Cherokee. Funny, how I don’t whine and pule as you do. https://t.co/qL4SiVrAlw

Your race card is not a valid form of currency in this market. https://t.co/42EBOqvNjG

RT @LegaracciFOH: Whites were the last to enter the slave trade. And the very first to abolish it. You owe EVERYTHING to them @jayoncexomee…

Yes. They do. I provided FBI data. Brutality is subjective. Criminals merely do not like getting caught. https://t.co/fGeChBKmOa

Raise your children not to commit crime. Marry their baby mama/daddy. You’ll be fine. https://t.co/n1aUlk8fJ6

Don’t attack police and they do not need to escalate use of force. Comply. https://t.co/Qp0Ij0aF12

RT @OneTonTurtle: @YaasssQueen @lilfernleaf @andieiamwhoiam Teaching kids to resist police is exactly why they get hurt.

RT @reachout2015: @andieiamwhoiam @jayoncexomeeka https://t.co/mYygr0wYny

Your feelings are not my concern. My timeline is not the safe space you seek. https://t.co/acSVEoz3hB

RT @Gman5000000: @LegaracciFOH @andieiamwhoiam @jayoncexomeeka https://t.co/7kPeMjMSaJ

Cry me a river. More whites enslaved than blacks. More black slave owners than white. https://t.co/rHj4zYu80b

You came here, feral. Black commit the bulk of crime. It is not up for debate. https://t.co/mL9miNUUip

It’s like she sees power in weakness. https://t.co/O0Ss86sF18

Blacks commit the bulk of crime. I provided FBI data. Dismissed. https://t.co/yc94i53jGf

2014 data here…please learn how to read charts. https://t.co/cH5yonzmza https://t.co/W3Rx8hrX2E

@MyroneBusiness @jayoncexomeeka @LegaracciFOH LOL!

The ferals who killed their daughter are DAMN insensitive. https://t.co/zvD2Wbatc4

Learn how to read data. Your racist comment is duly noted, feral. https://t.co/cH5yonzmza https://t.co/SJBYDjiY5W

$21 trillion debt, more police shot, religious persecution, men in the ladies’ bathroom, higher crime, unemployment. https://t.co/MYkwsvMTwV

RT @spacecadetniko: .@WayTooBlunt @ebolajulius2 @andieiamwhoiam @Seriously_Dick Rapes can be faked. Homicides not so much. https://t.co/…

RT @spacecadetniko: .@andieiamwhoiam Study: Black Lives Matter Wrong about Police https://t.co/4jfSeh5WPA

@terrboz @WayTooBlunt @Seriously_Dick Hey Boz!

@trumpyogi @WayTooBlunt @ebolajulius2 @Seriously_Dick That changed in 2014. Did you see?

RT @RealFactsMatter: @andieiamwhoiam You want to fix a problem, you have to target the root of the problem. That’s in DC

RT @Christo64255952: There it is Andie, a liberal called you “RACIST”, as they had nothing to back their argument. You win 😉 https://t.co…

RT @FoundersSeceded: @andieiamwhoiam @E_star92 @retepger @NickElson20 There is a constitutional right to insensitivity called Freedom of Sp…

RT @RealFactsMatter: @andieiamwhoiam @HillaryClinton @BernieSanders @tedcruz @realDonaldTrump NEWS-FLASH: Google (( HR 569 Bill )) to cri…

I post facts in hopes that the truth will set us free. https://t.co/wRpxf6w4Q7

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Further, you posted 2013 data. I posted 2014. https://t.co/FWg4Hf3Tli

EXACTLY. https://t.co/okitWDacAu

These ferals attend school with your children. https://t.co/elniQMmhCH

Blacks are 12.6% of the population, whites 68%. https://t.co/EN05NgaTIZ

Blacks are 12.6% of the population, yet commit 53% of all homicides. Refute it. https://t.co/yc94i53jGf

It is a myth. https://t.co/cG4D7tz3tO

Blacks commit the bulk of violent crime, per capita. They commit 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/1SssgKHWlt

Ahahahahahhaaha! https://t.co/26iCbQXAmV

Unarmed does not mean not dangerous. Like the feral girls who killed the teen. https://t.co/FizMng3l4C

Tamir’s gun was REAL. The idiot in the desk fell when she reached to hit officer. https://t.co/BpGqBZsqm3

Unarmed does not mean not dangerous, as these ferals proved. https://t.co/0LgV7BYB75

No such thing as police brutality. Blacks commit more crime per capita and 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/zsqA8g4MJ0

RT @barefootpoet107: @andieiamwhoiam actual police brutality only makes up about 0.01% of all police/civilian interactions; almost same per…

They don’t. However, iff you are stupid enough to endanger a police officer’s life, he/she has the right to defend. https://t.co/xPvUoxQcNu

RT @proud_american1: @lilfernleaf @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/YaVaueqx8q

Mythology. https://t.co/AqRORrgKfm

An angry, racist child is not the one to discern. https://t.co/cyho1UH9mO

RT @thejoeywhalen: @andieiamwhoiam @WayTooBlunt Here’s a novel idea how abt not resisting arrest?! If ur n the wrong,you’ll b ok. If you’r…

@otanderson 🙂

An accident is not brutality. She stood in front of a violent offender. HER CHOICE. https://t.co/Ykl5SFoMbx

Prayers for this Chicago police officer who was forced to kill a violent offender. #BlueLivesMatter https://t.co/v3qztvMGHM

RT @PigGrease: H.Res.569 – 114th Congress (2015-2016): Condemning violence … https://t.co/OkBQnrRggF › 114th-congress @RacySicilian @ISIS…

I am so sorry. https://t.co/lJDB9hrarP

She should not have put herself in front of the violent offender. https://t.co/aebRxYg0Xa

@RealFactsMatter @submx8ch I think he was being silly.

RT @spacecadetniko: .@mtntallpaul @WayTooBlunt @ebolajulius2 @andieiamwhoiam Pretend it’s a party: 100 invited 100 hamburgers made 12 ppl…

RT @JerryBarr7: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/YE9VCq03gv

Beautiful! https://t.co/YlLD69q5a8

She made her choice. https://t.co/2Xa2hiMY3Z

You simply did not like the answer. Stop thinking like a victim. https://t.co/xli904QQuy

RT @danshay7: @AnJolieLeg @andieiamwhoiam many are praying for you and family.we are very sorry you lost your dad.God bless you&yours😟

I wonder what boob lady thinks about abortion? Pretty sure I know. https://t.co/nV9jW1r6el

Black male attempts to attack police with bat. Police shoot, woman stands in from of violent man. She dies. https://t.co/06sDBx2W6y

https://t.co/UnwommTbVg https://t.co/EIjcU7HWUF

Play stupid games… https://t.co/7FgmjsqEtx

Wait. There are other foods besides chocolate? https://t.co/ToLUFnl6tB

RT @thatsmyright: @andieiamwhoiam @WayTooBlunt @Seriously_Dick No family structure No father figure No discipline No respect for authority.…

@OkieVision lol

RT @PatriotBrother: Go Ahead. And Run… He Loves Fast. Food. #WarriorK9s https://t.co/RVdAHnMbDk

Hands/fists/feet etc are 4th most used weapons of homicide.More than ALL long guns.Unarmed does NOT mean not lethal. https://t.co/pgUBzMjdMU

@OkieVision I shared that. Thank you, Jean!

The #BlackLivesMatter nitwittery about unarmed people being murdered by police has to be shown the door. https://t.co/ZwqrzsaSVb

@MuppetV2 lol

Straw man. https://t.co/9qLiZWBl13

RT @warrior_western: night patriots! @LeahRBoss @Conssista @ak49conservativ https://t.co/fwXW6deYMK

Now for something completely different! 19th century Louis caned, gilt XVI settee with Fortuny fabric. Craigslist! https://t.co/fghpP5NedT

@spcwriter I’m here now! LOL!

Three black teens, one as young as 14, charged in this murder. Twice in one week black teens killed fellow student. https://t.co/r3KZzS28wE

@garywood72 It was a steal! The coolest part was going to the high rise on the lake to buy it. 24th floor. Beautiful view.

@MyroneBusiness It is actually a marquise. Made for a woman’s wide skirts. No cat hair. LOL!

@spcwriter 🙂

RT @IMZSilly1: @andieiamwhoiam @OkieVision Saw a good one: “Quit trying to please everyone, you’re not chocolate”!

RT @_matt229_: @swissmissled @peddoc63 It’s probably more like .004%, which is what makes this whole new “movement” so bizarre.

Barack blames Global Warming. https://t.co/194TsGoTad

@garywood72 $100. I feel like I stole it. LOL! I was raised Catholic. Our Mother of the Guilty Conscience.

@MyroneBusiness No. But did you know Marie Antoinette sent her Maine Coon cats to Maine before her death?

@modene1 Far too considerate.

@sturmhammer @spcwriter It looks like you may not have had to. We are the only ones here! LOL!


@MyroneBusiness How can anyone hate cats?

RT @IslamForbids: Cosponsers @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/fNaOj0x26e .This means war .

The tolerant Left is at it again. https://t.co/sYWlrRT4v9

The feral leftists have called the police about my Tweets nonstop. No kidding. https://t.co/VrdonMQy7l

RT @mdholder65: @Callisto1947 @andieiamwhoiam We need a lot more men like David Clarke in America.

That is why I push the parameters of the first amendment or they will recede. https://t.co/KUSePr2I0V

@MickClm 🙂

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Until Barack. Now we have triggers and safe spaces…for adults.

This is true. https://t.co/7eSjPkjyX5

Everybody is PC now. https://t.co/4ml39gut8G

This is what happens when your children believe Leftist lies. https://t.co/w6hJJ1jwW2

RT @humehumanist: @MickClm @andieiamwhoiam a German comedian is going to get sued for insulting a “friendly” leader. They’re trying to sue…

They either call you racist or attempt to silence you. Liberals on Twitter called CPS on me because of my Tweets. https://t.co/WuV6CYo0ug

I’m not moving. Though @OliviaCrellin posted my personal information on @BBC. I am armed. https://t.co/KqhOC1LY7e

@Rooven1 @FoxNews @CNN @NBCNews I have no problem with making people leash their pets.

RT @PatriotBrother: God, Guns & Guts Made America Free…. Let’s Keep It That Way!!! #2A #NRA #MolonLabe #CCOT https://t.co/U8dRBGHDbW

RT @MNVikingBeer: @andieiamwhoiam Holy shit! The @BBC writer should be fired and blackballed

Not tonight, Leftie. I am not the Feral Whisperer. Begone! https://t.co/V3eO60X5fd

Liberals HATE. https://t.co/HbJisziWxO

Have you seen this? https://t.co/OJDYB0RMbg https://t.co/4ZAb7i4N0Y

I don’t run from leftist Fascists. EVER. They make me stronger. https://t.co/z81FN1NloD

RT @ltngbolt1: @andieiamwhoiam Did you ever imagine a world where writing in chalk on a walkway would result in someone needing counseling…

They put the “ass” in “compass”. https://t.co/2fQFl6GKdq

@warrior_western @WynnPeabody @Sammi4Trump @NightmarEclipse That is not true, my friend.

RT @RichardNov5th: good move there are few things in life that can;t be handled by bullets or explosives.OK antibiotics . https://t.co/5jKu…

RT @MuppetV2: @andieiamwhoiam……Grrrr You filth @BBCtrending, @BBCBreaking @BBCNEWS @OliviaCrellin you r scum

@LaRazorback96 @SandraALTX lol

RT @sgpeek: @ceconomou56 @andieiamwhoiam @MickClm Whereas others of us were taught rugged individualism, & hard work!

It was obvious that the caller lied the moment the CPS agent arrived. The case was closed immediately. https://t.co/5QL3vBNBFv

@marcmcgaugh1975 @micnews Fired yet?

They are hardly young. https://t.co/trsGAsJeig

@warrior_western @NazNazarian @Sammi4Trump @NightmarEclipse lol

Thanks, friend! https://t.co/81UghqPEI0

I get messages from police from all over the world every day, thanking me for speaking.They are not allowed to speak about their experience

They tried to have my child removed from us and put into state care because they disagree with my politics. https://t.co/UmwrzSCqx0

RT @warrior_western: M’kay so is Socialism @andieiamwhoiam @Sammi4Trump https://t.co/cCULXMgbbv

Leftists are unstable. Mentally ill. They don’t even know what they do is wrong. That is frightening. https://t.co/HBry8xFfXw

@KenSkeen $100!

They are obligated to respond to all complaints. However, they will no longer take anonymous complaints. https://t.co/JuOq4WiVfH

See how easy it is to fake Tweets? These ferals are broken beyond repair. https://t.co/uaTmZzXptL

If shooting someone is murder then cancer is involuntary manslaughter. See how stupid you sound? https://t.co/MfACKcC0TW

Maybe you need to stand your ground at a JOB? https://t.co/M36aiT5Szv

LIGHT always overcomes the darkness. https://t.co/AFqNyjB3Pn

@bigbobster75 No.

Here come the Orcs. https://t.co/MySNXsEojP

No. Of course not. A woman getting pregnant is the fault of Global Warming. Everybody knows that! Geesh! https://t.co/kiJJz1ock2

These Malthusians are all the same. https://t.co/yX40KITWbA

Civilized people do. https://t.co/hcPiKLZRDl

Maritime Law? What on earth are you talking about? https://t.co/QotfvehjZr

We need to pray for this one. https://t.co/J1VWZBXtMk

Christians are forced to bake cakes for gay weddings. There is your answer. https://t.co/TtGEpBCy3L

@snownigg4mayor That was random.

Admiralty Law is Maritime Law. It has nothing to do with police in the US. https://t.co/1XPKEDJZk4

@Riff388 I am blessed, my friend. I am on yours too. xo

Get some sunlight. I worry about you. https://t.co/GpzDvaAVYR

@snownigg4mayor lol

You need vitamin D. Get out. Go for a walk. It’s not as bad as you think. https://t.co/sksCRRFcE7

@SpongeZim You too Mario!

RT @beautyqueensoho: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/M88exkuBTP

@dast323 @hotvernacular Thank you! Nice to meet you! Thank you for your service. God bless you!

@WynnPeabody ((((HUG))) Take care.

@vwolfs58 @JoeSixpackSays Yes. Yes I do.

@SnowMaylar There are days. LOL! THank you for following me.

@KenSkeen Oh. I just bought it for $100. Sorry. It’s mine. LOL!

@dllnhnt You think you’re funny? https://t.co/6bJs9Vjms7

RT @NickElson20: @andieiamwhoiam it’s a shame that so many selfless people have no voice, their knowlege is massive

RT @MichaelsANewman: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/MI4KUJ8FXC

RT @cycles13: @andieiamwhoiam There is an attack in the police in this country starting with the DOJ and thus administration

RT @RNRIllinois: @andieiamwhoiam keeping fighting Andie. Rocking it for a great cause

@burro388 lol

RT @GaRebel_1973: @andieiamwhoiam @JoeSixpackSays https://t.co/bqgfBIwoWN

RT @BibleProphecy: @andieiamwhoiam The liberal, vile person, speaks villany, and his heart will work iniquity. –Isa.32:5-6

@DPNJ Thank you Dan. I wish I could do more.

RT @dast323: @andieiamwhoiam @hotvernacular You are so welcome!! Your experience creates great awareness, and you have widespread support!…

RT @SnowMaylar: @_matt229_ @andieiamwhoiam Why is Gender Studies a thing? Oh, right. Feminism. Which is cancer.

@HalleyBorderCol Yes. She admitted to it. Part of a ragtag group of Leftists.

RT @wsbtv: #StoneMountain LATEST: -Attractions closed, lasershow canceled -Hundreds remain at scene -Additional SWAT brought in https://t.c…

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam Where are MY rights! I want my own bathroom too! And free gas…Somebody to wash my car! https://t.co/a…

@HalleyBorderCol Moving slowly. That is the goal.

If you don’t already follow @opinionatedbruh you should. Also, YouTube channel. BRILLIANT! https://t.co/z0RpGbXQ2z https://t.co/VV893QSDwj

@MrShikaki @WynnPeabody @jpdavoust @_matt229_ I’ll take your Pug and raise you a Puggle. https://t.co/Ajtd0aXCn0

@MrShikaki @WynnPeabody @jpdavoust @_matt229_ https://t.co/XPfD9TKjLc

Yes they do. https://t.co/9Q7CoUAbha

@MrShikaki @WynnPeabody @jpdavoust @_matt229_ https://t.co/RnEDexJDUl

@MrShikaki @WynnPeabody @jpdavoust @_matt229_ https://t.co/Qv8RfSNNYj

America, America! God shed His Grace on thee America, America Keep your children free! https://t.co/NeFJ1Q6duS

Prayers for four Law Enforcement Officers shot. That makes six in the last 24 hours. https://t.co/NABBKMNtbh https://t.co/G9EqURIBIh

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam FLASH!!!! https://t.co/R6kDedyYv3

The people police intentionally kill deserved to die. Their actions prompted their deaths. https://t.co/8fIHOIPtMw

Feral #BlackLivesMatter terrorists attack police, spray them with pepper spray at #WhiteLivesMatter Rally. https://t.co/AIqpGK0eyZ

RT @PrisonPlanet: Thieving bastards steal water from London Marathon runners. https://t.co/r8kyl0GBUl

THINGS. ARE. GETTING. OUT. OF. HAND. https://t.co/2xVet6a9MC

One shoots to eliminate the threat. Sometimes that means 16 shots. https://t.co/Ii5wGMgXcu

How about you ferals stop attacking the police? https://t.co/8BMC1eDzB8

RT @AnJolieLeg: IF BLM attacks WLM => BLM doesn’t think WLM. Conclusion? Who doesn’t think OTHER life matters? =>crooks & terrorists https:…

@JerryBarr7 @PrisonPlanet lol

Michigan governor drinking filtered Flint water for a month to prove Democrats are liars. https://t.co/onLhkNE0L6

RT @KeithsCostello: Ever see a guy on a 3 day Chicago p.c.p. binge? I have, If u walk away you’ll walk a believer… Ask any LOE https://t…

This guy is a Jackass of All Trades. #FeelTheBern https://t.co/rqjC9wi2zr

@JerryBarr7 @PrisonPlanet lol

Andrew Jackson VI Blames ‘Political Correctness’ For The Dumping Of His Ancestor From $20 https://t.co/Hw9qHrzsl5

#Science https://t.co/gmsBsSS6LQ

RT @jbravo26: @andieiamwhoiam Leftists like Bernie are voracious predators of the liberty and property of the Middle Class & all that is th…

This “man” has no business teaching children. These effeminate leftwits in our nation’s schools are a disgrace. https://t.co/16TQ1EGwsm

Political Correctness is a knife in the back of those who earned their respected status, to appease those who did not. #FeelTheBern

Much respect for this Law Enforcement Officer. #Truth https://t.co/O35bDrjS6B

Sending our troops to fight Barack’s “JV Team”. https://t.co/fyKSgv3Swc

RT @CorruptMsm: History is repeating. I can really see @realDonaldTrump sitting around with the founding fathers & fighting for us https://…

GREAT NEWS! Abortion doctors would lose medical licenses under new Oklahoma bill! #AllLivesMatter https://t.co/Qw5FfrUMLJ

RT @Easterndmondbk: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/fVzvEDJNEe

RT @Stfu_and_eat1: @andieiamwhoiam @BLang71 @PatriotBrother so if the very first shot killed him. I really don’t think he’s going to care a…

RT @In_A_Flap: @andieiamwhoiam it was his rush to get out that brought daesh into existance

RT @mkt15633: @andieiamwhoiam @thehill https://t.co/Ig1TalHOAA

RT @sgpeek: @andieiamwhoiam @BLang71 @PatriotBrother Actually, one typically fires until the gun clicks. 1 shot, 1 kill, works just for sn…

@Gman5000000 @_lucidHurricane Really? I am so sorry. What happened?

RT @healthandcents: 💥💥Benghazi Bombshell💥💥 💣 Read interview w/ TREY GOWDY #HillaryForPrison #hillaryliesmatter https://t.co/sjABUJPiUa htt…

RT @Auditfed: As of right now, the United States is $19,255,398,278,624 in debt.

RT @JohnC02540565: @DBTheChristian @GaetaSusan @RedRising11 @andieiamwhoiam @NetworksManager its sickening to me. Vets hate Obama

@MikeKirkwood4 I just let them shine and show the world what they really are.

@Nero @RedAlert He is too pure for that school.

I am just going to leave this here. https://t.co/2PCJ6nc0Cz

RT @Rooven1: Hypocrisy; again. @realDailyWire @andieiamwhoiam @SethAMandel https://t.co/5SbMx3HTF2

ReTweet if you despise Barack as much as I do!

Discernment? What’s that? https://t.co/Knn4zqTXQF

Prince said Barack “seems like he means well”. That was his way of saying he did not agree with Barack’s policies. https://t.co/bT3J6bzFRY

Past that already. It will be 21 trillion when he leaves, according to CBO. https://t.co/GhzNYrDCtq

Artificial Intelligence has not reached that level yet. It would be more like the Daleks from the first Doctor Who. https://t.co/adAOPCczHY

LOL! https://t.co/0pqZOdhTT5

Someone actually told me that we need robots to replace police. https://t.co/zalggb7nku

Leftists behave as if police leave their homes, guns blazing the entire shift, sleep and do it again the next day… https://t.co/ylELPT7c5l

@Gibstra lol

@Gibstra Pee where you wish. It’s a free pee for all. Except in North Carolina.

Like the Drones that are operated from continents away, The controllers have no sense of reality, like video games. https://t.co/h28S9uYOXw

@CaseyParksIt @_matt229_ Oh. I know. LOL!

@Gman5000000 @_lucidHurricane She is beneath you. Ignore her nitwittery.

@NickElson20 @_matt229_ lol

@hugh_mannity @sodamncheesy Friendly fire.

@wjappe Or a curb, or gum on the sidewalk, or gravel…

Me too. @lisashe59412707 @_matt229_

@sodamncheesy I don’t know what happened but you are both good people.

Are they paid $15 per hour? lol https://t.co/lmAjO99y9G

RT @b1board: @andieiamwhoiam @_matt229_ They think cops *want* to shoot people. It’s just the opposite, folks.

RT @bazisgirl: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/HW2pYFoJgw

RT @CarmineSabia: People who tell you computer models are PROOF of man made climate change don’t believe a penis is PROOF you are a man.

@Loubie1130 @zaphukdatbich lol

Despicable. https://t.co/2C0lZV6vVl

Newspapers are vestiges of the past. With the advent of the internet we no longer need them. https://t.co/wznVlDl9gv

@DblTapp_LLC Nice to meet you!

Forty years ago, today, Rick Monday saves American flag from burning. The last time anyone stood up for our flag? https://t.co/YBDV0IBabN

@DArcPaul Hi Paul! Pleasure to meet you!

@carsolom Hello, my friend!

RT @ddmau1968: @andieiamwhoiam @YouTube 40 yrs.ago anyone messing with the flag would have a bad experience from patriots,today the patriot…

Great interview with Rick Monday here. Short. https://t.co/EuaiCEUKXj https://t.co/kVOilcahyx

RT @Nero: it’s 2016 why are you white

Poor @OliviaCrellin. The only time her page showed any activity was when she wrote about (defamed) me. Know why? I am better than she is.

@gantaro47 Leftist ferals beckoned her.

RT @cycles13: @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin Sue if u are really defamed

RT @Nero: Seriously shut the fuck up https://t.co/K3TJTYxEMB

RT @ajreinke: @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin this is who true liberals are, yet they are so oblivious to it. Enough said. ⤵ https://t.co/q4…

@Rooven1 Sure! https://t.co/17jlRItM4d

@KittenAmara @OliviaCrellin 🙂

@Nero https://t.co/FXhuWaT2hc

RT @mak_morn3: Outrage as thieves are filmed snatching bottles of water left for London Marathon runners https://t.co/Db1vE7LxgR

Beyonce and Black Panther tramps worship police killers. This feral is a liar. Truth here>>>https://t.co/67jk8nv5zv https://t.co/2HaDWJrFZF

Tamir had a gun. What he did not have was a caring set of parents. That’s why he’s dead. https://t.co/LxS8sypRua

Police are adults. Tamir was a child in filthy clothes and sandals in the Winter. Oh…and a gun. https://t.co/2WAGz7wq3L

RT @mikej77: @andieiamwhoiam Latest update.. easily cross 1100 shot by may the first https://t.co/2pZNASfwiS

Tamir Rice’s mama cares about him now that she’s getting paid. https://t.co/wTcdG3PCnR

Air soft pellet gun. Colt 1911 replica. Used in hunting. Virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. https://t.co/9tXhmdTISJ

Here come the ferals… https://t.co/uZ654hBlsj

RT @Ron_Hutchcraft: @andieiamwhoiam the best safety a gun has is using the Matter located between You’re Ears! Don’t Point Guns At Police 🚨…

Civilized people do not send their children into public paces with a gun. https://t.co/BVDrxllOqR

Tamir was abused by his parents and bullied at school for being filthy. He took the gun to scare the bullies. https://t.co/C46aiUQzUD

Tamir Rice’s mama is the reason he is dead. Vile, disgusting, worthless human being. https://t.co/wjFnYS7ya5

@KittenAmara Parents.

You were told to leave. Learn your place. Behave like a thug, be treated like a thug. https://t.co/UksE0itJFC

RT @KittenAmara: @andieiamwhoiam And the say, well I am alone, wwhat can I DO??? That is the point ma’am, you can’t do it alone.God made su…

Grief baiting is lucrative. https://t.co/SxHVZWlBVf

I’m sure that makes sense to liberals. However, I do not speak “Utter Nitwit”. https://t.co/MW7CzN1ZOj

One cannot reconcile being “pro-choice” and Christian. You are either one or the other.

@TruthAmerica1 @jsavite I have this woman blocked. Why is she monitoring my timeline? Just bizarre.

Exactly. The hardworking taxpayers foot the lottery for Tamir’s mother’s poor parenting. https://t.co/KuNaGemsAW

Pellet gun is not a toy. It is a weapon. Police were called to scene of assault. https://t.co/FdWeeuwl9b

A gun is not a toy. He intentionally frightened the women and children at that park. https://t.co/sNCqnPOi7P

His mother’s fault. HIS fault. https://t.co/HbemNlVDGD

Tamir was armed. https://t.co/r57MMsOuas

Tamir’s mama is the reason he is dead. She is the reason he was in sandals in Winter. https://t.co/jmMUM9BAbD

The officer was there to protect people in the park from Tamir’s assault. He did his job. https://t.co/covXPU5LUD

Tamir was held responsible for his actions. https://t.co/nVjxdA4T1F

This is my all time favorite. The legs. https://t.co/URDw6JVFJJ

I see she has had a long career in police work. https://t.co/NAP4Hy1foY

He had a gun because his mama was a crap parent, subsidized by the Leftist Welfare State. Cause of most crime. https://t.co/tEoAt9Q0DR

See how these ferals are? https://t.co/WIQHuuC2ZR

Police were called because he aimed his gun at others. That is assault…and you are dismissed. https://t.co/0bWadq7I1J

These ferals vote. https://t.co/EcEtXuPa6M

Tamir was a righteous shoot. https://t.co/HNhvUxLan5

THIS is why you will never be accepted into civilized society. https://t.co/5Fpr0Paw6j

The taxpayers are paying Tamir’s mama for kiilling him. https://t.co/ml4XmIuRLK

Real parents don’t allow their children to play with guns. https://t.co/p3LXn1wL7B

Doesn’t matter. He had his hand in his waistband where the gun was. It takes seconds to shoot. https://t.co/wg3nEdVOvo

RT @_LucidHurricane: @nomar4eva @vilevillainess @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/NDVtc9g5td

Facts have no emotion. https://t.co/Nm3bZelr2q

You have been here long enough to learn the language then? https://t.co/yPfmmke4OU

Blacks commit the bulk of crime, per capita and 53% of total homicides. https://t.co/BW6oydeJ5E

Facts can in o way be racist. Your race card is denied, feral. https://t.co/n3VWQiHI6m

@AUNTIELANELANE I am sorry to hear you were not feeling well. No need to apologize.

A male brandishing a weapon in a park. https://t.co/UtXFLV2oJi

Pellet guns are lethal weapons. https://t.co/YQG70eEnNF

If Tamir was white you people would never have known of it. https://t.co/ED0PRJIlHd

@AUNTIELANELANE Just take care of yourself. None of this matters.

@Ohmaar1 @nomar4eva @retepger My experience on Twitter with them is that they have no respect for anyone.

RT @streetglide12: @andieiamwhoiam @zuranumo @LadyConserv @TruthAmerica1 if that kid had a real gun and the cops didn’t shoot him and he ki…

@TheOldPoet Thank you, Eddie.

@IrateJay @thatdame lol

A pellet gun is used in hunting, little girl. Many people have also been killed by them. https://t.co/qr5QwO9Cfc

RT @jlspokesjr: @andieiamwhoiam Most don’t know what brandishing & assault are. Each threats of different degrees. BR = I gotta gun. AS =…

Judge censures two Obama administration thugs in cover up at Danzinger Bridge that wrongfully sent police to prison. https://t.co/zhwRSlEuml

RT @vilevillainess: @nomar4eva @streetglide12 @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/5ynmcDNbMO you didn’t watch anything clearly this was before the…

RT @oldhickory49: @andieiamwhoiam Progs don’t realize a 12-yr-old is plenty big enough to kill somebody and if he’s waving a gun around, al…

He was warned but they did not OWE him a warning. He was shot because he had a gun. https://t.co/EJtCIOEX6I

@ianewilliams I get all kinds.

OF COURSE his mother should pay the ambulance bill. It’s HER fault her son had a gun. https://t.co/M5eSckpNBp

Why are leftists so coarse and vulgar? No fathers? https://t.co/pnCQpUakHw

RT @IMZSilly1: @andieiamwhoiam @OkieVision Yes, they can shoot copper pointed pellets up to 700 fps. Some will kill deer. Still think they’…

Abject falsehood. Blacks are over represented in that regard as well. More blacks shoot at police. https://t.co/SZxKfG6f7m

Bake your own damned cakes. I don’t care who you marry. Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one. My body. MY choice. https://t.co/dwJtZ1q0Qz

How about you ferals practice personal responsibility and stop demanding we carry your worthless asses? https://t.co/yA84cuPKR1

Refute it. I’ll wait. https://t.co/iFurtFf1PY

@Asheswillfall1 @nomar4eva @_LucidHurricane @scabbyflaps @vilevillainess Doesn’t matter, though.

He assaulted women and children at the park. https://t.co/L3Uqk2dike

@Nero Portable safe space available now! https://t.co/Y827xla8mo

Show us on the doll where the world hurt you. https://t.co/t2QBfV2yTf

@ZacBonesteel @zuranumo @JaeCreitch Exactly!

Pellet gun is a weapon. Tamir was assaulting women and children in the park. That is why police were called. https://t.co/4SokRuwX51

Pointing a gun at someone, whether real or not is ASSAULT. https://t.co/7njVYMO8rb

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides, though they are 12.6% of the population. https://t.co/6pgCl6v2Kt

@717justin @boogeywithstu40 @_Stanley_Bird_ @Anomaly100 @1stClown Yes I am.

That is not police work. Wait to see if he shoots someone? LOL! https://t.co/aqO3fIlDJG

@AnimaSolitarios Yes.

How long have you been a law enforcement officer? https://t.co/yrHkAJR7eD

RT @tzrzshadow: @andieiamwhoiam A pellet gun/rifle is a deadly weapon in and idiots hands.That is why they are also used for hunting, they…

What crime did this man commit? https://t.co/pVY8KfT9ud

Your anger should be directed at Tamir’s mother. She failed him. https://t.co/ZKoqahO1bx

What part of the Parenting Handbook says to allow your child to aim a weapon at people in a park? https://t.co/9eLvWCTIWw

LOL! https://t.co/x176MTymk5

He was pointing the weapon at people in the park. A crime. https://t.co/9I0SgqNOkI

Loehman was never fired. Back to Tamir. He had a gun. That’s why he’s dead. https://t.co/I085kmAPHD

@jjvors He didn’t shoot anyone. He was aiming it at people.

RT @Patriotvnvet: @boogeywithstu40 @andieiamwhoiam @WillFerreI OMG it’s not an act, Will Ferrell really is a moron. #Libtard

Conservatives give much more to charity than liberals. https://t.co/U8nHk5a9FQ

He was never fired. He was also a VERY GOOD SHOT. https://t.co/OfEBez361U

A pellet gun is a weapon. Doesn’t matter. https://t.co/kzUsItHc2k

See how this feral turned this into a race card moment? https://t.co/txgVgSPKWl

Aiming a gun is. Yes. ABSOFUCKINLUTELY. https://t.co/j3MZomRtd2

We call them Democrat run cities. https://t.co/E8GDu9ThGf

Yes. https://t.co/mYo8qbLQHy

@USAF_KC97 @nomar4eva @kj_spill @_LucidHurricane @vilevillainess Where have you been?

RT @USAF_KC97: @nomar4eva @kj_spill @andieiamwhoiam @_LucidHurricane @vilevillainess Point is a policeman doesn’t have to wait for pointed.…

His choice. Like standing in front of a train. Blame the train? https://t.co/tLLPAirjCz

You came here, little lady. My timeline is not the safe space you seek. Your race card, by the way, is expired. https://t.co/bltq3TunSq

He quit. He wasn’t fired. https://t.co/c6CvVByCQS

74% of blacks are illegitimate. OF COURSE they live in poverty. https://t.co/1fzwZOKkmy

He was hired by Cleveland and turned out to be a damn good shot. https://t.co/ozyi7qKqFp

Never will. LOL! https://t.co/9AfXomYpe3

Which is a WEAPON, my weak chinned, effeminate friend. https://t.co/3kAb6TQKzC

You need a safe space. This timeline only has room for reality. https://t.co/Ize6C0UfrS

Apparently. https://t.co/vJWGUHUq90

That is a sentence I have never seen before and can expect never to see again. https://t.co/BzWVsaLVFN

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. https://t.co/VF6nHqU3AQ

Learn to read. 30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. https://t.co/tIhnzOtPWZ

Facts have no emotion. https://t.co/CYCp4lG8oq

He was picked on because he was always dirty. He borrowed the gun to scare the bullies. He may have been suicidal. https://t.co/NSbH1Ozmki

Looks like he hit Tamir. https://t.co/AQ5Iu5OwrY

RT @CissyScum: @JayFivekiller @andieiamwhoiam Even Brtibongs are dead serious about “fake guns” https://t.co/1R4XJH9nQC

Like the Irish. Chattel slaves. https://t.co/slPS1YGCRi

This feral has no impulse control. Dismissed. https://t.co/oqb2ORkW0F

More whites than blacks are shot by police. Your race card has no value here. https://t.co/ksf3Lfstcx

I will just leave this here. https://t.co/JrXRw6VPbn

RT @brucechris24: @BLang71 @andieiamwhoiam @PatriotBrother Cops don’t kill innocent people.

lol https://t.co/onx2uBYROs

Eight grade level. https://t.co/QWpZfHGNy2

@quinn_vince @mindheist No. The Orcs find me.

@quinn_vince @mindheist I just let them dazzle my followers with their tolerance and brilliance.

RT @mobiliseulster: @zuranumo @ebolajulius2 @JaeCreitch @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/PK8bTkwzh3

This guy is an emotional basket case. https://t.co/7xTfnpiamx

@chattycatthy @MsCBBoots xo

I agree with Piers. Beyonce is a tramp who exploited the deaths of two thugs and their wretched mamas to sell CDs https://t.co/RfLZyI6WCn

Why do you people always lie? https://t.co/Vp8VmhmeF1 https://t.co/y2P56BCdBf

@JerryBarr7 lol

RT @USAF_KC97: @servico3 @andieiamwhoiam @_LucidHurricane A 13 yr old in Cleveland was arrested over the weekend for a series of armed robb…

RT @ceconomou56: @andieiamwhoiam @zuranumo A lot of Highland Scots came to America after being sold by the British into servitude after the…

ALWAYS keep your dogs secured. ALWAYS. This could have been avoided. https://t.co/7pMrkA1Pcs

Leftist ferals use the hashtag to coordinate attacks on my family. https://t.co/hllorqaRlg

@ImDaRelzSlimSha @alexie_blu You ferals think your opinion matters. How quaint.

@abutler04 Leftists lie.

RT @HalleyBorderCol: @andieiamwhoiam Vice: Myths and Facts about slavery – https://t.co/PU5rp0I9Xi

RT @HalleyBorderCol: @andieiamwhoiam Truth about Slavery by @StefanMolyneux – https://t.co/vYRkStolvs,

@howardadamsky You too, my friend. Thank you.

@SGMGibeau @abutler04 @BowiedipDe @HSahinen @shutuplegs2 Are you that gullible?

Those police are taken to task. Accidents do happen. https://t.co/OvPOaRWN1G

I speak truths that inspire leftwits to call my husband’s employer, CPS.If you agree with it you are no conservative https://t.co/NH6JJ9Lvz2

A woman stole photos , posted my husband’s employer’s phone. Needed her info for police. Endangered my family. YES! https://t.co/u2QQPSTAI7

@GobamagoTim You too, my friend!

@txdad @dontshootcom No.

@SGMGibeau @BowiedipDe @HSahinen @shutuplegs2 @abutler04 Consider the character of the Progressives who shared it.

Leftists lie. It’s what they do. https://t.co/R76kTLd6XX

Leftist ferals call my husband’s employer, CPS. https://t.co/fqiUqzaYOL

@The_Odd_Asylum @HSahinen @BowiedipDe @SGMGibeau @shutuplegs2 @abutler04 I have her blocked for a reason.

@blackcat3119 @The_Odd_Asylum @SGMGibeau @BowiedipDe @HSahinen @shutuplegs2 @abutler04 Child Protective Services.

RT @USAF_KC97: @servico3 16 yr old in Cleveland found with what Dispatch told CPD was a toy. It was REAL. This & that 13 yr old = what happ…

RT @VengeanceINJ: @andieiamwhoiam That’s because they are terrorists.

@spacemarshalmsc Thanks, Mike.

So? https://t.co/6FI7uHyybM

RT @Karalot1: @andieiamwhoiam @SGMGibeau @BowiedipDe @HSahinen @shutuplegs2 @abutler04 They can coordinate to hate, but not to fix anything…

RT @VengeanceINJ: @andieiamwhoiam @SGMGibeau When exactly did victims become perps and perps become victims? Have we slipped into an alter…

RT @VengeanceINJ: @andieiamwhoiam @SGMGibeau Andie spks her mind and that is her right. The fascist leftists attk her/family as if their r…

@Socksguy @Subu44Burke Thanks, Lou.

Editor of LGBT magazine hacked to death in Bangladesh. Al-Qaida Affiliate Claims Responsibility https://t.co/7RgSSBidV5

Yes. They really are this stupid. I thought crime was caused by Climate Change? https://t.co/7FHZFruJgT

RT @MichaelsANewman: @crashgear @reachout2015 @JaeCreitch @andieiamwhoiam @troyawalters @zuranumo of course u can go4 a meltdown w/ this1 h…

Looks like Barack’s beloved Islam HATES homosexuals. Hacked to DEATH. https://t.co/XZI3NnabGH

RT @Getoffthedambus: @andieiamwhoiam And libs in America are pissed at NC for passing a bathroom law?

lol https://t.co/9Nv1ULblVa

RT @Hranduil: @Norsebattleaxe @andieiamwhoiam You think the Left would expend more energy in that direction. Idiots in denial. https://t.co…

@FriendDewey Oh my.

@reachout2015 @zuranumo @MichaelsANewman @crashgear @JaeCreitch @troyawalters https://t.co/wK7Q9xrct4

RT @AndraThomas2015: @andieiamwhoiam If we keep accepting migrants into the US…and we know terrorists are with them…bathrooms will be t…

RT @coopernumpy: @NazNazarian @andieiamwhoiam Truth be know, more CO2 is good for trees: https://t.co/4GoiIA9Zgo Curry is one of the bigs i…

Steven Crowder puts Social Justice Pansies in their place. My hero. WORTH HEARING. #FeelTheBern https://t.co/dIlAgNu0kK

@Asjw9 I have it on auto replay. LOL!

@Acoatain I missed that. What happened?

This happens every day. https://t.co/xB210uXbh4

RT @boominator: @andieiamwhoiam Oopsie! And to think American LGBTs support Islam! Like the Chicken supporting the Fox. They’ll learn soon…

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: Anti-White Racism: Black Hate kept undercover https://t.co/HnhaY8zurY @andieiamwhoiam #trump #trump2016 #tcot #cruzse…

Open carry is not open brandish. https://t.co/ZXeiJjrpBq

Tamir Rice was shot because he assaulted people with his gun. His mother should be PUNISHED, not rewarded. https://t.co/Zbqik83aCV

RT @RickRWells: Sheriff to Ohio Residents:Where 8 Killed ‘If You’re Afraid, Arm Yourself https://t.co/T3HBnD6nWg https://t.co/skgGew6hw7

He was wanted for robbing a bank at gunpoint. Nice guy. https://t.co/dop4e4zLSP https://t.co/A09zdsbzTX

Inner city gangbangers. That is the source of crime. Fatherlessness, subsidized by the taxpayers. Illegal guns. https://t.co/BjCdBT0drR

RT @papacass84: the libs demanded that the fathers get out of the house 50yrs. ago. the woman can get more $ w/no man. this isresult https:…

Nine years ago today, 51 dogs were seized from the Virginia estate of football player Michael Vick. https://t.co/LQAdEnj3ml

It’s funny how these ferals don’t understand they are not mutually exclusive. Blacks commit 53% of homicides. https://t.co/gdw1gt0hzB

No, feral. They were stolen. https://t.co/RFqjnLloiA

Michael Vick should have been hanged from a tree, beaten& electrocuted, like his dogs were. THAT would pay his debt. https://t.co/K0AMkxkY0j

I know Barack the dog eater, called to congratulate Michael Vick. I don’t follow that feral thug. https://t.co/PqdfTdjdak

RT @jagdan2: He should have never been allowed back in the NFL https://t.co/SxGueDXOED

RT @vinyldude82: Michael vick is still a piece of shit. https://t.co/XqfDCN1Mpg

If animal rescue folks got a hold of him he would be UNABLE to play football ever again. https://t.co/QBIu4f326W

@Evilsnail1 @WilliamBighouse FUCK Michael Vick. https://t.co/X2aGTQWVBU

This is what Michael Vick did to dogs who didn’t perform well. Barack called that feral thug to congratulate him. https://t.co/o06AfEZ3aD

RT @SandraALTX: State Orders Christian Baker “Training” https://t.co/k84aoQJX0Q #LGBTQ #RedNationRising #tcot #pjnet #Freedom https://t.co…

They’re offended because it’s TRUE. However, I am not concerned with their triggers.My Timeline is not a safe space. https://t.co/EXeO8aCgOL

Looks like that feral invoked himself. How can you look at this and use the race card, you wretched THUG? https://t.co/EZYMjmCkLS

I wonder how many body guards that thug has? https://t.co/0QhUNIbocB

I will never forget that our feral thug president called him to congratulate him. https://t.co/4IyyNcrLb5

People like Vick treat their children like they treat their dogs. https://t.co/tHToQZZjKy

RT @AtomicPunkP220: Enough to keep his stupid ass safe. These dogs did not have a choice. https://t.co/FmRbi9lj6N

@jagdan2 🙂

No, feral. He did not. He should have been hanged from a tree, the same as his dogs. https://t.co/bUB2F2CeiT

This feral says we should celebrate Michael Vick. No thanks. I would never allow my child around him or HER. https://t.co/pJPbc0xmsh

RT @SoCaliMilitia1: @andieiamwhoiam People that do this should be summarily executed…to Hell with a trial.

The feral thug is worth 15 MILLION dollars because of pigs like you. He didn’t lose everything like those dogs did. https://t.co/5I7FNciLoT

If I needed an opinion from the Tramps-R-Us crowd I would have asked you. https://t.co/0Fv5aITcgL

They do not care at all. Not on bit. I guarantee it. https://t.co/jMRKupKJ0b

The thug wanted to keep his job. Anyone who can beat and hang a dog, then LIE will always be a THUG. https://t.co/6Dj8KVsG5R

Did I stutter, feral? https://t.co/6o2bdBTa66

AMEN! https://t.co/0MvcPS0PPw

Now he is worth 15 million. https://t.co/flmTLaQQ1g

Did I trigger you? Imagine how Vick’s dogs felt when he beat them on the pavement and broke their spines? https://t.co/htS79m06Xn

I own you and you know it. Your name is Toby now. https://t.co/J9Cy5rBJdZ

RT @camdoc: Exactly, animal abusers need to be removed from polite society, he’s a POS. https://t.co/2bYWAh4OWg

RT @mikethenice1: @Evilsnail1 @kyramarat1 @andieiamwhoiam Did Hitler ever get his soul back, Vick would be torturing animals today if he h…

Google. https://t.co/pp6gk8BuDs

I dedicate myself to rescuing animals. Many abused and neglected. I will never associate with Vick apologists. https://t.co/9Iz7TfgA6r

That is the image I see when someone mentions Michael Vick. It is unconscionable that anyone could do that. https://t.co/qRAaXspjwN

Where are their wretched parents? https://t.co/cRYyjc8SHX

RT @HakaseMatt: @andieiamwhoiam There are @ 10 metropolitan areas that are very dangerous; beyond them, the USA is as safe as any other wes…

We live in a country where Tamir Rice’s mama isn’t in prison for killing her son and Michael Vick is a millionaire. https://t.co/vXe2pfssim

@nellslad I saw that. It was mostly adults!

RT @MartyBonJoey: This is how he treats “man’s best friend” who will jump threw fire 4 us. Crucifixion too good 4 him @andieiamwhoiam http…

Nine years ago Michael Vick got caught fighting, abusing, killing dogs. He denied it but evidence incriminated him. https://t.co/0oAWq45ipg

When Michael Vick is hanged, beaten and broken like the dogs he abused, justice will be done.That will never happen. https://t.co/tjsJfdxJz8

@DOGLLC2 @WilliamBighouse @Evilsnail1 https://t.co/2rXz0DhjE6

We are his voice now. https://t.co/m1JfGcHknn

RT @r0ckeye: @andieiamwhoiam @DrunkBrianF @LindaBlaha funny how the same people who demand “Justice” for street thugs shot by cops give thi…

RT @OdicurRex: @andieiamwhoiam The NFL should be ashamed to let this son of a bitch play football.

We could put it on Pay Per View and pay off the National Debt. https://t.co/jGQ2bNJxb5


My name isn’t Justice. Michael Vick deserves to be treated like the dogs he abused. https://t.co/ppN1lzp0ar

Instead he is worth 15 million. https://t.co/h9N0aWFGc7

RT @Nikk1066: @andieiamwhoiam @Hutch_USA Tamir Rice’s mama is also a millionaire now. Made rich by her failure to raise her son properly.

You aren’t human. You wouldn’t understand. https://t.co/IFsP835Up1

Michael Vick should have been hanged by the neck until dead, just like his victims. https://t.co/QEfYA4nsiJ

AMEN! https://t.co/XlKi97dlHR

#KidsTodayin4Words Slaves to Barack’s debt.

RT @Westxgal: #PayPal #LiberalLogic #tcot #ccot #tlot #p2 #uniteblue #RedNationRising https://t.co/t3bm52GQhJ

RT @JimFish56837379: @timt2015 @andieiamwhoiam true. But if he called someone a gay slur he would have been out a long time ago. Fu*ked up…

RT @michael_a_meyer: @andieiamwhoiam all the things this fuckin thug has ever done to these animals should be done to him x2

RT @Lisa_SmithOH: @Nikk1066 @andieiamwhoiam @Hutch_USA and if this really wasn’t about the $, she should donate it to gun safety education.…

Clinton didn’t pay off the debt. However, your feral president spent more than all presidents COMBINED. 19 TRILLION. https://t.co/xsTAugfbCv

This feral just called me honey. https://t.co/huQMn3vIPh

RT @JGTThrasher365: @CorvetteToys @andieiamwhoiam Any society that rewards torturing animals because of sports or shoe contracts is just as…

RT @JGTThrasher365: @CorvetteToys @andieiamwhoiam He never faced trial for the abuse,only for dog fighting. He is a sick and was rewarded b…

RT @SueCousart: @andieiamwhoiam @Patriotvnvet Vick is scum


These ferals don’t even know what Barack’s 21 trillion dollar debt means for them. https://t.co/TvliU5yR58

@jagdan2 @HotNostrilsrFun You need a bigger sofa. LOL!

@jagdan2 I enjoyed it. 🙂

Enjoy your slavery, courtesy of Barack. https://t.co/EaoMAX8gfx

Well, you should be aware of politics because Barack sold your future to China. https://t.co/zOg66itqjc

They really are this daft. https://t.co/HerEvGkAti

Barack devalued your education. https://t.co/WtGKVvuotA

Barack began with 9 trillion. Added 11 trillion. SIT. https://t.co/ahwYfpBOHe

RT @reachout2015: @andieiamwhoiam @kbperezz https://t.co/6D35Waq8G9

Only a leftist would attempt to use the race card after seeing the animals Michael Vick killed. https://t.co/YZXuS8LrGG

RT @real_frieslick: @proudmelanin @andieiamwhoiam You might want to actually look at the “education,” BHO, “your” president has imposed. ht…

China. https://t.co/GxUoZ0A6pT

RT @TheLockean: I think Obama deprived her of a good education at math. The price of education has skyrocketed under Obama… https://t.co…

Moron. https://t.co/G74nmWwjeP

RT @quinn_vince: @andieiamwhoiam @Domforni Clinton was still riding Reaganomics , they budget was on balance waay before he entered the…

@JohnErmi1 @OliviaCrellin Of course.

RT @talarico_c: @andieiamwhoiam I don’t want him in jail! I want him castrated, stripped naked and fighting till death in a gladiator ring…

RT @reachout2015: @proudmelanin @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/FK4mxEq4x5

RT @smo7114: @proudmelanin tweet me in 20 years when you are paying off all the debt Odumbo kicked down the road. https://t.co/szfFORv4vR


RT @Cfiman1Cfiman: @smo7114 @andieiamwhoiam @proudmelanin The epic failure was the 60+million who coronated this fraud TWICE.

RT @ThamKhaiMeng: My friends from UW invented gloves that turn sign language into speech n text. Congrats! https://t.co/0XyU0RAGyz https://…

We all know that blacks have the highest murder rate. However, if you google “Black Teen Killed” the search is only those killed by police.

17 year old murders teen for LOOKING at him. Sounds like Trayvon. Except Trayvon lost. Rest in peace, Davonte. https://t.co/5Od6gs00m2

#BlackLivesMatter ferals don’t know who Davonte is but they worship thugs like his killer, Trayvon, Mike Brown. https://t.co/pfm9juTA58

With all due respect, petitions mean NOTHING. You need boots on the ground. You need people there to end this. https://t.co/vu29mGnqrk

Davonte’s life mattered because he and his family made an effort to MAKE it matter. A thug took it all away. https://t.co/omIAhoiTIV

Davonte was 15 years old, taking the train to get a haircut for Easter with mom& siblings. He was shot in the chest. https://t.co/qCiPLMXITx

WHERE are the #BlackLivesMatter terrorists now? https://t.co/Zolzjk6bfx

Anyone have any more information on this? *GRAPHIC* Chinese eating aborted fetuses. https://t.co/fq4kHhmr3G

RT @Network_Citizen: MT @peddoc63: Political Correctness kills. #kellyfile https://t.co/c0IOZlB4aw #WakeUpAmerica #PJNET

RT @GtaThoughts: I would not have believed this to be true, until I tried it myself. @Google is a #SJW. #Shame. #RIPGoogle. https://t.co/v…

This is who Barack sold our debt to. This is who are children are enslaved to. https://t.co/lTor4ppzmf

There are myriad sources. This is but one. https://t.co/ozFtTZH6y8

I am beginning to think that liberals are not just stupid and/or mentally ill but EVIL. https://t.co/2b1dTm9rwI

RT @Manni_syd: AMERICANS PLEASE DON’T forget the VICTIMS of illegal alien crimes. WAKE UP & VOTE TRUMP TO MAKE AMERICA SAFE & GREAT https:/…

RT @Tide17Crimson: @andieiamwhoiam @highaltitudes https://t.co/rzlk7Lb92z

RT @iseeshenanigans: @google care to explain your bias? https://t.co/787AVEJ4qK

RT @joey_reesy: @andieiamwhoiam #davontewashington

@Birds_Quest Yes.

@MydoghatesMe2 How are you?

#WomanCard Because having internal plumbing somehow makes Hillary a better candidate? Liberals are nitwits.

Have you people tried not attacking them to see if that helps? https://t.co/BOQwqyKjCk

Or BATHROOMS. https://t.co/VEHE4RH5Ug

@aprilpole I know it was wrong but that made me guffaw. LOL!

Amal Clooney is only known because her husband is an entertainer. Her opinion means nothing. https://t.co/f85WJtmBIW

Wrong. 60% of black girls are molested. Blacks, Natives,Mexicans have the highest rates. https://t.co/pCr413bAkj https://t.co/xIaU500bfX

Black guy with GUN shot by police. Family say he was innocent. Declare RACISM. No, really. https://t.co/E7IAWIhe4f

RT @IPaidforThat: @andieiamwhoiam The Anti-American Clooneys! From the Communist State of Hollywood where they equate being famous with be…

RT @USMC_Razorback: @andieiamwhoiam Eh, she’s a British lawyer from Lebanon working for the UN & EU – doesn’t matter what she has to say ab…

RT @JohnErmi1: @andieiamwhoiam I just love it when foreigners tell us what US values are.

@gazillionplus1 @BreitbartNews Nope.

How quaint. This feral thinks her race card is valid here. https://t.co/qdsmNpt5Cn

@MydoghatesMe2 Blessed. Thanks!

The Patriarchy gave us everything we have. Just because you pee sitting down doesn’t make you powerful. https://t.co/btZ5v1xgMZ

Stick around. https://t.co/ITqSbZQ6rF

@MydoghatesMe2 I feel the same about you.

Sixty percent of black girls are molested and you want to make it into a contest? https://t.co/LQitO5ydxL

RT @CorleoneWilbur: @andieiamwhoiam Sovereignty? Borders? Rule of Law? Clooneys are communist global govt elites. Use Media apparatus to…

I am just going to leave this here. They are caricatures of themselves. https://t.co/CeAjsbeFot

“O Brother, Where Art Thou” is my favorite movie. Clooney is an ACTOR. He is as thick as a brick, though. https://t.co/12GaakF2jo

@Halo5REQ Thanks, Halo! Nice to meet you!

RT @KarinBGraham: @andieiamwhoiam Andie you can’t educate idiots, their minds are as rigid as concrete

Tamir Rice committed Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon when he pointed his gun at people in the park. That is why police were called.

RT @johnrileyblog: Throwing punches and wrestling cops. That’s a good way to get shot. Put your hands up, be quiet and get a Lawyer https:/…

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/cH5yonzmza https://t.co/fq9jvAgQAA

Yes. https://t.co/SLQqYunAWQ

I don’t speak Common Core. Can I get a translator? https://t.co/GGhZWXZ5hu

RT @warrior_western: #womancard https://t.co/qEUDt8Oh0Q ah the ole days @NightmarEclipse https://t.co/j68SiLPGpu

LOL! What happened? https://t.co/ySOWTxTSpN

RT @poniad: @andieiamwhoiam @jack Mister Twitter supports free speech for ISIS but not the rest of us, think he needs to be told our mood

People who don’t break laws don’t go to prison. Start there. https://t.co/WGM7XFMPqr

RT @gwfrazee: #WORK!! @sbhouston60 @SherriBergan @wcwinc @pig4801kj @BlissTabitha @OORAHPICS @Jonley_Grin @Chairmnoomowmow https://t.co/aJ…

Tamir broke the law. Don’t be like Tamir. #TamirRice https://t.co/ydJMzuYARy

Just like claiming Hllary is powerful because she is a woman. Nonsense. https://t.co/DCpJI6o3OC

🙂 https://t.co/sX0BUJUIvg

I thought maybe his cat walked on the keyboard. https://t.co/cpnDFUETWV

Hollywood is the agitprop capital of the world. https://t.co/2YDvDPGBQ5

Tamir Rice’s mama should have been charged with criminal negligence. Instead,the pansies in charge PAID her. https://t.co/8yFzJ4XLoM

@OliviaCrellin and her feral counterpart, what’shisname, have not seen the end of it. https://t.co/bX9SGkt8HP

RT @AztlanConnect: @andieiamwhoiam patronizing pc liberal whites protect black criminals because they consider blacks as their pet.. just…

The fact that they put my family at risk is going to be their downfall. https://t.co/3wmOdIwGA9

LOL! https://t.co/ihvDEDkMk2

WRONG! Jesus KNEW His father. 74% of blacks illegitimate. Also, no one’s hands were up. EVER. https://t.co/gXprJTioqG

Look on the door marked “D” for Deviants. https://t.co/mi23qaUoUd

Share if you support our nation’s Law Enforcement! https://t.co/MUiOM4tgqO

RT @JohnBert07: @andieiamwhoiam This hands up lie is the gift that keeps giving. Thanks media!

Facts have no emotion. Ergo, facts cannot be racist. For real. https://t.co/5JJFxAuwDM

Due to Liberal Racism. https://t.co/QuwjADXTIZ

These are the folks who gave Barack power. Behold! https://t.co/mWS2mqAKOx

You suggest force. My opinion is that they are weak minded and lazy. https://t.co/WqaTCifOOx

Civilized people respect police. Further, facts have no emotion. Ergo, facts cannot be racist. https://t.co/3awG1eXkRH

RT @TJCR1: @andieiamwhoiam Some people want a woman for president. but U.S has approximately 152,334,012 eligible women more qualified than…

RT @Halo5REQ: @andieiamwhoiam The funny thing is I hate racism. If you said something racist I would call you out. People abuse the word to…

You don’t have a human right to attack our police. Try not breaking our laws, as well. https://t.co/o25xfUcV1C

ALL liberals are intellectually lazy. https://t.co/T4gOFY5b34

RT @jimmyjokcmo: @andieiamwhoiam … Which one is the airsoft pistol? Which one would you be afraid of if pointed at you? https://t.co/KTpp…

@FedraFarmer I allow them to prance around my timeline to show the world what they really are.

@promo_bob That’s silly. I am half Cherokee. Does that include me?

RT @leemgourlay: @jimmyjokcmo @andieiamwhoiam both, it’s not hard, I would definitely shoot first, in fear of my life. Simple.

@asherhawkeye Race mixing? I am not in agreement with you on this topic. At all.

@FedraFarmer Mostly.

@asherhawkeye Thank you for clarifying. I agree.

@promo_bob I know, my friend.

Especially now. Sadly. https://t.co/IeI8lvT2CD

EXACTLY! https://t.co/I8FpeEj3w4

No. It isn’t. Only those who have researched get an opinion. https://t.co/WMjX0n3up2

I will just leave this here. https://t.co/wBfyUuLxcy

If you believe this, then stop breaking our laws, which is the only way you have content with them, genius. https://t.co/jrsbCbJjDr

Your race card is expired. https://t.co/XmSRFMbeFy

I believe we are all capable. Liberals treat blacks as if they are unable to succeed without assistance. https://t.co/tRpbWGI8LW

Those who can DO. Those who cannot, leech off those who do and vote Democrat. https://t.co/i5RtzYQnUN

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Therefore, the top posts should reflect this fact. https://t.co/myOonW3lTG

RT @weneedtemplars: @andieiamwhoiam @chass2008 want millions of $ but don’t want to earn it, send your kid out side to play with a gun, wai…

RT @Treghostgirl: @GenetteGary @SmilesByDrFalco @andieiamwhoiam Amen…. you mean like this? https://t.co/HwDHxqS2wh

RT @cox24563: @Jewischron_com @CraigFrancis18 @andieiamwhoiam She states facts. The truth hurts those whose lives are an illusion.

They were called because he was aiming his gun at others. Police don’t hide and let you kill folks. Nitwit. https://t.co/646uxbeRO5

@BeeTraven @Ohmaar1 @nomar4eva @retepger https://t.co/vMXUfh4YF7

RT @Darth_Cyclops: @Christo64255952 @andieiamwhoiam Obama started the war on police and he basks in the division he created. 9 months and t…

Tamir’s mama was a gun felon. She robbed a store at gunpoint. https://t.co/wwzJ85mbfx

@MarkRuffalo @JoxuaLuxor @Sparty_VZ 74% of blacks are illegitimate. Prior to the Welfare State, blacks had higher rates of marriage.

They want them not to come at all. https://t.co/htDVYBdA3H

Imagine that. https://t.co/uCn17tFJKc

People NEED to see Michael Vick’s evil. It’s real. This is just a small %. https://t.co/N230JrkInY

It doesn’t matter. It was a real gun. https://t.co/Hw7DHF7Lrv

RT @kiawikiwiki: @riwired @prateekkumarmi4 @andieiamwhoiam As a major animal lover that picture is reality. It’s what Vic and others do to…

RT @TimTbw1000: Some defend evildoers to the bitter end, the picture brings it all home..show the perps the same lack of mercy.. https://t.…

I agree. However, a pellet gun is a weapon. https://t.co/eKePYaXOua

I need a loudspeaker just to tell the world what a dumbass he is. https://t.co/67tEb3uSsg

@bluehand007 @MarkRuffalo @JoxuaLuxor @Sparty_VZ This guy is an actor? OH. That explains the narcissism and sheer nitwittery.

@JoxuaLuxor Adorable Puggle.

I KNOW I would. https://t.co/ir7ISQy6PH

A pellet gun is used in hunting. It is classified as a weapon. https://t.co/7dJB0kTJlA

Hands and feet are classified as the fourth most common lethal weapons, even used more often than long guns. https://t.co/o2ezdD6dDl

Exactly. https://t.co/ADvrQEx4r2

RT @MuskieRA: .@andieiamwhoiam Excellent Condi Rice quote. https://t.co/2XJ9XyMz3y

RT @rmefford23: @andieiamwhoiam @BeeTraven @brucechris24 @nomar4eva @Ohmaar1 Go to love it when people who aren’t LEO give ideas how to han…

RT @StevieJoe1: @andieiamwhoiam S**t man! They have a nano second to decide whether or not they will ever see their family again.

If society continues to reward criminals like Tamir Rice’s mama, we can expect more Tamirs. https://t.co/hLRUdTbtcX

RT @Sniper1T: @andieiamwhoiam no outcome would satisfy the left. Taser, mace, bipgun. Rice created the problem. End of story. #goodridda…

I understand that. However, “culture” is not an excuse for breaking the law. https://t.co/C73EsjQRnQ

RT @mrbunnylamakins: @andieiamwhoiam I had parents at one time when I was young that taught me it was Rude to point and point things at peo…

RT @SamTMart2nd1780: @Lisa_SmithOH @andieiamwhoiam @BarbaraDeStasio The shooting was justified. Rule 1 dont point any gun at any1 anywhere…

RT @katomart: @andieiamwhoiam @BarbaraDeStasio Wilson was in the right but Mike Browns mom will get the same city hush money anyway. Awful.

RT @MyroneBusiness: @andieiamwhoiam @BarbaraDeStasio ah yes, the standard known as double.

Tamir Rice’s mama is a DISGUSTING human being. https://t.co/dQo8nl6Pnh

Your brand of Jesus doesn’t come with a warranty. https://t.co/TSoGAdeuBt

And again…Entire Denby (Detroit) cheerleading squad attacks girl. https://t.co/LoIOl3s5h8

I’ll bet she’s armed. Good for her! https://t.co/vIksAWJ0sq

Being poor and black is a CHOICE. 74% illegitimacy. OF course they are in poverty! Highest crime rates in country. https://t.co/m0xGQbI4Zz

Why wasn’t Tamir’s mama arrested? https://t.co/7W74XNI5p3

Don’t resist arrest. Don’t get too close to a peace officer performing his duties. #Schooled https://t.co/nN6JFe0tnj

What kind of effeminate, weak chinned feral says police “just” shot in leg? We know what kind. Don’t we? https://t.co/oD0vw0iBzB

Um. Bwahahahahahahahahha! https://t.co/H1L1C0HIex

Stay out of the police officer’s way or you will not like the response. https://t.co/8WZZcNGym9

RT @Tomfreeusa: @andieiamwhoiam @RT_com At the root of the problem is subsidized unwed births and rewarding bad choices

How many is this now? https://t.co/r1NBrXsrMO

@CBEMOB @ImGregCook He’s a weenie.

I a,m waiting for the truth of this letter to come to light. https://t.co/yH6POBBwKm https://t.co/r1NBrXsrMO

Best not to do it. Respect the work of a police officer or suffer potential negative outcomes. https://t.co/oguAHnfZ67

Pretty cut and dry. he pinned the officer between two cars. He was killed. Nothing to see here. Move along. https://t.co/cRlGAuM1lK

RT @David050905: @andieiamwhoiam @KWRose blue is a choice. Blue United races, where as black lives separated and divides

@blackcat3119 I will wager it is a hoax.

That’s what happens when Liberals make it seem as if Tamir did nothing wrong. Expect more. https://t.co/mNwSzRZL59

At least he lived past his criminal stupidity. I hope they make an example of him. LONG prison sentence. https://t.co/WK1ePCt73L

RT @1AlexisArnold: Undersheriff Conway and Sgt. Skelton will have plaques dedicated in their honor near Routes 252 and 65 @13WHAM https://…

Liberals will make excuses for this kid. I won’t. His parents should be arrested along with him. Make an example. https://t.co/A2l4kmzwlC

@blackcat3119 Let me know when. We will meet you for lunch!

The Republican nominee. 🙂 https://t.co/4WwPB5M5UJ

@noelmauricio2 @David050905 @Scott4Trump We are blessed, my friend. How are you?

RT @Asjw9: @andieiamwhoiam Look real enough to me. https://t.co/Fll1tT0sZ6

What color is the gun? I will wager that’s all the police saw. https://t.co/Ry3FTGxAuk

Go right ahead. Name ONE innocent black man who was intentionally shot by police. ONE. Name ONE man of any color. https://t.co/DEQXUqklsg

RT @Gavinsplanet: @andieiamwhoiam His mother knew he left the house with the replica gun – until parents wise up this will continue.Definit…

I said INTENTIONALLY. Grant was an accident. Tamir had a GUN. https://t.co/Znyx1bMmWR

@noelmauricio2 @David050905 @Scott4Trump Good to hear it. Be well.

@noelmauricio2 @David050905 @Scott4Trump Horrible. Is there anything we can do to help?

RT @jihadaeon: @andieiamwhoiam @KWRose @benshapiro=3 Things to do to NOT SUCK in America 1.No kids til MARRIED 2.Graduate High School 3.Hol…

EPIC! LOL! https://t.co/RrGuGPZ4KA

VERY well done! https://t.co/fS2yfGhCO9

Thank you for your service, Frank! https://t.co/SOTEko70ib

How is arresting someone the opposite of pro-life, ya everloving nitwit? https://t.co/4IAbcipCMv

Yes. Even a toy gun. Yes. Even something that looks like a gun. Just don’t. https://t.co/Xcxc7RJWA6

Thanks for your service, Steve. https://t.co/d9JYfh1YNg

@horseneverlies He is very talented.

@njdunn1982 @KWRose Have you seen his timeline?

Poe’s Law. https://t.co/Yuu60tK3DC

@spacecadetniko I posted this earlier. It’s getting worse by the day under Barack.

Great job, kiddo! https://t.co/RVde4SrqPo

Perfection! https://t.co/0cug5U5Nfe

I hear they are playing Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. https://t.co/OvXyc1EZFx

Gotta pay for those who refuse to carry their own weight. https://t.co/ysAzYsiQWo

Don’t be surprised if they require your phone as evidence, though. https://t.co/ZNzrdOHpA6

RT @The_Odd_Asylum: @andieiamwhoiam #PurpleTaxesMatter

RT @Loubie1130: @andieiamwhoiam @aemdee @baltimoresun I lived in Balto during the Freddie Gray incident. It’s a scary place with crime, dru…

@stepheng1500 lol

Blacks commit the bulk of crime, 53% of homicides. Of course they have more police contact. https://t.co/NjS2oRORKs

Why did ferals burn property because a man was injured when he fled police? https://t.co/6snfL1OaDP

He had a gun, nitwit. https://t.co/2HsCp8584n

In Ferguson, they didn’t call police. They called the media, Al Sharpton. https://t.co/f6xq1pZzk1

The other occupants weren’t. Gray had a history of self injury. https://t.co/g5zFAqDEAN

@marcmcgaugh1975 @kwamerose No. They interviewed a man who said Gray was thrashing around.

Wrong. Police were called because he was pointing the gun at people. Caller would NOT know if it was a toy. https://t.co/N8NSNAqqKg

Did you brandish them? Did you live in a high crime area? https://t.co/MuORqclB7G

https://t.co/jdUeaTDl6r https://t.co/IKniqY6QdV

@SpacePerformer @warrior_western @Sammi4Trump @AlexSmith1964 Please stop tagging me with these nitwits.

He aimed gun at people near the Recreation Center. DO not come to my timeline without having done research. https://t.co/2DefOxJ86Y

Was he a gun expert? MOOT. https://t.co/tL19u1S4b8

We need to stand with our men and women in BLUE. Now more than ever. https://t.co/27lipTtxcz


#FreddieGray https://t.co/PLKxfYD0ts

RT @belynda13: @andieiamwhoiam @BLang71 When you were young cops rarely got shot & parents didn’t collect paychecks bc of their kid’s thugg…

@marcmcgaugh1975 No worries. LOL!

The bigger question is WHERE ARE ALL THE FATHERS? https://t.co/vU9ZgoI9es

RT @cpg2211: @andieiamwhoiam @TrianguluM33 @SandraALTX the caller should have gone to cofirm if it was a toy before he called police then.

Chalk it up to…oh wait…did I say chalk? https://t.co/BI7eIuHkoT

@Rooven1 🙂

RT @Sober297: @andieiamwhoiam i find it amazing how evidence is disregarded, or completely forgotten. Facts Matter! the Truth Matters!

@lonnyAWedell @DaveSodman @BuzzFeedNews Great!

#FreddieGray was arrested at least 22 times. https://t.co/QimPt0y5n6 https://t.co/7OXwWyLoqP

@lonnyAWedell @DaveSodman @BuzzFeedNews Awesome!

RT @mikej77: @andieiamwhoiam Should have been in lifetime custody long before he died. Police job 2 difficult if cities used as open air p…

I made the mistake of looking for the names of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims. Was he homosexual or was he deviant?

They don’t cooperate with the police. Instead they rely on vigilantism. The culture is primitive, base. https://t.co/59BQGOW7Oi

RT @jmcfadden: @andieiamwhoiam @kwamerose https://t.co/2HF5i7SQs4

Dahmer was homosexual. He molested many of his victims. https://t.co/M2zDQcIEHW

RT @Igorsmaster: @andieiamwhoiam @DaveSodman @BuzzFeedNews where the left wants all fathers living in a car or on the street.

@highaltitudes I wish I never read what I just read, or saw what I just saw.

@The_Odd_Asylum NO WAY! I will never sleep again!

RT @BrianMora_USA: @andieiamwhoiam YES. He was both. A disgrace to the former, by being the latter.

@ratsonfire Oh no! lol!

@The_Odd_Asylum Sorry to hear this.

RT @JudgeMoroz: @realDonaldTrump will build the wall, deport the illegals & strengthen the rights of Americans to keep & bear arms! https:/…

I don’t need to #BoycottBeyonce. You see, I never listened to the racist tramp who has the IQ of bananas.

Beyonce. https://t.co/TsaxxNijg4

Blacks commit the bulk of gun crime, per capita. Especially in inner cities. Talk to them. https://t.co/r7cBuILqTL

The meaning of the phrase “well-regulated” in the 2nd amendment does not refer to GOVERNMENT regulations. The.. https://t.co/nt6Fwoh5v8

I know someone who can help you with that. https://t.co/CGwaV60MMj

#WhatIThinkWhileYouTalk When someone tells me they are a liberal, I envision a speech ballon with the words “I am an utter nitwit”.

RT @kazueger1: Today: April 27, 1805 US Marines Squash Islamic Terrorists in Tripoli ⋆ The Constitution https://t.co/qbm77HDv8j

RT @ngeAct64: @andieiamwhoiam When I see liberal what they should say is Progressive. They do not know their own history and cling to their…

@RLH2606 Ahahahaha!

@AlysiaStern I love this.

@RLH2606 LOL! I’m dying!

Yes you are. You are black. Blackity, black, black. Black. You are a black male. Well, an effeminate black male. https://t.co/yVhsVBRFyM

@RLH2606 LOL!

@RLH2606 Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Ahahahaha! @RLH2606

@BrianBo70970307 🙂

Hahahaha! https://t.co/Lc7rBeLk62

@MrNamelessOne Too funny!

@RLH2606 I needed the laugh. Thanks!

lol https://t.co/EH6QNwKRFw

His leaders taught him well. He used every card in the deck simultaneously. https://t.co/BSJvEbGyUb

@SonnyGirard @DrottM EEEW!

RT @BDieselx: @BradThor @Nero We have become a nation of whiners and not winners. We praise emotion as real and shun success as privilege a…

Prayers, my friend. (((hug))) https://t.co/OQdQ2VsFue

RT @DailyMail: Maps show the rise and fall of slavery in US in decades before emancipation https://t.co/9OqdcDftqQ https://t.co/mO6Atak8oI

Horribly sad. https://t.co/uFLjELcCFe

@AmerPatriot1 lol

EXACTLY https://t.co/fXXo1DGhBC

RT @hellixmarcelius: @andieiamwhoiam interesting that liberals are quick to point out being shamed but when they don’t like someone it’s th…

You use the term “WE” when you speak of black folks. You aslo hail your melanin content as if it has merit. https://t.co/9ejdK99VXd

I lived in a ghetto. Racist. https://t.co/y9DVEwd1x3

But he would lose his MIND if you use the phrase “you people”. LOL! https://t.co/zhABiWbOYn

I am beginning to hate these types. https://t.co/nn5x1z4xac

The system? NO. Black illegitimacy is 74%. YOUR PARENTS oppress you. https://t.co/LBGBPPD2KI

Yes, kiddo, I do. You know nothing of TRUE ghettos. You CHOOSE to love there. You are subsidized by the taxpayer. https://t.co/ARPi4uBJYk

@gradbhbar I was just there today!

You just proved my point, bigot. https://t.co/JsX0vqRgTu

From Everyday Feminism. LOL! https://t.co/XxPIIKcKJ9

@gradbhbar Yes!

LIES! Blacks had higher rates of marriage prior to Welfare State. https://t.co/sll5v62wmL

THEY are the reason you don’t have what others have. THEY made that choice. https://t.co/ShVvLIeAPy

RT @GrizzlyGovFan: Broken home, no car, little food, I weighed 135 pounds. Graduated High School and joined the Navy, to eat. Priv.? https…

Maya Angelou is way overrated. https://t.co/Fp7qrboh49

Only to the uncivilized among us. Marriage is the cornerstone of civilized society. Illegitimacy is core of poverty https://t.co/QhdUjN9fHa

You lack sense. You lack personal responsibility. You lack self respect. Mostly, you lack a father. https://t.co/XIxz4cmZXN

I’m sorry your parents failed you but the failure is theirs, not society’s. https://t.co/2qpx9Mi6Gn

RT @Beyond_I_Do: As a wedding minister, I beg to differ. Been no decline in couples wanting to marry. https://t.co/thg3jNzZkH

Graduate high school. Marry your baby mama. https://t.co/PxEV44NfDJ

I don’t coddle people. If you come to me with that attitude, it will be checked. I don’t check IDs. https://t.co/nnwdsk9ca2

If your parents are unmarried, you are born at a disadvantage. They robbed you of time and/or a second income. https://t.co/OYOGJ2kqqb

I had a wretched “child” steal personal photos, post my husband’s name, employer phone, then cry she was a child. https://t.co/d5fQZOKf6q

RT @toby_dorena: As Libs destroy the family, society crumbles more & more with ever increasing poverty! #RedNationRising https://t.co/Td4K…

I see exactly what you are. A self involved, excuse making bigot who refuses the concept of personal responsibility https://t.co/j6vkvu2rrt

RT @datacrown: Re poverty, difficulties –Marriage or permanent committed relationship. Kids need 2 parents. Stats don’t lie. https://t.co/…

Not blacks…progressives. https://t.co/zKI2XaPqQX

You already have infinite crutches. I don’t believe you. https://t.co/DX6HBrukXK

RT @hugh_mannity: #guncontrol has killed 170,000.000 people https://t.co/PYDph0ViRx Gov’ts only take guns when they need to control the pop…

RT @hugh_mannity: @jsavite Yip, looking at your TL there is nothing but vitriol and hate. Hate for people, Hate for America. So sad. Oh wel…

Thank you for speaking truth, my friend. https://t.co/LZ344uv0nN

RT @rlr222015: @TimCon57 @andieiamwhoiam @proudmelanin I’ve only met a few African-Americans. A family that moved here from Africa and beca…

I agree you are smart but you have a lot to learn. Whoever poisoned your mind thus far should be ashamed. https://t.co/DX6HBrukXK

She has a sick obsession with me. https://t.co/0tTbr6ELiJ

P{lease follow @WayneDupreeShow @SheriffClarke @RockinDocMD @opinionatedbruh Good people. https://t.co/lnEUrAYRgd

RT @Firebrand_MKB: @andieiamwhoiam @freedomtex It’s an abomination that people enjoying USA freedom seek socialism.

@hugh_mannity Something is missing, for certain.

@gradbhbar Well, it’s rainy and cold…hope that helps. lol

Blacks commit the bulk of crime. https://t.co/J6qLKoEYBU

RT @larrysr19701: @jsavite @watson_mpls2 Cool, now go sleep in a refugee camp. See how long you last

RT @larrysr19701: @art_expert_dan @CNNPolitics More people are out of work than ever. More on food stamps. Gas prices have zero to do with…

@BreitbartNews This is a good man to have on your team. See his YouTube channel! https://t.co/z0RpGcfqU7 SHARE! https://t.co/YZKPLqUkim

If you don’t know @opinionatedbruh , now is the time! https://t.co/2YulhUw7YK

RT @StephenQuick54: @andieiamwhoiam @proudmelanin @bcamp1979 @amandlastenberg I’m a white male and I never had any “privilege”. Just hard w…

@DawningOwl Congratulations!

@DawningOwl Thank you.

@Tazatator LOL

@panchimpanzee lol

HUH? LOL! https://t.co/hmOL2AkNOs

This is where I say “Who? Me?” https://t.co/ZTCQiBubeg

@RockinDocMD @WayneDupreeShow @SheriffClarke @proudmelanin Trying to introduce you to @proudmelanin I think he would like you.

@RockinDocMD @WayneDupreeShow @SheriffClarke @proudmelanin I could only find one. The other is lost.

@opinionatedbruh @BreitbartNews My husband is your biggest fan. I am your second biggest fan because I always let him win. 🙂

LOL! https://t.co/hCcJ3rUWVG

Dearest God, who gave them my number? https://t.co/gMnIZzsWKu

Also shows commitment to the well being of their children. https://t.co/yaRmMVplV5

You said you weren’t black. You claimed to speak for your “people”. We are mocking you. 😉 https://t.co/ePcRfKlWIi

Yes we do! https://t.co/CwL2j7aCAS

@SpongeZim Hello, my friend!

@RockinDocMD @WayneDupreeShow @SheriffClarke @proudmelanin I would never deprive them of their needs. I wear flip flops most days. LOL!

@GregFromWLawnPA LOL!

@RockinDocMD @WayneDupreeShow @SheriffClarke @proudmelanin I suppose not. Good call.

@RockinDocMD @WayneDupreeShow @SheriffClarke @proudmelanin You can dust the floor at the same time if your feet are really big.

RT @NazNazarian: @proudmelanin No. You’re American. That is it. I was born in Iran, I do not call myself Persian-American anymore. We are b…

The market dictates. Also, there are no white colleges. https://t.co/Gd2R1DYMi4

74% black illegitimacy is the cause. It is uncommon among married couples. https://t.co/lfgjFwlMq4

RT @critico_lost: @andieiamwhoiam @BolsonaroSP https://t.co/kEhzny2TBl Our President of Brazil Dilma, the Workers’ Party is a COMMUNIST TER…

@hedeen89 @proudmelanin @Sniper1T He left his Tardis on the corner.

Of course. She and her Black Panthers twerked to music at the Super Bowl. CHANGED the WORLD. https://t.co/hUMShzCSSG

RT @critico_lost: @andieiamwhoiam @BolsonaroSP Unfortunately The BRAZIL is being commanded BY YEARS BY WORKERS ‘PARTY OF COMMUNISM (PT)

@RichardNov5th https://t.co/MObFmyHNhA

Feminism is showing all your wares in public while attacking the very police that protect you? Oh. https://t.co/H0GHnQQf5Q

@RockinDocMD @WayneDupreeShow @SheriffClarke @proudmelanin Doh!

Let me guess, you’re 12? https://t.co/06qbRAqpCd

SHAME on them! https://t.co/rN2uVxBdzn

Yes, kiddo, undergrads have all the answers. I bow to your superior intellect and experience. https://t.co/dLDMBpePLC

You certainly are a victim of life. Hope that changes for you. https://t.co/zpS9EbDg4G

RT @Bamac1318: @miamidecor @GorillaChompz @andieiamwhoiam @Sniper1T Not a single person came forward as a character reference 4 Trayvon, no…

RT @AmyMek: SICK! Airport security (Detroit Metro Concourse A). Elderly Catholic nun being frisked by a Muslim “Security Agent”! https://t.…

RT @jimmyjokcmo: @QED1000 @andieiamwhoiam …And a second is a long time just ask a bull rider

Raise your children not to attack police. https://t.co/wjzLMhJnWs

Blacks commit 53% of ALL homicides. https://t.co/EWn9gQCOTj

LOL! https://t.co/yVwd1eyQ2T

It matters not. It takes seconds to shoot. https://t.co/jiz1Ud3h7a

RT @Wolfiemann: @proudmelanin @bcamp1979 @andieiamwhoiam So when does “No future” become your responsibility, and not the systems?

Thank you for your service, my friend. I am blessed to meet you! https://t.co/asTbWyYIMT

BLUE LIVES MATTER https://t.co/tb5WgA6X1l

RT @MyroneBusiness: @warrior_western @andieiamwhoiam @SenSanders Hard to rebuild something while the inhabitants are actively and aggressiv…

Maybe the inhabitants of the inner cities, the ones SUBSIDIZED by TAXPAYERS should stop tearing them down? Nitwit. https://t.co/o4NL1ZaG3h

RT @THuff7: @SenSanders Sounds like a job for the only Constitutional body that controls the budget: Congress. Why haven’t you done your jo…

Corporations GAVE them those jobs. Raise wages, raise cost of living. You aren’t very good at this. https://t.co/MBy3qYpXDZ

RT @ChooseToBFree: @SenSanders Oh for Heaven’s sake Bernie! #FeelTheBern https://t.co/zMUUv8sGjB

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. https://t.co/zu77f1A6HI

They cannot be this daft. Only lazy people believe this. https://t.co/ery8MQZd3n

The moment you realize Bernie followers are on drugs…lots of drugs. https://t.co/Ox13jTq49p

RT @Nodisregard: @flypapper @andieiamwhoiam so you hear “barack Obama” and immediately think “black!”? Are you sure you aren’t racist?

Here we go…Like the raunchy, loud black women on the train who just received millions… https://t.co/qEoBSV5P8W

The culture IS the problem. https://t.co/eoAAuEG00w

When their handlers are removed and replaced with freedom lovers. https://t.co/uTtFtsHNY7

RT @StanO360: @andieiamwhoiam @proudmelanin @UnRealNateStorm Let me add poverty is uncommon in married household regardless of race.

RT @rachal_robert: @andieiamwhoiam feminism is the sister of liberal insanity.

They like losing. https://t.co/E9sVwwljfG

Or Venezuela. https://t.co/4EjlUNxA60

RT @GamesOfJuli: @Nodisregard @flypapper @andieiamwhoiam The tweet is “the president of US congratulated an animal abuser” – You brought ra…

RT @true198: @ISBIRA @andieiamwhoiam never heard of tiananmen square huh? que es verdaderamente triste

I began the thread, feral. It seems YOU are the interloper. https://t.co/AA01uy7pTm

WE know this and appreciate it, of course. However, leftists seem to think that blacks are only victims. https://t.co/931h3Gi7gR

Have you MET the nitwits from BBC? It isn’t difficult to win a debate against them. https://t.co/KGrWRjaFjA

RT @TherealMadMikeM: @andieiamwhoiam @AnissaZahr @Pat_slut I truly thought it was common knowledge… Attack a cop, and you run a good cha…

DO NOT come to my timeline unprepared, feral. https://t.co/cH5yonhLHC https://t.co/bNvXyRVhaT

OMG! https://t.co/SdNs8HX1UN

The pendulum is swinging BACK. WE will NO LONGER allow the WEAK to dictate terms! STAND WITH ME! https://t.co/MVPLoL3Tp7

@MydoghatesMe2 Morning!

Do my guns trigger you, snowflake? You don’t have to buy one if you don’t like them. MY body. MY choice. https://t.co/RapZ1DAW5S

A girl killed by a group of black teens using their BARE HANDS but you nitwits say unarmed people aren’t dangerous. https://t.co/SEx7je07Ls

RT @CraigFrancis18: @andieiamwhoiam @SenSanders when people DO NOT invest in their communities, then they DO NOT care what happens to them.…

RT @AlRamirez12: @andieiamwhoiam @ISBIRA @gretzitz1 bernies army https://t.co/4l2U7Aiz0M

Only someone who is extremely envious would take the time to photoshop images. https://t.co/S7EfOU0HuG

Why do blacks commit 53% of all homicides? Why are 74% of blacks illegitimate? Why are 60% of black girls molested? https://t.co/utpR0xPBoW

RT @Ron_Hutchcraft: @andieiamwhoiam Suddenly, He Lifted His Shirt & Out Came This~> And All Thought Of Crime… Vanished😨 https://t.co/aQM…

Why do blacks commit 53% of all homicides? Why are 60% of black girls molested? Why are 74% of blacks illegitimate? https://t.co/G08T3dkXLr

Envy is so ugly. https://t.co/tS2IQAfjhV

RT @GeezerRepublic: Rebuild them and the denizens will retear them down. https://t.co/EBRcd0euNj

RT @BDieselx: @andieiamwhoiam @ISBIRA @gretzitz1 It’s fairly interesting to see people blame an economic system for a war and not, you know…

Yet think Tamir Rice’s mama deserves a mother of the year award. https://t.co/SUArr6BkzR

RT @DANEgerus: . @andieiamwhoiam 51% of all homicide victims are black… gunned down by ‘urban Democrats’ because #BlackLivesMatter ?!?

Actually, black males between 14-28 are 6% of the population, half of those commit crimes. THREE percent. https://t.co/lwJD6Yo1hP

RT @skyler12388: @AnissaZahr @Pat_slut @andieiamwhoiam Maybe she appreciates police officers more than #thugs running the streets committin…

RT @ben_petrie: @andieiamwhoiam @DSTdyme The violence at the Trump rally there was BLM and paid protesters.Basically terrorists.

The offspring of single mothers, subsidized by the taxpayers. https://t.co/AZ2O61B7Zm

RT @RichardNov5th: @andieiamwhoiam It’s like “Bog Mike” from Ferguson, He was a thug. After the shooting he got a media make over.

RT @jimmyjokcmo: @RichardNov5th @andieiamwhoiam …No. He was a straight A student rapping to put himself thru medical school to support hi…

@johnmay08 Thanks, John!

I have noticed. https://t.co/k9rhshoblJ

RT @Conservative220: @reachout2015 Why do people join gangs? Answer: Lack of solid families at home. 🙂 @andieiamwhoiam @DSTdyme

RT @jimmyjokcmo: @andieiamwhoiam @ISBIRA .Every great industrial achievement, manufacturing, medical advancement and invention was brought…

I am constantly amazed that people are shocked when politicians do political things.

Barack has been at war every single second of his presidency. Highest unemployment, especially among blacks. https://t.co/X09XNq5knO

@hedeen89 Blacks shoot at police more often but whites tend to hit their mark and kill the officer. https://t.co/yGRCeJoqN5

WE are 19 trillion in DEBT, he more than doubled it. Unemployment at all time high. Obamacare is a TAX, mandatory. https://t.co/6jspTx9ndf

Police, as you know, don’t want to kill ANYONE. However, they do want to make it home at end of shift. https://t.co/DL8McVxaJh

This guy needs to begin his posts with “Once upon a time…” https://t.co/GRBcFEt9hQ

The myth of Barack’s job creation explained in a graph. https://t.co/2VI1jzT7m8

RT @reachout2015: @MuslimMahamat @andieiamwhoiam @barry_bravo @TineBrubak https://t.co/BxmLGiVwg7

Barack’s daughters wear dresses worth tens of thousands of dollars while those he exploited for votes cannot EAT. https://t.co/f5tfF1vEhu

I was raised in the Ghetto. I was poor. Then I was raised by the State. I can’t hear you over the sound of reality. https://t.co/4pTiwa54Ik

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @andieiamwhoiam You just fulfilled the first rule of law enforcement: make sure when your shift is over you go home al…

#NationalSuperheroDay Thank you to all the FIRST RESPONDERS out there! Thank you to our military! Our TRUE superheroes!

Twerking Black Panthers were never my thing. https://t.co/sESGBnol4V

Barack was an affirmative action student, as were the majority of those on his cabinet. https://t.co/U9S27OVbBE

@RayLRiv @EmilyRuthA 🙂

Vote for Bernie and he will clog the whole works. https://t.co/1SKT17tKlo

RT @reachout2015: @MuslimMahamat @andieiamwhoiam @barry_bravo @TineBrubak come on savage… you savages are pigs.. https://t.co/zdMzGsOT4a

Nor do they deserve the way Barack has treated them. https://t.co/F3UcB0OwLr

She modeled her dancers after Assata Shakur, a Black Panther who killed a police officer and is a fugitive in Cuba. https://t.co/9pjWMX5Oxa

RT @Tomfreeusa: And a salute to my son who is a first responder https://t.co/oq5D1f0x0f

lol https://t.co/dhwRL9McEJ

RT @SGMGibeau: @Flogging_Jude @RedRising11 @Callisto1947 No one is forced. it gives them faster room for advancement, in a job they simply…

RT @happydwarff: Loved Prince’s music, but you would think the White House would show t/same respect when our soldiers or LEOs die. https:…

RT @MagnumGT79: @andieiamwhoiam @Rooven1 https://t.co/yToDrFfcz1

RT @AztlanConnect: @andieiamwhoiam low IQ lowlife fools who take cultural garbage such as Beyonce seriously need to be put on a spaceship…

RT @catoletters: Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else ~ Frédéric Bast…

RT @CorleoneWilbur: @EmilyRuthA @gary_indiana Leftist objective always employs politics of division, envy, blame. Loss of freedom of use…

RT @r0ckeye: @andieiamwhoiam @DSTdyme Notice no one ever answers these stats, Andie? The truth is hard for many.

RT @jivehearitllive: @Only4RM @cnnbrk prolly case he was a habitual criminal who’s choices led to his death.

RT @bgittleson: A young man asked @SenTedCruz to sign a copy of the Communist Manifesto as a joke. Here’s what Cruz wrote. https://t.co/8VW…

I never told anyone where I live. The ferals stalked me. They ARE THAT insane. https://t.co/z00NcoRXHd

RT @HLNTV: Hero cop saves man from jumping off bridge: https://t.co/Cgb2tsPSJm https://t.co/Nu6RCSryIc

https://t.co/JWD2NgPou3 https://t.co/updsfpG1ki

RT @HerpDerpelton: @MuslimMahamat @USInGodWeTrust @hedeen89 @andieiamwhoiam @barry_bravo @TineBrubak Jobless claims? THEY ARE DROPPING FRO…

Damn skippy. https://t.co/o27sNGFL3N

This woman laughed when a 12 year old was raped and publicly humiliated women her husband raped. https://t.co/FmZSWW2Orb

@Angrymike281 @WickedLefty I know. No offense taken. Just want to clarify. 🙂

Anyone who supports Hillary is as evil and broken as she is. https://t.co/8o321UT5nT

Hillary takes care of Hillary. https://t.co/CUPVzsML3x

RT @00LovelyDay00: Retweet and make #KatesLaw go #viral https://t.co/lk7piTLHDd

RT @LEORollCall: Ordered your “LEO Supporter: We’ve Got Your Six” tee yet? Great gift for LEO family! #Police https://t.co/YN8QMPsfa6 https…


This should be golden. https://t.co/dLvPiCjQgx

WE need to punish the parents if we want this to end. Taxpayers just gave wretched Samaria Rice 6 million dollars. https://t.co/GnBJTI57lI

ANOTHER police officer shot in Barack’s America, a member of gang suppression unit in Gresham Oregon. Prayers. https://t.co/V29AD5tBo6

Please simply SHARE. You never know who will see it. You could save their lives! https://t.co/jx2xG3hodf

This is how that bitch looked after she got four good men killed. Anyone who supports Hillary is TRASH. https://t.co/rlxPdxhFDy

Yet taxpayers forced to give Tamir Rice’s mama 6 million dollars for killing her son. https://t.co/iNvfTWYOul

RT @maryjones1417: @andieiamwhoiam @SharonMcCutchan @HillaryClinton https://t.co/ejRWtXQGnH

RT @TroyFd518: @andieiamwhoiam @00LovelyDay00 @newsagg @BeautyBind @OT_Enthusiast disgusting

#HillaryForPrison https://t.co/WerbbIIrez

@maul235 lol

Where did he blame them on a video, schmuck? https://t.co/uU5xbUnaoQ

@DjoeminganB Thank you, my friend. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Police K-9 killed in Barack’s America. RIP https://t.co/MU9gbsRr9V

How much you wanna bet he was a #BlackLivesMatter loon? https://t.co/vVuVS89XT6

Leftwits claim posting a description of a suspect is…get this…insensitive. The nitwittery never ends. https://t.co/W1OB6eSE8z

RT @Bible_Time: Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise. -James 5:13

@tommyseymour2 @UrgentPart2 Thank you!

His address, his pets, his neighbors, his car… https://t.co/LG191qaWIw

If, during and encounter, a subject pulls out a weapon, the minimal amount of force necessary will be deadly force. https://t.co/eDZo9ArpCk

It’s elementary. https://t.co/Hl4Ev6g2wT

BBC posted my personal information for my crime of being a Conservative…but that’s okay with leftists. https://t.co/bJrDhF02Td

Barack is a very weak man, a very childlike man; He is in a position that requires power. It’s akin to leaving the little sister in charge.

Barack is a media created illusion. He IS the Great and Powerful Oz. Global Socialists direct this “man behind the curtain”.

@PrinceDevitt69 @OklahomaAdam @AztlanConnect Never.

RT @BaronBlacky: @andieiamwhoiam As an outsider I see Obama as a weak socialist with an agenda not put in check by the people of America an…

One would HOPE that service woman, of all people, could practice self control. https://t.co/EQ1N0jwxiC

Except it had nothing to do with Benghazi. https://t.co/vnZNraoAWg

LOL! https://t.co/TdHUZOmJTm

So much death under Barack. RIP. https://t.co/SAnAf9dTyU

What do Leftists know about wives? They take the bulk of welfare for a REASON. https://t.co/BKXnUrggJX

RT @alphacencharlie: @andieiamwhoiam Rebel flag isn’t racist; it’s meant as a reminder that some us will still stand and fight tyranny if w…

@JimPowersjpp https://t.co/Ea05ymQelf

RT @EagleEyeFlyer: It’s insanity rewarding worthless parent(s) enormous sums of $$$$ for bringing up equally worthless criminals!! https:/…

@OklahomaAdam @AztlanConnect https://t.co/Ea05ymQelf

RT @trumpyogi: @andieiamwhoiam @HillaryClinton And she made sure a the man she KNEW raped the 12-year old WALKED!!!

@michillbilly You too!

@cyber_merkin @UrgentPart2 🙂

Benghazi is not as funny as Trayvon, though. Am I right? https://t.co/VWgh8vRg3B

RT @bazisgirl: @andieiamwhoiam @Macheter0 @twistertitr HRC is free to walk around, & the innocent man jailed based on a lie is STILL LOCKE…

Wrong. Blacks take the bulk of welfare. 39.8% black, 38.8% white. Blacks only 12.6% of pop https://t.co/se7KPOHDfG https://t.co/E8wBr1RU2O

RT @TheUnrealKRyan: @andieiamwhoiam @ACLU There are a million things men and women in uniform cant do! Its called being held to a higher st…

@OklahomaAdam @AztlanConnect @BBCWorld Breitbart owned them. They lied. https://t.co/e1QBitMIPB

RT @LibertySushine: Darn…I thought most wife beaters were NFL players….maybe that is girlfriends instead…I love reading fiction https…

Just a reminder that @BreitbartNews always stands for what is right. #Winning https://t.co/e1QBitMIPB

@quintal232 @Macheter0 @oreillyfactor @OneTonTurtle @twistertitr lol

Bake your own damned cake then. https://t.co/VO76jKKO0O

Got her son killed, used the race card, forced taxpayers to reward her bad parenting. Should be in PRISON. https://t.co/RdBrnmKvYa

@JimPowersjpp Thank you. We are armed.

RT @csa4_ever: @andieiamwhoiam Leftists betray their “coexist, tolerance, diversity” mantra. It all applies, until they don’t want it to a…

@The_Odd_Asylum I disagree. Your perception is skewed. You’re not the judge of you!

More blacks unemployed under Barack. I already gave you welfare stats showing blacks take bulk. Dismissed. https://t.co/4IayJ46rTm

“Murrica! https://t.co/DnXOFnkQ1K

More blacks on welfare. 39.8% black, 38.8% white. Sad truth. https://t.co/se7KPOHDfG https://t.co/FtFdYIV8fG

I saw this. It’s Poe’s Law. https://t.co/X4QTfxUcbm

@DesertFoxMulder Thanks to the Welfare State. Yes.

RT @zahwa123: it is sad that democrats see improvement by making white poor and not by making Black richer. destroying is easier https://t.…

It would change if they stopped committing crime. The effects of THEIR crime on our society is WORSE. https://t.co/dZI2VqQ733

@The_Odd_Asylum Yes.

RT @cbeasleymgr: @zahwa123 @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/CdpJ30go3U

RT @pwc1011: If we don’t hold people accountable, we are no longer a civilized society. Why can’t liberals understand this? https://t.co/Q…

RT @MyroneBusiness: @andieiamwhoiam @IPS_DC @karendolan @AECFNews I know, lets fund more inner city programs and ignore the real problem; f…

RT @sgpeek: @andieiamwhoiam @JoeBanamoe @karen_farkas Silly me. I disciplined my kids, kept them in church, & educated them. All they got…

RT @BobGiesen: Libs don’t subscribe to self control. They’re all about, “If it FEELS good, do it. Damn the consequences.” https://t.co/HxTc…

@TimTbw1000 Thanks. 🙂

I love the desperation of my enemies. It means I am winning.

We should go. https://t.co/k4DDJzewdH

I am not white. I’m Cherokee. Can you BE any more of a minority? LOL! https://t.co/STmne63hSI

RT @Cons_Nation: This is basically everything you should know about Hillary. https://t.co/UTLVUsXJ7u

I have a sign for liberals…STOP…Let’s put an end to their nitwittery. https://t.co/rzrPIWfFgK

RT @truenorth_eh: Watch Muslims lie to “infidels” then talk their “truth” when infidels aren’t around. #BanIslam https://t.co/JeWhIeI9SI

RT @KenGermanicus: @truenorth_eh @SandraALTX https://t.co/tama466fJm

Don’t get me started. https://t.co/zgVOZki369

lol https://t.co/PCgGYANTIn

RT @KevinEdge8: @andieiamwhoiam @Emerald2393 color n race mean everything to some people. Normally that means they are racist

Hey guys, my favorite Conservative teen has a new account @warrior_western Can you follow him?

@MaryEMurphy4 lol

#Syria #ByeFelicia https://t.co/JsW3yKh0hZ

The right to self defense is tantamount to freedom. https://t.co/Epuo75kxdS

@warpfactorbanjo @warrior_western Speaking truth. You?

Black unemployment is extremely high under Barack. Why don’t we have them build the WALL now? #BuildThatWall

@MyroneBusiness Yes. Employ them.

RT @NightmarEclipse: Just a reminder this shitbag denied cancer stricken children access to healthcare to make healthcare more accessible h…

Do you follow @opinionatedbruh ? Here is his Youtube channel. I respect him tremendously. https://t.co/aoQyV2mscS https://t.co/b06FE7Vofa

RT @Jennifer_1965: @andieiamwhoiam @TomHerring3 black will always be imprisoned under democratic watch. the republican makes a way for ever…

xo https://t.co/0ZxJT22Mnd

RT @nvr2conservativ: @Jennifer_1965 @andieiamwhoiam @TomHerring3 Everyone who is willing to work can be prosperous under smaller govt & les…

RT @bazisgirl: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/PMv5DFDIJU

#math #marriage #life https://t.co/BbgrnFxKA0

RT @neokulak: @andieiamwhoiam Progs care not abt helping latinos, blacks, gays. There’s no logic in his actions b/c it’s abt destruction of…

As he should be. https://t.co/yxvPw6q2xC

@WoffordN Evil.

Dressed for a Prince concert in Chicago…always a big fan of his talent. Really no one like him. https://t.co/aZCPWVYIOL

@Sniper1T @warrior_western WTH?

@s_duvvuri @warrior_western Then you will love him!

@krahulj Thank you. 🙂 Blessed to know so many good conservatives.

@TheRealMaffoo 1993, I think.

RT @Nero: To beat social justice warriors, all you have to do is point a camera at them. Their ugliness, inside and out, quickly becomes ap…

Like leftist ferals and the BBC did to my family. https://t.co/40zxyOZoB5

RT @RichieDee9: Beyonce’s Beehive of Bombastic Buffoons | Frontpage Mag. @BillPeriman @mrmik1234 @kimmie99 https://t.co/U6lyeogrP9

@KenGermanicus @Valiantlady @MuslimMahamat @barry_bravo @TineBrubak She’s wrong. https://t.co/0DkHBY6oFB

LIE. Even if they WERE loaned, 40K dresses for Barack’s children in this economy is WRONG. https://t.co/0DkHBY6oFB https://t.co/H16zuojWvg

Progressives lack impulse control and personal responsibility. https://t.co/ia3QgM5KbJ

It is a great hypocrisy. https://t.co/X02PeI5uPw

It sounds like @colinflaherty ‘s book. Just don’t make them angry. Eh? https://t.co/ia3QgM5KbJ

WE already knew this, though. It is merely a card Leftists play. https://t.co/UxPzQFtNL3

RT @thefinn12345: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/zAn4Bxm54K

@Glamerous_ATL Thank you.

@MarthaQino Thank you.

@jagdan2 LOL! I actually DID get carried off that day. My boyfriend had to run after them to get me back.

@TheWaxbitch 🙂

@LaughAtHumanity Thank you.

@SirAngrily8 Thank you, X.

@brittanynb @ISmokeEmWet I just posted two links that say otherwise. NONETHELESS, such extravagance when people cannot eat is wrong.

RT @thefinn12345: #Auspol #Trump2016 Nature abhors a vacuum. https://t.co/1UOkT7iTmw

@mkt15633 lol

RT @JaredWyand: Let this sink in @jaketapper You create a narrative that building a wall is offensive because it won’t let people break ou…

@jagdan2 He was epic. I was lucky to see him twice. So much talent and passion.

Barack exploited poor blacks for his nomination. They are WORSE off as a demographic, under Barack. HYPOCRISY. https://t.co/yK7rwQTBG9

I know this is difficult for you. Barack’s children wore 40K dresses while those who voted for him cannot EAT. https://t.co/Zi1pL1s91V

@TurtleIceskater @JaredWyand @jaketapper lol

@Kos_Cars lol

@friends_guns The Obamas paid out of pocket.

RT @JaredWyand: Yeap @CarolCNN just referred to Bill Clinton’s history as “naughtiness” I’m naughty Carol Bill RAPED women👇🏻 https://t.co…

Truth https://t.co/f9eZYPsjpy

@ZaunerZauner @Valiantlady @KenGermanicus @MuslimMahamat @barry_bravo @TineBrubak They didn’t choose their parents. They are just children.

RT @LeftyLieBuster: @JaredWyand @andieiamwhoiam Looking forward to @CarolCNN referring to Adolf Hitler’s “Shenanigans” and Stalin’s “Indisc…

You state opinions. I refute them with data. https://t.co/FFnRyncCHn

A movie about Barack and Michelle. How quaint. It doesn’t smack of agitprop at ALL. https://t.co/agQodBdJsB

RT @TheAmazingBriz: @proudmelanin @ZaunerZauner @andieiamwhoiam 1st,you’re wrong. But don’t worry, Leftists are destroying all families. ht…

RT @LeftyLieBuster: @andieiamwhoiam Yeah, well Data is Raaaaaacist. (or sexist sometimes.) (occasionally homophobic too.) (it’s not keen on…

RT @CaseyParksIt: @andieiamwhoiam @proudmelanin it is criminal what Democrats have done to Black families, once revered for their strong cu…

Your perspective does not trump fact. https://t.co/7DdLA8F3dH

ag·it·prop ˈajətˌpräp/ noun political (originally communist) propaganda, especially in art or literature. https://t.co/8plFw0Dc5J

@jdfogle2 @YouTube I fixed it. 🙂

The majority of illegitimate children DO live in poverty. It isn’t about YOU. https://t.co/aS5f5u8cAo

Perspective is irrelevant. https://t.co/v0OyFoy4Q4

@RPZak0 lol

You oppress yourselves by not marrying the parent of your children. https://t.co/D8S6N8ieYu

Among people who bear children they cannot afford to feed. There. I fixed it. https://t.co/1VHEB4dK88

Most Progressives are intellectually undisciplined four year olds. https://t.co/0ogEtHVf0U

RT @Asjw9: @andieiamwhoiam Correct perspective is subjective. Fact objective Simple…

@SupportValues Me either. It tries too hard.

The majority of welfare recipients are black. Free food only exists as bait for traps. Why can’t they see this? They are being used.

Mind you, he is the offspring of a single mother. SHE is teaching him this. It is a CRIME. https://t.co/2ANJoqCWQm

The black unemployment rate is the highest among all demographics under Barack’s leadership. https://t.co/4UNHdlpq5f

“My people”. https://t.co/uXk0wDU0m6

RT @jmccauley72: @proudmelanin @TheAmazingBriz @ZaunerZauner @andieiamwhoiam Holy shit dude someone needs to teach you how to be a man. You…

RT @stepheng1500: Denied opportunity? Where do you live? Saudi Arabia? https://t.co/WfeTNFOUrI

Then you are not really looking for work. https://t.co/NXtCv8mepZ

RT @ajreinke: @andieiamwhoiam [@andieiamwhoiam] ⤵ https://t.co/AHlD4IABXw

RT @Tuffelhund2003: @CatholicAcolyte @proudmelanin @andieiamwhoiam Civil Rights Act of 1871, or KKK Act, passed by Republicans to enforce t…

Progressives attack Trump supporter’s as police do nothing. SHAME. I would have run them over. https://t.co/Pdm4QdHMqf

Incorrect. 39.8% black, 38.8% white. https://t.co/se7KPOZeEg https://t.co/IbmL9oGVwO

@DominoSmith Doubt it.

They call themselves Progressives. We call them terrorists and Fascists. https://t.co/vNb3DwXTtb

@SnowMaylar Very sad.

Priorities. Married couples make a commitment to themselves and their family. https://t.co/8AvJZE0yxo

@SnowMaylar I have followed @Tjsotomayor for a few years on Youtube. He speaks truth.

Sounds utterly narcissistic and irresponsible. It also sounds like an EXCUSE. https://t.co/7IQI4SJH0K

RT @MrsPatriarch: That’s okay, darling. I like shaving, being a housewife &taking care of my man. We’d never get along 😘 https://t.co/u8vMH…

LOL! https://t.co/SRT8cLfX2l

RT @RevRandy1450: @andieiamwhoiam @DNchef Scumbag criminals, try that with me. Catch a free bullet,

Their camera did not defend them against the horde of rampaging savages. A gun was the correct weapon. https://t.co/mYhc5MUu48

When you are standing on principles, you don’t apologize. Especially if you are right…and I am. 😉 https://t.co/g3XBomNZpk

Feral refers to a being that was once domesticated but no longer is. I think it is apt. https://t.co/k9s0AHLS7K

Snopes says this is real. Are you armed? https://t.co/egwOHlOvgK https://t.co/s7p5VrZdYz

At least she admits Beyonce is a slob. https://t.co/Mh07xGEptk

Can be. LOL! Liberals are morons. Yes, Time, it CAN be tough. https://t.co/Sz2tkoZiMc

They were THERE, not engaging. Barack did this. Fuck that feral. Rioting foreign nationals attacking OUR citizens. https://t.co/FgTHmyhzLg

You are the illegitimate child of parents who didn’t make you a priority. Start there. https://t.co/yBVh2btJZo

That is why I would not give the ferals at the BBC the time of day. https://t.co/NiPWinGZiw

Hear that? They are beating the war drums. They will lose. https://t.co/C0czJdzD67

What do you think they will do at polling places? https://t.co/G0zQvNRPf4

Sixty percent of serial killers are black. That does not include drive bys and gang shootings. https://t.co/vuSVeYQi8K

@Ron_Hutchcraft @MatthewArthur14 Friendly fire!

RT @HickoryTaylor: @andieiamwhoiam I think any that pull that on me or most I know will be voting from a hospital bed

Paid for by taxpayers. https://t.co/7v4QA67CAy

The Welfare State destroyed the black family. Feminists destroyed everything else. https://t.co/FAGL5sDRef

As it should be. https://t.co/LCJy7l7vkR

@MatthewArthur14 @Ron_Hutchcraft It was a mistake.

WE don’t. Civilized people DON’T. https://t.co/wyVCLoYRqB

@kpderby54 You too, Kevin.

ReTweet if you agree that Barack’s FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of our country is unacceptable and UN-AMERICAN! https://t.co/WpPXugeBiZ

Here is a list of 59 black serial killers. https://t.co/VBEyukFqd4 Add Lonnie David Franklin Jr, the Grim Sleeper. https://t.co/w0I8r1p1gP

@IPOC369 Channel it into something positive…like removing their subsidies.

That would be EPIC. https://t.co/A7C34xTjBU

You need to stop sending your kids to these universities. Hit them in the pocketbook. https://t.co/lJWMlPD25y

RT @Gibstra: @andieiamwhoiam @boominator How about one by @DineshDSouza ? #ObamasAmerica

RT @kazueger1: Why This Sheriffs Association is Defying the Feds https://t.co/Hp0oBcZ3oJ

Barack and his Progressive ferals have made it so police cannot respond. I hope you’re armed, friends. https://t.co/HeMbjak6sq

The way they shriek over it tells me I am on the right path. https://t.co/YeLYgzH0fv

Guess who is paying his medical bills? Guess who will likely pay a settlement to his worthless mother? Yes. YOU! https://t.co/BPRCbE2ej3

That is pretty much a given. https://t.co/H9U1LPvlGF

You are too kind, Sista. https://t.co/dJMCDTBar4

It’s like “Where’s Waldo” . However, with that kind of freedom, you know you’re in the USA! LOL! https://t.co/clkRRDEHgV

@LegalFromCanada Thank you. 🙂

Tamir’s mama too. The taxpayers gave her 6 million dollars for being a criminally neglectful mother. Nice, eh? https://t.co/1nVNmsIUJ5

WE need to support our nation’s police now, more than ever. Barack intentionally attempted to undermine them. https://t.co/YezAqNLxvR

I think you would have gotten a great deal of support. https://t.co/82EEE5MuRW

RT @rightwingrevolu: @andieiamwhoiam @Jrgreen737 @intlganxta @Denudation3389 @warrior_western @NightmarEclipse wish we could borrow dem may…

THIS is how a real man deals with violent protestors. It’s coming. https://t.co/JWUcYdQy9Q

This is why you always accessorize with a sidearm. https://t.co/cp4Lk94Z9I

Though Zimmerman used pure Self Defense, we need to be sure that when Trayvons attack, we can defend ourselves. https://t.co/JIu43r57EH

Wow. I’m jealous. LOL! https://t.co/6WCBmV8VrV

These ferals are still blaming Bush. It’s pure tribalism. https://t.co/lTzmyE0kyo

RT @CAforTrump2016: @andieiamwhoiam UNITE #cruzcrew and #Alwaystrump #makeamericagreatagain https://t.co/NBKMKAAPRE

RT @Ron_Hutchcraft: @andieiamwhoiam Oh to have those days back Again.

RT @YodaLoco: Turn into the crowd because car blocked, & punch it. Thats a life threatening situation,its totally justified #MAGA https://…

Or women with two last names. https://t.co/WveCXht6pe

RT @Ron_Hutchcraft: @andieiamwhoiam That’s just the Tip of the Iceberg, I Have Many. In 2013 This WAS All I Had.. Much More Now https://t.c…

RT @Winfree101: https://t.co/YTyzNy59HC via @MarxistsSuck

The harassment of my police family was exacerbated when a woman who goes by the name “Luna” stole family photos.. https://t.co/Yzt8yczx2V

A Leftist nitwit’s take on the Housing Bubble. https://t.co/CsyN5GnokI

I don’t care who you are. THAT is hilarious! https://t.co/xjvfyWBRSf

@mikethenice1 Thank you, my friend.

RT @JoeC1776: And now moron O wants banks to loosen lending standards again like we haven’t seen this movie before! @Taxpayers1234 @andieia…

Over $22 TRILLION has been transferred to blacks since the Welfare State began. Black Illegitimacy has gone from 1 in 5 births to 4 in 5.

Nearly 80% of black men 18-30 have an arrest record. That’s what happens when liberals disenfranchise black males. https://t.co/FQ46GOhfyi

Great work by a fellow Tweeter, whether you like Trump or not, it is worth a read! https://t.co/8dropZyZ2c

RT @BobPhillyPa: This is the result of 60 yrs of Democrat rule Philadelphia, PA Laundry Day in North Philly @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/2…

@PluckedDucks I saw this. Thank you! https://t.co/0x6oxfFFMW

@Dereksnow51Snow Thank you for your service, Derek. We will never forget. https://t.co/8V5zKMZG3i

May is Police Memorial Month! May 15 is Police Memorial Day. #ThinBlueLine #BlueLivesMatter #NeverForget Thank you for your service!

Oh. So a white guy commits the crime but a black guy goes to prison even if he doesn’t match the description? Okay https://t.co/qAw2GIGY7m

Creative interpretation? https://t.co/vPRxqXHbLA

If #BlackLivesMatter then stop committing 53% of all homicides, 74% illegitimacy. https://t.co/37yJ46Y7KE

#ThinBlueLine #BlueLivesMatter #NeverForget #BackTheBlue More police shot under Barack’s presidency. Support them! https://t.co/tD8z9wXL6q

Yes. When a white man commits murder, police call him a knucklehead, ruffle his hair and send him on his way. https://t.co/HGWMdUYjdw

WE don’t issue trigger warnings, beta. https://t.co/ekAPlX7i1t

@dwsjca How have you been?

74% illegitimacy. Of COURSE you have issues. https://t.co/S6ogDNlywF

Just to prove they aren’t racist or somesuch nitwittery. https://t.co/9c4PiqhWif

Prayers for your peace, friend. May St. Michael carry you through this. https://t.co/S6jf5HlARr

You kill each other. Police kill more white than black BUT all righteous shoots. https://t.co/bSydmqXwy5

RT @hellixmarcelius: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/WUND7gS3Nu

RT @danmccarvel: @andieiamwhoiam @Llama_Chameleon @landrewolsen @dmccay77 Rude republicans. Always pointing out facts and citing statistics…

@dwsjca Same here. Garden season is here! God bless you and yours.

They are in alignment with these numbers. https://t.co/7Pz8mB4QJx

@Roger_Dorn_Clev @MELENATED lol

@dwsjca Vegetable or flower? https://t.co/AJDBS9P2y9

@dwsjca Make sure you enrich the soil. What zone are you in? Do you have decent soil? Can you do a raised bed?

Blacks have longer criminal histories. https://t.co/piUFc3xrqB

@dwsjca We use boxes. It’s easier than trying to amend the soil. You probably have a lot of sand in the soil. https://t.co/gwUOJIqvar

RT @michaelharrisdr: Caution #EU #USA! Distance from 2,000 #Jihadist in #Libya to #Vatican #Italy 772 #miles. #Chicago – #NewYork 789 https…

RT @michaelharrisdr: #ISIS closing on #Italy & #Europe! 2000 #jihadists in #Sirte #Libya coast 200 miles from #Italy! #NATO? debating… ht…

@PaulHartNYC Lifelong Libertarian…learned the hard truth…they will never be elected. We have to elect Libertarian minded.

A dude who claims to be an intersectional feminist. The Kool Aid is laced with estrogen, my friends. https://t.co/IvNXheC72Z

@dwsjca That’s good, then. Good drainage! You should have no problems. Try using Miracle Gro to supplement and lots of water. 🙂

Race? Trayvon was a violent predator. His race is inconsequential. https://t.co/EXlXQYOJV1

@dwsjca I use Liquid Fence. It smells horrid but it works. You can also use chicken wire over the top of boxes, instead.

Just checked my crayon box. No. Thug is not a color. https://t.co/CHCtWGjQre

How was Trayvon violent? I am beginning to hate these people. https://t.co/MzY5h75In2

@dwsjca Use it around the boxes and the rabbits will stay away. I don’t spray it on vegetables. It SMELLS.

Do these children not ave responsible parents to explain this to them? https://t.co/s746qlskRD

Blacks commit 53% of ALL homicides, highest per capita crime. https://t.co/6o5T4sX780

She is going to educate me on the topic of Trayvon Martin. You may want to stay tuned. 😉 https://t.co/R91QlkK9GX

@dwsjca I would love to see! I learned everything I know by killing plants. LOL!

I meant your parents. Trayvon died in the commission of multiple violent felonies. This is indisputable. https://t.co/39UQuIUW4u

Just counting the steps. Usually it’s two. https://t.co/r4d42huejC

RT @romanichal_dad: @andieiamwhoiam @Sanjay25_ Any rioter who blocks roadways is fair game if my wife/ babies are in vehicle with me I’d ha…

And a concrete sidewalk. https://t.co/WGbbvC8ADf

Precisely. https://t.co/zLioaQdHhn

@TERRYinTROY @Sweetiixx @Jar_Lar MOST blacks are not criminals. Don’t forget that. Most are good people.

I don’t understand why they obeyed that order. https://t.co/9Ch4hcDxZA

@RichardNov5th lol

Me too. LOL! https://t.co/AAmP6J9qbM

Looks like I triggered the pansy. Should we report him for being an annoying beta? https://t.co/noAmYpP6y6

Guys, I think he’s crying. Poor little tulip. https://t.co/uYBrw1SAiq

@noelmauricio2 @MuskieRA @romanichal_dad @Sanjay25_ You too, my friend!

This nitwit just reported me. I am shattered. https://t.co/k6MBZZfehp

Trayvon was a violent, feral predator who died in the commission of myriad felonies…and this is my photo, beta. https://t.co/QAG5oXGtbt

Black, inner city youths commit the bulk of gun crime. Blacks commit 53% of ALL homicides. https://t.co/8LD2oIkvxI

Or the estrogen in the city water supply due to copious use of birth control pills. https://t.co/lLbH5VwlXA

@chicago0011 Thank you, my friend.

@IAmWar2020 @Patrickesque @Support LOL!

RT @CoFemale: Unarmed doesn’t mean not dangerous. He also went after the cops gun that is how he was shot in hand. @Patrickesque @andieiamw…

A steely gaze, of course…from the Target restroom. https://t.co/g1cOtcxdwJ

The pansy blocked me but feels bold enough now to Tweet his true feelings. LOL! https://t.co/C8tiy8pPkH

@_matt501_ @hedeen89 Me too. LOL!

RT @DRoberts556: @Patrickesque @andieiamwhoiam To bad forensic evidence proved HE was aggressor. Unarmed does NOT mean not dangerous

RT @LeftyLieBuster: @Mimi_ftw @Patrickesque @andieiamwhoiam You may as well block me. I actually believe in the Constitution. https://t.co/…

RT @ajreinke: @andieiamwhoiam no worries I was blocked too. I even printed this out for him ⤵O well, next time. https://t.co/SJfVu5RV8t

Why is he seeking to be validated by people who have no respect for him? It’s sad, really. https://t.co/WgVyQX950v

RT @mikej77: @irisheyes8701 @andieiamwhoiam @Sweetiixx @Jar_Lar Chicago since Jan 1: Mostly AAs killing, crippling each other https://t.co…

Hillary brigade is sexist. I wonder why he calls himself gay if he is so angry all the time? False advertising. https://t.co/tsLWVmQmTv

@Patrickesque You saw it on the internet so it must be true. Nitwit.

Janice Savite has a very unhealthy obsession with me. I am beginning to wonder if she is dangerous. https://t.co/wF798mPcro

Forensics, eye and earwitness testimony all corroborate Zimmerman’s assertions. I will not debate this. https://t.co/7uNYsups0V

Yes. The feral went after Zimmerman’s gun, as corroborated by witnesses and forensics. Your opinion is moot. https://t.co/z5G8jOg09T

Blacks commit 60% of mass shootings, not including drive bys. https://t.co/RyjdCYA7LI

Post the data. I’ll wait. https://t.co/py9ewJc7Yq

I said give me the data. SURELY, you came to your opinion after having done research? https://t.co/V90rDfivgW

A generic graph. This is nothing. https://t.co/WMYwE7tNzZ

Dear Lord. https://t.co/jJjXciM2Eh

RT @HickoryTaylor: @andieiamwhoiam Mass shootings every weekend in Chicago and NONE done by a crazy white boy

The majority of mass killings are committed by blacks. https://t.co/8n7ZZW7MLq https://t.co/ZbJkovnBJn

Knowing is half the battle. https://t.co/ksezJd3FaC

Barack is a police hating, race baiting wretch. https://t.co/DKW9Ov2uEJ

I guess black lives don’t really matter to them. https://t.co/JeZgrdSvTu

These thugs aren’t protestors. They are violent, feral Fascists. https://t.co/ZxtB1nH73d

Progressive Fascist Terrorists block Trump from entering the convention in California. https://t.co/kihzLnCj1O

@michael_a_meyer @thehill I will stick with Fascists. LOL!

That race card. Dismissed. https://t.co/jnLR9fEF5S

@KittenAmara lol

RT @Drsllives: @andieiamwhoiam JW was rational, not racial. Idiots malign unaware their multi-cult morality destroys all thought. https://t…

Why didn’t he shoot them? https://t.co/3Srbvp9qX2

RT @Aussiewill2: @andieiamwhoiam can see the @HillaryClinton memo: provoke them to shoot you!! Do something, anything! https://t.co/Z6AenDH…

No matter how many facts you give these fools… https://t.co/4S9GmOjPex

lol https://t.co/neOLZGlIaC

Leftist ferals throw eggs at police. Why are we allowing this? Where are our MEN? https://t.co/kzR9CYht0a

You can’t wear a Trump T-shirt without getting hit in the head with a rock…and they think they’re the good guys?

RT @Nottinghams1: @andieiamwhoiam These mutant liberals in charge won’t let the police do their job.

We need to start defending police who are attacked by leftists. https://t.co/PhdY8FRaXj

Barack is a Race Agitator by trade. https://t.co/EAsaOuMCId

@DaGunnysDone Thank you for your service.

RT @porfie_moreno: How do I know that! Because he never praises important white people when they pass away! Only black thugs & singers! htt…

@Gibstra @porfie_moreno Ahahahahhaa!

RT @michaelharrisdr: #Italy uncovers plot to attack #Vatican & #Israeli Embassy in #Rome, #ISIS suspect arrests https://t.co/KSlfGHfHRp htt…

@washereb4 Nice to meet you, Linda!

@Nolanelle https://t.co/QnzXDax7lL

RT @TimCon57: @andieiamwhoiam Any story about it will talk about how good the rock thrower’s arm is and that racism kept him out of pro bas…

RT @jimmyjokcmo: @andieiamwhoiam It’s never a one on one fight with them!!! Total cowards

Good morning Twitter! Who is offended today and why?

@Ron_Hutchcraft THAT’S the spirit!

https://t.co/vtHmaLxome https://t.co/oVXKeb0VLh

@Ron_Hutchcraft LOLOLOLOL!

Work it! https://t.co/nIivvAHn91

RT @NYCRepublican1: @andieiamwhoiam @townhallcom dig this: https://t.co/z4FGNYHhGv

RT @pauldibartolo: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/c4J30DnGCf

My sentiments exactly. https://t.co/AoWRoxX0NA

In order to be a liberal progressive, one must be a perpetually aggrieved, self contained narcissist with no perception of reality.

Guns save lives. If you don’t want one, don’t buy one. MY body. MY CHOICE. https://t.co/itkxytCt5j

Sometimes you have to kill. https://t.co/itkxytCt5j

Ferals. https://t.co/iCY54STBBe

The police should have shot this Trump protestor. https://t.co/X6BJoYbTty

Extraordinarily stupid. https://t.co/xgJPVXW7X8

Exactly. https://t.co/qOT8qVHXDz

RT @LeftyLieBuster: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/U3tvn7bKy8

USA is the most heavily armed free Republic on earth. Very civilized. Gangtas, born of cultural decay, using illegal guns, are the problem.

@MydoghatesMe2 Good morning!

You say that like it’s a bad thing. Sometimes, you have to kill folks. Folks like Trayvon, Mike Brown, etc. https://t.co/I4O3IO0O6Z

Guns SAVE lives. https://t.co/PGxrxaPuPI

@kjdecocq xo

60% of black girls are molested. https://t.co/pCr413tbbR https://t.co/9i8tqi6h4X

@jjvors @sog36 Thank you!

RT @ScottishPhenix: @andieiamwhoiam … I’m just going to leave this here for the “ferals” who follow you … LMFAO https://t.co/AbhaIf00LN

RT @2AFightR: Banning magazines over 10 rounds WONT reduce crime; stop mass shootings. READ > https://t.co/tIyhOsnwnv #2A #tcot https://t.c…


Kill him immediately, so he cannot escape like Assata did. Tisdale sentenced to death for killing police officer. https://t.co/MBzhM6AoVi

No more beta presidents, please. https://t.co/tYF85qmZ04

Our front garden this time last year. The lilacs aren’t in bloom yet this year. https://t.co/xPgFa35nuj

@AvengerMrsPeel Thanks, Emma! Raining today. How is the weather near you?

Looks like he is where he belongs. Unlike your ilk, I do not practice tribalism. https://t.co/1Yr1dgTr3D

@servico3 Of course!

@hoosierclinger Thank you. There is nothing else like that scent.

@AvengerMrsPeel We have a new weeping willow, planted last Fall. It is struggling but the rain really helps.


NO such thing. It is individual bad choices that send them to prison. https://t.co/sjB4rDK0Y2

Yes. You people. https://t.co/Gq8h4RN8vx

@AvengerMrsPeel Me too! It is planted where the Maple is, in the corner. It didn’t make it.

RT @Birds_Quest: @Sincere_shabazz @andieiamwhoiam If nobody told you, we don’t protect one of ours when they break the laws. That’s the Pro…

RT @cross_ashford: @MELENATED @andieiamwhoiam The number of blk ppl killed by other blk ppl in chicago ALONE is more than ALL cop-related b…

He is more like Hatsune Miku. LOL! https://t.co/RyPWF8jpjr

RT @AlexsaurusZilla: @nadezhvasil @andieiamwhoiam It seems to work at first, but surprise surprise, it failed spectacularly when human acti…

@brucechris24 Are you in Zone 6 or 7?

@LiveFreeorDie3 Thank you. I planted everything myself. Glad that part is over! Dug down 2 ft and replaced soil.

@CherylRenetteBa Thank you Renette. 🙂

@brucechris24 Today is our final frost date for our zone. It’s raining, so I will plant vegetables as soon as rain is done.

@brucechris24 They changed our zone, they said it was due to global warming. However, nothing has changed.

@brucechris24 That’s okay. I don’t have to pull weeds in that time. LOL!

@brucechris24 You have a state gun? LOL! This is where we are for now, but it isn’t permanent.

The Leftist Welfare State kills children. https://t.co/O8hDq7RAxO

@brucechris24 Mock leftwits, of course.

@brucechris24 Is that the first anti-material rifle?

@brucechris24 Ahahahaha!

@LindaBlaha Thank you, Linda.

RT @brucechris24: @andieiamwhoiam In combat hon, “High ground” always has the tactical advantage

@19fisherman59 Thank you, my friend.

@brucechris24 I had no idea. Wow.

And race hoaxers… https://t.co/Id9cqiiY2g

Irresponsible breeding is the NUMBER ONE cause of violent crime. Taxpayers need to stop subsidizing single parenthood.

RT @HostetterGmail: When it became more profitable via welfare to be unwed mother we destroyed families.Our family unit loss devastating ht…

That is a beautiful weapon. I cannot imagine hitting a target 1 1/2 miles away. https://t.co/2MddJKVCBw

THIS is the result of tax subsidies for irresponsible breeding. Child chained in the YARD. One with broken arm. https://t.co/HNbyTiggCJ

Still trying to figure out why Tamir Rice’s wretched mama was paid even though police did nothing wrong?

The irony of this beta claiming to know what a man is. https://t.co/GeclzoXGgc

@gregaron Thanks. It is Boston Ivy, not as invasive as English ivy.

Tamir Rice’s mama should use that money to pay for bullets, the ambulance, the funeral, security, police salaries… https://t.co/JvYTNZF4JZ

Police did their job. Use Tamir’s mama’s settlement to give them a raise. Then remove her remaining children. https://t.co/7SngKIU02s

Black illegitimacy is 74%. That is the source of most violent crime. https://t.co/QuRhD1jGMp

Damn skippy! https://t.co/u7fzjMFQkE

Imagine what 6 million would do for crumbling infrastructures?Instead we pay Tamir Rice’s mama for killing her son. https://t.co/GvoH0LnoVS

“Studies”. Yes. They answered a questionaire. Studies, my keister. https://t.co/sJohRkVfxN

All intentional police kills are righteous. There is a way to avoid it. https://t.co/G8JlOilcgv

They answered questions in Census surveys. Very scientific. https://t.co/KwEyKE7Foj

Fatherlessness and crime is pretty much the same across all races. https://t.co/ONgex7vE6X

RT @DrMartyFox: Smart #Guns Decoded #Obama High Tech #2A Infringement #DefendTheSecond #TCOT #PJNET🇺🇸 https://t.co/ti7otSiRZs https:/…

RT @FoxNews: 19,723 illegal immigrants who committed crimes in U.S. released by #ICE in 2015. https://t.co/AZ4PDD690p

24%. 10% in inner cities. https://t.co/ZClLWpp63M

RT @CSA_Proud: I could easily see where that money would have been better spend on people who really need & deserve it: VETS. https://t.c…

@SarahRagan8 @LonnyWedell @RNRKansas @10mmshooter29 You too, Sarah. 🙂

Isn’t that a cultural thing rather than genetics? https://t.co/OlKHDfg3PT

Boys go to prison, girls get pregnant…repeat ad infinitum. https://t.co/QQsrnu4Aht

Never studied Lysenko or Boas beyond a few sites. https://t.co/uVoaywNnd7

@jlspokesjr God bless you!

RT @USAgenda22: @andieiamwhoiam Bad choices have bad consequences. https://t.co/aNb4WiMsyf

The Koch brothers have done more for humanity than all socialist leaders COMBINED. Bonus: NO ONE DIED. Ask Soros. https://t.co/Zutkb1p9YB

RT @NYCRepublican1: @SenSanders did you really fire your staff with no severance? Guess you need that money for your private jet, huh?

RT @wcwinc: @jlspokesjr @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/sFUqsLWLhj

@VORTEC_MAX_KID Thank you, Brian.

@coopernumpy Can you suggest a book or two on the topic?

@VORTEC_MAX_KID You too, my friend!

@DesertFoxMulder Interesting.

These wretched ferals need better heroes. They align with Assata. Get them out of our streets. https://t.co/mq8p2WPFPT

How about you get in formation at a JOB? https://t.co/ul9PNtxUJC

Or…if you are CIVILIZED, call to thank the police for a JOB WELL DONE. https://t.co/525Hrk0v9m

Keep these ferals out of our streets. THANK YOU, Chicago POLICE for removing them! https://t.co/zT5I8Hk7qg

We could all kick in. LOL! https://t.co/XIbc6tOhXH

THIS is a truth of the Welfare State the Left doesn’t want you to know. https://t.co/cbhYUnccKK

Thank you, @Chicago_Police for clearing the riff raff protestors off our streets!

RT @Conssista: @Right_of_centre @andieiamwhoiam #true https://t.co/G8HDMiFfVu

LOL! We were going to go to Lincoln Park Zoo today but it rained. I was thinking the same thing! https://t.co/SEC36zx6sk

*Sharon Tate’s sister needs signatures to DENY parole to Manson follower., Leslie Van Houten. Please sign and SHARE. https://t.co/jtFSpC58do

Signed and shared. Please, friends, this is important! It is our responsibility to speak for those who cannot. https://t.co/Ze58ITSB6W

@debra_tate9 @CharlizeAfrica So sorry for your loss.

Assata is the Black Panther who killed police officer, Werner Foerster, then fled to Cuba. https://t.co/WncLoY9lWi

Can you believe this? LOL! https://t.co/Z5j9gNn48E

I really wish I had gone to the zoo today. I could have been the first car in line. 😉 https://t.co/rNtOdeVvn6

I just called the Chicago Police to let them know that I have 21K supporters who appreciate them. #ThinBlueLine https://t.co/PNgZJPvHDV

@KateR_Van Thank you Kate!

“Fell pregnant”? https://t.co/NabnnW4Q19

#DontPayDante I just called the Chicago Police Department to thank them for their hard work.Call 312-745-4290 #ThinBlueLine #BlueLivesMatter

Wait. Are they holding Beyonce’s LEMONADE or are those urine samples? https://t.co/gdjlT9yx7u

I would suggest ordering pizza for the police staff. https://t.co/LgXMtWYWyX

@1911G_fan @debra_tate9 Thank you.

@DesertFoxMulder He spoke for his own observations.

#SaveCSU Looks like they need to save themselves. SHOUT OUT to the Chicago Police Department for a JOB WELL DONE! https://t.co/qxOztudyHG

RT @JoseBabyBallin1: @andieiamwhoiam @EGRISAJOKE @ChiStreetMedics please send the station cookies thanking them for the sweet job they did…

No one ran them over…in Chicago? Slackers. https://t.co/xRiwyHbyYn

Call if you can. The desk is being bombarded with calls from the dregs. https://t.co/Zxr46ssDsY

As punishment, they should be forced to sweep the streets of the city…in orange. https://t.co/BfGK6cIhtk

@iDis0rder @Dylanesque2604 @aliciagarza LOL! 465. Thanks!

#DontPayDante WE support you Chicago Police. Good Americans stand behind you! #ThinBlueLine #BlueLivesMatter https://t.co/u80xfYYX99

Justice was received. Pay your own way. Any questions? https://t.co/FsNSKMDSPB

@Rooven1 I doubt it.

@andieiamwhoiam Clink on the link. She blocked me.

#DontPayDante The group, Assata’s Daughters, support this feral thug. We don’t want them in our city! https://t.co/CNgWbpd2GG

@promo_bob Thanks, Bob!

Black illegitimacy is 74%. It is the core of poverty and crime. https://t.co/Mh8UkDYVw7

@promo_bob Congratulations! It takes a lot of effort, initially, but once the plants are established, it gets easier.

Yes. The reason blacks are oppressed is because their parents do not commit to the family. 74% illegitimacy. https://t.co/78OG9Wrv3K

@promo_bob We have hardpan clay soil. Had to dig two feet down, remove and replace. I did it by hand with a pick. LOL!

@streetglide12 @notmuchelse @toby_dorena Toaster oven?

@promo_bob Way worth it but there were a few times I thought to myself “So, this is how I die”. LOL!

I am rarely at a loss for words. https://t.co/gPYisC2klS

@promo_bob The front yard? Or the back?


Does anyone speak Second Grade dropout? I need a translator. https://t.co/7jIi8LJgbc

@promo_bob Sure! https://t.co/BesSUW2INn

Those ferals support a thug who murdered a police officer and escaped prison. FUCK THEM. https://t.co/oRsNrZiQhD

@promo_bob Thank you! Here it was in Winter. https://t.co/jRxKff1cdM

Yes. They are human pollution. https://t.co/o4B0eZzgh6

RT @elephantnthroom: Terrorism 101 says don’t pay demands…Cleveland caved to the threat of demonstrations & will have copycat scammers ht…

@TheWaxbitch @Riff_N_Ryan LOL!

@promo_bob Thanks! I will take photos after I trim the boxwood hedges. 🙂

@Salcan1967Sal @Riff_N_Ryan lol

This isn’t a school, it’s a farm. https://t.co/1n9AbqGhHF

@promo_bob I look forward to it!

This is horrible. Horrible. https://t.co/XD4R4fP3cc

@OswaldCabel @susantennisfan @spacecadetniko She has a PhD in Nitwittery.

@Sniper1T @OswaldCabel @susantennisfan @spacecadetniko LOL!

RT @spacecadetniko: .@andieiamwhoiam @MELENATED ABSOLUTELY: The War on Poverty Wasn’t A Failure — It Was A Catastrophe https://t.co/P2…

I have not met a single Palestinian who was not a horrid person. https://t.co/86C3Li4ytu

@RtStuf Nice to meet you! I just bought some polishing cloths from your ebay store!

LOL! I was thinking jumper cables. @HotNostrilsrFun

@SheldonKaufman 🙂

RT @Nero: Rape hoaxer jailed for 2 years. More of this please! https://t.co/pTWo1e2Y0g

@BrainlessMuzzos @UpYoursJack Thank you, my friend.

RT @ZacBonesteel: @Nero @andieiamwhoiam about damn time. Should B mandatory that false accuser serves sentence that the person they accuse…

RT @mrsmoses3: @andieiamwhoiam @Riff_N_Ryan Assata was a cop killing coward. Not a good person to be propping up.

Your emotions do not trump facts. Single mothers are the bane of a civilized society. https://t.co/bSjd3cqqGB

Yes. Tamir Rice’s mother and Tamir are responsible for Tamir’s death. https://t.co/WFf7ifv9kQ

These women willingly outsource their child’s entire upbringing to strangers. They do not deserve children. https://t.co/m50XxJhhJR

Very poor upbringing. His mother was abusive and neglectful. https://t.co/VTqk8toq4g

This is an obvious Leftist HOAX. When she is caught, she should be jailed as an example. https://t.co/9TpvMf7Yxi

That’s THEIR problem. Try not committing crime, genius. https://t.co/y7YPYvHT94

The Facebook comments are hilarious. NO ONE believes her. #IllmaGore https://t.co/d3IgNtogWm https://t.co/l7ouSDEbiI

Now our daughters can die in Barack’s war on his ISIS JV Team. Let his girls go FIRST. https://t.co/8VONTjNcVL

If Bernie was a man what would he look like? https://t.co/YvGIWzUkSz

It takes a lot longer than that for a bruise to form. Her eye makeup is UNTOUCHED, her eye shows no sign of injury. https://t.co/9Nt4YNoU0W

@JoseBabyBallin1 @Pimp_Magnet @wraithvenge That is so sad.

Thank you, my friend! https://t.co/XRsxj3l6Al

@CathyinCalgary xo

RT @pcgameplayer1: @andieiamwhoiam @MileHiLady52 Here is a good pic I took from the zoo a few days ago… https://t.co/IrXfze7npT

Race card from a skinny white boy. https://t.co/H5pNcZ9Xat

No. He did not. However, Assata murdered a man. https://t.co/jzdXxl9As4

RT @CrankyWW: @andieiamwhoiam I’m starting 2 believe every “hate” crime claimed by a Leftist is a hoax. When something real happens who’ll…

@KittenAmara Me too!

FUNNY you should ask…https://t.co/NabnnW4Q19 https://t.co/qc68cBh3ys

Dante Servin was acquitted. https://t.co/6A73b5gGC8

He was off duty. https://t.co/45DeacdKXD

Not what happened. https://t.co/i3bEnLZw0L

Self Defense. https://t.co/PpxHY1CmS1

Right. He randomly recognized her, punched her, laughed and sped off… https://t.co/w801fahSrA

They made their choices. That’s why they are poor. https://t.co/RRQbROBA2D

RT @Cernovich: Which candidate do you support this election?

If you choose to become pregnant without a spouse, you oppress yourself and your children. https://t.co/euDCrl7q5P

Assata Shakur should be HANGED immediately, in the spot where she stands. She stole her freedom. End it swiftly. https://t.co/aFgfrm68Gc

I know, feral. I speak for DECENT people. https://t.co/bo2WV82f6e

You watch too much television. https://t.co/I1AFbWcfL4

Bad idea. Dante Servin did nothing wrong. https://t.co/3hV1gJTyr9

#DontPayDante Dante Servin was acquitted. I stand behind him and CPD. Dismissed. https://t.co/gp9XuVMIBt

@lisashe59412707 @aerofish Thank you, Sunshine!

RT @wlmiii: @HillTranquility @andieiamwhoiam your research is flawed. No where in any law does it say cops have to see a gun or get shot a…

There are more good people than you realize. Leftists are just louder and more obnoxious. https://t.co/r11kVsXYfQ

@moparguy1000 Thank you, Lawrence.

Keeps your knees together, then. I am not responsible for your poor choices. https://t.co/cwGuRNbZ17

Here come the Orcs. https://t.co/GvoRHHXTUW

RT @Darth_Cyclops: @andieiamwhoiam @Sniper1T @HillTranquility The US should have tripled sanctions on Cuba until they begged us to take her…

Jesus. https://t.co/5VoC4PHnkg

Hang her. https://t.co/Ovy3Mi2DDd

This kid is 12. I am blocking him. He shouldn’t even be on here. https://t.co/57UtoXnui5

@Flight2806 lol

RT @rmefford23: @andieiamwhoiam @wlmiii @HillTranquility I’m glad someone gets it. Too many idiots visited by the good idea fairy giving po…

#5WordLieToYourSpouse It’s never right to lie.

With her store bought braids. https://t.co/R8jqBaUsA3

RT @DNchef: @andieiamwhoiam the msm has overrepresented fringe filth and conned the majority of good people that were a minority. not true.

We live in a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy. https://t.co/qVekexR53u

Your race card doesn’t work here. https://t.co/PpEJb7JXhl

Then you would be as dead as Trayvon. https://t.co/qCDOYe5gBY

@bill_sketch @HillTranquility @wlmiii LOL! What a gyp!

@krahulj lol

Orcs are not real. I hate you. https://t.co/MYWO9w6DFZ

@Thoosevelt Thank you so much. 🙂

RT @cujokiller23: @andieiamwhoiam @kimmie99 @JohnKStahlUSA @garett_davidson @polishprincessh @mike_58stingray @ladyloki28 https://t.co/7JZh…

Where are these feral’s fathers? https://t.co/YC86sbZXi9

RT @MLDM333: @MssTian @andieiamwhoiam WHAT IF Trayvon said..’hello, how’s it goin’…I’m just headed over there to my dads house’ ATTITUDE…

@twindaddy2212 @HillTranquility @wlmiii Yes.

Illegal alien steals man’s car, kills his beloved pet. #BuildTheWall https://t.co/o4FCzXHk05

The city bus doesn’t come through here, feral. https://t.co/WLJtWwMFQY

Civilization. You wouldn’t know how to get here. https://t.co/wmkPUM7y2s

It’s like these people and facts never met. https://t.co/qVxK6rjsOz

RT @CarmeciPeter: @andieiamwhoiam Thank you all police. Some of us law abiding citizens are behind you all the way.

@petraclark @Bass705 🙂

RT @sean_spoonts: @silentrunning12 @andieiamwhoiam @psyqd ..But at the prospect of being ‘Liberated’ by the communists, 2 million died tryi…

That is the name of Beyonce’s backup twerkers! https://t.co/RlkuDphHQ4

@Asjw9 Shooting our police should be an automatic death penalty.

@AnJolieLeg I am so very sorry, my friend.

This happens more than people realize. https://t.co/ULAXCDMWVL

You are responsible for your success or failure. Yes. YOU. No one else. https://t.co/1ja9Lr338Q

The others didn’t even try to help her. They should be charged too. @KIR_bigg50

You make my case for me, Chester. https://t.co/Jb3k3a49xc

LOL! He supports Hillary. This comedy just writes itself. https://t.co/bFMhGdp3we

RT @AnnCoulter: Note that we have to go to the British press to read about Mexican celebration of illegal alien cop-killer in TX. https://t…

Your race card is not accepted here. https://t.co/5rbDWh0bGh

RT @BrookeLynnBooks: “But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” (James 4:6) https…

Abject falsehood. I will no longer entertain your nitwittery. https://t.co/gmoXsOqZPG

I am the Catcher in the Wry. https://t.co/I7CVc6O1xw

Me too! https://t.co/nnQvT8CInH

@Pudingtane @jlmcd13 It is a transgender male.

A Leftist just created a fake Facebook account in my Mother-in-Law’s name, in order to invade my family’s privacy. Shame on them.

I agree. However, did you expect any less from that thug? https://t.co/4JFLtxf5D8

@Asjw9 Thank God the officer and the dog are okay.

You can’t afford tuition but you can afford fancy signs and time away from studies and work to protest? https://t.co/eXwgwjzLQT

@SchaffnerKevin @mgrove777 @vandives I know. LOL! The photoshopper has sense.

@PaulReadST @streetglide12 Friendly fire!

If you are on Facebook, please show support for this young lady on her way to Prom. https://t.co/WdZkTuqQtI https://t.co/qkLcdjD3ow

@SnowMaylar She is very insecure about her size and did not want to go. I think she is lovely and beautifully dressed.

@SnowMaylar LOL! I will.

@TEX_49 @Lisa_SmithOH Thank you, Johnny!

@HenryChalder @marylene58 Read the original post on Facebook. The link is there.

Barack’s impotence is on par with his incompetence. I wouldn’t worry. https://t.co/RKuvszNXhJ

RT @AmyMek: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” -Jeremiah 1:5 #PraytoEndAbortion #TheBibleTaughtMe

@curiousaly You aren’t celebrating obesity, bitch. You are showing kindness to a CHILD. She can lose weight. You will always be a bitch.

@EternalQuest27 She really does. Thank you.

Look at this BEAUTIFUL dog! Please just SHARE. You never know who will see it. You could save a life! ReTweet! https://t.co/ooFD78IYTw

Sorry, feral. Anyone who would mock a child because of her looks is beneath me. https://t.co/NLJkl71okc

@scambyarussian This is the child she is mocking. She was reluctant to go to Prom due to her size. https://t.co/yuv1HhGA2k

@CraigFrancis18 Not sure. As dead as her heart?

@TheRealRajM I disagree.

RT @alvindchipmunk: Now that Barry baseball enthusiast connected with Raul & we can visit Cuba we need talent to bring this Assata back htt…

@CraigFrancis18 LOL! Sounds like a plan!

RT @LeahRBoss: Nothing says “We belong in your country!”… …Like smashing police cars, waving the Mexican flag & attacking random peopl…

Try, “Have a lovely time” or “That dress suits you” or “Make happy memories”. You need more Jesus and less Aly. https://t.co/ojVa0WwifQ

A hoe is a garden implement. https://t.co/MqX3eoCDWC

@Lisa_SmithOH So do I.

Or a spade. https://t.co/Sl2CjaPCXp


@ianewilliams @scambyarussian It’s between me and God. Thanks, friend.

@The_Odd_Asylum Pretend to be French. LOL!

@MyroneBusiness I never really put much thought into it.

@ianewilliams 🙂

Oh my Gosh! I have dealt with people just like this! Hilarious! https://t.co/gHgfhKVTmE

@sgpeek Duly noted.


@gary_indiana Dear God

Not a fan. https://t.co/okP2u4PnUY

Well, ISIS? https://t.co/K46V0n2rtU

Worth the listen! https://t.co/uxKz4g7AqU


https://t.co/o7dTPr5aHf https://t.co/rhizZLMZa5

@warrior_western lol

@petraclark She stalks me, though I have her blocked and interacts with those who interact with me.

RT @olemissmaniac: What would happen if a white person would have said “Barry, you did it Mah’ Nigga”! Discrimination of free speech! https…

@petraclark They seem to prefer mine. LOL!

They also learned the language so they could succeed in their new country. Please note, there are no foreign flags. https://t.co/z3D05tKa55

My nigga? What exactly did his nigga do? We all good with “nigga” now? https://t.co/rREwIf4jPO

@NAXALTbro_ @momfarts I have that individual blocked for a reason.

#NRA #Gunsense https://t.co/h9hLS1thfS

@petraclark @krahulj https://t.co/EDp5toEgvq

@PrivilegedVictm Sorry you had to endure that.

RT @calling1out: @andieiamwhoiam. We love Liberals in Canada about as much as you today! Smile #2 of 4 https://t.co/OLctBJygiH

RT @FoundersSeceded: @andieiamwhoiam @rcpvideo The issue is not race. That’s ignorance. Issue is Obama isn’t leading the free world. He is…

LOL! https://t.co/3GeQcG1k8V

Divide and conquer. https://t.co/OcIo5kchQa

@etdeviney How are you?

RT @anahitazi: @andieiamwhoiam Obama’s dishonest enough to encourage black crime and racism, then use the ensuing deaths as an excuse to gr…

“Police acted stupidly”. https://t.co/l2xK6bwONV

Amen! https://t.co/XThyIv6Pvb

We are ALL black now. LOL! https://t.co/4298ODeXJv

Fuck Barack and FUCK Mike Brown. Barack isn’t fit to shine Darren Wilson’s shoes. https://t.co/Z1pbFAKJam

RT @petraclark: What a POS! I think the Secret Service should get them first. His detail only. #bluelivesmatter https://t.co/KCxuhWtZmR

@krahulj @Tlore50 @BarberreeMike See a war I wanna fight it See a match I wanna strike it

Make no mistake, we are ALL Darren Wilson. https://t.co/Tm8xq0cQqR

@IraPickett You too, my friend!

Barack has not mentioned the police killed by the terrorists he has enabled. https://t.co/QhoiJ2Swfd

RT @jimmyjokcmo: @andieiamwhoiam @petraclark @anahitazi Sixties druggie hippies were against Gov. AND especially police. “Bring it all down…

Progressive cretins have taken to social media to campaign to make Elsa Disney’s first LGBT hero.https://t.co/NA86h4GN5g

@8977himher @rcpvideo It is. LOL! How are you?

@jefferymyers Nice to see you!

@sic_sandee lol

@8977himher I am, my friend. Hoping you are well.

RT @jefferymyers: Gunfire kills 9yro, a #Ferguson officer grieves: ‘I wish there was more I could’ve done’ https://t.co/spjQeWLQvY #JamylaB…

RT @jefferymyers: It was a great honor to meet @AllenWest on Sunday. @AllenWestRepub #BacktheBlue https://t.co/VAbkzomDMo

RT @jefferymyers: The “Grievance Industry” industry and “Victimization Theology” are evil cousins. https://t.co/DV63GHIHjG

RT @GaRebel_1973: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/7cNRpswtTT

@garebel_1973 lol

@tomwilson38 Yes. One in the same.

RT @cyber_merkin: @andieiamwhoiam We all good to call him nigga now. Except I will not. As Much as I dislike him…. I respect the office.

RT @8977himher: @andieiamwhoiam @rcpvideo Hahaha haven’t you read the niga bible. Only they can call each other that anyone else is a sin.…

RT @ltngbolt1: @andieiamwhoiam As all my grandparents and my dad did. They wanted so badly to be Americans. Everything wasn’t written in It…

RT @Rob_McTavish: @andieiamwhoiam Crazy talk eh? Coming to a new country to fit in and earn a living….

RT @NaslundBJ: @andieiamwhoiam Immigrants were specifically asked what skills they possessed and how would they contribute to society.

RT @jefferymyers: @TPERGO @andieiamwhoiam PC provides them cover. #VictimizationTheology is a business for some; a career for others but mo…

~ Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.~ Oscar Wilde

@skunkworks00 @dcar205 Because they are bad people.

RT @jefferymyers: @TPERGO @andieiamwhoiam The #Democrat #Socialist party is built on #VictimizationTheology. They legislate it for politica…

RT @TomHerring3: Well said @andieiamwhoiam “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.” ~ Oscar Wilde https://t.co/tsVMTQXpdW

@8977himher @piersmorgan Thank you! Though I disagree that we despise Barack due to his color. It’s his politics.

@axe2grynd It is disturbing that a woman I have blocked, and never met, claims to know me. It is clinical.

@TerryBPark1 Hi Terry! How are you?

This is truly the bottom line. Thank you, Jeffery! https://t.co/DClJ2Z4RoX

RT @jefferymyers: @andieiamwhoiam @FLOURNOYFarrell https://t.co/v1UAmrjBA1

@axe2grynd She is obsessed with me. It seems she wishes her fantasies about me to be true. Even photoshopping photos? Bizarre.

RT @jefferymyers: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/MLIk1yJVwp

@axe2grynd Facts be damned. LOL!

#BecauseOfTwitter I have seen firsthand how intolerant, coarse, vulgar, unstable, evil and uninformed Progressive liberals truly are.

I am confounded as to why people who hate police can’t refrain from breaking our laws in order to avoid them. https://t.co/T1wgPGyj4V

RT @jefferymyers: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/FmEXOloSUl

RT @VictoriaMag: Take a desk vacation this morning and tour Mount Stewart #gardens: http://t.co/dSPd5slRCC http://t.co/3ccrbTmr7U

@axe2grynd They are children. Spoiled, undisciplined children.

I will never apologize for the facts I post, for the color of my skin, for being married to a police officer, for being Conservative.

RT @jlopezandfamily: @andieiamwhoiam @promo_bob https://t.co/QA5RCe1hnh

@rsbpeb Thank you for your service, my friend.

@8977himher I am grateful for that, my brother. xoxo

RT @JohnnyrebTH: @jlopezandfamily @andieiamwhoiam @promo_bob https://t.co/ifOthbkAWU

I love my country. I love our history. I will NEVER apologize for America! God Bless America! https://t.co/HU4nR5thJz

@8977himher Blessed to know you.

@rsbpeb Thank you, friend. I will.

Blessed to be surrounded by so many intelligent, freedom loving people. https://t.co/mOfddVZEmx

@dobermanmamma xo

#BecauseOfTwitter Crazy bag ladies with Smart Phones who claim to be Progressives can harass my husband’s employer, my family.

RT @Frushman: @andieiamwhoiam That’s their good points! OUCH!!!🇺🇸🤔🙀☹️👺👹

My people. https://t.co/M4IF2LA31l

Let me throw you some facts. If black lives matter, why do blacks commit 53% of all homicides? https://t.co/k1CS1xTbqZ

@AnJolieLeg LOL!

They are cowards who hide in the shadows. Before the internet, they were rightfully shunned by civilized society. https://t.co/qGSbnZke7T

RT @KymRobison: @Mark60644 @andieiamwhoiam God bless America, her history, liberties, and flag. I pledge my allegiance. I’m proud of my nat…

No. Progressives call my husband’s employer, CPS, come to my town, photoshop images, etc. They are broken wretches. https://t.co/4DFv5JMTxk

My husband has no internet presence. Progressives harass him because they disagree with ME. Feminists, my keister. https://t.co/ZTrbfbL9yV

Wait? I thought the ice was melting? No Global Warming Today! https://t.co/HElmspa00W

@ajreinke LOL!

Who’s coming with? https://t.co/2XsXg0K3TZ

Nice day for a walk! https://t.co/Npg4LJlIXT

RT @whathteheck: @andieiamwhoiam LIES FROM THE LEFT https://t.co/UlUO0CA6f5

RT @reachout2015: @andieiamwhoiam @dodo https://t.co/TMlwi0QORN

Asinine photo. They should change the hand to a black one holding a gun for a TRUE representation. https://t.co/6BKQ1wfjLW

RT @Tolltac: Police: Man attacks 6-year-old girl in women’s bathroom @KLFY So men in woman’s restrooms https://t.co/7vSRNgHayQ

I am resolute. https://t.co/Sd5H0O855a

Yes. They do. However, thugs like Barack have given credence to false narratives. https://t.co/2KiKvkOuEk

RT @LeahRBoss: My skin is not privilege. Self-defense is not murder. The truth is not racist. On these facts, I refuse to back down.

My White Privilege began as an abandoned child in the inner city ghetto, as an abused ward of the state, as a 17 year old on my own…You?

RT @BobMacAZ: @andieiamwhoiam Taken to it’s logical conclusion a white lib hand would be throttling the black neck as a white lib Dr aborte…

@Chuck_U_Farlee You aren’t alone. (((Hug)))

@lauderdalevet I am grateful for my experiences. WE all have a story.

RT @HuskerPower811: @andieiamwhoiam #MyWhitePrivilege in 5 words. That would be a good hashtag to get trending.

@ImLiterallyBen Amen!

Because it does NOT exist. https://t.co/A19qT5LJi0

@Chuck_U_Farlee Ditto! I am blessed.

You privileged bastard. https://t.co/YP18tytZrD

Lie to yourself all you want. https://t.co/J9oxc95nPr

If black lives matter, why are 74% of blacks illegitimate? https://t.co/J9oxc95nPr

I also know, firsthand, the damage the Welfare State can do. I will rail against it til my dying breath. https://t.co/KaX7TGhPKe

@lyz_estrada @HotNostrilsrFun I am so sorry.

You are a bigot. You are weak. https://t.co/SWipDN0JWG

RT @MTD1954: https://t.co/tQ7j6ucB3J

You ferals could try NOT attacking police or breaking our laws. 64%? Common Core Math? https://t.co/0CWVBenHi9

@lyz_estrada @HotNostrilsrFun Grateful for my experiences. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I schooled you, child. If you fail it’s because YOU are a FAILURE. No one but YOU. https://t.co/tMXSVfaykh

Your White Privilege means you we be called a racist for saying that and some SJW will call your employer. https://t.co/cfVPYRd3Tp

Blacks commit the bulk of gun crime, including mass shootings. https://t.co/f4zGNOuyVL

Affirmative Action? https://t.co/6OYe0HftDm

RT @NJ_Joe_14: @andieiamwhoiam @LogannAriannaa https://t.co/0utgVS5B2n

RT @JohnTom68918151: @andieiamwhoiam @LogannAriannaa Don’t fight the popo and you don’t get your ass beat.

RT @Crypto_Fascist: @LogannAriannaa @andieiamwhoiam Whose you? My ancestors died along with 500,000 other patriots to end slavery. Don’t tr…

I saw this a few days ago. One had a broken arm, they were starved and beaten. https://t.co/ncNkGe0Rtr

@Chuck_U_Farlee The sad thing is that this is not uncommon.

RT @blumpeee: @LogannAriannaa @Crypto_Fascist @andieiamwhoiam “I don’t know anything” it’s a bullshit excuse for lazy people in the Informa…

@Chuck_U_Farlee My early childhood was very much like this. The Chicago Police Department rescued us. We healed. We moved on.

@Chuck_U_Farlee Thanks, Charles.

RT @Crypto_Fascist: @LogannAriannaa @blumpeee @andieiamwhoiam Have we come further in sharing the franchise with all minorities than any ot…

The Guardian Says Correcting Grammar Is Racist; Expression Of White Privilege. https://t.co/GQl2SbM8Pm

@DaveSodman @Chuck_U_Farlee I experienced this as a child. I am not feral. However, I could easily have been.

RT @KIR_bigg50: @andieiamwhoiam so now it’s “racist” to let dumb asses talk like dumb asses?? Man, it’s time to leave this planet..

ALL people intentionally shot by police are righteous shoots. https://t.co/9QUN1oAa0t

@DaveSodman @Chuck_U_Farlee I agree. The Welfare State SUBSIDIZES this abuse.

He has a plan for all of us. https://t.co/QEY3m7BhIq

A pellet gun is not a toy. It is a WEAPON used in hunting. https://t.co/NcTPBWh1am

WITH a GUN. If you have a gun and opposable thumbs, you are a danger. 12 is old enough to know better. https://t.co/YlEpSCqIfN

We have a drama queen on our hands. https://t.co/zgpcCYmFJz

RT @rollincrazy: @deusexstigma @TurtleIceskater @Fahey9Fahey @andieiamwhoiam @TIMarkham Colt 1911 pellet gun fires.177 cailber at 425ft per…

RT @Asjw9: @andieiamwhoiam In the military I have witnessed a 9 year old with a gun kill. Age makes no difference if you can squeeze the tr…

Beautiful home& museum in Missouri. Owned by a dear friend. Can you imagine living here? https://t.co/WDhsQVACRF https://t.co/tCWnCY9pGI

@ImLiterallyBen Ahahahahahaha!

@jagdan2 He has comfy spots. LOL!

@UTHornsRawk He is very talented.

RT @pysih: @deusexstigma @andieiamwhoiam @Fahey9Fahey @TIMarkham Police shootings are investigated with the highest scrutiny, permanent bla…

RT @Egypt_Exodus: @andieiamwhoiam Tragic accidents happen He is a child yes BUT a child with a gun https://t.co/fxOp2LEOEt

The house was on Martin Luther King Blvd. Surrounded by predators. Another student was killed last month. RIP. https://t.co/JczGXrJLI5

RT @PaulBabeuAZ: Nearly DOUBLE the amount of signatures needed to get on the ballot. I am humbled to have so much support, thank you https:…

@dfcowan I think he would be okay as long as you dusted.

@inmatemd Yikes.

Another friend’s home, this one in the South of France. It is also a bed and breakfast. Lovely. https://t.co/ASbDqRrf07

This effeminate beta says pellet guns are not used in hunting. Care to educate the little guy? https://t.co/qVtiDHbOOR

So shooting Tamir was the right thing to do under the circumstances. https://t.co/a2t2DwOH2h

@morabitolee238 🙂

Why do blacks commit 53% of all homicides, child? https://t.co/wnFcfZFbAt

These ferals need to learn some manners. Also, don’t be like Tamir. https://t.co/Kv7JMEE9RS

It happens every second of every day. https://t.co/idWUZMfwjN

No. A GUN. https://t.co/3YtO79DufQ

This girl is vile. Those “redneck ass” kids didn’t point their weapon at people like Tamir did. https://t.co/V3K7NoJy3S

I have never seen, nor will I ever see that movie. https://t.co/k2SDCry6nx

Black crime is so common that is is almost EXPECTED. https://t.co/d9YBibvyr8

A pellet gun is not a toy. He was committing assault. Hence, the 911 call. 12 is old enough to know better. https://t.co/S1PfYhw6CP

RT @LAGrant53: @andieiamwhoiam Drove thru Selma the other day. Tried to find all the improvements since ’65 & failed.

She can’t even write in English. Is a FLAG a threat to you? But Tamir’s gun isn’t. Lord. https://t.co/9tnQldX2PU

RT @Pancross37: @andieiamwhoiam @Macpisme https://t.co/XFEqqoA6tm

RT @mikej77: @andieiamwhoiam Many MSM outlets do not break down the victims and perps by color. This is done by by official agencies like…

RT @NightmarEclipse: @andieiamwhoiam LOL as if I have. Maybe if there were deleted scenes on the DVD of MLK beating hookers in hotel rooms.

RT @Acoatain: @andieiamwhoiam @LogannAriannaa https://t.co/ioxEPiHWFP

RT @Roger_Dorn_Clev: @andieiamwhoiam @ivangarretx How about you don’t send your child to the park with a toy gun that looks real. It’s call…

@rogerthatone @rhol88 Untell me this.

Why wasn’t Tamir’s mama charged? https://t.co/neV1Bflo0s

RT @cyber_merkin: @ivangarretx @andieiamwhoiam Toy guns can and do qualify as weapons. Try again jack ass. https://t.co/KvrE8ae1gc

RT @Derek4Dolphins: @andieiamwhoiam > Boo…!!!! https://t.co/MZhlhNopOb

RT @yant_micheal: At least the rebel flag is America’s history not mexico,not russian, not Jamaica,not Iraq and all the other flags https:/…

RT @MrNamelessOne: @andieiamwhoiam @LogannAriannaa those thinking with their fee-fees believe an imaginary trigger is more threatening than…

RT @ceconomou56: @andieiamwhoiam What do you expect from someone who believes that there’s a multigenerational conspiracy to steal from poo…

RT @bboywitt: @Derek4Dolphins @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/5XWChOwzef

RT @hedeen89: @andieiamwhoiam @edngai078_ni so that accounts for like 1 in 10 million deaths…why is that even a news story? It’s like sha…

RT @Acoatain: @andieiamwhoiam @LogannAriannaa Ppl who call it a “toy” to justify being angry at a cop ARE a major part of the problem

Only ferals support Hillary. https://t.co/ev8W5FpQxX

RT @BDieselx: @andieiamwhoiam @IanTheGlo The irony in calling someone ‘the most dumbest’ …….

RT @Acoatain: @LogannAriannaa @andieiamwhoiam Could you please tell me at what point in time the officers knew it was a BB gun and not real?

RT @74cowboy: @LogannAriannaa @andieiamwhoiam it’s not white privilege to have common sense.

Ad hominem tu quoque is a fallacy for a reason. https://t.co/MQpV7oHHKP

Me? Ahahahhahahahahahahha! https://t.co/rMhc4ZyWXJ

14 years old… https://t.co/EbTuNRX8EM

I don’t speak Basement Stoner. Can I get a translator? https://t.co/odBQOaq2Le

RT @DrStrangeLove22: @andieiamwhoiam @chevalier__noir So they’ve fired all their copyeditors, have they? Or are they hypocrites?

I don’t make excuses, beta. I also have a job teaching homeschool so folks like you cannot be near my child. https://t.co/6SJ9ICVWqg

RT @streetglide12: @ceconomou56 @andieiamwhoiam the goal of socialism is to destroy individual achievment and replace it with statism

@rhol88 @grindercap No worries.

They know to stay away from pedophiles. https://t.co/aAyKulhbRR

RT @Lisa_SmithOH: @andieiamwhoiam U mean the woman who received Medicaid but was able bodied enough to march for MILES to protest police? 😡

Homeschool students outscore their public school counterparts in every regard. https://t.co/P9Vm3qDn76

Bush was an F 102 pilot in the Air National Guard. Was Barack a two bit rapper? https://t.co/wpWCgAsxA9

Can you imagine what the children of these online, middle aged bullies are like? No thanks. https://t.co/5VYz7p0Opr

@barefootpoet107 I can send you his info.

It is also normal human behavior to knock a bully on his/her ass and make sure they don’t get up. https://t.co/CESPo9Ui66

@brasco64 @LogannAriannaa https://t.co/kBAV3b5jYE

Women like this send their feral children to school. I will not allow mine around her child pollution. https://t.co/lxCQijtOfI

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @Egypt_Exodus @brasco64 @andieiamwhoiam a child with a gun/grenade is a hostile combatant. We saw this frequently in Vi…

@MLDM333 @GaRebel_1973 There are curriculums available online.

@Bass705 @petraclark Criminals put orange tips on real guns as well.

He wasn’t supposed to be there and he refused to cooperate. HIS problem. https://t.co/ehIj0jzFXB

RT @InstantGoiter: Comply, comply, comply. It’s not rocket science. https://t.co/b4G9YL8oJm

74% illegitimacy rate. Core of poverty. You do it to yourselves. https://t.co/rIug5fEE88

Except when the ferals killed police, bombed buildings and robbed banks. Pffft! https://t.co/eDg5pNBWka

We have one as president NOW. https://t.co/6ZjHyyQmO9

RT @kosmokrammer: @andieiamwhoiam @Crystal1Johnson You tell em Andie. BLM sucks #blackliesmatter

Looks like Race Baiters Anonymous writes her stuff. https://t.co/NS6v0gvAWn

Black Panthers were vile, self serving racists who just so happened to kill a lot of folks. Yes. Terrorists. https://t.co/3SLK3h0wsa

Blacks commit the bulk of crime. OF COURSE there are more in jail. https://t.co/HQEueKK8p1

Have you ever run across her? Wretched human. I’m sure her mini ferals are just as delightful. https://t.co/4dFe6yH4Bt

What part of Blacks commit the bulk of crime do you fail to grasp? https://t.co/vGf2B8nhIe

RT @BobMacAZ: @andieiamwhoiam The only comparison is the similarities…both hate groups are comprised of democrats! Nothing new to see her…

RT @leonpui_: Black Lives Matter is a group associated with Black Panther ideology. https://t.co/1RvbTGxjnb

This is Assata. She killed Trooper Foerster, was convicted and fled to Cuba. Wrap her in chains and bring her back. https://t.co/kn5UWIls3G

@pdjf1 You too, my friend!

This is what happens when you cater to the lowest common denominator. Rhodes Scholar? Trash. https://t.co/JdYLqEwHMI

I said we should hang her on the spot where she stand but my husband is kinder. He said to bring her back in chains. https://t.co/ULiZgksv7X

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. https://t.co/5JcuFq09mV

RT @TroyFauber: Wrap her in chains and bring her halfway back:) https://t.co/lgRNZARnaQ

Blacks are 12.6% of the population. They commit more crime, per capita than all other races. https://t.co/0DCaQuMZfB

@LeftyLieBuster @TroyFauber I know. Right?

Blacks take the bulk of welfare but she said she doesn’t want it anymore. So…let’s end it. https://t.co/tbV8mC8am2

You are an ugly person. Who did that to you? Raw data is raw data, vile human. https://t.co/ogdN76Gtrj

A giant hand Bitch Slapping all these Black Lives Matter nitwits would look like…? https://t.co/UQyrN2Z9YT

Okie dokie. What does that have to do with black crime? https://t.co/j46V8pLNQK

Blacks are 12.6% of the population, whites 68%. https://t.co/cjz0zjOoLV

You are an ugly little bigot with the IQ of a sandwich. https://t.co/n3vyQx00z5

RT @JohnMascaro: @kking_m @andieiamwhoiam Why doesn’t Obama demand that Cuban government (with which he’s now so chummy) rendition her to G…

If you stop committing the bulk of crime, you will be amazed at how little police contact you have. https://t.co/uwZW0vDD0h

@The_Odd_Asylum Margarine.

I have zero respect for bigots and those who make excuses. https://t.co/B0Oq0GLx6k

RT @simrob72: @andieiamwhoiam @Thisisgeorgia__ @LogannAriannaa Oh no, another case of statistics being racist. I just got over the last one.

What your ilk knows of God I could fit in a shoebox. https://t.co/hk3iB2ssVf

Blacks are 12.6% of the population, yet 38% incarcerated. Whites are 68% of population and 54% incarcerated. https://t.co/2ErWcrLYcU

Great a wannabe. https://t.co/HF1ijAI8Ro

No, little girl, she does not know what she is talking about. Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/892i1aWYxI

Because 74% of blacks are illegitimate. NO FATHERS. https://t.co/0FJRFT4gRp

And you are a wretched, impudent tramp who needs to learn some manners. https://t.co/PsYcq2IQh1

Darwin was right. https://t.co/pb4lywCeN9

@Makcum_Kelso I was trying to be polite.

How many of these girls have fathers at home, married to their mothers? WE have allowed this. https://t.co/S547IRAN3K

RT @AleksMatza: @andieiamwhoiam The left encourages the breakdown of family and society as a whole, no matter the race. Far easier to contr…

Can you imagine what good parents would do to their children for this behavior? Too many ferals now. https://t.co/BpTCi3BM3I

I don’t allow feral behavior from children. Period. https://t.co/uQksb4VHdW

WE know. Trust me. We know. https://t.co/l0uLBjJGMU

That is how you people are. Zero impulse control. https://t.co/9FPCpTRRQ8

Perhaps your time would be better spent studying basic grammar? https://t.co/nJIcanQPQ1

@VernonBush8 Hey! How are you?

Can you imagine this child’s home life? No discipline whatsoever. https://t.co/sFA47bBV3a

Frankly, because she has shit parents. https://t.co/8iwJWhDBfC

RT @reachout2015: @andieiamwhoiam @artificialolita The UK has the same problem https://t.co/Prz78coKPO

@VernonBush8 Pretty good! I have an inner ear infection which makes me dizzy but not as dizzy as these ferals. LOL!

THIS is not the safe space they seek. https://t.co/eezLLWstO8

lol https://t.co/FMNFcsDzDH

Child, you will learn your place. If you wish to speak to an adult in that manner, you will learn your place. https://t.co/zalOxNTNhQ

Barack the Magic Keynesian has ensured this country will be 21 TRILLION dollars in debt by the time he leaves office. TWENTY ONE TRILLION.

RT @asherhawkeye: @andieiamwhoiam @artificialolita lol teach her some…on another note russia is least of americas worries. The enemy is a…

Let’s make this tramp famous. This is what she had to say to a COMBAT VETERAN. Tell her what you think. https://t.co/WfeZR3z9f5

RT @Tide17Crimson: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/0Sdga2n4h4

@polyannanot Here…she has her own page now! https://t.co/jE1BJdi1el

@ajreinke https://t.co/noI7tjw3ve

@NoHostagesTaken @PDXGREG https://t.co/Z76WaocOmF

@AshkCn61 https://t.co/UCkUDI3OUI

@Sniper1T https://t.co/5zowP6xwo6

@NYGoingBlue https://t.co/2Y9lGzmAV1

@Uninforminator https://t.co/SvVAPsXpLC

@muthajadefoo @GentleAubrey @artificialolita I was not referring to the feral’s physical appearance.

No, feral. I have never doxed anyone. And what does your ilk know about husbands? https://t.co/gEF19CrZWk

Your race card has no value here, feral. https://t.co/NDQZxOgtfb

RT @USAlivestrong: @andieiamwhoiam @Deborah61049061 Wrap her in chains–and if she accidently got unruly in an inflatable raft?

She was so proud of herself for wishing that a combat veteran died. Hm. https://t.co/ymMgj7QFBL

RT @TheColdCivilWar: @andieiamwhoiam Racism sexism & homophobia are always the first thing out of a racist sexist liberal’s mouth.

RT @Tide17Crimson: @Berlinrugby @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/1X26L1UvpM

Don’t you wretches have anything better to do than to worship me? https://t.co/xnKwv1nG9o

No, feral, I only call ferals feral. https://t.co/cpdWonRWv9

These beta boys try so hard. https://t.co/NtCitT42DS

Surely, you wretches have proof if it happened? Why don’t you have proof, little lady? https://t.co/Rd2EVLcpCG

These people are like burn victims. ALL raw nerves. https://t.co/ljGDE0XKd1

Unlike your child pollution, homeschool children are not trapped in a school. They are FREE. https://t.co/HRK6DHF22E

Feral isn’t a color, baby mama. https://t.co/L1hr08ind9

RT @t25034: This “feminist” sent this to a friend of mine who is a combat veteran. Real classy. @PDXGREG @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/VUQSw…

No. She merely has the IQ of Play Doh. https://t.co/B56JdrgZ9Y

No. Keynesianism is a failed economic theory. https://t.co/E9xwJsJv2t

You mean like that black woman who was just arrested for chaining children in her yard? They weren’t homeschooled. https://t.co/1LzUjUkdHh

RT @bpag7102: @andieiamwhoiam @BentonLynsey @reachout2015 @Anotherfaze Facts are like a cross to a vampire for progressives.

I think she means profound. Also, capitalize “C” as the first word of a sentence and comma after “clearly”. https://t.co/h6Y2TnQ3oM

You were surrendered at birth, manchild. https://t.co/VCg39t5Drq

Homeschool! https://t.co/FjJljGlwYi

Though basic English and grammar escapes him. The irony. https://t.co/iXAIe9Ombv

@bpag7102 @garym9999 @quinn_vince lol

RT @JohnTom68918151: @andieiamwhoiam @garym9999 Except for every single study that shows they are better educated and socially adjusted tha…

My people. LOL! https://t.co/2KYwYlO0Wn

@NickElson20 @phred47 Hahhaha!

@garym9999 Thank you. No worries.

@garym9999 You too, Gary. Be well.

RT @10thAmendment: COAL MINER Confronts #HillaryClinton: How Can You Come in Here and Tell Us You’re Our Friend? (VIDEO) https://t.co/Bq8Gp…

RT @USInGodWeTrust: @jsavite @andieiamwhoiam Well, I was home schooled… And now I’m getting a masters degree in engineering…

I am sick so my husband brought Spring home to me from his walk last night! In his favorite Renaissance Faire mug. https://t.co/3OZua1kwP9

One less hateful bigot in the world. Black Panther Afeni Skaur, whose real name is Alice Williams, has gone to Hell. https://t.co/FTOhYX0N7G

Wrong. Poverty is the result of irresponsible breeding. https://t.co/JKw5De90U6

@SSC1974 Thank you. It’s an inner ear infection. Weird.

It is the result of having children you cannot feed. A direct result of irresponsible behavior. https://t.co/IDqWpYSaOL

RT @ZanneTee: @USInGodWeTrust @andieiamwhoiam @jsavite Yay! Good for you! Homeschooling will continue to provide dividends throughout your…

@krahulj I think so too. 🙂

@mom_of_4_single Thank you, my friend! You too! xoxo

RT @Pancross37: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/B8r0D8m639

@mgold001 LOL! He asked first.

Nope. Illegitimacy is the root of poverty. Marry your baby daddy. https://t.co/dFaBHU6VST

@SSC1974 It is an odd sensation for certain. Thanks!

@CathyinCalgary Thank you, Cathy! xo

Amen! https://t.co/h7Lx2gI9UI

Funny how those institutions only fail illegitimate blacks. Hmmmm. https://t.co/5450ZhqnLB

@Marcus_Porcius I was being facetious.

No, nitwit. It is the cause. https://t.co/HvMaxfSC0E

@Good2bqueen67 Thank you so much!

Afeni Shakur is the woman who coordinated plans to bomb police stations. Evil, worthless human being. https://t.co/N7XUw33AvY

RT @truenorth_eh: If you’re a prog you’ve had this diagnosis. #BlueHand https://t.co/lohPifM9wj

RT @LucidHurricane_: #BREAKING Islamic State fire kills #American in combat in #Iraq https://t.co/C1VnxDmr2i https://t.co/K5wcufI0EA

I only wish she died sooner. Wretched, hateful bigot. https://t.co/6JVrs6vkWZ

I am tired of the lowest common denominator dictating terms. https://t.co/9UjIbTn3mK

You people need better heroes. https://t.co/KEENYtwBpF

Oh. That dynamite placed itself. I see. https://t.co/Wsyh38BahQ

Afeni Shakur was a welfare dependent drug addict. https://t.co/35aN4zYJYn

@Good2bqueen67 I have not tried it. I am allergic to everything. LOL!

Even SHE said she was a bad mother. A drug addict. https://t.co/XtNzi3Cmli

RT @Fr360dDan: @andieiamwhoiam @MillerThaGod https://t.co/mstwrhqY81

Exactly. https://t.co/QI9kJohBjQ

Your race card has no value, feral. https://t.co/LIvXK7h2oR

These are the types who voted for Barack. https://t.co/BJgaE2VCwc

I will leave this here. https://t.co/NswBnD5G1b

Impulse control. Yeah. It’s a thing. https://t.co/gGxdMKtkaB

RT @IPOC369: @andieiamwhoiam Officer Wilson is a hero! Thought I would butt in for a second. https://t.co/mqOewwGAVK

Lie. 39.8% black 38.8% white. Blacks 12.6% of pop, whites 68%. https://t.co/se7KPOZeEg https://t.co/GmZ3YB6Cg7

I have no respect for criminal, evil women. ZERO. https://t.co/BYhWQxDDoS

Are you implying you ferals are violent? https://t.co/tFCYfUB19Z

We know you are feral. That’s the point. https://t.co/rRyx3lXLLB

I am guessing this feral child is 14? See a pattern? https://t.co/4TV9gVouQH

@SnowMaylar LOL! Thanks!

I will just leave this here. https://t.co/DevKQqqg8r

You mean people who have respect for society and don’t plant bombs in police stations? Count me in, feral. https://t.co/ndv84dQXFF

@drxgzilla @MillerThaGod @Biglued1 Blacks take bulk of welfare. https://t.co/se7KPOZeEg

Tolerant Left. https://t.co/DHN6G8NaKl

That is a good question. https://t.co/fkHeh24fhb

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/q7VcJtq9x1

RT @Asjw9: @wyntermitchell @andieiamwhoiam Being a mother does not absolve you of anything. It is how we continue the species. Strictly ph…

These Shakur types are bad people. https://t.co/FMXZm80k9i

She incited people to kill police. May she burn in Hell. https://t.co/WchiDnJj0S

Look at the tolerant Left, folks! https://t.co/IJ2PymdCZW

Blacks have the highest rate of child deaths by guns. https://t.co/rrHVLoVAHJ

Refute it. Do not come to my timeline unprepared. https://t.co/lSSN4z2E4n

I’m armed, you wretched feral. https://t.co/K4Af8zy2wx

I’ll bet they said these same things when Hitler died. https://t.co/zMX2YXFZqk

Blacks have 74% illegitimacy, closer to 90% in inner cities. They oppress themselves. https://t.co/E4Wqn7ttZq

The city bus doesn’t come through here. https://t.co/btyUzbUimx

Name ONE. Police don’t owe armed folks warnings. https://t.co/YTlVws0kcf

@MySchimke @medusainclouds LOL!

More whites killed by police. https://t.co/XQ4l0otCfI

RT @SDESSEDS: @andieiamwhoiam The left is a racist bunch with a god complex. In their own ideologically supremacist minds, they are the fin…

Yes. Blacks shoot up schools daily. Daily. Playgrounds too. 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/CuCrjpE17e

RT @ThomasPKennedy3: Tired of those who’ve never had a gun pointed at them feel the police have an obligation to warn them. They DON’T! htt…

ALL those intentionally shot by police were righteous shoots. https://t.co/kdeuIhoKdP

RT @PJMorum: Yeah, count me in, too! https://t.co/KmUHMatCDT

Self Defense is not murder. https://t.co/NuhzewIzd5

RT @MarkOkanagan: @andieiamwhoiam When it comes to mass shootings/race, blacks punch above their weight class https://t.co/Naj8yu6hdR https…

RT @brucechris24: @wyntermitchell @andieiamwhoiam Adolph Hitler had a mother too! So your point…

Angry Tweets. What EVER shall I do? https://t.co/zHw0Fj3rGf

RT @mdholder65: @andieiamwhoiam @EloiseRose817 We tolerate poverty culture. Instead of encouraging work, we subsidize squalor and chronic…

This little feral knows stuff that the patriarchy won’t show us. LOL! https://t.co/RDLQDBQ3Oc

The tolerant Left, friends. Is she 10? https://t.co/VIxpg7HwxH

Ahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha! *breathes* Ahahahahhahahahahahaha! https://t.co/zKZjyYytsc

I would say Conservatives. https://t.co/5AJd6MLObq

RT @JohnBert07: @Domforni @74cowboy @LogannAriannaa @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/LQ8E2Riwy1 Good information in here

RT @baalter: Breaking: Islamic Terror Attack Kills American Serviceman! https://t.co/XeFK083uVh

RT @JoeyJoj40863051: @ShepherdTechno @Hriob_Zagel @andieiamwhoiam She stood for violence, hate, and racism. I’m sure you’d think differentl…

LOL! https://t.co/3Rn7l2Cr48

Our country would be a much safer place without liberals. https://t.co/p8A0cjjNAX

Her group planted bombs under a police station but they were discovered. https://t.co/LJ2MpYr9sS

Lady, I am not the one who supports a vile racist who attempted to kill police. https://t.co/l7W8qPFfBx

My timeline today… https://t.co/OQpOzlkQdc

I allow these leftist ferals to wonder my timeline freely to show the world what they really are. https://t.co/Ae182DIu2d

Consider 36 million blacks in US and 19.7 million are on welfare you will see true damage of leftist Welfare State. https://t.co/xk2FGBf4YF

Interestingly, she calls for #BlackTwitter to attack. Is there a white Twitter? https://t.co/T4rYAmrr90

LOL! https://t.co/dKsvOP3GiV

RT @lear_shane: @andieiamwhoiam @Dennisabm welfare as we have in our inner cities destroys the human spirit and indentures the poorest to t…

RT @ThomasPKennedy3: @andieiamwhoiam You are much more tolerant than I, but you have a point. Exposing ignorance is a firm of railing aga…

Is there a magenta Twitter? https://t.co/G6Mw7EeGv9

The only ones murdering blacks are blacks. Prison is where murderers go. Is this thing ON? https://t.co/p4FBUiKxf1

She came by to say she was ignoring me? Okie dokie. https://t.co/635NOuLKQu

LOLOLOLOL! https://t.co/krQxyytN28

RT @CamBam8: @andieiamwhoiam @RealMayaHuyana Here’s a thought…if you don’t want to go to prison then don’t commit crimes. SMH

Well then. https://t.co/4Wr3H2gkwL

It would seem the feral setting bombs under police stations attempt that role. https://t.co/iClDGqHnyn

Those liking, sharing this nitwittery are future black mothers. NOW can you see the source of this hate & ignorance? https://t.co/p4FBUiKxf1

Afeni Shakur was a drug addict and welfare wretch. https://t.co/PNN7xtWd5x

It’s tempting. https://t.co/5W7s0ceIl7

#AfeniShakur Only the morally defunct Left could make a hero of such an evil, dangerous, drug addicted bigot.

#whitewashedOUT My goodness. It seems the left is upset over racist leftists in Hollywood. This humor writes itself!

Name one thing that feral human did for the world? She even failed her SON. https://t.co/g5ZdZQ2ovz

#AfeniShakur I was hoping Assata was either dead or extradited back to the US to serve the remainder of her prison term.

I hated her when she was alive too. https://t.co/7H3vsYukLB

RT @Plate0fShrimp: @andieiamwhoiam She pioneered several advancements in bomb making, riot planning and hair care products.

RT @FLg8RnVa: @andieiamwhoiam @ChiIIJake yeah Scalia was actually an American hero and ppl shit on him sane dat so who gives a fuck about a…

@JohnErmi1 LOL!

Typo. But you do recognize who it is. https://t.co/KB5siTBakh

Tamir Rice’s mama is speaking at a college too. It doesn’t make her honorable. You need better heroes. https://t.co/NOq0RCHt4M

Assata is his Godmother. https://t.co/sIgj90csEH

RT @lear_shane: @Dennisabm @andieiamwhoiam if govt provides your existence you should be drug tested. I go as far as limited voting rights…

Tamir Rice’s mama is an incredible woman? Now I get it. https://t.co/uY8oJU3Gbx

The bombs planted themselves, then. https://t.co/fFhdECwKEK

RT @JobeWatson14: @wyntermitchell @andieiamwhoiam hey wait a second! Susan Smith was a mother too!

I know she preached hate, planned bombings, was so drug addicted she failed her son. https://t.co/2wheRQK2oF

Do these people have ANY impulse control? https://t.co/k7eLh3271p

Assata Shakur is in Cuba just WAITING for one of us to bring her back to US to serve her sentence. $2million reward! https://t.co/QkrUSnmfiw

The beta doesn’t like me. I’m crushed. https://t.co/FhbtXyiaI7

Barack could have done it if he wasn’t such a worthless wretch. https://t.co/WoB96i67nd

The world has just become a little less evil. Afeni Shakur has gone to Hell. Hoping Assata follows soon. https://t.co/jaOCTszust

LOL! https://t.co/QGXUwDv6ZN

No. I am a Conservative. KKK is a Democrat organization. https://t.co/b3CwJiW7wF

RT @aaronsoak: Shutchyo bitch ass up https://t.co/blKSec6vO1

RT @Malcolm_FleXX: Bitch die. https://t.co/IqE3sjpd9j

Sorry, beta, hating evil and bigotry does not make one a bigot. https://t.co/ljYOgTlKSY

RT @KINGBLAKE1: @twitter y’all gotta get this person off social media https://t.co/WDMt8y6G7R

Tamir had a gun. It was a righteous shoot. https://t.co/ETJ0QbuPaU

Never gonna happen. https://t.co/tZlTYpLGQw

@LyndaG1963 Yes.

That dynamite planted itself. https://t.co/tUzgzQ3zGx

No, little lady. Hating evil is fine. I assure you. https://t.co/AbgPSbGsMa

I have no respect for thugs who kill our nation’s police. https://t.co/2KSqY0OK3q

RT @kalen_johnson: Kill yourself https://t.co/UV10hYdmDY

RT @ThomasPKennedy3: @andieiamwhoiam @ChiIIJake So she died, so what we all die. Her violent past as Black Panther towards our Law Enforce…

These wretches need better heroes. I wonder if they would say the same of Hitler? https://t.co/halUJP9qou

RT @_King_Kunta55: This bitch is nasty shut up hoe https://t.co/rpICSbkUcY

Six of the police officers killed by Black Panthers. #AfeniShakur planned their deaths. May she burn in Hell. https://t.co/2o3lyMQjBT

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. First slave owner in US was black, Anthony Johnson. https://t.co/iMQcLadila

RT @Asjw9: @andieiamwhoiam Idi Amin would be a better analogy….

RT @ThomasPKennedy3: @andieiamwhoiam @EURODOLLAS Now more Americans are visiting Cuba, she better be watching her back $2M reward very enti…

Barack’s numbers are a lie? https://t.co/COMJvfJ1oQ

Assata Shakur killed Trooper Foerster, then fled to Cuba after her conviction. https://t.co/yQS5z32L5p

Who will feed you? https://t.co/1R6wweuzds

They were convicted, you nitwit. https://t.co/MGmqFaKZbc

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. https://t.co/FUSX4TpJIr

RT @Barbara81658675: @andieiamwhoiam If you are going to play with an toy gun in public, expect someone to shoot you. That family should no…

There were ten officers. I cannot find all of their photos. https://t.co/9QzWJl6hvA

Data has zero emotion. Ergo, facts cannot BE racist. https://t.co/iP4bprIlPs

RT @SportsGrouch: @Elite_Ease @andieiamwhoiam what a schmuck. There are legions of truly oppressed people in the world…NONE in the USA.

They murdered all those people in LOVE. https://t.co/SemeUvyJ25

I wouldn’t think of it. https://t.co/L6hgaCZHW2

They didn’t kill their fellow Democrats in the Klan. They killed our nation’s police. https://t.co/Q0Mh5qMKmd

These ferals walk among us. https://t.co/USnzFQtHfI

Do they match the color of the perpetrator? https://t.co/vk8QtLvrHS

Here come the Orcs. https://t.co/4WVUN2aS9d

A hoe is a gardening implement. https://t.co/V2rEDmJf0L

You need to go to an English class. https://t.co/AjlDAGvfCl

RT @ThalesLives: @andieiamwhoiam Notice, also, that two of the officers were black. Black Lives Matter only when the lives in question are…

Are you armed, friends? They walk among us. https://t.co/BRHd5fZCuT

These are the women who raise the angry Trayvons. https://t.co/PXD3DQJk4w

RT @Cortez_Akins_: And who did the police and the klan kill…also what does being a Democrat have to do with anything https://t.co/I521Pht…

They killed people…but okay. https://t.co/NhAFjjdS9g

Barack has never honored our nation’s police killed by his followers due to his incendiary rhetoric. Let’s see if he mentions #AfeniShakur

These ferals walk among us. This is how Trayvon got shot. https://t.co/NkLEY1hZJJ

RT @mickeymerit2: @andieiamwhoiam funny how she’s on fbi’s most wanted list but Obama isn’t. Both push #BLM

What power is that? 74% illegitimacy? 53% of all homicides? Highest welfare use? Highest illiteracy? https://t.co/jkkqMPGgFd

RT @NewEnglandPats4: Shoot Yourself You Dumb Cunt Bitch https://t.co/FAJaTJIWja

They don’t know what a paleoconservative is. https://t.co/QjNZj35Ok4

Wonder what their ilk knows about wives? https://t.co/gaVD3nFF0h

This is what passes for debate among leftists. https://t.co/lpK2S5L2bh

Oh. So did Hitler. https://t.co/3nzo0ShE8u

RT @ajreinke: @andieiamwhoiam @YeahTeriq Please note authors capacity. More trustworthy than the keyboard warriors disputing. https://t.c…

No. Out of stupidity. Out of resentment. Out of evil. https://t.co/WUGy4yVOMv

Always! https://t.co/ZgfhLn93nP

RT @JobianKenobi: @andieiamwhoiam have u seen this? #Regressives haven’t adapted yet. The illogic of Dbl standards/PC clear. #MLK https://t…

If you people were as concerned about your own children, we would have fewer Trayvons and Tamirs. https://t.co/qRzie9p5g8

RT @CharlesYordy: @ajreinke @andieiamwhoiam @YeahTeriq @aboutdotcom If they want land and bread I suggest they work for it instead of beggi…

RT @YeahTeriq: You’re indoctrinated. Read up https://t.co/vFGavSxGts

RT @C_Lo8: Sit down Hoe https://t.co/CqXcIHMI0E

RT @sabrinanextdoor: bitch first of all https://t.co/UUDMJitEJA

RT @jcvaldez2010: So disrespectful but as the great tupac once said and his last words were……FUCK YOU https://t.co/U8mLZJQDS7

Please report this fake account for harassment. https://t.co/ngVO10UMAf

Civilized people respect our nation’s law enforcement while your ilk respects thugs and terrorists. https://t.co/NNPLtp0jQ3

Report this feral, please. I’m armed, by the way. https://t.co/IVCW6qukja

RT @LegallyASmurf: Stupid pastey faced bitch. Learn facts before you try to disrespect the dead. https://t.co/msOz1CDyxN

Not civilized people. Imagine that. https://t.co/5saPrvWB5y

RT @ajreinke: @andieiamwhoiam Done. Threatening violence is a no-no @twitter @Support https://t.co/OvVgbiVV2L

People who do not commit crime seem to have no issues with police. Imagine that. https://t.co/3oYuCbue7g

This is what replaces debate amongst these folks. https://t.co/B6kA4AZFPY

That dynamite planted itself. https://t.co/1BFY7yskTN

Because I can. https://t.co/e43wh80SNy

Police killing HER people? Have they tried not committing crime? https://t.co/1ydhhskKxL

You people need better heroes if a racist terrorist is someone to look up to. https://t.co/Sjrl9qhtPA

Can I get a translator? I don’t speak 2nd Grade Dropout. https://t.co/MYCweqmju5

Refute it. I’ll wait. https://t.co/W0o6wHh1kn

Panthers were terrorists who murdered people due to envy. https://t.co/5owsUXml2i

Are you at least admitting blacks have the highest crime rates? Finally! https://t.co/Z5iJQpOYgt

These ferals walk among us. https://t.co/FvhmTQ0BxJ

Typo. Afeni Shakur, the terrorist. https://t.co/IhQiHIofwD

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides and more per capita violent crime. https://t.co/FcGKelEk9G

Aren’t these ferals vile? https://t.co/7MwExCPZUD

I will just leave this here. https://t.co/ngX37bKWnq

Then you will be as dead as Trayvon. Queen? Queens require KINGS. She was a single mama. https://t.co/mmHjrSycDl

Queen. Such a Queen. https://t.co/F7EmzApjlj

Then you would meet Trayvon. https://t.co/3x5IQQwoir

The bus doesn’t come through here, feral. https://t.co/r24IeXdRQP

RT @swvnsxn: Learn to spell, bitch. https://t.co/k5WGIkuPZ7

RT @FLg8RnVa: @andieiamwhoiam @Marcus_Stampes https://t.co/48qny0yZrN

RT @aurorakween: bitch if you don’t gtf!!!! https://t.co/rQqL44nA57

@AUNTIELANELANE You aren’t, my friend.

Which is worse? Your bigotry or your ignorance? https://t.co/qyxRwmVcsg

RT @Maadism: Armed doesn’t mean anything. You won’t do shit beside hide behind that key board bitch. Kill yourself. https://t.co/LEdfrmSgUk

Just like #BlackLivesMatter terrorists, their narrative was a LIE. https://t.co/SVou9gufmH

A hoe, like a rake, is a gardening implement. https://t.co/6lnUN2KiZ4

RT @Maadism: You and your family deserve AIDS. https://t.co/PXbm2lp8Uk

RT @PhillipCMcGuire: @andieiamwhoiam @Beastmilla_32 On top of the Black Panthers nonsense she was a raging crackhead. Great role model.

This individual wishes to lose their account. https://t.co/W3KgDw0qGC

Aren’t these people disgusting? https://t.co/v9e9hcWYgD

74% illegitimacy is the core of your “struggles”. https://t.co/6Mvb9INqGv

RT @Curtis_Greay: Kill yourself https://t.co/uEjskL76J4

RT @1980sfan: @andieiamwhoiam lol! you’ve got ’em pissed off. They know deep down you’re right. Keep it up!

This terrorist is your mother? https://t.co/CMASycpwsk

RT @FLg8RnVa: @SamuriApocalysp @andieiamwhoiam @Marcus_Stampes all law enforcement deserves respect and remembrance thugs deserve zero

These ferals really think they can silence truth. Poor little ferals. https://t.co/OdJqYlOkEA

This feral thinks he will have people physically attack me because I spoke truth on Twitter. LOL! https://t.co/VVg3AsEbZ6

I don’t worship Black Panther terrorists. https://t.co/GBO1tGBnDU

Aren’t these ferals vile? https://t.co/9o1tG9F9Ur

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. They kill EACH OTHER. https://t.co/351Szc1Vvw

RT @brucechris24: @wyntermitchell @andieiamwhoiam “Killary”? What a … https://t.co/YUr6vDBW9E

RT @TheUnrealKRyan: @andieiamwhoiam @OceanSprayDoe @SSC1974 Ive seen plenty of their ppl make it in this world. The struggle isnt real its…

The truth seems to bother Leftists. https://t.co/BN8K5MwRqJ

RT @PtaTwhouse08: @andieiamwhoiam @chilldel This is a federal offense. Besides only obvious cowards, and dope fiends talk this way. This i…

RT @Tlore50: @andieiamwhoiam @OceanSprayDoe @SSC1974 I’m pretty sure @BenCarson had a rough up bringing but he didn’t use the race card to…


Legendary terrorist and drug addict. https://t.co/6HiwJiBcuZ

@onsafari2010 @ChelseaBookout That individual is a gay man, fyi.

These idiots really believe this. https://t.co/lBrb8q33W3

RT @SSC1974: @ShepherdTechno @OceanSprayDoe @andieiamwhoiam They chose to live breaking the law, disrespecting and attacking authority. Who…

They already do. https://t.co/QSknx2qeet

RT @LukeAnseI: Please die https://t.co/kqNdZXsvul

RT @unaccounted_4: @andieiamwhoiam @ShepherdTechno You don’t even live in the US. Yo need to worry more about your stagnate, socialist, cri…

I am a Conservative. KKK is a Democrat group. Also, your race card is not valid here. https://t.co/V2WYGxOaWu

RT @blaize_smith77: I hope you choke on a dick BITCH https://t.co/aUPs5fmnjI

RT @JessicaNyxx: @andieiamwhoiam cause you knew her right? And you’re a legendary fuckin cunt

These people walk among us. https://t.co/Bm1u2ge8Df

RT @BrandonThaGOAT: Shut up bitch, I hope you @ me back https://t.co/OihQrCiC6O

You ferals certainly are brave behind a keyboard. You would be Trayvonned. https://t.co/OqBEjXmF85

RT @hxmir: I hope you get euthanised https://t.co/Q2OG8u7Wt7

RT @SavGod_: the kkk is democratic..? very interesting inaccurate deflection… might wanna go fact check that one miss 👀 https://t.co/GKnr…

RT @lxuralu: kys https://t.co/mRhKNFjdFe

RT @NOUGLYTHOTS: I hope your whole family gets aids bitch https://t.co/SA8feQJK6O

RT @unaccounted_4: @ShepherdTechno @andieiamwhoiam I live here, and I know that the vast majority of our cops are good people who don’t wan…

You are so right, beta. Hating terrorists is just so…mean. https://t.co/cSoIf1pOgK

RT @takeagab: kill yourself lol https://t.co/TkjNDNwhFy

On the contrary. Despising terrorists is a good thing. YOU may be the problem. https://t.co/o5hEurvekP

60% of black girls are molested. Is that a joke to you? https://t.co/pCr413bAkj https://t.co/w4Wq2sGFby

Blacks have the highest unemployment rate, highest welfare use. Is that a joke to you? https://t.co/pONFFxQ26u

Facts have no emotion, child. Also, I am armed…so, no, your threats don’t frighten me. https://t.co/OJircc9vdp

Janice Savite is so filled with envy that she has become obsessed. Even photoshopping photos. I actually pity her. https://t.co/YJbj5qLBiM

Are you saying your ilk has a penchant for violence and no impulse control? https://t.co/c74Mv4r0gl

This bigoted feral thinks blacks think with one mind. https://t.co/ZLnW3OuX07

@powhitekid @ShepherdTechno Oh. Sorry.

RT @mosescperez: @SavGod_ @andieiamwhoiam Here is evidence https://t.co/JhHLRawmuh , and I believe the kkk endorsed hillary https://t.co/7L…

Your race card has no value here, beta. https://t.co/TlpYYNMdqm

Lies? Like the myth of police brutality? The honor of Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers? THOSE lies? https://t.co/PyOIWdYInT

She’s dead and I am glad of it. KKK was born of the Democrats. https://t.co/3YPVybOArF

Factual comments that offend your ilk. https://t.co/MaWNVYNp5f

RT @PaddyJManning: @SavGod_ @andieiamwhoiam KKK was the armed wing of the Democrat Party when its barbarous cruelty mattered.

Report this feral. https://t.co/8gNnC1y9A1

She believed in TERRORISM. Nitwit. https://t.co/zWQeZxCNaT

I choose to stay home while my husband works. That is what mothers who love their children DO. https://t.co/P7KuDyIIfm

RT @kendalad: Defining the debate with illiterate neanderthals is like taking EBT cards away from liberals. Andieiam always wins. https://t…

Several. yes. https://t.co/KAmDNaMDAP

RT @drumhellor: @andieiamwhoiam Hence the phrase, “Not every Democrat was a member of the KKK, but every member of the KKK was a Democrat…”…

I have a pro-law enforcement banner and she has a photo of a half dressed rapper. Okay. https://t.co/z5OclokSkO

I actually pity these fatherless children but they can be very dangerous. https://t.co/ACPA3P8SUS

Thug life. https://t.co/n7p3RdOPzv

RT @1SoFlo: Your husband beats on you and your son has plans to murder the school. Why take your anger out on someone dead? https://t.co/mM…

Blacks commit 53% of all total homicides, highest per capita violent crime. It’s not a joke OR a contest. https://t.co/qiPLu8edIF

God bless you. https://t.co/CGWotiv5QN

Muslims. https://t.co/odWlZBiYuB

A dead thug. https://t.co/FEwJtBVjKq

Reading comprehension and this nitwit have never met. https://t.co/ABTEDSzY5Z

Report this feral, please. https://t.co/372Zjr0xaF

RT @JuanMaggs: Hey @andieiamwhoiam I hope you are reporting tweets like the one from @__DaddyWarbucks. It is exactly what twitter says is h…

RT @BASED_ZUEZ: Shut up stupid ass bitch. https://t.co/UtZ7J4GFlV

This woman is blocked but she is scary obsessed. https://t.co/v7V4ZTEx7c

RT @LeahRBoss: Take a minute to help keep this monster in prison. This is important to me. Sign and RT. https://t.co/BHR2Uj4PjT

Your race card is not a valid form of currency in this forum. https://t.co/yEC9ITcD4R

If you people were as concerned about your own children, we would not have the poverty, crime and welfare we do now. https://t.co/FcUEPsbqpi

I am just sharing to show you how tolerant and peace loving leftists are. Please see my timeline. https://t.co/YeopNaLQXP

RT @cali2tuctown: should’ve took your ugly ass instead https://t.co/ZobSin4ntQ

Um. No. https://t.co/uW18r4ThOS

Sadly, blacks commit 53% of all homicides, the bulk of violent crime and take the bulk of welfare. Let’s change that https://t.co/ikxPMUvmY1

She was a murderous terrorist. https://t.co/miE55nCwM3

I educated you. You’re welcome. https://t.co/SOJHvDt05Q

RT @whoisavez: And whites don’t commit 97% of massacres & culture appropriate and still everything that’s not theirs… https://t.co/0xdVd…

The tolerant Left, folks! https://t.co/fHoAxbqBcp

RT @BASED_ZUEZ: @younggopp @andieiamwhoiam your avi and life is a joke. Keep hiding behind Twitter in your safe place. Love you 😁✌🏾️💗

I am armed. Thanks. https://t.co/IhwefaCAvm

These ferals think they frighten me. Have some self respect, child. https://t.co/FEVT7eYINM

She was arrested for drugs a few years ago. That is a lie. https://t.co/IJ11EZEWmm

Refute it. I will wait. https://t.co/CN2ZNOiyVr

39.8% black 38.8% white, blacks 12.6% of pop, white 68%. https://t.co/se7KPOZeEg https://t.co/jCT9mGBhgh

RT @The_Odd_Asylum: @JayBxAoK @andieiamwhoiam That’s like arguing we should respect what Hitler did. Shallow premise.

RT @towerclimber37: @iHatejHollywood @andieiamwhoiam not as long as I can do this, son. https://t.co/AXgYQD0mjp

RT @qubbiedoobie: I’m so tired of white people https://t.co/SkIyQ1B2p8

She got caught. So, if Hitler threw money he did not earn at a racist cause he would be redeemed? https://t.co/dUiYlGy4Po

I am more worried about your odd facial hair, actually. https://t.co/NxRKXyj4eS

So did Hitler, feral child. https://t.co/kGKpQ826Fg

Help me out! So many Orcs! https://t.co/5fm7bB0QsQ

RT @djlouielou_: @worldbefree_99 @andieiamwhoiam foh, I’ll fight your kids too 😂

The bus doesn’t come through here, feral child. https://t.co/YsXmvO6q0u

RT @DebbieDenims: @andieiamwhoiam You are fighting hard tonight jajaja It does not take long for threats to being when truth told. https://…

???? https://t.co/GPe2AKbKmh

RT @ThomasPKennedy3: Not only did Shakur believe in terrorism she was active in an organization that attacked & caused police deaths! https…

RT @lloydhicks_: Shut yo bitch ass up https://t.co/j2PcX96eKz

Not that I would dye my hair bright RED and wear dog ears. That would be silly! https://t.co/m1idg9Q0kV

RT @breakingnewslh: @andieiamwhoiam @djlouielou_ . Boy, they are a violent bunch, huh.

Do the Philadelphia police approve of this message? https://t.co/FEVT7eYINM

RT @__Byrdiee: Lmao , funny .. Bitch you tried it may you go to hell with your father Satan & go choke on a dick you dumb bitch. 😊😘 https:/…

RT @kiddleeshh: what in the fuck. kill ya self bitch. https://t.co/J1ZE7qQNOc

My people! https://t.co/Y3NIDVzP62

RT @PaddyJManning: @andieiamwhoiam @djlouielou_ nice to see you really bother Twitter’s pond scum. Their treats are an index of success

RT @arimoralesss: @andieiamwhoiam he exercised his power out of pure evil, she did it for the good of African Americans. There’s a differen…

@FeliciaLee4Cruz Not sure. Looks too young.

RT @RealKevinTita: @andieiamwhoiam fuck u cracker

RT @USAwasp: @andieiamwhoiam These dipshit wannabe commie Bolsheviks get crazier by the day. The Left is eating itself tho’ awesome to watch

RT @greatesteggever: @Luis_Htx713 @andieiamwhoiam I hope someone kills her

Tim Wise is an imbecile. https://t.co/W9XBZQ7zKR

@hooligan06 LOL! Thanks!

Report this feral, please. https://t.co/JsLGGUPrSc

@petraclark Thanks.

I am armed and a damn good shot. https://t.co/Xa1ZcYUXmL

A hoe is a garden implement. Though it can be used as a weapon, it is not my first choice. https://t.co/XTpHFqYAxY

@RPZak0 Yes. I’m good. Thank you!

RT @_k0mugi: @andieiamwhoiam @djlouielou_ girl you look like the white devil

I know. I have seen it. https://t.co/0U4XipH1gO

RT @Six6sixty6xx: @UrbanThreshold @andieiamwhoiam Im sorry what? What wealth? Coz every single white person I know is on the brink of disas…

RT @Eastside_E: @andieiamwhoiam Bitc# Fukk You & Them Crooked A$$ Police !!!!

@Acoatain @ChelseaBookout @djlouielou_ He blocked me but please tell him his impotence is entertaining.

I wonder why Ms. Savite has me blocked but posts constantly about me, including fake photos? https://t.co/YJbj5qLBiM

I think he’s egg-noring you now. https://t.co/ChcHQfqoKL

@ugh_Dolan @greatesteggever @thatsmyright @Dbright21 He’s very appealing.

@ugh_Dolan @greatesteggever @thatsmyright @Dbright21 Someone does. I appreciate that you appreciate them.

Your race card has no value here. https://t.co/OJircc9vdp

That is their go-to response to the facts I post. It’s sad, really…in a pathetic, leftist way. https://t.co/yQ6m7wDrTS

I LOVE this, my friend! It is really good to see you. https://t.co/UrMaONEps8

@SpongeZim Hey friend!

It’s Trotskyism. A tool of the Left to silence dissent. It only works if we allow it. https://t.co/oiBESbYv2o

He is far more intelligent than most people I know. However, your tactics define YOU. https://t.co/kpY3BsMbqd

It means they cannot refute my points. https://t.co/RXz7LuwGXE

RT @CounterCouncil: Why should anybody believe you, dude? @ChelseaBookout @andieiamwhoiam @twitter @Support

Be careful. Those meth labs can get explodey. https://t.co/lpggvlvUOK

RT @poproyaltystan: Look @ the white devil talking 🙄 https://t.co/9jhlSFPS4Y

They way these children speak to adults tells me they have no positive role models… https://t.co/C43cXZ0Kyx

RT @Ohmaar1: Just in case you didn’t get a screen cap: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/l0npItYIny

Tragic and easily remedied by ending the Welfare State. https://t.co/3cXFupP1Wz

@CounterCouncil @ChelseaBookout He has had many accounts.

RT @TrentDopeAf: shut up cracker https://t.co/ZiwDd0h8hk

The stalkers are claiming my husband is suing Ashley Madison. They neglect to see that man lives in another state. https://t.co/Tut0Gy1pWY

RT @mlivengood1: @andieiamwhoiam @stephrowepctdel @arimoralesss This is the result of our public education system, arrogant, & cant handle…


@Starbucks Is this the image you wish to portray? https://t.co/IO53z7Tbp5

@CounterCouncil Well, I assure you, it is not my husband. They have created many fictions.


RT @SophiaAnn70: @andieiamwhoiam, U disrespectful Bitch. How dare u disrespect somebody dead mother and Queen. U better hope a Pac fan neve…

RT @streetglide12: @Asjw9 @andieiamwhoiam exactly the war on poverty is a human disaster of epic proportions

RT @fred_stratus: @andieiamwhoiam I must say you have a mighty strange obsession with blacks and the left wing. You post about them almost…

@Rex49 @jsavite @MistahObvious @theOGPhrosty I just discovered she is a junkie. It explains a great deal. However, please untag me.

@OkieVision My ballet instructor went to school with Prince. He told us his afro filled the whole photo. He wasn’t lying! LOL!

The dynamite planted itself. https://t.co/d82ZAIBk1J

60% of black girls are molested. Is that funny? https://t.co/pCr413bAkj https://t.co/8vFMthjXrn

RT @ajreinke: @andieiamwhoiam Done. Threatening violence is a no-no @twitter @Support https://t.co/OvVgbiVV2L

Facts have no emotion. Ergo, facts cannot BE racist. https://t.co/4Vzh6dR8kT

RT @NazNazarian: @BentonLynsey “highly racist conservative”? Quoting official state statistics is racist now? @fred_stratus @andieiamwhoi…

Progressives preach diversity while practicing segregation. https://t.co/Pur418gCK8

Police seem to like Trump. https://t.co/KK5Ks5NCOt

It is apt, I think. https://t.co/o9tSq0ld1U

RT @NazNazarian: @fred_stratus Racist how? I’ve never once seen Andie abuse Black folk. Is it abuse to wish an end to their troubles? @andi…

RT @RestOnTaee: Bitchh Die https://t.co/luvhhgx4pa

RT @Fools2left: @andieiamwhoiam Personal encounter twice over twenty yrs Both times he broke stride to shake hands to show appreciation yr…

I could never understand @jsavite’s obsession with me. Now I do. Junkies hate police. Pray she is able to move on, please friends.

RT @1kenwilson24: @EloiseRose817 @andieiamwhoiam and worse yet…….. as Milo will tell you……feminism fueled by misandry is a cancer.

LOL! https://t.co/2q4ks4gAKB

RT @1kenwilson24: @EloiseRose817 @andieiamwhoiam then hang on Lil darlin Cus here come the links.

RT @CCCINNC: @andieiamwhoiam Interesting Read… We thought we were Free… What Happened? Progressive America https://t.co/7Pe44Kr57U

Just making an observation. I have not ever endorsed a candidate on Twitter. 🙂 https://t.co/xBdnV6SIF2

@baldy253 I posted it for the angry lefties. LOL!

LOL! My husband told me to never trust a junkie. Nothing about them is real. https://t.co/Tyr4Qypdui

@KenSkeen I am blessed. I don’t take him for granted.

Does anyone else grasp the irony? https://t.co/NQn98FXsFc

@baldy253 They are political positions. Yes.

Like the fact that blacks have 74% illegitimacy, which is the cause of poverty and crime. That bothers you folks. https://t.co/kxDwOJOrg5

How can data be “ignorant”, feral? https://t.co/MMIixdyOiO

@ajreinke @retepger I’m sure it was difficult. You seem to have come out of it well adjusted.

I’m sorry. I don’t speak “Cackling Bag Lady on Smart Phone”. Can I get a translator? https://t.co/FvCRX8J9VH

Now we know why. She hates police because of her illicit habits. https://t.co/GbRqJ3ZHJz

@retepger @ajreinke 🙂

@EGRISAJOKE @EloiseRose817 @1kenwilson24 He is a wonderful man.

I was referring to @jsavite’s obsession with me. It really is an obsession with my husband. https://t.co/T3FUiuMeVe

So that means FBI and Census data is racist. https://t.co/PpWQIemViy

Look at the loon’s timeline, for the love of Pete! She posts my husband’s employer’s phone number. Geesh. https://t.co/fpZzk8J1tC

Too busy for facts? Hm. Leftism should hurt. https://t.co/d9w1Kz0Qk1

Oh. Isn’t she special? Let’s guess the IQ? https://t.co/eYqoaP6CkR

I share uncomfortable truths that counter Leftist lies. https://t.co/HxPszvFStO

RT @NazNazarian: @fred_stratus No, she has an obsession with Black hatred of cops and the law. And calls them out on it. Very reasonable. @…

This woman is certifiable. https://t.co/V7GLQxmhTu

We know that. However, the false narrative is dangerous, not only to police, but to people who unjustly fear them. https://t.co/uxhJxIobZB

Humble too. https://t.co/KDW32GZcNX

RT @1kenwilson24: @ajreinke @EloiseRose817 @andieiamwhoiam amen. They can’t have that. That’s why those wicked liberal fingers are always p…

RT @markfromalbany: @NazNazarian @Rockmedia @andieiamwhoiam I’m Mexican, I’m watching my once proud culture be destroyed by the same libs…

Certifiable is a swear word? The irony. https://t.co/qCxYiCmWna

@NazNazarian @fred_stratus Many do. It has to be tough to have even Barack represent them as unable to conform to society.

RT @1kenwilson24: @drumhellor @andieiamwhoiam so that’s 161 colleges in America where no white males are welcome. Where’s the sexism/ racis…

@1kenwilson24 He is holding himself down.

RT @terrisoucek: @andieiamwhoiam @DayumMaam That’s a commie tactic!

Discrimination is the first duty of intelligence which must choose between right or wrong, good or bad… Leftist have made it a dirty word.

Indeed. https://t.co/vAO4lZ0WyB

@asphaultangel13 I learned she is a junkie. Her hatred is really of my husband and not me. They hate police.

Are you a high school mean girl? https://t.co/oWLBILJygj

60% of black girls are molested. Hispanics, Blacks and Natives have highest rates of child sexual assault. https://t.co/TLtmeBJxUz

No idea what makes people like that tick. I never will, unless I become them, which means I have failed miserably. https://t.co/NhtNfLCA85

Though I respect you, that will only ensure Hillary wins. https://t.co/B5LbmOohRp

Would you stake your life on that comment? https://t.co/hlq2pFlcs4

Dismissed. https://t.co/pTyibwno4M

I never called you foolish, Donna. I love my country too much to allow Hillary to take it. This is where we are. https://t.co/J7DGuMC8uS

Extensive. Criminal Background…according to the leftist feral fiction writers. SIT. https://t.co/LQE4b1N8dL

Yeah. They just arrest them for fun. https://t.co/VlMnG9E4cp

RT @petraclark: @andieiamwhoiam Amen Andie. This country can’t afford Hillary. The 2nd amendment will cease to exist under her.

It is the only path to change. https://t.co/NEvxUtFGs9

RT @BrianBo70970307: @jsavite Janice, it doesn’t matter what she told me. The fact of the matter is that families ARE off limits. And you…

Who doesn’t, feral? If you come to my home, know that I am armed and prepared to defend my family’s safety, FERAL. https://t.co/ezA2bVw5Gi

Ms. Page, I have notified the @WoodstockPD of your harassment. https://t.co/ezA2bVw5Gi

The police are quite used to mentally unwell leftists calling in. They deal with crazies all the time. https://t.co/eIe2X6ijvk

You ferals think I fear you. LOL! https://t.co/wjrN8vmvop

I really don’t care WHAT you take exception to, manchild. https://t.co/CWnVrPN9av

ABJECT LIE. More whites are killed but ALL intentionally killed are RIGHTEOUS. https://t.co/1jbkg9Wfkc

Interest yourself in a job. I do not interact with my inferiors. https://t.co/zpp5fbgVrP

I don’t have an ex husband, baby mama. What does your ilk know about husbands? https://t.co/Hyc6Gb45q4

Another feral leftist beat you to it. She learned, and you will too, that filing a false report is a felony. https://t.co/eXJPsqD2fw

Ooooh! They are going to send people to my home because I triggered them on Twitter. The tolerant Left, folks! https://t.co/AeBFwVkp2g

RT @leemgourlay: @andieiamwhoiam @OpGladio_B @AntoinetteKay22 and if democrats stop killing each other, there murder rate calls would drop…

Please report Ms Kouris. https://t.co/mHhLwMtySj

Oh. Okie dokie. https://t.co/1kb5ZdZez3

RT @chakalnikov: @JessicaNyxx @andieiamwhoiam @n0b0dyn0where @SavGod_ Here is the truth: “Blacks have elevated rates of most crimes compare…

Ms. Page, you really are not aware of your own dangerous stupidity. I have contacted police. https://t.co/ls6cTtylvy

My husband calls these women “Crazy Bag Ladies With Smart Phones”. https://t.co/gVvab6Ydfp

See how they are? I have received about 100 just like this. https://t.co/T4acoUM4OT

It’s how those people are. https://t.co/7vrhOmGVNd

It says a great deal about you people. Not me. https://t.co/0emLe6sIjH

@Sniper1T Do you know who it is?

The city bus doesn’t come through here. https://t.co/whgq1LIjGm

You are a disgrace to their service, feral. https://t.co/08H0akLdD7

@BrianBo70970307 Thanks, Brian! 🙂

@bodyisis @ajreinke Mentally unwell.

Guys, please report this child. https://t.co/MEcn3hZLUM

God sees all. https://t.co/odKzoIpX6s

@wroughtirony @OpGladio_B @AntoinetteKay22 😉 Special file.

God is my Father. I win. https://t.co/9XYv4pygHx

So sorry. https://t.co/lij34ke8Et

@USAF_KC97 @OpGladio_B Hey…you aren’t following me.

@PattyButts Yes.

RT @VinceDeMatta: Hey @Twitter @support you need to ban @AntoinetteKay22 for harassing @andieiamwhoiam

@USAF_KC97 @OpGladio_B Duh. Sorry.

@petraclark @twitter I am armed. Also, if that vile woman does call CPS they have her name.

It’s a service I offer. LOL! https://t.co/Yewr0yy1ug

Is this one the most insane? https://t.co/wLdJ8COHBY

Big, important people always threaten others on Twitter and use “u” in place of an actual word. https://t.co/dn33hrbKpd

Yes, feral, you will. You see, no one takes your crazy keister seriously. You will learn your place. https://t.co/s9sscomYI4

@JanisPruett1 @FreedomLight_ Jesus. I am so sorry.

They are all his mom. https://t.co/El8RQSkIUE

Guys, do me a favor and report each and every single one of this woman’s posts. https://t.co/CI1afD7W0x

She is not the brightest ornament on the Christmas Tree. https://t.co/t4V7CIL9M7

RT @JanisPruett1: @FreedomLight_ @andieiamwhoiam I believe that was their initiation into the Black Panthers back then, kill a police offi…

The world needs to see them. Leftist tolerance. https://t.co/wqstoulQ6j

Please report this. https://t.co/ezA2bVw5Gi

LOL! https://t.co/OnRM4J3xc2

RT @johngreentweet: @andieiamwhoiam This is worth fighting against. https://t.co/F4y06512di

RT @FreedomLight_: @JanisPruett1 @andieiamwhoiam My father worked at NM Reform School for boys. Many locked up for killing as a gang initia…

Please take a moment to report this account. SHARE. https://t.co/F4XgtIvmpN

@ceconomou56 @OpGladio_B @wroughtirony @AntoinetteKay22 She locked her account.

Thank you, my friend! I am in excellent company! https://t.co/NPZEmAXp1e

@ButISayUntoYou Thank you!

@JoseBabyBallin1 @OpGladio_B @wroughtirony @AntoinetteKay22 Not me. LOL!

RT @HWY301Troll: Done. Encourage all others to do the same. Get the fool locked up too if possible. https://t.co/WtdVpvQ1B8

@skiptrace_ @AntoinetteKay22 Is this her employer?

@lobobobcat Thank you.

These people really have zero impulse control. https://t.co/V6gL8ln5PE

Dude, I have 22K followers. You have, ahem…16. https://t.co/bQHplNWpN1

@grindercap xo

@DFUNK57 Thank you.

@RPGEndBoss It is actually a man.

@Darth_Jayne Hahaha!

@CameliaDitch She is cowardly after all. Thanks for trying.

@skiptrace_ @AntoinetteKay22 I don’t think it is.

@gantaro47 Yes. Her too, please.

@SentrySurv Can you please DM me?

English? https://t.co/wk1vn6itNa

Leftists stalked me. https://t.co/IhPNRTfvmT

RT @WR_Systems: Agreed @cspanwj cc @support “@andieiamwhoiam: Please take a moment to report this account. SHARE. https://t.co/U2ly07grO…

@Roger_Dorn_Clev @AntoinetteKay22 Yes she is.

RT @WDFx2EU1: Black Man Goes on EPIC Rant Against Ferguson Rioters; learn something @GeorgeSoros/@Deray/@BernieSander https://t.co/Mv0dOucu…

My degrees aren’t in English but I think I have mastered the use of the language. https://t.co/shDPlmuF6R

@gantaro47 No. Not at all.

This child is concerned about my education. https://t.co/pCPrjLEr0Q

Also calling Dallas Georgia Police Department. https://t.co/xtNZ1LWpc4

https://t.co/sdTFJBS5nC https://t.co/xtNZ1LWpc4

What else do you think you know about me, little girl? I am pretty fascinating. https://t.co/QM9W0TarYg

She knows what everyone else knows. Translation: she reads what leftsist stalkers write about me. I own her now. https://t.co/aMx6hiKNZ6

@rsbpeb 🙂

Is this feral threatening me? Please report. https://t.co/4oYAuyQaei

@CissyScum @AntoinetteKay22 Thank you.

The page. https://t.co/SBM0evDjjm

@lisashe59412707 @AntoinetteKay22 No. DM.

The city bus doesn’t come through here. https://t.co/jaPOuciU9A

Please report her threats here. https://t.co/sdTFJBS5nC https://t.co/2piqq14YtJ

She also said she would call CPS. Another leftist beat her to it. It is a felony in this state. https://t.co/8MR2aBwGzB

Ms. Kouris. Please see her timeline. https://t.co/BNxG4xW5MU

@CraigFrancis18 https://t.co/ezA2bVNH4S

This feral is a child. It’s past her bedtime. https://t.co/sAbsTIMZVm

@mojoe0419 @lisashe59412707 @AntoinetteKay22 Please just read @AntoinetteKay22 timeline.

Sadly, black oppression is born of black illegitimacy, which stands at 74%, closer to 90% in inner cities. https://t.co/cTKnhVuJRD

No. Blacks slavery begun by blacks, exploited by Muslims. https://t.co/q9WTQAeVHo

Seeing a pattern yet? https://t.co/2anMHKtou3

Molon Lab! https://t.co/Az514bGBQE

@TroyFDugo @LogannAriannaa lol

@L0nnyonline @IamDefLiva @Support It’s been that kind of day.

@LeftyLieBuster lol

I’m from the ghetto. There are no walls. Illegitimacy is the problem. 74%, 90% in inner cities. https://t.co/YUmu5U4W5H

@ProudAmrcnSon She hid.

She plotted deaths of police, planted dynamite under a police station. Made excuses her whole life. https://t.co/Iu6Pq6xes3

@adamsj7498 @tweet4upatriots @peddoc63 @RobinOCanada @PennyOCanada Good night, my friend.

@skiptrace_ @AntoinetteKay22 Thank you.

lol https://t.co/d32YG1vsEw

RT @FriendDewey: @LogannAriannaa @ivangarretx @IanTheGlo @andieiamwhoiam White privilege is an illusion to keep minorities from taking resp…

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @andieiamwhoiam Albany bus case: defendents INDICTED yesterday face additional arraignment today https://t.co/NWutKHhJUc

@rogerlherman Thank you! @logannariannaa

RT @grinduntilfajr: The irony of an ugly white bitch that looks dead, disrespecting the dead. https://t.co/ZZOnfvfUNn

RT @ohthatslickk: I fucking hate the racist scum that tweeted this. Tupacs mom was more important than your whole life. Die slow. https://t…

RT @SuphaFuture: White people been over doing their part since Rebakah gave birth to two nations https://t.co/ABVf9Zudlv

@Piquerish Yes it does.

@therealAbyss815 @ivangarretx BLACK slaves.

Ferals who lionize terrorist thugs who kill our nation’s police are the problem. https://t.co/3GBL8sPFNQ

You racist! You’re being white on purpose! You know how that triggers me! Stop it right now!

RT @polyannanot: @andieiamwhoiam just because you died does not make you a saint if it did HITLER would be an angel

RT @ben_petrie: @ShepherdTechno @Hriob_Zagel @andieiamwhoiam White knight social justice warrior alert!!!!!

These feral children are predictably vulgar. https://t.co/H4yWDgC8pY

The funny part is that it is white Social Justice Warriors who curse our whiteness and call us racists. https://t.co/67kITQIXKI

If you do not wish to receive police attention perhaps you should try not breaking our laws? https://t.co/JOugNyVNJn

Three black girls from #UAlbany indicted for race hoax after they attacked a white girl. Now fire President Jones. https://t.co/SguAagQw1g

#UAlbany These three girls were given a platform by the SCHOOL before facts came out. FIRE President Jones! https://t.co/SxvEGcCTUp

#UAlbany FIRE racist President Jones! https://t.co/2metlP1RVw

Double negative. LOL! The irony. https://t.co/vrU3Z5nF11

@bigbobster75 I did! Thanks, friend!

@KahnHaman Read my TL.

He NEEDS to be fired. He catered to black girl’s false narrative, racist assemblies because he believed the hoaxers https://t.co/twaVKkCwp5

#UAlbany Race hoax girls at their #DefendBlackGirls Rally and in their booking photos after their lies were exposed. https://t.co/rj1HDnWG3g

RT @MeliiTheEmpress: @KahnHaman @andieiamwhoiam no. He decided to believe lying idiots and showed how idiotic he was too. Not qualified to…

#UAlbany Racist black women lead rally after falsely accusing whites of attacking them. Lies flow easily. Indicted https://t.co/lQpu7cXAMg

That isn’t so. It is cultural decay, not color. https://t.co/8cmtciVbTX

RT @USAF_KC97: @KahnHaman @andieiamwhoiam Decisions have consequences. He made a decision to stoke race fires over a lie.

RT @KahnHaman: @MeliiTheEmpress @andieiamwhoiam SJWs are the modern version of the little guy who picks a fight and gets his big friend to…

RT @MrFin: @andieiamwhoiam @DrMartyFox BlackWivesMatter

@Right_of_centre We are armed. Thank you, my friend.

I have lost count of the Leftist hoaxes (LIES). Next is the artist who drew Trump who claimed she was attacked. https://t.co/bED8KEF8DI

#UAlbany Fire President Jones! https://t.co/KBEMl4aV4g

RT @bigbobster75: @andieiamwhoiam after Duke lacrosse there’s a lot of journalists and pundits that should no longer have a platform. Nancy…

#UAlbany hashtag trended when black girls claimed racially motivated violence.432K hits on google. Media now silent. https://t.co/6azEzt83Xq

#BlackLivesMatter is angry lesbians, betas in skinny jeans, fat kids in GuyFawkes masks, old hippies &10 black folks https://t.co/kaA3piD9kP

Black Lives Matter supports the lying black girls? https://t.co/OL1QROVHjK

LOL! Next is this woman…They just HAPPENED to see her on the street , yelled Trump 2016 !https://t.co/ggNFiiI4CZ https://t.co/rRH1D5u6RQ

His life was threatened. Other white students were threatened. Where is Barack? Is this his legacy? https://t.co/wRw0L8USWn

RT @operastar53: .@andieiamwhoiam racism that wears a dif shade they DONT acknowledge or talk about Got to b white to be racist .

RT @IPaidforThat: @FeliciaLee4Cruz @andieiamwhoiam This isa hate crime. If whites had done it they would have been thrown out school & thei…

RT @az_geezer: @andieiamwhoiam It’s all so trendy to be the victim racial oppression these days, everyone wants to get in the act.

Progressives wanted to have “that conversation about race”. It’s here on my timeline. Seems they really don’t want to, after all.

RT @Asjw9: @az_geezer @andieiamwhoiam The mainstay of sjw ideology is victimhood. Whaaa I’m oppressed give me money. Truly Sad & Pathetic.…

RT @JamesLewisMurr1: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/kaMuJVNXk8

Shame on these “police officers”. Does California not have laws? Do your JOB. Arrest these thugs! https://t.co/3xmQBtoS0k

It ends up with calls to my husband’s employer, CPS, slander, libel, photos of my family photoshopped to look dead.. https://t.co/CoiUKZHvMk

RT @Helen47: @andieiamwhoiam Progressives don’t want truth or reality. It hurts their lala-land worldview. “Do as I say-not as I do is thei…

RT @aemdee: @andieiamwhoiam @BLMUpstateNY From news reports they are saying think bus video was doctored. LOL. And girls were attacked firs…

RT @SnowMaylar: I will have it. As one of our Founding Fathers said. You are either American or you are not. No half American. https://t.co…

RT @BotchedLobotomy: @andieiamwhoiam And they win again. All that people will remember is the claim of racism. No one follows up to find ou…

RT @Birds_Quest: @andieiamwhoiam The progressives want to have that talk, but you keep throwing those pesky facts at them.

RT @dilloking: @andieiamwhoiam #Sonsofobozo #blackLIESMATTERverylittle https://t.co/xEzWyEdWNO

RT @jog724: @andieiamwhoiam California’s laws are highly subjective, depending on your political persuasion–see “Sanctuary Cities”.

They just HAPPENED to see her on her way to the store, recognized her, attacked, yelled “Trump 2016” and fled? No. https://t.co/wyBR1hnVSr

RT @TimCon57: @ben_petrie @andieiamwhoiam Asses like Ayers can only exist in a tolerant republic. In his heyday, Soviets would have buried…

No. She didn’t have the painting. I guess their timing was impeccable. Eh? https://t.co/gDHrd5CkLA

Way too convenient. She is claiming someone deliberately targeted her because she did a painting. It doesn’t add up https://t.co/wyBR1hnVSr

Then the city failed. That female officer was tiny. What were they thinking? https://t.co/33VFjiFbfu

One thing we know for sure. LEFTISTS LIE. https://t.co/GBAO91JF1c

It is a small percentage of the population, 3%, which is 25% of black population. Wait. That’s a lot. LOL! https://t.co/ptXxLxPwQr

@Mwillia28329706 Or peed her BDUs.

RT @Asjw9: @andieiamwhoiam Agreed https://t.co/Rbac8qszdg

What if Donald Trump chose Ted Cruz as running mate? Though I would like to see Ben Carson as well.

#UAlbany #BlackLivesMatter This is from a Follower who does not wish to be identified, for fear of Leftist.. https://t.co/sgNyCy36aR

@justinpgdr The leftists have already vetted me. LOL!

RT @petraclark: @andieiamwhoiam THIS is a big part of the problem. https://t.co/0ar98F5cBb

RT @AlexsaurusZilla: @andieiamwhoiam I made a similar suggestion before as well. Stop childishly fighting and gang up on Bernie/Hillary.

RT @NYGoingBlue: This has gotten so out of hand and no comments from the W.H. unless it was in reverse! Shameful~ https://t.co/fnyTspeCtH

How do you know it’s because they are black? I don’t understand? https://t.co/2WofMCeERW

A courtesy to my detractors…When you harass my husband’s employer, hitting *67 before you dial doesn’t hide your phone number.

@TurtleIceskater Many have. Yes. However, these are excellent students. I do get your point.

“Accomplishments” such as making dean’s list, perfect attendance, and for achievements in activism and sports.” https://t.co/2WofMCeERW

He chose Morehouse because he would be more comfortable there. All black male school. They have NO accomplishments https://t.co/2WofMCeERW

@SnowMaylar @TurtleIceskater No. Their accomplishments are nothing. I just read.

That is NO EXCUSE, bigot! https://t.co/ynyeUu2ghf

@TurtleIceskater Likely #BlackLivesMater thuggery.

@Augustus1683AD @TurtleIceskater They weren’t even mentioned.

RT @punchinello2K16: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/cAv5EVKrLS

Follower posted this… #BlackWivesMatter. He couldn’t BE more right! Black illegitimacy is the core of black “oppression”, poverty, crime.

They were willing to have the white students expelled, arrested and threatened. Fuck those ferals. https://t.co/EgVf6Mez2f

How much time do you have? LOL! https://t.co/ADALFrOTMC

It’s how they are, my friend. https://t.co/zOqV7GfFb0

RT @PonziRegulation: Top NY Dem Sheldon Silver gets 12 Yrs for corruption – Unfortunately won’t be able to share cell w crony #Hillary htt…

RT @petraclark: @TERRYinTROY @andieiamwhoiam Harassing the employer of the guy who isn’t on social media? That makes sense.

@truenorth_eh That’s the spirit!

RT @ZaunerZauner: @andieiamwhoiam @ThomasPKennedy3 they should get whatever sentence the person would have gotten if that really happened

RT @DoneReasoning: May I interest you in a breakdown of a perspective from down on the ground made in a bad accent? @andieiamwhoiam https:/…

RT @dgsolidman: @SandraTEXN Sets Target up for responsibility & liability if something does happen- puts them on notice.👍👍

RT @txlady706: @ThomasPKennedy3 @andieiamwhoiam entitled society of the generational victimhood is creating a massive army of people demand…

@Tlore50 Thank you. xo

RT @txlady706: @ThomasPKennedy3 @andieiamwhoiam destroying lives – these girls R maneaters

These women claimed the white girl attacked them and white boys held them back, defenseless. They hate white people https://t.co/TY1QCcJyqA

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackWIVESMatter Illegitimacy is the core of poverty, instability and crime. https://t.co/lp7zMKWhf5

This can’t be true? https://t.co/4G7h7Dwh8x

RT @truenorth_eh: @andieiamwhoiam yep! It’s the core of poverty in general. Two parent families always do better. Just a proven stastical f…

@bigbobster75 lol

@jmcfadden @truenorth_eh lololol

I took pity on the feral because no one retweeted her detritus. https://t.co/XjjM0NWPmS

They thought they were anonymous. Several have fake accounts here on Twitter, thinking they are anonymous. https://t.co/L1YATDeYPV

@Aussiewill2 @Bidenshairplugs I was referring to my fellow conservatives allowing Hillary in.

RT @Rooven1: @benshapiro @realDailyWire @andieiamwhoiam @Nero @cnni @MSNBC @FoxNews @megynkelly #truth https://t.co/6Fg7FDMZ2C

@Rooven1 Shared. How did you post this in large font?

They cried and read poetry while #BlackLivesMatter thugs terrorized other students. https://t.co/VkVohgNbSy

Now that we learned the women LIED, will Hillary eat her words? https://t.co/ktydLsswwd

Epic! When will we see a President Clarke? https://t.co/BjLtRyKZOQ

“We stand here with strength because we value our worth as black women and as human beings in general.” #UAlbany https://t.co/j2Ol6jm7ml

RT @ThomasPKennedy3: @txlady706 @andieiamwhoiam These dirtbag’s lawyer actually called their arrests a “public lynching”! Remember these 3…

Rest In Peace. WE have not forgotten you. https://t.co/yvSC7aUi4e

This feral>>>https://t.co/u1dEdEqg1K<<&lt; is a teacher at #UAlbany. See her banner? She still supports the Race Hoaxers who were arrested.

Do facts offend you, Buttercup? This is not the safe space you seek. https://t.co/JoKbXx7b1R

I saw that. https://t.co/6ORlApF2IS

Cameras are our saviors in the face of Leftist lies. They exonerate police over and over and over again. https://t.co/WnEIyHHXbK

The snowflake is triggered. Or is she merely virtue signaling? https://t.co/1bZJBHu5uV

#UAlbany Read Asha Burwell’s lies here. Race Hoax. https://t.co/zDdPRq4AjI https://t.co/2ytvDlbe2n

They are now claiming the footage is edited. No kidding. https://t.co/HxOOwqmpZM

Quite simply, criminals do not like to be caught, hence their hatred of police. https://t.co/xURTxkA7Mj

#UAlbany Race Hoax Threat to white student from Asha Burwell’s NFL brother, Tyreek. https://t.co/liIDCPB4Ye

If facts offend you so much, I would suggest a safe space, far away from my timeline, Twinkie. https://t.co/oD2qLWWPCm

RT @KyGrifter: @andieiamwhoiam I’ll just leave this right here. https://t.co/IYsFCG6uH0

President Jones of #UAlbany needs to step down. He is a racist with very poor judgement. https://t.co/jbJr5qeEWM

RT @MsClitoris: @andieiamwhoiam UofAlbany is about to have attendance levels of #Mizzou and their idiots.

The teachers there are already telling students that the girls did it because they were traumatized from REAL racism https://t.co/da8ydJdbLD

Hillary just proved her judgement is flawed. She did not wait for facts before politicizing Black Racist Hoax. https://t.co/ktydLsswwd

Lots of paperwork, though. Every attorney and their brother wants footage. Expensive, time consuming. https://t.co/K9VLn90XRF

RT @Asjw9: @andieiamwhoiam This is one of the root causes of the spread of sjw BS lib left professors…

I was quoting the Racist Hoaxer, who cried at the vigil for “Black Girl Justice”, though they lied about attack. https://t.co/7CRWWmIZh4

I posted photos of black woman who lied about being attacked by white males. THEY made it about color. Nitwit https://t.co/BUnkyksm2k

Twitter narcissism and her penchant for racism and lies just sent this #BlackLivesMatter terrorist to jail. https://t.co/b0RCDJUvyS

Leftists can justify anything. Just watch. They are already claiming trauma from prior racism. https://t.co/ozGxbV3taH

Police work can be ugly. It sometimes REQUIRES violence that laypeople cannot understand. https://t.co/RpgPSzid1K

@Rob_McTavish @ThomasPKennedy3 What do you think?

The entire student body was forced to undergo “sensitivity training” by racist black instructors based on HOAX. https://t.co/XdFo4yUXOl

#UAlbay HOAX. https://t.co/zS8Y969Jft

One of the victims of the criminal black girls at #UAlbany Race Hoax. https://t.co/zS8Y969Jft

RT @Ohmaar1: And that brings up a whole new risk to LE: “Sorry, my camera was broken” will never fly in any courtroom. @andieiamwhoiam @Agu…

RT @Agua61: @Ohmaar1 @andieiamwhoiam Cops are the best documenting group in the world. Somebody can check and log them daily.

RT @Asjw9: @andieiamwhoiam The three should have to pay the expence of this useless training…

RT @ThomasPKennedy3: @andieiamwhoiam You can see from UAlbany’s chief email they with Albany PD were right on it. Another Burwell lie! http…

RT @Augustus1683AD: Lied about being attacked on bus School held rally lolz EXPEL THEM NOW! #UAlbany https://t.co/PSTXNoGlaf

I have never seen ONE of the Left’s so-called racial incidents that actually occurred. https://t.co/hFUfN4U7rE

RT @dilloking: @KyGrifter @andieiamwhoiam @BreitbartNews #blackLIESMATTERverylittle #AMERICAisUS Time 2take out the trash America https://…

RT @greencane654: @andieiamwhoiam Our young smart conservative students need to stand their ground , learn to say NO. Fight P.C B.S

THE WRATH OF THE AWAKENED SAXONby Rudyard KiplingIt was not part of their blood,It came to them very late,With.. https://t.co/CBCmTMh4yW

RT @808alohadeals: @Barackoboehner @ThomasPKennedy3 @andieiamwhoiam Personally, I believe BLM sends out hoaxers every time they losing medi…

This is a brave girl, here. https://t.co/pnU1kXSQad

RT @chuckwoolery: Cruz drops out. So I had my head handed to me tonight. I’m not alone. So it’s time to get behind Trump. And that I will d…

RT @iIIuminations: @andieiamwhoiam @sennypede first of all the girls CANT make racist comments – they’re black

RT @Sniper1T: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/gMqjuKxZk1

RT @808alohadeals: @andieiamwhoiam @ThomasPKennedy3 Past 15 years, 87 school administrator/related jobs added daily. Control the school, co…

Not 100%. The law is determined from the point of view of the officer but camera cannot cover all he sees. https://t.co/j3Xcp7gwkX

#Irony, thy name is Leftist. https://t.co/zoEoHLAbqn

RT @Sniper1T: @andieiamwhoiam It’s like these three that want to keep the country divided.

RT @RepatriateAmeri: @dilloking @andieiamwhoiam @KyGrifter @BreitbartNews Tell that to those who want to persecute global warming deniers

She supports #UAlbany race hoaxers. https://t.co/RLeyV1h4WF

RT @Ohmaar1: LOL!! Ask any cop you know if they’ve ever had equipment let them down. Be ready to buy more than a few beers. Agua61 @andiei…

RT @rmefford23: @andieiamwhoiam @johnny_nimble @Agua61 Thank you sis! Officers are given guns and bullets when the leave the academy…….

RT @808alohadeals: @andieiamwhoiam @ThomasPKennedy3 Universities used to fight for the top professors… you don’t really see that anymore.

RT @myrnabob1: @Sniper1T @andieiamwhoiam they base blm on a lie. smh. Facts r facts. Not racist, just truth. 👍

File it under “activism”. https://t.co/1CpLzvkgbL

LOL! A+ https://t.co/tfbTYgORgU

PROOF that liberalism is a mental disorder. https://t.co/mn5lXaSJdh

Only 26% of black children have married parents. Leftists removed loving fathers and replaced them with inept government. #BlackWIVESMatter

RT @Skeetertwo: @808alohadeals @melanieusn1979 @andieiamwhoiam @ThomasPKennedy3 Saw it @my Alma Mater;200 Left professors stopped Condoleez…

She plotted the murder of police. But she did it with love. https://t.co/Fnk1JhETR9

70% of whites born within confines of marriage. Studies show children of two parents fare better. https://t.co/nVSQti4wlG

Brilliant observation! BRILLIANT! https://t.co/JU8VkT1nHp

Their LIVES matter. That means their upbringing, nurturing, love discipline. Not just death due to lack thereof. https://t.co/SOtEqMLeHm

The majority of criminals come from single parent homes. https://t.co/8ploxgK0jR

That is just not so. Children from two parent homes, of all races, fare better. https://t.co/Znx0rb5dec

More whites were lynched than blacks. Lynching was a form of frontier justice sans police, court presence. https://t.co/cLzi1vMhM0

They have fathers, as a rule. https://t.co/RfcIhp3UH8

The Welfare State subsidizes irresponsible breeding. https://t.co/nsfTNpxqQi

In America between 1882 &1968 there were three recognized legitimate sources for lynching data:None included RACE. https://t.co/3QzP1UkGW2

Incorrect. Blacks commit 53% of homicides and over 70% of gun crimes. https://t.co/9hK8gi0X6N

LOL! https://t.co/2CmAvn70kM

Emmett Till was lynched because he molested a woman. His father was hanged by the Army for rape. Not that I agree. https://t.co/3ejdaYoHAz

Claimed they were attacked due to race but it is THEY who attacked a white woman. https://t.co/tC7IruFbeO

Prior to the Welfare State blacks had higher rates of marriage than whites. https://t.co/OaNgjuf9us

RT @flatcat65: @andieiamwhoiam A child’s best chance in life is to be raised with a mother and father in the same house.

No. Blacks commit the bulk of mass shootings. https://t.co/zSoCqdFGU9

We know. Then you would be Trayvonned. https://t.co/pRZ3qEReQ7

“Hear”. I only post factual data. This is not the safe space you seek. https://t.co/alPYO2MEOL

If you don’t like the data, then work to change it. https://t.co/9Kmbco1vBp

It is a TRAGEDY that you do not know how many innocent black children are killed EVERY DAY by blacks. https://t.co/DruymW1QN6

Wait. The topic is black crime. Native Americans were technically killed BEFORE we were America. https://t.co/2WqHUJwMHU

From what I understand, he did more than that. We will never know. https://t.co/jZyFK9hYUz

Data has no emotion. Zero. https://t.co/jm0Qm0xtDE

They would buy you cake, pie and ice cream. Then you would all sit around singing folk songs. https://t.co/I5ATm6ZxqP

First, blacks commit 53% of ALL homicides. Second, it is NOT a contest or a game. https://t.co/HH8GHE0zvP

@USAF_KC97 @Fahey9Fahey @Jake_Herington LOL!

IF you were concerned, you would dedicate yourself to research, as I have. https://t.co/HH8GHE0zvP

I am half Cherokee. I live in the NOW. https://t.co/UwSpw8X63j

I never mentioned Black on Black crime, feral. Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. I guess their lives don’t matter. https://t.co/3wQjg0ZD7G

Per her bio, she loves a “nigga spirit”. Something tells me she isn’t interested in facts, or she would KNOW. https://t.co/3wQjg0ZD7G

@nbf54321 You missed the point.

@Chuck_U_Farlee Can he help me find someone harassing my family? Willing to pay!

@Chuck_U_Farlee I will donate to police fund of your choice.

Bring this wretched thug to justice! !JUSTICE FOR CHANCE CHRISTMAS- MAXIMUM SENTENCE FOR ABUSER https://t.co/zb6YdThRVX

Which are subsidized by the taxpayer. https://t.co/RC3eDFAuk8

RT @ajreinke: @andieiamwhoiam @twitter @Support if this isn’t targeted harassment, what is it according to your policy? https://t.co/ug5lLQ…

These people are disgusting. https://t.co/iYq7QrH8zG

These thugs give police a bad name. https://t.co/Ns4w8J8GxS

Barack should be charged in the deaths of all police killed by “his people” while he was President. (If you can call Barack a President).

No one. The inner city, tax subsidized matriarchy raises emotion-led children who cannot be physically controlled. https://t.co/to0b1aZbHt

@AnnKirsch1 @Ransoms_Note You need to get out more. LOL!

NOTHING replaces a loving father in the home whose commitment of marriage reflects on his entire family. https://t.co/w5mjeS4vJz

Lynching Facts: In America between 1882 and 1968 there were three recognized legitimate sources for lynching.. https://t.co/AqjAnGcyfW

Lynching was punishment for crime on the frontier. Absent formal authority, both blacks and whites were lynched. https://t.co/6NrGifpRRC

90% of inner city blacks are illegitimate, Their father is the government. Outcomes are a keen reflection of the incompetence of government.

@spacecadetniko @jimmyjokcmo lol

@TurtleIceskater @Mwillia28329706 Try Henry Hazlitt “Economics In One Lesson.”

@TurtleIceskater @Mwillia28329706 Dr. Sowell is the best. Walter Wiliams, Hernando DeSoto andLawrence Reed too.

@ladyjanekane1 Thus far, no.

@unaccounted_4 @nbf54321 No. But some day.

@mlivengood1 I am not in disagreement.

RT @slippery_sloper: @jimmyjokcmo @andieiamwhoiam Oh stop. Detroit is doing fine. The lowest grad. % in the country has zero to do with h…

WHERE is the media now? https://t.co/hiVUnOxVMW

@melaradford FBI data. https://t.co/cH5yonzmza

12 year old white boy tortured, murdered by black woman but he wasn’t a thug like Trayvon, so we don’t know his name https://t.co/LDQBlUNyVN

I love to see their tears. Check out #UAlbany for more posts of their lies. https://t.co/3Tr09D2JqC

RT @ElaineInMD: @andieiamwhoiam Same week as Trayvon, off-duty Balto cop chased &suffocated a teen who threw rocks at his house. Was so qu…

Tragic images of how addiction affects people physically. It really takes a toll. https://t.co/lB3jBOJL0s

Unlike Trayvon, this was a child & TRUE victim. Trayvon was a political ploy that reflects on Barack’s divisiveness. https://t.co/NGn5tel5CV

Are you getting this now, friends? You are being lied to. https://t.co/WxZeCTFcd9

RT @csa4_ever: @andieiamwhoiam I would NEVER call the NAACP “legitimate”. Their agenda makes them bigoted and I would not trust their count.

Barack went to Harvard. Affirmative Action dirties the waters. https://t.co/jOofXOGM8Y

RT @MissMandi00: If it doesn’t matter, Killary should be okay with this! #HillaryForPrison #OhHillNo #NotWithHer https://t.co/JJxFm0zlUy

This little boy was BURNED ALIVE WITH A BLOW TORCH by a black woman but liberals cry& lie about that thug, Trayvon. https://t.co/iWnhmi9ZlQ

Barack is a Circus barker. He isn’t very bright. https://t.co/5oYGjuUR7Y

@colinflaherty is at the forefront of education and information on this topic. https://t.co/4ecpv1Raz5

@Chuck_U_Farlee Thank you. They are the original creepers who posted private information. I want to see them fall. Need it for lawyer.

That’s a good thing, unless they are Leftists, then they attack my family. https://t.co/RD62F0643o

@Chuck_U_Farlee Also, one bragged about calling police the same day CPS was called. We can have them punished.

Ahahahahahahahaha! https://t.co/RREiEVwMzd

RT @Ricky_Vaughn99: STUMPED BY TRUMP NOW A CHUMP https://t.co/Qxco6PZap6

RT @DBTheChristian: I’m sure he’s not the only one. @HillaryClinton thanks for compromising the USA. 😠#ccot https://t.co/QFE5MuHk2i http…

Let Darwin have this one. https://t.co/cNW5cxi8X7

RT @towerclimber37: @true198 @Leaha_Luv @andieiamwhoiam I think that’s the most infuriating part. They’re thieves. They steal kindness.

Discovering that the majority of those harassing my family are junkies. Of COURSE they support drug addled Barack. https://t.co/JwPVgn5q2o

Bwahahahahahahaahha! *breathes Bwahahahahahahahaa! Her nitwittery is hysterical! https://t.co/io4KwHMeNY

Great article on correlation between single mothers and crime. https://t.co/jwR3p6eURs

@Gumlegs I have seen this. Thank you. I shared.

Think you can trust the media? I woke up after the Trayvon debacle. https://t.co/ammERAVIOn

Statistically, children of single parents commit more crime. https://t.co/FEXf5Moi5A

Husband calls them Crazy Bag Ladies With Smart Phones. Pre-internet they stumbled around town mumbling obscenities. https://t.co/A8w7vS4dXn

LOVED her. https://t.co/b3yzP5gQjI

RT @cristinalaila1: #NeverHillary because look what Merkel did to Germany. We don’t want an American Merkel bringing in #Rapefugees https:/…

@bengal_coach @metal_maiden_uk @MissDoozy @ikerepublican @HillaryClinton LOVE!

RT @fedupwithpccrap: https://t.co/Q5iQlxJtq6

How about the victims of the black girl’s race hoax? https://t.co/UNxBQUPPjn

Am I the only one thinking “get your feet off that desk”? https://t.co/X2TSm7pUll

I see now. They allowed the wretched race hoaxers to complete their classes before they were indicted. https://t.co/mNvIlRnLsv

Thank you, Mike, for being the ONLY news source to post this story on Twitter. https://t.co/xoE6he22sZ

RT @AlanBayer2: 😂 #UAlbanyHoax #UAlbany #BlackLivesMatter #MillionStudentMarch #BlackOnCampus #BlackTwitter #ConcernedStudent1950 https://t…

Well, Johnny, I identify as a protected species. As a member, I cannot technically offend anyone. https://t.co/vUufBDZKEP

RT @NJ_Joe_14: @MuslimMahamat @andieiamwhoiam OK-let me address your meme: a total disaster for the USA-socialism-Sanders no thx ! https:/…

@richardgjsumner That is very big of you. Thank you.

Trotskyism, just like the term “Racist”. It is devoid of true meaning and designed to shut down speech. https://t.co/0pFTpOohgL

@BiffitM Thank you. 🙂

@StanO360 @Jake_Herington I agree 100%.

@mkt15633 Trump is the nominee. I will vote for him. Hillary is a mangey dog.

RT @DailyMail: 3 NY college students are indicted for ‘faking race hate attack’ which sparked protests https://t.co/xPW7hgtQAq

Police did not attack, she fled! Their lights are obviously ON. Comply! I am going to get the whole story. BRB. https://t.co/4FQsu1P1ED

Okay. Whole story. She saw police, was angry, refused to comply, drove OFF and fought with police. Blames police. https://t.co/4FQsu1P1ED

Yes. LOL! They claim that prior incidents of racism caused them to commit this crime, as they were scarred. https://t.co/Jc1cRUwnkb

RT @michillbilly: @andieiamwhoiam @noah_simon1 no but Obama with his feet on the JFK desk in the WH is why r “leaders” need to realize they…

@ARShitlord2 No. I just googled the nitwit’s name and got bits and pieces. Look on Youtube.

Is it a crime for police to laugh now? https://t.co/EsBVKrwGHy

@LisaPizza9 @TroyFd518 @DailyMail lol

She sure showed YOU! https://t.co/i17xAt2Hhd

They laugh because the obviously enjoy their work. Geesh! Liberals are never happy. https://t.co/yNsniwP8Xs

Then we will have Hillary. https://t.co/5p1XH66Qld

She was originally charged with attempted murder for driving off while the officer was leaning in the vehicle. https://t.co/Z8JtrfNidg

Hillary is Benghazi. You are voting for Benghazi then, Laura. I am a Libertarian. I get it. But it won’t work. https://t.co/sqXFItul9r

Ever noticed the Hillary crowd is batshit crazy? https://t.co/EVuSzrAcJo

I am not a liberal. Refrain from the condescension, please. https://t.co/9O5cOvfJr9

Goodbye, America! Whatever! https://t.co/cOJuGL0V9u

GREAT job, Chicago Police! She eventually complied. Hope you weren’t hurt too badly by her recklessness! https://t.co/GVehgrpsD4

Data cannot possibly be racist, child. https://t.co/fILXLAb3Yh

It’s not like he has an internet connection wherein he can google FBI data. https://t.co/8ZTURAlZ39

Refute it, little lady. https://t.co/gdw94ANK8C

No. You aren’t. https://t.co/NaUZdy3Znv

Facts offend you, my effeminate friend? Do you need a safe space? https://t.co/ou0q33WUhR

RT @deloureiro: I’ve been reading the Twitter feed of @andieiamwhoiam…. That is one angry woman. Stay at home mom? Good luck kids…

It’s tribal. Isn’t it? https://t.co/WzSRFl8Erp

No, by all accounts, Trayvon was a righteous shoot. https://t.co/0okkdBxb5j

Zimmerman was a damn good shot. Trayvon will never attack anyone ever again. https://t.co/9ggVlJRqgB

Science, forensics, ear and eye witnesses can get you further. https://t.co/NdVE3gTV7A

RT @BiffitM: @andieiamwhoiam @deloureiro Apparently, “hate” and “vitriol” are her way of spelling “facts”…

Violent predator. https://t.co/Bf9V5Z2oZ8

Which would NEVER have made national news. https://t.co/etUttwLiEu

You’re not just whistlin’ Dixie, Bub. https://t.co/LT52BZUmuo

Actually, homeschool students outscore their public school counterparts in every arena. https://t.co/HjEQw6OFIT

Friends, please pray for these people. The fires are encroaching on their property. Please SHARE https://t.co/xTV55XaCEU

@drumhellor lol

Actually, that has been refuted. Homeschool students can relate to all age groups and are more polite. https://t.co/nBYOcw1Qm4

RT @Chuck_U_Farlee: @andieiamwhoiam My homeschooled son Adam has an MBA and other degrees with 3.8 GPA and is a LT in the USAR.

Homeschool students do play sports. https://t.co/tv1WvJNkSh

No, thank you. https://t.co/zaiTyxVlZJ

Hello, I am calling because someone made me mad on Twitter. Um,well, she posted data and it seems racist. LOLOLOL! https://t.co/QeVnE472Ij

What part of the college curriculum is that? https://t.co/IGTdkDdWdo

@eff_dblu_ell I was a cheerleader all though school and I regret it. Gymnastics took its toll on my joints. LOL!

Church, homeschool groups, Heritage Girls is a good one too. https://t.co/OQDB4M9lTd

Exactly. 😉 https://t.co/nAkHQrhiYI

@edwardkyle123 I have read the Bell Curve. Have you? What is your opinion?

Actually, meeting homeschool kids was a BIG reason we decided to homeschool. https://t.co/BDoW6BWI2i

Imagine that. https://t.co/iSrHD8kJNq

RT @ramfan1518: @warrior_western @andieiamwhoiam @RepMarciaFudge then they want to inspect your house. Telling you how to raise kids https:…

Didn’t you spray for them? https://t.co/nKVrc7cgm1

In a word, feral. https://t.co/35VBilOZWv

Education is not a competitive sport. https://t.co/35VBilOZWv

@eff_dblu_ell I will pray for your joints. LOL!

I beg to differ. https://t.co/oMGo3T2VgT

Should be a crime. LOL! https://t.co/aC7Hkwt41d

RT @JohnMascaro: This is timely considering today, 5/4, is birthday of Horace Mann, who said “state is the father of children” 1/2 https://…

I think many do have such skills. https://t.co/gt25nFjFyD

@stule Blessed to do so. I am learning French too! It benefits us all.

Yes. They can interact with smaller children as well as adults, even groups. Lots of self confidence. https://t.co/VEaUXyZpYx

Congratulations! Was he homeschooled all the way through high school? https://t.co/dDZLtF7KjE

RT @ElElyonsFriend: Society & business has no place where “everyone’s age is within 12 months of all others!” So, schools are abnormal. htt…

The majority of those harassing my family THINK they are anonymous. It’s coming to an end. https://t.co/vpfRjifTuQ

@NickElson20 @RepMarciaFudge I apologize. I misunderstood.

RT @Ohmaar1: My local university has programs specifically tailored to attract homeschool students 1/2 @NickElson20 @andieiamwhoiam @RepMar…

This guy is soliciting the attention of strangers. Feel free to engage. https://t.co/F3THCGoHUH

RT @jones_mahoney: @eff_dblu_ell @andieiamwhoiam actually in our town the schools have quit playing against the homeschoolers because we do…

RT @BrianMora_USA: @andieiamwhoiam #InMemoryOfWernerFoerster #EOW02May1973 #RIPTrooperFoerster #NJSP #NewJerseyStatePolice #MurderedStateT…

RT @idontlikeanyon1: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/VugUQMBkyx

@Tomfreeusa Thanks. Some people start out with homeschool then send kids to high school. Our child is ahead, though.

@Tomfreeusa Thanks. It’s nice to get insight from other parents.

#PoutRage https://t.co/W8iZImK0e2

Please pray for these people, their pets, wildlife. Please share. https://t.co/CiOUJKCpNG

@FinalBattleMTL @Right_of_centre Please let me know if I can help. Is there a GoFundMe or a place to send toiletries, etc?

@FinalBattleMTL @Right_of_centre I will make a donation now. This is horrible.

@FinalBattleMTL @Right_of_centre I wish I could do more.

Red Cross Canada looking for donations for victims of Fort McMurray fire. Maybe you can help? Maybe you can ReTweet?https://t.co/AYcxmtfbGM

Rest in Peace, Sir. https://t.co/X3FzK4IlzZ

They call my husband’s employer regularly, coworkers, even CPS. One has come to my town, called friends, news, etc. https://t.co/COCz8uHa4X

RT @edwardkyle123: @andieiamwhoiam I wonder if he felt that his service was in vain? Did he fight only to see his nation destroyed by SJWs…

RT @SupermanThe: @LogannAriannaa @andieiamwhoiam grow up. Walking while black isn’t a crime. Being a thug who doesn’t listen to police is a…

@Right_of_centre @FinalBattleMTL I just donated but PLEASE let me know if I can send anything.

@_LordMC_ Horrible. I am so sorry. I am praying.

RT @rlr222015: @NickElson20 @andieiamwhoiam @RepMarciaFudge Homeschooled our three. Then all college grads. 1 magma cum laude, 2 summa cum…

Really NOT wise to stand in the middle of the street. This could have been avoided. https://t.co/nASDFvEDVi

RT @OmShanx: @andieiamwhoiam Text REDCROSS to 30333 to make a $5 donation.

Friends, if you want to help the victims of the Fort McMurray fire you can text REDCROSS to 30333 to make a $5 donation. Please ReTweet!

@FinalBattleMTL @Right_of_centre Near Chicago.

Please pray, donate, share. https://t.co/dZ47oAI303

No worries. https://t.co/UVDR9H7U94

Look what you are talking to. A guy dressed as the Sugarplum Fairy. https://t.co/8dZ0BjmhJR

@jasper_pirate @SupermanThe @cafariswheel @IanTheGlo No.

Report this feral, please. https://t.co/aA1f7FqgGK

RT @BillinWV: @qdrank77pints @andieiamwhoiam @RepMarciaFudge 18 Ridiculously Successful Home-School Alums https://t.co/81j5XIygkh # via @Hu…

Pity her. Read her TL. She is a lonely outcast. Pray she finds friends. https://t.co/7AcYGHRkNn

@jackeduponwine Thanks

Pray for this child. https://t.co/FUKFwOcrta

RT @col_nj: It Takes a Special Kind of EVIL to Be Capable of Threatening RAPE VICTIMS #NeverHillary https://t.co/uJVI0arBH1

@ajreinke Broken, deranged people.

@BarbaraDeStasio No one is. 🙂

That’s awesome! https://t.co/UK8OzjtQ7b

I am a very patient woman. I am also very persistent. Those who have harassed my family can count on being shown their place. I promise.

RT @DBTheChristian: I pray this doesn’t happen,but I think it’s inevitable. Stay safe West Coast. God Bless. https://t.co/plu3nFG0Ae ht…

@FinalBattleMTL @Right_of_centre I will send clothes and blankets too. Good idea.

@bill_sketch @jackeduponwine No. Not her! She’s one of us. It’s Vilevillainess

https://t.co/NIaScUjxkC https://t.co/Bkkli4cdA0

@FinalBattleMTL @Right_of_centre I feel so helpless. Don’t you?

Report this please… https://t.co/s9sscomYI4

Report this please. https://t.co/ezA2bVw5Gi

@FinalBattleMTL @Right_of_centre Praying, my friend.

@bill_sketch @sturmhammer @jackeduponwine LOLOLOL!

@bill_sketch @jackeduponwine LOL!

They wonder why civilized people shun them. https://t.co/KylGbfoG2A

@BarbaraDeStasio Tomorrow is your turn. LOL!

@kimmatt65 @Storify I appreciate it. Thanks. Please pray justice hurries UP! 🙂

@ChristianLabor1 Thank you, Shane.

@sturmhammer @bill_sketch @jackeduponwine You’re a genius!

@Sniper1T @SupermanThe @LogannAriannaa @ivangarretx @IanTheGlo @cafariswheel Thank you.

@Right_of_centre Just click on the gear icon and it will walk you through it, please.

Can you think of another place to donate? https://t.co/sVlwTicx3B

@VegasHardgainer Thanks, Steve.

@25DegNorth @jjmfry Be safe. Please let me know if I can help.

RT @Crimsonmile: @andieiamwhoiam The best charity org out there is @SalvationArmyUS . Their stats are damn impressive.

@Crimsonmile @SalvationArmyUS We ring the bell for them at Christmas. It was abad year this past year.

I love palindromes! https://t.co/kxEMvDPAyY

@8fa2fb9e9ce3425 🙂

RT @TomHerring3: @gofundme @andieiamwhoiam Here’s a way to contribute directly to the Fort McMurra Fire Childs Fund. Zero overhead.

@katjacustodio @WhitestRabbit_ https://t.co/txtqxOysrB

@horseneverlies Praying.

RT @amrightnow: #realdonaldtrump Sad but ture The closing of Wisconsin Steel https://t.co/rW5WkLqmdn #maga #Wisconsin #tcot #1A #2 https:/…

Pray for this officer, forced to kill Laquan McDonald, a dangerous, armed man on drugs. https://t.co/MrjxaofZgu

See how wretched Leftists are? https://t.co/RvYGkLAOP4

RT @JobianKenobi: @andieiamwhoiam @SupermanThe SJW=Marxist cult. Asian supporter accidentally sabotaged entire movement: https://t.co/drI7t…

RT @Wolfiemann: @Leaha_Luv @andieiamwhoiam What is racist about pointing out lies of black women who blamed white people for an attack that…

RT @dafactsjack: @Leaha_Luv @Makcum_Kelso @andieiamwhoiam should lock up anyone who uses the word RACIST im sick and tired of the cavalier…

RT @sbhouston60: #CrookedHillary @Chairmnoomowmow @Jonley_Grin @gwfrazee @SherriBergan @andieiamwhoiam @BlissTabitha @wcwinc @vma182b https…

#Hillary Who would put this affirmative action wretch in charge of our military? OTHER affirmative action wretches! https://t.co/0wK45Bivqo

RT @UnRealNateStorm: @andieiamwhoiam Our enemies are waiting for us to foolishly elect #HillaryClinton None of the regimes we currently fig…

RT @1stAmendmentK9: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/BUk55iXvYn

@BradArscott @GaetaSusan Well, Nancy, this is MY timeline.

They are the reason these thugs exist. https://t.co/IQWuJtnNLJ

RT @TheDailySlurp: How Does it feel @NFL to have influenced all those cops killings because of ur halftime bitch? @andieiamwhoiam https://t…

GREAT Momming! https://t.co/I67cvq356W

text REDCROSS to 30333 to make a $5 donation. https://t.co/BJfJjd2Ihf

Chicago Police Officer, Jason Van Dyke, forced to kill armed degenerate Laquan McDonald. WE support you! Prayers! https://t.co/aW5XFFgqfN

RT @michaelkeyes: #neverhillary https://t.co/rqqnf9Zi0c

@80suburbia Thanks. So is yours. Pretty eyes. My hair is crimped.

RT @Asjw9: @michaelkeyes @andieiamwhoiam Agreed 1000% Killery should be indicted for High Treason… @HillaryClinton https://t.co/3sfEoGLuOE

Legacy of Affirmative Action: Lady, you may have scored the highest in your Medical School class but I will take the Asian male to be safe.

I submit this guy’s bio and timeline as to the behaviors I do not want my child to emulate. https://t.co/PsN3fkREus

@miketb2058 I got a notification that “Mike Brown is Following you”. LOL! It startled me. Maybe I should lay off the politics?

You shoot to stop the threat, the thug was still moving. https://t.co/VxUuv9tCNn

@miketb2058 lol. Nice to meet you!

In conclusion, all your social skills centered upon mating? In grade school? THAT is why you don’t like homeschool? https://t.co/hJ1EfzPfkt

@Sniper1T @DrrewskiDrew He seems nice. Really.

@miketb2058 Grateful. Thank you!

@The_Odd_Asylum I have an inner ear infection. It looks like are more comments on screen than actually exist. LOL! Vertigo.

You don’t aim your weapon unless you are willing to shoot to kill. That’s the rule. Best bet is to comply. https://t.co/RJgXcGdWYV

RT @SnowMaylar: @Fanjoritta @andieiamwhoiam 16 shots in 30 seconds is not action movie stats. That is rather slow.

@DrrewskiDrew @Sniper1T What is the first thing? Just checking to see if my priorities are in order. 🙂

Ahahahahahahha! https://t.co/EOwxc0Vya1

Progressives think the state owns your children. https://t.co/QkmgPS91vx

@DrrewskiDrew @Sniper1T Drew, you are a nice guy. We aren’t used to being respected by lefties. lol

Proof? https://t.co/5tzHOXBhv7

Post comments on Twitter the Left disagrees with and they call CPS with false abuse reports. Ask me how I know. https://t.co/LShR0a4gdN

How much do you think a force of that size can maintain? https://t.co/jhuRMVDWK3

He reported from his perspective. See Tennessee v Garner and Graham v Connor. https://t.co/868OKswrnU

Say please. https://t.co/gKp40TRgI1

That is a leftist media source. I don’t do media as a source for facts. https://t.co/Dt56S3APY8

@Sniper1T @DrrewskiDrew Thank you.

@DrrewskiDrew @Sniper1T Thanks. Nice to meet you.

It’s as if this impertinent child doesn’t have an internet connection and a means of googling the data herself. https://t.co/UDUHqaeLnp

The officer will walk. Be assured. This is a Barackian political stunt. https://t.co/vAB40boAqF

I don’t care about your silly perspective. A newspaper is not the proper place to find truth. https://t.co/9TyDzxzMtO

@davidleelawson He’s a nice guy.

RT @thinlineusa: @andieiamwhoiam Bless the #ThinBlueLine! Flag is now on sale! https://t.co/QFejH2WKk5

The media wasn’t there. Your argument is like a dog chasing its tail. https://t.co/M3ks7TGhd0

Why don’t they save their money? It’s a choice. https://t.co/HlUa3rhrau

Video, forensics, eyewitness testimony. https://t.co/KNKgLEweK0

How many of them had children out of wedlock? https://t.co/lu3VLXuNKc

Exactly. https://t.co/CBvView7rr

I actually guffawed when I read that. https://t.co/qKhymbC8lA

RT @The_Odd_Asylum: @andieiamwhoiam As St Padre Pio rightly said: “Newspapers are the devil’s gospel.”

These people actually think their opinion matters. https://t.co/FSvUGTvKoI

RT @MichaelsANewman: I will do what I can to prevent this soldier having to do what #HillaryForPrison2016 says! https://t.co/QRrL90OnM8

Very narcissistic of you. What experience and expertise do you have in that field? https://t.co/DoivQq7FtD

Translation: the FDA will tax them at higher rates so as to benefit monetarily from their existence. https://t.co/hGA1VXDoMZ

It is inherently narcissistic to question a professional based on your ignorant perspectives. https://t.co/Al9BkVj7wb

@Fanjoritta @DerickMynatt lol

ObamaCare is the highest tax on the middle class in history. NOW you see Barack’s mission? https://t.co/uRmFecLgCj

RT @davidleelawson: @andieiamwhoiam Defensive training 101>one bullet only stops them if you are very lucky. Shoot until the threat is neut…

Police Family Still Life. Found on Pinterest. Looks familiar. LOL! #ThinBlueLine https://t.co/CNQNrULY9K

RT @Mdpdollar: Newspaper is only printed words of thoughts as seen by the writers eyes. Seldom seeks the truth only points of view https:/…

Only if they are cans of guns and ammunition. https://t.co/cs5op5VES8

Agree wholeheartedly. https://t.co/utYFhIU8nG

@The_Odd_Asylum Hehe

Dismissed. https://t.co/yMHdhgz2DB

RT @NickElson20: @andieiamwhoiam @DerickMynatt @Fanjoritta those opinions have no merit when they have not experienced truely fearing for t…

RT @reachout2015: @andieiamwhoiam @DerickMynatt @Fanjoritta https://t.co/5h2xR2X2wb

Barack’s legacy is dead police, entitled thugs, Americans killed by drones and 21 trillion dollar debt. Hillary’s is WORSE. #NeverHillary

@BDieselx @ohthatslickk @USAF_KC97 The truth never surfaced. I have researched. Not that I agree with what they did AT ALL.

Diversity is code for forcing you to tolerate people and behaviors that were once justifiably shunned. https://t.co/FgBQDkjwmi

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Monitor your fucking self, feral. https://t.co/iX8ieTceVv

Progressives are constantly attempting to legitimize that which is illegitimate. https://t.co/theiw54Yc4

Only amongst ferals is a teen abandoned by his mama, assaulting people with knives and ignoring police a hero. https://t.co/iJIWFeFEfx

@The_Odd_Asylum Thank you for your service, my friend.

ANOTHER reason we homeschool. Unlike Barack’s daughter’s school, American schools do not protect their children. https://t.co/gavF0zPOCi

@The_Odd_Asylum 🙂

Try NOT having 74% of your children out of wedlock. That should bring to up to par with “white privilege”. https://t.co/1K1PTLV9oP

None of your puling will bring Trayvon back. Idolizing thugs only buys more dead thugs. https://t.co/plCOlbGKCc

Raw numbers. 53% of all homicides committed by blacks. Fix that. https://t.co/PPf16DJzik

Barack’s FBI data is white supremacy. https://t.co/GTXKyrA69K

No, chubby faced child. If you are a journalist, surely you can at least google? https://t.co/Zfcn5hOJUJ

Ad hominem tu quoque is a logical fallacy. https://t.co/IXXAOnqlTA

Ad hominem tu quoque again. Blacks actually shoot up more schools, however. https://t.co/rC9Dntx7Kd

Ad hominem tu quoque. It is a phrase with meaning. You are obfuscating and I have no patience for your ilk. https://t.co/m6ceQ8MFZ1

The feral’s response to data. Progressivism really is a mental illness. https://t.co/bXeHgIfQ7P

Refute the data. Do NOT come to this timeline unprepared or you will be blocked. https://t.co/Wv65CAwNBM

RT @CounterCouncil: @chaunceydevega @andieiamwhoiam Cute story. Here’s a nonfiction one. https://t.co/RsCaUubebj

RT @jlspokesjr: @andieiamwhoiam Tell that to Idi Amin, oh wait, you can’t. His men ate him.

Laquan McDonald’s mama abandoned him. He was a foster child. But she sho ’nuff got PAID when he died. https://t.co/iJa1FqXHJ5

Great self defense advice. https://t.co/f4j3ettnD1

Dead children are very lucrative for the Left. https://t.co/TAZilS3Pyc

If one shoots your child in the head it doesn’t directly harm you. Does it? Same outcome. Dead child. Dismissed. https://t.co/WGBFxrABxV

Abortion is not a mistake, feral. It is a deliberate CHOICE. I just judged your ass off my timeline. Adios! https://t.co/83JoGlm0mg

I cannot WAIT until the next president uses Barackian style executive privileges to outlaw abortion. https://t.co/uFALd1Tg2p

If these women would stop presenting their genitalia to everyone who looks at them… https://t.co/VSkFTzwrvd

#CelebrateWomen Feminism is a lie. Traditional roles became tradition for a reason. #HappyWife #HappyHusband https://t.co/wYlYlE9cfZ

*Graphic* https://t.co/8jrFUzojtE

RT @GaryLaprell: Great shot if you have the time. Center mass is safer first shot. https://t.co/AfYZAq8FfF

@USA_FREEDOM_NOW I got to meet good folks lie you, my friend!

I did not. Thank you. https://t.co/kMLjlq7Yg6

The Patriarchy gave feminists EVERYTHING they have and that’s the way they show their gratitude? https://t.co/1ZGfTyM5bG

@guyeronthemoney Keep looking. We exist.

RT @mgearthman: Ascension Day explained with LEGO! #AscensionThursday #Ascension2016 #Ascension https://t.co/iOycHEO5xL


RT @FedraFarmer: @GaryLaprell @andieiamwhoiam 3 center mass, then 2 to the head. Prepare to reload. https://t.co/aTtK3eYaY8

Sorry. I was making a sandwich. What did the gender fluid freak say? https://t.co/JVWav73Kth

I think she has a sandwich stashed in her bangs. https://t.co/cFN81Y2wUf

@MadJewessWoman @The_Odd_Asylum I know you are but what am I? LOL! xoxo

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. More total whites enslaved. https://t.co/KNgm4oh4KI

@The_Odd_Asylum LOL!

Refute it. I shall wait. https://t.co/esyE8R8v77

#Hillary #ThinBlueLine #BlueLivesMatter It’s time to elect a president who respects our nation’s Law Enforcement. https://t.co/jZ584TEwtt

This feral kept her job. More proof that these universities are not fit to slop pigs. https://t.co/d8KzDePGvB

@warrior_western @rgenci57 @OZzSue Language.

@Plantsmantx WE have ALL seen the photoshopped image by now. Please note the overweight cabinets as well. Got anything new?

Cowards hide their faces because they are afraid. https://t.co/qyMIAz1neY

@coopernumpy Mine is keeping me company today. Stuck in bed with ear infection, vertigo. Look at his tongue. LOL! https://t.co/Gqw5ZYtJdV

Criminals hate police. Clintons are no exception. https://t.co/Y2vNE40mHC

@keck1157 @ronhanforth lol

I don’t read effeminate leftist drivel, little feller. https://t.co/PtyS28uu1r

No. You’re a coward. A useless member of society who pules on the internet and HIDES. https://t.co/EWSYYmWaMR

@NightmarEclipse @warrior_western @rgenci57 @OZzSue My child occasionally looks over my shoulder. Ya dig?

RT @RinoRooter: @FedraFarmer @andieiamwhoiam Did Black People Own Slaves? Henry Louis Gates liberal prof https://t.co/1JBqhkSqHx https://t.…

@NightmarEclipse @warrior_western @rgenci57 @OZzSue She has a bright future because she is intelligent, kind, loved and CONSERVATIVE.

Civilized people respect police, Trayvons do not. Are you a Trayvon? https://t.co/KJ4JL8lbBF

RT @asctpresident: @andieiamwhoiam Fear and hate are married. Their bond is nearly unbreakable. Fear of rules, and responsibility are the c…

Lisa Fithian is the name of the thug in the mask? https://t.co/Pd10qpqnK1

@NightmarEclipse @warrior_western @rgenci57 @OZzSue lol

RT @PatriotBrother: The Life Of A Child Should Never Be Left In Abortionist Hands.. Only To A Loving Caring Mothers Arms.. #ProLife https:…

Oh my GOSH! All those Mexicans dressed EXACTLY like that are RACISTS! https://t.co/S47NI8KDYV

@coopernumpy LOL! I’m sick, not him. I will still give him treats.

RT @SchreckTroyson: #UAlbany President Jones’ lip service to “our institution’s commitment to accountability” https://t.co/xbNtMg4CRr #Def…

RT @TheDailySlurp: A rape last night Minneapolis 10 year old girl! @KSTP refused to ID the rapist as Somali & Muslim @andieiamwhoiam @peddo…

#ScareSomebodyIn4Words Your choices define you.

#ScareSomebodyIn4Words Earn Your Own Way

@Asjw9 LOL

RT @conserv_tribune: VIDEO: West Virginia Coal Miners Send BRUTAL 5-Word Message To Hillary… BOOM! https://t.co/atnzJrX3vA #tcot https://t.…

#ScareSomebodyIn4Words Dude. Hold my beer.

Prayers for these political prisoners. #BlueLivesMatter https://t.co/PxTPUqst3G

#ScareSomebodyIn4Words I’m from the government.

#ScareSomebodyIn4Words Police! Open the door!

#WhatMomsNeed Husbands. Illegitimacy is the core of poverty and crime.

@brucechris24 Hehe!

#ScareSomebodyIn4Words Barack Obama’s in charge.

RT @caterhamcr3: @andieiamwhoiam @Ladydiann2 Feminism, a subversive developed world movement created by Rockefeller 2 degrade family https:…

#ScareSomebodyIn4Words The brakes don’t work!

@emilie_anne @Oldfolksmatter That earned a Follow! LOL!

@aryan_space @Mountain_Ops Will you untag me, please? 🙂

RT @drrtytenyearhat: Stats say regardless of race the quickest way to a substandard adulthood and poverty is being a single parent. https:…

She stands by violent attackers, liars and racists. https://t.co/xJfaGVLDj1

Tapes show vividly that the women lied. These ferals stand for blackness not righteousness. It’s tribalism. https://t.co/YhlplTtLVU

RT @NationPride2015: @andieiamwhoiam Every child has a right to their father & mother; those who deny & refuse that is a selfish degrader &…

Look at the bio and guess why I homeschool. https://t.co/SGrzY3QOWi

No. If a man won’t commit to a woman to be his wife he is not a father, he is a baby daddy. https://t.co/dElDvmoVNb

Choices like keeping their legs together if they cannot afford children. Abortion isn’t reproductive health. https://t.co/RZbMwrusW4

I can’t wait to shove their race cards collectively up their safe spaces. https://t.co/14LBbeqCby

Sounds like someone whose baby daddy doesn’t love her or her illegitimate children enough. https://t.co/4r2AF3buPK

What he likes are desperate tramps who will sleep with anyone. Even him. Quantity over quality. https://t.co/LNM0zfLyQE

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Is that a joke to you? https://t.co/9kYPPO3r77

Inmates. https://t.co/u3gmbzg2dy

Sounds like, Liberals take the bulk of welfare because their priority is pleasure and not the children they create. https://t.co/DfvZp5plL2

@mk_wigginton LOL! Look at which side the hose is on on the image of the gas tank on your dashboard.

RT @Eat_shit_obama: BearBear does that @CampGeiger https://t.co/RWRTRkwLuK

“I have known her for years and I can tell you have probably been mortally wounded by her logic and…” — gpearl https://t.co/KV9dKxu3G3

They allow you out even with the ankle monitor? https://t.co/Mx9FA4SWvJ

RT @jkboice: @andieiamwhoiam @ReproRights Thank you, Andi, for being a voice for the voiceless!These children’s lives r snuffed based on lo…

Does your EBT cover that? https://t.co/RNkaKfVRam

Is that inscribed in your poor child’s baby book? https://t.co/2lLGYTHBms

RT @ConcrndFthrPrep: @andieiamwhoiam @dbongino @HillaryClinton has more protection than she gave #Benghazi, disses her own @SecretService?…

@The_Odd_Asylum He is right here. Says hi back. 🙂

@alexrioscomedy I’ll let you live.

@Right_of_centre Statistically, yes. Individually, no.

@alexrioscomedy None.

@Right_of_centre I have a husband to help and we feel the same way.

@The_Odd_Asylum He knows. LOL! Our marriage is a battle unto death.

@TomHerring3 Thanks Thomas!

They believe feminist lies about sexual freedom, single motherhood and girl power. The old feminists are bitter. https://t.co/RaM6Nktamj

@The_Odd_Asylum You know everything happens for a reason.

RT @The_Odd_Asylum: Yes. I do. Because God does nothing by accident. It’s a theological truism. https://t.co/yWnRyWhehE

RT @DaveSodman: @andieiamwhoiam @ReproRights Abortion doesn’t make anyone healthier.

Translation: She is unwilling to commit to a healthy, stable foundation and future for her children. https://t.co/WToLJFAl7C

@The_Odd_Asylum I’m stuck here with an inner ear infection. We are all on our computers.

Children need fathers. The fact that you robbed them of one cannot be fixed by throwing money at them. https://t.co/hMGtcT3mbZ

Children’s needs have not changed. You can attempt to validate all you want but you know children need fathers. https://t.co/yBn6vtTDR6

RT @krobinson4781: @andieiamwhoiam @NYCanegirl Agree. The spike in single mothers has coincided with the spike in beta males.

RT @thefinn12345: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/Q24wKnY8bQ

RT @DiamondsNDenim_: Today’s people be like: https://t.co/53WY09ZWS3

RT @muchmoresalt: @andieiamwhoiam Children in father-absent homes are almost four times more likely to be poor. Source: US census. https://…

Perhaps you ladies should not allow SO MANY to be concerned about your privates? This wouldn’t need discussing. https://t.co/ceA1MZej9Q

You mean boys. Men do not engage in behaviors whose outcomes they are not prepared to be responsible for. https://t.co/POhhSxhAYt

Looking at your timeline, it seems your poverty is of the soul. https://t.co/ygetms14w6

You are attempting to legitimize that which will always be illegitimate. Children need both parents. https://t.co/1IvZ3M0ZsL

#BlackWivesMatter https://t.co/77m7XaWXgp

@isaputap1 @TheMercedesXXX Thank you!

Pusillanimity is a very common characteristic among Leftists. https://t.co/ug3ToqV3Un

Try the cafe. You’ll find it there. Now ask Hillary about Benghazi. https://t.co/TDJb4aLpIO

RT @jimmyjokcmo: @andieiamwhoiam @NYCanegirl .Women joining the workforce burning bras was the worst thing for fam unit. Daycare raising yo…

Children need fathers. https://t.co/BsG6I0Dk2C

@JuicyPieTaster Beautiful!

Ho does being able to do these things make you a feminist? https://t.co/sZm6OJPzOv

When you choose to procreate it is no longer about YOU. https://t.co/48Wo4AJvEM

You can see it in the inner city Matriarchy. Women raise emotion led offspring they cannot physically control. https://t.co/lKgp7Pvh0b

@TheColdCivilWar I am rarely angry. You’ll be okay.

They can’t even figure out which bathrooms to use at the moment. https://t.co/5giKCVDmdm

@TheColdCivilWar LOL!

@mwurster77 Pleasure to meet you!

RT @ButISayUntoYou: @CaseyParksIt @andieiamwhoiam Turns out, they’re more hesitant to shoot blacks for fear of being labeled “racists”

RT @CaseyParksIt: well look at this. @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/39K0lSvsiZ

RT @toby_dorena: As a former Child/Adolescent PschRN u are 100% right! Both parents in committed relationship think of the kids! https://t…

#MillennialBooks The Selfie of Dorian Gray

#MillennialBooks The Strange Case of Dr, Jekyll and Mr Hyde’s Wedding Cake

#MillennialBooks Alice In the White CIS Male Patriarchy

#MillennialBooks Of Mice and Oppressive Patriarchy

#MillennialBooks Invisible Man’s Bathroom Dilemma

#MillennialBooks Romeo and Bae

#MillennialBooks Mediocre Expectations

#MillennialBooks Brave New Safe Space

#MillennialBooks The Lion, Hillary and the Wardrobe

#MillennialBooks The Old Man and the C-word. The story of Bill and Hillary Clinton

#MillennialBooks Bernie Quixote

#MillennialBooks LGBT Pride and Prejudice

#MillennialBooks Oliver Twerk

This made me cry. Thank you for sharing. https://t.co/29nmXz2P6t

@shamshiadad Thank you for sharing this. Very sad.

I am allergic to Progressive values too. https://t.co/zA5NYpjhab

They just “arrive” as if by magic. https://t.co/9yrt5ZzAWv


@swtimogenation @WinterWhite12 I have no words.

RT @lost_tribe_7000: @andieiamwhoiam Hey, @BuzzFeedAndrew Here’s the menu selection for the *5th of May* keep that stupid strong!👌🏻 https:…

#BlackLivesMatter Why are so many young black men so willing to run back to chains? https://t.co/RmvMUtfYrj

RT @HersheSquirt: Thug convicted of murder in fire that killed NY cop https://t.co/xs4iOXpJTU #WakeUpAmerica #BlueLivesMatter https://t.co/…

I hate leftists for what their policies have done to the black family. We need to end the Welfare State. https://t.co/kEnRHIyu1A

@bdogdesign Has anyone bothered to ask the babies?

@Johnathin79 @BL8antBand @sme4201968 Thank you!

RT @Rooven1: @benshapiro @realDailyWire @realDonaldTrump @MSNBC @andieiamwhoiam @FoxNews @SkyNews #truth @cnni @AC360 https://t.co/4Zt3mmYW…

Worse, are condescending liberal whites who tell blacks they require their assistance in order to succeed. #racism https://t.co/0smNlQBlHx

@brucechris24 I just made French Toast with homemade bread and jam. Needs work. LOL!

RT @Hutch_USA: Three Quran verses every woman should know by David Wood @Acts17 >>> https://t.co/f04LU3I4hF #IslamIsTheProblem

Thank you, Donnie! https://t.co/FAX6Pl9WZJ

RT @georgie_porgie: @andieiamwhoiam My own words of wisdom, if you want to get on your feet, get off your ass.

RT @caterhamcr3: @Ladydiann2 @MuskieRA @andieiamwhoiam yes, are v dangerous, Bolshevik regime murdered 65 million Russian Christians https:…

AMAZING man. A personal hero. https://t.co/N1lJcmtKP6

Thank you Steven! https://t.co/4nq4hI9w7m

@brucechris24 @DollFaces911 Thank you!

RT @ModelingPromoCa: @andieiamwhoiam liberal whites are the worst people in the history of people.

RT @TrumpWins201620: @andieiamwhoiam @CNN If #BlackLivesMatter truly cared about Blacks, they would effectively address the #1 killer of…

@easygoer132 You too!


See “Cloward-Piven” Strategy. https://t.co/ulmMeZXxiL

@thodsd @morabitolee238 You too, Tugger. Thank you!

New Blog post…no, it’s not politics. https://t.co/OlMLernodc

New book by Follower and author, Wyatt Harvey! https://t.co/tstdX6byIP https://t.co/e8qXVd4GvS

RT @mojoman74: @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/i3fcCgGWJ9

@1bigbeer Me too. https://t.co/PrmEsAlVjl

Bernie Sanders is such a TOOL. I guess he doesn’t know Sheriffs don’t work for the President.https://t.co/WfHwS310aR

I just realized my place in the Twitter universe when I saw Blac Chyna is trending. I had to google her. Just YUK. WE are all doomed.

RT @LiveAction: The preborn child is entitled to the most basic human right to life, granted under our Declaration of Independence. https:/…

Blessed to know you, Wyatt! Good luck with your book! https://t.co/YlvoXNUCcQ

Stunning. https://t.co/JRZHOIDDOh

RT @eurotrashannie: Every #man needs a well stocked #barcart #styling #decor #eurotrashstyle #eurotrashed #whiskey #anniebrahler https://t.…

@DanielleDjons lol

@cujokiller23 @nytpolitics Good man. Best of luck.

@boygirlwedding TIME is a worthless, Leftist rag. It’s apt.

LOLOLOL! I said something negative about this Chyna and he did this. Really? https://t.co/PcXGlKRT5O

LOL! https://t.co/nRGnZvcv6J

@boygirlwedding lol

Dear God. https://t.co/BuuHvO4t8x

Why, thank you, Dee! Love you right back! https://t.co/A6krKZu6BO

RT @Cernovich: Gawker’s top editor @pareene is out of ideas, now blatantly plagiarizing @ScottAdamsSays. https://t.co/tKV80fs8bT https://t.…

Another Orc. I thought they all fled. https://t.co/zUvpuXCEU5

I guess the same reason that you people aren’t police officers but you tell them how to do their job. https://t.co/yoaUDVPlhE

How long before this here fella is in chains? https://t.co/8Dq06qrQnp

Liberals destroyed the once strong black family. They want the rest of us to follow suit. Will you do so willingly or will you FIGHT?

Julian is a friend of mine. I am sorry to see him go through this but the neighbor was in the wrong. Not police. https://t.co/8dWwPGToMa

lol https://t.co/VU1zRJZ4Ww

What the HELL is this? No. Standards, people, we need SOME standards. This…this is to be SHUNNED.Lord Almighty. https://t.co/WfnfF8Hgbn

RT @GetalongDRescue: Meet Sugar & Spice, the dynamic duo looking for love! https://t.co/RCfxcMgh2t Won’t u welcome them in ur home?! https:…

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. That isn’t comical. https://t.co/a8F9R21NJH

@tboyddmd Thank you, my friend. I truly appreciate your prayers.

It is a shame that good men like Julian have to pay because of the criminal actions of his peers. https://t.co/bOFxUmU68W

RT @JobianKenobi: @markagallolv @ModelingPromoCa @andieiamwhoiam attending school while living in Balt. Hope to make it out alive. https://…

RT @pjs307: @andieiamwhoiam What @HillaryClinton is offering the people of coal country! Welfare! Says she was “taken out of context” #Wake…

RT @CloydRivers: Merica. https://t.co/JwxmQKUv0P

@cronicthehmphog @NamelessCynic @OliviaCrellin @oneforeachofyou Feral,remove your nitwittery from my timeline.

She’s vile. https://t.co/FydNbqVqJP

I never mentioned her looks. https://t.co/9evKrLPYnX

I haven’t watched television in years. https://t.co/ADM24Vx6xG

RT @thehill: BREAKING: Clinton interview with FBI on emails could be within days https://t.co/XWvgSx8lSL https://t.co/vf1Nh82GHr

I understand completely. However, he was put in this position due to black criminality. THEY owe him an apology. https://t.co/QCT0DnUFLh

RT @silentrunning12: @lawiegers @andieiamwhoiam @Rockprincess818 https://t.co/t3z6ulUpgS

@88Lucien88 Thanks! I am voting against Hillary.

I am certain Benghazi is just an oversight amongst Hillary supporters. https://t.co/aYLqM76MFV

Q: What do you call #BlackLivesMatter protestors in the middle of the highway? A: Future Bumper Stickers https://t.co/vmzshdeEec

LOVE Dr. Sowell! https://t.co/i25gGG899u

When people see that on your car they know you don’t support Hillary and Bernie! https://t.co/RLHQOwxcw1

Condescending racist liberals. https://t.co/u2E7wmRGBi

@Crimsonmile Is that a paint job?

One point Trump makes that I truly appreciate is that schools should not be Gun Free Zones. Like Barack’s kid’s school. Guns save Lives.

Where in the galaxy do these people come from? https://t.co/e4nWpWU03n

Not that I approve, but why is there more outrage over this than #UAlbany black girls lying about racial assault? https://t.co/ZnvWFDR0iS

Firefighters Use Tiniest Mask To Save A Cat’s Life https://t.co/3933lvdmAM

@ThomasPKennedy3 Great!

RT @catherine333777: @andieiamwhoiam @KathrynAntonsen remember when Killary even lied about being under fire, where is that story she’s suc…

RT @ScottluvsCuse: @andieiamwhoiam @Conservative220 https://t.co/VUQIybahmN

God Bless our brave men and women in BLUE! #ThinBlueLine #BlueLivesMatter https://t.co/J5cIO0mxSr

Looks like Affirmative Action has failed our country. https://t.co/ftlG5Djguw

Scientific proof that Progressivism is a mental disorder. Suicide is not uncommon. Save them from themselves. https://t.co/6YV7lxN9mX

RT @kazueger1: American by Birth….. Christian by the Grace of God https://t.co/ZRzFTv3vh4

Blacks commit the bulk of crime, more whites shot by police. Sit your worthless ass down. https://t.co/v28GmwBzwr

RT @chattycatthy: @andieiamwhoiam @bowhunter_va so sick of these ass wipes disrupting the lives of hard working Americans!

Hateful wretches should be tried with Hate crimes and forced to pay the victim’s tuition. https://t.co/OKi1rrTj87

RT @Tide17Crimson: @andieiamwhoiam @vince_bugge https://t.co/hMpKrZbNau

@DNkanga Yes. There are hundreds of curriculums available online. You can use one or integrate several according to your child’s needs.

Blacks are over represented in that arena. https://t.co/sbCvcXZV3t

It isn’t contest. Blacks commit the bulk of ALL crime. Don’t you want to change that? https://t.co/rtbu6DvlKp

Data speaks to statistics, not individuals. https://t.co/oN2zcvBZeV

If you don’t break the law you will find police attention will dwindle. https://t.co/Q8mwV7uiPV

I don’t know. We teach our child gun safety ourselves. https://t.co/shvqpVZZ6U

Blacks are 12.6% of population, commit 40% of serial killings. https://t.co/zyAtArGZY9

RT @TheTacitVoice: A quick history lesson I found from our friends at @100PercFEDUP ..@andieiamwhoiam @WhitestRabbit_ @LanaLokteff https:/…

@DNkanga If you need help or have more questions feel free to DM.

RT @sercharlie: @andieiamwhoiam the single biggest common denominator in the prison population is single parent households.

@HannibalBarca65 Thanks Matt!

68 out of every 100 white children comes from a home with married parents. https://t.co/K8maXTnvKD

The false narratives are born of the Left wherein they claim blacks are targeted for no reason. https://t.co/zni014Bxm7

A pellet gun is not a toy. Police were called to scene of assault. It was the gun and his use of it, not his color. https://t.co/uTWpTXNxvQ

RT @dlreinbeau: .@andieiamwhoiam And I present to you 12 minutes of lies. Hillary dodges sniper fire! Classic 🙄 https://t.co/41dadRIPBQ

You’re right! I was distracted. 74 out of 100 black children have no father in the home. https://t.co/6kCmoyiLLf

What rabbit hole is that? https://t.co/VR4ocz12nN

This video is apropos of nothing. https://t.co/iTQfqezuwW

@Norsebattleaxe @Lets_Be_Real11 74% now.

Tamir was assaulting people at the park. The police were called. The video you showed had no police. No one called https://t.co/1qjnubcqhT

@Ringo1256 @Lets_Be_Real11 🙂

You lost me. https://t.co/H4gO7PiFwF

@Norsebattleaxe @Lets_Be_Real11 Over 90% in inner cities.

Even if he was a tiny girl, the issue was the GUN. https://t.co/pzHLk1hsKX

I am here solely to refute false narratives. https://t.co/KWrwCFyMCG

He likely made that in school. https://t.co/gR7h4cM7uY

Now do a Twitter search of black folks calling whites names. It’s moot. https://t.co/UUky80UG6P

You are a blunderbuss. You want to be a victim of society and there is no place for it in 2016. https://t.co/ubhJYLeY9a

Blacks commit the bulk of crime, highest illegitimacy, drop outs, illiteracy. YOU are responsible for you. https://t.co/KItyPchGJ5

So if someone calls YOU a name it’s life altering? https://t.co/obmsAxLXX7

Lynching was not documented by color. However, newspaper articles show more whites lynched than black. https://t.co/1efr0QINWr

You want to blame everyone but those responsible. That is how you end up in chains. https://t.co/hxDxxC1ytP

Refute it. Victicrats always block facts. https://t.co/SmZTYkn3A0

The term was coined by Tupac. https://t.co/Fj7urVeakE

RT @thefinn12345: @Eliz_Hightower @andieiamwhoiam https://t.co/s4EarCLzmj

Consider that blacks commit the bulk of crime, especially in cities. DUH! https://t.co/X8jcAvU9x2

I blame Barack. https://t.co/637dEWXrbM

I don’t call all blacks thugs. I don’t know anyone who does. I call thugs thugs. https://t.co/dMAcbXKxBO

No. They shot an armed man with a gun. A pellet gun is a weapon. Police were called to scene of assault. https://t.co/5sv2iWlIrM

They tried with Trayvon but Zimmerman turned out not to be white. They had scouts. https://t.co/Hlvcj3fvG1

Friends, if you want to help the victims of the Fort McMurray fire you can text REDCROSS to 30333 to make a $5 donation. Please ReTweet!

Not true. The numbers are the same. 1 million whites in prison, 1 million blacks. https://t.co/thhe0wxiaB

2014 data. Blacks commit 53% of all homicides, bulk of crime, per capita. https://t.co/cH5yonhLHC https://t.co/iaEGEa6QAO

Barack is a bitch. https://t.co/N8aeSwKCjP

He was 5’7″, 165 lbs. He looked like a man. The police did their job. https://t.co/2GJp4pJeBu

Sorry, Mack. I disagree. The courts disagree. He did his job. https://t.co/vVIVmG2REg

Anomaly. https://t.co/wdBUzQlvOx

Tamir had pointed his weapon at folks at rec center. THEIR lives were at stake.Police risked theirs to protect. https://t.co/eQRqExA9iR

I am done. You WANT to be a victim. I am here to educate. https://t.co/9gVl1GDUdO

RT @Right_of_centre: @andieiamwhoiam None of my business, but from the outside looking in BA-POTUS has fundamentally changed the US.

@mack_reed64 @Lets_Be_Real11 We don’t have to agree, my friend. I still respect your opinion.

For at least a week. https://t.co/BWZWpcgMNE

I believe Barack had scouts looking for the right opportunity. https://t.co/S6aP2QKZpi

Another anomaly. https://t.co/AcTlql6teh

I have noticed that you are clearly a racist. You define people by skin color, rather than character. https://t.co/tjUkgKZOzL

I LOVE Matisyahu! I saw him in concert! LOL! Who doesn’t love a Hasidic Jew rapper who raps about God? https://t.co/AkWD2bSBA9

Children are identified by the race of the mother. Therefore, if the father is black, the data is included as white https://t.co/xWG6LJUNhA

Today in a DC school. https://t.co/vaIofPbon0

Here’s an idea..instead of MAKING stuff up, why don’t you research these topics? https://t.co/CNmijSnC98

Which is every second of every day. https://t.co/b8JDaDApgq

Going to bed. Some people don’t want the truth. We call them liberals. Good night all! https://t.co/UvF5MsJQH9

Open brandish is legal WHERE? https://t.co/LT44rDT9Es

RT @NancyLucky: I was told during the 70’s “that the demise of r country will be caused by the breakdown of the American family” https://t…

Yes. If we are to use the criteria dictated by the US government. https://t.co/MxjlavkQ0Q

That he was clearly brandishing. https://t.co/v6ZW3CNDn2

@edwardkyle123 Government data counts the race of the mother.

RT @dalytweet: Chelsea: With Scalia gone, best chance for gun control via SCOTUS. https://t.co/yLHGeiL3R9 #2A #Tcot #ccot #2ADefenders #tea…

I have seen the video many times. I don’t need that nitwit’s version. Young Turks are getting old. https://t.co/kEtMefymFf

Were they called for the clerk? They responded to a CALL https://t.co/5zhBCeu4R5

It isn’t like that in every state but in most states the race of a child legally defaults to that of the mother. https://t.co/FhBh9paMgt

Most didn’t know this, but witnesses didn’t call 911, they called the media and Sharpton. https://t.co/k5wHs9Pm1c

In packaging. He removed it and brandished the weapon as if it were real. That is assault. A felony. https://t.co/qHBhqHFL7J

You watch too much TV. Police are not required to give a warning or identify themselves. https://t.co/YcuWksmPHv

I truly believe that had scouts out looking for the perfect storm. Hence, the reason Barack hangs with Sharpton. https://t.co/ZczMvQ6tBf

RT @mack_reed64: @andieiamwhoiam @FrankieTease It’s crazy how they go nuts when a cop shoots a black person once, but say nothing when they…

Be interested in seeing what % of illegitimate children with white moms and black dads cloud illegitimacy data. https://t.co/wK2FWIgd20

Legally, yes. https://t.co/dHzGIneO5m

Like Laquan McDonald. the officer is a political prisoner. https://t.co/l26FtMFilx

RT @Makcum_Kelso: @andieiamwhoiam @dllnhnt the Young Turks is a YouTube Show full of uneducated Liberals Talking about Topics they are Clue…

National Park Service: Agency Adds 2 LGBT Landmarks to National Register of Historic Places. No. Really. https://t.co/tJt3taWxff

RT @LucidHurricane_: #UAlbany ‘Hate Crime’ Victims Who Fooled #HillaryClinton Get EXPELLED https://t.co/lH6BFEJavl https://t.co/mXWCTpuKGf

Incorrect. Approximately 60%. https://t.co/jrP554rJAS

The saddest part is that this teen was RAPED, then murdered like this for being gay. Barack’s people. https://t.co/RkASljVtFk

Good luck. Will you videotape it, please? https://t.co/m9LtBaXo5e

@SheriffClarke does. However, municipal chiefs are political beings. https://t.co/JdI6EQMEBM

Tamir was shot because the police were called to the scene of him committing assault. DON”T DO THAT. https://t.co/tYjYIPFeWR

Why did Tamir’s disgusting mother not go to jail for neglect? POLITICS. https://t.co/wGERTcIi8O

Police don’t know your intent. Don’t give them a reason to guess. https://t.co/i2M4QHHEdN

Liberal nitwits on the council. https://t.co/2lHTClP3nc

RT @Rubberblon: @HillaryClinton 👈🤔after coal-miner jobs‼️ #WVPrimary #Trump https://t.co/9J9s5luq7l

Oh. That makes her less of a vile tramp. She’s engaged. Aren’t they all? Aren’t they all. https://t.co/nL2omvkla0

It is in Odessa, Texas. here is some more info…https://t.co/2OMToqg1eE https://t.co/LggOhrp2Ub

This has to be a lampoon account. I’m done. https://t.co/llMRuRY1cV

@CarmeciPeter LOL! I have never hit a soul. I am a good shot, though.

Saint Louis University to Erect Monument Honoring Anti-Police Protest. You read that right. I checked. It’s true. https://t.co/eZ7XtpDMGi

@Makcum_Kelso I hope you’re armed.

@CarmeciPeter No. Just a wife. My husband says the same thing. LOL!

@CarmeciPeter Come on, at least this guy is biodegradable. He has that going for him.

@sercharlie I never Tweet on my phone. LOL! I have all notifications disabled.

Here are 59 black serial killers. The Grim Sleeper has not been added yet, so 60. https://t.co/VBEyuknPlw https://t.co/eFYgetTrgw

RT @dllnhnt: @andieiamwhoiam U know U R wrong on this one, I know U love coppers & I do too. but clearly the toy was left on the ground &…

@sercharlie Speaking of which, I need to go to bed! LOL!

Friends, please follow>>> @sercharlie https://t.co/yiD9Umk1RL

I am voting against Hillary. https://t.co/mwjPLPUHyi

RT @KittenAmara: @andieiamwhoiam Years ago BF changed to fiancé on Ricki Lake, sounded classier, gave the relationship heft. No ring, no da…

The burden of effort is temporary. The burden of regret is permanent.

RT @Loubie1130: @andieiamwhoiam @mack_reed64 @Crimsonmile @Lets_Be_Real11 The family received $6 mil because the government fears neg publi…

@lets_be_real11 @gator9358 No. Blacks take bulk of welfare.

Ugly little people. Envy, resentment, entitlement. https://t.co/qxCtpRzGOC

#PeopleAreTiredOf The dregs of society, the lowest common denominator, dictating terms. Barack had his moment. Shut Progressives down.

If you think blacks commit 53% of all homicides because they can’t make a minimum wage…LOL! I just can’t… https://t.co/TgUUYY9kC6

LOL! Except Bob dumped herbicide in everyone’s garden and tore the plants out by the roots and now demands food. https://t.co/XggTISZoq7

Your race card has no value here, beta. Facts have zero emotion. Ergo, facts cannot be racist. https://t.co/h9YHPwVcE0

Though it is apt his last name is hinds. https://t.co/h9YHPwVcE0

Thanks to Barack. https://t.co/xBl3r5wo8W

Thank you, my friend! I like you too! https://t.co/muh27IAbyO

Ahahahahahaha! https://t.co/LLCiH0KUv2

Smithsonian Institution Denies Role in Preservation of Gazebo Where Tamir Rice Was Shot. Shock. His mother lied. https://t.co/ZtXxFjlt6Q

Bullshit. Those who want work will work. It is a lie that blacks are paid less. https://t.co/QD4hflaXxX

Name ONE capitalist country. https://t.co/8k0XiClfWa

Socialism is the road to Communism. https://t.co/VWd3cGfn2r

Oh. So all those regulations were what? https://t.co/Zjcqd5b9Te

@Chuck_U_Farlee Oh no! Get better!

@DRJAMESCABOT @Chuck_U_Farlee His account is locked.

Did I trigger you, wretch? https://t.co/xER4oTEDoG

RT @StingMccoy: @andieiamwhoiam @athcmb If blacks were paid less than no business would hire a white person. Racism is in government/non-pr…

This guy wins “The stupidest thing ever posted on the internet” award. https://t.co/Uj4jly26vx

RT @dilloking: @andieiamwhoiam @fox8news Just f’n UNBELIEVABLE #TAKEAMERICABACK #MAGA black lies matter very little https://t.co/fCwV21…

#PeopleAreTiredOf #BlackLivesMatter lies and thuggery.

We should have kept it until that feral Assata Shakur was extradited back to US or hanged by her neck until dead. https://t.co/Pxef2VZLB6

Barack, the head thug, has tied the hands of police. https://t.co/mT7MFO6fd1

By legal definition, Barack is white. Now you see how crime, welfare and illegitimacy data is skewed. https://t.co/hlzgSTfTHq

You aren’t people. https://t.co/lEjumMGXBM

Hands up don’t shoot. That lie. Or police kill unarmed blacks for no reason or police kill more blacks than whites https://t.co/3FCYxZ4UBW

Refute my “lies”, feral. I’ll wait. https://t.co/ps71YfQi0t

Abject lie, beta. Though blacks shoot AT police more, blacks killed less often than whites. https://t.co/kni90IiVyo

How do you know what he was wanted for? https://t.co/nv92FIqQyh

Blacks commit the bulk of crime. 53% of all homicides. They have more police contact. More lies. https://t.co/aPAzmqac6m

@quintal232 @dontpokeherface Hey! That’s my post! Thanks!

Yes. You people are terroristic THUGS and the day is coming that you will be treated accordingly. https://t.co/sEon74jrWS

Try not committing crime, racist. https://t.co/yBRFR7W3b5

12.6% https://t.co/Tm4Dnezo5x

No. Blacks have MORE police contact, shoot at police more but are shot less BY police. https://t.co/p7qOp2bVJ1

When blacks stop committing 53% of all homicides and you ferals get your worthless asses out of our streets… https://t.co/HSARGUt2cp

Maybe 25 years ago. https://t.co/GrcuD5VljF

When you stand it the street, call for police deaths and LIE to make a point, you are worthless THUG. https://t.co/7BpUJUs7Ky

I hope you find a spelling program that works. https://t.co/77V8q7b0pP

I don’t hope for that. However, a woman missed her flight and missed her dad’s final moments of life. https://t.co/gqRPRnS3Az

Can’t say that about the blacks who come into contact with police. https://t.co/YXcRiUQTB1

Did she start her story with “Once upon a time”? https://t.co/t672u56jZK

No, that thuggery was born of the feral, Mike Brown, being killed for attacking our police. https://t.co/Rf7b9fcMRO

@ddmau1968 🙂 Thank you.

No. They were righteous kills. https://t.co/xpQTk7KSvL

Yes. Black crime is extremely disproportionate. https://t.co/oYaBBaloeK

RT @Hranduil: @dllnhnt @andieiamwhoiam bystanders shot, too. Difficult to take age into consideration when there’s gun in their hand. All y…

@BladeAndTrigger @MsCBBoots Here is one. https://t.co/uY0Gq9pDuv

RT @CaseyParksIt: @deadassassin727 they burned down Ferguson to force their agenda on others. @Facttotruth @andieiamwhoiam

Your race card is no longer valid. https://t.co/cswqZByed5

Bitch, make me a sandwich. https://t.co/jeju6yTb9k

RT @thepoetknight: @dllnhnt @Hranduil @andie